Win A $300 Electrolux Vacuum in Our Spring Greening Giveaway!

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Spring is in the air, and we all know what that means… it’s time to clean! We want to put a graceful smile on your face as you glide through your home on a mission to vacuum, dust, mop, launder, scrub and clean your carpets! So we’re giving FIVE lucky Inhabitots readers amazing spring cleaning supply packages to help keep your family’s home environment clean!

One GRAND PRIZE winner will receive a $300 Electrolux Vacuum and $72 worth of Arm & Hammer Spring Cleaning Supplies!

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1) Sign up for our weekly newsletter (if you haven’t already!) We’ll be notifying the winners in our newsletter – so you need to sign up and receive next week’s newsletter to find out if you have won.

2) Add a comment to this post with your answer to the following questions: What is your best  green spring cleaning tip for maintaining a healthy home environment?

Contest ends Sunday, April 18, 2010 at 12 midnight EST. Winners will be announced in next week’s newsletter!

Here’s what you could win:

An Electrolux Versatility vacuum, valued at $299.99 Versatility is a bagless, powerful upright vacuum that features an @hand™ turbo brush which attaches to the vacuum’s attachment wand for an even deeper cleaning of pet hair, dirt and dust on stairs and upholstery. Versatility’s hassle-free cleaning is complemented by a three-stage cyclonic suction system that separates most of the dirt from the air before it reaches the filter, so the filter stays clean and the vacuum retains maximum cleaning power. And to make emptying dirt and dust easier, quicker and cleaner, the vacuum features a bottom-empty dust cup. The vacuum also features a HEPA filter that removes 99.97 percent of small particles from the air while vacuuming, and charcoal technology to absorb and eliminate odors.


A spring cleaning bucket filled with the following ARM & HAMMER cleaning supplies valued at $72:

A&H Clean Shower, A&H Baking Soda Shaker, A&H Scrub Free Cleanser, A&H Carpet & Fabric Odor Eliminator, A&H Essentials Trigger Spray, A&H Trash Can Deodorizer, 100 ct. A&H Fabric Softener Sheets, Microfiber cleaning cloths, Bathtub scrubber, Large, odor absorbing trash bags.

FOUR Additional winners will receive the following seven ARM & HAMMER spring cleaning products worth $72:

A&H Clean Shower, A&H Baking Soda Shaker, A&H Scrub Free Cleanser, A&H Carpet & Fabric Odor Eliminator, A&H Essentials Trigger Spray, A&H Trash Can Deodorizer, 100 ct. A&H Fabric Softener Sheets.


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135 Responses to “Win A $300 Electrolux Vacuum in Our Spring Greening Giveaway!”

  1. MNMomma2314 says:

    My healthy spring cleaning tip: get the kids (and adults!) outside to get active and enjoy Spring. Less time in the house means less mess!

  2. supapfunk says:

    Best spring cleaning tip: OPEN THE WINDOWS!! Fresh air, get the dust out, listen to the birds… perfect!

  3. NCBelle36 says:

    I receive your weekly newsletter.

  4. NCBelle36 says:

    My green spring cleaning includes open windows and vinegar … I clean everything with vinegar. Not only does it easily clean but it leaves everything smelling fresh as well.

  5. cmalucci says:

    There is nothing better, or greener, for me than to just open every window on the first warm day and let in all the fresh air. Dusting, vacuuming, and cleaning all feel better when it feels like a warm breeze is going through the house!

  6. reva skie says:

    For green cleaning, boiling water, vinegar and baking soda are your friends. I use super hot water out of my kettle to soak off stubborn stains. Clean with vinegar and water. Then go over with more hot water to finish up.

  7. momma_snail says:

    We clean with all natural products to keep our home healthy. Like everyone else…we get outside (and stay outside) and keep the windows open (after the pollen is finished blanketing everything in its path!). Here’s a tip: we use the Arm and Hammer Clean Shower every time we finish in the shower. It seriously cuts down on cleaning time so we can spend more time playing outside!

