GIVEAWAY: WIN a gDiapers gStyle Set + Green Diapers Worth $110

gDiapers just introduced their latest stylin’ green diaper solution — the gStyle collection of patterned gPants with adorable coordinating tops for boys and girls. Sure you love the ease of letting your little one run around in nothing more than a diaper in the spring and summer, but what if you have to leave the backyard? gStyle tops and bottoms coordinate to make dressing your tot easy peasy. Put on a green diaper (gStyle gPants are so much cuter than disposables!) and a top and you’re ready to roll. To celebrate this green diaper awesomeness gDiapers is giving away one gStyle gPant and your choice of either a coordinating camper tee or flutter dress. Plus, they’re throwing in 2 gPants and a package of gCloth refills just in case you’re not already hooked on gDiapers. The entire prize pack is worth $110. If you’re not familiar with the brand, read our review of the amazing flushable diapers so you can understand just how much you want to win this prize. Then, find out how to enter to win a gStyle set and starter kit after the jump.

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Here’s how to enter to win a gDiapers gStyle Set + Green Diapers Worth $110!


1) Sign up for our weekly newsletter (if you haven’t already!). We’ll be notifying the winner in our newsletter – so you need to sign up and receive our newsletter to find out if you have won.

2) Like Inhabitots on facebook.

3) Add a comment to this post with your answer to the following question: How do you like to make your tot look stylin’ in his or her diaper? (extra points for creative answers!)

Contest ends Tuesday, May 3rd, 2011 at 12 midnight EST. Winner will be announced in the following week’s newsletter!

+ gPants

+ gStyle Collection $17.99-24.99

+ gPants $17.99

+ gCloth Inserts $29.99

+ gDiapers

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390 Responses to “GIVEAWAY: WIN a gDiapers gStyle Set + Green Diapers Worth $110”

  1. aoviedo says:

    I love gDiapers, they are so well thought and manufactured you don’t need to cover them and they look awesome on the baby! The “icing on the cake” to make them look their best is to pair them with a pair of cute pattern socks, a neutral t-shirt or dress, and a nice hat.

  2. pomtree says:

    the great thing about gpants is they look fantastic already! but a pair of leg warmers or a match hat or tshirt and he is ready to go!!!

  3. hrvojeb says:

    Our little omnivore produces a lot of brown stuff. These diapers would save us a lot of money and give us few laughs in the process. I hope. 🙂

  4. mmurray82 says:

    i like sewing on some fun designs to the plain g diapers! then those leg socks are pretty cute with a g diaper too 🙂

  5. amcaraway09 says:

    I love putting my 8 month old daughter in just her g, some legwarmers, and a shirt. I also find mysef putting clothes into 2 catagories when I shop for her…clothes that WILL show her g, and clohes that wont…usually the ones that wont get put to the side. ha

  6. the.picture.imp says:

    I’ve been styling my whole baby shoot around a cute diaper… I have to work with what I have now, because I’m sure my son will not like being a photographer’s kid for long 😉

    I’m dying to see that green plaid diaper with a newsboy cap and a traveling case…

  7. jbstorment says:

    I like to show off the little one in the summer time with little more than a gDiaper and a fashionable tank top and some flipflops. If it’s not warm enough, I definitely add some BabyLegs to complete the look. I get so many compliments on my little fashionista and have stirred up interest with a lot of “sposie” mamas after they see my daughter’s crazy cute diapers and want to join along and be green.

  8. kimschexnayder says:

    My daughter is stylin’ in her diaper by simply wearing gDiapers!! We love them and haven’t had a diaper rash in 10 months!!

  9. lmkester_05 says:

    I love to pair my son’s diapers with just a t-shirt or tank top! In the cooler months I will match his diaper/shirt combo with a matching pair of leg warmers! My husband way’s i’m obsessed because I have taken my favorite diapers and bought shirts/leg warmers specifically to match those dipes! I don’t think I am though!

  10. nikki-cap says:

    I think that the first start to having a stylish spring look is having a styling diaper to start with. G Diapers have such fabulous prints like the ones pictured above, LOVE them. Ruffled leg warmers and a fun headband are a must to our stylish look 🙂

    I am a fan of Inhabitat on FB: Nicolette May Capuano
    I am also a newsletter subscriber

    Thank you for this FANTASTIC giveaway!

  11. Mother of Eight says:

    We like to dress our little guy in his g pants and use coordinating shirts to complement the gdiapers. I am a photographer so I love to dress him for each holiday and take photos in the gdiapers. With 8 children I have never used cloth diapers before so I am so thankful to have something that is so inventive and stylish. gdiapers are environmental and economically friendly. Think of all the money I could have saved over the last 15 years!!

  12. pinksneakers14 says:

    Add some some super cute shoes (Pedipeds, See Kai Run, and Converse Chucks are favorites) and little man will be good to go.

  13. LaidybugsMom says:

    Every tot looks stylin’ in gDiapers! (Much more so than those saggy disposables!) But I have found myself buying my daughter’s clothes based on what will match and show off her gorgeous fluffy bottom – no onesies in this house! I also love pairing her diapers with a cute pair of legwarmers. Finally, I love to support WAHMs who customize cloth diapers with embroidery, ruffles, custom waistbands, and more to allow my daughter to wear her personality on her sleeve…or in this case, her bottom!

  14. paigers says:

    Let the little one loose with stickers and glitter to add some bling to that thing of course! 🙂 OK, maybe not the glitter since I loathe having to clean up that mess, but there are glitter stickers that are all the rage right now. Kicking it while sticking it.

  15. peege23 says:

    I like a plain white T with his prints & a colorful retro screen print T with his solid diapers. Always add coordinating socks!

  16. ebrouse says:

    We’ve been loving g’s in our house for almost 4 years now! Like everyone else – we compliment our cute like gbottoms with Agoo LegHuggers and a little tunic dress. But the other day, while at her 15 mos check-up, the doctor noticed that her sippy cup was a perfect match to her gpant!! I guess it’s just ingrained to look for fully coordinating items! lol. On my son – a favorite outfit was his gpant with a paire of low rise jeans that alway showed off the g logo! SOO CUTE!

  17. maganders says:

    I just started using gdiapers and LOVE them!! It’s fun to match my daughter’s adorable gbum with cute dresses! It’s especially fun since I have two older boys!

  18. amy19er says:

    My son makes the diaper look stylish by being his cute, little handsome self! ALMOST takes my my mind off what is actually lurking in his diaper…almost. 😛

  19. oc_mama says:

    Stylin’ the diapers by making them colorful through vegetable dye and having everything from tie-dye looks to just two toned colors. I haven’t tried gDiapers yet but love to try them out as I’ve been reading some great reviews about them!!

  20. Carinasmom says:

    I love using gDiapers on my daughter, and telling everyone I know about them! My husband has figured out that I’m just a bit obsessed with how she looks in them. I just started spending any free time decorating hairclips to match her gDiapers.

  21. jillerbeth says:

    I love to tie dye my light colored gpants and match a cute shirt with it. I have put on embroidery, patches, dye and adorable ruffles onto many of my gpants and they are so cute. My kids have worn them by themselves and with matching shirts/dresses/socks/hats or babylegs. So fun!

  22. gigimom says:

    My son is always rocking his g’s! 24/7 with gcloth. I am expecting again and I am starting from birth with g’s!

  23. skrupa says:

    These are so cute!! I love my son in his g’s!!!!

  24. mytmouse says:

    I LOVE to put Matching clothing on…so His G’s are the “Main” first article and determine what he will wear with them :0) If pants are needed, I like to have the gDiaper waist band coming out the top of his pants…and sometimes the g too :0) Gets people asking about his “UNDERWEAR”???? Nope, LOL….not for this 1 year old….only the BEST diaper ever….gDiapers :0)

  25. kapusch says:

    I love Gdiapers! My son rocks them all day long! I have dyed one and am planning on embellishing more of his! He loves to wear just a gdiaper instead of pants in the summer! Can’t wait to have another baby to wear g’s too!

  26. hobbymama says:

    I LOVE gDiapers and would be so excited to win. It’s been cold and there’s snow in the forecast tomorrow so I haven’t been able to show off my babe’s gBum much yet. I am looking forward to the sun so I can dress him in a shirt and a g and probably some leg-warmers until he starts walking!

  27. cgregory2 says:

    Gs are the BEST for making my little girl stylin. I always pair them with a matching shirt.. even when she’s wearing pants.. and I’ve added some personalization with iron ons and the works! gDiapers are GREAT.

  28. nicholediem says:

    Nothing cuter than a baby in just a diaper and his amber necklace. Maybe some cute socks that match the diaper. Love it!

  29. kendrav79 says:

    I like to put my daughter in a cute tee with a matching cloth diaper and Babylegs. Always looks so cute!

  30. joyeager says:

    My baby girl wears g’s, so she always looks styling in her diapers! I’ll admit that I try to match her gpants to her outfits!

  31. calsgirl says:

    I think they are soo stinkin cute just how they are paired with a little shirt for their bum to hang out in! I Love them!

  32. LibertysMama says:

    She rocks out her gDiapers no matter what they’re paired with. Sometimes I give her tummy time just to show off the cute “g” on her bottom.

  33. rubella66 says:

    We love gdiapers! No need for dresses that come with diaper covers with these great colors! We love a cute little dress that shows off a little gdiaper 🙂

  34. payger says:

    I always make sure that he if he is not wearing pants that his shirt and shoes match his diaper.

  35. mandiele says:

    We’ve been using gdiapers four our now 2 year old since he was really little. I’ve always found matching tops and socks to coordinate with which diaper he’s wearing that day! We’ve actually got a few we made our own by adding iron on transfers to the bottom! We can’t wait until our new little one is here so he can use the gdiapers as well!

  36. rmparrish says:

    We used regular disposable diapers with our first, and in my opinion, they are the ugliest things ever. I always made sure my son had some good looking jeans to hide the disposable diaper. However, I did have g diaper envy. I would frequent the website to make my wishlist and dream of being able to do a little more to keep our planet green. But with a stubborn and bull-headed husband and an extremely tight budget, we had to suffice with regular, not-cute diapers.

  37. jamieshanahan says:

    My Lil Man, my husband & I are loving our G’s. The colors are fantastic, the fabric is so soft & the look is fabulous! My husband likes to hand pick which colors we purchase. I love to coordinate his outfits to his pants. It’s cold here still, but I know what my Lil Man has got on underneath & it makes me smile!

  38. bertouc says:

    I love the summer when he can just wear his gDiaper and run around!

