Kid Kustoms Stroller Converts into a Trike!

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Wondering what do you with your old stroller once your kid grows out of it? Kid Kustoms extends the life of the typical stroller with an ingenious design to convert a stroller into a tricycle for a growing little one. Kid Kustoms has been making racy, auto-inspired strollers for the hot to trot, and most recently added a tricycle conversion kit to their fabulous line. Using many of the same parts as their original stroller, a classic Roddler stroller can now convert into a low-riding tricycle for added years of fun after your baby has grown into a rambunctious tot. Reward your kid for walking by giving them the coolest set of wheels to roll around town. With no need to put the old pram in storage, you’ll be saving space, material and money.

Kid Kustoms, Stroller Conversion Kit, stroller converts to tricycle, stroller tricycle, stroller trike, stroller conversion, hot rods stroller, roddler stroller, kid kustoms

Kid Kustoms also has an eco-roddler stroller which has a seat and top made of organic canvas, and they use recycled metals in all of their products whenever possible. Kid Kustoms strollers and trike conversion kits are available nationwide and online, eliminating one more trip to the store and according to co-founder, Jamie, the conversion process is “easier than assembling an Ikea paper towel rack.”

Kid Kustoms are members of 1% for the planet.

+ Kid Kustoms

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6 Responses to “Kid Kustoms Stroller Converts into a Trike!”

  1. Shane says:

    These look great and I love the idea of extending the life and use of something.

    It’s too bad that the focus is to make it look like a “Hot Rod” car though, this is just indoctrinating them into the unsustainable and bad habit of being a ‘car driver’ from a young age. Why not just let it be a trike and make the trike cool and biking in general. Just like there is a law against marketing cigarettes to kids there should be a law against marketing driving to them (have you seen those horrible electric SUVs for kids?). The obesity rates in developing countries are out of control- especially here in America and a lot of it is because we’ve sold this dream of the car culture giving us freedom when really it’s just made us lazy.

    Yes, I know I sound like a curmudgeon and that these are COOL looking but just recognize the subtly of car culture and how it has worked it’s way into our desire to acquire that slick looking gas guzzling environmental destroyer.

    Keep those kids rolling on cool wheels; move them onto a cool bike, then teach them safe riding skills and send them off to school on one too and maybe they’ll be the change we need.

    PS- As a father-to-be I don’t relate to their website when it says other “juvenile products companies” have been “blatantly disregarding your manhood for too long”. I’ve found plenty of quality, environmentally sustainable, and cool products (many thanks to Inhabitots) that appeal to my manhood thank you very much!

  2. Mattress says:

    WOW!!!!! Those are cool carriages, what kid wouldn’t want to take a ride in one of those 😉

  3. Stephanie says:

    Do they fold up for easy transport? They don\’t look like they do.

  4. Tom says:

    Slick design, and very cool that they are convertible!

  5. Jamie says:

    Ya shane, lets whisk all of our children into the forests until the evil cars get lonely and go back where they came from. I\’d we willing to say, vote to give you Wisconsin so you can bring it back to the stone age, hunt for tofurky and milk soy plants. Automotive companies being blamed for obesity? Would want to take a stab at peoples inclination to watch TV all day and take pills to get skinny from pizza binges. You don\’t relate to their branding because you are the type of guy who tucks it back. Do us cool dads a favor, push a Graco that used 600 underpaid employees in a foreign country and traveled 4000 miles by freighter to get here. Those POS strollers will last a year before they break instead of turning it into a trike. Maybe make a planter out of it while you are waiting for the next exploited child to pack up the ocean killer with your new ride.

  6. alexzross17 says:

    This is so cool and beautiful… I am pretty that my daughter will like it too 🙂

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