LAST DAY TO ENTER! Win a Greenbuds Organic Crib Mattress and Sheet Set Worth $492

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When you put your baby in her crib, the last thing you want her to sleep on is a bed of hazardous chemicals, right? Well, unfortunately traditional baby mattresses are filled with toxins including PVC, phthalates and fire retardants. Since your baby will spend 10 to 14 hours a day on said mattress, choosing an eco-friendly one is important for her health and safety. We recently discovered Greenbuds organic mattresses and are excited to have three of their wonderful green sleep products to give away. One grand prize winner will win a Greenbuds Magnolia Deluxe Organic 2-in-1 Crib Mattress and an organic cotton sheet set worth $492, and one runner up will win an Organic Cotton Waterproof Mattress Protector from Greenbuds sized for standard crib mattresses worth $54.95. Ready to win a safe sleep environment for your green baby?

Here’s how to enter to win a Greenbuds Organic Crib Mattress and Sheet Set Worth $492 or a Mattress Protector Worth $54.95!

1) Like GreenBuds on Facebook. (And if you’re feeling extra friendly, you can like Inhabitots on Facebook too!)

2) Add a comment to this post with your answer to the following question: What’s your trick for getting your baby to snooze soundly? Please be patient – comments don’t appear instantly because they must be approved.

Learn more about Greenbuds and the giveaway prizes after the jump.

magnolia mattress, crib mattress, organic crib mattress, greenbuds mattress, magnolia deluxe organic 2 in 1 crib mattress

** We’re sorry, this giveaway is now closed for new entries. **

Contest ends Monday, January 23rd, 2012 at 12 midnight EST. Open to US residents only. Winner will be announced in the following week’s newsletter.

Grand Prize: One lucky winner will get a toxin-free Magnolia Deluxe Organic 2-in-1 Crib Mattress from Greenbuds so you and Baby can both sleep more safe and sound. It’s made from natural coconut coir (a fiber made from the husk of a coconut) providing very firm support for infants. As your baby grows, you can flip it over – one side features a 1-inch layer of natural latex, which provides a perfect sleep surface for toddlers. The whole thing is encased in a washable organic cotton cover quilted with 100% pure organic wool providing a natural water barrier and fire block, sans chemicals. Plus, the winner will also receive a Greenbuds sheet set, which includes 1 organic cotton knit sheet and one organic cotton percale sheet. Prize total is $492.

Runner Up: The runner up will win an Organic Cotton Waterproof Mattress Protector from Greenbuds sized for standard crib mattresses worth $54.95. The toxin-free mattress protector is coated with a safe, food grade polyethylene waterproof membrane.

+ Magnolia Deluxe 2 in 1 Organic Crib Mattress $457.00

+ Organic Cotton Knit Sheet $34.95

+ Organic Cotton Waterproof Mattress Protector $54.95

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146 Responses to “LAST DAY TO ENTER! Win a Greenbuds Organic Crib Mattress and Sheet Set Worth $492”

  1. Eco Mom says:

    We tried everything to get our son to sleep soundly, and finally after 5 months and much sleep deprivation resorted to Ferber. It worked like a charm, and now he is an amazing sleeper… Which allowed mommy and daddy to finally sleep too. It may be controversial, but I’d rather we all be well rested and have strangers talk about what awful parents we are behind our backs than be sleep deprived and totally insane and have everyone praise us for not giving in!

    FB name: Alicia Jeanne O’Dwyer

  2. CharlotteL says:

    Getting my first to sleep was a matter of a solid day time routine for nursing. My second, he’s another beast entirely and it’s been trouble shooting one thing after another: solids, too cold, too hot, teething, needs more sleep during the day, needs less, etc. But he is currently sleeping 10-11 hours straight and I’m thankful for any chunk I can get!

