Win a Glass Bottle Starter Kit & Teethers from Lifefactory & The Mini Social!

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What better way to celebrate green living this Earth Day than by ensuring that your baby’s feeding and teething gear is safe, non-toxic, and of course, stylish?

We’re giving away a safe, green glass Wee-go baby bottle starter kit and two Lifefactory BPA-free teethers from The Mini Social to one lucky, green baby!

bpa free baby bottles, non-toxic baby bottles, lifefactory, inhabitots giveaway, inhabitots, eco baby, green baby, eco-friendly baby, baby gear giveaway, the mini social


1) Sign up for our weekly newsletter (if you haven’t already!) We’ll be notifying the winner in our newsletter – so you need to sign up and receive next week’s newsletter to find out if you have won.

2) Add a comment to this post with your answer to the following question: What’s your best tip for greening baby’s feeding regimen?

Contest ends Friday, April 30, 2010 at 12 midnight EST. Winner will be announced in that week’s newsletter!


Here’s what you could win:

A baby bottle starter kit from Lifefactory, which  includes one 4 ounce orange baby bottle, one 4 ounce yellow baby bottle, one 9 ounce orange baby bottle, one 9 ounce yellow baby bottle, and a 2 Pack of Stage 2 Nipples and a 2 Pack of Solid Caps. Read our previous coverage of Lifefactory bottles to learn why we love these colorful, safe, totally inert and toxin-free glass bottles from Wee-go

The winner will also receive two BPA free Lifefactory teethers in yellow and blue.

*Total value for all of these prizes is $74!

The Mini Social is a members-only shopping site conceived by moms for moms. It is the very first private designer sample sale site geared exclusively towards babies, kids & moms, that also has a charity component. Created by two busy working mothers who didn’t have time to shop in stores and didn’t want to spend a lot of money on good quality clothes and toys for their fast growing kids, The Mini Social believes that paying it forward is important, and many of their sales benefit children’s charities. Offering high style at fabulous prices, the site provides online sample sales featuring designer clothing and accessories for babies, children and parents. Each week, The Mini Social hosts three or more collections for up to 60% off.

bpa free baby bottles, non-toxic baby bottles, lifefactory, inhabitots giveaway, inhabitots, eco baby, green baby, eco-friendly baby, baby gear giveaway, the mini social

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47 Responses to “Win a Glass Bottle Starter Kit & Teethers from Lifefactory & The Mini Social!”

  1. NCBelle36 says:

    Using organic cotton or PVC-free bibs. Bibs are essential when feeding a baby so do it green.

  2. storm80 says:

    Green feeding = BREAST FEEDING! I environmental and health benefits are basically miraculous!

  3. newgreenmommy says:

    What could be more low impact and green than breastfeeding?? But as baby get older and begins to eat solid foods, make your own baby food and can or freeze in reuseable jars. That way theres nothing to throw out and you know exactly what your baby is eating!!

  4. mrsmommywilson says:

    Well baby number two is due June 23 and I plan on making her feeding regimen green by breast feeding and making all of her baby food myself as I did with our son. I also want to try and start a fruit and veggie garden so I know at least some of her food will be coming from our own backyard.

  5. acootis says:

    breastfeeding is the greenest thing one can do… but when baby is ready to start solids, one very green and yummy food to start with is organic avocado! great finger food, good for baby’s skin, inside and out! just think of the fun you’ll have with avocado facials and hair packs! lol

  6. jcarmich5 says:

    I make my own baby food using organic fresh veggies and fruit. I steam or boil the veggies/fruit then puree them in my Cuisinart, then put it into ice cube trays and freeze. It’s super easy and gives me several weeks supply of baby food that is free of additives, preservatives and sugar – I know exactly what my baby is eating.

  7. ileftyouasong says:

    Join a CSA farm so you know exactly where your baby’s food is coming from and to teach your child what real food looks like and where it comes from. 🙂 And skip the meat for your baby so they never learn to love something that is so terrible for the planet.

