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Inseparable Maple Syrup and Pancakes Costume

by , 11/09/10


For over a year Erin Corbett’s son Miles has been saying he wants to be a pancake for Halloween, with his younger brother as the maple syrup. Using fabric Erin already had in her stash, she was able to come up with these two costumes. The pancake? Easy. The Syrup? A lot trickier than she thought, as her son Ozzie isn’t walking yet and keeping him warm. Her solution was to line it with fleece, and voila!

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3 Responses to “Inseparable Maple Syrup and Pancakes Costume”

  1. Julie Knapp says:

    How many kids pick a pancake for their Halloween costume? Love it!

  2. Anonymous says:

    Amazing! I also like pancakes!

  3. […] son stole third with his zero-emission monster truck!EDITOR’S CHOICEFIRST CHOICE: Inseparable Maple Syrup and Pancakes CostumeFor over a year Erin Corbett’s son Miles has been saying he wants to be a pancake for Halloween, […]

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