  3. talesofru says:

    I have a fussy sleeper who wakes often. My tricks of getting her back to sleep consists of several methods, 1) Creating a soft and comfortable bedding with chemical free organic sheets. 2) Soothing nature sounds to lull my little one. 3) Her favorite night time toy a lullabye glow worm. And finally 4) My hand weighing softly on her back seems to send her right back to sleep with the greates of ease. I would really love to win this mattress and cover set, i am a firm believer in using eco friendly materials and reducing ones carbon footprint. This mattress would be something she would cherish as she grows. I love the idea of her growing up knowing that from the very beginning… i always tried to do my very best for her and for the environment. Thank you so much for promoting this product! ^_^

  4. rudgersmama says:

    My little girls has had the same routine since she was born and she loves it! She has a baby sleep music playlist on her ipod with all the great music (music that she listened to in the belly) and her Couldb turtle night light. ahhh heaven!

  5. serendipitybites says:

    I would rock her to sleep.. prob a BAD habit however it worked and I was able to get bonding time in 🙂

  6. lacey79 says:

    I am lucky and all my kids have been excellent sleepers. My 15 month old has to have a dark, quiet room and his favorite blankie over the top of his head:)

  7. tsandy says:

    MY tick is to feed my baby around six and bath b4 7 and when done he gets a rub down with johnsons bathtime lotion!

  8. Simplykindness says:

    My little peanut hasn’t arrived yet, and the stork isn’t due to deliver for 5 weeks! SO, I’m not quite sure what will work for best for us, but I’ll bet an organic crib mattress and sheet set will help!!!! 🙂

  9. lmmccollister says:

    I have always set a schedule from birth so never really had a hard time to get them to sleep. My other little secrect is the baby first channel… Works everytime!!

  10. maggie829 says:

    We’re expecting our first in August. From what I’ve heard, following a routine is key!

  11. allicatcook says:

    White noise sound machines are key!

  12. treenz says:

    I am expecting my first baby soon, and really want to make sure everything is organic and safe. From researching it seems my baby needs a room around the temperature of 68degrees, a solid wood crib with no toxic glues or paints, an organic mattress that doesn’t offgas chemicals, an organic fitted sheet and top sheet and organic blanket. No bumpers, toys, pillows or anything else in the crib. I also heard a dark room also helps and to prepare them dimming the lights nearer bedtime. I’m so excited and would love to win this mattress and sheet set as we still are saving up for these.

  13. HybridVigor says:

    Breastfed and coslept, or wore them down to sleep in carriers.

  14. livingerin says:

    Genes. He seems to have inherited my sleep-ability. Keeping it a cozy temperature and the white noise of the air purifier probably don’t hurt either.

  15. mamak says:

    Having a predictable rhythm to your day helps. We also use a fan/white noise. Mostly though, being patient and realizing that these sleepless nights do pass. Everything is a phase with little ones!

  16. Eurekm says:

    My trick to getting her to sleep is to pay attention to her yawns! As soon as I see the first yawn, I know I need to get her in bed by the third! 😉

  17. jlw7799 says:

    My 5 month old son has Laryngomalacia- breathing difficulties which are worse when placed on his back. SO now that he can roll over, I put him down on his tummy. He loves it and sleeps great now! And when baby is happy, mama is happy!

  18. anniesc says:

    We are expecting our first baby in a few weeks and from what I’ve learned from babysitting, swaddling and room temp are two of the most important components. It also is comforting to know that the mattress and nursery environment is as clean and non-toxic as possible. I love how environmentally conscious Greenbud’s products are. Safe for Baby and Mother Earth!

  19. cassiekellogg says:

    WHITE NOISE! I was blessed with a fussy baby that doesn’t like to be rocked to sleep. White noise always does the trick. We keep a fish tank in his room with the filter running. That and the soothing bubble sounds keep him out all night long!

  20. impaz0330 says:

    Being in our room, making sure its cool, quiet and dark. I’ll nurse, burp and bounce him. I’ll sometimes do 20-40 squats while carrying him, it calms him down very well plus its great exercise for me!