  8. Tomwalked says:

    Get rid of clutter! weird stuff, dust and bugs collect around, between and under clutter… PLUS Clutter makes you feel stressed! get all budhist on your clutter – it is time to divest!

  9. Airdancer says:

    I use Arm & Hammer baking soda to clean just about everything…it’s so versitile and and simple/easy to use…and safe for the environment too!

  10. ohiowriter says:

    Use vinegar and water to remove old wallpaper or border instead of chemicals.

  11. tsievert says:

    My tip is don’t procrastinate. Clean daily and you will never have more than 15 minutes of cleaning to do.

  12. HempForPresident says:

    My tip isn’t just about the Spring: If you don’t have a dish washer, you should pour the soapy water from one cup into the next cup when you’re done scrubbing! You can reuse soapy water 4 or 5 times when just washing cups, bowls or pots! Also, wash your dishes right away after using them! You can save a lot of water and soap this way.

  13. gg70 says:

    Try to unclutter as much as possible. Give stuff away to thrift stores and recycling centers. Reuse as much as possible. I could really use a new vacuum cleaner. I have 2 dogs and 2 cats!

  14. artlibrarian says:

    I use Method cleaning products and keep a composting bin under the kitchen sink. And opening all the windows for fresh air is the best!

  15. kaymejia says:

    Arm & Hammer Baking Soda must be the best cleaner in the world. It removes odors as well as grimy grease from the kitchen, and sutbborn stains from the bath and windows. Rinse and admire the sparkle!

  16. kmking says:

    The first step, and our favorite Spring Cleaning tip for maintaining a healthy home, is to re-evaluate the things in our home and get ride of excess “stuff” that we no longer (or never) use. It’s fun to find ways to reuse and recycle — whether it’s cutting up worn t-shirts to use as dust cloths, donating to a local thrift shop, or posting to Freecycle. It feels good to free ourselves and our home from too much “stuff” — and it is a good reminder not to buy more!

  17. dbunny says:

    Diluted Dr. Bronners All in One
    Add baking soda and give it a swirl
    Peppermint hemp makes the bacteria run
    The Soda will polish chrome like a pearl

    This powerful and magical mixture
    Will bio-degrade back into the earth
    Toilets to bathtubs and your sink fixture
    Use for spring cleaning, the time of rebirth

    Mold and mildew will leave you forever
    This tip will save your time and your money
    No chemical scent, ain’t that just clever?
    Now I’ll relax with some tea and honey

    Start off the season pure and clean
    Knowing that you do your best to be green

  18. teganaubrie says:

    The only green cleaning tip I currently have involves white vinegar and baking soda to clean the baby’s bath toys, BUT tonight I happen to be going to a green cleaning class at my neighborhood co-op. I can’t wait!

  19. janeann3797 says:

    I use crumpled up newspaper to shine the windows and mirrors. The newsprint ink is fabulous for absolutely no streaks ever! (My mother taught me this back in the 50’s!)

  20. henkelri says:

    When you live in a cold weather climate like I do, you pretty much hermetically seal off your house for 6 months out of the year, so spring breezes and fresh air are unbelievably welcome and really make a world of difference. For the other 6 months of the year, using MoonWorks laundry powder (an eco and local product) gives both our clothes AND our house a lovely scent.

  21. Beegrl77 says:

    My Grandma’s trick for getting rid of bugs from your home- take a cotton ball and soak it in vinegar & swipe down the cracks in your doorway/window sills – the vinegar naturally repels the creepy crawlers from coming into your home & does it without having to call the Terminix man!

  22. JenM says:

    CASTILE SOAP! Dr. Bronner’s soap is made with organic oils and is fair-trade certified. Multi-purpose use for everything from dishes and laundry, tubs and tile, to baths and backrubs! An effective, AMAZING cleaner that is also gentle enough for baby and body. I haven’t found any green laundry detergent that cleans my cloth diapers so well, eliminates odors, and keeps them so soft, without irritating my baby’s bum!

