LAST CHANCE: WIN a $400 Back-To-School Shopping Spree for Your Child from PanacheBox!

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We’re excited to announce a fantastic giveaway from a new company, PanacheBox! Just in time to head into the fall season and back to school in style, we’re giving one Inhabitots reader a $400 back-to-school shopping spree, courtesy of PanacheBox!


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Tell us how you plan to green your child’s back to school wardrobe this year!

Contest ends Thursday, September 5th, 2013 at 11:59 p.m. EST. Winner will be announced in our newsletter on Friday, September, 6th 2013. Good luck!


The lucky winner will be able to choose between two types of PanacheBoxes: “You Build It” PanacheBox valued at $275, wherein you visit the user-friendly, interactive PanacheBox site and have fun filling your child’s PanacheBox with your favorite styles, or the “We Build It” PanacheBox valued at $300, wherein a Panache stylist builds a mini-wardrobe for your tyke after you answer a few key questions. All this flair is delivered at a discount since PanacheBoxes range in price from $275-$300, yet the average PanacheBox is valued at $400+!

panachebox, kids clothing, designer clothing for kids, fall wardrobe for kids, kids clothing giveaway, inhabitots contest, green kids, eco kids, kids fashion

Boston-based moms and PanacheBox founders Bre Vader and Sharim Afnan make shopping for your kid’s clothes a cinch. With a few simple mouse clicks, you can curate a box that’s brimming with 10 clothing items and accessories that Panache stylists have hand-picked from the best boutique brands of children’s clothing across the globe. Their inaugural PanacheBox for fall 2013 showcases selections from American, Danish, Italian and French designers and features clean, simple lines, classic silhouettes, elegant details, layering options aplenty, and the versatility to complement your child’s existing wardrobe — in addition to being machine washable and comfortable to boot!

PanacheBox selections are available in sizes 2-8, and feature offerings from brands including Egg, Holt and Lulu, ESP No.1, Joah Love, Little Traveler, i Gianburrasca, Tooby Doo, Roberta, Lisa Rose, and That’s Not Fair London — and new designers are highlighted every season.

Contest ends Thursday, September 5th, 2013 at 11:59 p.m. EST. Winner will be announced in our newsletter on Friday, September, 6th 2013. Good luck!

Can’t wait to receive a PanacheBox? Enter code INHABITOTS at checkout for $50 off a PanacheBox through Sept 30, 2013!

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97 Responses to “LAST CHANCE: WIN a $400 Back-To-School Shopping Spree for Your Child from PanacheBox!”

  1. makingadreamhome says:

    Use good quality used clothing

  2. aahaft says:

    We’re doing lots of hand-me-downs this year

  3. ttapia says:

    I plan to purchase organic clothing and always use earth and kid friendly organic washing detergents!

  4. ArchieLeach says:

    This would be a fantastic gift for my daughter. She six, and is about to start first grade at a new school because we moved to a new city, and we’re trying our best to override her sadness at leaving the friends she made last year with excitement. Winning a prize would certainly help.

    One way we’ve come up with to be more green, is to have started a group with several other families, with kids a varying ages/sizes. We all swap out clothes as the kids outgrow them, giving the kids ‘new’ clothes, and saving us all from buying more, unless necessary. It’s been a good lesson to the kids (and all of us, honestly,) and they’re more encouraged to take even better care of what they have, knowing that they’ll be sharing with their friends.

  5. SaraLitardo says:

    Ooooh I would just love to get beautiful clothes for my baby girl Stella! <3

  6. Hyphen says:

    We’re going to reuse and repair as much as we can and we’ll buy much from thrift stores.

  7. Amon says:

    We plan on continuing our practice of supplementing our wardrobe with purchases from thrift stores and recycling instead if buying new! Thank you and your clothes are gorgeous!

  8. wellie says:

    I would love clothes made from organic or recycled materials that we can pass down to the next kiddo!

  9. soluckyducky says:

    We buy a lot of second hand high quality clothing, and try to purchase organic as well.

  10. pecc says:

    I try as much as possible to buy local manufactured clothing and also do some checks on how environment responsible the companies I buy from are.

  11. Lorien says:

    I get Jack ready for school by hitting up the local consignment store. Reuse, Reduce, Recycle, right? Some things a preschooler goes through too fast to find used, like knees on pants. In those cases, I try to buy quality clothes that will last and hopefully get passed on to either his little sister or another neighbourhood kid.

