WIN a Charlie Banana Green Diaper Starter Kit Worth $155!

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Cloth diapers used to be cumbersome and a major commitment, despite their eco- and budget-friendliness. But thankfully the latest green diaper companies like Charlie Banana, which just launched in the US last fall, are making diaper duty easier and greener. Charlie Banana diapers are a 2-in-1 system made of snap-shut cloth diapers with either washable or biodegradable disposable inserts. You can choose from one of four sizes, or choose the one-size diapers, which can last from birth through potty training with a simple adjustment. If you’ve always wanted to try hybrid cloth diapers, here’s your chance! Charlie Banana is giving away a green diaper starter kit worth $155 to one lucky Inhabitots reader! The prize includes one 6-pack of sized or one-size diapers of your choice, one swim diaper, one package of double sided wipes, one package of biodegradable liners and one tote bag. Read more to find out how you can win!

charlie banana, cloth diapers, green diapers, eco friendly diapers, hybrid diaper, 2 in 1 diaper

Here’s how to enter to win a Charlie Banana Green Diaper Starter Kit worth $155!

**Sorry this giveaway is now closed.

1) Sign up for Inhabitots’ weekly newsletter (if you haven’t already!). We’ll be notifying the winner in our newsletter – so you need to sign up and receive our newsletter to find out if you have won.

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3) Add a comment to this post with your answer to the following question: When do you plan on starting potty training and will you try early potting training?

For extra good green karma, like Charlie Banana on Facebook, too. Contest ends Tuesday, February 22nd, 2011 at 12 midnight EST. Winner will be announced in the following week’s newsletter!

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474 Responses to “WIN a Charlie Banana Green Diaper Starter Kit Worth $155!”

  1. ayedavanita says:

    I plan to start potty training when my son seems to take interest in the potty or realizes he is wet. I will try early potty training but not force him into it if he’s not ready. Although I will miss the diaper stage because I so love cloth diapering!

  2. bandwith says:

    Tomorrow! Well, actually he’s only 15 weeks old.. however, I’m damned if I’m going to waste more time than is necessary.

  3. RoryElizabeth says:

    If anyone needs this one, it’s me! I’ve been trying to transition from disposables (ACK!) to cloth and this system looks AMAZING! PLEASE pick me!! I’ll even blog about it!

  4. melkirk81 says:

    I will start potty training when he shows signs of being ready to start. I learned the hard way with my daughter, they won’t do it til they’re ready, so I’m not going to push it.

  5. melkirk81 says:

    I will start potty training when my son shows signs of being ready. I already cloth diaper (mostly) and have heard that cloth diapered babies train sooner. Wouldn’t that be nice?

  6. agreenaffair says:

    II am going to try to not think about the age, and just follow her ques. I would love to try elimination communication, but I don’t know that I have the patience…. 🙂

  7. krmaki says:

    With my first son, I started when he seemed interested and ready on his own and that happened when he was almost 2 1/2 and was fully potty trained before his third birthday– no accidents, even at night. In my behavior analysis class at university; I learned it’s not a good thing to force this dramatic change on your child– it can cause some pretty seep psychological problems if you rush it or scold them when they have an accident.
    Anyways, so when my younger son is ready; I will be ready, too. =]

  8. agreenaffair says:

    I am just going to try and follow her ques and not think about how old she is. I would love to try elimination communication from the beginning, but I don’t know that I have the patience… 🙂

  9. Mommy2JnB says:

    I plan to follow the cues from my son. I made the mistake of being in a hurry with my daughter and she waited until she was almost 4 to finally potty learn. I am hoping that he will not make me wait that long! lol

  10. rebpobee says:

    I don’t think I will try early potty training. My daughter is two and right now my goal is for her to tell me when she has pooped her diaper. I’m guessing that that is the first step towards potty training – awareness of dirty diaper. She is getting there, although we have a lot of crying wolf!

  11. paulsonclan says:

    I’m waiting till he’s three. I tried it earlier with his brother, and it just caused heartache, headache, and bother. So much better at three!

  12. littlebabyfee says:

    My daughter is 6 weeks old now, but as soon as she is walking and aware of going potty in her diaper, we are going to start trying!

  13. gudvald says:

    Our son was fully potty trained by the time he turned 2, and I expect we will do things the same way next time.

  14. Jgitsch357 says:

    I am trying to train my 3 year old right now… of course he refuses. I hope my 6 month old shows interest sooner! 😉 Of course, I will miss the cute cloth booty!

  15. ridleygirl says:

    I signed up for my niece who is due the end of March. She is having her third baby. I am oldest of 12, my mom used cloth diapers for all the babies. Lots of diaper washes, no tons of diapers in the garbage.

  16. Brookses says:

    Our 18-month-old is interested in the potty and likes to sit on it. Nothing’s come of it so far, but we make it available for when she’s ready.

  17. istalkgeeks says:

    My son is only 5 months, so I guess I won’t be potty training for another 2 years. I have no plans to try early potty training.

  18. famille_huggins says:

    Entry 1 — I’ve signed up for the newsletter.

  19. famille_huggins says:

    Entry 2 — I like Inhabitots on Facebook (which is how I found out about this giveaway, BTW).

  20. laurelav says:

    I wait until the child is ready and old enough to physically go to the bathroom by themself (pull pants/underware down, wipe, get on toilet). I don’t believe in rushing them. I want it to be a positive experience and not a battle. My daughter was PT just before her 3rd Birthday. My son will probably be a diffrent story! 😉

  21. bbwise33 says:

    I plan to start potty training when baby starts learning to take off diaper, When they are learning that I will slowly introduce the potty and start training.

  22. CarolinaKiwi says:

    Since my son is only 4 months old, I haven’t put too much thought into it yet as I am loving CD-ing and his fluffy bum. However, I will just follow his cues. If I had to guess an age, I’d say around 2.5 years, but whenever he’s ready we’ll start trying.

  23. famille_huggins says:

    Entry 3 — We began attempting potty training around 15 months. Our daughter was showing an interest, and actually used the potty several times (even for pooping). At 18 months, though, she doesn’t even want to sit on the potty. I think the mistake we made is we really focused on attempting potty time before the bath, so she’d try/go and get straight into the tub. Now, when we have her sit on the potty, she indulges us for maybe 3 seconds, then wants to have a bath (bathtime or not). We’ve backed away from pressing the issue, and I think when we try again, we’ll move the potty into the tub-free powder room.

  24. Allicatcook says:

    I believe you can’t truly potty train until your kid is on board. Once they show an interest and you follow it up with positive reinforcement, then you’re on your way!

  25. ecomama3 says:

    I let my daughter decide when she was ready and followed her lead. I will do the same with my second daughter. 🙂

  26. Andie23 says:

    As soon as he shows signs of being ready. Like when he starts hiding to go and becomes curious about the toilet. I don’t go on age. We won’t try early because I think if they don’t understand it, what is the point?

  27. saph @ frugal wife blog says:

    I plan on early potty training since I heard kids that are cloth diapered potty train faster. 🙂

  28. bumblev says:

    We’ve had the little toilet available to my 2 yr. old son for six months now but aside from that, will pretty much just follow his cues. I’m hoping to avoid as much stress for him and us by being kinda laid back about the whole thing. (crosses fingers)

  29. thebestbug says:

    I’m hoping to start early potty training – around 10-12 months start introducing potty and start using cues to get baby interested/educated early on.

  30. centered says:

    I would like to try early potty learning, but really feel it will all depend on my son, his interest, and our ability to be consistent/helpful to him in getting there. I guess we’ll see how well it works with his personality too- he’s not quite here yet! =)

  31. clairesmom says:

    Both her dad and I potty trained early and she already can’t stand a wet/dirty diaper. She’s only 2 mos, so it’s hard to say. I assume that we’ll try when she takes an interest in it.

  32. EcoMom2Be says:

    Our first baby is due in July so it will be a while before we get to potty training but having watched many family members go through it I think that we will try as soon as our child begins to recognize they are wet which will hopefully be early since we will be using cloth diapers 🙂

  33. Calebsmum says:

    yes I will be trying to potty train around 12-16 months. I had my son completely potty trained at 16.=)

  34. Gypsiski says:

    I plan to start potty training when my son shows more signs that he is willing too!!

  35. elizlind says:

    I don’t plan on potty training until he shows signs of wanting to – and he is only 5 months old!

  36. jenny6ann says:

    I will likely follow my child’s lead on when to start potty training…just as I did with my current child. Hopefully the next one is as eager to learn!

  37. OKAlberts says:

    We have a 15 week old daughter and will wait until she shows signs of interest using the potty and then just start from there. Our 6 year old son started around 18 months being interested and then was trained by 2.5. We’re interested to see how it all goes with our daughter now.

  38. rachelblinsmon says:

    We are currently potty learning with our 2 1/2 year old daughter, and have another baby on the way! I introduced her to the potty around 18 months, but she didn’t take an interest till she was 2 or so. It is still a work in progress, but she is definitely getting it! I don’t think we’ll start early potty training with baby #2, I love cloth diapers too much, and will need to replenish my stash before baby arrives!! Thanks for the giveaway and all the good info!!!
    I am also a fan on Facebook and receive your newsletters!

  39. tenenda says:

    My daughter is 14 months old and we already bought her a potty because she was showing definite signs of knowing when she goes(squatting and holding crotch). So far the potty sits in the bathroom and all she does is take it apart. My plan is to let her tell me when its time, I will not force her to potty train but I won’t stop her at whatever age she wants to explore it.

  40. elizabethknost says:

    I’ll try when he’s ready! #1 was fully trained at 16 months…#2 was over 3. #3 will get there when he gets there! I’m not really an “early learning” kind of mommy.

  41. says:

    Probably around 2 but not totally sure

  42. JessicaA says:

    I plan on starting this spring/summer. My son is 2, but he is interested in the potty and has even already used the potty a few times. He even asked to go on the potty the other day and made peepee!

  43. LindsayR425 says:

    I just signed up for the newsletter and I Liked Inhabitots on facebook!
    I don’t plan on “potty training” my child at all, as in we will not be punishing him for making mistakes and such, he has been pooping in the potty since 6 months old, and we feel when he is ready to be diaper-free he will let us know, we do encourage going on the toilet, but i have no problems cleaning up the pee on the floor, (like i just had to do 10 minutes ago), or changing diapers!

  44. suzbee says:

    I start around 15 months.

  45. candlwilliams says:

    My first son is already potty trained at 2 1/2 and the second better start right out of the womb! lol

  46. mamahulme says:

    I plan to watch for signs to see that my child is ready. I don’t plan on forcing it early and hopefully will avoid getting frustrated by doing so.

  47. lizr23 says:

    I will start when my son shows signs that he is ready. If it’s earlier than expected we will start then!

