LAST CHANCE TO ENTER: Win a gDiapers Green Diaper Starter Kit Worth $159!

If you’re a faithful Inhabitots reader, you probably know we love gDiapers. The ingenious brand was the first eco-friendly hybrid diaper on the market in the US to offer busy, green parents a solution that combines the convenience of disposables with the green qualities of cloth diapers. If you aren’t familiar with the brand, our gDiapers review is a must-read! So we are more than pleased to offer you a chance to win a green diaper starter kit worth $159 from gDipaers featuring an array of colorful little gPants and biodegradable gRefills that you can compost or flush. One lucky winner will receive $159 of gDiapers goodies: four little gPants (yellow, aqua, navy, and chocolate brown), a gWet bag, a gLaundry bag, a case of biodegradable gRefills, and two swisher sticks. Want to win? Of course you do! Find out how to enter after the jump.

Here’s how to enter to win a gDiapers green diaper starter kit worth $159!

**We’re sorry, this contest is now closed to new entrants.

1) Sign up for our weekly newsletter (if you haven’t already!). We’ll be notifying the winner in our newsletter – so you need to sign up and receive our newsletter to find out if you have won.

2) Like Inhabitots on facebook. For extra karma, check out gDiapers while you’re there.

3) Add a comment to this post with your answer to the following question: Why do you love (or want to try) gDiapers?  (extra points for creative answers!) Please be patient – comments don’t appear instantly because they must be approved.

Contest ends Tuesday, Aug ust 2nd, 2011 at 12 midnight EST. Open to US residents only. Winner will be announced in the following week’s newsletter!

+ little gPants $17.99

+ gWet Bag $9.99

+ gLaundry Bag $19.99

+ Biodegradable gRefills $52.00

+ gDiapers


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395 Responses to “LAST CHANCE TO ENTER: Win a gDiapers Green Diaper Starter Kit Worth $159!”

  1. zs says:

    1. My wife and I are due in November, and we would love to cloth diaper. We like the environment, gdiapers are supposed to work well without leaking, and we like cute things. We are both grad students and trying to figure out how to afford this baby at all, so winning the giveaway would be amazing. The creative part of our entry? Um…well…my middle name (my dad’s name) starts with G, and we are contemplating that name as the baby’s middle name, too. It would be pretty neat to have diapers that matched our kid’s name!

    2. By the way, I tried to like inhabitots on fb (I already receive the newsletter), and when I tried to skip the “invite a friend to like this app,” it crashed and wouldn’t let me like the app on my own. This happened several times–I think you should look into the problem. FB doesn’t like forced invites and neither do my friends!

  2. cynthiaburgos says:

    i am really looking foward to try them!! my baby will have the cutest greenest bum bum ever!

  3. Smileysmom2 says:

    gDiapers are a great compromise between cloth and disposables!

  4. Mego says:

    i love gdiapers versitility. we are a military family who moves and travels alot.
    plus our last name begins with G, so naturally we had to go with Gdiapers 🙂

  5. kaylap says:

    I LOVE gDiapers because they are the only diaper my baby couldn’t figure out how to get off! Too many times I had to sterilize her whole room because she would take her diaper off, go potty in her crib, and paint her bedding, crib, walls, herself, and anything else within reach with poo!
    We also love them because they are convenient, easy to use, cute, and because we can use gcloth at home and the biodegradable/flushables when we are on the go!

  6. moon419 says:

    I am subscribed to the newsletter and I follow on FB.

    My little boy will be such a cutie.
    With all the chemicals in disposables
    I’d feel better having gDiapers on his booty.

    He’ll be momma’s lil baby and that will be fantasic.
    He’s not a jug of milk.
    I don’t want him in plastic.

    I would rather wash and rinse..
    Some say it’s more work.
    But I’d do anything for my lil prince.

  7. soonerjess says:

    I LOVE gdiapers because of the flexibility they offer. We use the cloth inserts when we are at home and when we are on the go we use the disposable inserts. This is great because both offer chemical free, breathable diapers for my two little ones.

  8. racheldawn says:

    I previously signed up for your newsletter, liked you on facebook, and liked gDiapers on facbook. We currently use cloth diapers and love gDiapers! They’re all we’ve ever tried! We have an 11 month old son that has never had diaper rash, or any other problems! I would love to add some more to my meager stash (4 smalls, 4 mediums, and 2 larges), as we have another baby coming in January!!! We have saved so much using cloth, and when your husband loses his job, it’s a blessing to not have to buy diapers!! Thanks!!