  12. jennh says:

    I love to buy organic clothing,

  13. ny2scgirl says:

    We will use what we already have instead of buying more. And we are also going to buy more used clothing.

  14. apoeticpeace says:

    I’m a huge fan of thrift stores, organic clothing, and plant-based detergents. I’m also very crafty which helps ensure my son’s clothes last a long time and we can keep his favorites for projects. Fire retardants in new clothes can be pretty toxic during the first few wears so buying used helps keep that to a minimum when you can’t afford organic all the time!

    Sometimes when my son outgrows parts of his clothing, I will cut off the part that’s too small, like the footing on the pajamas if his feet are too big but the rest of the garment fits him everywhere else. I do this a lot with his play clothes for outside as well, and we keep cut-outs from his favorite shirts that the thrift shop won’t take to make quilts and blankets with. Since we live in Florida, we use a clothes-line so we don’t use so much power to do our laundry as well 🙂 To me, being green is not only about living a non-toxic lifestyle, it’s also about being practical with your money and making resources stretch!

  15. islandveggie says:

    We don’t back to school shop. Simply pick up things as needed throughout the year…

  16. karri says:

    Fantastic giveaway! Love the styles. I usually shop for my daughter’s clothing at local thrift and resale shops. I like that I can get great deals on good labels, reuse clothing, and support local businesses all at once.

  17. Danette says:

    I purchase clothes from second hand stores.

  18. veganista says:

    We always buy natural fibers, organics, and animal-free clothing, but this year well combine some of those new-but-sustainable items with some thrifted goodies. He’s just started to enjoy picking out his own clothing and he’s got some (mostly) great taste. Can’t wait to see what he picks!

  19. travelluna says:

    I look for clothes that are truly clean, a lot of fertilizers are used to make cotton. I like to support my local community and shops. Hand me downs are always appreciated. Using bibs for crafts keeps my children’s clothes unstained and looking new. I hang my clothes on the line year round and teach the kids to respect their clothes

  20. arixian says:

    we do a lot of trading for kids clothes so other people get to use our old kids clothes and we get “new to us” clothes without having to spend money for new items. We also make our own environmentally friendly laundry detergent.

  21. vonthegirl says:

    For a greener wardrobe, our son uses lot of hand me downs from friends’ older kids and we love to shop in our local Goodwill and consignment stores a lot. We are grateful that Grandma sews personalized outfits for our boy.

  22. kelleynash says:

    We are ALWAYS using hand-me downs, and giving clothes to donations, family and friends! I’m new to this “going green” thing and I think this would be a great way to help me start! I’m always trying to make my own detergents, deodorant, I use organic products on my son and so on and so forth! This would be so cool to win! Definitely spreading the word about you guys!

  23. thunderrainy says:

    We re working some overly large hand me downs and I’m planning to sew some clothes with organic cotton that I was given.

  24. alicor says:

    both pages liked, and subscribed to email…

    so, i go to a lot of mom2mom sales.
    also, i have noticed that my daughter has gotten taller, but not neccessarily bigger, so we use a lot of last years clothes, they are just capris now instead of long pants.
    i also am the leader of a fairly large mommy and me group for my area, and arrange “swap and sells” where everyone brings there gently used clothing and toys to swap and pass down to others or sell like a garage sale.
    in my premommy life, i was an apparel designer…so i know the ins and outs of clothing manufacturing. and even now, i make sure (the the best of my ability) that we buy sustainable clothing that are manufactured fairly locally, so that I know that there wasn’t a lot of gas and pollution caused in shipping.

  25. meganpowell says:

    We try to buy organic and sustainable fabrics, as well as used clothes, and use eco laundry detergent. I would love to add some stylish and fun pieces to my son’s wardrobe for his first year of school.

  26. Cone.natalie says:

    We use hand-me-downs and keep up the love by passing them on after our kids grow out of them!

  27. linav says:

    I reuse as much as I can from last year so I don’t need to buy to much for this year. I tend to buy slightly larger so it lasts longer, she doesn’t care as long as it’s comfy. What I do buy is mostly organic cotton based supplemented with thrift store pieces.

