WIN IT WEDNESDAY! Win $100+ of Green Toys from Natural Kids on Etsy

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Etsy never ceases to amaze us with amazing, eco-minded designers handcrafting everything from wooden teethers to baby shoes, but the massive site can be overwhelming. Now Natural Kids, a group of kid-focused Etsy artisans, is making it easier. To celebrate their new web site that brings all of the designers together in one easy to shop Natural Kids Store, we’re giving away over $100 worth of their beautiful, hand-made green toys. One lucky winner will receive a knitted bunny from The Fairies’ Nest, a wooden car stacker from Just Hatched, a upcycled vintage cotton duck rattle toy from SewnNatural, two knitted acorns in a pouch from Woolies and a set of five tubs of Mama K’s Aromatic Play Clay. Enter to win after the jump!

Here’s how to enter and win the green toys prize package from Natural Kids!

1) Sign up for our weekly newsletter (if you haven’t already!). We’ll be notifying the winner in our newsletter — so you need to sign up and receive our newsletter to find out if you have won.

2) Add a comment to this post with your answer to the following question: How do you support independent designers like those that are part of the Natural Kids team?

Contest ends Tuesday, June 29, 2010 at 12 midnight EST. Winner will be announced in the following week’s newsletter!

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91 Responses to “WIN IT WEDNESDAY! Win $100+ of Green Toys from Natural Kids on Etsy”

  1. copro says:

    I’ve been buying things for my baby from etsy since before she was born. I have touted several of my purchases on facebook, sending my friends to these creative lovelies as well!

  2. tijja says:

    I always check Etsy when I am looking for gifts… for others and for my own kids.

  3. Emmanuelle says:

    By buying from communities like etsy or hyenacart! Wonderful items handmade with love by talented WHAM are the best!

  4. sarahjunie says:

    I love etsy, and always check my favorite sellers first when I’m looking for gifts or shopping for my son. I also try and support local independent sellers at art fairs and craft shows.

  5. kikaibear says:

    I’m a mom of 3 twins 5 y/o and a 2y/o toddler who all go to school I organize playdates, fundraising etc so when my kids have environmentally friendly and those rare independantly made toys, vegan shoes. Everyone wants them too! I always put up the stuff I LOVE in my facebook wall too to let everyone know what’s new, safe and cool. I shared this cool site there too! 😉

  6. Dawn Sweet says:

    I always purchase items for my family at local craft fairs and farmers markets. These places provide me with the opportunity to support independant artisans and find wonderful gifts too!

  7. rachelruthclark says:

    Etsy rocks! In fact I bought my DD some of Mama k’s play Clay for Christmas last year and it’s one of her favorite things to play with. I always look for items there first and then the smaller mom n pop shops before using the bigger stores as a last resort.

  8. tsievert says:

    I love Etsy and the parody site Regresty. I try to buy as many baby toys as possible from Etsy.

  9. mrforbes says:

    Our family supports Etsy designers by making it our go-to place for creative and unique gifts. Love so much of the stuff for children! Etsy also shows older kids how to be resourceful and re-use many items in their closets and home for great gifts.

  10. magowank says:

    I read a lot of blogs that spotlight independent crafters, and I always go to them first when looking for gifts for friends or my own children!

  11. shelliferb says:

    I purchase as much as possible off etsy!

  12. heathermentzer says:

    I always choose homemade first. I check etsy whenever searching for gift for my children, birthday gifts or baby gifts.

  13. faithfullmama says:

    Recently, I’ve been loving all the blogs that connect me with their stories and great etsy shops. I also love finding things that are made locally

  14. cward15 says:

    I look for and buy “green” toys and other baby items from independent designers, and recommend them to others.

  15. alisonjtait says:

    I’m a huge etsy user, most of the baby gifts i buy come from there. I also frequent craft fairs and farmers markets.

  16. SWMatthes says:

    I love good design, and I really love artist-designed products. When I shop Etsy, I know the gifts are lovingly handcrafted, and are usually sustainably sourced and locally manufactured.

  17. Vertigodragon says:

    I always tell my friends to look on first for eveything. My husband has been out of work since last October & I can’t often afford items on Etsy, so I make sure others know about it & sometimes my 8 month old gets Etsy hand-me-downs! Keeping artisans working, toys out of the trash & my son happy, makes me a happy mom.