  39. kimchifeedme says:

    I’ve been selling the wonders of g’s to all my son’s doctors and nurses at the visits and to all of our friends. They haven’t seen them before and they are all so adorable everyone just ooh’s and ahh’s.

  40. Volleygirlx07 says:

    gDiapers of course!! g’s are the staple, then usually some super cute babylegs to match, along with a t-shirt or tank top. Once the warm weather hits, he’ll lose the babylegs and rock some cute flip flops or boat shoes. Easy diaper changes, and cute as a button!!!!

  41. averysmomma says:

    I am a freak about matching sets! gDiapers are our “workhorse” nighttime and daycare diapers. We use fitteds @ home because G’s didn’t have anything quite as cute 🙂 My son is often rocking a diaper with matching babylegs and matching shirt. Would love to have g’s with such versatility :0)

  42. mandbaker says:

    We LOVE havin our little man in his G Diapers with a pair of leg warmers and his lil nekkid body.. the Gs are so cute and he like to rock them backwards with the G in the front – i know i know – but hey that’s they way he rolls… he seems so much more comfortable in his Gs than any other diaper – thank you for such a great product(s).

  43. ShanaGuest says:

    I like to sew on cute homemade patches for my daughters Gidiapers and theme them for up coming holidays or seasons. Right now my favorite is her umbrella with raindrops gdiaper because we get sooo much rain here in washington. around the house its Gdiaper slipper socks and a cute t. but i love when the little G pokes out the top of her pants when we are out adn about

  44. nattiecat says:

    Never thought I would like disposable diapers, but gDiapers are amazing. They are made to last and great for our environment. Very fashionable, I love matching the gDiapers to the baby’s outfits.

  45. jessimaka says:

    I’m a subscriber to your newsletter and have like you on facebook!

    I like to match my little guys gdiapers to his outfits, they are great because they are awesome at holding in leaks and because I can just change the insert, he can be styling and coordinating all day! I like to put him in a matching shirt and babylegs, although I admit we have dressed him in just a gdipe and matching hat on some occasions for photos;)

  46. lmdavila says:

    My baby is due any time soon and I plan on using gDiapers from the start. I plan on having her wear her gDiapers with some nice organic cotton tshirts and girly headbands to match. I think she will look stunning!

  47. hemenwayauthement says:

    I love love love loove gDiapers. We have most of the colors ever made. Our daughter only wears dresses or shirts so that others can see her g’s. If it is chilly (barely ever in southern Louisiana) we cover her legs with BabyLegs or some other legwarmers.

  48. mdoberlin says:

    I have to admit that I was slow getting started on using cloth diapers! My son was 5 months old before I decided around 11pm one night that we were switching and that was it! My husband didn’t stand a chance! I went the next day and feel like I bought out the store on all the gpants that would be suitable for my boy. We are 2 months in and I LOVE them! The way I like to make his stylin in his g’s is to have shirts and the gpants and either crazy socks or shoes. I am already guilty of buying a ton of new clothes that aren’t onesie’s but shirts that would match his gPants! Once again, husband thinks I am crazy. BUT he also loves seeing him look so adorable. He loves it just as much as I do when people dote on how handsome our little man looks in his g’s! I love getting questions and explaining how great, and adorable they are!

  49. Jessicaclarke05 says:

    Nothing cuter then a G paired up with matching leg warmers and a cute shirt! I get the most compliments when I take my girls out and show off their G’s!

  50. kristen0685 says:

    I love to throw them on without any pants or shorts. If it is cool out, you can throw some baby legs on them! Be proud to show your cloth diapers!!

  51. GiggleForeverDesigns says:

    My daughter aways has a hairbow to match her gDiapers! Wither she’s sporting a mamma made dress or a tshirt & babylegs, the hairbow ALWAYS matches the gPants!

  52. ebigley says:

    I’m not due until August with my first little one. I imagine though that I will enjoy being able to match her tush to all her cute little clothes. Plus I have recently found a new love for babylegs. The cutest things I’ve ever seen. :o)

  53. Panda1017 says:

    My husband and I agree that a cute bum is a happy bum. We love keeping our baby girl stylish with a Gbum. We decorate them with flowers that I sew on, add some cute leg warmers, and even rock an outfit that completely exposes her gdiaper for all to see, We love the thrill of color coordinating her Gdiapers with a big flower bow. However, with these new fancy and chic Gdiaper designs; she will be ready for any play date or a night on the town with mommy and daddy. We love our Gbaby and her Gdiapers!!

  54. TJSPLBrat says:

    I love gDiapers! I keep my daughter stylin’ in her g’s by pairing them with a cute top and a matching pair of BabyLegs! And it’s a bonus that they have a nice ORANGE gDiaper that is easy to attach patches to in order to customize them for our daughter to root for our team this fall. GO VOLS!

  55. leftymama says:

    My gDiaper journey has just ended with my 2yo and it was a FANTASTIC one!
    Can’t wait to see my newborn wearing them in style when he/she is born this summer!

  56. gilleoin says:

    If it’s acute diaper, like a gDiaper, I throw some babylegs on her and a matching tshirt and she is good to go 🙂

  57. scamper1977 says:

    I pair my baby’s diapers with super cute matching leg warmers.

  58. says:

    My baby is stylin in G Pants because his momma loves to coordinate the G Pants color to his outfit. 🙂 During the summer, we let him run free in his G-Pants and always get fun comments on the colors. Love these pants 🙂

  59. leafee says:

    I put him in a gdiaper and some homemade legwarmers and a simple shirt…mostly thermals since its still cold. and let him go!

  60. sgtwife42 says:

    I’m a FTM and have officially started my gdiaper collection! I still have a ways to go to get to the full collection I need but they are so cute and I can’t wait for my little one to get here so I can put them to use! I love all the patterns and colors, I think baby boy will go without pants so I can show off his cute little toosh(:

  61. mamamegan515 says:

    I haven’t done anything too fun with my new baby in his g’s; however, with my older son they were great for potty training. I’d put him in a g with baby legs and a sweatshirt! They made potty training so much easier!

  62. BlissPoodles says:

    We only have a few gDiapers- so when I do out them on my daughter I always match her leggings, shirt and hair bow. Everyone thinks they are custom made diapers since her name is Genevieve and there is the g on the butt!

  63. pinckprincess says:

    with a toddler him choose, It gives him some freedom and mama one less job to do. My fav is g diaper and snow boots

  64. jmichellethrasher says:

    In warm weather I let him go with just his dipe or dipe and a shirt, especially a shirt that matches his dipe! Cloth diapers are just so much cuter than disposables! In cooler weather, leg warmers and a shirt with his dipe, so we can still show off his adorable diapers!

  65. ScarlysMama says:

    Start with an adorable print g-diaper, add a print shirt that completely clashes, leg warmers where one color matches the shirt and one matches the diaper, and a wide brim had, and Voila! Perhaps sunglasses or fake teeth for extra points. Billy bob teeth are best. 🙂

  66. jocelynchristie says:

    OMG – gDiapers give my son the cutest bum on the block! Right now, my personal favourite is the gCycle pants & shirt combo… he is so cute crawling around bum in the air and little gCycles on his bum. We’ve had loads of comments about the g’s & I’m spreading the news as best I can. I’m so glad we found this alternative to diapering… no plastic diapers in the landfills for us! Biodegradable is the way to go!!!!

  67. clairemontgom says:

    our diapers have been hidden away throughout winter so we need some help getting back in style for summer! these could help a lot!

  68. lilia164 says:

    I love to sew lace onto my daughter’s g’s. She doesn’t have any hair, but the lacy bum lets everyone know she’s a she! Normally, she rocks her Babylegs, a g, and a tiny tee. It never fails someone will ask about her diapers when we’re out and about, and I never fail to sing the praises of gDiapers.

  69. myorganichome says:

    gDiapers look great all by themselves and that’s how my children wear theirs most of the time (I have two 2 years and under). Thankfully, in summer they can just run around in a t-shirt and a gDiaper.

  70. dlivtx says:

    I love that my little boy can look stylin this summer without wearing pants. The little g pants are just adorable on their own and I don’t need to worry about buying him shorts this summer. I like picking out shirts that match his diaper.

  71. kaisukas says:

    Because my son is only 2 months old, and it’s really warm/hot here in TXa, little T-shirt with his stylisth gpantrs, is all the fashion he needs:)

  72. ZemShoe says:

    Having two girls in diapers, it’s easy to show off our cute gbums! A cute dress is made even cuter with a cute gdiaper underneath 🙂

  73. JenniPugh says:

    Well, I’m due in September and am new to gDiapers (but research shows these are the best so we’re using them for SURE)! I haven’t dressed the baby up yet in them, but I hear there are a few ways to do it! For girls: a cute little dress, or matching shirt, paired with leggings or not and the gPant. For boys: simple matching shirt will do!! And, of course, for both you could always let them run around in the gPant for fun. 🙂 The gDiapers are the cutest and most environmentally friendly! 🙂

  74. dlivtx says:

    I love that my little boy can look stylin this summer without wearing pants. The little g pants are just adorable on their own and I don’t need to worry about buying him shorts this summer. I like picking out shirts that match his diaper.

  75. KPgdiapermama says:

    I love the look of gDiapers on my little girl and can’t wait for the arrival of my son in July so that he can start wearing the little g’s that I’ve purchased for him. I love putting my daugther in a little jean skirt and having her little grubby knees grey gbum sticking out the bottom. Nothing cuter than a big gdiaper bum! 🙂

  76. CarlaW says:

    My sweet sweating bundle loves her Gs. They are cute enough to be sported all alone. Since my baby is constantly sweating, I love to just put her in a bright colored G and just let her rock it.

  77. lightwrite says:

    I loved dressing my little guy in a cute g diaper with a white t shirt when he was a newborn last summer. I can’t wait to let him run around the yard this summer in his diaper with his cute baby belly as an accessory. 🙂

  78. lacelk says:

    I love to style them up in a cute onesie or tee (appliqued by me) and pair of babylegs.

    I love the new gdiapers patterns. Adorable.

  79. koushin says:

    With gDiapers there’s no need for pants! Who would want to cover the cute and stylish designs? In cold weather, we just throw on a pair of leg warmers with a cute top and she’s good to go!

  80. lacelk says:

    I love to style them up in a appliqued (by me) tee or onesie and adorable babylegs.

    I love the new gdiapers patterns. Adorable!

