The Switch Witch: Solving the Halloween candy conundrum

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Who is the Switch Witch?

The Switch Witch is Halloween’s eco-fairy. She comes once a year the night after Halloween to take away the most-offensive candy, and plastic toys and replace them with healthier surprises! She lowers the sugar levels in your home, extends the fun of Halloween, and brings peace of mind to the health-conscious parent.

Build up The Witch!

Leading up to Halloween, explain to your children that the Switch Witch a good witch, who redistributes candy. Sure it’s a minor spin on the truth, but it’s for a good cause – your child’s health and your sanity. Tell them that some candy is better for your body than other candy, and like Santa Claus (or your favorite heroine), the Switch Witch only brings treats that help small bodies grow. After the Switch Witch visits once, her visit can be a tradition for years to come.

How can you explain toxins to your child without fostering neurosis and paranoia? Keep it simple. Offer a candy substitute that’s appealing enough to satisfy your tot’s desire.

Let Your Child Pick a Few Special Treats

After trick-or-treating, let your tot save a few special treats or goodies as a compromise. Pick a number, such as 5 or 10 pieces, and stick to it. Be sure to let your child do the selecting, so that she feels like it’s her choice. This way you avoid a power-struggle. Next, have your child put the rest on your doorstep or by a window so that the witch can find the stash.

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4 Responses to “The Switch Witch: Solving the Halloween candy conundrum”

  1. While I can appreciate your concern about tossing anything, I’ve never tossed anything in the trash. I generally redistribute the unhealthy candy to adults who actually eat it and don’t mind (it’s a free country) and I recycle the plastic. I never put anything into the landfill unless there is absolutely no choice, as in the case with candy which might have lead in it, and even in this case I’d probably be more inclined to compost it than landfill but that’s kind of a no win situation.

  2. Beth Shea says:

    Thanks for this great post. There are plenty of candy buy back programs all over the country as well, and you can also send candy directly to the US troops to give them a sweet treat. We used to have the “Halloween Fairy” come to our house and pick up all of our kids’ candy and leave a special toy. Now that our daughter is older and sees her peers eating candy here’s what we are doing this year and she’s totally game. She’s using her candy as “money” to buy the green toy of her choice. Then we will donate her candy per above. She gladly hands over her “money” candy and can’t wait to get a toy instead. It also helps that she gets to eat a yummy organic cupcake before we head out Trick or Treating so she won’t feel like she’s missing out. There are so many clever ways to avoid the sugar rush and chemical cocktail in mainstream candy.

  3. LOVE this post Pamela! Great suggestions which I will try next year.

  4. Sarah @ Family. Food. Fiesta. says:

    We do the idea of trading in candy for art supplies. It’s like using candy as money to get some new creative tools and it’s fun because we can use the art stuff for entertainment, too. Great tips in your post! Thanks for sharing

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