WIN IT WEDNESDAY! Win a Plan Toys Eco Dollhouse from Grasshopper!

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Give your eco-conscious kids a hands-on experience in the art of green living with this awesome Eco Home from Plan Toys! The opportunity for learning and imagining via dollhouse play is elevated to an entirely new level with examples of sustainable living that your kids can act out and hold in the palm of their hand! A wind turbine, solar panels and a living roof, along with two figures, an electric scooter and furniture for two rooms make this tiny green abode the perfect tool for organically inspiring eco-awareness in your children.

We’re giving away a Plan Toys Eco Home from Grasshopper to one lucky Inhabi-tot! Enter to win after the jump!

plan toys, plan toys giveaway, plan toys eco home, green kids, eco kids, green design for kids, green toy giveaway, inhabitots giveaway, grasshopper store, green toy store, green dollhouse, eco-friendly dollhouse

Here’s How to Enter to Win a Plan Toys Eco Home from Grasshopper!

1) Sign up for our weekly newsletter (if you haven’t already!) We’ll be notifying the winner in our newsletter – so you need to sign up and receive our newsletter to find out if you have won.

2) Add a comment to this post with your answer to the following question: What does your green kid do at home to support an eco-friendly lifestyle?

Contest ends Friday, May 14th, 2010 at 12 midnight EST. Winner will be announced in the following week’s newsletter!


Here’s what you could win:

The Plan Toys Eco Home is a green dollhouse that includes features such as wind turbines, solar panels and a living roof, which all demonstrate clean sources of energy. A grey water tank stores pretend rain for reuse through the pipelines. Green kids can start role-playing an eco-lifestyle with this inspiring abode that includes 2 figures, an Electric Scooter and furniture for 2 rooms. Measurements: 21.6 x 17.3 x 24.2″

*Total value for the Plan Toys Eco Home is $65!

Grasshopper is a Portland, OR based children’s boutique filled with eco-friendly toys, clothing, books, games, decor and gear for green kids and families. Visit Grasshopper in person, or shop online for amazing finds! The team behind Grasshopper believes it shouldn’t be hard to find cute and imaginative items for children. They offer an adorable selection of organic clothes as well as several lines of American made clothes. They strive to make sure their toys are non-toxic, fun and promote imagination and learning, and their book selection is their biggest pride and joy, featuring many old and new favorites.

Stay up to date with Grasshopper by visiting their blog here.

plan toys, plan toys giveaway, plan toys eco home, green kids, eco kids, green design for kids, green toy giveaway, inhabitots giveaway, grasshopper store, green toy store, green dollhouse, eco-friendly dollhouse

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101 Responses to “WIN IT WEDNESDAY! Win a Plan Toys Eco Dollhouse from Grasshopper!”

  1. copro says:

    My green kid wears cloth diapers and gets cleaned up with cloth wipes and she drinks from a kleen kanteen sippy cup!

  2. joreskovich says:

    My four year old daughter loves to help organize our blue boxes for recycling day. Don’t even try to sneak in something that doesn’t belong – in an instant she’ll call you on it and reprimand you for not being more careful. We also eat a vegetarian diet, avoid plastic containers and enjoy the great outdoors.

  3. ileftyouasong says:

    My little guy wears cloth diapers and eats all organic foods. And my stepson announced to us when we received a package in the mail that we have to “reduce, reuse, and recycle” and promptly asked us for the cardboard box to play with so he could reuse it before we recycled it. πŸ™‚

  4. YoruOrganicLIfe says:

    My green kid wore cloth diapers. Now, at almost 4 she is still nursing. At her preschool she composts, feeds the chickens & helps plant seeds in their organic garden. When we go grocery shopping she knows we don’t buy produce unless it’s organic and she uses only certified organic skin care on her body.

  5. storm80 says:

    Aria doesn’t watch TV, drinks her Kleen Kanteen, wears Gdiapers, and eat organically. We love to have park playdates and enjoy all of the good things this beautiful world has to offer!

  6. storm80 says:

    Aria doesn’t watch TV so we are ALWAYS outside, She drinks from a Kleen Kanteen, eats organically, and wears Gdiapers. She also rides in style in her mommy’s Prius :-).