  81. eischindler says:

    My little one is almost 2, and she has been in gDiapers for about 15 months now – we love them! She doesn’t love wearing clothes, but she loves socks and shoes… so she is often styling in her G, some striped knee socks, and her sneakers… 🙂

  82. maggiandmike says:

    Both my girls are always stylin’- as long as they have their g’s on! Nothin’ but g’s is how we roll! But you’d better bet, if we have to go out, the entire outfit has to match the diaper they’re wearing! If I only have one of that color, I actually get sad to have to change them!!!

  83. jlumbra says:

    Ive never used cloth diapers before, but am trying to live more earth friendly in recent years. So now we have a 16 month old that is still in disposables….last item on the checklist is getting him switched over to reusable.

    It really is a bonus that the g’s are so cute…our little guy likes to run aroun in nothing but his diapy…sometimes socks.

  84. momof4 says:

    My LO is adorably stylin’ in her gdiaper and sunglasses (yes, that’s all she is wearing) 🙂

  85. Minikots says:

    We’ve been using G’s for 2 years and plan on using them with #2! Love to style DD with matching legwarmers and a headband. Always adorable!

  86. dmcalgaro says:

    This summer my son will be sporting his gdiaper, water shoes, tank top, hat, sunglasses, and sunscreen while playing in the shallows of our lake!

  87. crystamom says:

    my son sports his g’s with a baseball hat at daddy’s baseball games…he rocks his g & a tshirt around the house…unless his big sister is home…then she likes to use him for dress up. the other afternoon he was wearing a pair of orange wings because “they matched his gdiaper mom!”

  88. sweetpealover says:

    My little girl has worn gdiapers since the day she was born. Although the brand new look is nice, our little one rocks the “worn-in” look. Faded and grass stained. it shows how much she loves nature…and her gdiapers.

  89. cdangelo says:

    Just started using gDiapers and this would really build up our supply!

    How do we like to make our tot look stylin’ in his diaper? Simple answer: All he needs to do is smile!

  90. merealan says:

    Wish I had a better answer to this question, but I’m gonna be honest… Haven’t taken the cloth diapering leap yet! But the attractiveness of little g’s combined with their versatility make them so appealing. I’ve got the third bun in the oven (first two are already potty trained) and some free goods might just persuade the hubby to finally let me take the gdiapering leap!! =)

  91. us4post says:

    Well you know my little one is in the womb rockin it out in there- doin a break dance here doin the jig over there- and when she meets the world I sure hope its a lot greener! This is our first time goin green and we are excited! Cant wait to put her g’s on her so she can rock ’em and help make the earth a little greener!

  92. arixian says:

    My wife makes awesome looking baby legs out of women’s knee socks so that our baby daughter doesn’t have to wear pants to cover up her gdiapers.

  93. us4post says:

    My dear baby girl is due in June and would love for her to come out rockin some green products like g’s, we have a nice pile of cloth diapers but would love to win some so we dont have to spend any more of the green we do have! Save the green by going green!!!!!

  94. anelat76 says:

    planning to get pro photos taken in a couple of weeks in just a g-diaper.. Can’t wait to see how they turn out!

  95. SHadley7309 says:

    Green, Blue, and Orange too.
    Sully’s swell and you can tell,
    for in his G he poops and pees.
    He looks his best
    we do protest
    when wearing a T
    with his G.

  96. Shanon says:

    I just try to coordinate everything so things match. On special days, like holidays or other events, I try to be creative with the colors I use to keep things festive. And nothing beats a little boy with a tie! 🙂

  97. mkc8222 says:

    I love the colors that you can get gdiapers in and its nice to know that if I only put a t-shirt (matching somehow if I can) that he will be cuter than all the other babies wearing tshirts and disposables! 🙂 gDiapers are a piece a clothing, not just something you throw in the trash, and that makes any baby wearing them a stylin baby! 🙂

  98. shadley7309 says:

    Green, Blue, and Orange too.
    Sully’s swell and you can tell,
    for in his G
    he poops and pees.
    He looks his best
    we do protest
    when in a T
    with his G.

  99. FrannieFaye says:

    How do I make my sweetie stylin’ in her gDiaper? I add two chubby thighs, one little bum, a cute belly button and the sweetest smile I’ve ever seen. One happy baby makes one happy momma! We love our g’s!

  100. spontamyous says:

    The best picture we have of our son is him in just his GooGoo Blue gPants, but he looks the most “stylin'” wearing his orange gPants that I sewed a rocket ship applique to the back of – it’s his gDiaper flair. 🙂

  101. kgrant331 says:

    We don’t cloth diaper (yet!) so we aren’t styling in our diapers. Winning this would help us get started!!

  102. mystikmelo says:

    I love g-diapers on my little girl with a cute pair of baby legs. Nothing beats those chunky little thighs being shown off. Pair that with a t-shirt I have sewn a custom design onto to match the diaper. PERFECTION.

  103. Nikki_1825 says:

    I love to put my ds in a white shirt, a gdiaper and a matching pair of baby legs!

  104. ewellman says:

    We are so excited to start cloth diapering. We Love the G’s and cant wait til the end of May to use them. I cant believe I didn’t know about these diapers with my first two children. Would love to add these diapers to my collection.. Gotta love the g’s!!!

  105. redbat says:

    Babies are stylin’ just by being babies! However, we do like to add legwarmers to a diaper-and-t-shirt outfit. so cute!

  106. LillysMommy7910 says:

    I always match my little girls outfits to her Gdiaper. But now that summer is here a gdiaper with a sun hat or hair bows is all she really needs, the gdiaper is a fashion statement its self. Plus side… I hardly ever cover my daughters Gdiaper so I always get people asking me where they can get those cute little diapers and I get to tell them all about gdiapers and how much I love using them!

  107. charlene1725 says:

    I LOVE the Gdiapers!!!! Both my babies are always styling in their gdiapers. Love how you dont even have to cover up the diaper with pants because they are so cute! Soo much better than seeing a baby with a saggy disposable. Definately saving all my gdiapers for a possible 3rd baby!!

  108. Wambrita says:

    Well, my newborn is in plain ole white covers and prefolds, but I totally plan on just having him wear t-shirts and CD this summer.. I’m not gonna put him in shorts at all! And of course, his shirts will coordinate with the color diaper he’s wearing. I figured if I do this, he’ll stay cool, temp and stylin’ wise and I can also advocate for cloth diapering at the same time!

  109. chicagoaudra says:

    I think a diaper, white tee with some colorful socks is just about the cutest thing ever!

  110. greensolutions4life says:

    I have tried several types of cloth diapers with our son. gdiapers by far are my favs! I like to choose shirts with a pop of color on them, like a green frog on a blue shirt, and then pair them with matching gpants….like the guppy green to match the frog! It really makes the colors pop in both his shirt and the diaper! WAY CUTE!!! Before finding gdiapers I had a hard time finding boyish diapers with bright colors that match everything! Now….I just pick a shirt and then a gpant! Simple as can be…..I LOVE IT!!!! 🙂

  111. hannahc says:

    My baby girl looks most stylish in a summer dress, matching brightly colored g’s, and leg warmers or thigh high socks if it’s a little bit cool. People always comment on how cute she looks in her matching dress and g’s!

  112. cmcruick says:

    I can’t wait for warm weather to return so my little girl can run around in just a gDipe and a cute little shirt or dress!

  113. chop says:

    Nothing beats the simplicity of a g-diaper and matching beanie (when it’s warm).

  114. hearthstonedoula says:

    How do you like to make your tot look stylin’ in his or her diaper? Easy! Just let him run around in nothing but a diaper- everything else is just a distraction from the cuteness.

  115. jennybgood says:

    Thought my son always looked cutest with just his gDiaper on. Looking forward to trying them with some dresses and babylegs for the daughter on the way.

  116. dlorenz says:

    My baby is 2 weeks old so we are still learning our way around the gs! But she does look so cute!

  117. Allmightymo says:

    I live on a military base overseas, and Cloth Diapering is DEFINITELY not the norm. I love to rock fun, bright gDipes on my son. Of course, I have to have my friend buy all my supplies for me, and mail them, since I can’t get them here. She’s a gDipe fan, too! Reppin’ the G’s in Spain!

  118. smartassleslie says:

    I’ve decided to trade in our cute onsies for adorable tees with matching hats for the summer… I wouldn’t want to cover up the super cute gdiapers when the weather is warm!

  119. Charl0tte says:

    I coordinate my boys’ outfits together around the color of their diapers for the day! I love making them a standard part of their outfits and actually love seeing their diapers peek out the top as opposed to cringing when the sposies did!

  120. artbaby says:

    When my girl is born, I plan to make her stylin’ by matching her gdiaper to her beach umbrella and hat. She will be the cutest gbutt on the beach.

  121. Bree0922 says:

    I make my tot look stylin’ in her gdiapers!
    She wears cute dresses to match her colorful bum!
    Some people say cloth is hard, but no time for gripers!
    We want to win these sets; our time to win has come!

  122. JustLiz says:

    My little guy spends most of his time motoring around the house in just his gdiaper and I put on a cute t-shirt if we have to go out. Everyone who sees our gdiapers just loves the way they look and best of all my sweet little boy has never had a diaper rash with the g’s!

  123. katefriday says:

    We have used gdiapers with our first little girl and plan to package our second baby in the same adorable gear. We love taking photos of our daughter in her g’s and nothing else – except maybe fairy wings! So cute!

  124. mlmilana says:

    I don’t need anything else to make my baby stylin’ than JUST a gdiaper. There is something about a little colorful tush crawling around the house that I just adore. Obviously when we go out I put on a shirt or onesie but I love to show off is g-bum whenever I can. 🙂

  125. yellowstarr9 says:

    I love how cute and stylish the gDiapers are, and I adore the face that they are so eco-friendly. They are the perfect answer to my diaper problem. When my LO gets here I plan on spicing up her outfits with the cute pink and purple ones we got for our shower!!

  126. jbloomer says:

    We love gdiapers at our house. I think my darling daughter looks super cute with just her gpants especially when the color cordinates with her outfit.

  127. kwm says:

    Gs are super cute on their own, naturally. And leg warmers and a cute shirt make a fabulous everyday combination, but there are times that you just need something more formal. More dashing. More GQ. For those times, I turn to my Glam Black g with an elegant silk bow tie. Nothing says “Man about town” quite like that classic combo.

  128. hotmomma2mine says:

    my baby girl is due this summer! i plan on letting her rock out in gdiapers…. and only gdiapers during those first few hot months! there’s only a short period of time in her life where she’ll be able to go topless without being frowned upon! 🙂

  129. shellbelle10 says:

    My little guy does not like pants, so its a tee and a diaper, baby legs and a matching toque!