  23. wildrose69 says:

    I take rugs and cushions outside for an old fashioned pounding and let the sun natural freshene them up. While that is going on I tear the house aprt and give it a thorough cleaning while all the windows are open to let the fresh air circulate.

  24. barb says:

    Use vinegary watery and old newspaper to clean glass, counters etc.

  25. vegmamma says:

    Every spring, I try to remember to check our basement and garage for old cans of
    paint, thinners, etc. Also, I do a recheck of the cleaning products under our kitchen
    sink for potentially hazardous ones! I am slowly, but surely, becoming much more
    aware of what I choose to clean our home with. Also, I call the city/county sanitation
    departments to make sure I dispose of the paints and cleaning products properly!
    Thanks, Cindi

  26. Bebemiqui says:

    Clean from the top down, so that dirt doesn’t get on what you’ve already worked on.
    Also, don’t overclean…relax in a little dirt!

  27. carogonza1 says:

    My healthful tip is to take your Spring cleaning time to also change out filters in the vents, filters in your water system and al other filters as well.

  28. sohamolina says:

    I am an email subscriber and my tip is to make sure all the batteries are fresh in the smokle detectors in the house.

  29. Bhav says:

    My green spring cleaning tips would include using natural products where ever I can (we love baking soda in our home), declutter (we call the charity pick up almost every month and there are always things to give away) and to ventilate the house as much as possible( we do keep the windows close during dusk to keep the pollen out).

  30. JMcDilda says:

    Email subscriber
    My Tip is: Don’t do it all at once, slowly to win the race. Tackle one room each day to not put stress on yourself. And reuse, reuse, reuse. I keep old tshirts, pants, towels, etc, to do my dusting and whipping and other cleaning instead of buying paper towels or new rags every few months.

  31. nosila450 says:

    We are really obsessive about keeping our house “shoes free.” We have “house shoes” for everyone. Now that pollen is everywhere, it keeps the yellow dust from invading our house!

  32. shanerh says:

    My spring cleaning tip is to invest in a clothes drying rack. When it’s time to shake out those curtains and give everything a good wash you can hang it outside and give it a good dose of sun and wind which will make it cleaner and greener!

  33. amywarren says:

    we always have a spring cleaning and de-clutter! we donate used items we have outgrown or no longer need. we also throw open the curtains, open the windows and let the fresh air in!

  34. amywarren says:

    we love your weekly newsletter!

  35. lauradb says:

    I do my best to clean frequently so that I don’t have to use harsh chemicals. Soap and water tend to do the trick. Also, I have gotten in the habit of using washable towels for cleaning purposes rather than paper towels so that the cleaning process produces less waste.

  36. Kathleen W. says:

    We use baking soda and vinegar for everything from scrubbing the tub to doing the laundry (baking soda works great as a freshener and softener for our clothes). For spring cleaning I like to hang all the curtains out on the clothesline for airing them out, along with the shower curtains.

  37. rancidgrl says:

    I love to open up all the windows in the spring to get some fresh air in the stuff house. Then i sprinkle baking soda on the carpet =, let it sit for a bit and then vacuum it up. It really gives a fresh feeling to the whole house. Dusting with swiffer dusters is my other life saver. I could really use this kit to help out my husband with the chores since I am on bed rest for the last 10 weeks of my pregnancy.

  38. MysticAlpaca says:

    I use baking soda in the garbage displosal then poor in white vinegar for a foamy eruption of cleaning goodness.