  7. Greyboysmama says:

    My son turns 4 this summer and he helps me to hang our laundry on the clothes line instead of running the dryer. This spring we used toilet paper rolls to make seed pods to start our veggie seedlings and he has his own plot in the garden where he weeds, waters, and watches his “very own veggies” grow. We also made bird feeders out of laundry detergent bottles and milk cartons. We have collected bottle caps and made a board game (that he came up with the rules for, and I never seem to win) out of all used materials from around the house. He has gotten very creative in finding new uses for old things and yells at anyone who forgets to turn out the lights when they leave a room!

  8. Beckey Jane says:

    We reuse recyclable items for toys like bottles with beans in them for shakers and cans for drums.

  9. Beckey Jane says:

    I have 2 kids under 2 so we reuse recyclable items for toys like bottles with beans in them for shakers and cans for drums.

  10. teriincali says:

    my green kid reuses boxes as toys and for crafts

  11. artlibrarian says:

    My daughter and I walk or take the bus to preschool. We make art projects out of recycled paper. We put stuff in the compost bin together and always recyle! We have a huge collection of Plan Toys

  12. Kaprine says:

    Our green kid helped us plant our garden in the backyard and loves to help water and weed and watch everything grow. It’s been so rewarding to us already and none of the fruits or veggies are ready to be picked yet. We’re extra lucky to have a green thumb green kid.

  13. Thoughtful Mothering says:

    My green kid has mostly wooded and eco-friendly toys, uses all-natural products, eats organic, locally-grown and all-natural foods, and he helps mom grow her own herbs!

  14. rachelruthclark says:

    Our daughter turns the water off while she brushes her teeth so we can save water for the “fishies”.

  15. paigers says:

    My little green helper helps work in our organic garden, or, more accurately, EAT from the garden. πŸ™‚ He also enjoys strolling to the park for play dates, walking with Mom to the store in lieu of driving, helping with the composting and recycling, and playing with as many green toys as possible. His favorite way to be green is eating the organic food straight from the garden.

  16. kaross says:

    My green kid eats organic food, wears cloth diapers and loves to help me feed our chickens and work in the garden.

  17. Katellynne says:

    My green kid eats organic, local and in season, helps with our garden as well as composting, uses cloth wipes and recycles. She plays with natural toys (Plan is our FAVE), doesn’t like to watch tv (although I have tried LOL) and uses almost everything natural/organic. Our whole family loves making the effort to save our planet.

  18. luna says:

    My green kiddo eats organic and from our garden! He wear cloth diapers when we leave the house and no diaper at home πŸ˜‰ He likes to be free πŸ™‚

  19. marybelle says:

    We ALL work in the vegetable garden. Organic of course.

  20. fleve says:

    my kid love giardinaggio and loves to play with the animals

  21. Kathleen W. says:

    What a cool looking store! I’d love to shop there….

    My toddler wears cloth diapers (not that he has a choice in that) but he’s starting to “help” sort our trash, as in putting organic matter in the compost bin and adding jars and cans into the recycling bin. We also started a veggie garden this year and he’s been helping me pull weeds.

  22. Mari says:

    My little Birdie prefers organic food, body care, and cleaning products (as does her momma) She also likes to play with the cardboard boxes on the way to the recycling bin!

  23. momandsons says:

    My green kids help with recyling day, drink from aluminum water bottles, and help in the garden.

  24. mywalton says:

    My green kid wears cloth diapers, helps me sort recycling and is growing his first green beans!

  25. Maureen69 says:

    My green kid uses cloth napkins at meals and is learning to turn off the lights when he leaves a room. Thanks, Maureen

  26. Sheau says:

    Wonderful idea. Our greening approach with our little one involves an overall lifestyle that focus on aligning our day to day activity with nature, seasons and local resources. We compost our kitchen scraps and yard trim. Small outdoor area that include a section for wild flowers/drought resistant plants, raised bed for vegetables and herbs and a natural play area (working on that one) with tree stumps from fruit orchard, sand, mini thrifted windmill and pot for water. Reusable wipes and EC. Our family will make trip weekly to buy produce from neighborhood farmer market. We try our best to support local stores and artists as well. Our little one eats homemade baby food with the natural and unprocessed ingredients that we can get. We hope that she will grow up to love the nature and aware of the issue of sustainability. This doll house would be very valuable for educating our little one ways of living sustainably and still have a lot of fun in our world.