  130. mandyroseb says:

    I’m embarrassed to say I bejazzelled my little girls gdiapers. It definitely got the conversation going about that type of diapering system… a jewelled diaper. I had to explain I did that all on my own. And I’ve tie dyed them. That’s fun for my 2 year old to help me with.

  131. TPillott says:

    Looking forward to keeping, my soon to be 8 week old, styling with all the bright gDiaper colours peeking out from one of her pretty new dresses (it’s too cold here now, so I am anxiously awaiting the warm weather)

  132. JLJMommy says:

    I try to have his diapers match his outfit if we are going out. It is a little harder to be super cute with boys, but you can still match up diapers with outfits and use babylegs and super cute soft Robeez style shoes to make a cute outfit.
    Inhabitots FB fan – Kimberlie S.T
    I get your newsletter – ktiegen at yahoo dot com

  133. McKaskey Pants says:

    We’ve been cloth diapering but haven’t tried out g diapers yet….We make baby look stylin by putting him in a shirt that matches his diaper…his daddy likes to pop his collar like the cool kids do 😛

  134. mabpab says:

    gDiapers are the cutest when they’re worn with just a little onesie t-shirt!

  135. RunningMama says:

    oooo! gDiapers were our first ever cloth diapers and we use them daily with their cloth inserts. awesome!

    To make our gDiapers pop and be extra cute we almost always pair them with a coordinating (and adorable!) BabyLegs set and then I top it with an equally adorable upcycled top that I sewed from previously loved t-shirts (see–it’s so fun to see them running around being super green and cute without even knowing it!

  136. KimsaSaora says:

    Cute colors and designs for the diapers paired with tops, dresses, and leg warmers with cute designs. Gotta love gdiapers!

  137. marina2508 says:

    Nothing cuter than a cloth diaper on a baby butt… no further accessories needed 😉

  138. ToriMichel says:

    I like to let my son’s pants “sag” a little so his cute gDiaper peeks out of his already-too-big-at-the-waist pants (he’s super skinny). He looks “hardcore” and eco-friendly all at once 🙂

  139. bbmama says:

    “Nothin’ but G”

    Just got back from a trip down south where my toddler spent the hot days in nothing but her g’s. It was so great to see a bright colored bum tromping around outside. I am looking forward to nothing but g this summer!

  140. dahlbys says:

    We make our tot look stylin in a diaper by not putting one on (yet)! Our little one is still cooking inside me :).

  141. cook22 says:

    I love to pair my son’s cloth diapers with baby legs. They look so cute together!

  142. mamabear74 says:

    I love to match my daughter’s gs to her outfits, especially her dresses! No bloomers needed here! She looked super cute in the original gStyle and would love to get this one as well!

  143. txstraubs says:

    Since we use gDiapers already the diaper is already dressed up! But I like to find a coordinating top for her to wear to draw attention to the diaper. How many people can say that about disposables?! 🙂

  144. rplatt says:

    I like to keep my tot stylin’ by keeping it CLEAN, smellin FRESH and matching the funky gdiaper colors with a girlie hat.

  145. natasia says:

    putting cool patches on my boys gDiapers

  146. MarilynK007 says:

    I would like to style my baby by matching him/her’s gDiaper with me and my outfits too! We come in pairs, Moms and their babies, so why not coordinate colors via diaper bags, blankies and other accessories Moms and children share?!? ;0)

  147. Silmien says:

    My little guy is almost out of the Tiny G’s, and I can’t wait to put all the awesome colors on his butt! I definitely see myself putting outfits together based on his diaper flavor of the day. That gCamper is TOO adorable! Can’t wait till he can fit in it 😀

  148. nycmama says:

    gDiapers look so cool
    their awesome designs make my droo
    matched with some organic leggings and a hat
    my baby is ready for some inhabitat!
    meet us at the park
    with gDiapers we are ready to light up the dark!

  149. KatieBugsMama says:

    Hate to admit but I cant afford the newest gStyles right now so I decided to try my hand at making my own. Not perfect but I completed a look-a-like gCamper by hunting down some similar fabric using t-shirt sI found at Goodwill. GCycled! I also found an adorable pair of baby shoes at Goodwill that match the diaper I made and I just added a plain white baby tee and my little girl looks so adorable! I hope to find some fabric that is similar to the gFlutter and do my best to make one of those. With any outfit, I put an oh so cute headband with flower on her that matches. I made a bunch of those too by using flowers I found at the Dollar Tree! Making your baby cute and fashionable all while recycling and saving money is in my opinion the best part of cloth diapering 🙂

  150. corinneyb says:

    The key to making my little bit look stylin’ in her diaper is to show it off as much as possible. A fluffy bum covered in a pretty color and/or ruffles peeking out of the bottom of a dress is way cuter than the boring diaper cover that came with the dress. In the winter (which is almost nonexistent here in FL) I do my best not to cover up that bum, which is why we love our Rock-a-thigh Baby socks.

  151. blmim95 says:

    My son looks so cute in his gDiapers that it seems a shame to cover them up with pants!

  152. mamita2n says:

    My little girl is stylin in her new pink and hot pink gpants and matching hair bows and as soon as I can get her to sit still she will be pretty in pink toenail polish.

  153. greenmomali says:

    my babe has so much style on his own that all he needs is a g-diaper on his bum. he rocks them well. (ok, maybe a hat and some sunscreen on a sunny day.)

  154. mollmc says:

    As the saying goes, “You are never fully dressed without a smile” and so my little guy & his gdiapers look best with his enormous smile.

    If further clothing is required then we have a lovely assortment of Zutano shirts. They are bright and cheery like him & go deliciously with g’s.

  155. oaxacaborn says:

    I already receive your newsletter =)

  156. oaxacaborn says:

    I liked you on FB.

  157. oaxacaborn says:

    We LOVE color in this household. No pale pink wardrobes here! In the Florida heat, my little girl often rocks a colorful diaper and a bright sundress (and other times just a diaper 😉 I’d love to win the gDiaper set since we cloth diaper but have never tried gDiapers!

  158. ElleB says:

    We are waiting on our little one to show up…but I could totally see my kid running around in just a shirt and diapers–probably accessorized with a smudge of dirt!

  159. sradke1024 says:

    I am signed up for the newsletter and like yo on facebook! To make my little one look stylish in his diaper I like to make his diaper match his outfit!

  160. sradke1024 says:

    I subscribe to the newsletter and like you on facebook! To make my little one look stylin’ in his diaper I always try to make his diaper match his outfit!

  161. paulsonclan says:

    I love babies in just a diaper and maybe a sunhat — looking forward to this summer! I have never tried gdiapers, but they look fantastic — I’d love to win and try them out!

  162. megs1328 says:

    Diaper covers always dress up my baby’s diapers. Got to love them!

  163. abbyweldon says:

    I haven’t had my baby yet but I have registered for gDiapers and can’t wait to use them. I bought matching striped socks to go with them.

  164. Amanda Alvarado says:

    Receive your weekly newsletter already.

  165. amanda alvarado says:

    Like you on facebook

  166. amanda alvarado says:

    I love to match shirts/tank tops with our cloth diapers esp during the summer when it is super hot!!

  167. a.white.gallego says:

    We live in Honolulu, so pants are totally optional for babies. When we are at the beach (at least a few times a week), my son swims in his g. He’s a minimalist–the less he wears over the diaper, the happier he is and the cuter he looks! 🙂

  168. tiffanyalix says:

    gDiapers don’t need anything to style them up, They’re cute enough already! I can’t wait for it to be warm enough to put my son ONLY in a gDiaper, rather than having to cover them up with his winter clothes 🙂

  169. zippull says:

    My little one is due in July but I’m registered for gDiapers. I have lots of locally printed ts ready for summer wear with his gDiapers 🙂

  170. motherof5 says:

    Not hard to find stuff to look cute with gs They go with everything =) my 2 little guys will rock just a plain g in the summer, with matching t-shirts, and my FAV is a cute bucket hat matching g and cute baby legs!

  171. jewelsntreasures says:

    I think the best way to look styling is a little cloth diaper with some cute babylegs!

  172. Lindsay says:

    I like you on facebook and am subscribed to the newsletter. When I cloth diapered my first there weren’t this many cute fabrics and patterns for diaper covers. I’m excited to try out these new covers with baby number 2 due in July.

  173. katie7399 says:

    Really want these for my next baby!!!!

  174. helenlam says:

    In the summer months, I let him run around in a t-shirt and a diaper, with a cuter cover over it! Sometimes I’ll coordinate with babylegs, which help keep those knees scratch-free!

  175. helenlam says:

    I love pairing them with babylegs to show off those cute covers!

  176. chany10 says:

    I get your newsletter.

  177. chany10 says:

    I like Inhabitots on facebook.

  178. chany10 says:

    My little guy is stylin’ in his diaper with his matching babylegs!

  179. Leha says:

    When my little one is born in Sept. I plan on having plenty tops just to show off all the colors I’ve collected so far. If baby is a girl, I’m gonna make custom tees and headbands to match the gdiaps! For a boy I’m thinking I’ll make cute Robot applique tees and more! Oh, and those darn adorable Baby Legs for sure!!!

  180. uschicana says:

    I usually style up my baby with matching leg warmers. Super Cute.

  181. Rachel F says:

    Wow with one baby still in diapers and another due in September this could really come in handy! I love embroidering cute designs on my baby’s diaper covers pr needle felting designs into her wooly covers. They look so cute! She looks so cute toddling around in her Mama designs!

  182. midnightpaddle says:

    gdiapers and leg warmers are all you need!

  183. punky8011 says:

    Even though my little one isn’t here yet (she could be any day now), I’ve got a wide variety of style options ready to go for her. I think my favorite will be the gDiapers with babylegs and a matching shirt. There are so many cute diaper covers out there that styling the baby is going to be fairly easy!

  184. blklmgrn says:

    signed up already for newsletter and a huge fan of inhabitots. gdiapers and a shirt

  185. carousse says:

    I looove the gdiapers, they’re so stylish and can be paired with babylegs and when she wears a skirt or dress I don’t need to make her wear the little cover that comes with the skirt or dress, I like that we can see the gdiapers.

  186. domesticanomaly says:

    right now, i hold my diapers up to my stomach and try to imagine that a butt that cute will be here in just 20 weeks…

  187. Irishmarmalade says:

    I totally coordinate my little ones’ outfits with their diapers! My baby girl will be wearing nothing but ruffle tops and dresses this summer because I want her showing off that cute cloth on her bottom! Baby boy is harder to match, and he likes to wear nothing but the diap whenever he can!

  188. irishmarmalade says:

    I receive the newsletter.