  21. brookelynmu says:

    Rocking him to sleep and swaddling him with the Aden + Anais Dream blanket!

  22. anastern says:

    On our last trip to Rome, Italy we got a Moon-shaped music box for for the wall – it plays magic!

  23. hereyes says:

    Like both on facebook! My DD will be 1 in a week and I know that co-sleeping/napping really helps put her to sleep and keep her asleep longer. Dark and quiet (with the exception of mommy singing/humming and DD will sometimes sing herself to sleep, too). Plus, I think she sleeps better when she’s nude or in just a diaper (if she didn’t use the potty right before bed).

  24. ceej112 says:

    White noise and a little breast feeding!

  25. zs says:

    Liked Greenbuds Baby on FB! Also, our 5 week old falls asleep nursing. If she wakes up a little bit, I sing her and sway her to sleep in my arms. I’m not sure what we’ll do as she gets bigger.

  26. zs says:

    Liked Greenbuds on FB!
    We swaddle our 5-week old and nurse her to sleep. Don’t know what else to do but it works for now!

  27. ElizabethD says:

    My 4month old will go straight to sleep after I nurse him!

  28. Chris829 says:

    Still expecting our first but i hear long car rides help out.

  29. madamerkf says:

    a trick for my daughter was to not keep the house super quiet when she was sleeping so she learned early on not to be bothered by noises

  30. AllisonG says:

    My trick….man, I wish I had one. Working on it. We’re trying to get him to go to sleep on his own by putting him down drowsy….I think it’s helping.

  31. blueroomraven says:

    I like Greenbuds Baby on facebook (Louis H Uffmire)

    my tip is to start with a sleep routine early and keep the room out of direct light

  32. kaseymichelle7 says:

    This works especially for toddlers, but I lay them on their stomach with one hand, gently and firmly hold them in place. With the other hand, I gently massage up and down the sides of their spine and softly illustrate a peaceful scene for them with my voice. 100% of the time I have had a child to sleep within 5 minutes. I do have a very soothing voice working for me though! =)

  33. newbiemom says:

    My daughter (that makes me so emotional saying that) is due in May. I can imagine a breast fed little girl and a little rocking motion would put her down nice and snug! I will also give my singing voice a shot, but who knows how that will turn out! Looking forward to whatever the outcome will be. Thank you for the opportunity to keep her sleeping safe.

  34. aahaft says:

    I keep my kids on a schedule and we read this book Healthy Sleep Habits Happy Child which really explained kids sleep needs. My children have downtime after supper then they wash up, get 3 books and then its prayers and lights out. Same routing every night even when we’re away from home I make sure they go to sleep normal time

  35. swj says:

    oh please, oh please, oh please!

    a gentle finger stroke down the nose works like a charm, every time!

    fingers crossed- green baby arriving this summer…

  36. mollydo2 says:

    Like GreenBuds and Inhabitots on Facebook – Molly Ann Bussler

  37. mollydo2 says:

    My husband and I are expecting our first baby in May, and we really need a great mattress like this one for our baby. I don’t have any experience with getting my baby to sleep, but what I think will work, would be to swaddle, rock and sing. Holding him close to me and just loving him…if that doesn’t work..well…I guess I will walk the floor..? lol Thank you for the chance to win a wonderful mattress. Molly Bussler

  38. mollydo2 says:

    I am also following Inhabitots on Twitter and Retweeted this great giveaway! @mollydo2 Thank you, Molly Bussler

  39. Barbara Leech says:

    A white noise ion air machine gets baby and mommy in the zone for good sleep.

  40. Yuka Yoneda says:

    Looks really comfy!

  41. loriczimmer says:

    A perfect nights sleep awaits- BOTH OF YOU! good luck everyone!

  42. Ravioli says:

    We have white noise going constantly in our 13 month old’s room. He is a light sleeper and it helps keep him from waking from all the noise in our apartment (upstairs neighbors, street noise, etc.).