  18. Ggreen21 says:

    It started when my first daughter (now 25 months old) received an esty gift set. I appreciated the creativity and safety of the products. Also seemed that my daughter enjoyed the toys more than some of the “bells and whistles” of other brand toys. We’d get many compliments and inquiries from people looking for something similar so from that point I decided to also buy as newborn gifts for friends & family. I buy mostly online.

  19. GreenMama says:

    I buy from mamas on hyenacart and etsy!

  20. poomsipoo says:

    I always check Etsy first for a gift.

  21. poomsipoo says:

    I always check Etsy first before buying a gift.

  22. kimsalerno says:

    If I can’t make it myself, I buy from the mamas (and papas) on Etsy!

  23. sstokman says:

    I always check Etsy first when shopping! I love hand crafted, thoughtful items and often they’re less expensive that the lower quality mass produced gear!

  24. j.davisharte says:

    Like so many other inhabi’rents, I love to check etsy for the must-haves for my darling baby girl – that is if I can’t make it myself or borrow it from a friend. I also make a habit of checking local – on Craigslist, for gently used items. THe best etsy find so far? A set of soft chew-covers for the straps on our Beco baby carrier.

  25. Shoppinggirl says:

    By buying their products for my family and then recommending them to everyone I know!

  26. Beegrl77 says:

    I am in LOVE with all things ETSY! I share my cool and unique finds by “sharing” them via my Facebook accpunt. It’s all about word of mouth, or in this case, should I say word of the “cyber-mouth”! 🙂

  27. blureu says:

    I support the designers by purchasing their wonderful products and spreading the word to my friends and co-workers.

  28. pclark says:

    I pay the artists to teach me!!!

  29. handzeep says:

    I try to shop directly from smaller designers rather than big companies.

  30. thiscosylife says:

    Etsy is my goto place for gifts! I love supporting indie designers.

  31. elliemahar says:

    I always try to buy local and handmade if possible. When I can’t find what I’m looking for that way, I will either make it myself or look online for WAHM products (on their own sites or on Etsy). There is something wonderful about knowing how made your product and that you are directly supporting them.

  32. momandsons says:

    I try to buy locally made gifts or from Etsy.

  33. Single Mama says:

    I hunt regularly on etsy for great finds.

  34. finnsandflowers says:

    By buying from them locally or on Etsy! We always support artists and their handmade products!

  35. oakmama says:

    i buy gifts (for ourselves and others) from local artists and from Etsy — and then tell my mamas’ group friends about my favorite designers/makers. word of mouth is great.

  36. straversy says:

    I spend so much on Etsy… and my home is filled with lovely things that make me happy!

  37. Brandy says:

    I subscribe to Natural Kids and always look to Etsy for toys and other handmade love.

  38. PhoenixSong says:

    I think the best way that you can (and I do) support these sellers, is by shopping on Etsy, before those other commercial stores. I also think, by buying handmade, you are changing the consumer mindset, and showing off these wonderful products helps generate discussions about what is really important for our children’s lives. Handmade is the way to go!

  39. littletimebomb says:

    We support made in the USA natural toys by buying from sites like Etsy and local craft fairs. I swear half our toy box has come from the natural kids team. It’s nice to know there are other parents and makers out there who value imagination, nature, and passing on something beautiful and handmade to their children.

  40. beaglebaby says:

    Yes, I like independent designers.

  41. SAdore says:

    I regularly buy from Etsy and also from local artisans. I love beautiful, handmade toys!

  42. Rockislander says:

    I’m a big believer in all natural homemade toys and I buy from Etsy or local artists in support of this.

  43. eidolons says:

    Etsy is my go-to place for.. well.. everything! My three kids are surrounded by handcrafted goodness from lovely eco-minded Etsy sellers! I also enjoy spreading the word about all the great things I find.

  44. csgbutterflies says:

    anytime I see a toy, picture, knick knack, I always check etsy first to see if i can support handmade rather than purchasing elsewhere.

  45. we always check etsy for a gift before purchasing from somewhere else. and it’s just fun to browse through the shops and see all the creativity out there!

  46. artymama says:

    I buy handmade gifts as often as possible…when not making my own 😉 And also send ALL my friends and anyone I meet really over to etsy 🙂

  47. betshsu says:

    Avid etsy and local craft fair browser and shopper and I try to knit as many gifts as possible.

