WIN IT WEDNESDAY! Win a gDiapers Starter Kit Worth $100

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If you’re a faithful Inhabitots reader you’ve probably noticed that we’re a little obsessed with gDiapers. This fall, the innovative hybrid diaper company, run by momtreprenuer Kimberly Graham Nye, introduced a whole crop of new bright-colored Little gPants. Now, gDiapers is giving away a starter kit featuring three Little gPants in the new gooseberry purple, grateful red, and great orange along with a swizzle stick and a package of Biodegradable gRefills — a prize package worth $100. If you’ve never tried gDiapers, read our review of the amazing flushable diapers so you can understand just how much you want to win this prize. Then, find out how to enter to win a starter kit after the jump.

Here’s how to enter to win a gDiapers Starter Kit worth $100!

1) Sign up for our weekly newsletter (if you haven’t already!). We’ll be notifying the winner in our newsletter – so you need to sign up and receive our newsletter to find out if you have won.

2) Like Inhabitots on facebook.

3) Add a comment to this post with your answer to the following question: What is your biggest diaper frustration?

Contest ends Tuesday, November 30th, 2010 at 12 midnight EST. Winner will be announced in the following week’s newsletter!

+ Little gPants

+ gDiapers

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336 Responses to “WIN IT WEDNESDAY! Win a gDiapers Starter Kit Worth $100”

  1. Anonymous says:

    I don’t have any yet! But I will imagine the comments from the peanut gallery about my choice to cloth diaper will be my biggest frustration.

  2. Anonymous says:

    My biggest diaper frustration is trying to do the research to decide what I want to try before I have given birth!!

  3. taylorandchloe says:

    My biggest frusteration is that cloth diapering is not mainstream, so I can’t just run down to the local store to buy when needed.

  4. clairemontgom says:

    Laundry laundry laundry… Trying to get CDs rinsed well in NYC apartment shared washers.

  5. cailindeas says:

    our cloth diapers have been used by four children. yes, four. so you can imagine that the integrity of the elastic is waning, at best. i am so frustrated with changing full outfits because we can’t afford new diapers, and i don’t have a sewing machine or time to hand sew replacement elastic.

  6. copro says:

    Dealing with poopy cloth diapers is no fun. None at all!

  7. goodmomma76 says:

    Well, my biggest frustration is the water softener to keep everything rust free, also seems to cause the stinkies in the diapers. blah.

  8. rachel.ronan says:

    My biggest diaper frustration is the second diaper fill. It seems that when my little one has a dirty diaper she always seems to keep a little bit in reserve. As soon as she feels the soft dry fabric hit her freshly wiped bottom she relaxes enough to release the “reserves”, and we need a fresh diaper.

    My little girl is almost four weeks old, and she has the same reaction that her older brothers, now 10 and 7, used to have. I should ask them if the same reaction happens in the bathroom…

  9. nurse_shells says:

    My biggest diaper frustration is that I only own 3 cloth diapers right now. I would love to do cloth diapering full time, but just can’t decide which brand I should go with! It’s such a big investment!

  10. lp672076 says:

    Leaks are my biggest frustration and trusting a cloth diaper at night.

  11. bdschad says:

    I hate when the diaper leaks right after I get all my little ones clothes back on!! He hates to get changed to begin with!

  12. kdmoar says:

    Biggest frustrations finding them when none of the mainstream stores carry them only disposables.

  13. llively says:

    We will begin cloth diapering in Feb with the birth of our new little guy! I can tell you I have MANY frustrations with disposable diapering, so we are ready to give cloth a try! One main frustration is the expense! I am ready to save some money with our cloth diapering switch!

  14. kdmoar says:

    Diarrhea in cloth diapers! That is my biggest frustration.

  15. Anonymous says:

    Having to decide the best way to diaper in the future.

  16. mommyferg02 says:

    Signed up for you newsletter and liked you on facebook. My biggest diaper frustration is when some of my diapers get the ammonia stinkies even after being washed. So frustrating and hard to get rid of!

  17. Anonymous says:

    My biggest frustrations has been to find a nighttime diaper that works well for my heavy wetter.

  18. susannawyn says:

    My biggest frustration is the rinsing. The sprayer just doesn’t get it all, and I hate having to use my hands… ugggh!

  19. Anonymous says:

    Biggest Diaper frustration ? I LOVE LOVE Gdiapers! Make going “green” an easy choice…I guess the biggest frustration is when the disposable liners that i use to help reduce the amount of poo cleaning I have to do get twisted inside the diaper and I have to deep clean my homemade cloth liners anyway…that’s kind of a drag. : )

  20. jillerbeth says:

    My biggest frustration is when a perfectly coordinating diaper and outfit ensemble are ruined when the diaper gets dirty and I do not have another matching diaper available to complete the adorable look. We so love our g’s-for the environment, for our babies and they are adorable!

  21. Anonymous says:

    My biggest diaper frustration is finding the right detergent. That won’t cause a rash, smell or leaks.

  22. lovthesurf says:

    my biggest frustration is my hubby ALWAYS chosing to use the diapers that we got in the very beginnig that someone gave us. The front velcro, the worn out elastic ughhhhh why can’t he use the great ones we have??????

  23. usbeckers says:

    My biggest diaper frustration is finding the right detergent. That won’t cause a rash, smell or leaks.

  24. mrs s says:

    Researching which diapers to get for my daughter. 🙂

  25. janetmphillips says:

    My biggest frustration is getting the laundry done before the smell takes over my bathroom.

  26. Anonymous says:

    Having to explain the desire to use cloth to everyone, and getting that “you must be one of THOSE people” looks… whatever that is supposed to mean.

  27. tnergaard says:

    My biggest frustration is that good cloth diapers (of course, I use g’s) aren’t readily available in stores. Our cloth diapering options in Canada are very limited so I have to pay a lot of money on shipping!

  28. reshawillis says:

    Everybody’s opinion about how crazy I am to want to cloth diaper my son.

  29. bekah062205 says:

    I have never tried cloth diapers before. But my frustration with disposables are the price, the cheap material, pulling off the tabs when trying to put the diaper on. The smell in my trash can. YUCK. Im pregnant with Twins and i have decided that Cloth is the way to go. Much cheaper, no smell in the trash cans, no ripping of fabric and overall sense of being greener.

  30. jw1023 says:

    The cost of disposables!!

  31. janetmphillips says:

    My biggest frustration is getting the diaper laundry done before the smell takes over the bathroom

  32. rachelblinsmon says:

    My biggest frustration is when I change a poopy diaper, and then put her into one of my favorite diapers…and then she poops again! LOL. Have never tried gdiapers, but would LOVE to try them out!

  33. Anonymous says:

    My biggest cloth diaper frusteration is my husband.:) He really tries so hard, but despite his good efforts he just can’t remember to put the g on the back, or change her every 2 hours, velcro straight across etc, so she gets leaks if he changes her.:) I don’t get on him about it too much though, because I know that he tries so hard because he knows its so important to me.
    To give him some credit though, he has gotten a little bit better at it.:)

  34. Anonymous says:

    My biggest issue is my daughter loves to take hers OFF!

  35. kidlet642 says:

    My biggest diaper frustration is not knowing whether my cloth diapers smell after they are wahed because of soap build up or because I haven’t used enough soap!

  36. cowenmama09 says:

    My biggest frustration has got to be that 1- no one locally has cloth diapers in a store, 2- they are such a big upfront investment, and 3- trying to go out and about in town while cding when you only have a limited number of diapers and NO wetbag

  37. lacey1715 says:

    The comments I get from others about cloth diapering….and that I have to order all of our diapering needs online.

  38. leishadi says:

    My biggest diaper frustration is not having enough gdiapers!! I LOVE THIS BRAND But it’s a big investment and my husband is in grad school and I’m a SAHM of 2. So I try to do the best with one starter kit per child. I just wish I had more so my whole supply would last longer then 2 days.