  189. irishmarmalade says:

    I like you on FB. 🙂

  190. perojessica says:

    we LOVE gDiapers! to dress them up, I make bows to match all her favorite diapers, pair them with a matching shirt, babylegs, and, of course, some squeaky shoes! 🙂 We’ve even made tutus to match our diapers. Only have a few g’s that fit, so we would love to win some for the stash!

  191. Eppie says:

    My DD’s BUM looks so cute covered in her gdiapers!
    I hope I win the contest I would really love a new gflutter set!

  192. sewnnatural says:

    Love these! What a great giveaway. With our baby boy due any day (hour) right now, they would surely come in (stylishly) handy.

    The cutest way to dress up such a stylin’ diaper? With warm spring coming, I’d say nothing but soft, sweet, baby skin (maybe a cute hat for good measure). Or perhaps the vintage 1970s red lettering-on-white “Made in Canada” tshirt I have saved from my childhood.

  193. supershelly says:

    Cute leg warmers and a shirt to match!

  194. monicayb says:

    I already receive your newsletter! Yay!

  195. monicayb says:

    I am already a “liker” on FB!!! 😀

  196. monicayb says:

    I guess I’m boring or something, hehe, but I totally think babies look adorable with just a shirt and a fluffy diaper, so I can’t say I do anything “special” to make our diapers cuter. I also have only cloth diapered my boys, maybe I’d do more for a baby girl??? 🙂

  197. imanut says:

    I knit a pair of matching legwarmers!

  198. sharonjm says:

    Boy #2 due any day will be another g-wearing baby! The g-diaper option of flushable or reusable inserts has allowed us to diaper in an eco-friendly way while living in an apartment complex with one washer/dryer.

  199. sharonjm says:

    Boy #2 due any day will be another g-wearing baby! Thanks, g-diapers, for such a great product. I’ve been using your diapers for almost 2 years and still think they are a fantastic alternative to disposables.

  200. ontiptoe says:

    Mainly started using G’s with our youngest (now 7 months) and since she is a bit on the stocky side, when it finally gets warm out we will be able to start showing off her gDiaper in a beautiful dress, maybe some BabyLegs if we need them. Her older sister tried them out for us first as we waited for the youngest to be born and that was the cutest outfit! Showing off hasn’t happened too much yet because it’s been cold this winter!

  201. sarpongsara says:

    I have been on this journey since my oldest was born. I have learned so much and am still learning. I am really starting to finding myself. It feels great! I went from Huggies & BF but supplementing with formal to Seventh Generation Diapers and EBF for 6 months! I recently have been looking into cloth diapers and gDiapers and wining this contest would help me on this journey!

  202. mazafratz says:


  203. Owen says:

    I’m all about adding extra bits and pieces to the clothing that I find, mixing and matching bits from thrift stores and garage sales to match things that I definitely want to buy new (diapers, for instance). Upcycle upcycle upcycle!

  204. crazymom81 says:

    Our 2 yr daughter just got out of gdiapers we now have a boy on the way…I always paired her gdiaper with a mtching dress and loved them under skirts. I can’t wait to see our sonrunning around with them nd a tee shirt.

  205. lkimbrow says:

    I’m going to make my baby boy look stylin in his little g diapers in a couple ways! I’m going to try and always match his diaper to his shoes, hat, or mittens and I’m going to let my friend add a little dazzle to them! His daddy is a firefighter so she’s going to dazzle a fire truck on the back 🙂

  206. jjflaherty says:

    My bouncing baby boy enjoys his wearing his diapers with a sleveless t-shirt and slicked back hair. This look excentuates his “coolness” and strength both on and off the playground.

  207. Beemw says:

    I am a minimalist, and I like simply pairing a brightly colored diaper with a plain white cotton t-shirt when we are hanging out at home.

  208. Amber Pennington says:

    My little girl Adrianna, looks stylin’, especially in the summer, with just a diaper and a t-shirt. I loooove that with gDiapers, you reuse the same gpant and just change the gloth and liner. That way, I can match the diaper to the shirt, and sometimes leggings too if it’s cold. Who doesn’t love a cute fluffy butt?

  209. laurabean says:

    I can’t wait to use gdiapers on my little one – due 12/21/11

  210. Jenny Hull says:

    I always try to match his diaper to his clothes. Lately since it’s been warm I just put him in a t-shirt and diaper! It’s so cute!
    I get the newsletter and like on facebook.

  211. organicmommy26 says:

    I liked you on facebook

  212. organicmommy26 says:

    I subscribed to your newsletter

  213. luckybrand88 says:

    Her comfort is the most important part, which with the soft material of gPants makes that so easy. Disposable diapers are abrasive on her delicate skin and don’t always fit right. That’s why cloth is superior.

  214. organicmommy26 says:

    I love to dress my little sprout in just his diaper and t-shirt! We love all the cute gdiaper colors and love the g cloths! Plus, gdiapers make super cute pictures!

  215. finamoon says:

    I love my girl in trendy clothes,
    to dress her cute from her head to her toes.
    On her head I place a bow,
    when we go out she puts on a show.
    The gDiaper goes on next and it’s green you see,
    we love that it’s cloth and eco-friendly,
    Then a pretty dress and some snazzy shoes,
    With this ensemble you just can’t loose,

  216. amylynn h says:

    I receive the newsletter!

  217. amylynn h says:

    I am a facebook fan of Inhabitots
    Amy S H

  218. amylynn h says:

    I always match his clothes up to the diaper! I get teased about it, but oh well. : )
    beadsidemyself at gmail dot com

  219. brithiggs says:

    I like to pair it with some baby legs (legwarmers) and some cute boots. To top it I’ll throw on a cute T and a jean jacket. (I love baby jean jackets!) My baby is a little gModel.

  220. saph @ frugal wife blog says:

    just put on a pair of leg warmers instead of pants

  221. skoyano says:

    I would love to see my daughter “rockin” the adorable gpants with a cute t-shirt and a with bow in her adorable teeny tiny top ponytail!

  222. duckyboomama says:

    Now that it is getting warmer, my litte Jake rocks his g’s with a plain white T-shirt and his sunglasses when we take our walks at the park.

  223. lacenda says:

    Just signed up for the newsletter!

  224. liverpooldw says:

    We put on an awesome hat that Uncle Buck would wear (you know the classic John Candy movie? The hat that would make some people angry?). We put that hat on, and our diaper and baby can rock it. So cute!

  225. vlamphear says:

    I’ve custom made diaper covers out of funky frabics, so a diapers all Jasper needs to be stylin’!

  226. ruth says:

    We are expecting our little one in July, but we’re already planning on matching the diapers with a shirt and legwarmers. On special occasions when we all go out, we’ll match baby’s diaper and outfit with both mommy and daddy’s clothes. If we have a girl (it’ll be a surprise!) I am planning on making headbands to match our diapers since we don’t really like pink and we’ll want a distinguishing girly feature for strangers. We like blue for either a boy or girl so some people might get confused with an infant!

    (I apologize if this posted more than once. I’m having trouble with the sign in).

  227. vrclay says:

    I match his socks to his diaper – that’s style baby!

  228. janesansible says:

    haven’t had the baby yet…i will be due in September and I DEFINITELY want to cloth diaper! Hope I win!

  229. cktam888 says:

    I love babylegs with my g-diaper

  230. angie says:

    Even if my son’s diaper can’t be seen under his pants, I still make sure they match his shirt… you never know when those pants will start saggin’ – need to always stay stylin’!

  231. hereyes says:

    There’s nothing cuter than a bare baby bum…but a gdiaper with babylegs is pretty darn cute too!

  232. FloridaNavyMomma says:

    How do you like to make your tot look stylin’ in his or her diaper? – I like to add iron-on patches onto the back, and add my own ruffles and lace… From there? Just add a shirt that matches, some cute socks and shoes, and baby and I are good to go! It’s nice having some of the more boyish colours turn out just a little girlier with ruffles and lace. I love my gDiapers!

  233. ContessaCrafts says:

    I’d definitely add a super cute -homemade- headband. (I may make some today…) <3

  234. cherrydiamonds2003 says:

    Gdiapers are made with very soft fabric and their inserts are soo soft as well! The color combos are awesome! I love matching his dipe to his outfit. Plus babylegs look awesome too. My 5 yo loves to help pick little one’s diaper to match:)

  235. charbran11 says:

    Well my baby is due is 2 weeks and this will be my first time using the gdiapers. I am excited to see what I can do to make him really cute outfits!

  236. MommyLovesUTuTu says:

    Keeley’s bum always look extra cute under a fluffy tutu!!!

  237. DanielleS says:

    Not much cuter than a baby in a diaper crawling around, except for a baby in a gdiaper!

  238. sparklesllt says:

    gDiapers are so cute all by themselves, all I would add would be a cute little bow or newsboy cap. =)

  239. tmacias says:

    Aside from her gDiapers, my tot’s most styling accessory is her big sisters underwear over her head. Seriously, she thinks its the funniest thing ever, and it puts her big sister (age 4) into hysterics. The resulting giggle-fest is adorable.

  240. katiearoberts says:

    Our first baby is due in June, so I don’t have any stylish tips to share with anyone — yet. But, as we starting buying clothes for the new baby I made sure to pick outfits that would match our collection of gdiapers that are anxiously awaiting a little bum in the next couple of months….wonder if it will be a boy or girl bum!?! 🙂
    (I get the newsletter and am a fan on facebook)

  241. elfrules says:

    I will be a first time mother soon, so I don’t have any experience stylin’ my children yet. However, I am loving all the neat tips other moms are giving as answers and I will be implementing them in a few months! I love that you can match the tops and socks!

  242. lizaldh says:

    We love gDiapers and make our own appliques out of fun fabrics to put on them to help our b/g twins look fresh and stylin 😉

  243. beloved_of_the_Lord says:

    How do you like to make your tot look stylin’ in his or her diaper?to match it with whatever she is wearing that day also with a matching headband ….My baby girl always matches & styin’ in her diaper…..

  244. lauraandbaby says:

    7 years ago my lil girl styled onsies and diapers.. I want our new addition to style the awesome fabrics of gdiapers.. I love the logo for the Inhabitots…. we are going to have owls in our nursery and it just screams nature! .. the Inhabitots says.. that babe is cool, fun and comfy 🙂

  245. Stephanie426 says:

    we added a few rhinestones, we like things that sparkle and glitter!!