  39. kren says:

    Spring Cleaning Tip: Involve the kids! I pick an hour on a eekend and turn on some gret tunes and let them “dance around” with the sweeper. Its great fun and they learn to value a clean home as well. =)

  40. tiffie555 says:

    dust dust dust! under the couch, on the tops of pictures, under bookcases! All those places you normally forget to dust. We bought a long, flat fuzzy arm to help us with this task.
    tvollowitz at aol dot com

  41. jennijen says:

    wow, i was going to say open the windows to let the fresh air in, but a bunch of people have already said that! my next tip would be to put on some fun music and turn it up loud! cleaning is easier if you’re dancing while you do it!

  42. thewahm says:

    My best spring cleaning tip is to wipe everything down daily to keep the dust out of the home! It will keep allergies down and reduce issues.

  43. wigget says:

    i got a steam mop to help clean floors. no chemicals are needed for cleaning!

  44. teriincali says:

    I already subscribe. My tip is to buy less to begin with.

  45. amdaobq says:

    Open all the windows, dust from top to bottom, then vacuum.
    Purge, get rid of the mess.
    Wipe down your bathroom after you get out of the shower. The steam loosens stuff up and makes it easier to clean.
    After getting the kids out of the bath scrub it down with some baking soda, rinse and then fill the tub a little with hot water. Add vinegar, a cut lemon or some lemon juice add all the bath toys and let them soak., this will disenfect the toys and the tub.
    Sanitize your toothbrush in a little Hydrogen Peroxide.

  46. osidemom says:

    We do our best to keep pesticides away from our home, by take off our shoes before coming into the house yearly. For spring cleaning, and year round cleaning, I use all natural products when cleaning. We also have a cat so instead of using pesticides, we do frequent bathing and combing, and of course vacuuming to catch any bugs and their eggs. We sure could use a new VACUUM! We open up the windows and let in the fresh air and spend the rest of the time enjoy the beautiful weather.

  47. ljohnson says:

    use vinegar & baking soda diluted w/ water to make a fragrence free odor remover & open all the windows & enjoy the smell of spring.

    Also, vinegar is great for making permenant creases in pants, or pleats in skirts. Just dab the crease w/ vinegar, press w/ iron (set per fabric heat settings), remove iron & press down seam with wood block as it cool. This will leave a permenant seam in your pants (like when you buy them from the store) & not wash out.

  48. nansmithimages says:

    Vacuum, vacuum, vacuum!!!

  49. cartulina says:

    My favorite spring cleaning tip is to open the windows and let fresh air in; after almost 5 months of winter you definitely need it! I also like to use baking soda for cleaning everything, plus you can use it in your fridge to reduce odors. Vinegar works wonderfully in your clothes, mostly underwear if you have sensitive skin.

  50. cartulina says:

    Nothing better than feeling the fresh air coming in after almost 5 months of winter. I definitely recommend baking soda for cleaning and strong odors (like the ones in the fridge). Vinegar is great for your clothes, mostly underwear if you have sensitive skin.

  51. mrs_kateboard says:

    We have really made an effort since having kids to live a greener lifestyle. Not only is it better for the environment, its better for my kids since I’ve seen them BOTH lick the hardwood floors on more than one occasion! Luckily they’re cleaned with white vinegar! That’s my favorite and most cost effective green cleaning tip.

  52. i get your newsletter. i really like to open all the windows, and let the fresh air and sunshine in. i wipe everything down in a homemade vinegar spray, to get the winter dust off everything. i like to pack up all of our winter clothings and pull out our spring and summer stuff. Wash it, and let it all dry on the line. i strip beds and let the bedding dry on the line as well. i like everything to absorb the sunshine. 🙂


  53. nazelnutz says:

    My best Sprng Cleaning tip involves lots and lots of lemons and vinegar, I buy and use lots of lemons for dishwashing ect… instead of household cleaners. Much healthier for you and they make the home smell wonderful. The vinegar is diluted with water and makes a great glass cleaner.

  54. amylou61 says:

    I try to use as few chemicals for cleaning my home as possible. You can clean most things with a white vinegar and water solution, baking soda, or borax.