  48. jjei says:

    Im waiting until my daughter can signal that she has to potty, knows where and what her potty is, can stay dry for a period of time… we arnt planning on early potty learning but we do sit her on the potty every once in a while to see what her response is

  49. canadaap says:

    I want to try earlier potty training with this baby, though I don’t know exactly what that means. I want to try to respond to the cues of this baby’s peeing/pooping, just like I do for breastfeeding, so that it doesn’t take 3 years this time!

  50. lmkester_05 says:

    We will start to introduce the potty at about age 2 and then go from there. My older 2 weren’t potty trained until 34mths and 30mths so we will see how our youngest does.

  51. chenton says:

    I subscribed to your newsletter :c)

  52. dianabanana says:

    we will start potty training our 16 mo around 21 months.,. usually the initial potty introduction back fires and there is regression. so we introduce it again at 22 months and continue with training or sitting on the potty every 2 hrs or so while awake. i have had complete bladder success in 4 weeks and bowel success in about 8 weeks. Simple regression happens from time to time, however with incentives and encouragement and discipline when warranted we have had all the boys trained completely by 24 months!

  53. Amy19er says:

    My son is only 6 months old so we are faaar from being ready to potty train. But we will start when he shows an interest in going to the potty. I don’t believe in forcing them to learn something that they are just not capable of just because society says they need to be using a potty by a certain age. Every child is different and unique and should be treated as such. Children tell us when they are ready for the next step.

  54. chenton says:

    I like you on FB (cassey johnson henton)

  55. chenton says:

    I don’t plan on potty training until my little one is showing signs of being ready. And quite frankly it makes me a little sad I wont get to use all of his cute fluff anymore!

  56. KristyG5 says:

    Likely around 2 🙂

  57. fluffs enough says:

    ) Sign up for Inhabitots’ weekly newsletter (if you haven’t already!). We’ll be notifying the winner in our newsletter – so you need to sign up and receive our newsletter to find out if you have won.


  58. LeashaE says:

    We will start potty training once my son is walking. He is 12 months old now and just starting to walk. He seems very interested in the potty so I am hoping that we can start Part Time potty training soon. This is my first baby so I”m thinking it’s going to be quite a process to transition from diapers to the potty.

  59. Cubryn says:

    We plan on starting potty training as soon as our little man is showing signs of being ready.

  60. livingerin says:

    Yeah for cloth diapers! I am planning on potty training when my babe is ready. Although we will make a tot potty available and start having conversations about it sometime in his first year.

  61. LeashaE says:

    I LIKE Inhabitots on FB

  62. khbordelon says:

    I plan to potty train whenever my daughter will show readiness for it! My son was fully daytime potty trained at about 27 months. Nightime is just starting to click at almost 4! We will just go with the flow with this little girl who is about to be born!

  63. peege23 says:

    I will wait & let my little guy show me he wants to use the potty. We tried to get our 2 year old to potty train early & it was a disaster. Once she was ready, she told us & that was completely painless.

  64. haleynorman says:

    I don’t have a certain age to start, I am hoping by using CD she will be ready earlier than later 🙂 I hope to have her PT by the time she is 2 1/2!

  65. sarahferret says:

    Flame me if you wish, but I think I will let her lead the way. If it is at 9 months, or at 19 months. She will not stay in diapers forever and will want to use the potty in her own good time.

  66. 3plustwins says:

    I usually start potty training around 2 years old. My third child though was training herself around 18 months. I started working with her more around 20 months and she was trained by 21 months! This time around it is with boy/girl twins so I am sure I will end up doing one at a time as my older son wasn’t trained until 2.5 while my older daughter was trained around 25-26 months.

  67. sarajolee says:

    I’ve got two in diapers now, and one on the way. I’ve always potty trained two already. With both, we waited until they were 3.5 year old. But, we were/still are using disposable diapers (building up stash of CD’s before we switch). But the oldest in dipes will be three soon. So, I’m hoping to get him potty trained before the baby comes!

  68. sarajolee says:

    I’m signed up for your newsletter!

  69. knockedupandnursing says:

    I’ll start potty learning when my son is ready. He’s showing interest but not enough to do it regularly. And with a newborn, its hard to concentrate on PLing.

  70. sarajolee says:

    I liked Charlie Banana on FB!

  71. sarahferret says:

    I Like you of FB now! You guys are awesome!

  72. sarahferret says:

    I think I will potty learn at her pace. When she shows an interest in it, I will go with the flow (no pun intended)

  73. Fresh1Blankies says:

    My 1st was a little girl and we potty trained @ 2 because I felt she was ready and it was really easy. Now I have a boy, and I’m not so sure. He is in cloth as opposed to my DD, so maybe it will even out? Love Charlie Banana. Bought 1 just recently and now I wish I could convert my whole stash.

  74. declove10 says:

    I signed up for inhabitots newsletter.
    I liked inhabitots on facebook.
    I would like to potty train child early, I think a good time is when they know that they have gone to the bathroom in their diaper & can tell you somehow.
    I liked Charlie Banana on facebook.

  75. sarahferret says:

    Oh, and I signed up for your newsletter. Look forward to recieving these!

  76. hmmalone says:

    I am hoping to potty train my little gal as soon as she is ready! I like to believe with using cloth diapers that she is going to train early and easy..:) here’s to hoping!:)

  77. goghgreen says:

    Add a comment to this post with your answer to the following question: When do you plan on starting potty training and will you try early potting training?

    I don’t really know. My son is only 14 weeks old, but I figure around 15 or so months I might start introducing him to the idea, when he can walk and communciate a little better. It totally depends on his development of course. Since i LOVE CDs, I probably wont’ be in a big hurry!

  78. Ecofrugal says:

    (Oops, sorry. Thought I was supposed to post a comment for each entry at first.)

    I will try to potty train my daughter around 2 years. I started to try early potty training but then got too busy to bother with it, and she seemed to lose interest after the initial window of 6-8 months. Cloth diapers are so easy to use I don’t mind diapering her for a while longer until she’s ready to learn more quickly.

  79. ctheaman says:

    I started my son at 13 months old. When he was about 10 months old he thought passing gas was funny. So I used this to my advantage. The first time I put him on I told him to “make a stinky” and within 5 minutes he was done with business and was so proud of himself and of course so was I. I am due in September and we will start them around the same time as well. Good luck and make toilet time funny!

    I also have signed up for the Inhabitots newsletter/ liked them on Facebook as well as liked Charlie Banana.

  80. Meighan T says:

    I don’t have a set plan for PT, I plan to let my son lead the way. Having said that, I would love it if he was PT by the time he’s three 🙂
    Thanks so much for the giveaway!

  81. AmandaAlvarado says:

    I will start early training at 2 years old. By if she’s not potty trained by 2.5 the training will go into overdrive.

  82. Yuka photo art says:

    I plan on starting this spring/summer. My son is 9 months old now and I think he is ready 🙂

  83. serenity says:

    i introduced my daughter to the potty around one but she didn’t show any interest until almost 2 1/2… then she trained immediately! we’ve had a nice break now but we’ll be starting back up with a new little one this spring!

  84. AmandaCruz says:

    Entry 1- I signed up for the newsletter!

  85. lecarns says:

    We’ll start when she shows interest! Early would be great, but no pressure.

  86. mon_petit_chou says:

    We are just starting to introduce the potty to our 19 month old. He knows the sign for “diaper change” so he is starting to make the connection and let us know when he is going. He also started saying “byebye” when we flush the toilet. We think it will happen in its time, no rush though because we are happy with our cloth diapers!

  87. echomyst says:

    Our daughter’s 11 months old and we started “ECing” when she was 3 months old. We still use cloth diapers as pottying is not 100% foolproof!

  88. tketter says:

    I plan on starting to potty train at 18 months. We are planning to have our kids 16 months apart and 2 in diapers will be a handful.

  89. SCB193 says:

    I signed up for the weekly newsletter.

  90. asdrexler says:

    i think we will start potty training soon, since my son has started to walk- i figured it is better to do after he is stable! some friends have done EC with various levels of success, but we did not. think we will start by holding him on the potty to try #2- better than spraying out diapers, and worth a try!

  91. c_guf says:

    signed up, I like ya, and I plan to potty train when she’s ready (prob. around 3).

  92. mhernandez says:

    Now getting your newsletter!

  93. scb193 says:

    I plan on potty training my daughter when she seems like she is interested in the potty or can communicate potty-related actions. If it happens early, great; if not, no big deal.

  94. detailscreating says:

    Not sure. This is the first one for us. I am thinking about starting training once our child has mastered walking! But won’t stress until after 2years old if the child has yet to pick it up.

  95. Kleigh22 says:

    not till son shows interest. No sooner.

  96. SunshineLily says:

    My DD is 2 and I plan to work on Potty training soon. With #2 I may start earlier with some EC, but will have to see how it goes after #2 is born this summer 🙂

  97. lyden.jennifer says:

    I plan to start potting training when she shows signs of being interested, but I will introduce her to the potty before that. I won’t however, force her to be potty trained too soon. I’m hoping she will be potty trained by 2 1/2 also.

  98. dawnjohnson5 says:

    I will start potty training as soon as he shows interest. My older boys potty trained at 2 years old, but the girls were a little over 3 years old.

  99. flame_chick says:

    I plan to start potty training at 2
    I signed up for inhabitots newsletter.
    I liked inhabitots on facebook.

  100. HeatherTM13 says:

    We tried to get our first son to use the potty when he turned 2, but he had a mind of his own, and he didn’t decide to use the potty all the time until after his 3rd birthday. With this little one we are using cloth diapers, and part of me doesn’t want to have to get rid of the cloth any sooner than I have to, but I also hear that cloth diapered babies learn to use the potty earlier than those that use disposables, so we will see. I think it will ultimately be up to our son 🙂 We are really hoping to get to try out the Charlie Banana diapers!!!

  101. marymeghan says:

    I plan to start when she shows signs of being ready, within reason (13 months now). If she shows no signs by 2.5 years, then I will begin to encourage her.

  102. Ruth says:

    I want to try E.C. and hope to have baby potty trained by 20 months or so. Though it all depends on how the baby feels and when he/she is ready.
    rutheadler at

  103. kiwimum says:

    I started at 4-5 months old with my daughter. She is now 10 months. We still use Cloth Diapers – and esspecially love the Charlie Banana diapers!! (She pees in her diaper, but very rarely poops in it! (Usually only if she is being looked after by someone else) Right from day 1 when I sat her on the potty to see what she thought, she went right away with a huge smile on her face. She loves it!!)
    Chantelle S, ski_girl69 at

  104. lbmama says:

    I’m hoping for early but my daughter wasn;t ready until 3.5 years old so we’ll see what happens. He already loves not having a diaper on!

  105. aebenson says:

    We started the “idea” of potty training at around 17 months…she’s going to be 2 in a few weeks and she sits on the potty sometimes, and goes sometimes, but really has no interest right now. I think with our next child we’re going to try EC, but we aren’t even pregnant yet, despite trying, so it’s easy to say that now.. 🙂 I suspect based on DD current perspective on the potty that we’ll be in diapers for quite a few more months, at least! 🙂

  106. lbmama says:

    I’m hoping to start early but my daughter wasn’t ready until 3.5 years old so we’ll see what happens!