  39. julie288 says:

    My biggest frustration is LAUNDRY! Now that the cold weather months are here, it takes longer to hang dry the cloth inserts. Still love our G diapers though!

  40. brandy perkins says:

    My biggest cloth diaper frustration is my husband’s constant need to take the “easy” way out—he is quite sneaky and will put a disposable diaper on her & use disposable wipes! Grrrr! 🙂

  41. jasminerw says:

    My biggest frustration is the cost of diapers on my wallet and our environment. I like cloth, but I don’t like the idea of all the washing and water waste. That’s why I like gdiapers. I’m expecting my little boy in March 2011 so this starter kit will really be helpful!

  42. littlebabyfee says:

    getting enough diapers

  43. kjandks03 says:

    I hate sticky poo on cloth diapers! Having to use hot water in the shower to spray it off….stinky stinky! I am can’t bring myself to buy a sprayer. But I Love the Gdiapers. Best investment I made with this child.

  44. squeaks says:

    Diarrhea in cloth diapers!

  45. poisonivy says:

    My biggest diaper frustration is trying to get my son to sit still through the diaper changes. I am hoping he will soon grow out of this phase.

  46. krystahughes says:

    My biggest frustrations right now are picking the right diapers that will be best for our family, and trying to convince other family members that I do NOT want disposable diapers on my child at all.

  47. averysmomma says:

    My biggest diaper frustration is the diaper rash that instantly appears on my son’s bum as soon as I put a disposable on him. But with gDiapers, clothes or disposable inserts, we have had no problems!!

  48. emmy says:

    My biggest frustration is the stains I cannot get out of my cloth diapers!

  49. alisvolatpropiis says:

    My biggest diaper frustration is using disposables. We wanted to cloth diaper our first so bought a couple, but after fighting to get them to absorb for the first time (thank you hard water), my husband was frustrated and said no to buying more. I don’t blame him. By the time we got them to absorb, my son was only able to wear them for a couple weeks. I hate sposies! They are a waste, expensive, they smell (thank you basset like pregnancy nose), and just plain drive me nuts!

    We want to cloth diaper our soon to be born little girl, and are trying to find means to buy cloth! It’s the upfront thing that gets in the way. I put some on my registry (gDiapers,Flips, and Smartipants) hoping that we get some!!! We are fed up with disposables!!!

  50. kittiesmom says:

    My biggest diaper frustration is not being able to actually see the diapers before I buy, I live in the middle of nowhere . I’ve bought a lot of diapers that I wouldn’t have purchased had I known what they felt like. On the off chance I go out of state for something I try to see if there’s a diaper shop en route for hopes of finding a diaper that will work and won’t irritate my daughter’s skin.

  51. rnbcaswell says:

    my biggest frustration is the cost! Cloth diapering is supposed to be more affordable, but all of the good cloth diapers are just so expensive.

  52. lindshen says:

    Leaks and diaper rashes considering switching to cloth diapers and would love this starter package please!

  53. smallory says:

    My biggest frustration with diapering is trying to convence my husband to use cloth over disposal.

  54. Anonymous says:

    My biggest frustration is not buying more than I need 🙂

  55. echomyst says:

    Biggest cloth diapering frustration = high water bills (it’s insane how much they charge for water and sewage where we live… we only wash diapers twice a week *with our regular laundry* and our bill’s gone up quite a bit).

  56. aupaysdesmerveilles says:

    I’d love to be THE French winner … 😉
    As we are not able to buy gDiapers here, in France.

  57. isaackirstiereeves says:

    Our biggest diaper frusteration is money. We want to go green, but starting off with a system other than regular cloth diapers is so expensive. I was a college student before we got pregnant and my husband has been on the apprenticeship waiting list for 2 years now. With the whole family depending on his income alone as a laborer, we can afford inserts, but not the actual diapers themselves. We’ve boughten a couple packages of cloth foldable diaper (to go green and to save money by not buying disposables) but our ideal diaper is something like the gDiaper system because then not only do we not have to teach everyone how to fold a diaper, but it would be a lot easier to go places and not have to worry about lugging around dirty diapers everywhere.

  58. tam says:

    My biggest frustration is finding a cloth insert for my gDiapers that don’t react to my little one’s tush

  59. m_orange says:

    My biggest frustration is trying not to buy more than I need because they are all so cute!

  60. remima2 says:

    My biggest frustration would be never having enough cloth diapers!

  61. auddy says:

    Having to change diapers. lol

  62. imamommafirst says:

    I am on the fence about cloth diapering. I didn’t with my first because back then it just grossed me out to be honest. Now I have a 15 month old and I’m really considering giving it a try and out of all the different ways to cloth diaper, I think that gdiapers have really tried to eliminate the “eeww” factor and I love that! My biggest frustration I think will be lack of support from my family and friends.

  63. mmolivas says:

    No frustrations yet 😉 Baby is not due for another 3 weeks. If anything what frustrates me now is the negative feedback I receive when I tell people I am using cloth diapers. They seem to think it will only last two weeks and I will give in to pampers!

  64. ckv11 says:

    My largest frustration is that getting gdiapers in stores is not easy—even in stores that supposedly carry them–they are always out of stock!

  65. Anonymous says:

    My biggest frustration is getting people to not complain about my use of cloth diapers when they watch my daughter. I love gDiapers and am a loyal user. Good thing I can get the disposable inserts for those who just can’t handle the gCloth.

  66. killinshel says:

    We do not have any gDiapers as of yet, but we really would love to try them because the amount of diapers ending up in the landfills is a huge concern of mine.

  67. says:

    les fuites!!!!

  68. nurseelise says:

    My biggest diaper frustration is when my daughter grabs her bum after I take the diaper off and makes a huge mess!!! Instant bath-time!

  69. jademom says:

    For me, the biggest frustration is that cloth diaper systems aren’t readily available in my community, and when they are, the price is HIGHLY inflated compared to online. (The other thing that would be nice is that if each system came with a personal assistant to clean them…wishful thinking)

  70. nbennwife says:

    My biggest frustration is carting cloth around when we are out for the day. My biggest frustration with sposies is the cost. We have to switch to cloth because the sposies are too expensive!

  71. jkphdc says:

    Trying to make the perfect cloth inner.

  72. ruthieb21 says:

    my biggest diaper frustration is the cost! disposibles, hybrids, cloth – they are all just expensive!

  73. bumblebee says:

    My biggest frustration with diapers on how expencive they are especially the disposables!

  74. Anonymous says:

    My biggest frustration is getting my mother-in-law to use my gDiapers when watching my little one. It would save me a lot of money and the stress of worrying about having enough on hand for her.

  75. amyprry says:

    My biggest frustration so far is that my husband isn’t alway on board with the cloth diapering. Though and now we moved to a small apartment and don’t have a washer and dryer any more. I really want to do more for the environment so I’m thinking using the gdiapers with flushable inserts would be a good start.

  76. mommato3boys says:

    My biggest diaper frustration is that I only have 6 diapers (g-diapers — I LOVE them) and I have twins, so no where near enough diapers meaning they have to be washed every night.

  77. laynajean says:

    My biggest diaper frustration was trying to fit a fluffy bum into mainstream clothing. Now, thanks to Gdiapers that is no longer an issue. Now the frustration is hiding the non gdiapers well enough that Daddy can’t find them.

  78. fusspot says:

    Truth us my biggest frustration is that I decided to go with G-Diapers months ago but am currently underemployed and haven’t got the resources together for this starter kit yet!! First born is due on Christmas Day.

  79. Anonymous says:

    My biggest frustration is having to change diapers more often.

  80. mommyof6 says:


  81. katiew says:

    I have 19mo twins in gdiapers and the laundry involved can be overwhelming sometimes but I love the fact that our trash is down by more than half since I switched from disposables!

