HOW TO: Make Fruit and Vegetable Infused Water in Mason Jars

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Recipe #3: Berry Infused Water

Add the fresh, rinsed berries to a mason jar. Fill to the top with fresh, filtered water and securely screw on the lid and store in the refrigerator until ready to drink.

green kids, eco kids, green design for kids, cooking with kids, baking with kids, do it yourself, how to, jennie lyon, fruit infused water, vegetable infused water, recipes

Tip: For last minute drinks, I like to add frozen fruit chunks to water. These are great for impromptu guests or if you forget to make a fresh batch of fruit infused water.

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26 Responses to “HOW TO: Make Fruit and Vegetable Infused Water in Mason Jars”

  1. itshiptobegreen says:

    Glass straws are great and make the drink taste so much better! We love ours…

  2. maria luisa capati says:

    Dear Inhabitots,

    Before i find it difficult to drink lots of water but it’s a breeze and a joy when I add citrus fruits to my hot or cold water. I was able to drink up to 8-10 glasses daily and guess what it also helps me lose unwanted pounds.
    Happy drinking fruity water!!!!

  3. Ginny says:

    But how long does fruit water last until it goes bad? When the fruit (citrus) sinks is it time for fresh water to be made?

  4. jennielyon says:

    Hi Ginny,
    We usually only make enough to last a couple of days. However, I would say that you should drink them before the citrus starts to sink.

  5. Kyara says:

    Why are the straws important? And… how long until the fruit gets absorbed into the water? 5 min? 10 min? An hour?

  6. jennielyon says:

    Hi Kyara,

    The straws are reusable – that is their only importance. We usually drink our fruit infused waters within a couple of days.

  7. kyara says:

    That’s not what I asked. I asked how long until the fruit gets absorbed into the water and you can taste it. It obviously doesn’t happen right away. And why are the straws important AT ALL? Do you NEED the straws??

  8. itshiptobegreen says:

    The glass straws make drinks taste natural and better than with plastic straws. They also keep BPA out of your mouth. It saves from having to throw away plastic…. plus they are very decorative….

  9. jlw87 says:

    No the straws are not needed. if you don’t want it. don’t add it! It takes few hours for it to work. so make it before bed time, by morning it’s good to go

  10. sag-tx says:

    Do I have to use mason jars?

  11. missmollyanne says:

    Does the water have to remain refrigerated? I have a large decorative glass jar with a spout. It holds more than a gallon! I like to make it in the morning when I get to work. I usually add ice to get it chilled initially. Sometimes it doesn’t all get consumed in a day. I do not have a refrigerator here to store it in over night. Is there any reason why it can’t stay out and be consumed room temp or with ice the following day? I can’t imagine citrus fruit floating in water would “go bad”. Thoughts?

  12. collettesnaturals says:

    Hey Itshiptobegreen: I followed your link to the glass straws…can get them in town alot cheaper! A LOT less than 30.00 for 4 glass straws!

  13. itshiptobegreen says:


    That’s great that they have the same brand/quality straws in your home town… Enjoy!

  14. shelly82 says:

    When I make my flavored water I let it set in the fridge for 24 hours. Then I strain the fruit out and re-bottle the water. That way I don’t have to worry about the fruit going bad and I can make a lot of waters at once and they last.

  15. Msjanaevalentine says:

    If you aren’t drinking them fast enough and are worried they will go bad, strain the fruit out and pour water into ice tray and freeze. You can add them to water later…you can also pour into a Popsicle mold for a treat for the kids!

  16. Jaxxx says:

    kyara – its not that the straws are completely important but when I am doing a citrus infused water that day for example lemon, lime and orange, I always make sure I have a straw so the acidic fruit does not stain my teeth 🙂

  17. says:

    i love to use mints but find they get black spots on them and makes the water not look good.. why is this?

  18. SCORPI1016 says:

    I heard leaving fruits or vegetables floating in water can cause bacteria in no time. Any feedback?

  19. scrimpystudent says:

    Just wondering, what do you guys do with all the leftover fruit after you’ve drank the water? I hate wasting it!

  20. nanny says:

    Guess you can freeze the left overs fruit into ice cubes, Just dice them up and put them in the ice moulds.

  21. CaroleOR says:

    There are also BPA free plastic straws available. I have several. Got my first ones at Crate and Barrel three or four years ago, but this year found some by Ball Corp. (canning jar people) that are less expensive and just as nice.

    I don’t use straws all that often myself, but kids find them fun. 🙂

  22. jellybee93 says:

    What do you do with the fruit once you have finished drinking the water? Seems a waste to throw it out

  23. Tite says:

    I made some in a small mason jar but after drinking the water do you throw out the fruit and veggies or refill the jar with water

  24. littlelaur20 says:

    Do they need to be in a mason jar? can i just use my own reusable water bottle? BPA free

  25. kck1981 says:

    The fruit can be fed to birds, or dehydrated.

  26. ms smith says:

    Just wanted something new for my water all comments were helpful thanks everyone

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