  9. cafenordean says:

    I’m already subscribed to your newsletter

  10. cafenordean says:

    I’m a facebook fan, too!

  11. stringdm says:

    I love gDiapers for so many reasons. One of the main reasons is because they are a company that practices what they preach. They have an extremely eco-friendly building, use reusable dishes in their employee kitchen, reusable towels in their employee bathroom, allow parents to bring their children to work, have on-site childcare, and really live the “it takes a village” mentality with their employees’ children. They’re a diaper company, and should love children. And it shows. If I wasn’t a teacher and already had an awesome schedule, I’d totally apply for a job there. They are so freakin’ amazing. I’m so glad I found them, and I’m so glad I live in Portland so I can know them that much better!

  12. stringdm says:

    I love gDiapers for so many reasons. I found out about them before my husband & I were even married or wanted kids. I told him that if we ever had kids, these were the diapers we were going to use. We live in Portland, and we’ve had the opportunity to get to know the company on a personal level. Everything about Kim & Jason and the way they treat their staff makes us happy to support the company. Their main conference room table is made from reclaimed wood, they use only reusable towels in the restroom, and reusable dishes in their kitchen. They even have garbage, recycling and compost there as well! And the way they embrace the families there is truly amazing! Parents can bring their babies to work, nurse on site, and when they’re old enough, they have on-site childcare! If your kids are off school for the day, you can work from home, or bring your kids. If they have a play or other event in the middle of the day, they support you going to that, and may even come with you. If I wasn’t a teacher and already had an amazing work schedule, I would totally work for them. It’s so nice to know that when I purchase gDiapers, I am supporting a wonderful company that really, truly cares about the environment and about families.

  13. cafenordean says:

    I’ve always wanted to try Gdiapers!! They didn’t exist when we were diapering baby number one, they were brand new with baby number 2 (and i was too swamped to figure ANYthing out), and NOW with baby number three, i’m finally feeling like i am on TOP of this “having children” chaos, and REALLY would love the chance to use them. Incredible product. Incredible couple who brought them to America!

  14. Jack says:

    I really love that now that have come up with liners…I had used the G-diaper with my first….and being a Green Mom and stay at home… I would love to use again! Thank you! We don’t have the small’s to start our next son out in.

  15. Lisette says:

    I am a stay at home Mom, I love every second of it, but changing 9 or more smelly ugly diapers per child a day is no fun.. But gdiapers came to the rescue! Colorful, affordable, ecofriendly and amazingly cute diapers to have fun with several times a day to make us happy moms, cute bums and not so smelly and dirty planet =)…. I love my gdiapers!

  16. maganders says:

    We love gdiapers because of the options! I am a SAHM and use the cloth inserts at home and the flushables when out and about and on vacation. I used disposables until my 3rd baby and gave gdiapers a try when she was 5 months old. I was instantly hooked! I have a friend expecting her first baby this winter and I already have her sold on gdiapers:)

    I’m subscribed to your newsletter and already like you and gdiapers on facebook.

  17. maganders says:

    We love gdiapers because of the options! I am a SAHM and use the cloth inserts at home and the flushables when out and about and on vacation. I used disposables until my 3rd baby and gave gdiapers a try when she was 5 months old. I was instantly hooked! I have a friend expecting her first baby this winter and I already have her sold on gdiapers:)

  18. TJSPLBrat says:

    I love gDiapers for a lot of reasons. They make traveling with cloth or disposable SUPER easy. They are trimmer than most other cloth diapers so they fit better under a lot of my daughter’s clothes. Since most of them are plain colored it is easy to customize them by adding a little “bling” or “flare” to your gPants. BUT, I would say the absolute number 1 reason I love gDiapers is… They have SO MANY COLORS that it is easy to match my daughter’s gPant to whatever she is wearing that day (because most of the time I only have to change out the gCloth and not the whole thing due to the unique design of gDiapers with the pouch inside)!

  19. rubythea says:

    Would love to give this kit to my daughter who is expecting soon. It would be my way of convincing her to go with a more environmentally friendly diaper. It’s a great product! Thank You!