    If you start them out with the knowledge as babies on how to pick the right things, they will have a lifetime of green food choices ahead of them.

  8. lkannon says:

    I try to breastfeed exclusively for as long as possible-up to a year w/my 1st- and for about 7 months w/my 2nd. After that, I just mash up the food we’re eating at the table for the baby to eat. (My kids both had 8 teeth by age 1) And of course I’m still breastfeeding along w/this, so baby is getting plenty of nutrition. With 2 kids, I’ve never had to buy any baby food jars!

  9. jaimeputnam says:

    Reuse, Reuse, Reuse! This goes for everything from bibs, cloth diapers to baby food jar holders. The more (and earlier) we can teach our children the importance of resusing and sustainable practices, the more appreciation they’ll have for our Earth and its’ resources!

  10. workingglassgal says:

    I’m expecting my second child, and I would love to start the little peanut off with some snazzy new bottles. My best tip is to make your own baby food. I was amazed at how easy it was, and how much I loved being able to know what went into each meal.

  11. betshsu says:

    DIY when it comes to baby food (whether it is liquid or solid)

  12. betshsu says:

    DIY when it comes to baby food –whether it is liquid or solid

  13. kia says:

    Feed them fresh, real food you make yourself.

  14. butterfly8i8 says:

    starting from pregnancy by eating healthy and organic

  15. Valarie says:

    Breastfeeding is the number on thing we do to green our baby feeding regime. Then make all of your solids from organic (preferably local) veggies and fruits and always serve up small portions to start so food isn’t wasted.

  16. cherryblossommj says:

    Well there is breastfeeding, that saves money is very green, but also when it comes to solid food feeding we use stainless steel and other similar products instead of plastics.

  17. BabyHauss says:

    I plan to cloth diaper and breastfeed and have tried to repurpose with the nursery furniture as much as possible. Piecing it together has been a fun challenge; it definitely feels eclectic and homey.

  18. carmen54 says:

    When baby graduates from having only breat milk make sure that all of their food is organic!

  19. discoblue says:

    Go green by growing your own garden in the back yard or on your deck and feeding your own vegetables to your kids, once they’re eating solids/semi-solids. Even better than buying local, and better on the budget too.

  20. mirelen says:

    Breastfeeding indeed!

  21. lanena22 says:

    I used cloth dippers until my son was potty trained and breastfed him until he was 11 months old. My sister floowed the same regimen with her daughter. I plan to continue doing the same thing (at leas in the dipper area) with my grand daughter which should be arriving this coming Sept.

  22. coquemont says:

    What’s your best tip for greening baby’s feeding regimen?


  23. helenlam says:

    Eat a varied diet high in organic fruits and vegetables

  24. Chiro says:

    Breastfeeding and glass bottles for expressed milk.

  25. christaschmeelk says:

    I use sanitized glass jars to store my breast milk in the freezer/fridge.

  26. mirabelle says:


  27. laura B says:

    Making babyfood at home. Beats all the waste from glass jars and transportation waste.

  28. ravenous says:

    Make your own food! That way, you know EXACTLY what’s in it.

  29. uschicana says:

    My tip to greener feeding is to breastfeed for as long as possible.

  30. akamommy501 says:

    make your own baby food and store them inb glass containers!!

  31. jewelsntreasures says:

    I definitely say the best tip I have is to breastfeed. Not much “greener” than that! When you are ready to move onto solids, make your own homemade organic baby food! It’s the best and very green!

  32. belindababe says:

    Get friends and famiily to share unwanted Cribs, bedding, toys, clothes and even baby bottles ( you sterilize them anyway) It keeps them from going to the landfills and saves from having to buy them..