  107. LandCard12 says:

    I am hoping to start potty learning my 19 month olds very soon. We have a couple of little potties but they aren’t quite ready yet.

  108. JennyDoesIt says:

    Our 15 month old daughter recently started showing signs of readiness, so we will pull the potty out in the next month or two and see what kind of response we get. We have another baby due this summer, so there won’t be any pressure for her to train since the new baby will be a big adjustment in June, and her brother going to kindergarten in the fall will be an adjustment as well. It would be nice if she was potty trained by 2.5. Her older brother potty trained at 3 years two months in a week, to fully nighttime trained. It was so much more painless when he was ready, so we will leave it as an option, but never any pressure. They won’t go to college in diapers, as they say!

  109. ayeats84 says:

    I signed up for the newsletter

  110. lulu5600 says:

    this is our first child and one of the incentives or “pros” that lured us into cloth diapering were the statistics that usually children who are cloth diapered potty train faster, with this being said hopefully around 15? but we shall see how this goes. thanks for the giveaway !

  111. Tiffany says:

    I will probably start working on potty training when he is around 2 or whenever he shows interest.

  112. Julia says:

    Signed up for the newsletter, like you on facebook (and Charlie Banana) and we plan to start potty training around 2.5 but we want to wait until he seems ready and interested because I’ve heard that with boys especially, it can actually take longer if you start too early. I’ve also heard that cloth diapered kids are easier to potty train though 😉

  113. jessicabx says:

    I will start potty training when he seems to be ready,,,I will not try early potty training unless he shows great interest,

  114. sacholn says:

    I like you on fb

  115. Rema says:

    i plan to start early, and i think EC will help baby get familiar sooner

  116. nickibee27 says:

    I am going to potty train my son as soon as he starts showing signs of being ready and interested in the potty! If that happens earylier than most I would be so happy!

  117. JLJMommy says:

    I signed up for your newsletter.
    ktiegen at yahoo dot com

  118. jillerbeth says:

    My first 3 kids were potty trained between 15-16months, initiating the learning on their own, so I expect the newest little one will start the process around 13 months or so by herself. I do so miss the adorable cloth diapering, so I am looking forward to a new little one to diaper.

  119. JLJMommy says:

    I like Inhabitots on fb.
    Kimberlie S. Tiegen
    ktiegen at yahoo dot com

  120. jljmommy says:

    I’ll start potty training when my little guys shows interest. probably around 2 year old.

  121. shermjen says:

    I signed up for your newsletter

  122. Paramor says:

    We already ahve potties from our first child, so we’ll begin introducing our second to the concept of it around his first birthday, then it’s up to him to show interest in it or signs that he’s ready. Our first was potty trained by 2.5 years, but still needs a diaper while sleeping (at 3 years old).

  123. Jne2853 says:

    I think I will introduce the potty to my future children at around two years of age.

  124. lisasott says:

    Gosh, the sooner the better (my husband is wavering pretty hard on cloth diapering), but he has to be ready!

  125. sarae527 says:

    I already liked Charlie Banana on Facebook 🙂

  126. nicoleb says:

    I’d love to get her out of diapers soon, I will start trying at 18 months, right now she hates the potty!

  127. sarae527 says:

    Entry for signing up for the newsletter. Can’t wait to read it

  128. sarae527 says:

    Last Entry for today – We are going to follow this DD’s queues. DD1 started potty training around 12 months, but we didn’t finish until 17 months. I’d like to have the same success with my next daughter, but we will see when she’s ready

  129. ehoughton1 says:

    I plan on starting early with my baby girl. We have been cloth diapering since before she was even a month old and she HATES being wet already. I hope this is a sign that she will be a good candidate for early training.

  130. shermjen says:

    I’m a Inhabitots facebook fan!

  131. shermjen says:

    I’m a fan of Charlie Banana on Facebook

  132. shermjen says:

    I plan to start potty training around 22 months if he is ready.

  133. alexisanna44 says:

    I plan to potty train early. I’ll try to start teaching as soon as my child shows an interest in the potty.

  134. Xizelle says:

    Email Subscriber.

    bakergurl02 (at) yahoo (dot) com

  135. @heathymom says:

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  136. careyfire says:

    My first two daughters started around 2 years old. I think my second daughter was a little earlier b/c she saw her big sister doing it. My third daughter is 5 months old. I think I’ll plan on 2 years again unless she shows interest earlier.

  137. jjziemann says:

    I plan on starting when my LO decides he is ready. I tried pushing it with the first baby- and it was miserable for everyone involved. With my second, I let her decided and it was easy! So it may be early- it may be late. But rest assured it will happen before college =)

  138. sarahskyy says:

    I am hoping to train her before or around age 2!

  139. Brie Kastelein says:

    I’m expecting my first at the end of March, My spouse and I are aiming for 20 months or earlier, I was potty trained at a young age, around 16 months I believe, I know not to expect much as all kids are different, but I feel its a good start to have a goal 🙂
    I also plan to go use cloth from start to finish! I have gone to a few seminars to learn all I can before my sons arrival, Charlie Banana has been a huge hit, and I can’t wait to try them out, this set would get me started in the right direction!

  140. youarelovely says:

    Fan of both on FB, signed up for newsletter.

    We are going to wait until she is ready to potty train. No big rush! I want to save us hassle and stress!

  141. runningmomof 2 says:

    just finished training #1 @ 2 1/2. Will prob start introducing #2 at 12 months.

  142. KrysGreen says:

    I’m not even due until June, so potty training is the furthest thing from my mind right now … I figure we will just go with the flow and take cues from our daughter. When she is ready, she will let us know.

  143. laubabe says:

    im expecting my first, so i have no idea when i would start training, but i would want to try early potty training!

  144. ksterritt says:

    Our first child will arrive in the next couple months so we have a little time to consider this question. Ideally, he will be potty trained around the age of 2. Excited to be a FB fan and to start receiving the newsletter!

  145. kendrav79 says:

    Already receive the newsletter!

  146. kendrav79 says:

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  147. kendrav79 says:

    My daughter is currently 16 months, and I plan to start potty training within the next 6 months.

  148. lilysmommy2009 says:

    Joined the newsletter.

  149. queenofthesnot says:

    My daughter is 20 months old and I plan on starting to train her once she turns 2. This will be a bit earlier than when we tried our oldest. My youngest is already showing signs of being aware of when she goes.
    Thanks for the awesome giveaway!

  150. lilysmommy2009 says:

    Like you on Fb

  151. lilysmommy2009 says:

    LikeCharlie Banana on FB

  152. lilysmommy2009 says:

    My daughter turned 2 a week ago and we tried potty training for a week before that, she shows all signs of readiness and can even stay dry all night, but she doesn’t want to. SO we are on a month break so the potty and become less scary and then we wil try it again.

  153. andiemarie923 says:

    1) I signed up for the newsletter

  154. jennisachiko says:

    HEEEEYYY!!! I LOVE a site that supports mommies and daddies that wanna commit to taking the extra-loving steps toward smarter living!!!! Why is cloth diapering and breastfeeding always looked down on around us? I’m so thankful for this site! And it’s totally rad that you guys are giving stuff away because getting started is always the hardest part, financially, especially when hubby gets laid off and momma already takes care of two little ones!! hehe
    Potty training is such a wonderful way to bond and learn more about your little one. My “plan” to potty train is merely a goal because you can’t PLAN on anything in life! The sooner the better so momma doesn’t have to stick her hand in poo all day, WORD?!?!?! 🙂

  155. jkquinn23 says:

    I will be a stay at home, once LO is born and have been reading up on early potty training. I think I will probably begin putting LO on the potty around 9 months or so, depending. Not so much for training, as getting used to the idea. I have read putting them on first thing in the morning helps develop a routine.

  156. andiemarie923 says:

    2) I follow Inhabitots on facebook.

  157. andiemarie923 says:

    3) I plan to potty train my daughter when she shows signs that she is ready. I plan on buying a little potty seat in the soon so she can get use to seeing it around.

  158. NaturalMamaEmma says:

    I plan to do as I have with my 2 oldest and wait tll he’s ready. We went cold turkey straight into underwear and they were fully potty trained in a week with no future accidents. Why mess with what works?

  159. danielle4534 says:

    I plan to start around 18 months thats when my first LO showed signs of wanting to but if this little guy wants to sooner we will!

  160. Joyanna12 says:

    Our first one was a cake walk, she was ready on her own and done by the time she was 21 months old, our second one is being more “slow”. Goes pee just fine and for a while even pooped, now that that due of the new baby is getting nearer he has taken a step back and only peeing=( So I have decided that he will take the lead roll and we will be potty trained when he is ready. As for the new baby coming we shall wait and see, I will take all the signs from them and decide when to try. I would love to win this giveway, after uses desposes with the first two I am going to start using clothes this time and would love to build up a nice size group before the baby comes….so Thank You!!

  161. jennisachiko says:

    i know i already commented but i just wanna admit that i’m TOTALLY STOKED to start cloth diapering!!
    this will be our third BOY and with the first two we didn’t aim high enough and went the easy way out with disposables. THEN i got to reading up and it takes like over 500 years for those bad boys to decompose!?!?!?
    i aint scared to cloth diaper AND we found a totally rad way to hook up a diaper sprayer to our toilet!
    SO STOKED!!!!

  162. jeanette42807 says:

    Our daughter is just 3 months old, so it’s so hard to think that far ahead! My best guess is we’ll wait until she shows interest. I don’t want to rush it even though I may be tired of diapers. Most children aren’t ready until age 3, but we sometimes rush it at age 2 because everyone else is doing it : )

  163. patinawaterstreet says:

    We’re potty training now, but cloth diapers are great for nights & long car rides. Will def. cloth diaper the second child & beyond!

  164. India says:

    We plan on potty training at 2 or earlier if LO shows interesting in trying things out!

  165. husskl says:

    I signed up for the weekly newsletter
    husskl at comcast dot net

  166. gincigirl says:

    My 23 month old is fully trained, except for nap and nighttime. She trained at 18 mos. in about a week, just by going bare bottoms at home!

  167. catcici says:

    I would love to try Charlie Banana for my next baby. I have been using Bum Genius 3.0 for 22 months and I am starting to see several issues with the velcro.

  168. shlee111 says:

    We’ve just started potty learning at 16 months. I

  169. Sticemichelle says:

    I will start potty training as soon as my daughter shows signs she is interested. I will do some early training but just as an introduction.

  170. ewmelby21 says:

    Our baby is not due until July, but I think it is important to wait until they are ready and not try to force the issue

  171. EmilyC345 says:

    i’m hoping to start potty training by 2, but i really have no idea. this is my first. i’ll probably just measure it based on his awareness of being wet/dirty and desire to change that! but the earlier the better by me!