  20. lisette says:

    I am a stay at home Mom, I love every second of it, but changing 9 or more smelly ugly diapers per child a day is no fun.. But gdiapers came to the rescue! Colorful, affordable, ecofriendly and amazingly cute diapers to have fun with several times a day to make us happy moms, cute bums and not so smelly and dirty planet =)…. I love my gdiapers!

  21. deirdrej says:

    gDiapers are the perfect balance: cloth and disposable, green and economical, adorable and super functional! Even the girls at daycare love them! We are starting our own g-revolution!

  22. merealan says:

    Tried g’s with #1, but they were still pretty new to the scene and actually didn’t fit very well with our living situation at the time (1BR apt, shared laundry, couldn’t flush the inserts, etc.). With #2 we were in transition and I didn’t feel like I could ever get into a cloth diapering routine. NOW, however, that I’m expecting #3, I’m thrilled to try little g’s again now that they’ve improved and have the disposable as well as cloth option. My husband is thrilled about the options (never was thrilled about cloth before this… :), and likes the idea of saving money and saving the environment. Would love a jump start on my gdiapers collection for this little guy! (Did I mention #3 is a BOY after TWO GIRLS??!! 😉

  23. fishlady says:

    Landfills stink!

  24. acdevens says:

    My daughter is 2 months old and I HATE disposable diapers!! I am wanting to cloth diaper so badly, however, can’t afford to build up a stash to do it exclusivly! winning this would def. help me and help my daughter!!!

  25. Vlb311 says:

    We used g’s with our 2 year old when we traveled and loved them. Now with a littlegirl due in December we would love some more for her Christmas travels

  26. thatmollygirl says:

    I love gDiapers because as a SAHM it makes getting a summer baby dressed EASY. They don’t even have to wear pants! But in all seriousness GDiapers are the way to go, less expensive than disposables but you still have the option to stick in a refill when you’re out and about!

  27. Shawna Hofmann says:

    I’ve been using smartipants cloth. They are ok but are stretching out. So there is no way these can last through potty training. It would be nice to try something else without the cost. This is my 4th child and first time cloth diapering so its a new learning experience. One that I want to keep doing!!!

  28. danda08 says:

    I used gDiapers with my first, and plan to use them on my second when he/she arrives in January. I love that they are eco-friendly and I don’t leave a giant diaper foot print in a landfill. I also love that there is the option to use the disposable inserts or the cloth inserts! They are easy to use and to travel with, plus they are super cute!!!

  29. mantousmom says:

    We have gDiapers and LOVE them. At first day care didn’t seem to thrilled to use them, but they have not complained! They aren’t too bulky, they have vibrant colors, easy to wash and just plain eco-friendly. Their customer service there is amazing.

  30. momof2grls says:

    I was LOVE to try these because I have heard that they may help with my DD diaper rash that is most likely due to heat rash. I also love hybrid cloth diapers and the gdiapers seem to be so versitile as well and trim compared to some other cloth diapers. And the added bonus of the cuteness is just awesome!

  31. brookefvickery says:

    i’m just beginning cloth diapering!!

  32. jbrawn26 says:

    I love gdiapers because they are so environmentally friendly and I also love that you can wash the little gpants and don’t have to worry about prepping and all that you have to do with some other cloth diapers. The gcloths are the only things that need to be prepped. It is nice to have a system that was easy for “daddy” to figure out and to have the option of the biodegradeable inserts. I find my husband prefers the bio’s and I prefer the cloth so it makes it convenient to be able to do both with one fabulous system. Not to mention they are simply adorable and trimmer than most cd’s.

  33. jerrigrim says:

    The gDiaper system is super easy and incredibly cute. I didn’t start looking into cloth diapering until my son was already 3 months old, and decided the best way to figure out if it is for me is to dive right in. I read reveiw after review of all different brands and finally settled on gDiapers after learning how easy the changes, cleaning, and maintenance are. I am happy with my choice to cloth diaper. It benefits my son, my pocketbook, and the environment. Now I just need to add to my collection!

  34. jsodato says:

    Love the combo of flushable and cloth alternatives!

  35. newmama2010 says:

    I love gDiapers because it is the simplest way to cloth diaper! You just lay in the insert and put it on your child-that’s it! There are no pockets to stuff and you don’t have to worry about a long drying time like with AIOs. Plus, gDiapers have really cute colors and accessories. I also like that I have a choice over what kind of inserts to use: cloth, snap-in, or disposable for on-the-go.