  43. looseleaf says:

    Our trick to a good nights sleep is all about winding down. My husband and I let our little girl have some fun bathtime, where we sing and play with toys. We get her in pjs and go around saying goodnight to her favorite things, like our kitty. Then its time for a bedtime story, a couple lullabies (Oh, and this kid has particular taste-we sing the beatles & weezer songs to her!!!) lots o’ kisses and lights out. Can’t say it works just right all the time, but we have a lot of fun doing it!!

  44. AC says:

    Following a routine is what helps my sweet and innocent rest his little head. Lots of physical contact and soft moments before bed like hugs, kisses ,dim lighting and the feelings of positivity and calm before bed puts my child in a relaxed and peaceful state, he doesn’t feel like he is being left behind but that he is going to a special safe spot to have sweet dreams.

    This mama could rest more soundly knowing her baby was fast asleep on a safer less toxic mattress.

  45. celeste says:

    huggs and kisses

  46. pink026 says:

    Love and Kisses! White noise and just keeping things calm and relaxed.

  47. jpenn says:

    The breast works best in this house. I just nurse my baby to sleep and then he’s off to dreamland.

    Right now he’s in the co-sleeper but he’ll soon grow out of it into a crib… that crib mattress would be awesome 🙂

  48. Raeyla says:

    A mix of suggestions from the No-Cry Sleep Solution, white noise, and lots of nursing and cuddles.

  49. subarudaisy says:

    Well, I’m pregnant right now with my first child. But I’m thinking lot’s of cuddling and loving would help. Also, a nice organized room! 🙂

  50. smalls says:

    Not sure, this will be my first!

  51. pinochle says:

    I have no tips, our baby is coming in April! :0

    And… since Facebook is the epidomy of all things evil, I won’t be liking this… even though I really do like this in the real world. Hopefully this won’t go against my entry.

  52. amanda tocco says:

    I would love to win !!

  53. klenka says:

    I don’t know – our little one doesn’t arrive for a month yet! But I’m pleased to read all the other suggestions…

  54. ewangdesign says:

    it’d be so great to replace my old old lumpy mattress

  55. KristinFriesen says:

    My trick to getting my little one to sleep soundly is routine. We do the same thing every night and he has the same items in his crib every night/nap – musical mobile, teddy bear, blankie, and night light turtle. He gets so excited when he see’s his friends in the crib, I don’t really have to do much else.

  56. vedamsj says:

    Baby carseat on the running dryer (standing right there, of course). Rocking in my Grandmother”s rocking chair till we both fell asleep. My baby’s about to turn 20, but I have a niece that is expecting and this would be great to give to her.

  57. vegmamma says:

    Hi, I “Like” Greenbuds Baby and Inhabitat on Facebook!
    Cindi Hoppes
    Our son is not a good sleeper at all!
    We sometimes take him for a car ride and hopefully, he stays asleep
    when we come home and put him in his crib. He loves a late evening
    bath and some rice cereal before bedtime. Of course, my husband or
    I read a short story to our son.
    Many thanks, Cindi

  58. moonbeam25 says:

    I contribute my daughter sleeping soundly to a nice warm bath, followed up with a warm bottle, clean sheets, and classical music. Now if we could top it off with a fabulous, new mattress, I am SURE she would sleep through the night EVERY night!

  59. Nko0214 says:

    A sound machine, soft fitted sheet and room darkening curtains.

  60. makingadreamhome says:

    Soothing music

  61. carolj says:

    read a book and play soft music.

  62. says:

    The trick for us was giving her an earlier bed time! We didn’t realize in the beginning (around 4 months old) that she was overtired at night causing her to fight going to sleep but once we moved the time, she went out with no fuss and started sleeping 14+ hours. Baby #2 will be here soon and we’ll be doing the same with her. 🙂

  63. kaisukas says:

    I “like” both FB sites!
    I don’t really have problems with getting my baby to bed. He is 10 (almost 11) months old and he goes to bed every day at 7 pm. I think it is very important to have a daily routine going for babies and toddlers, so the body already knows what to expect. He gets a dinner, breast milk, pj’s and he is set to go.

