VIDEO: Interview With Dr. Alan Greene – REAL Facts About Toxic Chemicals and Your Family’s Health

Dr. Alan Greene is renowned pediatrician and father of four who has written many books on the subject of green parenting, and how to keep your family safe and healthy. He is on the board of Healthy Child, Healthy World and recently published two new books called Raising Baby Green and Feeding Baby Green. I recently had the chance to interview Dr. Greene about some of my most pressing concerns about hidden household toxins and chemicals – check out the video above and the interview below to hear what he had to say on everything from toxic household cleaners, to autism, to concerns about endocrine disruption with BPA and soy products.

Jill: What products and chemicals should we be most concerned about for kids in our home?

Dr. Alan Greene: As a pediatrician, we often tell parents to lock up cleaning supplies, but despite that advice there’s 200,000 poisonings every year in the United States from cleaning products alone. My big concern is not just that but when they’re used as directed, they can leave residues on floors and tables and counters and the fumes can linger in our homes for a long time.  It’s one of the reasons that indoor air is two to five times more polluted than outdoor air.

Jill: Are there alternatives to these harsh chemicals that we can use when we’re cleaning our home?

Dr. Alan Greene: Thankfully, green cleaners are really coming of age. There are alternatives without all the harsh chemicals that can really get the job done. Disinfecting is a great example of that. Parents often love disinfecting wipes to be able to clean up kids’ toys and even pacifiers and things like that, but up until recently the disinfecting wipes and sprays have contained chemicals I really don’t like. Now in 2010, there’s an EPA-registered disinfectant that is 99.99 percent effective at killing germs naturally and it’s one made by Seventh Generation.

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4 Responses to “VIDEO: Interview With Dr. Alan Greene – REAL Facts About Toxic Chemicals and Your Family’s Health”

  1. Yuka Yoneda says:

    Great tips – I don’t have my own kids yet but will send this to all my friends who do.

  2. Julie Knapp says:

    The news about autism, BPA and other toxic chemicals can be really overwhelming, but I love how Dr. Greene breaks down the facts really simply for parents

  3. Beth Shea says:

    I think this interview is highly informative, and I agree wholeheartedly with the link between autism and environmental toxins and believe this is where our research needs to be focused to turn the tide on this epidemic. I am still not convinced that soy doesn’t have the capacity to be harmful to fetuses and babies, and adults for that matter. I have spoken with many physicians and done a lot of research that concurs, and we decided to ban soy from our diets for health reasons. Not to mention the ethical reasons and the fact that nearly all soy products are linked to Monsanto.

  4. Bridgette Meinhold says:

    really interesting information. thanks for posting this!

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