LAST DAY TO ENTER! Win a Kushies Organic Green Diaper Starter Kit Worth $146!

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If you haven’t embarked into the world of green diapering yet, now is the perfect time to get started. Right now, Kushies is giving away everything you need in an organic green diaper starter kit worth $146. Kushies’ all-in-one, form-fitting cloth diapers are made from 100% certified organic cotton-flannel and they’re equipped with an absorbent layer inside and a waterproof shell on the outside. One lucky winner will win a prize package including an Ultra-Lite Trial Pack, Ultra-Lite Infant 5 Pack of diapers, 10-pack of infant/toddler washable diaper liners and a deluxe organic cotton flannel change pad. Whether you’ve been using disposables so far, already a green diaper addict, or if you’re awaiting the arrival of your first child, this is a fabulous green diaper giveaway for all! Find out how to enter for a chance to win after the jump.

green diapers, green diaper giveaway, organic diaper, organic cloth diapers, kushies, kushies giveaway

Here’s how to enter to win a Kushies Organic Green Starter Kit Worth $146!

** We’re sorry – this contest is now closed. **

1) Sign up for our weekly newsletter (if you haven’t already!). We’ll be notifying the winner in our newsletter – so you need to sign up and receive our newsletter to find out if you have won.

2) Like Inhabitots on facebook.

3) Add a comment to this post with your answer to the following question: Why do you use (or want to use) green diapers? (extra points for creative answers!)

Contest ends Tuesday, July 5th, 2011 at 12 midnight EST. Winner will be announced in the following week’s newsletter!

+ Ultra Lite Trial Pack, $40.99

+ Ultra-Lite Infant 5 Pack, $78.99

+ Infant/Toddler Washable Diaper Liners, $14.49

+ Deluxe Change Pad $11.99

+ Kushies

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132 Responses to “LAST DAY TO ENTER! Win a Kushies Organic Green Diaper Starter Kit Worth $146!”

  1. zs says:

    My wife and I (yay legal same-sex marraige in CT!) are expecting our first child in November, and we would love to have our baby wearing cute green diapers like the Kushies. We’re both grad students, so it’s unlikely we could afford Kushies on our own, but we would like to surround our little one with organic and adorable coziness. We already live in an apartment, commute via bicycle (me) and train (her), and compost in our local community garden…Kushies just fit into the pattern, right? Thanks!

  2. dragonflii says:

    I am planning on cloth diapering because it will lower my baby’s carbon footprint and also is more economical than disposables!

  3. cherrycouch says:

    I am totally in love with cloth diapers. I am the mother to a 14 year old boy and a 4 month old little girl. I decided to cloth diaper while I was pregnant this time. I did not even consider it with my first. I did not know how easy would be and that I could save money and the environment. People probably get tired of hearing me rave about them. What I didn’t realize was how obsessed I would become with their cuteness. I do not have an Kushies in my stash and would love to give them a try.

  4. Jessica1388 says:

    I have a 5 month old and one on the way, and unfortunately don’t have the means to invest in starting out in cloth diapering, so I would love the opportunity and help to be able to use cloth diapers on my little bun in the oven! I live in Austin and we are very green here and I would love to be able to help my city and the world a little and do my part!

  5. lauralitabeth says:

    I would love to win this! My 5 month old is exclusively cloth-diapered, but in a wide variety of things, mostly second-hand, that I managed to cobble together. I’ve noticed that while he doesn’t exactly have a problem with synthetics, he seems to do so much better with natural fabrics, and I would absolutely love to be able to provide him with more of that!

    We chose cloth mostly for the cost savings, but really, I can’t stand disposables. The sound, the smell (oh god, the smell!), the leak factor… ick.

  6. lauralitabeth says:

    I have been cloth diapering my 5-month-old from the start, mostly with a variety of diapers that I managed to get second-hand. He’s got a pretty tolerant little bum, but I have noticed that natural fibers just seem better for him and his skin. I would love to have only natural fiber diapers, and this would help so much in making that happen! 🙂 We mainly chose cloth for the cost savings, but I generally hate disposables overall. The sound, the smell (oh god, the smell!), the chemicals, the environmental impact, the lack of poo containment… ick!

