Man Living Entirely Off His Wife’s Breast Milk

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If you’ve haven’t already gleaned from all our coverage over the last year, breast milk is no longer just for babies. But while we’ve seen human breast milk turned into an array culinary delights for the adult set, this is the first time we’ve caught wind of a man opting to turn it into his sole source of sustenance. One man has decided to see how long he can survive on a diet consisting entirely of his wife’s breast milk. Currently, the parents of three maintain a 22-cubic-foot freezer full of milk that they haven’t been able to donate to breast milk banks. So what’s a couple to do? There’s no waste in this household – each drop will be consumed, and the couple is blogging daily about their breast milk experiment!

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effects of drinking breast milk, breast milk, drinking breast milk, adults drinking breast milk, parents drinking breast milk, surviving on breast milk, breast milk formula

The couple, Curtis and Katie (a childbirth and lactation educator), are parents to three children. Each of Katie’s pregnancies have found her babies ending up in the NICU, requiring her to pre-pump a surplus of milk. After their first baby was placed in the NICU Katie got into the habit of pumping milk every two hours round the clock for fear that my milk would dry up. This left her with an excess supply of milk that she was able to use to feed her first child while pregnant with her second. Her second child also spent time in the NICU, and she quickly filled up a 7″ cubic freezer with more milk, which she eventually donated. When she gave birth to her third child, she again went through the same process of stockpiling her milk, but unfortunately this time was not able to donate to a milk bank given that she had been taking various medications while pumping.

Rather than tossing the milk and calling it a loss, the couple decided they would just save it for themselves. But because they were moving homes, they realized that transporting the milk would be too costly and complicated, so instead Curtis has decided to drink the milk as long as he can – meaning he would be surviving solely on the breast milk and breast milk alone.

As the couple completes this experiment Curtis’ weight and calorie intake are being carefully monitored and his body is being watched for any ill effects. Katie’s milk contains approximately 27-32 calories per ounce – to meet Curtis’ need of 2,000 calories a day, he’s downing 66 ounces of breast milk a day.

Now on day 3, we have to say we’re not sure how Curtis is going to fare on this all-liquid diet, but he does appear to remain positive. As he wrote today: “Much more hungry yesterday… Near the end of the day I started craving solid foods, so I drank more milk and it satisfied my hunger. I am really enjoying the milk now and am always surprised how each glass tastes different.”

You can follow the couple’s progress on their blog here.

Via Gothamist

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7 Responses to “Man Living Entirely Off His Wife’s Breast Milk”

  1. flutterbyldr says:

    So instead of donating the medicated milk to a milk bank he’s going to consume the medicated milk? I actually have no problem with the idea of people drinking human breast milk, but this is just as ridiculous as people who think they can survive on juice, or broth, or even other types of milk. Come on! Good luck with that “experiment.”

  2. drdoug says:

    Well I think “Curtis” is an interesting guy….not sure there is anything rational here to learn, but interesting fetish!

  3. jparkes says:

    I don’t see a problem here, at least outside the bathroom. Of course you can live on breast milk, just as you could survive cows milk, but who would give up solid food for it?
    As a parent i would never give a child anything i’m not willing to consume myself, no caring parent would.
    I do question the first humans to sidle up to a cows udder with the intention of having a drink…that seems more unnatural to me than breast milk.
    I am willing to give up cows milk and buy breast milk as a more natural alternative, animals are more likely to carry a disease than people are…or so it would seem to me.

  4. totallytreen says:

    I mean, I think breast milk is so wholesome….but I get wierded out just looking at the photo of the tall icy glass of boob milk! I mean some things just are waaaaay out there. If it was a medical reason, such qas nutrient deficient blah blah, then I would be like, “ok cool”, but geez man! Sorry people, 2 thumbs down for you drinking the breast milk.

  5. isuperwoman says:

    Well if the millk passed the standard for 3 world countries to use, I’d suggest starting a program called Mothers Milk where refrigated containers can ship frozen breast milk to Africa and Asia places where nutrition for children is in high demand. It is an idea I have had for quite sometime. I hope her husband does not make himself sick if he needs food he really should EAT. It’s ok not use up all the milk she stored rather then get sick!

  6. Cathytress says:

    He will be fine; breast milk is a perfect, complete food that can support the tremendous growth rate of babies. It is low in protein and iron, but protein needs are highly overrated (do adults really need more protein than a growing baby?? think not) and the body stores large quantities of iron in the liver.

  7. greengiant62 says:

    I wonder if breast milk has any taste, because babies are small and can’t tell you how it tastes, as their taste-buds are in the developing stage. But the guy actually says he’s surprised how the breast milk tastes different everytime he drinks it, so it means, it does have a certain taste.
    I think people are so accustomed by cow milk, that thinking of “human milk” will make them think ‘yuck’, because as a baby you only know about that kind of milk, and maybe the artificial milk in powderform, which mostlikely don’t have much taste either.

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