  246. haizy says:

    I think my little man is cutest in JUST a cloth diaper! His chubby leg rolls are the only other “accessory” he needs 🙂

  247. nique1012 says:

    to keep her in style i match diaper print to shirt and skirt

  248. LissieLOU says:

    I like to dye GDiapers and socks to match her outfits. I have had so may compliments on her cute little Gdiapers!

  249. holman207 says:

    By adding coordinating babylegs and matching shirt.

  250. CrystalBall77 says:

    I don’t have to “make” my baby look stylin with gDiaper.. cause once it is on.. The style is happening! Love the product & gdiapers were are environmental diaper of choice on our 1800 mile long road trip with our 24 month old.. Thank you for this brilliance.

  251. bl0ndeeo2 says:

    How do you like to make your tot look stylin’ in his or her diaper? By only having him wear the diaper! I love CDs, how they look, how they feel & how it makes people think I may be weird. That’s ok by me, I know I am saving money, and the Earth! We love how easy gDiapers are to use out and about. The inserts are great, and are small for my diaper bag – which is usually full of food & toys for my little guy!
    I am a fan on FB and I’ve been getting the newsletter for a super long time now!

  252. beautiful0mess says:

    You know Gdiapers are a big deal when everything you buy your little one has to match ’em from head to toe, bows to socks and shoes!!

  253. jeffandbrandi says:

    We love how cute our gdiapers are already. I would love to see gdiapers make training pants.

  254. jsqduncan says:

    I’d like to do a super cute diaper with a tutu and some sun glasses!

  255. CrystalBall77 says:

    I also hope to have that style happen with my new 10 week old boy..

  256. saraenglish05 says:

    I like to appliqué my baby’s plain diapers with cute animals (like the inhabitat owls!!) because I get to be creative and my baby gets to be original!

  257. slindsey says:

    I stopped putting onsies on my little man after I started using my g’s so I can show them off where ever I go!!

  258. katiew says:

    I have twin toddlers that are no where near ready to potty train but they love their gdiapers! Last time we got new covers there were a few fights over who got to wear which color and I love pairing them with their little sun dresses! My mom and I even take them to the fabric store when making the girls a new outfit to make sure they will match.

  259. ashleybrims says:

    I love putting baby legs on my little girl and a cute slik flower headband to match her diaper. It gives them a little something extra when you can tie in matching colors! Plus what little girl doesn’t love accessories!

  260. meltodwngirl says:

    I like you and I follow you..

    I punk out my little guys and then make matching t-shirts…

  261. bmcooke says:

    I think my babies are stylish just by using the g’s! I LOVE my g’s!! I can’t wait to build my stash of g’s a little more. Thanks for offering this fun contest!!

  262. cferguson says:

    I am just about to make the leap from dispoable to cloth and found g is the choice for me. I love that i can get cute patterns and colors, because my daughter is anything but ordinary. WIth hot summer months on the way and the fact that my mini me likes to roam naked ( well only in a diaper) these g diapers would ensure she could still do it in a fashionable way, while being totally eco friendly, (less laundry for me to do and not more waste in the landfill) while keeping her cool and keeping more money in my wallet, or the bank for her education.
    I love frillyt bums and legwarmers, just a t shirt with some rockin shoes. Really everything seems to look good with these diapers. Please help me help the environment and my daughter stay fashionable!

  263. cogorman11 says:

    I had 2 boys before having my daughter and I did not think I would be a=someone that could not resist buying clothing for her but I am and my favorite is finding outfits that allow me to show off her gdiapers.

  264. MamaJ says:

    I have been using gdiapers since 2006 and will be continuing with this baby that is due the end of June! The best way to make my kids luck extra stylin’ is to just let their personalities show! So are g’s get in the mud, the pool and involved in arts in crafts! Our g’s show the busy full life we live!

  265. gingerb03 says:

    Leg warmers 🙂 They’re the greatest ever. I’m in love with them.

  266. littleroonkanga2 says:

    I love gdiapers and have been using them for a while for my son! And yes they not only work great but are so much cuter than other diapers!

  267. littlecherrysmommy says:

    My first baby is due in two and a half weeks. I love when clothing matches. I also will probably have her in a GDiaper only most of the summer as it will be warm, so she will still be stylish and comfortable! =P

  268. rodie says:

    We just had a baby. I am wanting to try cloth diapers and I am drawn to the look and style of g diapers. I so hope I win this because I would love to have some G DIapers! I am nervous about trying cloth diapers especially the upfront cost. Since it’s something I’ve not done before. So if I’d win this it’d give me a chance to finally do it! I think it’d be so cute for my little one to wear a tank top and cordinating G Diaper and then top it off with a matching hat and socks or even cordinating shoes. Only so much you can do with a boy. 🙂 No matching bows and headbands and purse for him. 🙂 lol P.S. I so love your plaid diapers!!

  269. MelissaAnnBrook says:

    There is absolutely nothing cuter than a baby toddling around in a cute cloth diaper, tank top, and flip flops in the summer! Saving money AND the environment is ALWAYS stylish! Forget expensive disposable diapers that clog up land fills. My gFlutter girl hanging out in gFlutter diapevs playing with butterflies? How much more stylish can you get?

  270. sbmiagc says:

    Of course our absolute faves are Little gPants! Mia usually rocks them with matching leg warmers, the sweet gDarling dress or just by themselves because who doesn’t love running around in nothing but a G!

  271. crystalinewings says:

    I have been picking out little summer dresses and tops that match my G pants. I have even dyed a couple of my cream colored ones to match some of the dresses i have found. I have some embroidery patterns i plan to put on one of the pants and a little dress so they are a matching set. I have also added ruffles to some of the more neutral colored pants to make them more girly. I have some special fabric i found as well to make some special dresses to match my orange G pants because its very hard to find anything for girls in orange. All this has helped me pass the time as i wait for my little one to arrive in early July. One of my pink sets i even have a matching bonnet and booties for.

  272. camopinkpanther says:

    I love g diapers I like them with cute leg warmers but sometime just with a cute shirt

  273. bwoods says:

    We like coordinate different colored gdiapers with my daughters outfits.

  274. depierolp says:

    I let my beautiful little girl do all the work in making her diaper look good. I just put a gDiaper on her and she puts on a fashion show for us. She picks out what color she wants to wear and I find a dress to match and let her do her thing!

  275. logansmom says:

    I like to make my little man’s outfits co-ordinate with his diaper color for the day. Also a nice pair of Rock-a-thigh baby socks to complement the diaper. Somedays I even match my older son’s clothes, so they both look stylin together.

  276. MonicaHeartsRQ says:

    My son is 21 months and a wild man. He rarely just wears a diaper anymore. Even though that is the case I still like his little gPants to coordinate with his outfit! 😉 When he was younger I loved when he wore his little gPants with some BabyLegs!

  277. carebebe says:

    In the summer, I LOVE that our gdiapers could match just about any dress/outfit that Charlotte was wearing! If her diaper showed, it was never a big deal because it still matched 😀 In the winter we would just let her run around in a tshirt,gdiaper, and babylegs and of course, she was still absolutely adorable. I love them for my daughter and I can’t wait to use tiny g’s for our baby due in December!

  278. PinkChica says:

    I show off my gDiapers by putting my little one in them for professional photos. They are so much cuter than disposables, add an awesome touch of color (especially with a white background), and when everyone sees the photos they comment on the diapers and start asking about them! Throw in a cute accessory or two in the photo that matches the diapers (a ball, some blocks, a bow) and you’ve got “pretty in pink” or “cool dude blue” styles, which make perfect pics!

  279. austinmomof3 says:

    A summer baby in Texas just needs his cutie gDiapers and a big sun hat!

  280. jenswave25 says:

    My little guy love the outside and in summer the water is his best friend. So I take the insert out of his g-diaper and let him plash and play with his g-diaper that we like to put on backwards so the g is up front.

  281. katies3boys says:

    I LOVE embelishing gdiapers, but honestly, it is pretty hard to make them more stylin’ than they already are! I love using them for our photo shoots- finally no more tacky disposables for our intimate photos of mom/dad/baby! Also- for a recent wedding, the boys wore charcoal slacks, and it worked perfectly to have matching gdiapers “peeking” out the back!

  282. CarmenS says:

    With 6 children, homeschooling, an organic farm to tame and run, and a web business to oversee…keep it simple is my motto, My g-diaper babe is 2 and she loves sporting a g-diaper and that’s all…occasionally she’ll keep her baby legs on all day but usually I get her dressed and about 10 minutes later she’s down to her g-diaper. : ) So excited to see the new XL sizes come out this Spring. : )

  283. Truly says:

    We LOVE our GDiapers! My Little guy’s name is Thomas, so I put him in his blue G-Pant, with his Thomas the Train T-shirt & his Thomas Shoes. He looks so co-ordinated. We get compliments all the time!

  284. Ozzy says:

    I´ll be a new mom soon for the first time in my life and I´m already loving Gdiapers, I can´t wait to se my baby boy wearing them, I just would love to se animal patterns or figures printed in them as a “special edition”… a matching pair of cotton pants also would be awesome… I´m already a fan on facebook and I recently signed up for the newsletter

  285. Daffprincess96 says:

    After 2 little boys, I am having my first daughter in July… And we all know that coordinating accessories is where it’s at – gPants with shoes, leg warmers, hair bow or hat… Can’t wait to dress up my little girl in her g’s!

  286. kahdel says:

    we rock out our g’s with babylegs and and a t-shirt. no britches in this house, we want to see the g!

  287. holley13 says:

    I put Seamus in the grubby gray G pants with a hat made by a friend of mine at Nippy Noggin. It’s red with black horns. So cute!!!

  288. says:

    I love to show off my little girl in her dresses with cute little colored gpants underneath with matching leg warmers, but we need some new colors and new gpants since she is growing, along with some cute new dresses!

  289. RachelDawn says:

    My son uses gDiapers, and no other piece of clothing is needed for warm days 🙂 gDiapers are cute enough to be worn on their own! We only have 2 medium covers, so here’s to hoping we win!!!!

  290. Mamussell says:

    I have a few Gdiapers and love the convenience and that they were created by a mom from the US. I also love that they have a disposable option that is Eco friendly. I plan to have my daughter wear her Gs with dresses this summer so she cam show off her cute G bottom!

  291. mynaturalpregnancy says:

    My baby will be joining us in the world this coming Sept 1st! I can’t wait to have him or her rockin’ out in the stylin’ new g dipes with great patters. They don’t even need to wear pants with them they are so cute just add a top and the baby will be ready to roll!

  292. sarahmc17 says:

    We love g diapers! I have used them for 3 years straight with 2 kids! We love to pair them with babylegs and a cute top! In the summer all we need is a hat, and shades and we have a cute beach outfit!