  48. wigget says:

    we support them by purchasing their products

  49. Maureen69 says:

    I try my best to find individual gifts and will frequently go to places like Etsy to find those types of gifts. Thanks, Maureen (jnomaxx at hotmail dot com)

  50. Tamara says:

    Me gusta Comprar juguetes y Naturales Buscar , Sobre Todo Porque Trabajo Con El Método Montessori es lindo y acercar a los Niños Una Materias Primas Naturales. Los trabajos que ustedes tienen son geniales y creativos, felicitaciones!

  51. mommaraelee says:

    i’m having trouble commenting here. so, if it shows up twice just accept my apologies and delete one, please!

    if i don’t make it myself, i go straight to etsy. i LOVE etsy and the incredible artists i have found there. customer service and quality are usually top-notch and i have made some lasting friendships, too.

  52. PlainandJoyfulLiving says:

    We try to make as many of our gifts as possible or buy thrifted, but there are times when neither of those two are an option – my next stop is etsy. I don’t think I have been in a mall for at least five years.
    Thanks for this terrific giveaway.

  53. jaspenelle says:

    I support them by not only buying things for my family but as gifts to other people I know. The handmade is a treasure.

  54. anna says:

    I buy tons of art and home accessories from Etsy. Every December, I take the pledge to “buy handmade”, either from etsy or local artisans. I have friends that I help support by using their product and spreading the word.

  55. Donni says:

    I LOVE Etsy and I LOVE the Natural Kids Team. Being a member, I am constantly blown away by the creativity and talent of these amazing mums. I love knowing where everything comes from and I know I can trust that each and every toy is safe, non-toxic and eco-friendly. Thanks for this amazing giveaway.
    Blessings and magic,
    Donni –

  56. Sheau says:

    Thank you for this very unique giveaway. Wha a great collection of handmade goodies. It’s exciting to read more about all the participating artists/crafters.

    We have bought a few toys (Montessori/Waldorf) from the Natural Kids team for our baby girl (she is now 1 & will be celebrating her birthday this weekend in the park). We weren’t aware of the collective store, but we searched on Etsy and found them or read blogs that introduced them like Soulemama, Sew Liberated, Mayamade. Etsy is my ultimate source of handmade gifts resource. It is such a great way to discover new independent crafters and artists all over the world. It is quite magical that how one thing links to the next thing…the blogs that I have been reading fall along this line of work and philosophy. In a nutshell, they help tremendously to my spiritual grow as an artist, mama and individual. Without them, my world would be very lonely. Thank you inhabitots once again for introducing such valuable resource with everyone.

  57. emmettisfastapproaching says:

    I talk alot and like to share.

  58. jcdaab says:

    I scan artists’ blogs/stores for fun products to purchase, and pass their info along to friends/family via Facebook, etc.

  59. Margo B says:

    I love handmade natural items for my child – I meet with a group of crafting mamas once a month to make toys for our children. I also have made great finds (or sources of crafting inspiration) at our local farmer’s markets, craft fairs, and independent natural baby store. I also enjoy lots of blogs and websites (including many of the one that previous posters have mentioned).

  60. twinkle says:

    LOVE, love, LOVE Etsy!!! I am a crafty, arty type who loves to make stuff, but my skills are limited and I love to buy and appreciate others work. I want support from others so I try to give it back. So much amazing, beautiful, individual and lovingly produced things on offer, how can we resist. 🙂

  61. affie says:

    I always use Etsy, not only to support the designers, but because the products are much more engaging than something you might find in the normal toy stores. The Natural Kids team are extremely creative and have products that are fun, regardless of my little one’s age.

  62. henkelri says:

    I ADORE Etsy as well as local stores….I love to buy gifts from Etsy because I know it is not a toy that someone could have just picked up at the local Target!

  63. helenlam says:

    I love the items on Etsy. There are such unique cute things on there. I do try to look there first for toys that are handmade and unique.

  64. laura B says:

    I always try to buy something wooden and will try to find it locally if possible. I like to buy from people who sew locally and try to avoid things made cheaply.

  65. SCMOMOF2BOYS says:

    I love to support local businesses and WAHM’s. I just believe the time and energy, not to mention the LOVE that goes into their work is irreplaceable!

  66. mingohills says:

    We search the internet far and wide to find independent designers and crafters. Etsy is always great, but sometimes there are strange hidden gems found in a weird google search. We also support as much artsy craftsy stuff as we can in our neighborhoods and community. (We even try to contribute a little ourselves).