  82. rileychiq says:

    My biggest frustration is not having enough to keep the diaper bag fully stocked at all times!

  83. amr says:

    My biggest frustration is overnight, sometimes he just leaks through no matter what we try. I’ve had friends tell me that their LOs in disposables do this too though so I guess it just comes with the age (he’s 20mos).

  84. brookelynthomas says:

    Can’t buy gDiapers at target (in the store).

  85. mamag6 says:

    My biggest complaint is that no one else will use cloth diapers with my son! Im a stay at home mom to a deployed soldier and we are stationed half way across the country from our family, so I have to rely on hourly part time daycare to watch my kids when I have doctors appointments. I have searched all the centers in our area and no one will use cloth diapers. Im a faithful gDiaper user and they wont even use the disposable grefill so I still have to buy horrible disposable diapers. To me, THAT is the most frusterating pat of cloth diapering!

  86. alichaptx says:

    My biggest frustration is finding a reasonably priced way to be environmentally conscious. So many environmentally sound products are prohibitively expensive. gDiapers however seem like a good compromise! And I love that they have a cloth and disposable option!!

  87. miakbanks says:

    My biggest diaper frustration is definately leaky diapers. Having to do an outfit chamge along with a diaper change is frustrating.

  88. h.wilmarth says:

    My biggest frustration is having to defend my decision to go better with the environment. Some people just don’t care. Cloth/Biodegradable is the best choice for me and I love it!

  89. aggiedjc says:

    My biggest frustration is the cost of disposable diapers and would like to get started with cloth diapers.

  90. Anonymous says:

    trying to teach people how to use a diaper other than disposable. Everytime we leave our son with a sitter of any kind, there has to be a diaper training session!

  91. bellabambino08 says:

    My biggest diaper frustration would have to be the fact that we have hard water and a problem with stinkies if I use anything other than natural fibers. LOVE Gdiapers!!

  92. nie says:

    MY BIGGEST FRUSTRATION : Can’t Find GDiappers in store 🙁

  93. angella98 says:

    I would say it is the start up cost!!

  94. rcpmelissa says:

    we are expecting our first, so i don’t have any frustrations yet. we do however plan to use gdiapers for our little one to come in june 2011. can’t wait!

  95. kjconover says:

    My biggest frustration is that I have to either drive an hour to the closest BRU to buy gDiapers stuff, or order everything online! I wish cloth diapering the modern way was more mainstream – all I can ever find locally is crappy Gerber prefolds and the poofy Gerber waterproof pants. :o(

  96. Anonymous says:

    i have to order them online and can’t see them before i buy!

  97. jazzyswifey says:

    What is your biggest diaper frustration? …Well with my first child it was the cost. We’re CDing this time, but I will imagine I will also have to deal with stupid opinions from people not agreeing with me and my hubby cloth diapering.

  98. sekihoshi says:

    Our biggest frustration is finding inserts that are affordable and absorbent.

  99. olgananny says:

    Hummm? Biggest frustration…not able to afford right now the cloth Gdiapers inserts! I love the Gdiapers, they have saved the day…EVERY DAY! LOVE EMMM!

  100. mellymorgan says:

    My biggest frustration is not having a good wet bag for on the go… but that’s my fault! lol

  101. vsee says:

    My biggest frustration with my first has been that she doesn’t/can’t wear her little G’s to daycare (3 days per week). I’m hoping to convince the teachers to learn how to use them so #2 (due in Feb) can wear them when she starts daycare.

  102. lizzyandabbe says:

    i guess the biggest problem i have would be laundry, more or less making sure i can get to doing a load of diapers in time.

  103. momma2maddox says:

    My biggest frustration is that I didn’t cloth diaper from the beginning and can’t afford to start now 🙁

  104. sleberling says:

    My biggest frustration with diapers was with disposables and the blow outs with newborn poop! Although I am looking forward to the change in that from what I hear blow outs will not be the norm anymore with gdiapers! We started using them on our 16 month old when he was 13 months and I am due with #3 in January!

  105. lizzyandabbe says:

    i would say it’s laundry, more or less the drying time and making sure i don’t wait to the last minute to wash them.

  106. kbrogan says:

    My biggest dipe frustration is that my son pulls the tabs open in the front! Why can’t they ALL be made like g’s and have the fasteners in the back??? 🙂

  107. jerrigrim says:

    I actually use GDiapers on my little one and love them! But I just can’t bring myself to use them when I leave the house. Who wants to carry dirty diapers around all day?! So I use disposables when we are out and about, but they are horrible! I have tried all the top brands and his poop ends up all over no matter what brand it is. I guess i should just get over my issues and use the GDiapers while I am out since I know they work!

  108. kimw17 says:

    Biggest frustration is leaks – I’ve got a heavy wetter at only 2months old!!!

  109. bellarouge says:

    My biggest frustration with diapers is my baby seems to almost always have blow outs.

  110. audiw1331 says:

    not having enough gdiapers for our little one 🙁 im a stay at home mom and im constantly washing diapers and inserts lol! this would really help me and I also want to give a pair to my best friend who just had her baby boy!

  111. mythuselah says:

    My Biggest frustration why I chose G-diaper is the mess and chore of other diaper systems. With snap in liners and choice of various cloth or “disposable” flushable liners I have great leak protection for any situation with out the bulk, stink and mess compared to other diaper systems.

  112. yprulsss says:

    Our biggest diaper frustrations are money and convenience!! With 2 little ones in diapers, ages 2months and 17months we spend a lot of money in diapers. I love that I can have an enviromentally friendly option shipped right to my door in the sizes that I need without having to run out. I never run out of diapers now and I never have to worry about my local store being out of the sizes that I need! We love our gdiapers! They are easy to change and I’ve had far less leaks than i did with disposables!

  113. triana_t says:

    My biggest diaper frustration was never knowing what it was that was causing my son’s diaper rash! It was horrific to the point of us just letting him roam free. When we switched to cloth, his life changed! I credit cloth with my son keeping his happy disposition and our easy potty training!

  114. Anonymous says:

    My biggest frustration is getting a stains on my cute dipes that I can’t get out even with sunning!! Other than that I wish the prices were a bit lower. Still more affordable than sposies!!!

  115. momof3boys says:

    Biggest frustration is the diaper pail, I HATE IT! Other then that me and cloth diapering get along great. I have to admit I have to use sposies at night time because I have yet to find a cloth diaper that will not leak.

  116. eschillo says:

    Biggest diaper frustration has got to be nightime! my daughter always soaks through her diapers, cloth or disposables, doesn’t matter.

  117. a.white.gallego says:

    I think my biggest frustration is that my husband is not on board with the CD thing! I don’t mind cleaning or changing the diapers at all, but when it’s his turn, he refuses to even try to use cloth. We have disposable backups just in case, and he always goes for those! Luckily, that’s not very often, though, since I stay home with our son (which means I get the majority of diaper changes).

  118. btilk says:

    My biggest frustration is that a lot of cloth diapers don’t fit my baby well, she has large thighs and a tiny waist.

  119. inkoehtdesign says:

    biggest diaper frustration: simultaneous top and side blowouts without a change of clothes for baby or mama!

  120. Anonymous says:

    My biggest diaper frustration is when I am all proactive and change him and then as soon as I get a diaper on him he poops!!! 🙂 LOVE gDiapers…it is all we have used since he was 6 weeks old (they didn’t have the tiny g’s yet, otherwise we would have used them then

  121. shadley7309 says:

    My biggest frustration with disposables are the blow outs my son seems to cause in which poop just goes all over him and sometimes me! We use cloth most of the time and my only frustration with them is the negativity we get from people who are non-supportive of cloth diapers.

  122. kaylap says:

    My biggest diaper frustration is getting husband change them!