  293. soniaraquel says:

    I would make my tot stylin by matching him with his older brother in the camper t’s and gpants for summer. Some cute Teva’s and hats would round out their outfits 🙂

  294. slmclellan says:

    Love how cute g-diapers are with a little dress in the summer time!

  295. Meegs says:

    simplicity!! baby legs and a cute shirt! just let that cute gdiaper bum be free!!!!

  296. twildermuth says:

    Just a gDiaper and a bow in the hair make my lovely little girl stylish! Of coarse, a dress over top is cute too!

  297. claudia_m says:

    I love the patterns and color options with the gdiapers. They don’t need anything else to make them look good. 🙂

  298. mobilemole says:

    We started using gdiapers with our first daughter once she passed the newborn stage. We loved them! It’s a brilliant diapering system. We are now using them on our 3 mo old girl and still in love with them. Have been using the compostable refills but would love to try the cloth inserts. I’m so excited to be showing off her g’s this summer:-)

  299. Mere says:

    Cute covers and a dress that matches! You have to show it all off to promote the cause!

  300. amymccarty1985 says:

    Sometimes I think they best and cuties way to show off a diaper is by wearing nothing more than the diaper! 😀 Some other ways are matching leggings/leg warmers. Maybe just a headband that matches. A more creative way is something fun and exciting like a costume accessory… a pair of angel wings or bumble bee wings. Let them run aground like this for a day 🙂 Much fun for baby and parents. lol

  301. Jodina says:

    I LOVE MY GDIAPERS!!! Weather permitting I like to put a little tank on with a cute patterned gdiaper and just let my little lady free!

  302. BreannaKL says:

    Our first little one is due in August and I can NOT wait to jazz up his style with gdiapers! Some times it seems like you have to sacrifice style if you want to go green. I love that gdiapers are both eco-friendly AND adorable. I already thought they seemed great, but reading the comments here makes me even more excited to use them — our dude is going to be the hippest cat in town!

  303. MamaBear says:

    Last year I found an adorable baby t-shirt with a bright print which co-ordinated perfectly with the gDiapers I already had for my son. The combination was cute and cheerful!

  304. happymama28 says:

    In the summer my daugher shows off her cute dipes with matching sandles and bows!

  305. mpowellrbff says:

    Our little one is the only boy in our group of friends so he always needs to be stylin’ with his ladies. But we find that he’s the cutest when he’s pantless and showing of his cloth dipes.

  306. aubreyt says:

    We love gdiapers! My son wore them with a matching gshirt. When it was colder or he was crawling he wore them with some baby leggins and shoes.
    All this while I was wearing my gshirt and hat!

  307. GabbyH says:

    They are so cute, just a matching shirt & hat do the trick!

  308. suzannalyra says:

    I think they’re cute with just a little shirt.

  309. crochetyourbaby says:

    I like to take the cute designs off of my son’s newborn clothing and sew them to the back of the gDiapers! He hardly ever wears pants because I don’t want to cover his cute bum. I even have friends asking why he never wears pants. I think this would be so sweet if he won the giveaway because the winner is announced on his first birthday, May3rd! For his birthday party, I have sewn a felt octopus to a tee shirt and gPant!

  310. fishlady says:

    The g’s are stylin’ all on their own! However, I’m one to coordinate outfits to the gPant (don’t let my husband read this!)! Just this morning I was getting ready to order more pants in the medium size, so headed to the closet to see what colors I needed! Love the new spring colors and will shop for clothes at thrift stores to match the new line! Also ditto other responses and think BabyLegs are a must with the g’s! Too cute! I’m gonna hold off on the order a few days to see if I just might be the winner first!

  311. AFormo says:

    Now that it’s warming up, I can’t wait to put my baby in just her gPants and let her roam. They are adorable just the way they are (though I’ll admit to contemplating embroidering little peg gnomes on her green g’s).

  312. cvteacher says:

    My newest grandchild will be born this June and my daughter is obsessed with putting her little one in gdiapers. She elected not to know her child’s gender… but here’s what I think– it doesn’t matter if she’s having a boy or a girl, the baby will be top dog in gdiapers. After all, either gender likes a great derriere!

  313. Lunaball9 says:

    I love to let my little rugrat roam around in just her gdiaper, or her gdiaper and a colorful tshirt to match. I do this so that others can see her cute little bum and ask the question I’m happy to answer. “What are those?”, “That is such underwear, but isn’t she a little young.” or questions just asking point blank what kind of diapers by child is wearing. I get so excited to explain about the options that gdiapers offer. So many people have loved the idea of the hybrid system and still being able to try dabbling into the fully cloth side of life.
    We love our little gs, and our little gbum. We are glad to share the knowledge of the gdiapers and pass along everything we’ve learned the past year with our little baby.

  314. JackieWare says:

    I used a no name brand cloth diaper for my son and really didn’t have a great experience with it. We are now expecting a little girl in just a few weeks and I cannot wait to get some of these super cute dipes on her! I LOVE these new styles, and I really love the coordinating tops!

  315. Qwennigan says:

    I have this AMAZING photo of my daughter in nothing but an orange gDiaper and giant pink hair flower. So cute.

  316. TreeMaiden says:

    I took my 5 yr old son to the fabric store and he got to pick out several fabrics for his new little brother’s arrival. Being the fashion conscious thrifty Mom I made sure our final selections also match the green & orange of his g-diapers. So now we have receiving blankets, burp cloths, pj’s, stroller liners, and many more things that all match his little g’s! My favorite is a blue background that has a multitude of colorful little monsters on it – too cute!!! Plus since his brother picked out the fabric he loves to his his little bro use our homemade goods with his g’s

  317. sjordheim says:

    i’m on my second little boy in g’s. i like to put them with just a t shirt, or maybe some babylegs if it gets a little chilly. otherwise, if they have to wear pants, i love the fact that if their diaper shows out the top that i have usually made it match his outfit anyway 🙂

  318. amyly says:

    We have yet to meet our little one… as he/she is due on June 1st! However, we are sold on gdiapers because of their versatility and they look great! We’re all set to start with them as soon as the little babe arrives. We’ll be enjoying the summer in the little gpants… can’t wait to show them off! If we have a girl, would love to accessorize with a headband and a big flower. If we have a boy, we can’t wait to get some stylin’ hats!

  319. lyssa24 says:

    I like to have him in a shirt, gdiaper, and thigh socks (Rock-a-Thigh baby are perfect because they are socks and leg warmers all in one!). My friends keep asking why he is always in leg warmers, but it’s to show off his diapers, of course!

  320. nokocutes says:

    i agree with everyone. leg warmers, and just a t-shirt that does not hide the cute diapers.

  321. ducki says:

    For my son, we let him run around in the warm weather in his g’s and a t-shirt. We’ve also shown them to a bunch of parents and employees at his daycare. They all have questions about the “difficulties” of cloth diapering. I quickly dispel this idea. We love our little g/s and are excited to use them on baby number 2 this summer.
    Since we’ve had trouble with the g/s falling off (have ironed back on multiple times), I’ve sown my own g’s on and am getting ready to try batiking g’s on the newer ones.!

  322. Jdg343 says:

    We love the cheerful colors of the gdiaper line!

  323. Alaurable808 says:

    Well we spare no expense when it comes to our baby’s gBum. All of her gPants are embellished with the finest precious gems and hung with tassels spun from pure gold……NOT! But just because we’re not royalty, does that mean our middle-class princess is any less deserving of the best? Of course not. That’s why we use gDiapers in the first place! The cutest, the greenest, the best.

  324. UrbanSherp says:

    love the new gDiapers prints! a-dorable. with diapers this stylish, who needs pants?

  325. dreamom says:

    We live in Florida and it is already 90 degrees outside! So… we dont wear much clothes. The great thing about our g’s is they are so great looking on my 8 mo daughter that she doesnt need to wear a cute outfit with her g’s. Well, other than her sun hat and shades.

  326. blondredhead says:

    We’re just getting started with our g’s on our 5 week old daughter, but I’m starting to pick up some leg warmers for the fall. Plus, on Easter, I had her in a cute yellow/orange/pink top and let her orange g’s complete the outfit below. She looked adorable. Can’t wait for the rest of the spring/summer to show her and her g’s off some more! Thanks for the chance!

    blondredhead at mac dot com

  327. erinlou says:

    I love matching the g’s to her outfits…and she tends to wear only the ones that DO! I like matching her headband to her g also…in case she doesn’t get her outfit back on before she gets swooped up by a family member!

  328. jesramirez says:

    It’s hard to keep my daughter stylin in her diaper. I usually get diaper covers with different color to match a cute top. They are to come by. I made them for her when she was little. But, with a boy coming in May. Not, sure how to make them look cute without it being girlish.

  329. elyseh says:

    We’ve added our own style to our g’s — we ironed a monster face on the bum! Izzy loves her “face” diaper!

  330. rachelheneghan3323 says:

    I love being able to just buy a shirt and save money on pants

  331. lafing says:

    there was nothing this wonderful 15 years ago! i would love to win this for my sister who is due this month! it’s gonna be so much fun to buy things for a baby rather than manly things for a 15 year old (tho it doesn’t seem possible that it’s been 15 years since he was a bundle full and i could love on him and kiss him all i wanted!

  332. CaliRoo says:

    To keep my baby stylin’ in her gdiapers I make tutu’s to coordinate with her different diapers. She also makes it easy because she is a skinny minny and her dresses and skirts usually end up pretty short by the time she has the width to hold them up.

  333. anjewellove says:

    My baby is due anyday now so I haven’t usedmy g’s yet. But I find myself walking thru a store looking at outfits would match my lil g’s I have!

  334. shygurl1227 says:

    The best way to show of my baby in his gdiapers is just letting him go in a gdiaper and shoes and a tshirt to match. Of course the tshirt is organic with his organic sunhat. Green all the way!

  335. jaimie k says:

    I love a matching hair bow!
    I receive your newsletter and like on FB as Jaimie Krupp.

  336. patsy324 says:

    I love pairing my little boys diapers with a newsboy hat and a polo!! Then click click-time for a photo shoot!!

  337. lotus burgy says:

    Zophia loves to hang out in only her gDIapers when were at home And mommy loves to Put a matching Bow in her hair because she has so much. I love that the colors are beautiful and solid so she can wear them with anything in her closet! Ive also been eyeballing some iron on patterns that would look so cute. But that will come later since i just started using gDiapers and this is my first daughter.

  338. amyprry says:

    I love pairing the gdiapers with a matching or complimentary tshirt for my little boy!