  55. amylou61 says:

    I like to clean with vinegar, baking soda, borax, and other “natural” cleaners. A sponge or cloth and a spray bottle of white vinegar and water can clean most things in my home, and it’s much healthier AND cheaper than store-bought cleaners.

  56. hlspring says:

    my best green tip is for making my own cleaners – things around the house make for great cleaners: vinegar, baking soda, water, etc. Inexpensive and green!

  57. daer0n says:

    Subscribe to newsletter.
    Spring cleaning tips:
    Use lemon juice and salt to clean and disinfect surfaces as well as in the dishwasher, it will leave your dishes sparkling clean and get rid of any bad smells in your dishwasher, and it will also clean your dishwasher!

    Nury77 at live dot ca

  58. Rydenbunny says:

    I open all the windows and doors to let fresh air in. Then I like to clean all the wall with Dr. Bronner’s lavender scented castile soap.

  59. seesbeauty says:

    I have a great natural way to clean sinks and showers – cut a lemon in half and dip the cut end in borax powder, then rub and scrub using the lemon as you would a scrub brush. It works amazingly well.

  60. belcher21 says:

    Spring reminds me to replace the Arm & Hammer baking soda boxes in my refrigerator and freezer. The A&H keeps my foods fresher, longer. Which means, less food waste!

  61. laura B says:

    My tip is lots of vinegar and lots of baking soda. Open the windows! Close them when mosquito abatement (poison truck) comes by. Dust off everything to get the old dust away.

  62. cherrymama says:

    Vinegar! All natural and it’s usually already in your cupboard!

  63. writergrl says:

    Sunshine is the best disinfectant, but I probably use a water/vinegar/essential oil spray more often 🙂

  64. jewelsntreasures says:

    I’m signed up for the newsletter!

  65. jewelsntreasures says:

    Use vinegar and water to clean basically anything in your home. It’s great as it’s free of chemicals and yet still cleans fantastic!

  66. SereniTee says:

    I sprinkle Arm and Hammer baking soda onto my carpet in the spring and let it sit for a couple of days before vacuuming it up. It sweetens the fibers and eliminates any damp smells that may have accumulated with the winter moisture. I used to, anyway…my vacuum cleaner broke and now I borrow a friend’s.

  67. helenlam says:

    I like to use the sun (line dry) stained items. Stains fade away like magic!

  68. muzart says:

    Our family tip: turn the music up and dance around the house with the kids while doing the spring cleaning. Everyone has fun!!

  69. Susan K says:

    I use vinegar mixed with water instead of household cleaner. It works really well and I haven’t met anyone allergic to that yet. For stubborn spills on counter tops you can spray, add a little baking soda and wait a minute or two. Cleans like a breeze.
    Also, to clean your microwave safely just put a glass of water in, turn it on for about 3 minutes and you can just wipe down afterwards. Nothing stays stuck on

  70. Ohiomom says:

    Vinegar and baking soda works wonders, especially on a stainless steel sink.

  71. fangirl says:

    I like to use vinegar and water as well, I also like to shake out our throw rugs in order to reduce indoor dust and pollen.

  72. christaschmeelk says:

    For counter cleaning, we keep a stash of rags under the sink to use instead of paper towels.

  73. momandsons says:

    We use a lot of vinegar and water and try to air out the house in the spring and summer. In the winter we have a lot of plants to help clean the air.

  74. bison61 says:

    open windows, move furniture and vacuum, dust and clean with a natural product

    tiramisu392 (at)

  75. mroberts1020 says:

    I stopped using paper towels for cleaning my counter. I now uses clothes or sponges and reuse rather than add waste.

  76. HappyPixels says:

    DON’T HOARDE! The less stuff you have, the less there is to clean. Invest in multipurpose items that don’t take up a lot of space. The less materialistic you are, the better off you’ll be.

  77. aahaft says:

    I like opening windows to air out the rooms and clean with microfiber cloths instead of paper towels

  78. Spiff says:

    I second the commenter who mentioned using newspaper to clean mirrors and windows…it works wonderfully!