  28. griff says:

    We just moved into an apartment complex and are able to easily acquire hand-me-down clothes from others in the apartment for the little one starting a forest school, outdoors.

  29. rose.eva says:

    This year we have just been buying second hand or good quality long lasting clothing that we can then pass on

  30. kcenderby says:

    Gave grandiose reuseable containers,,no pre pack dry candied stuff ,always 🙂

  31. jeevon says:

    I green my child’s back to school wardrobe this year by buying used clothes from Goodwill and also getting organic clothes and shoes from Whole Foods

  32. skalyuzhny says:

    how to use long lasting materials that are eCo friendly and passing down clothing to others who need it after they have been out grown

  33. CL says:

    I purchase most of my child’s clothing online (using sites such as eBay, Zulily and others) where I can buy organic items (new, gently used, and NWT) for less. I also plan to buy fewer items this year as we like to wear favorite items over and over. And last, I plan to donate our used clothing to local shelters and clothing drives.

  34. ileftyouasong says:

    By buying as much used as possible

  35. satyac says:

    Most of our sons clothes are hand me downs from friends, the other’s come from a thrift store near my folks in Philadelphia

  36. dreafox says:

    With 5 children to clothe, we do a lot of mand me downs and thrifting. This year I would like to try and make more of their clothing using repurposed clothing and reclaimed fabric. This would be an awesome prize to win. 🙂

  37. Valarie says:

    “Liked” everything — and I really do like the clothes! It’s hard to find great, eco-friendly clothes for little guys sometimes. We are greening our back to school time by buying less, choosing organic & bamboo where possible, and reusing (pants w/worn out knees = shorts; some stains do come out if you spend time soaking 😉

  38. meggyclarke says:

    I only purchase Clothes that I feel ethically good about.

  39. meggyclarke says:

    I only buy clothes and products I feel ethically good about.

  40. Cck11 says:

    Hand me downs, and buying timeless, good quality clothes that wear well with multiple users

  41. surrealheroine says:

    We use hand-me-downs, and do our clothes shopping at Goodwill stores. We buy our underwear from organic clothing stores, and bookbags/laptop bags from (hemp bags).

  42. mommyisshopping1 says:

    We clean out our closets and hand them down to our friends and family who do the same for us.

  43. macguire9 says:

    I buy lots online and often EUC or NWT and then give or sell those my kids have outgrown. Try to buy as much organic and natural fiber clothing as possible.

  44. halsmom77 says:

    Done! We recently cleaned out my daughter’s closet and donated over 6 large trash bags of clothes and over 30 pairs of girl’s shoes to A Wider Circle in Silver Springs, MD, which is a great non profit that supports women and children and impoverished families. This year my daughter has to wear uniform 🙁 for her Christian preK 3 program, so uniforms helps with our green efforts. This great box would bring a little life back to her closet! The kids can dress casually once a month 🙂

  45. SugaKiss81 says:

    I buy a lot, if not all second hand stuff, and when I am done I pass it along. 🙂

  46. 99flyboy says:

    I plan on not buying new clothes for them. The season really hasn’t changed and their clothes are fine for now.

  47. dahlbys says:

    I love our local consignment stores for gently used clothes for my daughter. She’ll be starting a 2 year old preschool program next week and I’m looking forward to it!

  48. akozdron says:

    I just don’t busy a lot — we didn’t buy any new clothes for the fall, and my daughter just wears the few clothes she has over and over.

  49. akozdron says:

    We just don’t buy a lot — I didn’t buy any new fall clothes and my daughter just wears what she has already.

  50. asha says:

    I consign all my kids outgrown clothes at a children’s resale shop, I then go to the same shop twice a year and use the money accumulated from their old clothes to purchase new clothes for summer and winter. Best way to Reduce and Reuse so perfectly good clothes don’t end up in landfills. Had never heard of Panache Box, happy I’ve been enlightened! 🙂

  51. chefhgardner says:

    We had a kids clothing swap and took advantage of our community thrift stores. It was a great time and my friends and I got to pass around the cute clothes our kids grew out of that were super cute!

  52. chefhgardner says:

    We had a kids clothing swap and took advantage of our community thrift stores. It was a great time and my friends and I got to pass around the cute clothes our kids grew out of that still have tons of life left in the them!