  339. t.l.lamarre says:

    I personalize the solid color covers with a little tye dye or embroider on them with my machine even Iron on rhinestones work to add a little sparkle to the cuteness the g diapers already have going!!!

  340. t.l.lamarre says:

    To add to the already cuteness of g diapers I use my embroidery machine to personalize the covers or some iron on rhinestones work great too for a little sparkle!!! I am in the process of adopting so I am trying to stock up now before we get our baby! Having so much fun with projects like decorating the covers on g diapers well we wait for that special phone call!

  341. amandahll4 says:

    I like to bling my baby’s diapers! 🙂

  342. mama2josh says:

    I love matching my girls shirts to their diapers, and using babylegs for some extra style. Matching hairbows are also super cute.

  343. Angieof2 says:

    I can’t leave the house unless my little one is wearing matching clothes. Gdiapers is AMAZING for making sure that goal is met on a daily basis 🙂 And now that the warm weather is coming I really won’t have to worry about dressing him.. Change his bum, throw on a top and GO.. Easy getaway from home and he still looks GREAT

  344. Vashti M says:

    My son is stylin’ in his cloth diaper as soon as I put it on! It’s cute even sticking out of the top of his pants . Cloth + kid= stylin!

  345. 3boyzmommy says:

    I love to pair the diaper up with a cute t-shirt with a saying on it, especially now that it’s above freezing.

  346. danigudroe says:

    Personally I like to go diaper only as much as possible.. nothing cuter than a cloth diaper bum!! But, in the event a shirt is necessary, I try a polo with turned up collar and add sunglasses when going outside (if he’ll keep them on!!).

  347. mrslaserbeam says:

    legwarmers are a must!

  348. forgetmenotcj says:

    Since my little one was born, I was exctied to match his outfits to the cute diapers I found. I love putting a “fo”hawk on him to make him look “cool” in his cloth diapers 🙂 Now that he’s potty trained and I’m expecting #2, I can’t wait to take a newborn pic of the newest addition to our family in cloth 🙂

  349. erinsaber says:

    i customize my daughters diapers by using safe clothing paints to airbrush designs on her diapers and sewing patches i make out of her old sleepers and onzies. i have also taken some of her onzies and sleepers to make fitteds with sute patterns or put them over a layer of pul for a cute designed cover. if i could upload pix on here i would TOO CUTE!

  350. mcshauneen says:

    For the boys I love a cute little pair of Converse and a rock t-shirt, for the girls a a cute dress or shirt and a patterned diaper cover. Love how many cute options there are now.

  351. jamiedohmen says:

    I love to have my cutie wear just a gdiaper during the hot Texas days. To go outside to play I just throw a matching t-shirt on with a cute hat to shield him from the sun and we are good to go! They work great and are so ADORABLE!!

  352. LFitz says:

    On warm days, I like to have my son rock just a colourful cloth diaper and some funky shoes. My newest look for him involves a bright diaper and some matching converse shoes with classic white socks. If we need to dress it up a bit, I add a sports jersey, like a soccer shirt or a basketball tank. He is one sporty little dude!

  353. poisonivy says:

    gDiapers are already so cute, you don’t have to do much to make them stylish. I like to just match a gPant with a cute shirt and my little boy is ready to go

  354. szinger says:

    just cute legwarmers and a cute tshirt to match the cute diaper!!

  355. szinger says:

    cute legwarmers and a cute shirt to go with the cute gdiaper!!

  356. shaleigh says:

    I give my little a mohawk to make him stylin…it is so cute when he has his gdiaper and rocker tshirt on.

  357. SosannaBoBana says:

    Custom tie dye the white ones. I also have a silkscreen and am planning on screen printing some of my gdiapers!

  358. clothmamak8 says:

    This is my first girl and first in cloth. I am SO excited about showing off her cute cloth bum every chance I can get!!! I plan on putting her in bright diapers with short dresses that grandma and I make for her. As often as she will be in dresses, she will also be “running” (ok crawling) around just in a diaper!

  359. jamaicanbcrazy says:

    Just found out we’re pregnant! SURPRISE!

    Can’t wait to use g diapers!

  360. knockedupandnursing says:

    I hardly ever cover up my little one’s cloth diapers in the spring and summer time. I like to find shirts and dresses that match with the diapers we have!

  361. lindahawes says:

    How do you like to make your tot look stylin’ in his or her diaper? Well, since my baby hasn’t arrived yet, I haven’t had the opportunity to do this. But I am looking forward to having cute diapers and letting the little one roam around in it with no other apparel on. Hehe. 🙂

  362. lucas777 says:

    I can’t wait to make our very soon due baby girl look stylin’ in her g’s by adding different waistbands, iron on transfers, OR I can’t wait to get a red gdiaper and iron on one of those glittery stars for 4th of July with a cute little dress and big bow and show off her cute tush. 🙂

  363. jals24 says:

    gDiapers are perfect on a cute little bum just the way they are (especially when its 110 outside!). In the winter, plain legwarmers (to show off the bright gPant covered bum), socks with a cute design, a plain sweater and a bright brimmed hat! My little boy is even more handsome in just a pair of g’s!

  364. syxiemomma says:

    I let my little girl’s diaper speak for itself, at least while we are home. She wears only her diaper and a crocheted headband with a large matching bow or flower.

  365. Cheyenne says:

    I’m signed up for your newsletter!

  366. aperry says:

    I signed up for newsletter

  367. nef says:

    In the summer, just the diaper! it matches our green spirit. 🙂

  368. 120sprite says:

    my baby won’t be born until june but judging by my love of shoe shopping and my husband’s obsession with striped socks, i am pretty sure that baby will be so stylish in g diapers and coordinating sock/sneaker combos that no one will even notice if baby has a shirt on! i can’t wait!

  369. michelleahlfeld says:

    Coordinating baby legs, hats, socks, shirts to the diaper print 🙂

  370. runningmom711 says:

    I like showing off my baby’s cute fluff with babylegs and a matching shirt!

  371. JaniceF says:

    We love g-diapers in our house and have used them on both our first baby and now our second. Our little girl always looks stylin’ in her cute little g on her bum and we match it up with a pair of leggings and a t-shirt (or tank top when it’s warmer out)…. then we top if off with a cute little g on her head as a hat! Who needs hair clips and headbands when you have g-diapers in the house? woot!

  372. jpumo says:

    I like to imagine he is a little god.

  373. cdiedrich says:

    Our baby will be born in early July and I’m so excited to start my collection of cloth diapers! I imagine that we will make our little one look stylin’ with fun print diapers and lots of home-sewn clothing!

  374. Erin P says:

    Sometimes all he wears is a diaper. It’s all he needs to look stylin’ with that cute little face!

  375. livingerin says:

    I love how the gPants already halfway complete an outfit. I usually pair them with a cute t-shirt and socks if it’s chilly. Sometimes I put a sticker on his butt for fun!

  376. tinyperfect says:

    there is nothing more adorable, than cute naked baby legs, especially when they start to walk. g-diapers just make the picture of the happy little tot perfect in every way. there is no need to cover them. it shows the best -the beautiful baby, the good design and the sense of sustainability every family should have

  377. canadaap says:

    Baby #1 I bought white covers so they wouldn’t be noticed. Now I buy all the funnest prints I can to show them off! Winter I’m the main person who sees them, but in the summer I love putting a baby in nothing but a cloth diaper!

  378. kendraj says:

    I’m on my second gBaby, she’s 16 months. Her older brother is almost 4, and he used to run around in the funniest gOutfits! I have a picture of him in his dinosaur rain boots, an orange gDiaper, a sun hat and a grubby t-shirt… he’s outside playing with the hose and looks ecstatic. I’m sure I had little to do with the “styling” of that outfit, but it was priceless! I love that gDiapers are stylish on their own, you don’t need to cover them up, my little girl can wear a simple sundress over her G and look great. With summer coming, it’s the perfect time to update your G collection :).

  379. smmarkle says:

    would love to try these on our new little one. Anything to keep more crap out of the landfills.

  380. sarahlamomma says:

    I can’t wait to give these a try. We are expecting in September!

  381. Raynebovee says:

    My little girl is 7 weeks and she looks so cute with her little onesies and matching gdiaper!

  382. pookyshunnybear says:

    I have prefolds with the pins. yes its old school lol. but i like to wrap them in different disigns that my friend has sew together. you get a different design for any mood. g-diapers would make it so much easier for me. The pins are so time consuming for me bc im afraid i will stick him (even tho i never have).

  383. erinnn2006 says:

    I have subscribed to the newsletter, following Inhabitots on Twitter, and also liked on FB! WHat a fabulous prize pack. I am crossing my fingers 🙂

  384. Ami says:

    I like to keep my son “stylin'” in his diaper by putting him a polo top that matches his cloth diaper with the collar popped, spiked hair and his cool dude dino shoes lol.

  385. rmduer01 says:

    Entering the conteset – following on facebook added the news letter.

    I plan on my little man who is due in 5 weeks to be styling in his cloth diapers but pairing with a shirt. I cant wait to dress a boy. I have two girls and they usually had dresses with thier cloth or just topless.

  386. Drivegirl54 says:

    I’m not a user yet, still waiting on my newest little one to get here but I love that they already look super cute without having to do anything!!!!

  387. redaero121 says:

    I used disposables for my little one and now she’s potty trained so looking cute was all about the clothes on top of the diaper. She is a complete girly girl and wears dresses almost every day. She always looked especially cute when she wore an outfit that worked great with her amazing red hair.

  388. cajundiver1 says:

    I like to match my daughter’s dresses with her gpants, they coordinate so well. I’d love to have the matching combo. 🙂

  389. deirdrej says:

    My Florida baby just loves to wear a g, some sunscreen and a sunhat to play outside!

  390. bschultz10 says:

    Our little girl Pepper is cute as can be,
    While rockin’ her gPants with a just a simple Tee.

    When the weather turns colder, we add baby legs and a hat,
    Oh the heads do turn and we think she’s all that.

    Red, yellow, green, orange, purple, and blue,
    So many colors to pick from, and now floral too.

    Never have diapers been so much fun,
    The trouble we have is choosing which one.

    We think gDiapers are very high fashion,
    But there’s more than one reason to make them your passion.

    Organic cloth inserts are super easy to clean,
    gPants make diapering so fun to go green.

    If biodegradable inserts are really your style,
    You can swish’em then flush’em or compost in a pile.

    The velcro tabs make those changes a cinch,
    And are easy for traveling or just in a pinch.

    No matter the reason, time, season, or day,
    gPants are our pick, hip-hip hooray!