7 Vegetarian School Lunch Box Ideas for Kids

elvis sandwich, vegetarian lunch

Elvis Sandwich

Some kids are sandwich obsessed and would happily chomp on PB & J every day of the week. Add some variety to their diet by introducing some equally tasty PB & J alternatives. Try swapping the type of bread you use for example – maybe whole wheat one day and then rosemary with flax seeds another. You can also try some variations that won’t rock the boat too much – like adding avocados to a grilled cheese sandwich or making a vegetarian Elvis sandwich. Spread nut butter on one or two pieces of bread. On one piece, add slices of banana. Drizzle with honey and add the other slice. If you’ve got a Panini press, now’s the time to use it! The traditional Elvis sandwich also included slices of bacon, so you can substitute some veggie bacon for adventurous eaters.

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2 Responses to “7 Vegetarian School Lunch Box Ideas for Kids”

  1. shopencan says:

    I love these ideas for lunches but it always drives me nuts when dishes are displayed beautifully on plates, dishes etc. The reality is tupperwares, with all ingredients mixed together. And that makes a difference for how kids feel about the food they eat!!n Same dsih, different appearance = less interest from the kids.

  2. Julie Seguss says:

    Not to worry — pack these lunches in little containers like the ones that come with Kids Konserve kits or Wean Cubes, a segmented box like Planet Box or a bento box style. See some ideas here: http://bit.ly/oAjcL3

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