  7. Newbie Mum Melissa says:

    I cloth diaper because they are so gosh darn cute! Ok, not just for that reason. Of course, I want to go Green, save money, etc. The bigger reason is because I wanted to be successful at such an amazing step in the right direction as a life lesson for my daughter. Many people looked at me as if I was crazy when I said I wanted to learn how to cloth diaper. My grandmother told me to be careful with leaving the pins in the house. Little did they know! We are 7 months into cloth diapering and 100% successful. If I can do it, anyone can!

  8. Liferevived says:

    I used cloth diapers with my 2nd, thinking it would save money, which it really did. I don’t mind making an extra load of laundry if its for the cause of saving money. And as a bonus it saves the landfills from having my baby’s yucky bum’s pile up in them! Hanging them on the line outside in the summer was an awesome way to save some hydro and get a nice touch up from the sun 😉 Plus the absolutely adorable prints of the wraps didn’t hurt either… only problem this go round…. no boy wraps :S 🙁 Sad day! I have all bright pink and flowery wraps for all my pre-folds and no handsomely wonderful browns, blues, greens and oranges for the 3rd little monster in my belly 🙁 hopefully you can help me out! 😉

  9. lauralitabeth says:

    Let’s try this again–I’ve tried to post a comment here about 10 times now, I hope you’re not getting them all and they’re just not showing up! 🙂
    We’ve used cloth from the start with my five-month-old son. We chose cloth mostly for the cost savings, but also because of the nastiness of disposables–sound, smell (oh god the smell!), chemicals, inability to contain poo, etc. In the cost-savings vein, most of our diapers are second-hand and we have a lot of different types. I’ve noticed that though the synthetics don’t cause a rash or anything horrible on my son, he seems to respond better to natural fibers, and I’d love to have some “easy” diapers that are natural fibers so he can have that more often! This would be a great help, I’d love to win! 🙂

  10. cuzamora says:

    we’re cloth diapering because we’re A) eco-conscious, B) not wanting all the icky chemicals from sposies on our little ones backside and C) we’re cheap! Cloth diapering is so friendly on our microscopic budget!

  11. ashmay says:

    My husband and i plan on using cloth diapers to save money, but also because I like the idea of surrounding baby with organic materials. Our first little one is due the beginning of November, and Kushies is a brand I love, but have yet to order any diapers from! Thanks for this awesome contest!

  12. faithkp says:

    I LOVE using Eco friendly re-usable cloth diapers on my 3 month old son because he NEVER has had a diaper rash, the diaper covers are adorable and way more fun to spend money on than icky disposables! Every once in a while when we go on trips, I will use disposables on him and I cringe because I might as well be lining his bum with dollar bills for him to poo on… they are so expensive!! Plus there’s the environmental benefits of course. I’m all for saving the planet in any way I can!

  13. Ashzellmer says:

    I want to use green diapers because I just found out I’m expecting baby number two and putting both babies in desposables will cost a fortune. Everyday my son goes though 12-15 diapers and more if he is sick I really can’t imagin doubling that.

  14. crackedjar says:

    My daughter and her husband just had our first grandson in March. My daughter wanted to use cloth diapers, but so far they haven’t been able to afford the initial purchase, so they’ve been using disposables. I’d love to be able to give them and my grandson this gift!

  15. Debbie K. says:

    I am the mom of twins and am due to have another baby in December. With three babies in diapers, I love the idea of going Green to save money and to save the Earth!!!

  16. Jayawatta says:

    I am going to use washable diapers for the benefit of the Planet, my child and the future generations, as well as to save money and use it towards and education for the person I am about to bring to this world…

  17. ruth says:

    I get your newsletter.

  18. ruth says:

    I like Inhabitots on Facebook. Ruth Jacob

  19. ruth says:

    We will be using CDs for several reasons:
    -They are a lot cheaper than disposables.
    -Although they require more water, our landfills are filling up fast and this is an easy way to keep a ton of trash out of them.
    -They are way cuter than disposables and will be adorable to dress up our little one to match us or a cute shirt or to look extra awesome at special functions (like matching my husband and I at my brother’s wedding)
    -It will give me something I can control and really get into after having our baby – something several of my friends have said really helps them get through their varying levels of PPD. To have something to look forward to, something that’s cute, that doesn’t require that much extra work, but can also give you something to think about besides a screaming baby in the middle of the night could help.
    -They are often much better for the sensitive baby skin than the chemicals in disposables.