  36. loveless119 says:

    I LOVE gdiapers and have been using them on my daughter. They are really easy to use, i like that you can use the gcloths and the grefills in the same diaper! She wears the cloths all day and sleeps in the refill(it seems to hold more). They are really soft on her bum and don’t give us trouble with diaper rash. The cuteness factor doesn’t hurt either! The list can go on and on, but I will stop here.

  37. irishgirlforgod says:

    I want to try gDiapers because my sister in law raves about them and we love cloth diapers!

  38. paulsonclan says:

    I love, love, love gdiapers! I’ve never had any leakage problems, they’re easy to use, and so much better for the environment. Plus, my little guy’s diaper rash is long gone!

  39. LMCata says:

    This would be a great way to get started!!!

  40. kriscren says:

    1– check! 2– check! working on 3 right now. 🙂 i have a couple of gDiapers and absolutely love them for my little guy. they are probably my favorite over all the different diapers i’ve tried so far (which isn’t many, but hey– we’re poor, and i’m trying)… the wear is easy, the thin cotton cover is comfortable and breathable for my baby, and i love just changing the inserts. these are far better than pocket diapers in that they aren’t just done after one use… i can re-use them all day. and i love the removable liners and the ability to snap them in and out as needed for little rinses and air drying. so i would love to have more gDiapers so i don’t feel like i am constantly washing diapers. thanks so much for the giveaway!

  41. jennifee10 says:

    I am due with my second child in February and I would love to cloth diaper with this baby! My first I did disposables because that is all my family ever knew. I heard about gdiapers from a fellow mommy and I wanted to try but unfortunately my son was to big at that time (44 pounds at 15 months old) to try them and honestly I am a single mom so money is extremely tight. I would love to be able to tell people that I am going to cloth diaper and have their support but right now being able to buy there are not in the budget. If I could win this starter kit then people could see that I am determined and maybe they would pitch in instead of buying boxes of disposable this go around! Thank you for your time I hope I win but if not congrats to the lucky winner and congrats on the addition!

  42. mrskup says:

    I liked your page and am signed up for the newsletter.

    I have always loved the concept of gDiapers. I borrowed some from a friend and absolutely love them now! Would love to be able to return hers and get my own. I like that my daughter can be in cloth 100% of the time and that its simple to use even for people who dont care for it… All the options make it easy!

  43. sundilou says:

    I found g Diapers almost 6 years ago with my middle son. I had to order everything out of the US as they weren’t in Canada yet! I have held onto the covers ever since…just could not let them go. Now baby #3 is here and I’m so happy I still had them, but they are all BOY colors and I finally have my little GIRL! I have referred SO many of my friends to g Diapers, so cute, so functional and SO good for the environment. I’m so happy to see how g Diapers has grown over the past 6 years and I’m excited to have my last baby grow up in g diapers. Only 2 years left with g diapers than I might just have to let them go 🙁 Do you think they could come up with something for the toddlers to use?

  44. stodd1 says:

    My son loves his gDiapers, and I would love to be able to add some more to our stash. He had terrible issues with diaper rash with disposables. I tried the “old school” cloth diapers, but never found a cover that would contain all of his poo explosions. I picked up gDiapers in BRU because I was desperate to do something. Not only do gDiapers stop the diaper rash (hello? breathable=no diaper rash=happy baby=happy mummy) but they also contain his poo explosions! Even my husband will change the stinky diapers now. And my son loves running around in just a tshirt and his g’s. I’ve been adding slowly to get enough pants to not have to do laundry every day, but we are a little tight right now. Winning this package would be an absolute blessing for us!

  45. samanthy says:

    my husband and i are excited to try gdiapers for lots of reasons, including how CUTE the gpants are! but mostly, they seem like the perfect combo of portability and green diapering. we want are little man (due sept 22) to have a great diaper experience and still do something that is reasonable for us. it’s our first baby so we wanna do it right! and we want him to be stylin’ 🙂

  46. newmama2010 says:

    I love gDiapers because they are the easiest way to cloth diaper in my opinion! Just lay in the insert and attach to your child-that’s it! No pockets to stuff and no worrying about he drying time like you do with AIOs. Also, I love the different options that I have for the inserts: cloth, snap-in, or biodegradable for on-the-go. Plus, there are some really cute colors and accessories that are available.