  79. SCMOMOF2BOYS says:

    I line dry my clothes when I can and try to use white vinegar and baking soda for cleaning.

  80. SCMOMOF2BOYS says:

    I’m already signed up for your newletter.

  81. gigixigig says:

    Every spring I remind myself to have less and live more…not only is it better for me, but for the environment too!

  82. Ethel says:

    I try to use natural cleaning products with no harsh chemicals. I also use cloths or sponges for cleaning instead of paper towels.

    I subscribed to your newsletter

  83. rattledmom says:

    My best spring cleaning tip is to vacuum often! The carpets stay cleaner and in better condition if they are regularly vacuumed, and my little ones don’t find things they shouldn’t put in their mouths, either. Cleaner and happier for everyone!

  84. inalak says:

    I love to use vinegar for lots of cleaning purposes and add a little baking soda to that and it’s a great combo!
    inalak at msn dot com

  85. emilyplays says:

    Best spring cleaning always ends with a good airing out of the house and bedding. After thoroughly cleaning, it is so nice to get the fresh spring air blowing through the house.

  86. SGS says:

    My best green cleaning tip is to use vinegar and newspapers for my glass cleaning, and baking soda sprinkled on my carpets to freshen them before vacuuming.

    (i have signed up for the newsletter.)

  87. CaBin-ette says:

    Every year my friends and I get together for Spring Alert Parties. One day each weekend for as many weekends as there are participant houses we descend on one house with our supplies, open the windows, crank up the music and move everything around. I do mean everything. We get the Chi flowing, banish the dust and dirt with baking soda, tea-tree and citrus oils, herb-infused vinegar, get into the nooks and crannies to stir up stagnant energy. The host house inhabitants select items of clutter and no longer needed items to donate. Whatever the cleaning party participants can’t use goes to the battered women’s shelter shop. We also bring some awesome seasonal fresh pot-luck lunch dishes since a day of workin’ it makes us hungry; gotta refuel!

  88. 1Chef says:

    When cleaning anything, put your cleaning solution on and wait. Give the solution time to do its work. Then use effort/ rubbing (good old-fashioned “elbow grease”) to give it a good scrub. You’ll use less cleaning solution that way, whatever solution you are using.

  89. abdoggett says:

    I like to open the windows and let some fresh air in! After spending so much time indoors over the long cold winter it is great to get some fresh air and get outdoors. I also like to clean out our closets and get rid of clothes we no longer can wear. I give them away so that someone else can use them.

  90. MaryFrost says:

    Let the sunshine in! I use 8 parts water, 1 part white vinegar and a smidge of liquid soap to clean the windows. It really works well,no residue or streaking!

  91. Gem says:

    I am a email subscriber

  92. Gem says:

    I love fresh air-I open my windows wide open and air the house out. One of the first things I do is pack away winter clothes to help declutter the closets

  93. monkaroo says:

    My tip is to clean regularly so that you don’t have to break out the nasty, toxic chemicals to get rid of the grime! If you stay on top if it, you can effectively use non-toxic alternatives and get great results.

  94. spiritRejoices says:

    Wow — a green sonnet!! I don’t know if I can hold a candle to that one, but my tip is a time-saver as well as an earth-saver: don’t take harsh chemicals to your bathroom counter tops and sink, just give them a clean when you clean yourself! Take a tissue and wipe down all the dusty, dirty surfaces every time you get out of the shower, while the humidity has “soaked” everything for you. Works like a charm!

  95. ArcyEm says:

    Vinegar is a great cleaner. After using it I HAVE to open the windows! 🙂

  96. canelaajena says:

    The less you have the less there is to clean

  97. jgandrade says:

    My tip is to hang your clothes and linens out on the line to dry. The fresh smell will last for days and cut energy costs! My dryer runs on fluff only three seasons of the year. =)

  98. Makeetis says:

    I just recycle and use green cleaning supplies. I like something that is not harmful to my children but cleans well at the same time

  99. dramaqueensmum says:

    I’m subscribed to your newsletter. We use all the green cleaners. I love the Windex 1, It smells great.