  64. brookephotostudio says:

    I liked both on FB!

    I am a mom to be, and this prize would be perfect for my nursery!

  65. gstarmomma says:

    Our little 3 year old is VERY much into her bedtime routine. We start at the same time every night and do the same things to help her know what is coming next and help her relax more with each step.
    Brush teeth
    Brush hair
    Read Books
    Kisses & Hugs
    Rocking chair for about 5 minutes
    One more kiss
    Lay down & whisper good night!
    She falls asleep in no time & loves the security in knowing what is coming next!

  66. amanda alvarado says:

    The only way we’ve found to get our dd (who is now 4) to sleep soundly is to rock her to sleep. I know, bad habit but we figure she will eventually outgrow it when she’s too big to fit on our laps and we are treasuring these days when she still wants to cuddle – they will be over before we know it!

  67. jasminew26 says:

    I “Like” GreenBuds and Inhabitots on Facebook
    I’m a momma to be with my first baby (a girl) and I’m sure the Magnolia Deluxe Organic Mattress will help her sleep : )

  68. mya07 says:

    A consistent bedtime routine is key for my kids, and a loud fan.

    Hope to win this for #3 due in March!

  69. lesliecline says:

    We are expecting our first child in June. I do not know what to expect, but these comments sure are helpful!

  70. Leslie W says:

    Liked Greenbuds & Inhabitots on FB

  71. leslie w says:

    I have read a book with my daughter each night before she goes to sleep since she was a baby. It’s easier now that she’s a little older and loves to hear stories. It’s worked out doubly great since she goes to sleep easily now and loves to pick out her own books and pretend to read too!

  72. Shakeeta W says:

    My daughter is used to sound while she’s sleeping so we leave the TV on 1 of the XM Radio stations for her and she sleeps great!

  73. socalmommy says:

    Consistency!! Now expecting #4, and with three very different kids, I’ve found that even though the process varies for each one and their specific needs, CONSISTENCY is the magic. 🙂

  74. estrellagazer says:

    My youngest son tries to stay awake like his big brother and will cry when I put him in his crib at night. I lay him down and softly rub his back until he falls asleep. I know it is not the most ideal way to get him to sleep but it works!

  75. misserin13 says:

    We have been following the same routine since my son was about 4 months old. Two books, followed by lights out, then nursing (or a sip of water after nursing was over) and a song of O’s choice, then hugs and kisses and down for sleep. O will be 2 at the end of January, and very rarely objects to going to his crib after this routine – usually only when teething or coming down with something.

  76. tuggie says:

    I use a sound machine and air purifier for white noise, this drowns out the other noises from around the house. I also use black-out shades to block out any sunlight and keep the room completely dark. It works wonderfully!

  77. Christine M Tubbytelly says:

    Greenbuds fan

    I use a sleep sack and dark room (blackout shades).

  78. organicmommyluv says:

    we figured out the timing had a lot to do with it- we were putting our son to bed too late. now that we have it bumped way up(to 7pm) it’s a breeze!

  79. Heather S.S. says:

    I Liked Geen Buds on FB

  80. heather s.s. says:

    My baby is still waiting to be born so I’m planning on creating a ritual of reading, music and comfortable bedding to get my baby to sleep. I would love to have this mattress from the very beginning!

  81. BMiskowsky says:

    To give your baby the best nights of sleep invest in Greenbuds Organic bedding.

  82. Jen Reeves says:

    I would love to win this for my son!

  83. agreenaffair says:

    gray noise always helps our baby sleep better!

  84. paulasue says:

    Hello 😀 I like both on Facebook, this would be so wonderful for my first grandchild.

