Peat Gardening Kit Inspires Little Green Thumbs with Seed Mailing Program

peat, gardening kit, urban gardening, green thumb, indoor gardening, green toys

If you and your family are city dwellers you probably don’t have much in the way of gardening supplies, but the Peat gardening kit for kids provides a solution. Created by product design student Edward Barber, Peat is unlike other gardening kits – it includes a home-mailing program that ensures your green-thumbed child will always have a fresh supply of seeds as well as fun gardening activity books.

peat, gardening kit, urban gardening, green thumb, indoor gardening, green toys

Image © Coroflot Edward Barber

With Peat, everything you and your child need to grow vegetables comes right to you so gardening can happen year round. Along with seasonal seeds, children receive – in their “Post From Peat” – activity books with simple gardening instructions and cute names like “Carl the Carrot” to help get your child excited about gardening.

While currently just a concept and not yet available for sale, Peat can still, as Barber’s website puts it, “educate future growers” and make gardening fun and engaging. After all, almost 14 million Americans don’t have access to large grocery stores that stock fresh fruit and vegetables, according to Fast Co.Design. With its supply of gardening tools and a little greenhouse that could fit on the windowsill of a city apartment, Peat helps urban families learn the value of growing their own plants and vegetables at home.

+ Edward Barber

Via Fast Co. Design

Lead image: © Coroflot Edward Barber

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2 Responses to “Peat Gardening Kit Inspires Little Green Thumbs with Seed Mailing Program”

  1. ishsurf says:

    Hopefully this isn’t actually made with peat. If it is, it can hardly be called green just because it’s gardening. Generally, peat not a renewable resource, harvesting of peat destroys wetlands and releases a ton of greenhouse gasses. Unfortunately the product site doesn’t provide any information about the source of the peat.
    Inhabitots, don’t get swayed by pretty packaging. Do a little research before featuring faux green products. From the FAO:

  2. Blackcatprowl says:

    The peat is made from the husk of the coconut. ‘Coco Peat is an excellent growing

    medium and ideal substitute for peat moss.’ It is not real peat.

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