  172. annaboyles says:

    Potty training?! My baby girl is 6 months old right now. I’m just happy to be getting started with cloth diapers! I would love it if early potty training works… we’ll see in a year or so!

  173. jerrydoes says:

    My babies coming this week so I haven’t even started to contemplate potty training…

  174. leelynn18 says:

    I’m going to watch DS and follow his clues on PTing.

  175. jdeemarie says:

    I don’t really “plan” out our potty-training. I just watch my children for clues and interest. I don’t push it. Having said that, my two oldest both potty-trained around 18 months. If my youngest isn’t showing interest by the time he is 2.5 I may change my mind and push him.
    Jodi Jordan

  176. daniellegill says:

    Liked it on FB

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    I signed up for the newsletter too! so excited!

  178. daniellegill says:

    I plan on potty training when the child(ren) is(are) ready. For example I am currently working on my 3 year old and my 2 year old because they are both interested right now! My 6 month old will have to wait tho 😉

  179. edz.mels says:

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    Signed up!

  180. hketg says:

    I started “potty training” my 17 month old son a few months ago – but we’ve been taking one step forward, and a couple steps back – he’s used the potty at least a dozen times, he’s physically ready, but psychologically, he’s resisting…So we’re on a “break” right now – and we just talk about the potty….

  181. edz.mels says:

    I liked inhabitots on FB!

  182. edz.mels says:

    I liked Charlie Banana on FB

  183. sppmg says:

    Potty training need to start when my child is ready and interested and can begin to pull down his own pants, before that I feel that he is not being potty trained its the adults around him.

  184. bulajeansboutique says:

    Wow! I learned so much just from your posts. My monkey is 6 months old and I haven’t even thought about this topic yet!

  185. tannis_z says:

    signed up for newsletter

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  187. tannis_z says:

    I’m not sure when I plan to start potty training. I think it kind of depends on the child and how receptive they are to it also. I think the idea of early potty training sounds good, but I think we’ll have to wait and see how things go!

  188. tannis_z says:

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  189. linnemeyera says:

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  191. linnemeyera says:

    I plan to start trying to potty train whenever my baby shows interest in it. I’d love to do it early!

  192. kelseyalbecker says:

    I signed up for the newsletter!

  193. kelseyalbecker says:

    I like Inhabitots on FB! My FB name is kelsey albecker

  194. kelseyalbecker says:

    My son is 10 momths old but I plan on starting potty training around the age of two.

  195. Dakotaring says:

    We’ve done a little EC work but the boy’s not digging it… when he’s ready we’ll really get serious about PLing!

  196. SAB244 says:

    i’ll do potty training whenever my child indicates readiness but in no even later than 3. if they don’t indicate readiness by 3, i will make him or her aware of readiness. so far it hasn’t been a problem.

  197. faeriedreamer says:

    We have already begun potty training but have not completed it with my 22 month old daughter. We have been following her cues in the process. Also, we are not pushing anything right now as I am due to have my new little one in just 6 weeks.

  198. MonicaYB says:

    With my youngest son, who is now 22 months old, we started ECing him at 4 months. I would have sooner, had I really known about it. He is still wearing CD’s at night though, and wakes up dry about 30% of the time.
    My 4th baby is due in May, and I plan on stating the EC process as soon as possible. Using cloth diapers along the journey, of course. 🙂

  199. rachel N says:

    I signed up for the newsletter

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    I follow you on FB (rachel neufeld)

  201. rachel n says:

    I plan to slowly start introducing my boy to the potty at around 14-15 months but won’t start actual potty training until he shows he’s ready.

  202. kat.c.stevens says:

    We would like to start potty-training when the little guy is about 2 years. He is already very aware of when he has pooped and doesn’t like sitting in it, so I am hoping that’s a good sign for the future.
    (I am also a fan of Inhabitots on FB and a newsletter subscriber!)

  203. verdemama says:

    My son is almost two and he is starting to show awareness of when he has to go, and he doesn’t like to spend time in a dirty diaper, so we will probably start toilet learning very soon!

  204. JenniferDV says:

    I plan to start the (serious) potty training process no earlier than age 2, unless my child indicates he’s ready sooner than that.

  205. fireflyskies says:

    I’ll start potty training as soon as he is interested in it, or maybe try to encourage an interest, but I don’t want to force him. I’d really like to not be changing diapers for too long, but it’ll be what it’ll be.

  206. rosieh2 says:

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  208. rosieh2 says:

    I will start potty training when my daughter shows interest in the potty

  209. rosieh2 says:

    Like Charlie Banana on facebook

  210. Cillepille says:

    We do potty training and tried from he was very little.

  211. jaimeputnam says:

    I plan on potty training as soon as my son starts to show interest. But, I will admit—right now (he’s 6 months) that idea seems a little sad! We have so much fun during diaper changes and I’ll be sad to not see his cute lil bum in Charlie Banana diapers! (if we win!)

  212. backpackin.dannielle says:

    I’m not entirely sure when I will start potty training. However, to get the ball rolling, my boyfriend has told me while he lived in Europe, the fathers will take their little boys with them when they use the restroom so they see their dad’s standing there, peeing away, and it will help them understand sooner/spark an interest in the little boys.

    Who knows, we’ll give it a go and see what happens 🙂

  213. aubade says:

    I plan to start potty training early using gentle methods. He is 4 months old now, so I’m thinking somewhere around 8 – 12 months introducing a potty, and teaching sign language for when he has to go. I’m hoping he’ll be completely trained sometime between 18 and 24 months. I have to read up more on elimination communication, but it seems to me if prior generations and other cultures have their kids trained earlier, it is possible. As long as I’m using gentle methods, and not punishment, I can’t see where the harm could be.

  214. darknessmb says:

    I plan to start when my baby girl is over a year old…I hope she will let me know when she is ready!

  215. Shawnele says:

    We will not try “potty training” early. With our older kids we waited until they were “ready” and tried conventional potty training. With Sadie Mae (our 6th), if I have the gumption I’d like to try elimination communication…but with all I have going on, it’s likely we’ll go the conventional route again.

  216. lauradb says:

    My son is 7 months, and we don’t have a solid plan for potty training yet. I am intrigued by elimination communication, but I fear that I wouldn’t be in tune enough to my baby’s cues. I plan to wait until my son shows an interest in the potty and then work with that. Hopefully we will not run into artificial deadlines like preschool requirements.

  217. thegirlisamom says:

    We started potty training our daughter at 13 months, because she showed an interest in the potty. At 17 months she now uses the potty after naps and in the morning and randomly throughout the day, we aren’t pushing her. I’m pregnant and with the next baby I plan to just do the same and follow their lead.

    I signed up for the newsletter and I like you on Facebook!

  218. lauradb says:

    I am an Inhabitots newsletter subscriber.

  219. lauradb says:

    I am a fan of Charlie Banana and Inhabitots on Facebook. I would love to try the Charlie Banana cloth diapers!

  220. cuzamora says:

    With my first son I started at 2 and he wasn’t completely trained until 5, and now has regressed a bit at 6. With my next son due in late April, I hope to start early if he’s ready.

  221. baufrau says:

    Potty training? Elimination communication?
    My son will learn to use the toilet when he learns to walk.
    Until then I go bananas without Charlie Bananas!

  222. baufrau says:

    Elimination Communication? – Potty Training?
    My baby-boy will use the toilet when he starts walking.
    Until then I go bananas without my Charlie Bananas!

  223. UlanaChapman says:

    2.5 years old. It’s the age that worked with my older daughter. 🙂

  224. chenchenchenry says:

    Firstborn is on the way in May. We’re hoping to cloth diaper part time as none of the daycares where we live allow cloth. Very big shame, but we want to do what we can. Hopefully we can start potty training as soon as possible!

  225. tkrohn says:

    Oh, potty training! My son just turned 3 and is at the tail end of potty training. We started when he was showing signs that he was ready (at about 24 months). I often wonder if we would’ve started earlier if we’d be done sooner too? IDK. We are expecting again in June and I think we’ll start a little sooner with that one (also a boy). For those that are struggling with potty training, we found a really great (funny) kid’s book that has helped keep our son motivated. Check out “On top of the potty” by Alan Katz & David Catrow. We love it!

  226. ashleyroz says:

    My son is 2 months and we already occasionally go potty. I plan on more seriously ECing with him when he’s around 4-5 months but continuing to cloth diaper until he gets the hang of it.

  227. greenmomali says:

    I’m still on the fence about potty training, but whether we go with elimination communication or following the child’s lead, good quality cloth diapers are a must! We used them with our son and hoped they would last us through our other children, but some of them have seen better days. So this starter kit would be perfect for us to help stretch the use of our others with our next babe! (And I can’t wait to try the double-sided wipes!)

  228. mverdera says:

    I am currently 25wks pregnant, and I would LOVE these! I’ve been trying to decide what cloth diapers to put on my registry, and these look perfect. Since this is my first kid, I have no idea when to start potty training… seems like between 2-3 years old is the popular time!

  229. granolagirl says:

    I plan to start potty training as soon as my son shows an interest. I’ll try early potty training if he seems up for it. I hope he is:)

  230. kdahlsrud says:

    I’m going to do potty training this summer while it’s nice and warm for my 2 year old. And the next baby is due in April so I probably won’t potty train this one until about 2 years old also. But we’ll see how much the cloth diapers help with preparing for potty training. I’m very hopeful.

  231. teamom says:

    Signed up for the newsletter.

  232. teamom says:

    Liked Inhabitots on FB (Olivia Lambert Lasting)

  233. teamom says:

    I’ll potty train when my LO is ready. I like that cloth diapers help toddlers potty train earlier than disposables!

  234. teamom says:

    I liked Charlie Banana on FB (Olivia Lambert Lasting)

  235. che says:

    We have been encouraging potty training since our son was a little over a year old. We’ve had a couple hits, but mostly misses. He is just not ready. He recently turned three and still shows little to no interest in the potty. It’s very frustrating, but we are trying to be as patient as possible.

  236. helenlam says:

    I’m planning on starting potty training when the weather turns warmer…when the baby is about 15 months old. EC worked when we were kids!

  237. leashae says:

    I signed up for the weekly newsletter!!

  238. jbelum says:

    I actually have started potty training my 15mo. I recently which from disposable to cloth and love them. I know this is really early to start potty training, but we are taking it really slow. I have all-in-one diapers, but only have enough for a day and half. I would really like to get some more especially for baby number 2.

  239. riversends says:

    I plan on potty training when my daughter seems ready. I hope to start earlier than normal.

  240. tiffanyalix says:

    I’ll start training my son, who’s just a few months old, as soon as he starts showing an interest in the potty (hopefully it’s soon!).

  241. kierbadu says:

    I am going to try at 2 but we will see.

  242. amyprry says:

    I plan on trying when he seems ready. He has an older brother so he may be ready sooner than my older ones were. These diapers look great!

