MIT scientist links autism to Monsanto’s Roundup and predicts HALF of U.S. children will be autistic by 2025

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MIT research scientist and author Stephanie Seneff has studied autism for almost a decade, and her recent presentation regarding rising autism rates included a dramatic and controversial prediction. Seneff believes that if current rates continue, by 2025 one out of every two children born in the United States will be diagnosed with autism —  and she links the rise with the increased use of Monsanto’s weed killer Roundup and its active ingredient glyphosate. Additionally, she notes that exposure to heavy metals (such as mercury and aluminum, found in vaccines) are also a likely factor, especially in conjunction with glyphosate. Heavy use of Roundup began in 1990 and has increased ever since. Autism has seen a similar rise in that time period.

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Although there are numerous genetic and environmental factors that are believed to contribute to the development of autism, Seneff believes the use of Roundup is a crucial link (especially considering how many children with autism have biomarkers indicating excessive glyphosate in their bodies), and other concerned environmental and parent groups are agreeing with her. Glyphosate has been found in dramatically high levels in breast milk in the United States (up to 1000 times higher than what is allowed in drinking water in Europe), people in 18 different countries have been found to have glyphosate in their blood, and urine testing has also shown that glyphosate levels are 10 times higher in the U.S. than in Europe.

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Monsanto replied to the concerns by saying that humans don’t have the shikimate pathway that glyphosate disrupts and inhibits, and therefore should not be affected by Roundup. Seneff rejects this claim, explaining that bacteria (the good kind that is found in our guts) do have this type of pathway, and Roundup is disrupting it and destroying the healthy bacterial environment. Seneff also believes glyphosate is responsible for producing a leaky gut, which numerous sources believe children with autism have. If this chemical really is the main culprit, we need to make a change and quickly: glyphosate has been the most commonly used active chemical ingredient in pesticides for over 10 years.

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10 Responses to “MIT scientist links autism to Monsanto’s Roundup and predicts HALF of U.S. children will be autistic by 2025”

  1. karla says:

    ABSOLUTELY TRUE! Monsanto’s products are responsible for so much “dis-ease” in both humans and animals, as well as the enviroment… these CRIMINALS need to be brought under control before they destroy the entire planet in their “greed quest”. I don’t buy any of their products in protest and encourage everyone that I meet to do participate in this boycott.

  2. flipper says:

    “Additionally, she notes that exposure to heavy metals (such as mercury and aluminum, found in vaccines) are also a likely factor”

    Actually, the traces of these materials is so minute that you might as well stop eating all fruit and vegetables that have equal traces of these. I understand if you’re an anti-vaccer, but you’ve got to use better argumentation for that.

  3. skaits says:

    If you read her study and discussions she does agree that alone the amount of metals found in vaccines is miniscule but her argument is that gylsophate actually increases these metals toxicity. And yes, she does insist that this is a topic that needs to be furthered study and at this point a theory.

  4. rtcinema says:

    If gylsophate is increasing the toxicity of aluminium and mercury then you should immediately stop consuming all foods that have traces of these metals. That argument does nothing to invalidate the fact that vaccines have minute traces of aluminum that will likely have no effect I your life. Not to mention the average person will consume far more traces of those metals from tuna, canned food and drinks. While we’re on the subject, I’d recommend looking into what an adjuvant is.

    The mere mention of these metals in this article is nothing more than a shameful plug from the author on their bias opinion of vaccines. The round up research has nothing to do with them.

    It’s like the fear surrounding CFL bulbs and mercury. The avergae tuna fish sandwich contains 700 times the amount of mercury of a single bulb.

  5. xheesie says:

    It’s absolutely AMAZING that NO ONE here understands that we are being SPRAYED with toxic heavy metals on a 24/7/365 basis.

    GO GET YOUR HAIR SAMPLES TESTED for these, and test your blood for BARIUM.

    What is this heinous crime against humanity doing to you, and what role does aluminum, mercury, barium and strontium do to the brain that might cause autism and dementia??

    The Elephant in the room that NO ONE IS TALKING ABOUT here or anywhere else is the ROGUE Geo-engineering programs going on RIGHT OVER OUR HEADS. It’s time we had a PUBLIC DISCUSSION of these programs– where do you think the metals contaminants that contribute to the neurological degeneration of our population are coming from?


    Visit to learn more!

  6. Bioresearchalert says:

    Interesting article, but would like to offer the suggestion to consider the massive amounts pf alumni dioxide being sprayed into the atmosphere all around the planet by almost every government in failed attempts to lower the Earth’s temperature. The chemtrail spraying is easily visible by simply looking at the sky and seeing very long chemtrails. Ordinary jet contrails are relatively short and dissipate quickly versus the very long and long lasting chemtrails form geoengineering spraying.

    Dangerously increasing amounts of aluminum are being found in water systems around the world.

    I think this my be as big or even bigger factor than roundup.

    Corporate shareholders of roundup are typical Americans who unknowingly hold shares of funds owning Monsanto in their investment portfolio and they should vote there shares to permanently ban Monsanto from ever making any political contributions or lobbying. If they ban together, shareholders who are typical Americans could reshape Monsanto int a socially responsible yet profitable corporation.

    Don’t know what can be done about the chemtrail spraying. All governments are very secretive about it.

  7. G. Ray Stone says:

    On another note it is my understanding, and something that is not being discussed much publicly, is the fact that Monsanto and some of other giant multi-national corporations are patenting their GMO seeds. If this trend continues they will soon own the worlds food supply. Would you trust them with the power to say who plants what, where and when? Who will decide who gets to eat their Frankinfood and who go’s hungry.

  8. Michele Herrick says:

    Happy to see more and more Moms getting educated on toxins affecting their children, and to those that still buy the Monsanto’s kool aid lies_ one day you will realize just how much Monsanto has lied throughout the years. Parents should and must do Everything they can to protect their children and family. Eating only 100% organic is a start. Grow your own if you can. STOP using plastics. even the bottle nipples and pacifiers are toxic. Stop using chemical air fresheners- etc, etc. Round up does cause cancer and I am not at all surprised the correlation with Autism.

  9. limproved says:

    Some of the responses here are like climate change deniers. Seriously, stop buying Cheerios and the like ’til they quit poisoning us.

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