  100. russrpm says:

    Washable air filters for A/C or furnace. A little more expensive to start, but cheaper and more efficient in the long run with less waste for the land fills.

  101. ecoofficegals says:

    Green cleaning tip, Use green cleaners and I recently got a steam mop for the house since most of the house is flooring not carpet. I love the steam mop and it uses no chemicals, just water!

  102. goobersmooches says:

    I spray Dr. Bronners Peppermint everywhere…outside in yard for fleas, under crawl space, around foundation and inside clean every thing!!! It works great, no fleas 17 years and counting.

  103. quazixie says:

    vinegar! and baking soda!

  104. L Nem says:

    Start your cleaning routine by pre-heating the oven! Pop some cookies in, set the timer and think of cleaning as what you do while you wait for a special sweet treat.

    You need NOTHING but hot water, white vinegar, baking soda and old newspaper to clean the house… they work better than any chemical, and are so much better for the environment and your own health.

  105. Patricia says:

    Always start from the top and work downward. Clean walls, ceiling and fixtures, before cleaning carpets.

  106. BarbR7 says:

    Put a mat outside all doors and have everyone take shoes off before entering. Less pollen and dirt enters the house and reduces chances of fleas hitching a ride inside. More preventative but still my best tip for keeping clean.

  107. msbarks71 says:

    My clean tip for sping and all seasons is using homemade cleaners. I use a mix of vinegar, water and scented oil to clean everything from the bathrooms to the kitchen. It smells good and I know that it’s safe for the kids. It’s eco-friendly and and friendly on my wallet!

  108. Zeute says:

    🙂 I can’t really add a different comment!

    Of course there all kinds of green products on the market but I love vinegar and baking soda! (Use it in drains too!)

  109. UlrikeDG says:

    Before turning to chemicals (even “safe” ones), try water or soap-and-water first. I’m always amazed at how much stuff comes clean easily without any sprays or powders. Baking soda and/or vinegar almost always work the rest of the time.

  110. danorzzz says:

    For me it’s getting started, and figuring out where to dig in first. I like to make a list, which I of course add on to as I go. Writing down tasks both large an small, so that the chores themselves do not seem overwhelming. Being able to take a look at your list after and scratch off all that you have accomplished gives you an extra sense of satisfaction. Opening up the windows and throwing on some upbeat music also always helps me get into the cleaning groove!

  111. teriincali says:

    I already subscribe. I use fresh air to make the house smell better, and natural products for pet stains.

  112. Em says:

    I make a conscious effort to use only earth happy products, and always do a quick clean each time I use something & then a major clean at least once a week. It helps to really cut down on bacteria and is a time saver as well.If I’m in a real time and/or financial crunch, I use some fresh lemon or other citrus juice as my cleaner,they are great natural disinfectants!

  113. greenerlives says:

    Vinegar! Diluted 50/50 with water, it’s great for all kinds of surface cleaning in the bathroom, kitchen and laundry room, especially windows and mirrors.

  114. katwhitedesigns says:

    Open the windows and let the fresh air in. Cuts down on the molds that love the damp stagnant air.

  115. Eighty_1 says:

    “Sunlight is the best disinfectant.” The Hon. Louis Brandeis. Open your windows and doors, pull back those curtains and let the fresh air in!

  116. Elzbth says:

    As a new professional home cleaner, I learned using baking soda and vinegar are the two best healthier and cleanest ingredients to use to clean my customer’s homes daily.

  117. howescj says:

    1) Rather than turn on your air… Open one window upstairs for every window downstairs to allow the house to cool itself properly.
    2) Vinegar, baking soda, lemon juice, rubbing alcohol and table salt can clean most things just as good as most toxic cleaners you don’t already have in your home 🙂

  118. Eric says:

    Vinegar is my favorite all purpose cleaner. It is cheep, versatile, and environmentally friendly. My favorite degrease is ammonia, though not environmentally friendly so use sparingly. Baking soda, and salt are also really handy to keep around.