  243. nw homesteader says:

    i am trying to finish up training with my 2 1/2 yr old and will begin with my one year old in another month or so and the new baby will be a year or so!

  244. gmtrcp says:

    I don’t plan to pressure my little boy into potty training. When he shows interest, then we’ll start teaching him to go in a portable potty chair.

  245. midnightpaddle says:

    not sure when we’ll be potty training. My first isn’t due until May, so this is all new to me!

  246. Kathleen W. says:

    Oh goodness, I’m certainly trying! My son will be 3 soon, and just refuses to do the potty, after some early success. I really hope to have him trained soon, before our second child arrives in July. We do use cloth diapers, but I’d like to add some more to our stash, for the baby.

  247. kari2meeker says:

    well, my daughter turns 2 in the spring of 2012… i hear it’s easier to train in the summer.. i might give it a go then if she’s acting interested… however if it’s the following spring i won’t sweat it!!!

  248. megs1328 says:

    I plan on starting at 18 months, though seeing as how she isn’t due until April, we’ll see when we get there.

  249. Speakaboo says:

    I plan on starting between 14-18 months, but won’t push anything. It’d be cool to try early potty training. I didn’t try it with my other children. I stuck with cloth from birth to about age 2….when they went into training pants.

  250. netkat says:

    I plan to start potty training when my daughter shows interest in the toilet/potty/etc. With both my previous children (two boys) this started around 2.5/3. We did things very gradually, and now at 5 and 4, they only really have accidents if they’re sick.

  251. sjpitroff says:

    We plan to potty train when our children express interest in the toilet. Also, I am intrigued by the Elimination Communication method. We’ll see! This will be our first baby, so it will be interesting to see what works! We can’t wait to CD and have been encouraged that potty training usually starts earlier due to feeling the wetness in the CD! Woot!

  252. theresano says:

    When i’m sure she’s ready.

  253. dn says:

    potty training should begin when a child shows interest, & is capable of some control, so not to impede confidence when learning a new & difficult skill.

  254. unitsellers says:

    I am going to start potty training my son when he starts showing interest in his little potty
    at this point he is almost 4 months he wont be ready for some time but i hope it goes well for us 🙂

  255. jsitterley says:

    We’re still expecting, so I hope to learn about potty training as we go. We have many other landmarks to reach before that 🙂 However, after some preliminary research, 2 sounds like an appropriate age to test the water, so to speak.

  256. cdiedrich says:

    We are still expecting and so really concentrating on how we can successfully cloth diaper at the moment. However, we will do lots of learning about potty training soon and try to do it as early as possible!

  257. glitch says:

    We’re going to tegu our hand at elimination communication. So technically, at birth, although not in the conventional sense of potty training.

  258. craftnclutter says:

    I’m a FTM with my first due at the end of June, so I really am clueless when it comes to potty training. I’m hoping using cloth diapers will help baby girl want to potty train earlier – hopefully by 2.5 yes.

  259. hummiblue says:

    I hope as early as possible. But every child is different and I don’t want to put any pressure on my little guy. Let nature have it’s way!

  260. altosax16 says:

    I’ll probably start potty training around 2, but I’m interested in learning more about elimination communication so it may be sooner!

  261. misserma says:

    I think I’ll try to start potty training when my baby is around 15 months. Unless he’s not ready, I won’t force him and let him figure out when he’s comfortable and ready. So I’m sure I won’t mind changing dirty diapers for a while longer. 😀

  262. AndreaM says:

    The baby hasn’t even popped out of my belly yet – not sure about when we’ll try potty training. I’d rather wait and see when he or she seems ready, rather than set an arbitrary date.

  263. camillebethany says:

    I’ve got 3 kids, with a 4th on the way. The older two are potty trained, my 23 month old has recently shown interested in the toilet, so we’re working with her! I plan to cloth diaper baby #4.

  264. michelle says:

    I will start potty training when she shows some interest.

  265. tish1973 says:

    My baby hasn’t been born yet, but we plan to toilet train her like we did her brother – let her decide when to do it. We tried to get our son interested early, but he just wasn’t into it. When he decided he wanted to, he just did it. No power struggles.

  266. briannec says:

    I have already begun potty training with my almost 7 week old daughter. We’ve been practicing Elimination Communication (being diaper free) for the past week and she already dislikes relieving herself in the cloth diaper prefolds we have now. And we already have to stop the car on trips to let her go since she doesn’t like to go in her car seat.

  267. Shawnatella says:

    I plan on staring potty training early. My daughter is currently 8 months old and I plan on buying her, her own potty very soon and using elimination training techniques. I have heard when you cloth diaper children catch on to potty training quicker, we will see. I have a friend who cloth diapers and has practiced elimination training and her 1 year old (she just turned one less than a month ago) already crawls to her potty and shakes it when she needs to go poo….pretty cool for a baby that cannot yet walk or really talk.

  268. kristafeyma says:

    Judah is only 4 months old right now, so i imagine we have a ways to go with diapers still. I’ve heard cloth diaper babies potty train sooner than those using disposables, so that would be wonderful 🙂 Like many have stated above the plan is to wait until the timing seems right. We don’t have an exact age in mind, just whenever he starts to express interest. However he better show interest before he’s 12 cuz that would be a problem… j/k! much sooner than that 🙂

  269. michelle.oborn says:

    I have signed up for the newsletter!

  270. michelle.oborn says:

    I liked you on facebook!

  271. michelle.oborn says:

    I will start potty training when I find out I’m pregnant with the next (hopefully around 2 1/2 or 3). We really don’t want two kids in diapers at the same time. Even if they are super cute cloth ones!

  272. BrickHouseCooker says:

    I plan on showing my son the toilet often and explaining to him that the pee and poop goes in there. He is only 4 months right now, but hopefully between 12 and 18 months we’ll start doing that so he gets the hang of it and I’m hoping that he’ll want to go on the toilet by himself! We’ll see, he’s my first 😀

  273. monica716 says:

    Our little one’s due in august so i’m talking to lots of people now about the how tos of potty training…then when the child seems ready at whatever point we’ll go for it.

  274. susmithajn says:

    I will wait till my daughter is ready and interested but ofcourse before she reaches 4 🙂

  275. tfamdc says:

    Hoping to start the potty training around 18 months!

  276. objuan says:

    My little dude is only 4 months old so I haven’t even started thinking about potty training. I would think I would like to start putting the idea in his head around 1 1/2 years

  277. supermom10 says:

    I will start potty training my little girl in the summer, when i can load her up with water and juice.I already have a baby boy in cloth diapers so it’s double duty for me 🙂

  278. bumblebee says:

    @ 18 month not earlier. It worked with our first daughter who is now 2 years old. Will see when she seems to be ready for it

  279. bumblebee says:

    Would like to start at 18 month of age , not earlier

  280. stark_ls says:

    I’d like to start potty training at 18 months but because I work from home I have the flexibility to patient while he comes to terms with it in his own time. It seems that no matter what you do or how you entice them, it happens only when they wake up and realize they don’t have to be dirty anymore.Me, I’m not in a hurry for my little guy to grow up.

  281. sherpa17 says:

    Both my sister and I were both fully potty trained by 18 months. I think my sister was probably trained months earlier… I was stubborn. I have no idea what magic my mother had up her sleeve but I intend to use the same method when potty training my little one. Hopefully I’ll see the same results my mother did. We’re starting to introduce the potty now (at 6mo) when we’re changing her diaper and we praise her when she pees in it. She’s still a bit young to grasp it yet but we’re just getting her used to being on the potty.

  282. Maureen69 says:

    We potty trained late and I highly recommend that! Thanks, Maureen

  283. Maureen69 says:

    I’m a newsletter subscriber. thanks, Maureen

  284. Amylynn H says:

    I do not plan on potty training until he shows he is ready. I learned the hard way with my oldest! He was 3 before he trained. My youngest is showing no signs of being ready, so I’m not pushing him.
    Signed up for email newsletter.
    FB fan of inhabitots and Charlie Banana.

  285. husskl says:

    I plan on having my 18 month old trianed in the next few months..she is already on her way1 my older 2 were fully trained by 2. I have a baby on the way who will also hopefully be trained by 2! 4 kids, never more than one in diapers at a time!

  286. amy8lou says:

    My sweet baby isnt due until October but I guess we will try potty training around 2 years! My niece started then and was pretty successful! Thanks for the contest!

  287. JenniferBB says:

    Our little one is just two months old so we have a ways to go before potty training. However, we will try our best to take our cues from him when he’s ready to make that change.

  288. Pamcake318 says:

    I usually potty train right at or around 2 yrs old. My second daughter had an issue with diaper rashes that just wouldn’t go away so we potty trained her 2 weeks after her 2nd birthday. She didn’t necessarily show interest or give me any signs she was ready but the poor baby was bleeding – even with prescription rash cream. I couldn’t handle seeing her like that anymore. It only took 3 days and she was good to go.

  289. Korissa says:

    Im starting to potty train my 20 month old now. And just found out we have one on the way!! Will come in handy having these!!

  290. sarajolee says:

    I liked Inhabitots on FB!

  291. Angie says:

    I’ve already signed up…so I’m keeping my fingers crossed that I’ll see my name in the next newsletter! My kiddo is turning 2 next week and we’ve been sitting on the potty for a few months now, but seems like he’s just not ready to take the plunge yet. We’ll be ready when he is!
    We have a new one on the way though, so I would love to have some fresh cloth diapers to add to our stash. Thanks for a great giveway!

  292. RanaAurora says:

    I liked you guys AND Charlie Banana on FB and already subscribe to the newsletter!
    We don’t do potty training, really. Around the first birthday we introduce a potty and encourage use and foster understanding. They get there when they’re ready. 🙂

  293. clairemontgom says:

    probably about 18 to 24 months, but will depend on other factors such as second baby…

  294. MelanieLouise says:

    My oldest potty trained at 22 months (after being cloth diapered), baby #2 self-learned at 19 months old (also CD’d)… she wanted to be like big brother. We’re going to try a bit of EC with baby #3, due in April.

  295. callie says:

    I don’t yet have my own little one but when I do I plan to follow their lead on potty training. I potty trained late and my sister was early so I guess if karma plays a roll I am in for a late trainer.

  296. xxsniperettexx says:

    we part time EC but my younger daughter will probably potty learn by 2.5 like her sister did.

  297. dahlbys says:

    We’re still expecting our first, but we plan to start potty training earlier that many of our friends as long as our baby shows some interest.

  298. chicane says:

    My son is 16 months old and we have already started the process, kind of. We do sign language and he knows the signs and can do them at the right time, he comes in with me when I have to go, and pushes the button and does the sign for wash hands. I’ve just started talking to him about if/when he wants to use the potty next to the big toilet. We’re taking it slow….

  299. ravenous says:

    I’ll wait until my little one is ready, whenever that is.

  300. FLUXX Jewelry says:

    We don’t do a real potty training! Around 18 months we introduce a potty and encourage her to use it. We will see!