  85. paulasue says:

    When my daughter was little, she would sleep soundly when I put classical music on, and put her in the bed with me. It soon got too crowded and daddy had to go to the couch..haha

  86. heaventaste says:

    I have two boys. My two year old boy loves to be read to, cuddled and held before he goes to sleep. This is our nigh-time routine. However, he can go to sleep on his own most nights. My 3.5 month old is swaddled and rocked in my arms before going to sleep.

  87. heaventaste says:

    Hi! I am not sure if I am doing this right! I like inhabitots and Greenbuds on Facebook!

    FB ID: Marla Ross-Schad

  88. Prettie77 says:

    Consistency is the key for both of my kids. Same time, same routine every night. White noise and soothing music helps for those that are light sleepers!

  89. mjacoby says:

    I like both on facebook! White noise and a dark room helped my little ones sleep soundly!

  90. awilley1125 says:

    My toddler has been a great sleeper since day one thanks to a good routine! Number 2 on the way, hope he is the same way!

  91. shortymomz says:

    I am expecting my third in May and the best method for me has always been using a routine. Bath, book, and bedtime lotion…the Johnson’s Lavender-scented “bedtime’ lotion truly works wonders! I use a co-sleeper and breastfeed so my babies always eat themselves back to sleep at night. 🙂 When lulling baby to sleep I rub and pat his or her back and this little trick works all the way through Pre-K! For rough times I use the five S’s, which are swaddling, side positioning, shushing, swinging and sucking. Google it and/or watch Harvey Karp’s “The happiest baby on the block.” I also use cloth diapers so baby’s bottom is never irritated or rashy, and that always helps! Good for mom, mom’s wallet, baby, and the Earth! 🙂 I hope this helps and good luck to all my fellow “green” parents out there!!

  92. danamarie says:

    very simple~ rocking and singing… rhythm and touch~

  93. mkokopelli says:

    We co-sleep. Though sometimes we rock, sing, or read stories. Like both on FB 🙂

  94. nourishedmama says:

    Night- and nap-time are a breeze with consistent routine for us. Once we figured out the gassy, fussy-ess of the first few weeks, we ‘started as we intended to go on’ using techniques from Tracy Hogg’s book Secrets of the Baby Whisperer: following routine, giving consistent cues to make transitions easier and develop trust, and learning that each cry has its own meaning–our baby’s own language. When life gets busy, or teething or illness throws things off, all we have to do is resort back to her routines and in a night or two she’s happy and sleeping again. It is such a blessing to see our little one actually delighted to be laid down for a nap or bedtime!

  95. handenkel says:

    I rub her nose like a little frog…5 minutes and she’s out.

  96. takehimaway says:

    I do a lot of singing and snuggling, and that normally puts her right to sleep. Not to mention, soft kisses on her cheeks and forehead whilst I rub her back.

  97. mommy88 says:

    I like to rock my children, just until they are drowsy, then lay them in bed.

  98. KTrain21 says:

    We bought a crib with our first and only used it a handful of times. I got used to cosleeping so I could nurse on demand and get some sleep since I had to work. That carried onfor the next 3 babies. My 4th on never saw the crib. I enjoyed cosleeping and feet that babies sleep better closer to momma. With this baby, #5 we will attemp to use the crib more. OUr youngest is 4 and after sleeping throught the night for the past 2 years I feel like getting the baby in her own bed will benefit the whole family. I plan to sleep in her room for a while and nurse on demand (and maybe sneak a little cosleeping in) until she is sleeping through the night.

  99. macmomof3 says:

    I keep my baby on a schedule so he knows when to expect bedtime. I bathe him right before bedtime, give him his bottle of milk when he’s done I put him to bed at 8pm. I wrap him up in his favorite blanket. He’s so used to this that he falls asleep quickly.
    Liked on facebook: Jessica K.

  100. joshuaj99 says:

    We are still expecting our girl on February 23rd! Great comments though. Just found this website and love it! Glad I found it now before the baby is here.