  123. mjako99 says:

    My biggest frustration is trying to figure out which diaper is the best for my baby – reviews are always helpful, but every baby is different!

  124. ariisawesome says:

    blow outs! it’s like where do i even start??? get her in the bath and spray her off, but you have to peel the clothes off first! it’s awful!

  125. Anonymous says:

    I’m not sure yet because we wont start CD’ing til baby comes in January 🙂 However it is frustrating trying to get enough info to make an informed decision on which diapers are best

  126. nienna7477 says:

    My son has such thin legs that it’s VERY hard to find a diaper that fits him well. We have constant leak issues to the point everyone just tells me to go to disposables but I don’t want to! Cloth is the way I want to go but I just wish I could find one that would work for my son!!

  127. ksjohnston says:

    My biggest frustration is getting my husband comfortable using the cloth diapers… he still puts a disposable on her when he changes her. I know the simple answer to not have any disposables in the house, but until I can afford to get more gCloth I would have to laundry everyday.

  128. jwoodbabies says:

    Honestly, we use cloth diapers so we don’t have any frustrations. No diaper rash, no blow outs, no late-night runs to the store, no outgrowing a size mid-box. Our twin boys just turned 1 and we’ve used cloth since they were two weeks old. It’s almost pleasant to deal with diapers.

  129. lisa.suit says:

    My biggest diaper frustration is having to constantly explain to everyone why I want to use cloth diapers! (oh, and I liked you on fb and signed up for the newsletter) 🙂

  130. stringdm says:

    My biggest diaper frustration is thinking my daughter is just wet (when she’s not), and deciding the change her standing up. Uh-oh!

  131. lindsayp22 says:

    My biggest frustration at this time is finding a diaper that can hold up to the amount of urine that my son puts out overnight. And recent repelling issues. I would love to try gdiapers and see if their inserts can hold up to my son! 😉

  132. mlins6 says:

    My biggest diaper frustration is not having a large enough diaper bail or a diaper pail that combines a place to put disposables (wipe and g inserts) and another section for the cloth g inserts, liners, and pants. Should I return to work, then my biggest frustration will be finding a childcare providing that is open to using gdiapers instead of traditional disposables.

  133. lizzboogie says:

    I’m expecting my first child any day now, so I haven’t dealt with diaper mishaps, but I am dreading the infamous “diaper blowouts” that I hear so many of my girlfriends & family members talk about, lol! I’m planning on being a gMom and am hoping that the gCloth paired with a gRefill will contain these “blowouts” at night 😉

  134. txstraubs says:

    My biggest diaper frustration is I don’t have enough gdiapers! 🙂

  135. praeluceo says:

    Our first child is due to be born in February, so I don’t have any diaper frustrations yet except that we want to use cloth diapers, and they’re just so expensive! Although gDiapers look nice, we’re thinking about going with Gro-Via because they’re adjustable, and snaps are better than Velcro for long-term use.

  136. ginie06 says:

    My biggest frustration is not to find gdiapers stores in France, to have a large selection of colors available, to order order as many as I want and in the colors I want.
    FInd gdiapers everywhere in France in all colors…

  137. kellilyn1 says:

    My biggest frustration is having so many people tell me that cloth diapering is a pain in the butt. well, I love it and its the only way my daughter doesn’t have diaper rash.

  138. inkintheveins says:

    Using gDiapers on my second child, so my biggest diaper frustration is trying to keep my 10 month old still while changing her. She has a really great spin-kick move that I can’t seem to compete with.

  139. koozie89 says:

    My biggest diaper frustration is trying to convince my Hubby and Family that I am really going cloth for baby #5. I don’t want disposables!!

  140. lyds04 says:

    mine– knowing disposables are ending up in a landfill!

  141. candidakins says:

    My biggest diaper frustration is that not everyone knows how great and easy cloth diapering is! We use a mixture of cloth and disposable but we LOVE our gdiapers a million times more than the sposies!

  142. Anonymous says:

    My biggest frustration right now is people’s comments about our decision to cloth diaper! I am sick of people telling me that we are crazy for doing it and how hard it is and that we will be back to disposables in no time…keep your comments to yourselves people!

  143. ccullen22 says:

    …. frustrated that we don’t use gcloth often enough, but baby is in daycare and grefills are easier for them. thankful to have the choice 🙂

  144. audreysmommy says:

    My biggest diaper frustration is not being able to buy cloth diapers or other cloth diaper accessories in any stores near me! I hate having to order EVERYTHING.

  145. kdellerba says:

    lblow outs and people saying we wont be able to stand changeing cloth diapers

  146. Anonymous says:

    signed up for the newsletter and liked you on facebook…my biggest diaper frustration is that my husband can never seem to get them on correctly 🙂

  147. mckenzie says:

    I ditto this, My biggest diaper frustration is not being able to buy cloth diapers or other cloth diaper accessories in any stores near me! I travel to Jacksonville FL BRU from NC every couple months to stock up my g accessories.

  148. tink09 says:

    My biggest diaper frustration is all the research I have had to do to find the cloth that I like the best.

  149. tink09 says:

    My biggest diaper frustration has been the time it has taken me to find the diaper that I love.

  150. akt716 says:

    Frustrated by clothing catered to skimpy non cloth diapers!

  151. mmurray82 says:

    My biggest diaper frustration is having to use them at all! i am ready to be done with them but have a baby on the way and a 2 year old that loves the g’s! haha

  152. heatherdv says:

    My biggest frustration has always been leaky diapers! I always have leaks it seems, I really need a diaper that can hold up for more than 45 minutes or so! I feel like I spend 3/4 of my day standing at the changing table and the other 1/4 washing dipes and soiled clothes! I need help!!!

  153. shannonpdx says:

    My biggest frustrations are poopy diapers – I’m preggers with #2, and super nauseous, so changing a stinky diaper is hard, hard, hard! Yucky!

  154. bekatelyn says:

    I don’t have any diaper frustrations right now! I guess one could be when my baby poops and I didn’t put a liner in the diaper!

  155. lbmama says:

    I have to agree that the biggest frustration is dealing with people’s misinformed opinions on cloth diapering. Thankfully being armed with great products like gDiapers helps me set them straight, I already have one friend using them and have gotten the interest of another who had been put off by a playgroup friend who used prefolds and pins! Being able to show them how easy it is really makes a difference, the only problem is they always want to keep mine!

  156. cromey says:

    My biggest frustration is probably the snap in tabs. Some of mine have frayed a bit. Nevertheless, I LOVE gDiapers….Love them!

  157. dragonflii says:

    Having to waste a plastic baggie every time I’m at a friend’s house and need to throw one away… It’s like double waste!

  158. Anonymous says:

    MY Mother In law! Who thinks I should use disposables!

  159. cromey says:

    My frustration is the tabs. They have frayed a bit. Nevertheless, I LOVE gDiapers…Seriously so easy to use and clean. I never thought I would cloth diapers, but this company won me over!

  160. sarahlasher says:

    I liked you on FB and signed up for your newsletter! I honestly can say that I don’e have any frustrations with CDing! I love changing my LO and knowing that soft natural is going against her skin, that she never gets rashes, that her bottom is cute, that we’re environmentaly friendly, I even like washing them and putting them away! Now that she’s saving up her EBF poo and only going once a day or two, I have to use the diaper sprayer – I don’t even mind that 🙂

  161. laranda says:

    My biggest frustration is that in these cold weather months people can’t see my sons super cute gdiapers under his clothes!

  162. briannanoel says:

    my biggest frustration is the lack of knowledge surrounding cloth diapers! I wish parents would do a little more research…our babies, wallets, and environment would be alot happier!!