  47. kuroanders says:

    We are 100% g users! Once we took a roadtrip and I thought it would be easier to do sposies…DD potty trained herself she hated them so much. We’ll never use anything else again. Cute bums saving the planet!

  48. jennijones428 says:

    We LOVE our gDiapers, and would love to win this package to give to a good friend that is expecting. With the financial burdens everyone is facing these days, I think it would be a real blessing to her family. Living in a small town, people stare at me like I’m a crazy hippy for using cloth diapers, and I could really use someone else on my side in town! My liittle man shouldn’t have to be the only one iwith a cute, healthy, and green hiney! =)

  49. ksweitz says:

    We use gDiapers as a way to keep my time at work minimal. Almost everything we have so far we have recieved as gifts, but it would be awesome to be able to boost our small stash with this giveaway! We dont have any larges yet, so winning this would be a huge blessing and money saver for us.

    I like you, and gDiapers on facebook, and I am also subscribed to the news letter!

  50. jennifee10 says:

    I am due with my second child in Feb. and would love to cloth diaper with this child. I used disposable with my son just because that is all we know in my family. While talking to one of my mommy friends she told me about gdiapers and I fell in love unfortunately my son was too large at that time to put him into cloth diapers. I am a single mom and I know right now I cannot afford to buy a whole bunch of these…. if I could win this starter set I could show people that I am set on doing this and they should buy more of these instead of boxes of disposable or me! I really am hoping I win but if not congrats to the winner and congrats on the baby!

  51. little.dms says:

    I would love to try gDiapers. I have researched a lot of options, and these appear to be the easiest to use, most versatile, and hopefully, day care friendly as well. We are trying to be more green in my house without changing too much of our lifestyle, so it is manageable and not an inconvenience. Besides, how cute are the little g’s!!

  52. ejfromm says:

    I’m due with our first child in October and would love to when this kit.

  53. hshepard says:

    I love gdiapers cloth !! I never have leaks even with the stinky which is more than I can say for the huggies I have for outings!

  54. karieJ says:

    I ove gdiapers because they great diapers, but honestly I am so loyal because they are really an awesome company! I’m always impressed with their customer service!

  55. Angi says:

    gDiapers are the ONLY diapers I use. I have tried many but am IN LOVE with g’s. I love them for many reasons. They are adorable, durable and best of all, I have never once had a leak or poopy “blow out” like I have with every other cloth and disposable EVER. I also love the fact that I can just snap out the liner and reuse the cover with another liner. That’s really nice! And when we go on trips or stay at friends’ houses, I can take a long the flushible inserts and no one gets offended by dirty diaper smells. 😉

    90% of my mommy-friends cloth diaper. I am seriously in love with gDiapers and I tell anyone who will listen!

  56. MichDM says:

    I love that gDiapers are so user friendly, even for child care providers. An added bonus is how absolutely adorable the little gpants are…cute & stylish!

  57. Nancy_Rosas says:

    It would be spledid to win some g diapers.
    I use cloth diapers and they really are amazing ,the ones I have never leak and my daughter has less diaper rashes and she seems so comfortable in them. I would love to add to the ones I already have.
    I also love the fact they have the little g in the back since that’s my daughters last name 🙂
    I always get questioned about them and have gotten loads if people to try them.
    They have saved me tons of money in not having to use/buy diapers . But in all honesty thy are a little pricey and i would love everything you are giving away, but wouldn’t be able to afford them on my own.

  58. ANoto2011 says:

    1. signed up letter!
    2. Like you on Facebook and gDiapers too!
    3.I love gDiapers because they allow me to use a cloth insert or green flushable/throw away insert. Just to have such a choice is nice! I also love that I’m being a green and my little girl looks stylish in one of.the many colors gpants come in! Go gDiapers!

  59. saramcg says:

    gDiapers are the BEST! We switched my daughter from Pampers at 7 months and we haven’t looked back!

  60. Esmith says:

    My precious little boy is 2 months old. Being born with special needs I had to quit my job to be with him. I LOVE G-Diapers. They help our family save money by using cloth but they are so easy to use! Unfortunately I could only afford a few pants and a pack of the inserts. This would be a dream come true. I will use G-Diapers for him and any future children we may have. It’s friendly to the earth and he is setting such a little fashion statement. I <3 G-Diapers!