  20. fishlady says:

    Landfills stink (pun intended!)!

  21. naberface says:

    I am FED UP with disposables and want to do my part to help the environment!

  22. jessikita says:

    I would love to win these diapers because my sister in law is due to have her 2nd children in October. My brother is active duty military and they are having a very hard time financially. The cost of diapers is becoming more and more outrageous. I would love to see her face when she opens up those diapers and knows that that is one expense she doesn’t have to be concerned about. What a blessing it would be for her!

  23. kaipopazzi says:

    I have been using Kushies for the last 6 months I would love to be able to use Kushies 100% we have a small amount

  24. klakrone says:

    I am all about cloth diapering! My whole family has always used them on the kids and they are the best way to go. We can’t wait for our own little one to arrive any day now. We want to continue the tradition of using cloth diapers for a number of reason: #1 It is safer for baby because cloth diapers don’t have the awful chemicals that are used in disposables. #2 It saves our family money! #3 It is better for the environment.

    I am trying to convert as many friends to cloth diapers as well because the more butts in fluff, the less waste in our landfills!

  25. blisspoodles says:

    Would love to win this and switch to cloth- i would love to lead by example at my MOPS groups. Also, would love to see my 6 year olds reaction to the diapers going in the compost “Ewww, i’m not helping with compost anymore!” LOL!

  26. emanymton says:

    I want to use green diapers with my baby (due in October) because diaper rash is NOT cool, because landfills are overflowing with diaper waste, because I don’t want harsh chemicals against my baby’s skin, because they are so darn cute, and because I find it super relaxing to watch laundry spin the machine.

  27. lfitz says:

    I use green diapers because I care about the environment, they are nicer on my darling boy’s bum, and they save me major green (as in, money)!!

  28. joannahafner says:

    I love cloth diapers! Super cute, saves money, and is good for the environment. Also, the cuter the diaper, the more comments and questions I get, helping me spread the news about cloth diapers. It’s an andvertisement on my baby’s behind! I would love to get a few more to spread the diaper love even farther 🙂

  29. Kate Taylor says:

    Am planning to cloth diaper to reduce toxins brought into our home or touch our babies precious skin. Hubby even installed a clothesline for me so we can line dry.

  30. littlehouseinoregon says:

    My husband and I want to start our baby on cloth diapers right from the beginning, so we’ve been looking into the newborn sized options, and these look so awesome! Plus, to have some bigger sizes to start out with, too, would be so nice. And who can say no to natural fibers? That’s all I want on my baby’s bum!

  31. lacelk says:

    I’d love to start using these diapers because they are just adorable. Makes squeezing baby thighs that much more fun when you see a cute print like these. (note: no baby thighs were harmed during this comment)

  32. hereyes says:

    Already like on fb and receive newsletter.

    I started cloth/hybrid diapering my DD the day she was born and ECing to save on washing. Mostly for the savings over sposies and the eco-friendly feel-good, but also because when her cute diapers are hanging on the clothesline they distract from our not-so-cute undies. 😛

  33. thehoosierhousewife says:

    I signed up for your newsletter!

  34. thehoosierhousewife says:

    I like Inhabitots on FB as Trisha Durham.

  35. thehoosierhousewife says:

    We switched to cloth to save money! I like the environmental impact too. Since switching we’ve greened
    it up in several other areas of our lives!!!

  36. noodlz1974 says:

    I love cloth diapers, here’s why:
    no late night runs to the store
    no rashes
    bonus: better for the environment!

  37. elise1313 says:

    I was a cloth diaper baby and I want my baby to be one too! Lots of reasons….carbon footprint, less landfill, better for the baby’s bum, economical and such groovy prints!!!

  38. nightymel says:

    Beacuse I’m afraid in couple of years mankind will build space-garbage dumps, as we cannot recycle as fast as we dispose synthethic stuff..

    I want to reduce my family’s disposal as much as I can, as a mom to a 8 months old babygirl, we are on reusable diapers already, GO GREEN!!

    ..and I should confess I’m totally in love with Kushies’ products…:))

  39. ravenous says:

    No one needs a landfill full of old diapers on their environmental karma, especially before a child is old enough to make a decision for themselves. Go green!

