NEW! ‘Bam’ Nursery Furniture Collection by Argington

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Argington won Inhabitat’s BKLYN Designs ‘Best Kids Design’ Award in May and it hasn’t slowed down since. Argington has just announced the launch of its Bam Collection, a 10-piece nursery furniture line designed by husband and wife team Jenny Argie and Andrew Thornton to embody the grace of the art nouveau movement. Made from solid birch and birch ply wood (for ebony and white finishes), or solid bamboo wood, and certified to be free of formaldehyde emissions, the Bam Collection includes everything you need to outfit your bambino’s suite, including a bassinet, crib, changing table, wardrobe, and dresser.

Argington Bam Collection, Convertible Crib, Eco Crib, eco friendly nursery

To keep up with your baby’s growth spurts—and save some cash for the college fund—you can also purchase additional conversion kits that transform your bassinet into a crib, and your crib into a toddler bed. If you love a bargain (and who doesn’t?), Argington is offering its bassinet, crib conversion kit, and changing table for $984. Available for pre-order, the Bam Collection will begin shipping in November.

+ Bam Collection $19.50-$1,349

+ Argington

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13 Responses to “NEW! ‘Bam’ Nursery Furniture Collection by Argington”

  1. jjbenitez says:

    I want to love this company, but I can’t. I ordered their Ayers bed for my son last year. After waiting over 7 months for the bed (because it was being shipped from China and was held up during the Olympics – so much for eco-friendly, all the effort that goes into making the bed free of certain chemicals gets canceled out when you are shipping the product overseas to be made and then bringing it back to sell and hey, why are we paying mega bucks for this seemingly wholesome made, eco, USA (not) product to get made for pennies in China??? hmmm) Ok, so the bed arrives, hubby assembles it, then we notice the gloss and stain is chipping off along the frame AND there are pressure “wrinkles” all over the headboard. Pissed. Return it, thinking it must be a fluke. Receive new one. Same thing. Not sure how this brand is so popular. Do consumers not care? Did I have bad luck? Do you sacrifice durability on children’s furniture for aesthetic? Anyhow, the new line LOOKS beautiful. Be careful of what you actually get though. And regarding the made-in-China bit, that really pisses me off. I felt like I was duped thinking Argington was this cute husband/wife, eco-friendly, design oriented, American made company when all the while I could have gone to Ikea. oh well

  2. Beth Shea says:

    Thanks for sharing your concerns, jjbenitez. I think it’s a difficult challenge and hard to reach balance in today’s economy for designers to be able to offer eco-friendly, sustainably designed wares that aren’t outsourced to China for less expensive manufacturing. Obviously, you’re right that made in the USA would be better… and we are pretty convinced that your bad experience was the exception, not the rule with regard to Argington furniture. We hope that eventually, sustainable wares will be affordable for all, made in the US and high quality… hence the mission of Inhabitots, to bring green living to the forefront so it becomes mainstream and the concept of supply and demand that facilitates business will take hold.

  3. says:

    Hi, this is Andrew from Argington. Co-owner and co-designer of the bed mentioned above.

    Regarding the bed that was received by the customer above, we have worked hard to make our brand synonymous with quality, affordability, and style. While most all of our customers are totally satisfied, there will always exist exceptional situations such as the one mentioned above. We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience you have experienced, and our customer service team is always ready to assist any one of our customers with any problem they may have experienced. We stand behind our products and remain committed to make sure Argington products meet the standard we have established. Please feel free to contact us directly at

    It is not clear from your comments why you assumed that our production was based in the USA? As designers, we live, work, and design in NYC with our three children, and our company is also run from our offices here in the USA, but we have always been open regarding our overseas production, so we apologize that you feel duped, but it isn’t the result of any information or advertising that my company has put forth.

    Going back to our creation in 2003, we produced all of our furniture locally. All materials, hardware, eco-friendly finishes, etc. were all purchased locally and all production, finishing, and packaging were also done in one location here in the USA. After running this way for 3+ years, as many companies realize, we found that customers were not willing (on the whole) to pay the prices needed to sustain the higher cost of manufacturing here in the US.

    So, after considering approximately 10 other countries for our own manufacturing hub (including Canada, Mexico, Brazil, Eastern Europe, India, and others), we then established our own manufacturing center located in China. We retained total control of the process, materials, paints, etc (producing the same way as we have previously in the USA), however it gave us the ability to bring our designs to the market for a better price and greener than before due to enhanced efficiencies in production. With the development of the new BAM Collection, we have pushed our company to new levels of being able to offering excellent quality for an excellent price.