  163. elizabeth h says:

    I cloth diaper and I use G-diapers with the flushable inserts for when we travel. After all, who wants to be doing loads of diaper laundry while on vacation? I’m glad there is this more environmentally friendly option than the usual plastic disposables. My biggest diaper frustration is that my friends won’t try cloth!

  164. candaceyw says:

    poop and diaper rashes!

  165. candaceyw says:

    I hate poopy diapers and RASHES!

  166. funicci777 says:

    My biggest frustration is not knowing which diapers to buy, how many I need, and everything else that comes with being a new mom hoping to use clothe diapers when I have no friends that did the same.

  167. beautifulday1389 says:

    I’ve not gotten a chance yet to really try out a cloth diaper, seeing as my first baby girl is due on Jan 11th 2011. 🙂 So far my biggest issue has been convincing my family members that they will have no problem with the diapers and just to give it a try before they refuse to use them.

  168. Anonymous says:

    My biggest cloth diaper frustration is that everyone thinks it is still just prefolds, diaper pins, and plastic pants like when I was cloth diapered. It is hard to explain to people that it’s totally different now!

  169. carmankm says:

    My biggest frustration is being wasteful with disposable diapers!!!

  170. stephc83 says:

    I’m a huge fan of cloth diapers! My only frustration is not being able to grab supplies at the store. I have to order everything online (even soap!) and it’s sad that something so wonderful for the environment isn’t as accessible as those yucky disposable things.

  171. betsydavis says:

    My biggest diaper frustration is find a good diaper that isn’t expensive and doesn’t leak.

  172. natasha says:

    My biggest diaper frustration is I have to change my sons GDiaper 3 to 4 times a night so he doesn’t leak.

  173. haileysmommy says:

    My biggest diaper problem is that we don’t have enough gDiapers!! I am due in January with baby #2. I never got to use my own diapers with my first, she passed away at 4 1/2 months old due to a heart condition and was in the ICU her whole life.
    I am very excited to try out gDiapers for our little miracle on the way!

  174. suz says:

    changing cloth diapers while out running errands

  175. supermom says:

    I really don’t have frustrations about cloth diapering.The only difficult thing was finding a detergent that would work for us.I love cloth diapering =)

  176. Anonymous says:

    My biggest problem is diaper rash that is resistant to everything!

  177. kierbadu says:

    My biggest frustration is trying to figure out which cloth diaper to use.

  178. nguyenhkathy says:

    My biggest diaper issue is disposables 🙁 now that munchkin is mobile, leaks occur way too often.


  179. Anonymous says:

    The biggest frustration I have is getting those around me that assist in the care of my children to support my use of Cloth diapering OR to figure out how to use the gDiapers properly. I can’t count the number of times I’ve come home to find the “g” on the front and leaks all over the cover!! lol. Still Happy with my choice though!!

  180. shari williams says:

    My biggest frustration is that I can’t always get refills at stores near me if I run out and that more people are not using gDiapers!

  181. Anonymous says:

    my biggest frustration about diapers is leaks at night!

  182. jwomble says:

    I would love to try out cloth diapers. I’m expecting next month and think would be a great investment and would also save us some money.

  183. danica says:

    My biggest frustration with disposable diapers is the reash that they cause on my little girl and the fact that they take FOREVER to biodegrade. Looking for an easier option to cloth diaper also with the ability to use disposable liners.

  184. danica says:

    My biggest frustration with disposable diapers is the reash that they cause on my little girl and the fact that they take FOREVER to biodegrade. I am looking for a diaper that gives me the option to use cloth and also biodegrable disposable inserts, and it looks like gDiapers are ones that do.

  185. sandiejojo says:

    biggest frustration is when I use disposables… I hate knowing that I’m using up landspace when I could be more earth friendly.

  186. sheila bennett says:

    My biggest diaper frustration so far is researching the most eco-kind diapering options available to us while trying to balance the household budget.

  187. suddori says:

    Just doing the switch over, and my biggest frustration is knowing everything that I will need and how much of it, don’t want to get too much, but I don’t want to get too little.

  188. russeauam says:

    We’re avid fans of cloth diapers at our house. Love using them. Don’t mind washing them. Hate when the velcro aplix and elastic around the legs start to wear out, though. Even still, these signs of a well-worn cloth diaper remind me of how many disposable diapers we’ve kept out of landfills.

  189. pretja says:

    My biggest frustration is the smell. No matter what I do, there is always a smell.

  190. bumblev says:

    Biggest diaper frustration?! That’s easy. Poo-splosions! 😀

  191. krmaki says:

    My biggest diaper frustration would have to be trying to get other moms to use cloth diapers. Many parents follow out of date myths about cloth diapers and don’t even try it.
    I’ve been trying to spread the word and am even hosting a cloth diaper party soon to help do that.

    Kristine M Fountaine

  192. sactosweetie says:

    Newsletter, check! Facebook, check!

    My biggest diaper frustration is finding an eco-friendly diaper that my daycare won’t complain about. We used seventh generation with baby #1 and she didn’t like them at all. Baby girl is due very soon and I have her gdiaper newborn kit all ready to go! So excited 🙂

  193. kellylorene says:

    The difficuly finding quality diapers in my small community!

  194. aianohon says:

    My biggest frustration is dealing with people who are not on board with cloth diapering. From telling me my house must stink (it doesn’t,) complaining about how hard I must have it to rinse the things (sure, a minor inconvenience, but whatever, I chose it,) to telling me I’m somehow abusing my children by putting them in ‘bulky’ cloth diapers, or because they can ‘feel’ their own wetness in one.

  195. kuroanders says:

    We did gdiapers exclusively with DD1 and we’d love a started kit for DD2 coming soon. I was thrilled that my house never smelled like diapers! People asked if we really did have a kid.

  196. nmadden says:

    My biggest frustration is that I love cloth diapers and want to use them, but I can’t get my husband on board 🙁

  197. Anonymous says:

    My biggest frustration is leaks. Why is it sometimes he wakes up wet?

  198. twoforme says:

    My biggest frustration with diapers is leaks at night!! And with two in cloth diapers it is even more frustrating because each one is different–trying to find the right combo of inserts for night time is still a work in progress……

  199. says:

    I am frustrated that you can’t just go anywhere to buy diapers and that a lot of daycares won’t allow you to use cloth.

  200. saph @ frugal wife blog says:

    I don’t have any yet as this will be my first time cloth diapering.

  201. chasemeharrison says:

    I hate not being able to run down to the store and get cloth diapering supplies or the diapers themselves. the only place you can get them in our town is specialty stores and they have such wierd hours…

  202. shari says:

    My biggest diaper frustration is that most products aren’t available in Canada and shipping costs a fortune. Canadians want great product options too!!!

  203. aaah says:

    My bigget frustration was choosing a type of diaper. So happy to find a great brand with a little family behind it.

  204. Anonymous says:

    My diaper frustration is the crazy looks I get when I say I am using cloth diapers. I can’t count how many negitive comments I have gotten from one simple sentance! – “I use cloth diapers on Kaden” Wow! A guy in Walmart actually turned and didnt speak to me after I told him! (He was saying how cheep the Pampers were on sale for!)

  205. eugeniehalfhide says:

    My Biggest diaper frustration is Diapers! Which ones to buy? do we buy disposable or use cloth? Do the environmentally Friendly ones work as well as the non evnvironmentally ones? How do they break down? Do I really have to get that diaper Genie thing? Do they leak fluid? Do they leak Poop? Organic/ Non organic? Or You have Cloth…..I remember the cloth diapers from the 80’s with Diaper pins and plastic pants and your traditional trifold.( I also remember flushing them down the tiolet ) Now you have lots of options….All in ones, Pockets, diaper service, really cool cover pants, Hemp, organic, Microfiber….The list is endless. Or do you do a combination of disposable and cloth. That I would say is the biggest frustration ever is the diapers Themselves. With everything outthere its diaper overload!