  301. powderblue says:

    i’m about to make the switch from disposables to cloth, so if i won, this would be a great way to start !
    thanks !

  302. rebeccahermance says:

    My little one is only 4 months old, so I haven’t really thought about potty training. But, I imagine I will wait until she is ready. I’ve heard it is less stressful for all involved.

  303. canmidwife says:

    For my first born, we started elimination communication when he was 8 days old. He started telling us he wanted to have bowel movements consistently when he was 18 months. We don’t stress about his pees, but we take him every few hours, he’s 30 months now and in training pants. We have misses. Our new daughter is 8 weeks old and she was less than 4 lbs when she was born, so I started elimination communication with her when she was 18 days old. We catch about 2 pees a day.

  304. praeluceo says:

    Our son’s due-date is on the 23rd, we have about a billion infant diapers that people have given us, but nothing older. Either I’m getting cloth diapers, or that boy is going to learn to use the toilet like the rest of the family!

  305. akozdron says:

    We did early potty training with our daughter, and she started doing her bowel movements on the potty regularly at 8 months, and was in underpants by 23 months (with barely any accidents). All we did was put her on the potty at regular intervals throughout the day. We have a 5 month old baby, and she has just started sitting up, and so I just started putting her on the potty too this week! She’s already have a number of pees, and 2 poopies. Pretty cool! Would love some cloth diapers to help out!

  306. courtney fisk says:

    i signed up for your newsletter. 🙂

  307. Selmada says:

    I’d love to start early. my twins are 20 months but I know they are not ready. Im hoping to try around their second birthday but have no intention of pushing them at all.

  308. libbyhunt says:

    My son just turned 2, so we’re going to try shortly. I think I missed the early window, but the new baby comes in 4 months, so we’re hoping we master it by then…

  309. Mhshell says:

    We have already started potty training….a little…:) My baby is only 15 months, but she is very aware of when she is wet, so whenever I have to go to the restroom, I try to take her with me and I sit her on her potty too! She’s not done anything yet, but I think this is the start to it all 🙂

  310. mcintoshkim says:

    We are planning on following our daughters lead. We talk to her about what the toilet is for etc. (even though she is only 4 months) so hopefully by the time she is ready the whole thing won’t be a foreign concept. We shall see.

  311. Swodnik says:

    I plan to start trying around 18 months.

  312. alarely says:

    i star potty trainning when she was 23 months

  313. GreenGrandma says:

    My granddaughter was cloth diapered with prefolds and diaper covers. She is now 27 months old and potty trained. My grandson is 6 months old and is also cloth diapered with AIOs. My daughter plans to potty train him when he is 2.

  314. ccbeauchamp says:

    We potty trained my daughter at 22 months, and I will probably wait a little longer with my 1 yr old son- early potty training is exhausting! I’ve liked both on facebook!

  315. Andrea G. says:

    I like Inhabitots on Facebook (as Andrea Grupe)

  316. andrea g. says:

    While my husband and I are just now prepping for number one, I think we will try the method of waiting until our child shows interest in potty training, unless they get to be too old lol.

  317. coloradofunshine says:

    We are part time EC-ers! So early ‘potty training’ for us! We’ve not been about to be diaper free, so we love our cloth!

  318. plhatfield56 says:

    Any time after one year, as soon as he starts walking around really.

  319. MJL0921 says:

    I will start potty training my little one as soon as he starts showing signs that he is ready! He is just about 1 so I guess it is too late to start early potty training.

  320. sheau says:

    Definitely going to start EC at one month old. That’s how I was raised. We tried it with our first baby and it is successful with some misses at different stage. She is 20 months old and will let us know when she wants to go #2. Now, we need to work on #1. For our second baby, I will definitely start EC at one month old for #2 and try #1 also.

  321. crowles says:

    I have no idea; once I do some research on the subject i will decide. She is only 4 months old.

  322. mamaof3gql says:

    I am currently potty training my three year old son. Some days are better than others. A lot depends on his mood… & boy is he MOODY!!! My daughter is 1 year old, in my dreams of diaper free days I would like to have her using the potty around two years of age. Given that she is my third child and taking in to account my numerous years of nannying, babysitting & childcare I would say quite a bit of the process has to do with the child’s readiness. It can’t be forced just because we are ready, it takes patience & following the cues of your child… just go with the flow, no pun intended.
    My oldest son, now nearly 6, decided he was ready when I absolutely least expected it. We had welcomed his baby brother a few months prior & his daddy was deployed. It was like a light bulb went on for him & he decided that full time toilet use was the way to go! Expect the unexpected!!!!
    Every child is unique & so will their experience in learning to use the potty.

  323. schelleivy says:

    My son is 15m old and we have already introduced sitting on the potty. At least first thing in the morning when I take off the overnight diaper. He usually gets up after a bit and if I’m not fast enough getting a fresh diaper on him he’s peeing on the floor somewhere – but it’s a start lol (Does this count as early?)

  324. mommygoingreen4 says:

    My older three didn’t potty train until the week before preschool so almost 3 1/2…..This one is a girl so we will see when she wants to potty train

  325. a.white.gallego says:

    My son is 11 months old, and we just recently started practicing Elimination Communication. How it works is that you wait for your baby’s signs (if he stops, grunts, makes a certain face, etc.) and you get him to a potty and try to catch his business. So far, we’ve gotten a few hits and lots of misses, but we’re improving all the time. It’s great because you can start from birth through toddlerhood, and it’s just based on reading your baby and giving him cues. I think we’ve got a long road ahead of us, but we’re going to get there eventually.

  326. JMama says:

    I think I’ll start potty training my 2 when they show signs that they are ready. I tried potty training my first early, but it wasn’t worth the struggle, when one day he decided that he was ready and was day and night trained that day. No accidents.

  327. LaraHart says:

    signed up for your newsletter lararapp@aol(Dot)com

  328. bev23anc says:

    i signed up for the newsletter

  329. csublett25 says:

    I will potty train when shes ready hopefully no later than 2!

  330. spaceycassie says:

    We will potty train when my wife says shes ready to!

  331. Chandra says:

    I like inhabitots on Facebook

  332. jvhaas says:

    Signed up for newsletter…jvhaas at gmail dot com

  333. barrieharman says:

    I have twin boys- not sure when or how I’ll start; I have two girls who were trained at about three years old, so I may start there for the guys.

  334. stacieml says:

    I like Inhabitots on facebook as Stacie Gerlach Leatherberry

  335. stacieml says:

    I will start potty training when she shows signs of being ready. She is only 7 months old and I learned with my first 2 kids if you try to start them before they are ready it takes longer.

  336. Owen says:

    We plan to potty train at around 16 to 18 months.

  337. allnaturalkatie says:

    Subscribed to your newsletter with kmogilevski at gmail
    kmogilevski at gmail dot com

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    Like you on Facebook (all natural katie)
    kmogilevski at gmail dot com

  339. allnaturalkatie says:

    I am going to try early potting training
    kmogilevski at gmail dot com

  340. allnaturalkatie says:

    Like Charlie Banana on Facebook (all natural katie)
    kmogilevski at gmail dot com

  341. butterfly44_31 says:

    Potty training will happen when it is time. I have learned that before they are ready all you do it potty train yourself to take them every 1/2 hour. When they are ready it will happen.

  342. Meganlove says:

    We plan on potty training when our son(s) are ready. Hopefully around 19-22 months.

  343. boyzrule says:

    entry #1 i signed up for the newsletter

  344. boyzrule says:

    I like you on fb as debbie sauter moretti entry #2

  345. boyzrule says:

    I plan on starting potty training at 2 years old. We will see where it goes!

  346. sradke1024 says:

    I don’t know much about early potty learning but I will start when my son shows interest in the potty!

  347. sradke1024 says:

    I like Charlie Banana on FB!
    Sabrina D. R.

  348. sradke1024 says:

    I signed up fr your newsletter!

  349. sradke1024 says:

    I like you on FB!
    Sabrina D. R.

  350. jfreiheit says:

    We will indeed try early potty training and if I could be a stay at home mom, we would be trying EC right now! But we shall see how our wonderboy does. At six months he is already holding a spoon and feeding himself…so we will keep our fingers crossed. We are exclusive cloth diaper-ists but with being able to afford so few, we have to do laundry every night! If we could win this, it would help in our efforts and save us from so much laundry! haha Thank you for considering us!

  351. Simone M says:

    We will start potty training when my son is ready. I learned from my other children that they will go when they are ready. Trying to teach them when they are not ready just causes them to not want to.
    a few seconds ago · Like

  352. monkaroo says:

    We started potty training a few weeks ago, and we had some success but then my son (almost 3.5) refused to sit on the potty at all. I was asking him (begging, really) all the time and of course I realized that wasn’t working so I backed off. I’ll give it another few weeks and try again…

  353. uschicana says:

    I will start potty training soon. My son is almost 18 months. I would have liked to try sooner if I was a stay at home mom.

  354. Fencilar says:

    I am expecting my first baby (a girl) in May. I plan to potty train her as early as she is ready to.

  355. ShannonC79 says:

    I have a clear jar of his favorites sweets next to the toilet and he gets one if he uses the toilet.

  356. mrsnaweiss says:

    we will start potty training when i think he is ready, hes only 3 months now so we have a while to go 🙂

  357. chany10 says:

    We will start potty training when our son starts showing readiness signs.

  358. noahandlinasmom says:

    We go with the flow of each child. Right now I have a 2.5 year old who is not ready while his brother and sister potty trained at earlier ages. We currently have 2 in diapers and love cloth diapering.

  359. alisamarie says:

    Well I am due in June so I haven’t thought too much about when I will start potty training! 🙂 I’m guessing around 2-3 years old, but it’s definitely something we’ll have to figure out as we go along!

  360. beemw says:

    I intend to use cloth diapers for the first year or so and until my child demonstrates that they are conscious of their bodily functions. I do know that hybrid cloth diapers make life a lot easier for working moms and their child care providers, making it easy to raise a child sustainably.

  361. lwhite2011 says:

    I plan to introduce potty training around 14 months or so, but don’t expect to make serious headway until closer to a year.

  362. anw1107 says:

    I had my daughter trained by age 2, and with my 10 month old I plan on starting around 18 months, and I plan on starting around 18 months with the baby I am expecting too =]

  363. Joischwad says:

    I will potty train when he is about 2 and a half and can talk

  364. karissasoetens says:

    my son was 2 1/2 and we tried early trainign with him prior and it didn’t work until he was ready! With my daughter we will focus on being consistent and watching for her signs oaf readiness

  365. jhughes0507 says:

    I plan to start potty training around 20months. I didn’t start early.

  366. Rachelle says:

    My son is 19 now. I’ve “introduced” the potty, but only by showing him and asking if he wants to sit on/use it. He has always wanted to be in the bathroom with me, so I figure he’ll do it in his own time.
    Won’t start pushing till he’s 3.