    We sincerely thank you for all your comments and we look forward to the opportunity to assist you in the future.


  4. DCUrbanite says:

    After our ordeal with the BAM crib, I was searching all over the internet about Argington (where they make their cribs, etc.) and I found your blog and I couldn’t help but add my comments – jjbenitez comments and experience above are not the exception when it comes to their cribs, since we went through the same disappointing experience except we returned the furniture BAM – touted by the owner as the “offering excellent quality for an excellent price” furniture line – from the store Giggle here in MD and went with Oeuf instead which proudly displays where they manufacture their products. When our friends realized how much the crib cost and how poorly made – we bought the bamboo line – they said the exact same thing “you should have just gone to Ikea!” I have to admit that coming from China does make it cheaper, but come on, Argington needs to have a better quality control of their products.

    I wanted to publish below what I wrote as a review of the product on the Giggle website that they have yet to publish. The store wanted us to hold on to it so the company would send us a new but we declined:
    We fell for the design, simplicity and the fact that it is made of bamboo that this is going to be tough. However, when we brought it home, the guard rails comes off with the slightest nudge, push or pull, right out of the box. The rails are barely glued on the frame, and can easily break off. Ultimately the crib felt very cheap and not safe at all. Great design and concept but very poorly made. The product doesn’t tell you where the crib is made either – not indicated anywhere on the box, literature, etc., not even in the Argington website, which we found very odd. Until they make a better one, it would be a mistake to purchase this crib. I have emailed Giggle the picture of the broken crib.

    Like jjbenitez, we too really wanted to like/love this company but it has yet to deliver. Mr. Andrew Thornton, I still have pictures of the broken crib if you would like to see them.

  5. AnnaN says:

    We as well bought Argington Bam Crib in Bamboo finish from Giggle just a few days ago and this morning my 6 month old daughter broke one of the slats right out – she was standing holding onto the opposite side and fell backwards (we have a bumper but it doesn’t cover the rails all the way to the top)

    So I have a question – why is Bamboo finish discontinued less than a year after it started shipping? Is there something inherently wrong with it? Have a lot of people had bad experiences specifically with Bam Crib made of Bamboo?

  6. mbardi says:

    As a new mom to be, I am looking for the best crib that I can purchase for my baby. I feel that if a manufacturer/designer is proud of their product (and are willing to stand behind their product), they should be honest with the public and state where they manufacture it. I would have had much more respect for this company, had they displayed where their products come from instead of being secretive and misleading.

  7. starrinte26 says:

    I love this bassinet. I love how it looks. It is great if you have a small room. It’s ready to be converted to a crib and is super easy to set up. My husband put it together by himself in less than an hour. I was a little concerned because of what previous reviewers said about it and the company. That they are both not good but I have had no issues with that so far and everyone thinks my nursery looks incredible.

  8. concerned_mom says:

    I’m currently looking for a safe and flexible (convertible) bassinet option for my newborn. The bam bassinet looked to fill all of those needs, but when I went looking for reviews I found this page. My main concern is safety, although sustainably designed and simple are bonuses. Are there others who have been happy with the product? Seems like mostly negative experiences.

  9. upset_mom says:

    I can’t even begin to describe the added stress that owning this crib set has caused us. When we first tried to order this set, we got an email a week before it was due to ship that the crib “could not be located.” After canceling the first order and ordering the Bam Complete through another distributor, that order too was delayed… by more than a month! We came to learn that Argington cannot seem to appropriately stock its merchandise. We managed to get the crib set just in the nick of time before our daughter was born. But I wish I could say the problems ended there. Now that our daughter is 4-months-old, she has outgrown the bassinet. My husband started the process of converting it to the full-sized crib, but was stopped in his tracks when he discovered that Argington sent us an incorrect part for the conversion–two of the same sided crib support rails instead of one for each side. That was on December 28th. It is now January 17th and we still have no resolution! Last week Argington sent me an email that they could not ship the replacement part because the Bam Bam Complete was on back order–SHOCKER! But lo and behold, the 16th rolled around and no word from Argington on whether the part arrived or has been sent. When I tried to call today, all of their customer service calls go into a voicemail box which was FULL! ARE YOU KIDDING ME? Our daughter has been sleeping in her car seat because she’s too big for the bassinet. After paying $500… this is inexcusable! I have filed a complaint with the BBB, but do yourself a favor and AVOID ARGINGTON AT ALL COSTS!