  40. bjp says:

    I have 8 month old twins…. so twice the diapering! I would like to try cloth diapering and what better way than with cute Kushies!!

  41. Macey Alia says:

    We want our baby to have a planet to live on that isn’t filled with trash and her old diapers!

  42. greenmomali says:

    my favorite thing about cloth diapering is the sweet sentimental feeling i get while folding them, which is a moment lost with disposable diapers. i guess that’s not why we use them, but it certainly makes me smile! (and the fact that my favorite color is green and we are an eco-minded, planet-loving family would make these diapers a perfect fit!

  43. kristin says:

    There’s nothing cuter than a baby in a cloth diaper 🙂

  44. kristin says:

    I signed up for the weekly newsletter, thanks!

  45. sennaj says:

    Disposable diapers are so passe, why wouldn’t I use cloth diapers? It is good for the environment and good for my baby’s health. Plus I don’t have run to the store to buy new ones because I will always have them at home ready to go, so it is also convenient for me. I don’t see any good reason why anybody would want to wrap their babies in plastic. That is why cloth diapers win!

  46. alsweetgum says:

    I can’t justify not giving cloth diapers a chance. Disposable diapers are so wasteful, and I want to reduce my new family’s carbon footprint in any way I can. Besides, those cloth diapers are so darn cute 🙂

  47. helenlam says:

    I use green diapers because they are way cuter than regular diapers, with the color and prints that are available. Also I find that they leak less than disposables and it’s even better that I’m not contributing to a landfill either!

  48. jljmommy says:

    I get your newsletter!

  49. jljmommy says:

    Inhabitots FB fan – Kimberlie S.T.

  50. Kathleen W. says:

    I’m due with my second child in 2 weeks, and am planning to use the Bum Genius diapers I used for my son. I think it really made me feel good about limiting our eco-footprint as well as saving money. It would be nice to have a few extra diapers on hand, especially as some of the old ones are wearing out.

  51. jljmommy says:

    We used disposables for my first 2 boys now age 7 and 5 mostly because I didn’t know how easy and fun it was to cloth diaper. Now with my third son who just turned 13 months, we have used cloth from the beginning. I love the cost savings, less trash, no chemicals sitting on his bum for 2.5 years… I could go on and on. Wish I would have know about all the great changes in the modern cloth diapering world back then, maybe they would have all been babies of cloth.

  52. Kathleen W. says:

    Subscriber at katwalck at hotmail dot com

  53. jordanf says:

    Making the green choice should be a way of life, and starting our daughter on that path from day one seems like the only sensible thing to do.

  54. dahlbys says:

    I’m lazy and don’t want to increase the amount of trash we have to take out! I already have to do laundry and the amount of cloth diapers that need washed don’t significantly increase the laundry load. Plus cloth diapers are cuter and I was a cloth diaper baby so I want to continue the family tradition.

  55. tiffanyalix says:

    I use cloth diapers because I care about the environment, and couldn’t use disposables without feeling so guilty for knowing how bad they are for the planet! The money savings and cuteness factor are a bonus, I’m so glad I decided to use them with the first, so I’ll be able to re-use them with the second!

  56. nct5x says:

    I’ve known that using cloth diapers was the right thing to do since I was in Middle school. I remember learning in school that the number of disposable diapers thrown away in the United States alone in one year CAN REACH THE MOON SEVEN TIMES! When I learned that, I made my family start recycling. Now that I am starting my own family, I don’t want to leave my children, grandchildren, and future generations a planet full of disposable diapers that will never degrade in a landfill.

  57. uschicana says:

    I like to use green diapers because I’d rather give my money to WAHMs who truly are concerned about the environment instead of large corporations that only think about profits.

  58. amanda alvarado says:

    Subscribed to your newsletter

  59. amanda alvarado says:

    Like you on FB – amanda alvarado

  60. amanda alvarado says:

    Not very creative but we use them because they save money and are better for babies. Who wants those chemicals from disposables against their baby’s skin? Not us that’s for sure! It’s an added plus that they are better for the environment!

