The Truth Behind 5 Common Home Birth Myths

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MYTH 4: If you give birth at home, you’ll be alone.

As long as you live in a state where midwives are considered a viable option, you won’t be alone, unless you choose unassisted home birth. Almost all home births are attended by a certified nurse-midwife, a certified midwife or a non-certified midwife – in rare instances a physician may even attend. Also, you’ll have the ability to have your partner, other children and anyone else you choose present, such as a helpful birth doula.

MYTH 5: Home birth is too expensive.

A non-complicated home birth, out-of-pocket, costs far less than a hospital birth. It’s hard to discuss specific costs, but most sources notes that the average uncomplicated vaginal birth costs 68% less in a home than in a hospital. Of course, not everyone can afford an out-of-pocket birth, which sadly, makes this myth a half truth. Many insurance carriers do not cover home birth, making home birth out of reach. On the flip-side, a small handful of states already require that home birth be included in health care coverage. Hopefully other states will soon follow suit.

If you’re still not sure about home birth, keep in mind that your comfort level does matter, and can affect your labor and birth. If you’re too nervous about home birth, it’s better to choose another birth location. You may want to consider a birthing center which is a happy medium between home and hospital for many families. To learn more about home birth check out the following resources:

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2 Responses to “The Truth Behind 5 Common Home Birth Myths”

  1. mum5 says:

    Its important to remember that some statistics are very misleading. Countries are responsible for providing their own infant mortality rates. Some countries don’t include premature births so they can rank higher.

    Its also important to gather information from sources who are indifferent. A big problem with the information available on homebirth is that the vast majority of it is from homebirth advocates with an agenda.
    Its not that I think homebirths should never happen, I just hate it when perfectly acceptable options are sold using BS.

  2. CamiSu says:

    It is rather difficult to argue with the statistics in the Netherlands, where about 95% of births are at home. (Only high-risk moms go to hospital.

    Of course the vast majority of stats on home births are from advocates! Having a home birth is something you do because you WANT to! I had 3 and my daughter has had one. Good experiences, all. Interestingly, most of my friends and a good deal of my family have had home births, and those who did not, had really good reasons for gong to hospital. But I do not lie about the experiences. My agenda is to allow (and make it safe and comfortable) women to have their babies at home SHOULD THEY SO CHOOSE! You don’t want a home birth, don’t have one.

    Oh, and I saw no BS in that article.

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