  53. chefhgardner says:

    We had a kids clothing swap and took advantage of our community thrift stores. It was a great time and my friends and I got to pass around the cute clothes our kids grew out of that still have tons of life left in them!

  54. nightowl says:

    We have a clothing swap, so we don’t buy very many new clothes. When we do we buy organic.

  55. Momma2maxh says:

    Thanks for the opportunity! I shop on Thredup dot com & consignment shops for my son who just started kindergarten!

  56. DeaLunaris says:

    This year we are buying only organic, upcycled, second hand, and fair trade! Or making our own if we can’t find it. It is so fun so far! I love how much easier it is to find these things than it was just a few years ago! Viva la revolución!

  57. mcrose says:

    I subscribe to Inhabitots newsleter and like both Inhabitots and Panache Box on Facebook ( I plan to green my child’s wardrobe this year by using loads of hand-me-downs (both from older sibling and friends AND even some from my own childhood!) and by garage-saling some. 🙂 With three kids, it isn’t only green, it’s economical.

  58. mcrose says:

    Please delete if this is a repeat (I can’t see my comment and can’t tell if it’s awaiting moderator or not). I subscribe to newsletter and like both on Facebook. We plan to green our back-to-school wardrobes this year by using plenty of hand-me-downs (both from older siblings, friends’ kids, and some of my very own childhood clothes, too!) and by garage-saling. I have three kids so it’s not only green, it’s economical. megancrose at gmail dot com

  59. Tiffie55555 says:

    buy organic, hand me downs and reuse clothes we have
    tvollowitz at aol dot com

  60. says:

    We’re reusing what we can and looking for resale clothing.

  61. My Life with Four Kids says:

    We pass clothes down! I have 2 boys and 2 girls and a niece and nephew! I also shop at consignment stores and garage sales!

  62. hminnesota says:

    we are using hand me downs for both of my daughters.

  63. sazzyfrazz says:

    We reuse items from last year and shop at places like ThredUp for resale clothing! When the younger children outgrow our hand-me-downs, we donate our gently used items.

  64. Witch of the Morning says:

    Most of my daughter’s clothes are gifts from grandparents, so the best way I have to green her wardrobe is to take good care of her clothes to they can be passed onto her younger sister and then onto their younger cousin. 🙂

  65. ecwrites says:

    A generous helping of hand-me-downs, plus high quality new stuff that we’ll be able to pass along!

  66. ecwrites says:

    Handmedowns! And some high quality pieces we’ll be able to pass along

  67. fearjac says:

    Our 2 toddlers go through pants fairly quickly. They get the usual tears and holes in the knee area. What we end up doing is cutting off the legs and that way jeans or khakis become shorts and my daughters leggings become short biking-type shorts – great for under dresses or tank tops during the summer. The end pieces are then used for rags or cleaning!

  68. kimmyc123 says:

    Buy less but better quality clothing. Mix and Match-ables!

  69. whidone says:

    the cousins will be handing down/swapping their wardrobes

  70. kfarrow says:

    We have a wonderful cosignment shop that I take my little guy’s outgrown clothes to then I get items fom the same shop with store credits.

  71. anonasimone says:

    We buy second hand clothes, or get clothes passed on from friends, and then we pass them on to other friends when they get too small. If we get new clothes, we strive for natural fibers…

  72. gina says:

    We love hand me downs from friends and family.

  73. JRDBear says:

    Where possible I ensure my son’s clothes are natural materials and organic if possible. I have a hard time getting him to wear underwear :), for some reason he has formed the opinion that Australia’s don’t wear under wear; he was born in Brazil and lived there till recently, so I try to ensure he has fun undies as we call them. At 8 yrs old he is very particular about his clothes and what he will wear with what. Most of the time he ends up looking great. He seems to prefer the feel of natural clothes so that is helpful.

  74. carmankm says:

    My daughters are two years and eleven months apart in age. So just about everything my first daughter wore, our second has worn and will wear. This saves us a lot and is definitely GREEN: reuse, reuse, reuse!!!

  75. Rebeccao says:

    Liked both on FB as Rebecca Orr. Already a subscriber to the newsletter. We usually get hand me downs from family and friends. And we we usually give our grown out of clothing to other family and friends or we donate them. But when it comes to buying them new things, we look for sturdy, well made items that can be used through the different seasons in different ways.