  61. mamajo145 says:

    My daughter is 18 months old, but still a little peanut. She uses borrowed cloth diapers now, but those will be going away soon since our generous friend is having her second child. My daughter will be having open heart surgery this summer or next, so I try to do all things natural (still breastfeeding, cloth diapers, etc.) since she has been and will be subjected to such un-natural medical procedures. These cloth diapers were certainly help fill a need in our family. Breast is best and cloth is classic.

  62. lindahawes says:

    I’m signed up for the newsletter.

  63. lindahawes says:

    I like you on FB

  64. lindahawes says:

    I use green diapers b/c it’s safest for my child. I want to prevent as many toxins and chemicals from entering my baby’s system.

  65. jairus says:

    We tried a diff brand did not work so well, we would love to try this brand with our newborn.

  66. Stara says:

    I cloth diaper my baby because i hate creating trash of any sort, am very worried about exposing my baby to toxins, love that they save me money. Plus i dont have to buy those plastic toys. I just hang dry the colourful diapers wher my baby can see them and she has so much fun loking at them

  67. pheeney says:

    I would love to try green diapers and begin my daughter is a life of sustainable living at an early age.

  68. Leisha says:

    Good for baby, the environment, and the are so much nicer to look at. Real clothes for real people – no artificial anything please!

  69. Aformo says:

    I like you on FB!

  70. aformo says:

    Cloth diapers are so much better for my little one’s sensitive skin and for my budget!

  71. elfrules says:

    My husband and I are looking forward to our first child! We are both very eco-conscious and make an effort to recycle, and reuse EVERYTHING! Hubby is a full-time student and part-time worker and funds are not always at our beck and call. Also, cloth diapers are so much better for young babies bottoms! Using green diapers will allow us to keep our children in the best of health, minimize our carbon footprint, and save money!!! We will always do our part to give our children the best experiences possible and to keep our country beautiful. Nothing will ever be too big or too small for those goals. 🙂 Oh, I already subscribe to the newsletter and like your page on facebook!

  72. amwest84 says:

    We like that they save money, are good for the environment, and are more comfortable and healthy for our baby 🙂

  73. tjsplbrat says:

    I use “green” cloth diapers for a lot of reasons. The reason I started using them is to save money, and even used that as a bargaining tool with my husband so I could quit my job and stay home full time with our son (8) and our daughter (6 months) when our daughter was born. I have also been very impressed that my daughter has only had diaper rash once, whereas my son (who was disposable diapered) had diaper rash all the time. I also love them because there is NOTHING CUTER than watching my daughter play with an adorable FLUFFY BUM! 😉

    P.S. I get your newsletter and follow you on Facbook (Tabatha J Clary) and follow you on Twitter (@CrazyLeoMom) – although I don’t think the Twitter thing is a requirement! LOL

  74. prdblonde says:

    I use cloth diapers because in the long run from birth to potty it is cheaper. Another plus of using cloth diapers is that they are so much cuter than the disposables. I also love how threatened the disposable companies are by cloth by their recent ads on diapers with print.
    I want nothing but the best for my baby and giving her the best planet I can is one way I can do that using cloth diapers.

  75. Kezzia23 says:

    I signed up for your newsletter

    alsatia23 at hotmail dot com

  76. vrclay30 says:

    Cloth diapers make me happy when I put them on my little guy. I also hate the marketing of the characters on the name brand disposables. I’ll be damned if my son will have Dora and Diego plastered over his boy bits. I also love the CD community. Just today at church in the bathroom, I had a mom talking to me through the door of the stall (no changing table so I was trying to do the standing diaper change and drop the poop) when she saw me set the BG pocket on the floor of the stall. We had a total conversation about night time diapering and I never even saw her – she left before I was out of the stall!

  77. agreenaffair says:

    lots of reasons, but mostly because it is better for Terra’s skin and the earth she is living in 🙂

  78. diddlepoyner says:

    Ok I dont have a child yet, (still trying) Finges crossed! But I can petty much know that my child will have very sensitive skin. We live in an area where you walk outside and feel like you have taken a shower…… mmmm nice I know. I have done tons of research and tey all seem to say that cloth breaths better! Which is a no brainer since plastic doesn’t! lol Anyways you guys make a pretty good unisex package 🙂 thanks for doing the giveaway

  79. MommyMakingHome says:

    The reasons I use/d cloth diapers:

    1) Because I don’t like the thought of disposables sitting in the landfills for my great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-I think you get the picture-grand children to have to take care of.