  27. April S. says:

    My green kid recycles, eats organic fruits and veggies, and uses only organic body products. She’s excited to plant our first garden!

  28. mainelyhome says:

    My green kid helps us be green in the kitchen…growing veggies…cooking…less packaging..and composting!

  29. tmilani says:

    We don’t use plastic baggies for snacks, we use stainless steel containers; we walk whenever we can to cut down on car travel (or take the trolley…which is also highly entertaining to me); we eat organic, recycle and make a point to buy used toys, etc.

  30. serenity says:

    my green kid wears cloth diapers! she’s also learning about gardening this summer!

  31. Snowflake07 says:

    My green kid also wears cloth diapers. She is also fond of the cloth wipes we use instead of the disposable ones and she likes that her Mommy uses an eco-friendly detergent on her clothes. πŸ™‚

  32. aahaft says:

    Even my two year old twins know to recycle paper and plastics. They also do not use drinkboxes only refillable cups and we wipe messes with rags instead of paper towels.

  33. doodad says:

    We’re starting a vegetable garden this year. My two oldest — 6 and 3 — will each have their own little plots.

  34. kizzianne says:

    Dex and I do multiple eco activities–we visit the Farmer’s Market weekly to buy local, organic produce, eat great food from local restaurants, and spend the day watching sailboats on the river. In the summer we participate in a CSA and I always try to include him in the cooking we do. We do a lot of gardening at home, flowers and other little goodies in pots. He loves to get in the dirt and tend to the plants. And lastly–he started this one on his own–he is an anti-litter crusader! Visiting parks and playgrounds, he picks up any garbage he sees and looks for the nearest garbage can or recycling bin! Love that he already knows that trash has no place in our beautiful city and state parks.

  35. Handenkel says:

    Besides wearing flushable diapers my 9mo old son shreds the newspaper for our worm bin and recycles everything…including my wallet. P.S. Daddy the architect would love the eco home.

  36. helenlam says:

    We cloth diaper at home! We also outfitted him and his room mostly from freecycle and craigslist (reuse) instead of buying new things.

  37. bufforpie says:

    I don’t have any kids…..that’s kinda green, don’t ya think?

  38. lindseyg says:

    My kids use their reusable snack bags and cloth napkins for their snacks and lunches. They also help recycle and are excited to start a veggie/fruit garden instead of just flowers this year!

  39. sewnnatural says:

    What a beautiful doll house for little ones. Thank you for a chance to enter this giveaway.

    We are trying to inform, in an age appropriate way, our daughter about how we live so that she may better understand the choices we make, and become more interested in what choices are hers to make, and how those choices affect not only herself and her health and her backyard, but the whole planet. In your contest giveaway question, you asked about what our green child does to support our eco friendly lifestyle (of no TV, local organic foods, chemical-free, composting, urban gardeners, car-sharing, upcyclers). So I can’t just tell you what we do for her or with her, but what she does.

    In the last few months, as she’s passed her 3rd birthday, I’ve noticed some really wonderful things. She is learning to love and appreciate nature. She is interested in learning about how what grows, how it grows, and why, as well as just how beautiful it is. She has her own pot of garden soil in the back and is choosing seeds to plant, and often asks me to be quiet so she can hear the birds sing. After learning about the atlas and children in many other parts of the world, she informs her baby dolls that they should not waste water as children in other countries must often walk long distances for just 1 pail of water. She now closes the tap when she brushes her teeth. She talks about how she can’t always buy new toys because we can fix her old ones. She wants to pass along her toys and old clothes to other children who can still use them. When her friends come over, she helps them treat our very old home gently so we don’t expose old lead paint and keep it clean and safe for years to come. None of these things seems so exciting on its own (I suppose, just to me) but what has made my heart sing is to see that she genuinely is interested in knowing how to celebrate and protect the world around her, and herself. Consciously. With thought. To me, that is the starting point of all environmental action and eco friendly living, and I’m so very proud of a little one in my life who is on that path.

  40. bufforpie says:

    I don’t have any of my own kids. I share in the joy of my friends children. That’s kinda green, don’t ya think?

  41. jewelsntreasures says:

    We cloth diaper at home to be green!