  101. Solducky says:

    Back rubs and snuggles – holding her tightly to me in a cradle position. Then I try to gradually loosen my arms until I can put her down. Sometimes it works anyway! haha

    And I am a fan of you both on FB as sarah linette.

    soluckyducky at gmail dot com

  102. JL says:

    We have found that keeping a set routine and giving our son ownership over the process of going to bed makes it go so much smoother! He picks out his pajamas and which book we read. When it’s time for lights out, he turns off the switch. We tuck him in, give him his stuffed animal and turn on the CD of his choice. Works (almost) every time!

  103. yana123 says:

    Gently rock her to sleep in my arms.

  104. noodlz1974 says:

    I am still trying to get my second to sleep through the night, or some semblance of that. Her wakes to breastfeed, so night weaning is my next top priority,

  105. DP says:

    White noise does wonders! Humidifier hum in the winter and fan hum in the summer is better than a thousand lullabies!

  106. Pjready says:

    I always use the same routine. A nice warm bath, lotion massage, followed by a storybook. Works like a charm.

  107. mrs.smith says:

    My trick is an incredibly comfortable bed. My daughter has a latex core mattress and loves her crib. I’m hoping that when my son arrives, he’ll have this organic mattress to look forward to and that it will help him sleep soundly too.

  108. kzw says:

    Unfortunately my 22 month old still doesn’t sleep through the night on a regular basis but she has always gone down really easily. She lays her cheek upon my chest we sing a song quietly together (she has started to sing along in her oh so sweet little voice) then I lay her down. Recently she has been asking for her baby doll to sleep with too (which also provides company for her when she wakes in the morning. I can often hear her “reading” books to her baby)

  109. roroapple says:

    I don’t actually have a baby yet. We have been trying for a few months. My sister is pregnant and due May 17th so this would be for her if I’d win. I haven’t gone through the trials of getting a baby to sleep, but I’ve read “The No-Cry Sleep Solution” and I’d recommend it to anyone. It’s a lot of common sense and gentle ways to make your baby feel safe and secure always.

  110. vball01 says:

    Organic, the only way to sleep

  111. melmorgan4 says:

    I put on soft music – nature sounds (rain) and made sure the room was not too hot, nor too cool.

  112. mistydhudson says:

    My trick for getting my daughter to sleep soundly is for us to take a long bath and then nurse her to sleep.

  113. clkeyzer says:

    I have a humidifier that also has a fan. I turn on the fan during the day for white noise. It cuts out any nose from the landscaper or neighbors barking dogs.

  114. hdeanna says:

    i think sticking to a rountine works great thats what i did with both of my kids and they are great sleepers

  115. allgold says:

    I play classical music which helps baby fall asleep.

  116. cmc2314 says:

    I always found that a semi dark room was the best way to get kiddos to sleep!

  117. Diana P says:

    Swaddle swaddle swaddle!!!! Both my girls sleep good, but not without their swaddle blanket.

  118. babydsmomma says:

    To get my son to sleep used to be a pretty hard task! He would only sleep if I was rocking him, and as soon as I laid him down his little eyes would pop open and he would smile at me. Eventually, on his own, he just got to where he could be laid down with his pillow and blanket and go straight to sleep. He is now 16 months old, and it works like a charm…as long as mommy is close by! If all else fails, I put him in a carrier and walk around with him and sing “Silent Night” and he will be fall asleep.

  119. JessicaA says:

    Keeping to a routine before bedtime ensures that my 8 month old sleeps soundly,

  120. momoftwinsplus1 says:

    To get my twins to sleep, we dance and listen to music, have a nice warm bath and snuggle them to sleep.

  121. dreafox says:

    My son was colicky for months. I would lay a thick folded blanket on top of the dryer and turn it on.while he was laying on top of the dryer, I would gently stroke from his forehead down the bridge of his nose, and within about 20minutes he would be sound asleep.

  122. stacileeann73 says:

    White noise machines make all the difference for my kiddos – that way they aren’t startled out of sleep once I get them down.