  67. MommyBridget says:

    I am a subscriber to your newsletter.
    I support local artists by purchasing their products whether they are more expensive or not.

  68. bugze says:

    I would love to win this for my little girl….I currently subscribe to your newsletter and I love it

  69. aahaft says:

    I like unique toys anyways and with so many products being recalled I prefer to shop on etsy

  70. spiritRejoices says:

    I love Etsy and the Natural Kids blog! I support independent designers whenever possible — not simply on principle, but primarily because they are almost always the most beautiful and well-made products out there! Whenever I forget to send Christmas presents on time, I always find some amazingly creative item on Etsy that is exactly what my family would love … and they always love them so much they don’t mind that I sent them a month late!

    I also support independent crafters by being one, whenever I can! So far the only items that have made it into physical existence are a mobile, a hand-knit stuffed animal, and a mei-tai carrier I made for my 9-month-old son, but I have many ideas waiting to burst into life! Someday, my dream is to open a pattern & tutorial shop on Etsy so I can share my crazy ideas with the world. 🙂

  71. bison61 says:

    I love to shop at Etsy and I also shop at my local craft fairs.

  72. Jen_wied says:

    I love etsy and also purchase from local independent retailers, who typically stock products from designers in the area

  73. ravenous says:

    We buy products from artisans at our local farmer’s market and at our city’s artisan celebrations. We also make most things ourselves and also buy things from ETSY. Homemade toys are so much better than mass produced.

  74. jewelsntreasures says:

    I always buy on Etsy or Hyena Cart or often from a mama right here in my town. It’s great to support “the little guy”.

  75. dkcarey says:

    Local business have a great selection of local artists work. Double duty!
    Our favorite artists is our cousin, good thing she mails to us!

  76. Aubade says:

    I try not to buy too much but when I do, I prefer to buy things from places like etsy. Over the past few months I bought wall stickers from etsy for the bedroom, and reuseable lunch bags from an independent company started by 3 green moms.

  77. mcrose says:

    I purchase from Etsy as often as possible, especially when buying for my daughters. I have found to be way more confident in a handmade toy’s safety than a store bought toy. In fact, lately I’ve been browsing Etsy for Waldorf dolls for an upcoming third birthday. I also buy from fellow moms who craft – I have purchased hair clips and baby carriers in this manner. It’s a win-win for all parties involved!

  78. artlibrarian says:

    I buy toys from Etsy and local shops. Also, we tell craftsy family members we prefer toys made by them to toys from a store!

  79. butterfly8i8 says:

    I love going to local craft events and farmer’s markets

  80. uschicana says:

    I have heard of etsy but I always forget to check there for gifts. I will more often now.

  81. meadow says:

    I love surfing etsy for gifts. Though I’ll admit I often buy fabric and patterns from esty to create toys, clothes bags etc. for my children and friends’ kids. My most recent etsy purchase was an adorable wooden camera for my 3 year old.

  82. lkannon says:

    plan to shop more at etsy.

  83. AnnaBella says:

    Buying the lovely handmade and unique items from Etsy , I can feel the love in these gorgeous things……….. ( so unlike shop bought , factory made , no love there. )

  84. MamaK says:

    I always shop Etsy and Hyena Cart when I’m in the market for a unique, handmade gift.

  85. Looliebelle says:

    I prefer to make toys myself wherever possible, but when that is no possible from lack of a particular skill or time, I like to find something made by an individual craftsperson, because there is so much more life and joy in a toy which began life in the imagination of the person whose hands made it. I think it is better for children to have less toys but ones that are “real”. I think the realest toys are those made by mama and papa, but next best are things from sellers we actually know.

  86. Katy says:

    To support independent designers, I try to buy a lot of items from etsy! I love handmade things! 🙂

  87. christaschmeelk says:

    We buy local, at our farmer’s market in Missoula!

  88. monkaroo says:

    I shop etsy. They really do have the best stuff!

  89. petiza122 says:

    i look for unique gifts on etsy for birthdays or christmas.

  90. windycindy says:

    I really try very hard to support businesses with Fair Trade practices. Whether I am purchasing
    clothing, coffee, handbags, jewelry, etc., Fair Trade is such a marvelous way to help people
    who really need it. Also, I buy most product that are handmade from Ebay, Etsy Shops and our local
    Farmer’s Market! I appreciate talented artisans and believe in supporting their work…
    Many thanks, Cindi

  91. borrasca says:

    Etsy… a wonderful world!!!

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