  42. alyshak3902 says:

    My lil green monkey uses either cloth diaps or compostable for nite times., He rides my back to and from the Farmers market to get all our groceries we need every Saturday morning. His utensils all all either glass or stainless. We use no chemicals to clean ourselves or our home. i am also teaching hin how to be “self sustainable” I make all my own breads, pasta, yogurt and some cheeses. He loves to see how his little veggie plot is doing. So far we have 11 differnt veggies waiting to go outside. I also like to get most of his clothes from the local Value Village and an trying to go organice or sustainable for linens. Also he will be proud to know that mama wants to make all our renos in our home, eco, sustainable or recycled. I’m hoping with our footprint, what I am leaving behind will be a better place for my children to grow up in.

  43. JenT says:

    My sweet pea is 2 and she is great at throwing garbage in the right bin. We separate glass, plastic, paper, glass, compost and trash and she almost never makes a mistake. In fact, she keeps her grandparents in line when they come to visit!

  44. mrs_kateboard says:

    My green kids were breastfed, and we buy used toys/games from consignment stores as often as possible. We LOVE Plan Toys!!

  45. ravenous says:

    We cloth diaper and try to reuse, recycle or compost everything. We have a goal of no trash, though we’re still a ways off.

  46. moss says:

    My 2-y-o daughter, who loves picking up worms and moving them into our garden, was so excited for us to get solar panels that she cried when she found out our roof wasn’t a viable option.

  47. moss says:

    My 2-y-o daughter, who loves to help mix the compost and put worms in the garden, was so excited to get solar panels that she cried when she found out our roof didn’t get enough sun to make it a viable option.

  48. csosalanz says:

    6 year old daughter’s homework question:
    “What do you want to plant in your garden?”
    Her unprompted response:
    “I want to plant some suculints. They don’t need much watr.”

  49. HM says:

    We use cloth nappies and wipes; compost our food scraps; recycle all plastic, metal and glass; we haven’t had a clothes dryer in over 7 years; try to buy second hand clothing; use non-toxic cleaning products; we are kept warm with heating and hot water from our wood-fired system which is solar powered in the summer; have a veggie garden and eat local game when it’s available. We’re hoping to have chickens this year. Our son is two, and knows to put plastic in the ‘plastic recycling’ bag, and is hopefully going to be a ‘big’ help in the garden this year. Among other things, he plays with toys that his father used as a kid. I’d love to introduce him to Plan Toys too!

  50. akamommy501 says:

    My daughter is learning how to plant veggies and fruit in the garden. When they grow I will have her help pick them to. She also likes to help putting the paper, plastic and glass in the recycle bins. Teaching her to always reduce, reuse and recycle helps the plant stay green. She love to help as much as she can,and being 3 she wants so be so independent!

  51. Makeetis says:

    My son helps me remember to recycle. He is always outside picking up trash that the wind blows our way or that neighbors passing by throw down. I am so proud of him for doing it himself. He is only 4 and knows that we need to help our planet out.

  52. jcdaab says:

    We reuse magazines/advertisements for craft projects.

  53. hkoop says:

    My green kids helps us compost. Eats organic fruits and vegetables and is learning about the recycling bin.

  54. Ohiomom says:

    My 3 year old likes to figure out what can be recycled and then puts it in our recycle container. We are also planing a garden and she loves to check how the plants are growing.

  55. christaschmeelk says:

    My son loves his cloth diapers!!

  56. plinkokid says:

    My 5 year old reuses all of our paper towel and toilet paper tubes to create pieces of art and lightsabers, swords, tree forests and castles with. Making him aware that many / most everyday things have much more than one lifetime or use is a big part of making him aware to live more green and take care of our planet! πŸ™‚

  57. My children and vegetarian, and my son (8) has his own vegetable garden. My dauighter (3) helps in our family garden. My kids love taking a walk down the road and gathering trash and recyclables. My son packs a no-waste lunch for school, using a SS water bottle, a reusable sandwich container, and re-usable containers.


  58. lkannon says:

    My 4-year old helps me hang out clothes on the line and sort our recycling. She also drinks her water from her new Lifefactory bottle and loves it!

  59. lokiwoman says:

    My kids help recycle and we too take walks through parks and pick up trash.

  60. AKruse says:

    My two kiddos are still in diapers, but they use cloth diapers & wipes. My toddler helps me to garden, compost and care for our chickens. He also helps to carry our reusable cloth grocery bags to the store.

