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by , 09/27/12

Check out this cute Lightlife video about having a vegetarian farm!

Preparing meatless meals for your kids means a lot of things: a smaller carbon footprint, a richer, more varied diet, and probably a healthier, leaner family. And becoming a vegetarian doesn’t necessarily mean you have to give up your favorite foods.

If you’ve always wanted to switch your family to a vegetarian diet, but think your kids would miss dining on their favorite American classic, the hamburger, too much — or you think a life without meat will mean a diet full of bland “faux meat,” Lightlife has the answer.

The brand recently launched a new line of frozen, vegetarian burger alternatives. They waste no time boring you with a typical, tasteless, veggie pattie. Instead, their new line of frozen burgers boasts four colorful varieties: Kick’n Black Bean, Backyard Grill’n, Mellow Portobello Mushroom and the Farmer’s Market Veggie Burger. All flavors can be eaten right off the grill or topped with your favorite condiments to recreate a meat-free version of your favorite burger. If you and your family have already enjoyed a vegetarian lifestyle for years, then these four new meal options will add some creativity to your diet. Lightlife makes it fun and tasty to engage in an eco-friendlier, meat-reduced diet that’s better for you and for the environment.

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This post is sponsored by Lightlife, the company that brings you hearty meals — without the meat! Find out more about Lightlife at http://www.lightlife.com/.

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3 Responses to “Welcome To The World Of Lightlife”

  1. diane pham says:

    happy to see more frozen veggie meal options. as much as i like to cook for myself, the reality is that i spent a lot of time in the freezer aisle.

  2. Beth Shea says:

    What a cute, clever video! I can’t wait to try these!

  3. kristinelofgren says:

    I love the videos – I’d watch an entire Lightlife movie! I am so excited to try these out, I love new options – pre-made vegetarian food needs more options!

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