Real Life Wall-E Robot Made With LEGO Mindstorms & Motors!

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As a man who once stole a life-size cardboard Wall-E from a cinema so he could have one in his own home (true story), this story will appeal to the child in all of us. Montreal-based creator Marc-André Bazergui clearly loves Wall-E just as much, as he has created his own adorable robot with the use of motors and our favorite childhood toy: LEGOs. Using a LEGO Mindstorms NXT kit, Bazergui created a robot that moves and transforms just like the real Wall-E amazing kids and adults alike.

Wall-E, LEGOs, mindstorm legos, robotic wall-e, real life wall-e, LEGO robots, LEGO wall-e, Marc-André Bazergui

The Mindstorms kit allowed Bazergui to create a robot that not only moves, but also transforms into a cube just like the real thing (well, the real cinematic Wall-E that is). The 20cm tall Wall-E uses 5 RCX motors and 3 Levers, and it took Bazergui over 250 hours to build. Even more impressive, is that Wall-E can be remotely controlled to move around, pick up objects and look up and down. Alternatively, he can be programmed to move on his own accord.

How wonderful is that? You could get your very own Wall-E to collect all the rubbish in your home and build mini towers! Until the day he falls in love and leaves you…

Click here to see the Wall-E LEGO robot in action!

+ NXT Wallet

via Engadget

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2 Responses to “Real Life Wall-E Robot Made With LEGO Mindstorms & Motors!”

  1. Brit says:

    This is tooooo cute! I love Wall-e!

  2. Zyralnedyk says:

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