  367. maddyd51 says:

    I tried early potty training and it was a no go. I waited until she told me she was ready and it was smooth sailing from there.

    (and you can delete my last comment – I thought I had to leave a comment about the newsletter, too!)

  368. Jschorr says:

    I hope to start potty training baby #2 (due May 3, 2011) sooner than my son. I didn’t CD my son and it took him until he was 3 1/2 years old. I am hoping that CD will make a difference with this one, but I know
    That it takes time. Thanks so much for the giveaway! I singed up for the newsletter and am fans of both inhabitots and Charlie Banana on FB.

  369. Mifarmer says:

    I signed up for the newsletter (car2hof at yahoo dot com) ,
    Liked you on FB under rachel verstraete
    I have waited till the summer after they turn two with my previous boys who have winter birthdays. This last on turned two in July so we started in June. My next baby is due in May so I will most likely start after he/she turns two. I really like waiting til summer cause they can be bare bottom with out getting cold and if we are outside it is usually not a big deal.
    I do not plan on doing EC with this new baby. I really don”t have the time with homeschooling and caring for 4 other ones. 🙂

  370. Crazy4Fluff says:

    I signed up via email
    I like Inhabitots on FB as Toni George
    DD1 is 28months and we plan to start PLing soon. She has shown no signs of being ready, I dont want to force her, they only stay little for such a short time!

  371. silvana says:

    I plan on starting this spring. My son is 20 month.

  372. SBMiaGC says:

    My girl is 8 months now and I would love to try to potty train early although like others have said I will probably wait for some indication from her before I start. I’d love to have her trained by age 2.

  373. babycubed says:

    With my first son, he started on his own at about 11 months. I have no idea when this one will be started, but I won’t have to worry about it for a little while since he’s not due for another 4 months. 🙂

  374. kellyjk9 says:

    I plan on PT my DD sometime after her 2nd birthday.

  375. mosscollection says:

    I have tried potty training my 2.5 year old, to no avail, so we are giving it a rest until summer. I am going to try EC with my new baby, due in March. Hopefully he doesn’t have colick like my daughter did, and I can actually make a better effort at EC with him.

  376. CarolinaKate02 says:

    Probably start around 18 months but by starting I just mean having a potty in each bathroom and just offering for him to sit on it before bath and maybe in the morning. I plan to just increase the amount of times he is offered the potty based on how much he likes it. I will probably push it around 24 months- meaning offering it at least 3 times a day and if he isn’t potty trained by 2 1/2 I will do the ol’ 3 day diaper free training.

  377. tinyfingerprints says:

    #1 I signed up for the newsletter
    #2 I like Inhabitots on facebook.
    #3 I plan to start potty training as soon as he shows interest.
    #4 I already liked Charlie Banana on Facebook.

  378. LadyLeslie says:

    I signed up for the newsletter, liked on FB (both you and Charlie Banana).

    I did Elimination Communication with my first son when we found out that it was a possibility. He was two months old. With my second son, we practiced Natural Infant Hygiene (EC, same thing) from birth. “Potty training” was a long gradual, gentle process.
    Leslie Kung

  379. Nikki-Cap says:

    I signed up for the newsletter, and I am a Facebook fan of Inhabitots and Charlie Banana. I am expecting my first and I am excited to cloth diaper. I have not experienced potty training yet, but I plan to watch for my babies cues and start to train her when she seems ready. Thank You for this fantastic giveaway.

  380. txausmomma says:

    I am subscribed to your newsletter

  381. grices_girl says:

    Trying to potty train my 2yr old now, but not having any success.

  382. LadyJehle says:

    My first two children were potty trained around 2.5 / 3 yrs.
    I’m due with my 3rd any time now & plan to start potty training whenever he shows signs of being “ready”. But hoping to get started around age 2 or 2.5, although I have recently discovered cloth diapers & how wonderful they are!! So far Charlie Bananas are my favorite. And with such soft diapers, I may never want to potty train him!!! =x lol.

    Subscribed to weekly newsletter & liked inhabitots on fb. (already a fan of cb)

  383. amwest84 says:

    My baby is almost 6 months now, so I’m not really sure, but probably somewhere around 2 years old.

  384. lacelk says:

    I start potty training when the kids are interested and can stay dry for long periods of time and during naps.

  385. Alaina Frederick says:

    I signed up for your newsletter. What an amazing site you have I absolutely love it! If I win this giveaway I’m looking forward to giving them to my next door neighbor that has the cutest little girl and wants to cloth diaper full-time.

  386. Jaime N says:

    I plan to try around 2 – 2 1/2 years. My son is currently a very heavy overnight wetter so I see no use until that is less. He also does not care about a dirty diaper at 16 mos.

  387. keltom2 says:

    I am thinking about it with my 2 year old, he’s semi interested. I plan on doing the same with my baby girl. Start casually around 2 and let them lead the way!

  388. marz31 says:

    DD is 28 months and is currently home with daddy while he finds a new job. she’s been using the potty occasionally for a good while, but she’s fast outgrowing her current cloth diapers and I’m not BUYING new ones to fit her, so I hope we can get her out of them within a month or two!

  389. smanger1 says:

    I like you and signed up for the newsletter and I’m not sure when I will start to potty train. My son was 3, so I will probably start when my daughter is 2 1/2 or shows signs of being ready. I am not in a hurry…I love my cloth diapers!!!

  390. Jaimie K says:

    I potty train when they seem ready. My oldest was potty trained around 26 months, my second potty trained herself at about 22 months, and my third will be ready any day now. She is interested in it, but we haven’t made the leap into full fledged potty training yet. I would be willing to potty train early if I thought they were ready for it. But I think if a parent tries to force potty training when a child isn’t ready for it, it just creates frustration for the parent and the child.
    Thanks for the giveaway! I’ve never cloth diapered, but I am very interested in trying it. This would be a great help in getting started!

  391. peacefulbeginnings says:

    Entry 1 ~ signed up for your newsletter!

  392. peacefulbeginnings says:

    Entry 2 ~ “Liked” you on Facebook. 🙂

  393. peacefulbeginnings says:

    Entry 3 ~ We’re expecting #4 in about eight weeks or so and plan on “ec” or infant pottying. We did it with number 3, although we still use diapers…especially on trips and when out for long periods of time. When we’re home, we generally let little one be naked and try to watch for cues, then take him to the potty. At 2, he mostly goes by himself and only occasionally has an accident. He almost always waits until we’re near a toilet to poop though, I haven’t changed a poop diaper in forever!! I LOVE it. I’ve never tried Charlie Bananas before and could definitely use some new additions to my ever-thinning stash!

  394. Robin Wilkins says:

    I plan to start potty training when my baby shows signs they are ready. With my first two, that was between 2 1/2 – 4 yrs. I tried some early potty training with my last baby, and it didn’t seem to help much.

  395. NewMom7777 says:

    I want to start potty training around 22 months.

  396. coconut11 says:

    i signed up for the newsletter (sharkie78 at gmail dot com)
    i like your fb page (charlotte kim sandved)
    i like charlie banana on fb
    i’m hoping to start potty training around 18 to 20 months, but will see if the child has an interest in it too… every child is different developmentally and i don’t think it should be forced even though i’d try to encourage it…

  397. hippiemomof3 says:

    I plan to start potty training as soon as my daughter starts showing interest. I tried EC with my first born but I think it was more harmful than it was helpful, so I won’t be doing EC this time around.

  398. melissas says:

    I use cues from my kids on when they are ready to potty train

  399. SarahAshkar says:

    I subscribe, like you on facebook, and like Charlie Banana on facebook.

    We will start potty training when my son is ready, but it’s one of the many reasons we cloth diaper: babies in cloth tend to learn the connection between peeing and feeling wet earlier than babies in super-absorbent disposables.

  400. prizill says:

    I plan to start when he is ready. He is 28 months right now and freaks out when we try to get him to use the potty… hopefully not to much longer though!

  401. szinger says:

    my son was super easy and potty trained almost himself at 2y 4m,i was soooo lucky, doubt it will strike twice so will probably not push anything till my daughter is about 3. will bring out potty at around 2 and a bit and see if any interest!!
    i was already a fan of CB on facebook, they look so comfy with clean lines and no ‘oompa loompa’ bum!!
    signed up for newsletter!

  402. kaseyson says:

    First off, I LOVE cloth diapering – especially with OS diapers like Charlie Bananas because they will grow with my baby until he’s ready for potty training. This is my first child so I’m thinking around two years old I’ll try to start potty training. If he seems interested early then i will by all means follow his lead! PICK ME PICK ME PICK ME PLEASE!

  403. AndreaH says:

    I’ve been trying to potty train my son off & on for the past six months and it hasn’t clicked yet. I’m hoping to to get him interested before #2 arrives in early May!

  404. kellysongynelson says:

    I’m not going to rush into it – I think that will add undue stress. I’ll look for the signs of when he’s ready developmentally and go from there!

  405. sojo7868 says:

    We will potty train our son when he is ready. He is curently two, and shows no interest in the potty, and quite frankly seems almost afraid of it. His sister was potty trained by 2 1/2, so I am hoping he will show interest soon!

  406. DianaMcLaughlin says:

    I plan to start potty training when I feel my child is ready. It is different for everyone and hopefully I won’t have to rush because I plan to use reuseable nappies! BUT if the child is ready early, sure why not!?

  407. popita624 says:

    I plan to start potty training whenever he shows an interest in it and appears ready. I am basically going to let him train himself, I have no plans on pushing it on him.
    I signed up for your newsletter and like you on facebook. I also like Charlie Banana on facebook.

  408. Hdaily says:

    I would like to start potty training my daughter at 18 months, before having a second child

  409. maiko5079 says:

    I will try to start potty training when my son turns two years old. My mother in law told me to wait until two years old then it will be much easier to teach than starting early and struggle for long time. So, I am not planning to start it early.

  410. ccorkiz says:

    Oh Goodness….Potty Training, the most unlooked forward to part of being a Parent, for me at least. I have more of a Child Lead Parenting Style so I will go off of when my Child is ready. We pushed and pushed with our oldest who is now nearly 4 and he is still having some potty training issues, to say the least he has more accidents than not. Now with our 2nd being 17 months old I will allow him to take the 1st step & let me know when he is ready and not even attempt it until HE is sure he wants to. Unlike before with our 1st, I now know better to not push the Child, it seems to make it harder and more stressful on them and I would rather not have to fight the Child about using the potty and just allow a *Go with the Flow* method. I have just started cloth diapering our youngest, he has ezcema and for the past few weeks he has been rashing up terribly with those darn disposibles (we have tried every single brand imaginable and it was not only a HUGE waste of money for the past 17 months but none of them helped his skin problems). I was so desperate to get him out of disposibles yesterday because he was itching so bad on his lower back & thighs that I went out and grabbed some gerber prefolds :/ silly me, I know! I am just learning the basics of CDing and so far, I am very much looking forward to using them. I have learned so much about CDing in the past couple of days from fellow CDing Mothers and I am loving everything I am hearing. Thanks for hosting this Giveaway, what an amazing gift this would be to any one of us.