  76. eddiematt says:

    Our baby is going to dress mix-and-match! Expensive clothes doesn’t mean green, nor does cheap clothes! Environmental friendly green is all about innovation and great ideas!!

  77. heather s.s. says:

    I have kept my daughter’s closet green this season by making her clothes from my gently used but no longer fitting clothes, thrift store finds and with hand-me-downs!

  78. anti_gr says:

    We exchange clothes with family members.

  79. GMM says:

    I’m a new grandma and love the style and quality of Panache.

  80. tweetyscute says:

    This year all my kids are bringing their lunch frrom home this year. We bought really awesome lunchboxes to make it easier.

  81. Vynos says:

    Don’t know if it’s allowed, but I couldn’t really say how I would. I am hoping it’s possible to win this for my oldest nephew who just started his first year of school. I know his parents, however, are big into recycling and reuse so I can assume thrift stores and the like.

  82. Jeane C says:

    I have a friend who has two children the same ages as mine..(boy + girl) and I have a (girl + boy), so we exchange out perfectly. Especially feel good about the dress clothes that grandma has purchased and are so very “gently used’!

  83. r-bot says:

    We have been keeping our kids’ wardrobes green for years by embracing the hand me down approach to circulating clothing within our community. As one child outgrows an article of clothing it moved on to the next child candidate that the article of clothing fits the best on. We also prefer quality and sustainability, vs quantity and kitchy trends.

  84. jvega says:

    We by second hand clothing and organic as much as we can

  85. MamaSusie says:

    Doesn’t get much better than hand-me-downs, especially if they’re organic cotton and other sustainable fabrics. We’ve got Tom’s for shoes, which are green and then some so another wee one can have a pair of shoes for school. Plus, we wash but only line dry which allows us to stretch out the cotton clothing so they fit just alittle bit longer.

  86. onesmallbird says:

    I find many stylish, perfectly good used garments at resale shops. I’ve done this since my children were born. It’s eco-friendly and economical.

  87. brookeahrens says:

    We are blessed to have an amazing community of families with small children in our lives! We have hardly ever bought clothes for our two littles except for special events because our little network exchanges clothes constantly – passing on to the next and back and forth as new littles come into a family. I don’t know what I would do without this setup! Most have been warm weather pieces though b/c we used to live in FL. To further the wardrobe updates as we have recently moved from a warm climate to one with seasons is to find some more flexible pieces at consignment like cardigans, a good pair of boots, and thermals to layer under the summer/fall dresses (for my daughter) and tees (for my son) to extend our existing clothes lives. I’d love to win this though to get some updates into their wardrobe as the weather changes. And we have lots of events coming up this fall that some cool new digs would be wonderful. Thanks!!

  88. nycmama says:

    We always donate items before purchasing new ones and definitely prefer organic!

  89. TsLamb says:

    Using locally made clothes and reusing handmedowns (changing them into different styles), we do a lot of thrift shopping.

  90. lrg48 says:

    I plan on greening my child’s back-to-school year by being fragile; sewing up any holes or patching them up, buying better washing detergents, and shopping at thrift shops

  91. 44dresden says:

    Awesome Giveaway! Thanks for having it. The clothes look beautiful. We love clothing in natural dyes and fibers and if it is organic, all the better!

  92. gomeggo says:

    We have been really blessed with some great hand-me-downs every year and I always try to get one pair of nice shoes that last the entire year.

  93. khyland00 says:

    lots of hand-me-downs is the way to go for us!

  94. jwhedon says:

    I’m basically a single dad with 2 little girls… They are growing fast and I can always use more clothing for them. I’m also colorblind, so I bet they’d appreciate someone else choosing their clothes for them 🙂

  95. jwhedon says:

    I’m a soon to be single dad with 2 little girls… needless to say they’re always growing and needing new clothes. Oh, also I’m colorblind and I’m sure they’d appreciate your ‘We Build It’ box where someone else is choosing the clothing for them 🙂

  96. D3v0r4h says:

    My son is the 5 of 7 kids and nothing but boys before him. He has hand me downs to last forever. It would be nice though for him to have his own wardrobe full of new soft beautiful cotton clothing. With his ezema it would help out a lot. LOVE Panachebox!

  97. GeoffQ says:

    we are making our own laundry detergent

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