  206. kendraj says:

    the fact that my daughter twists and turns like a ballerina, half of the time ending up upside down held by one ankle, when I try to change her. Makes for rough diaper changes! I have to make sure I have a gPant loaded and ready to go, because she certainly won’t wait for me to put one together!

  207. atertiam says:

    Biggest frustration…. when Grandma changes the diaper and doesn’t throw the wastes in the toilet!!!!!
    So then when I get to it, later that evening, it has been in the wet bag all day 🙁 🙁 …
    However, I am grateful for her assistance in caring for my kids, so I forget about it!!!

  208. mariaht_psu says:

    My biggest diaper frustration is the initial cost, but I love my gdiapers.

  209. tashaturservice says:

    My biggest frustration is leaky diapers.

  210. nikkimomof3 says:

    The hardest thing is when I have run out of cloth and have to use disposable diapers.

  211. crossedstitches4fun says:

    My biggest gripe about diapers are the sizes. Just because my baby has grown doesn’t mean she goes less or I change her less, but there are less diapers in a package so I’m buying more often and wasting more money. That’s one reason I’m switching over.

  212. ksunstrom says:

    My biggest frustration is when my son has a messy poop minutes after I put him in my favorite cloth diaper!

  213. lisa01 says:

    Having to use the same laundry detergent on all our clothes and having to wean myself off of fabric softener. I was/am seriously addicted to fabric softener. Also, finding gCloth inserts has been difficult – and I live in the same city that gDiapers is based out of (Portland, OR)! I actually had to buy mine from a store in Vermont when I was visiting there last month. Now I need more but can’t find any locally.

  214. bonniehyde says:

    My biggest diaper frustration is watching my trash can fill up so quickly, knowing that those diapers will be here long after me, my child or my child’s children will be here. Luckily there is a solution to my frustrations… many thanks to g-diapers.

  215. riddlbc0825 says:

    My biggest frustration with diapers is finding ones that are best for me and my babies as well as easy on the pockets. I’ve become interested in cloth diapers recently and am experimenting with a few kinds. I have 5 month old twins and diapering can be a challenge at times. I know in short time I’ll be making the switch from disposable diapers to cloth diapers. It makes me feel good that I’m doing something about my carbon footprint and adding a little extra cash in my pocket.

  216. baileysmama says:

    My biggest diaper frustration right now is that my baby is in-between sizes right now! The small G is too small and the medium G is a little to big for her. Still LOVE G diapers though. 🙂

  217. kwm says:

    I suppose my biggest diaper frustration are the looks that people give you when they ask and you tell them that you CD.

  218. soonerjess says:

    My biggest diaper frustration is the occasional leak we have with gdiapers. There aren’t many but they do happen. It usually means we need new liners!

  219. aimeeme_g says:

    My biggest diaper frustration…
    Sometimes Daddy is lazy and doesn’t put the used cloth away properly so the diaper shells get stinky, and I am constantly washing them! Guh!

  220. mamabear08 says:

    My biggest diaper frustration was stinky cloth diapers! While they are more wallet friendly, gDiapers are great…I LOVE being able to flush a poopy diaper! However, did somewhat cure the cloth diaper stink with a wonderful product called Rockin’ Green Laundry Detergent. Though.. I still favor gDiapers, they are super easy, and cute!

  221. sat says:

    My biggest frustration is trying to get my 14 month old to stay still long enough to get the diaper on and off!

  222. louise12 says:

    My biggest frustration is the stink of night time diapers

  223. kmdchuckles says:

    I am totally frustrated that there is not a diaper (neither disposable or cloth) out there that can keep me 4.5 year old dry through the night! I change sheets so often on his bed it makes me want to scream.

  224. chrismsmith says:

    My biggest diaper frustration right now is figuring out what size gdiapers to buy for my second child due this Dec. My first child was 10.5 lbs, so I am hesitant to buy the newborn size just in case we have another big baby!! Looking forward to using cloth again!!

  225. maelstrom505 says:

    My biggest frustration is waste. Thanks G-Diapers for relieveing that frustration. Now if only you could make them self cleaning 🙂

  226. erin b says:

    We love ours ! We will be going on to the larges soon new colors would be fun!

  227. abmadigan says:

    Its hard to find stores that carry g-diapers. I wish more stores would support an eco-friendly approach. 🙁

  228. golfrmom says:

    My biggest diaper frustration is worrying about what goes into disposables & what they might be exposing my son to. He has allergies & eczema so I worry about what he is exposed to.

  229. megandemotto says:

    My biggest frustration is that we started cloth diapering to save money and I can’t stop buying new diapers! I have enough to diaper 6 kids, but I only have 2!

  230. megandemotto says:

    My biggest diaper frustration is that I can’t stop buying new ones, even though I din’t need anymore! And that I have to listen to my mom give me flack about cloth.

  231. farstar88 says:

    I’ve never changed a diaper yet… I’m sure to have frustrations within 3 months!

  232. ehayden03 says:

    I don’t have any yet, but I hear snaps are very difficult.

  233. jessicabright1 says:

    My biggest frustration are the snaps on my onesize diapers. I love that they can adjust, but I hate dealing with the snaps.

  234. bransonsmommy0729 says:

    i have not one but two diaper frustrations… my husband ( after 4 months of g diapers) still think the g goes on the front, so i come home every evening on the weekends to a baby whose peed through his diapers because his daddy puts them on backwards.

    that and when the velcro on his diapers start wearing to the point where they wont stick together anymore. i cant stand it!

  235. t.l.lamarre says:

    My biggest frustration with diapers is the impact that disposables are making on the planet! my mom used clth and now it is even easier with little g! It is heathier for everyone; the planet and my baby! 😉

  236. sjacobson says:

    My biggest disposable diaper frustration was the cost & trash! I have found cloth (g’s and others) to be much easier than I thought. My biggest cloth frustration is that I didn’t find out about how easy it was sooner!

  237. sjacobson says:

    I like Inhabitots on Facebook

  238. arh5 says:

    Liked you on FB and signed up for the newsletter!

    My biggest frustration is that recently my diaper pail/prefolds have a really really strong ammonia smell. It’s to the point where my nose hairs feel like they’re being singed! 😛 I have a good diaper pail so it doesn’t stink up the house, but when laundry day comes I’m holding my breath for sure until all those diapes are in and the top is closed!

  239. pepsapeep says:

    My biggesst diaper frustration is getting my husband on board with cloth diapering.

  240. mirandamom says:

    biggest frustration is blowouts up the back and having to wash liner, gpant, clothing and potentially anything else that gets in the way 🙁

  241. mommymanda says:

    My biggest frustration with cloth is not being able to find the right diaper to wear at night…my son almost always wakes up wet. 🙁

  242. Anonymous says:

    My biggest frustration could be that people does not understand how easy is to use Gdiapers!! I always wanted to used cloth diapers and when I found Gdiapers system I felt more than relieved! my frustration is how been misinformed makes people have a wrong concept of Cloth diapering!!

  243. somakitty says:

    My biggest frustration is that cloth diapers are harder to find in stores than disposables.

  244. jennifer0421 says:

    My biggest diaper frustration is how they fit my little guy, he is really small and the diapers for his weight are still big around legs and belly.

  245. ck147 says:

    What is your biggest diaper frustration?
    Overnight leaking and diaper stink 🙁

  246. aimeemurad says:

    not being able to try more things and spend more money…also when the diapers hold stink.

  247. ashersmom says:

    my biggest frustration is not being able to find a good night time solution in 2 years of cloth diapering!! heavy wetter boy

  248. elizabethdicey says:

    My largest frustration was researching the best ‘green’ option for my daughter and the planet. Now, it’s convincing my family that gDiapers are the BEST! Once they try them, I’m sure they will love them as much as I do!