  119. mjb says:

    I agree with kmking–the best form of cleaning is donating. With the clutter gone, a home can finally breathe.

  120. generalchair says:

    Yes, white vinegar is great. You can get everything done with products made by mother earth.

  121. swichi293 says:

    Always run an ozone free air purifier while vacuuming, I use the Nikken Power 5 Pro, love it.

  122. auntiethesis says:

    We stopped using paper towels and do most cleaning with rags instead. I also use a lot of vinegar for cleaning and old toothbrushes make great cleaning tools, too.

  123. nikkiidaniels says:

    I Soak old newspapers with water + 1 tablespoon Bi-carb soda and some water glue.. mix it to a sloppy paste -( bamix or blender helps).. then i squeezer the mix to get alot of water out of it.. and press it into trees in my garden to make sculptures.. faces etc .. you can see this on my facebook photo link.. i use the left over paper mash to stuff in around orchids that are growing in the trees. to protect the orchid roots and also it feeds the plant a little as it breaks down. paper is made from trees so it is a good option to work with. it also keeps the orchids moist. the sculptures are a great way to spend time with the kids outdoors being creative – while reusing recycling papers .. a healthy home is a hapy home

  124. trinadw says:

    Make a list and split up the tasks; trying to do everything in one day will only exhaust and discourage everyone.

  125. thepricklypinecone says:

    My green spring cleaning tip would be to spray with white vinegar and then hydrogen peroxide to clean surfaces, its better for the environment and works great. You can even add essential oils to give it a nice smell!

  126. jefflale says:

    Spend more time in the beautiful outdoor!! Less time inside means less dirty mess to clean later!

  127. celloflex says:

    Steam it if you can. It’s one of the best non-toxic methods around. Light spray of vinegar/water mixture on dusting rags, for ceiling fans and door frames etc. works wonders. Happy Cleaning!

  128. Dallegri says:

    Use hot water and vinegar on your bathroom mirror for a natural defogger. Wash first with 1 tbls of vinegar in 1 quart of warm water then repeat but wity hot water and vinegar. It will last about two weeks.

  129. tweetadaygiveaway says:

    Congratulations, this giveaway was chosen to be the featured giveaway today on Tweet-A-Day Giveaway!

  130. britbon says:

    I rearrange my house – it’s an instant way to make everything new again! New uses for things, new arrangements, things that need to go – it helps me see everything in a new light and satisfies my consumer desires – it also helps me see all the dust bunnies that have been hiding under the couch! As the furniture moves so does my vacuum and dust rag and when it is all done it’s like a new house and I am excited about my home all over again. Thank you spring!

  131. jknepper02 says:

    don’t forget the base boards & fan blades!

  132. nm says:

    Use borax to scrub the tub, it’s suppose to help prevent mildew. And like other posters say, you can use baking soda and vinegar to do a lot of your cleaning.

  133. pinochle says:

    I replace the air filter on my central air system and run just the fan. Cleans out all of the pollen and other allergens floating around.

  134. marylenehan says:

    My best advice (for people like me, who feel overwhelmed by the sheer magnitude of what can/should be done) is to approach the greening of the home one issue at a time.

    I forgive myself for not doing something all at once, and get moving on incremental change.

    Having gradually replaced all the standard light bulbs in the house with fluoresants, I am now systematically eliminating all chemical cleaners from our home. One by one, as the bottles drain, they are being replaced with non-toxic alternatives.

    Makes me feel good, keeps my budget from going Ka-Boom! and makes for sustainable change in our micro system at home.
    Slow but steady wins this race form me!

  135. bugze says:

    don’t try to do it all at once because it will backfire, open windows and dust often

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