  61. urbanitemom says:

    Our baby is only six months old, but starting potty training with him (EC) has made him greener already! πŸ™‚

  62. kimsalerno says:

    they wear/have worn cloth diapers……play with wooden/fabric toys…….eat organic foods!

  63. UlanaChapman says:

    Haly is almost 2, wears cloth diapers, helps Daddy recycle and LOVES the reduce, reuse, recycle song from the curious george soundtrack! Noah is only 4months but rocks out in his cloth diapers and smiles. πŸ™‚

  64. amasmama says:

    we eat from our organic garden, practic elimination communication, recycle things we can as toys, and we make our daughter clothes from things we no longer wear and breastfeed!

  65. bison61 says:

    he knows how to recycle, help in the garden and the compost site

  66. Leigh Tantaro says:

    We are a thrift shop family who loves nothing more than to love a preloved. My kids have no hesitation in wearing someone elses fave. I also sew lots for us all, remodel, remake or create..

  67. windycindy says:

    Our family made a pledge at the beginning of this year to become more “green!” It is definitely
    a whole family cooperative. The water heater temperature is turned down and each shower has
    a timer for 5 minute showers. Our children wore warmer clothes indoors so that the thermostat
    could be lowered and thus use less energy. The opposite will be done when the summer heat
    begins. Our youngest children wear many clothes that have been worn by the older ones.
    Recycling is big in our home. Plastc, paper, aluminum and sorted by the kids in different bins.
    Also, tissue paper for gift wrapping is reuses and we now put many gifts in reusable shopping bags.
    Many thanks, Cindi

  68. July says:

    My daughter is 2 3/4 yo and she already does a lot of things to live a greener life! She was exclusively breastfed for 1 year and still nurses, she was ECed (diaperfree) at home with cloth diapers as back-up sometimes when we went out, uses cloth wipes, she uses a Klean Kanteen sippy cup, and reusable snack bags and cloth lunch bag when we go for a piknik, and a glass straw at home. Only organic care products touch her skin and hair. She doesn’t watch TV and all her toys are either wooden, woll or cloth – mostly handmade by me or her father. She knows where to put trash – recycling bin, compost or trash can sometimes. She turns off the faucet while washing hands and brushing teeth. We eat vegetarian and often vegan for the majority of our meals, and mainly organic. She loooves to receive our weekly basket of organic fruits and veggies. And finally, we will soon be starting a little herb garden and maybe plant a few veggies (hanging tomato plant, peas, etc.) in our small backyard. We do what we can to raise her in a responsible way about the environment and our health!

  69. soluckyducky says:

    My green little cutie wears cloth diapers, dresses in organic/secondhand/or handmade clothing, eats local and organic foods and milk, plays with wooden and cloth toys, drinks from her klean kanteen sippy, eats homemade snacks to save on processing and packaging, uses cloth snack baggies when we go out, and loves to help recycle and garden!

  70. dkcarey says:

    We give gifts in reusable shopping bags. Many stores have ‘fun’ and ‘different’ designs on their bags. They are cheaper than traditional gift bags and it is the gift bag that keeps on giving. Some stores even given you a credit on your shopping when you use a reusable bag!

  71. Adriana says:

    My 8th month old twins (James & Clara) are greening up with natural teething toys and my husband & I make organic meals for them (haven’t purchased one jar of food yet) and organic yogurts/cereals mixed in.

  72. ginacarey says:

    My son enjoys hand-me-down toys and clothes from family, and eats out of reusable containers rather than any type of single-serving disposable packaging.

  73. mnmom says:

    My ten month old eats all organic baby food that I make for her. Reducing the waste from all those little glass containers.

  74. mnmom says:

    My ten month old eats all organic baby food that I make for her. We use reusable bags at the grocery store.

  75. amie reilly says:

    My 2 year old son is adamant about turning of the faucet when brushing his teeth and washing his hands…he says he’s “saving the water for our oceans!” πŸ™‚

  76. jeneliz74 says:

    My girl does it all! We recycle, grow an organic garden, use natural and organic products, buy organic food through a CSA and the farmer’s market. We reduce, reuse and recycle in every way we can!