    2) I would rather cloth on my bum than plastic.

    3) It makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside- can’t explain it really, it just does. haha

    4) Cloth diapers are so much cuter! And as a new mom at 19, CUTE was a MUST! haha

  80. hautenana says:

    If I were a baby, I’d want to wear a cozy, comfy wrap instead of a scratchy plastic envelope! Weee and so good for a healthy hiney!

  81. diddlepoyner says:

    I like on FB
    tosha barber-poyner

  82. micahpe says:

    I’ve signed up for your newsletter

  83. micahpe says:

    I liked you on FB!

  84. micahpe says:

    My wife and I are having our first child in October. We see the importance of saving every penny that we can and why it is important to help our environment.

  85. kaci.welch says:

    We just found out we’re expecting our first – I def. want to use cloth diapers for the benefits for the baby and the environment!!! I hope I win 😉

  86. mamabannana says:

    When I had my baby I didnt realize cloth diapers were a good option and now that she is 8 months old I would like to switch her but dont know where to start. This would change everything!

    Fingers crossed!

  87. pawsjr17 says:

    Ok here is my attempt at a Rap of why I am using Cloth Diaper (use any beat you would like)

    Yo, Yo, Yo! Plastic Diaper sit in landfills and rots, I know that now cause of the Inhabitots.
    Green Diapers also help out Mother Earth, it also helps out the bottoms of the ones we give birth.
    Cloth diapers are cute and sleek, I plan to see my tot walkin at NY Fashion Week.
    Ok, now it time to give away the Kushie, please put on my kids little tushie!

    Cloth me one time!

  88. Kiki87 says:

    I want to cloth diaper full time for our baby due this fall, mostly to irritate one of my friends who is convinced it can’t be done!!
    I did all the steps to win, help me prove her wrong!!!

  89. KB248 says:

    We want these diapers for our future bundle of joy, because it is healthier for the environment. We’ve always dreamed of green diapers for our baby — this kinda green moreso than the other kinda “green” if you catch my drift. 🙂

  90. oesmith says:

    Not only do I use green diapers, I use all sorts of colors! 🙂 I use green diapers for the my baby’s health, my family’s health and the environment. Every time I remove my diapers from the wash I am so happy that those weren’t diapers in a landfill.

  91. detcb says:

    Would love to win because I’m late to the game but hooked on cloth!

  92. kbotdesign says:

    In a world where I am perpetually covered in milk, spit-up, pee, poop, and various other substances that are no longer recognizable, I have found that cloth diapers hold more than any disposable on the market for my heavy wetter. And when the mega-poo rears it’s ugly head, it’s always a cloth diaper there to save the day!

    So, why do I cloth diaper? To save my sanity.

    Less mess. No rashes (yet… fingers crossed)). Less money overall. More green…. The list goes on and on. Go cloth or go crazy!

  93. jennipugh says:

    I did all of the above! I want to start using cloth diapers for my son, who is due in Sept because it is better for his bum and the environment!! Can’t wait.

  94. crazycrunchymama says:

    I’ve been dealing with what was thought to be Perinatal/Postpartum Depression & Anxiety (recently diagnosed w/ Bipolar Disorder) and cloth diapering my little one is something that makes me feel good, like even if I don’t get much of anything else right, I know I’m doing something good for my little man by not existing him to unnecessary chemicals in disposals while doing something Eco-friendly, too. Plus, they’re so cute they just cheer me up. 🙂 Please let me win! I need a serious pick-me-up!

  95. cindianne320 says:

    Good for my Baby.
    Really Cute
    Environmentally Friendly
    No rashes!!!

  96. paulsonclan says:

    Five hundred years to degrade. . . Need I say more? I love cloth diapering! (And I’ve only been doing it for three days now!)

  97. claudia_m says:

    I am subscribed to your newsletter.

  98. claudia_m says:

    I like Inhabitots on facebook!

  99. claudia_m says:

    I want to cloth diaper to avoid the rashes that my other kids have experienced with disposable.