  249. Anonymous says:

    My biggest frustration is not having enough right now…I hate having to put disposables on my little one while they finish drying! I love hanging to dry in the summer and they seem to dry so much better that way.

  250. Jamaise says:

    My biggest diaper frustration is not having enough in my rotation, which means washing daily. It’s best for baby & planet so I won’t complain 🙂

  251. boxer_diesel says:

    My biggest diaper frustration was the dogs getting into the trash and tearing up the disposable diapers all over the house. Why does it always have to be a dirty diaper. Diaper rash, smell, tons of trash, what good is there to say about disposable diapers. Cloth diapers are WONDERFUL….why didn’t I listen to my mother earlier.

  252. kuntrykidus says:

    I guess none considering the only that frustrates me with cloth diapering is that they don’t change/wash themselves! 🙂

  253. alisondnl says:

    My biggest diaper frustration is thinking about all of the disposable diapers sitting in a landfill for 500 years. Using cloth/hybrid diapers is so eco-friendly and better for our environment. It may be one or two extra steps more in your daily mothering duties, but nothing is a better feeling than knowing you use whats best for your child and help do your part to save our environment.

  254. newmama says:

    Leaking, the constant laundry, how hard it is to find cloth diapers and their refills in stores other than specialty stores, and when someone refuses to cloth diaper my child when they watch my child.

  255. kleigh22 says:

    That I don’t ever seem to have enough.

  256. Sam says:

    First, I can’t believe I missed seeing this on the website directly, Thank you google reader for showing this to me!

    With our son being almost a month old, I’ve gotten frustrated with the gallons of trash generated. A co-worker used gDiapers for several weeks but gave up when he couldn’t find the disposable refills that were cost effective for him. I don’t care about receiving any disposable inserts to the gDiaper’s system. I’ve waited for my son to get large enough to skip the “tiny g” phase and jump right into the 8lb size.

    I was about to hit order when I saw this… we still have 50+ disposable newborns to use up (thank you friends!!)

  257. phillipsmartha25 says:

    Leaking diapers in the middle of the night 🙁 this leads to a very unhappy, wet and soggy sleepy toddler. 🙁

  258. teganaubrie says:

    My biggest diaper frustration is when the velcro gets full of thread, hair, and other gross stuff and no longer latches securely. Add to that a toddler who thinks it’s amusing to take his own diapers off and you’ve got an ugly nap time situation…

  259. Anonymous says:

    My Biggest frustration is knowing where all the disposable
    diapers of the world are going and that they will be there
    long after my children are gone. Going green by using cloth
    or biodegradable diapers is a conscious effort by myself
    and my husband.

  260. willwhitehead says:

    We don’t have to change diapers yet but will in a few months. After seeing your piece we are definitely going to try gDiapers. Amazing how they have the cradle to cradle certification. Can’t wait

  261. emathoen says:

    biggest diaper frustration – well – changing poo filled diapers!
    Love gDiapers for traveling – LOVE that I don’t have to compromise convenience while on the go – plus they are super easy to explain/deal with for even cloth-diaper nay-saying relatives!

  262. greenmomali says:

    my biggest frustration with cloth diapers is how frequently diaper changes are needed…which wasn’t a big deal until my baby grew into a strong-willed toddler who won’t stay put long enough to change him! (for the next babe i’m definitely going the elimination communication route.)

  263. finns.mama says:

    my biggest frustration with using cloth diapers is the fact that i cannot convince those watching my son to use them on him while he is in their care. it’s not rocket science and i will give them a quick primer on the ins and outs…. but nope…. some people would rather buy their own throw away nappies instead of just putting him in a cloth diaper 🙁 sigh….

  264. serenity says:

    my biggest frustration is dealing with poopy diapers. breastfed bms and solids are fine… it’s the runny messes which are frustrating!

  265. mama2julie says:

    My biggest frustration is traveling with our cloth diapers – we live across the country from our family – the diapers take up a suitcase of their own and we just can’t bring ourselves to use sposies.

  266. crystal says:

    After cloth diapering my two-year-old since he was a newborn, I’m happy to say that I’ve had very few frustrations with cloth diapering! My only real frustration has been having to strip our stash every so often to get rid of stink, but even that’ snot as big of a deal as I had originally feared!

  267. mdomingo says:

    my diaper frustration was knowing that I used regular diapers on my children and now I know the harmful chemicals that they put in those but know I found a different avenue to better diaper the next one. so I guess the frustration lead to a victory! chemical free on the next little bottom!

  268. care bear says:

    leaks! those are super frustrating especially at night!

  269. elise z. says:

    I hate the fact that I cannot use a diaper cream with my son’s cloth diapers. I already did the mistake and ruined a good number of clothes. No matter what I try, he needs his bum covered with a thin layer of diaper cream so he doesn’t get a rash. He’s got REALLY sensitive skin. I don’t want to use a liner on every single diaper I put on my child’s bottom, it kills the purpose of cloth diapering!!

  270. Brettney says:

    My biggest frustration is leaks! Cloth diapers do better then conventional disposables but then there’s the expense and hastle of washing them since I don’t have a washer and drier in my apartment.

  271. i can’t really say that i have many diaper frustrations. i’ve been using cloth with my son for a long time, and it’s been lifesaving. i couldn’t imagine having gone with disposable, that would’ve yielded plenty of frustrations.

  272. sherpa17 says:

    Leakage and poopy blowouts! Poopy blowouts out of the top of the diapers (up the back or tummy) are always the worst. It takes some skillful maneuvering to get clothing off while keeping baby’s face and head clean. I also find with our cloth diapers the soakers need to be changed VERY often or else they leak through.

  273. alyshak3902 says:

    My biggest thing about cloth diaper is not finding one that my son doesn’t pee out of, every nite. Having to use a disposable, though I do make it friendlier by going compostable. That and putting the diapers on to soak at night after he goes to bed, and then forgetting to turn them on, and not having a clean one in the morning.

  274. mariannethai says:

    My biggest frustration is night time leakage.

  275. daynawolfe says:

    The smell a dirty diaper leaves in the house.

  276. racheldianejacobs says:

    availability…live in a rural area so would love to see cloth diapers in major retailers…only way i can get them is online so for many years i had to use what i could get a hold of aka disposables 🙁

  277. tivanic says:

    I use gdiapers and my biggest frustration is the plastic liner elastic that cracks and then stains with poo. Yuck.

  278. scwells03 says:

    my biggest frustration is just trying to change a diaper on a VERY wiggly baby!!!

  279. uschicana says:

    Right now my biggest frustration is leaks. I CD and my son is becoming a heavy wetter so looks like I need to start doubling up.

  280. jjonestj says:

    My biggest frustration is not being able to get them clean enough!

  281. tiffanyalix says:

    My biggest frustration is finding an eco-friendly disposable for nighttime and emergencies or traveling . . . gdiapers are the best!

  282. sarahasholes says:

    My biggest frustration with diapers is trying to find the best cloth diaper for my baby.

  283. helenlam says:

    My biggest frustration is when the baby goes right after you change him! And he is super-wriggly right now!

  284. jamortega says:

    My biggest diaper frustration is the amount of time it takes for diapers to dry when hang drying them now that the cold, wet weather has arrived.

  285. suesur says:

    My biggest frustration with diapers is the cost and waste (filling up the landfills).

  286. jdmitch says:

    nice… always wanted to try these with our kids…

  287. jdmitch says:

    ps – our biggest frustration with disposables were our kids sensiitive skin…

  288. twinnicuparent says:

    My biggest diaper frustration is getting diapers that fit each of my twins correctly.

  289. mlkokopelli says:

    My biggest frustration is learning how to choose the right diaper. There are so many options it’s daunting trying to figure it all out!