  123. Beth J says:

    I help him squeeze out some farts and then let him pass out on my boobs. Typical man.

  124. katydid says:

    Start good sleeping habits from the beginning, the first three months. Let them cry for a little while 🙂

  125. Pip12 says:

    We put him to sleep using a hammock and sing him to sleep.

  126. texasrose says:

    My precious baby needs great nursing and burping with lots of love, hugs, and a few kisses. I too exposed him to “white noise” so he would sleep more soundly and it worked! I started from get-go practically. I love being a mom!!! Thanks for being an important part of organic and natural/healthy options for our sweet babes!

  127. jklieman says:

    Our first is coming this March and with everything I have learned from babysitting/being a nanny, I hope to use whatever technique works with our little one. It seems like you can’t plan exactly how you will do anything to a T, we will just have to go with the flow. Looking forward to it all. Thank you for this chance to win an eco friendly mattress.

  128. gmmaddox says:

    I like them on FB — Crave to Save
    gina.m.maddox (at) gmail (dot) com

  129. Michael Welle says:

    Liked you both!

    We usually just rock our kids to sleep when they are little! Keeps them calm and secure!

  130. wilson yik says:

    play with them during the day, sleep beside them during the night, regularly.

  131. MayasMama says:

    We co-sleep, so that seems to do the trick!

  132. curtis206 says:

    bouncing on an exercise ball.

  133. goatmama says:

    We’ve found that a good bedtime routine (washing off, getting pj’ed, singing a song) and a sidecar crib work wonders. At 12 weeks our little girl sleeps from 8:30pm until 4am every night, then after a brief snack, sleeps until about 7:30am. (I know not all kiddos are so easy, I know that #2 could throw us for a loop, but we’ll enjoy this one while we can!)

  134. Cindy Young says:

    We co-sleep, nurse her to sleep, and respond to her quickly when she begins to wake. We also use a white noise machine and keep heavy curtains on the windows. She has slept on a consistent schedule since she was 1 month old!

  135. veronicajill says:

    I’m entering for a friend, but when I was a baby my parents often had to drive me around in the car to get me to sleep!

  136. salmonsleeper says:

    I don’t know yet, but I can’t wait to learn!

  137. macylynn says:

    I don’t have my own baby yet, but I do remember trying to get my little brother and sister to sleep (they’re 10 and 15 years younger than me). With my little brother I always sang to him and lightly rubbed his back ( he would lie on his side). Sometimes I would just lay with him on my parents bed and let him snuggle up (he was a very “skin to skin” type of baby. My little sister was similar, but not as fussy, so she was easier to get to sleep. Both were thumb suckers as well, which I’m sure helped on a comfort level.

  138. laceyufkes says:

    We pump up the white noise to get ours to sleep! He loves it, and drowns out the dog shaking in the hall 🙂

  139. nate1005 says:

    We feed him and give him a bath which helps him fall asleep and stay asleep longer. We will keep our fingers crossed to win this giveaway! Thank you much!! 🙂

  140. PZgainer75 says:

    I always feed her and rock her to sleep. I enjoy it just as much as she does.

  141. jschanda says:

    We always tickle our baby’s back until they are fast asleep! Works every time!

  142. snowballhush says:

    give him to pop pop, never fails, babies are magic in his arms.

  143. jpan011 says:

    Haven’t met my little guy yet since he’s still in the oven. Due in March, but many of the comments here are on point! I’m an uncle twice over now and have been able to get the nieces to sleep by rocking, singing, and patting them on their backs. Can’t wait to meet my little dude in a few months!

  144. bmd0006 says:

    Don’t have a baby yet but I’m pregnant and would love to win this for my new baby!

  145. Lazuli says:

    I couldn’t say yet- the bun is still in the oven : )

  146. joskinner says:

    Swaddling has been the best trick to sleeping soundly…but at 5 months he is busting out so not so sound anymore!

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