  10. samsoh says:

    I wish I had seen this before buying with Argington. Here is our experience with them:

    Beware of Argington’s Customer Service

    We recently spent the last month with headaches and bitter feelings towards Argington. I don’t want to leave a rant, but I want other parents to know what they are getting into:

    Week One: BamBam complete arrived damaged and the packing was so much styrofoam, not very green if this is why you are buying. The quality is of IKEA standards, but the price a bit higher. They claim to use low VOC stains and glue so we opted to stick with it and not give up yet. We notified them and send photos of the damage the same afternoon we received the crib. An automated response was sent by Argington

    Week Two: We hear nothing back from them, at the end of the week I send another email looking for help…response was a survey asking how their customer service is doing, lol.

    Week Three: We still hear nothing, so I use their facebook to complain. At this point we have reached out to our credit card company to see what we need to do. They say we are completely covered and will refund us once we submit our complaint. Some relief knowing we will get money from our CC company, but no bed for our baby.

    After complaining on facebook (they have since deleted our comment!), we received a response asking why we were complaining and as if our claim was never made. Very frustrating! After letting them know our credit card company has our back, they suddenly were helpful and sent out a crib the next day!

    Week Four: New crib arrived, of course with damaged parts. Luckily we kept the old box of parts and between the two boxes we were able to get a complete “good” set to keep. Argington wants the box of damaged crib parts back, but still haven’t sent a shipping label.

    Now we are wondering how long we have to keep the box before donating to someone who won’t mind a scratch here or there for a brand new crib.

    Their customer service is dreadful and we are disappointed they only helped after we got social media and our credit card company involved. The quality of the product isn’t all that great, and once IKEA steps up their green efforts, I’m not sure why anyone would buy from this company.

  11. jesuki says:

    I have to chime in and vent my frustrations as well. My BAM crib is cracked at the base and it has been unbelievably frustrating dealing with Argington’s Customer Service. I was emailing with a representative there, sent her photos of the cracks and my receipts. She said she’d discuss the issue with her manager, then nothing. Weeks and weeks of silence and no response to my follow up emails. Finally I went to Albee Baby and spoke to the owner who put me in touch with Andrew Thornton. He said that customer service rep no longer works at the company and put me in touch with another. I had to send her all the same information, then silence again. After 2 weeks, I’ve learned that this new rep also no longer works at the company and now I am waiting to hear back from a third rep! All the while my son is sleeping in a broken crib and my anxiety about that is of course tremendous. I get the sense that Argington is falling apart at the seams, they can’t keep their employees or ship out their products. Its a shame since I do like their designs and want to support small local businesses. But they need to be upfront with their challenges and not hide from or ignore their customers.

  12. dms113 says:

    I have the original BAM crib in Ebony. Was great as a bassinette and as a crib ok. My son is ready for his toddler bed and when I went to purchase the conversion kit, I found that the BAM model is discontinued. The BAM BAM is not compatible and NO ONE has the conversion kit for the BAM in stock. To make matters worse, the store where we go it has not received a reply in 4 days from Argington and neither have I. There is a constant voice mail that asks you to email them, to which they do not reply. To make matters even worse than that, I now have my sons room with all the matching Argington pieces and may need to get a totally new bed. Really annoying that they can charge so much for their furniture and shipping and provide NO customer service. I wish I had known, there are too many other companies out there….

  13. heather15 says:

    I can only echo what others have written here. I had a horrible experience with Argington. Everything was backordered, which was not disclosed when I made my purchase. I had to beg them to ship every item—I barely had the crib in time for my baby, despite having place the order more than three months early. Some items I didn’t have even nine months later, when after months and months of them promising to ship the items to me (always with me inquiring—where’s my stuff? No one from their end ever bothered to contact me with update), I finally only got a refund when I threatened to take them to small claims court. How do you sell items that you can’t deliver to customers with a good conscience? Also, the quality was shoddy. To give them credit, they did place one particularly poorly made item, but still—I expected better. From a customer service perspective, though, steer clear at all costs. You may never get what you’ve paid for. As another user said, I wanted to like this company very much. Yet I think that in my entire adult life, I’ve never been as poorly treated as I was by them.

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