  290. JuliaJanzen says:

    Leakage, Leakage, and Leakage. My top three problems with diapers. 🙁 I haven’t tried these but I hope I win so can. 🙂

  291. monkaroo says:

    My biggest frustration is having to wash the entire diaper when my son pees even just a little bit. It would be awesome to get rid of the wetness and pop a new dry layer into the outer diaper.

  292. allisong says:

    I think my biggest frustration will be keeping up on the laundry.

  293. bumblebee says:

    My biggest frustration is how expencive they are and that we throw our money in the garbage with disposables!

  294. bookchambers says:

    I’m not personally frustrated yet but as a spectator the debate about cloth or disposable is frustrating. And even the arguments against cloth that it wastes water is struggle to argue, especially living in a water conservative area. That’s why g diapers rocks. It kind of battles both these arguments. I hope I win some to try out when my little one arrives.

  295. rbccathegreen says:

    My biggest complaint about diapers is that they are one of the largest amounts of waist in landfills. It’s hard to believe that something so small can make so much waist. I don’t even know the start of it yet though I’m only 5 months pregnant. G Diapers are the only diaper i have really researched. i have added multiple sizes and color to my gift registries I only hope thats enough!

  296. jcdaab says:

    The cost and waste of disposables.

  297. juliettee says:

    leaks, costs, environmental impact- so frustrating!!!

  298. Anonymous says:

    my biggest diaper frustration is carrying them around! they’re so bulky.

  299. anihow says:

    i hate carrying them around!!

  300. kovare81 says:

    The environmental impact of disposable diapers!

  301. spicysushi says:

    Cloth diaper covers that leak — a good leg gusset goes a long way!

  302. butterfly8i8 says:

    finding an easy eco friendly option… and also blowouts

  303. margareit says:

    I do not have any frustartion yet, because my due date is 5th January, but we will defenitely give a try to cloth diapers to help potty training our baby!

  304. chicane says:

    Traveling. We travel a lot and I always succumb to disposables when traveling because our cloth ones are too bulky to pack.

  305. diaper dad says:

    Signed up for your newsletter and am a fan on FB

    Finding the right diaper was the most frustrating thing at first. We relied on prefolds and covers for a while till we had a chance to try out other styles and brands to find our favorites. The search is still on BTW.

  306. mooeta says:

    my biggest frustration was all the misinformation and the mistrust of people about cloth.

  307. Brandy says:

    My biggest frustration is that I purchased so many different types of diapers that it can make diapering a hassle.

  308. beatleboymatt says:

    The hardest thing with cloth diapers is keeping up. It seems like there are hardly ever as many clean as you need. The more the better…

    Loves us some gdiapers!!!

  309. fusspot says:

    My biggest frustration with diapers and every thing else related to having a new baby in general is the huge expansion of my familial carbon footprint. I’ve tried to get as many things used or recycled as possible. Diapers are a thing you wouldn’t buy used (yikes). G-Diapers are a lot easier on the planet than the other off the shelf alternatives. 🙂

  310. btilk says:

    Leaky diapers are my biggest frustration! We go through all the trouble to change a little one who doesn’t like to be changed and then the diaper leaks right after she’s been cleaned up!

  311. patty says:

    The biggest frustration is the high price on the retails for cloth diapers although it is eco-friendly and can be pass on for the next child. Also, it is not easy to look for simple but stylish cloth diapers that the baby can wear without pants or skirt. I don’t like plastic feels-fabric, I prefer quality fabrics which are soft and simple.

  312. twiggy says:

    The biggest frustration is the price of getting started. I know it will pay off in the long run, but I spent a lot of $$ on diapers this month!

  313. twiggy says:

    The biggest frustration is the cost of getting started! I know it’ll pay off in the long run, but I spent a lot of $$ on diapers this month!

  314. megs1328 says:

    With one on the way, choosing what diaper to go with is my biggest frustration!

  315. mtnwoman says:

    My biggest frustration is BLOWOUTS! It has been hard to find a diaper that holds the stuff in and doesn’t let it blast up their backside. I really wanted to get gDiapers from the start, but the hubby was hesitant about them and wanted to stick to the convenience of disposable.

  316. mtnwoman says:

    My biggest frustration if BLOWOUTS! Being out and about then getting them out of their car seat to find their back covered in ickyness is not cool!

  317. jljmommy says:

    My biggest diaper frustration is night time leaks, which I recently fixed by using a wool cover over whatever diaper I put him in at night! It is a new thing so only time will tell if this frustration is gone.

  318. hkruegs says:

    I haven’t started cloth diapering yet, so I don’t have any diaper frustrations yet. I imagine it will be the never ending cycle of laundry…it will be worth it through!

  319. kristafeyma says:

    I have the fuzzibunz diapers, and i love them! I love that i’m not paying a ton for something that is going to add to our landfills and potentially cause diaper rash on my little angel’s tooshy 🙂 However I get frustrated when he’s between snap sizes. When he has a growth spurt it seems the snap we’ve been using is all of a sudden too tight, but if i go to the next snap it leaks. 🙁

  320. redheadkimie says:

    My biggest diaper frustration is when my son leaks at night 🙁 Its horrible for him and it sucks to have to strip his bed everyday.

  321. karissasoetens says:

    Hi my biggest diaper frustration is leaks!! Only a few with cloth diapers thankfully!!!

  322. txausmomma says:

    I am a subscriber to the newsletter…

  323. anjewellove says:

    I don’t have a frustration yet, not due until May!

  324. anjewellove says:

    Don’t have a frustration yet.

  325. syxiemomma says:

    My biggest diapering frustration is how my little loves to poo as soon as I place her in a clean diaper.

  326. Depierolp says:

    My biggest diaper frustration has been all the money I’ve spent on disposables! I recently switched to cloth and I feel so much better about the environment and my budget.

  327. nightymel says:

    the cloth diaper brand I am using has a very hard velcro band on the belly and it irritates my baby’s skin sometimes, I hate it!!

  328. anavailati says:

    How much damage the regular diapers cause on our environment.

  329. brekkenholtrop says:

    My biggest frustration is the diaper-rash-causing HEAT. As we were unable to make the investment in our son’s next gDiaper size, disposables it is. Now, those disposables get HOTTER THAN HOT as it is, this is Texas, and at 108 degrees today, he doesn’t need that diaper to be any hotter! But we are dealing with diaper/heat rash about twice a week! Help solve my biggest frustration, Inhabitots!

  330. angelverse says:

    Cost. We’ve been a student family all our marriage, with my husband in Chiropractic College. I’ve never been able to invest in a decent stock of cloth diapers. Now, waiting on baby #4 I’d really like to do it right this time! I can’t bear the thought of wrapping my little one in commercial chemical diapers 24-hours a day : (

  331. td82409 says:

    I hate the diaper rash my little guy gets because of the material of the diapers 🙁 And the cost of the disposables!

  332. k.1203 says:

    None yet, but trying to get my family on board with my decision to cloth diaper is probably going to be my biggest frustration.

  333. cyclegoddess says:

    Currently I don’t have a diaper frustration other then when my friends and family leave their disposables in my trash can and make my whole house smell bad. I have taught them the ways of the new awesome cloth diapers but they have yet to even try them out or like them.

  334. Eowyn says:

    My biggest frustration was finding out that the reason I was missing gdiaper cloth inserts was because the nursery workers had been throwing away the poopy ones. And they wouldn’t replace them! Who throws away other’s things? They are clueless how long it took me to save up for those.E

  335. leah_jones says:

    Deciding which ones to buy

  336. JulieClaire says:

    I hate spending so much on disposable diapers and i hate how bad my baby gets diaper rash, also disposable diapers are so ugly and the cant be comfortable to wear. I have 4 kids all together and 2 are in diapers. so thats a lot of money that adds up and with my husband just getting out of the military we have to save money anyway we can. Im looking at Gdiapers bc i want a better option than nasty disposables and i heard they are the best.

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