  100. cerra says:

    Hello! I’m expecting my first little guy any time now. I’m literally lying in bed with pretty strong and consistent contractions…been researching the heck out of new cloth diaper systems and am trying to collect enough of each to figure out what I will like the best. Just saw the kushies (love that name…so kush) on my Twitter feed. Funny that the world is falling apart and I cluck on the news feed about diapers…hehe there is def some guilt there. But anyway, the kushies look adorable! Love them aesthetically so far…winning them would be a dream. Lio would appreciate it very much if the kushies family picked his young momma out of all these people for the giveaway! Now I’m more than a week overdue, what a nice present if lio would come and he gets new diapers! (racing against induction in 2 days!) darn 4th of July messing up my birth! Please pick me! -jordan

  101. Karen K. says:

    We are all from the Earth,
    cloth is natural too!!
    organic is the way to go
    because plastic wrap is P.U.
    when baby poos a mountain
    I will be happy for miles
    because I know I saving the Earth
    from poo filled diaper piles.
    I’m just about to be a mommy
    and diapers won’t be what I dispose
    There’s no other choice but cloth
    I feel it from my hear to my toes!

  102. lamomma80 says:

    Cloth Diapers have come along way baby! Introducing Kushies. Designed for the modern mom on the go, these afforable, adorable, convenient, environmentally friendly diapers offer an excellent alternative to disposables. Regular disposable diapers can take up to 500 years to decompose! Why not give your babies bum the best, with the peace of mind you are doing your part to pitch in for mother earth? Thank you Inhabitot for introducing us to this fantasic new diaper! Kushies are on the top of my wish list for my baby girl!

  103. okanovic1177 says:

    I’m still on the fence about using cloth diapers, but products such as these make me lean towards it!

  104. Mahogany419 says:

    I like environment. Cloth diapers are gooood.

  105. Leighspencer says:

    Because it’s crazy how many diapers it takes until potty training!

  106. blondredhead says:

    Already an email subscriber!

  107. lillysmommy7910 says:

    The biggest reason we switched to cloth diapers was when I read an article about all the chemicals in regular disposable diapers. The article went on to say things about health concerns for babies that included Cancer, Infertility later in life and Asthma. I was really shocked! I want only the best for my children and it is my job as a mother to keep them health, so I switched that day. I must say it wasn’t as hard as I had heard or even imagined. I love Cloth diapering, my children love them and the plus side…. it saves me money and I am not helping fill up landfills with diapers that will still be sitting there when my children have children.

  108. blondredhead says:

    Already like you on fb (karen l)

  109. leighspencer says:

    Because it’s crazy how many diapers a kid gets before potty training!

  110. lillysmommy7910 says:

    The biggest reason we switched to cloth diapers was when I read an article about all the chemicals in regular disposable diapers. The article went on to say things about health concerns for babies that included Cancer, Infertility later in life and Asthma. I was really shocked! I want only the best for my children and it is my job as a mother to keep them healthy, so I switched that day. I must say it wasn’t as hard as I had heard or even imagined. I love Cloth diapering, my children love them and the plus side…. it saves me money and I am not helping fill up landfills with diapers that will still be sitting there when my children have children.

  111. blondredhead says:

    We started with cloth pull-ups on our then 2.5 yo at night to contain leaks better and to finally start to reduce her footprint. Now, with our newest 3 mo, we’ve been cd’ing since she was 2 weeks old. I love being able to reduce the amount of garbage we throw out (no additional nasty trash bags full of wasted $$ and harmful diapers) and the added bonus of so many cute diapers to try and coordinate with outfits is fantastic! I’m so in love with cloth right now. 🙂

  112. athena says:

    My friends have started a great nonprofit called Heiny Helpers that gives cloth diapers to low-income families who cannot afford the initial start up costs. I already have all the CDs I need, but I’d love to donate this start up set to them. For more information about their great work, see:

  113. janesansible says:

    I hope I win because I really want to cloth diaper.