  33. bella72184 says:

    Greening baby’s feeding regimen is a cinch! Just think NATURAL always! That means start from the day baby is born by breastfeeding him/her. When using bottles, use lifefactory glass bottles so there is no chemical leaching. A pure and innocent brand new baby doesn’t need the chemicals from the plastic bottles entering her delicate body. As baby gets older and moves to solids, make her baby food (preferably organic if available), and store it in the lifefactory bottles. That way we are cutting down on waste of glass/plastic baby jars, and you have the comfort of knowing what you are putting in your baby’s stomach was made by you, FRESH! Then as baby reaches 1 year and transitions off the bottle, it is comforting to know that you can transform your lifefactory bottle with the easiness of switching to bottle top!! We want to keep our babies as healthy as possible, and lifefactory has all the products to help us do so without compromising style and quailty!!! It’s good to be green!!

  34. Floxa says:

    Breastfeeding is the greenest but then you don’t need to win the bottles 🙂
    When my son starts to eat solid I’ll prepare his own food with organic veggie.
    My mom use to give me a milk and veggie mix in a bottle and I plan to do the same if I win the bottles (actually even if I don’t win :))

  35. mrs_kateboard says:

    Breastfeeding!! And I make all my babyfood at home.

  36. skipthelaundry says:

    subscribed to newsletter
    skipthelaundry at gmail dot com

  37. skipthelaundry says:

    Don’t use plastics in the microwave to heat foods up.

  38. karyna says:

    Breastfeed! Pump and store in deep freeze. And when they begin to move on to real food, make baby food from all of the wonderful produce from the garden. I think the most important thing is for the whole household to go green, or stay green, and teach little baby to live a green life.

  39. Mammy says:

    My greenie tips are: Don’t heat breastmilk in order to preserve its nutrients, and never use PLASTIC that leeches the nutrients from the milk!

    These LifeFactory Bottles are PERFECT for storing or freezing breastmilk and then just switch from a LifeFactory cap to a nipple and baby is ready to feed!

    I would love to have these bottles and teethers for our new baby!

  40. henkelri says:

    Glass baby food jars are great to be reused for when you have the time to make your own baby food at home. As well as useful containers for snacks on the go!

  41. jrusse says:

    My green tips are: Start breastfeeding baby from day one, and continue as long as you can. Not only is this the best for baby, but it is good for Mommy too! If you are going to pump and store, make sure the bottles are recyclable glass. Same thing goes for feeding baby from the bottle. Use a glass bottle so you don’t have to worry about chemicals leaching from the plastic into little baby’s body. Also, use organic cotton and pvc-free bibs. As baby gets older and starts eating real food, grow a garden if possible and make her homemade food and if you can’t, then buy organic produce from a local farm. Store in glass as well. Choose environmentally friendly sippy cups, and nontoxic baby dishes and utensils and even an eco friendly highchair made from sustainably harvested wood sans toxic chemical finishes. Its also important to keep in mind that in order for baby’s feeding regimen to be green, the whole family should be green as well!

  42. alissasari says:

    i make my own food in big batches!

  43. MommyBridget says:

    Breastfeed! That is the best way for conservation and reduces garbage and energy in creating feeding products.

    I love this web site!

  44. xav says:

    As soon as our baby starts eating solid food we are planning to use only organic product from a local farm.
    Last week-end we visited a local farm with our baby boy. He was fascinated by the pigs and chickens.
    He is too young to interact with other kids but all these kids were having a blast.
    It’s more than just buying healthy food it’s a educational experience, hopefully it will teach him where and how sustainable food come from.

  45. marybelle says:

    I breastfed & then organically grew & cooked up all my children’s baby food. It’s the only way to know absolutely what they are eating. It’s easily done & the benefits are long lasting.

  46. Mammy says:

    Did anybody hear who won this? My newsletter never announced a winner…I was really hoping to win.

  47. Beth Shea says:

    Hi Mammy-

    It was announced in our May 7th newsletter that jrusse was selected as the winner of these bottles.

    Thanks for your interest and keep entering to win!

    Beth Shea

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