  411. MelSavoie says:

    We had already potty trained my 2 year old daughter, but once the new baby was born in November, she completly regressed. So now at 2.5y, she is still in diapers. Although now we are going to let her tell us when she is ready!

  412. anjewellove says:

    Our son was completely potty trained by 18 months. We got him a potty chair for his birthday & he would just go when we did. It was an easy experience! This time we hope to do the same, but who knows no 2 children are the same! So we’ll just go with the flow & hope for the best. : )

  413. jennifer.wyse says:

    We’re going to start potty training as soon as our son begins to show interest in the potty and/or understanding of when he is wet/poopy.

  414. calliemama says:

    Since “baby boo” is my first, it will be a learning experience for both of us! I plan on introducing the concept to him when I can see he’s ready, and then staying in touch with what he is able to understand and comprehend about the entire subject in order to make the transition go smoothly for him. Hopefully somewhere around 18-24 months.

  415. amylrobinson81 says:

    I will start potty training when baby shows signs she is ready — hopefully around 2.
    amylrobinson81 at yahoo dot com

  416. homentexas says:

    I just successfully trained my three yr. old!!

  417. faciallady says:

    We will try around 11/2 , She is my 3rd , Hoping it will be easy

  418. KimberlyM says:

    We had my daughter trained at 2, my son is now 20 months, so hopefully in the next few months, I am also due with my 3rd in October so would love to JUST have one in diapers ( never had that before) 🙂

  419. VanessaT says:

    I’m currently expecting our first baby and really have to idea when potty training should start! This is all new to us so I guess we just plan on starting when our new little peanut shows signs of understanding that he/she knows that they are going potty. We’ll see how it all pans out!

  420. alibee says:

    I will follow the cues from my daughter. In the meantime, I’m cloth diapering!

  421. Erin Koza says:

    signed up for the newsletter

  422. Erin Koza says:

    I am a fan on FB

  423. erin koza says:

    my son is 19 mons, before he turned one we bought him a potty to get him used to the idea. at 18 mons we started to sit him on the potty and now he will say poopoo potty which usually means he has to pee. he will mostly pee in the potty. i dont force him to use the potty at this point i let him tell me when he wants to use it. although it would be nice i he were potty trained before number two get here.

  424. larsen517 says:

    I started potty training my son at about 18months and he’s 2 1/2 now and almost completely trained!! So probably do the same with the new one! 😉

  425. Blaughman says:

    My son is only 4 Months but I plan on starting around 15 months if he doesn’t show interest in peeing on the toilet before that.

  426. laceyrn02 says:

    Hoping to have my DS potty learned by 18 months, we have already done some EC and it has worked out great!

  427. wkocher19 says:

    Hard for me to answer since my LO hasn’t even arrived, but I’m really hoping to have her potty trained before baby #2 arrives! Not even sure what “early potty training” is?? 🙂

  428. jamiebartley says:

    I plan to start when he is ready, my daughter trained herself at 2 yrs old.

  429. sarahfarb says:

    I hope to start potty training asap, but planting the seed shortly after a year

  430. sarahfarb says:

    i like inhabitots on fb

  431. sarahfarb says:

    i signed up for the newsletter

  432. Amanda Alvarado says:

    Well we started with dd at around 18 months. At 2 she was put in big girl pants all the time (well other than when going out and at night!). Took about a week and she was potty trained. She is still in diapers at night because she still has ‘accidents’.

  433. Mom2abutterball says:

    We plan on starting potty training at around 8 months like we did with our daughter. She was in panties and accident free by her first birthday. 🙂 We have been researching the early potty training method and may consider it with our next child. 🙂

  434. lauralitabeth says:

    My LO was just born last month, so I don’t have official potty training plans as of yet. I’m hoping he’s like I was and just decides to be potty trained one day. Yeah, right! 🙂

  435. Karen Hoare says:

    I will start when she is ready but I will start encouraging early potty training and see how it goes! 🙂

  436. Katharyne says:

    We are planning to start potty training around 2. I don’t know much about early potty training; need to look into it.

  437. lilyleesmommy says:

    I will start potty training right around 2. My first child was potty trained pretty quickly and easily right when she hit her 2nd birthday so we’re hoping for the same with this next one.

  438. RebeccaO says:

    I signed up for the newsletter! Thanks for the chance. bekki1820cb at gmail dot com

  439. rebeccao says:

    I like Inhabitots on FB: Bekki Orr bekki1820cb at gmail dot com

  440. lillikin says:

    I am hoping to early potty train our now 4mo old but to say when I am not sure. Hopefully she will still be able to wear med cloth diapers when we do.

  441. momof4girls says:

    My oldest 2 potty trained at two years old. My 22 month old just started sowing interest this week. Hopefully my youngest will follow suit.

  442. noodlz1974 says:

    I put my daughter on the potty as soon as she could walk, and it went very well, but it was a no pressure approach. She was potty trained by 2. I will try the same with my newborn son. Hopefully is goes just as well.

  443. cheapnchoosy says:

    I signed up for your newsletter (, liked you on facebook (The Cheap and Choosy) and

    I plan to start potty training as soon as my 16 mo. old starts walking…though I will not force it…just start the process…

  444. MamaBoo says:

    Plan to start at about 18 months. That was a good age for my daughter, but not sure if it will be the magic number with my son.

  445. tylerpants says:

    I’m a newsletter subscriber

  446. tylerpants says:

    Like Inhabitots on Facebook.

  447. tylerpants says:

    My son just turned 2 and I’m trying to potty train him but he doesnt seem ready so we’ll wait a few more months & try again

  448. molly123 says:

    I plan to start potty training somtime sfter my daughters first Birthday.

  449. zgs says:

    Our baby hasn’t been born yet, so it’s hard to imagine potty training. 2 I guess? 2 1/2?

  450. RobnT says:

    Entry 1
    I have signed up for the newsletter.

  451. divinefate says:

    I plan on starting to potty train around 2.. No early potty training here!

  452. dixon04 says:

    I feel its best to wait until the child is interested in potty training, in my experience trying to “force” them before that doesn’t work and just frustrates you and the child! My oldest potty trained just shy of 3 yrs the youngest was potty trained before she was 2 1/2. Each kid is different

  453. kaylaherman says:

    All kids are different and if you push them into it when they’re not ready, they’ll rebel and hang on to those diapers (which isn’t as bad when they’re eco-friendly!). However, I believe it’s wise to wait until the child is wanting to learn.

  454. graceEN says:

    i will start potty training when our child is ready and willing to learn. No matter what, it will be an interesting experience! If these diapers work great, probably will not try early potty training.

  455. Grace N says:

    I think it is most important to wait to start potty training until when the child is showing interest.

  456. sarahmark says:

    I am starting now! My little man is one on the 8th of March. Ha has gone poop in the toilet already and I know he is ready because he started taking me into his room to be changed when he was pooping.

  457. cook22 says:

    I will probably start potty training when my son shows interest in the potty or can tell me when he has gone to the bathroom. It will probably be bitter sweet for me, because I love how cute his fluffy bottom is with cloth diapers. I have a lot of time before potty training though my son is only 9 weeks.

  458. andrealekse says:

    I think I will start potty training when he shows some kind of interest in it.I would like to have him potty trained at least by 2 1/2 years old, so I still have a little time.

  459. nightymel says:

    my 8 months old babygirl is pooping while diaper change since we started using cloth diapers.. I think it’s kinda expression in her natural way that she does not like to be wet and dirty. I am planning to offer her a potty since she starts to sit without help, I thing the process won’t be so hard, because there’s no fake dryness feeling, she knows what’s going on downstairs:)) thanks to cloth diapering..

  460. diddlepoyner says:

    We are going to try and do the potty thing early…… But know how things will work out. It will be late lol
    thanks for the giveaway

  461. bldbaker says:

    i plan on potty trainning just after his second bday if he seems to be ready for the challange!!!

  462. DublAsMOmma says:

    I plan to start potty training when my son seems to take interest and show readiness. I have tried early potty training with my oldest and will likely do so again but if he is not ready I will and cannot force him into it.

  463. jkroase says:

    I plan to start potty training when my son is 24 months but i’d like to try earlier. Cant wait!

  464. aperry says:

    my little on is 18 months old and seems interested in the potty. He watches Daddy!! I plan on offering the potty pretty soon. No presure tho!!

  465. nct5xx says:

    We need a hybrid system since I want cloth diapers and my husband wants disposable. This is the best compromise and a marriage saver! I want to start the potty training process as soon as possible, since the using toilet has less of an environmental impact than a diaper. Most likely we will try to get him used to a potty before age two and start when he can recognize in advance that the has to relieve himself.

  466. hereyes says:

    I EC’d my first baby and taught her BSL. At 7 months old she started signing to eliminate and we relied less on cues. By 8 months she could wear panties without accidents. She is now 12 months old and will walk to the potty chair to relieve herself if there is one close by; otherwise, I take her (or she grabs my hand and takes me) to the bathroom to use the toilet with an insert. The journey has been remarkable!!! I am in awe of how intelligent babies are. We do not do full-time “diaper free” EC, my daughter is also cloth diapered, a GREAT compliment to EC…and still wears cloth diapers on those days when our communication is a bit off -i.e. mommy is preoccupied and not paying attention to Serena- just to be safe. Because this experience has been so rewarding for both of us, I fully intend to EC any and all future babies…that’s where this giveaway comes in. 😀

  467. joeysmom says:

    My son is only 5 weeks old, but hates when he’s wet or dirty, so I’m hoping we can start early – maybe 18 months!! The say that with cloth diapers they train faster and easier, we’re keeping our fingers crossed that they were right!!!

  468. kaerfemina says:

    I plan to start potty training as soon as possible, so hopefully my twins will show an interest in the potty early! lol

  469. rakojetin says:

    I plan to potty train my daughter when she shows interest in learning it.

  470. susanne wedel says:

    whenever he shows signs

  471. aphasia says:

    my son is 17 months old, and we have ‘started’ potty training already by keeping a small potty and a toilet insert available for my son to let me know whenever he feels like sitting on either one, or just for playing with so he gets used to them. he watches my husband & i go potty, and i use cue sounds whenever i’m going potty or when i notice him going potty so he associates the noises with the actions, and use the cue sounds when he’s sitting on the potties. yesterday he was diaperless and peed on the floor.. and then made the ‘pssss’ cue sound!! 🙂

  472. johnsonap1023 says:

    I will try as soon as my toddler develops a little awareness about the potty… hopefully around 2 yrs old. The earlier, the better, but I’ve heard that some kids take a little longer than others to become aware.

  473. k.1203 says:

    I plan to start potty training as soon as baby realizes he is wet or tells me he needs to be changed.

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