  114. twildermuth says:

    Ooo! There’s no better giveaway than a CD giveaway! I initially wanted to use cloth diapers because I hated the idea of a diaper (or thousands of diapers in the life span of a diapered child) sitting in a landfill….piling up. Now that we’ve been using since the birth of our baby girl (6 months on Sunday!), I realize the economic benefits! While the initial investment in CDing is more expensive than just buying disposables, they pay themselves off in a matter of months and we currently diaper at around $0.49 (maybe) a week – laundry detergent, water, wipes. I LOVE knowing that I’m not wasting money on something that will end up in a landfill. Two birds with one “stone”. I’ve never used Kushies, but I’ve heard great things. We currently use gDiapers – a hybrid diaper that has the option of a cloth insert (microfiber and hemp) OR a biodegradable/compostable/flushable disposable insert. We use the cloth 90% of the time, only using the disposable (again, BIODEGRADABLE in something like 90 days) when we’re on vacation and at night (they seem to be more absorbent and hold all of the night time pee better.) I LOVE gDIAPERS! But I’m more than willing to try some other types of diapers! Kushies would be a great addition to our stash!

  115. Guyanese Gal says:

    Subscribed to newsletter Christine L

  116. moon419 says:

    I want to use Green Diapers mostly because of greatly disliking disposables. Have you ever stepped in soggy disposable out in the parking lot somewhere? It’s gross and seeing birds and other animals tearing them up looking for food is saddening. I remember my grandmother making little cloth diapers for my baby dolls when I was a little girl. I guess I associate them with mothering more than I do disposables.. not entirely why I make that connection. This will be my first child, and I’m hoping to save money with reusables rather than spending thousands of dollars on something I’ll only get one use out of.

  117. gafurial says:

    I love our earth and for the well being of not only my child but everybody in this world, I would really love an opportunity try these beautiful organic diapers.

  118. damarisvega says:

    We started CD about a month a month ago (gDiapers), and we just love it. Much better on my little boy’s skin, no more plastic wrapped around his little bum…less waste in landfills…better for our super tight budget, and makes ECing easier for us (which we had started recently as well)…we were able to buy only a few diapers and cloth inserts, so I have to do laundry every two days. I’d love to try Kushies…and have a few more diapers on hand 🙂 I signed up for the newsletter and liked Inhabitots in FB 🙂

  119. Georgia says:

    First of all, I really like that these diapers are environmentally friendly. There are enough diapers out there that are not environmentally friendly. Our world will someday become one big diaper if we don’t start paying attention. Also, I love the 6 layers of 100% certified organic soft cotton-flannel and I think all babies really need something soft against there new little bottoms. I would only want the best for our little guy.

    gmissycat at yahoo dot com

  120. sunni08 says:

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    sunni08 at gmail dot com

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  122. rebeccalk says:

    Since we found out we were pregnant we’ve been planning on cloth diapering because it will save us gobs of money, it (obvioiusly) has less of an environmental impact, and it’s safer/healthier for our little guy. He’s now 2 months old and we haven’t (yet) made the financial investment. It would be so helpful to win this package to get us started! Thanks for the chance.

  123. mickihowl says:

    I want to use a cloth diapering system for many reasons… all of the carbon footprint, non-toxic reasons above. I also want to see my poor husbands face when he is finally forced to come to terms with the fact that our childs dirty diapers will be washed, folded, and re-used. (He’s still pushing for Pampers!)

  124. newmom080111 says:

    Me and my husband are expecting our first on Aug 1st. We want to cloth diaper for two reasons: one because it is green and two because we are not so sure we can afford disposables each month! We would really love to win this adorable Kushies set!

  125. amymgem says:

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  126. megs1328 says:

    I want to use green diapers because it saves money and there are plenty of cute and practical options now.

  127. jcutlip86 says:

    The fact that diapers take up so much of the landfill and the chemicals they put in disposables. We have used cloth almost a year now and love every minute of it. we have another on the way so cloth is a good way to save money.

  128. bestbug says:

    excited to start cloth diapering b/c I think it’s better for my baby and the environment!

  129. franniefaye says:

    Been experimenting with cloth for a while now but haven’t got a great stash yet. I love how much less waste there is and it is so much easier than I thought it was going to be. Makes me feel like I’m doing something good!

  130. niez says:

    I am wondering: will I win those diapers???

  131. bldbaker says:

    i would love to have rthe chance to try cloth green diapers we are switching our lifestyle to a eco friendly one but do not have the bulk of money to do so. i would love the chance to win so i can go on to cloth diapers for the comfort of my baby boy!!!

  132. anavailati says:

    I wanna give my baby the best example possible, for him to grow up to be a good environment conscious person.