  77. Spoodles says:

    We reuse and recycle a lot of plastic and paper for crafts and projects. We homeschool, so my child doesn’t require NEARLY as much fuel as most.

  78. coliebear says:

    My son’s class asks for donations of cereal boxes, lids, containers, etc to use in art projects and sculptures. Then they take them to the recycling center when they are done with them.

  79. emathoen says:

    My daughter uses all cloth diapers + cloth wipes – organic bath products + recycled bath water!
    She is still exclusively breastfed but we are gearing up to make baby food from our urban garden this spring/summer!

  80. pantrygirl says:

    My tot uses reuseable green washcloths for everything form wiping spills & cleaning after arts and crafts to using it as a napkin for meals. She won’t eat a meal or start a potential messy project without her ‘wipe’.

    My husband and I guess that by reducing our usage of paper towels we are not only saving money and the environment, we are also teaching our daughter the power of reusing articles.

  81. Kerry367 says:

    We have three little ones;
    Our 8 year old wants to reuse everything to make crafts, uses a laptop lunch box for lunches (no bags or juice boxes), turns water off while brushing and is always looking for ways to “help the poor”, and drinks from reusable containers.
    Our 5 year old turns water off while brushing, loves to use cloth napkins and set the table with “real” plates and dinner ware, and uses a Lap top lunch box, and drinks from reusable containers.
    Our 17 month old is part time cloth diapered /part time compostable diapered (Natures babycare diapers) 97% of his clothes are hand-me-downs or consignment finds, breastfeeds, and drinks from reusable containers.

    We are all vegetarian and recycle as much as possible. We bring what our town doesn’t recycle to Whole Foods.

  82. meatballsma says:

    My two year old green boy loves his Kleen Kanteen sippy, eats organic, and loves to put things in the recycle bin!

  83. andreanathan says:

    We teach out kids to respect the earth by keeping it clean, recycling 99% of our garbage and playing iwth green toys!

  84. romancingthestork says:

    My son is too little to support an eco-friendly lifestyle on his own, but we help him by cloth-diapering, buying organic and second-hand, and using reusable water bottles when on the go.

  85. ksh123 says:

    My son goes through his toys and gives ones he no longer wants, to his cousin or the local thrift store. He help to carry things to the recycle bin and helps pull weeds in the garden.

  86. Valarie says:

    My 21 month old son has recycling all figured out – always sorts and asks where things go before he tosses it. Now we’re working on composting. Giving vegetable and fruit scraps to the worms makes him smile πŸ™‚

  87. kia says:

    I suppose the big thing is my little one eats really low on the food-chain… breastfeeds and I eat low on the food chain too. That is pretty eco-friendly.

  88. Lovingdanger says:

    My green kids use cloth diapers

  89. MommyBridget says:

    I subscribe to your emails

  90. MommyBridget says:

    My son uses cloth diapers to help with the environment

  91. tatta says:

    other than the reuse,reduce ( still working on the reducing part…she does ask for things) our daughter Summer, gardens in the back yard almost everyday πŸ™‚

  92. aahaft says:

    My children;s clothing his hung dry, they drink from reusable bottles sleeps on organic bedding and dontae used clothing and toys

  93. Miske says:

    My toddler is learning how to recycle and we use recycled items for crafts, from our recycled content craft paper, to the old cardstock boxes our fruit snacks are packed in. And of course, her cardboard playhouse, made entirely out of used cardboard boxes & empty wrapping paper rolls. πŸ™‚

  94. MamaKs says:

    my baby O is always thinking of new ways to reuse things. we hardly ever throw anything away. it all becomes a craft project!

  95. betshsu says:

    He breastfeeds =).

  96. bugze says:

    my little girl helps me recycle and always reminds me to turn off the lights when i leave the room

  97. monkaroo says:

    My green toddler wears cloth diapers!

  98. laura B says:

    My son is a recycling hound. Everything gets recycled and he tries to get his friends to recycle too!

  99. cmarie99 says:

    She’s too little to make her own decisions, but she does wear cloth diapers πŸ™‚

  100. teganaubrie says:

    Our little guy wears his cloth diapers with pride. πŸ™‚

  101. roemroem says:

    My little Earth Heros (4 & 2 years ) go “feed” the worms in our compost dayly πŸ™‚
    — we are diaper free now and passed our cloth diapers onto “fresh babys”

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