Yahoo! CEO Marissa Mayer Bans Working from Home, Yet She Installs a Nursery in Her Office

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And let’s not fail to mention the eco-friendly attributes of working from home. Again, looking to IBM as a trailblazer that allowed employees to start working remotely. They note on their corporate website:

“IBM was one of the first global companies to pioneer programs to reduce employee commuting. It has sustained these programs for nearly two decades. Two key aspects are its (a) work-at-home program and (b) mobile employees program. Today, more than 128,000 (29 percent) of employees globally participate in one of these programs. In 2011, in just the U.S. alone, IBM’s work-at-home program conserved approximately 6.4 million gallons of fuel and avoided more than 50,000 metric tons of CO2 emissions.”

And that’s just one company’s impact in one country!

marissa mayer, Yahoo!, Yahoo! work from home ban, telecommuting, working moms, working parents, Yahoo! bans telecommutingImage via Fortune Live Media

Perhaps Mayer’s decidedly retro decision to force everyone to return to an office setting is due to her own obsessive drive to work, work, work. According to CNNMoney, “during her first two years at [previous employer] Google, Mayer worked 100 hours a week.” Reporter Patricia Sellers, interviewed Marissa Mayer at the Fortune Most Powerful Women dinner and she noted, “even though Mayer was heading home to her two-month-old baby, Macallister, and bound for Washington early this morning to meet with President Obama and a bunch of other Fortune 500 CEOs at the White House, Mayer was the last–the very last–person to leave our event last evening.” Sellers continues, “The Yahoo chief’s philosophy? [Mayer] says she once read that Bruce Springsteen has a theory about his own career success and longevity: ‘I stick around.'”

America could be completely overhauled if that “I stick around” ideology was applied to our children and our families. Perhaps the fact that Americans are overworked, and forced to work on other people’s terms is why according to this study, America is dubbed the “Land of the Free, Home Of the Depressed,” ranking the 2nd most depressed country in the world due to the gross misconception that “More money buys more options and security, which, ultimately, leads to greater happiness.” Nope! Instead, “Citizens of wealthier countries are more likely to be depressed.” So maybe when we all stop chasing the almighty dollar and focusing more on what really matters in life: time spent with family, flexibility, creativity, freedom to thrive in a work environment that best suits you, we’ll really have something to Yahoo! about.

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