Non-Stick and Stain-Proof Coatings Linked to High Cholesterol in Kids

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Children and adolescents who’ve been exposed to perfluorooctanoic acid (PFOA), commonly used in non-stick pans and stain-resistant fabrics, had higher cholesterol levels than those who have not, according to a new study published in the Archive of Pediatrics and Adolescent Medicine. Researchers found a link between higher levels of PFOA in the blood and higher cholesterol levels — a risk factor in heart disease — among more than 12,000 participants aged 1 to 18.

Although PFOA, an endocrine disruptor, has well-documented health risks, it remains legal in consumer products. And exposure is the norm, not the exception: in a series of studies conducted by the Environmental Working Group, 100 percent of those tested had the stuff in their bloodstream. The new study is the first to focus on children and teens.

Chemical manufacturers have promised to phase out PFOA. It can’t come soon enough as far as we’re concerned. Until then, avoid cooking with Teflon-coated pans and steer clear of stain-resistant fabrics.

Photo © David Benbennick

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3 Responses to “Non-Stick and Stain-Proof Coatings Linked to High Cholesterol in Kids”

  1. Ross4Teflon says:

    Because there’s so much misinformation out there about Teflon, I’m not surprised that you are concerned. I’m a representative of DuPont though, and hope you’ll let me share some information with you and your readers, so that everyone can make truly informed decisions.

    In reference to your post, the study observed a correlation between PFOA and PFOS and cholesterol levels, but as noted by the authors, the study cannot determine whether elevated PFOA and/or PFOS levels caused the observed higher cholesterol levels, or whether there is another explanation. Based on extensive health and toxicological studies, DuPont believes that PFOA exposure does not pose a health risk to the general public.

  2. erkgazda says:

    DuPont makes PFOA… must be why Ross here is feeling the need to sing its praises.
    Say Ross- do YOU use teflon pans? why would companies be phasing out the use of PFOA if it didn’t pose any health concerns? hmm an endocrine disruptor just like BPA doesn’t have any risks??? according to this article they are well documented. are you stupid or just a dupont drone?
    i say EFF your chemical crappy pans… i will stick to my cast iron, it will outlast any dupont product anyway
    I see dupont has a lawsuit going right now regarding exposure to people close to a PFOA manufacturing plant (yes people, DuPont MAKES PFOA)- great time to speak out in support of this KNOWN carcinogen/toxin… what a crock Ross 🙁

  3. ZZ says:

    Can PFOA be removed from the bloodstream, perhaps by some kind of chelation?

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