  61. Crumpetmlp says:

    Gdiapers are a wonderul company committed to not only their product- but their customers and the environment. I love everything about them (the company- Kim and Jason), and love that they are local here for me 🙂 I tell everyone I know how wonderful they are and have converted more than I can count! I have had two in gdiapers, and with my four month old, we would definitely LOVE to have some more! Thank you for the wonderful giveaway!

  62. Christinarick2000 says:

    I enjoy using gdiapes for there environmental friendliness. My husband likes them because he doesnt have to pick up another pack of disposables every week

  63. ARGBaby says:

    Honest answer. The first thing that caught my eye was the little g! I’ve been obsessed with all Gs dunce I got married 3 years ago! We have gs all over the house! (our last name starts with gs). The more I researched them, the more reasons I found to want to use them on our miracle baby due at the en of the year! 🙂

  64. Jackstuko says:

    Baby Boy #3 needs some cool diapers..g diapers fit the bill!! Good for the earth, good for the bum bum!!

  65. momto3 says:

    Gdiapers are the cutest diapers out there and who doesn’t want to have a cute baby bum?!

  66. Mamaday83 says:

    Would love these!!! Have always wanted to try them!!! They are such a great thing for the planet and our children’s health hope I win 🙂

  67. Cyswoman says:

    How can you not love G-Diapers! They are enviromentally friendly, they are a cost saver and they are just better for your baby and your life. Would love to give this set to my daughter as she just delivered her first. As a single mother is would be a savings for her and as she is GREEN, GREEN. GREEN in her life style (just like her mother) I think this would be the perfect way to solve the diaper dilemma.

  68. lindseyedler says:

    I love that you don’t have to use a new diaper at every change, just the absorbent part. I also LOVE the cute colors and designs.

  69. tinkerbellxrt says:

    Who doesn’t want to dress their darling baby in a cute bum?! Not to mention a cute “bum” so easy to wash and reuse, and getting to save $ AND the planet at the same time?! So simple and so easy to use, it’s like the light bulb went off in my head when my husband and I first started looking into cloth diapering our impatiently awaiting little blessing (that just had to try and come 3 different times too early!) As soon as we saw Gdiapers, it was like the light bulb slapped us in the head and said “DUH!” The fact that you can resell them to other mama’s after your not in need of them anymore, what more can you ask for in a diaper?! Sorry, but trying to wash, hang dry and reuse pampers or huggies, just sounds icky to me! Not to mention the icky chemicals that are touching that oh so sweet and soft bum of hers! These Gdiapers are genius! Being a military family who travel A LOT, the disposable inserts makes “cents” when we’re traveling instead of using the cloth liners and trying to hang-dry them from my truck window! Although the thought did cross my mind 😉 The Gmum who thought of the idea needs to be known as the new “Einstein” of cloth diapering!

  70. momto3 says:

    Gdiapers are adorable! Who doesn’t want their baby to have the cutest bum around?!!

  71. rdevlin11 says:

    Just joined the Gdiaper revolution two weeks ago. We love them because of their cuteness, they have few leaks, the cost is lower than disposables, and best of all we are heros saving the planet. 🙂 Super G parents & G baby to the rescue!

  72. h3ath3r2 says:

    I started using gDiapers when my son got a horrible diaper rash from disposable diapers. I had wanted to use them from day one but thought that I couldn’t afford them. Turns out, they are affordable, and his diaper rash cleared up in a couple of days! I never looked back to disposables. I am environmentally conscious so these fit right into my green routine. I’m expecting a girl in 3 months and I look forward to getting all of the pretty girly colors and making her a green baby from the start!

  73. dctraveler says:

    I have been using gdiapers when at home with my daughter who will be 2 months old next week. She’s been growing like a weed and is about to outgrow the small size, so I’m searching for mediums at garage sales and thrift stores. Being a single mom and having been laid off from my job the week before she was born has stretched my finances to the limit. I wish there were programs out there that gave out cloth diapers to low income families, the benefits and cost savings over time are well worth the initial investment.

    gdiapers are fantastic because they give you the option to cloth when at home and use disposables when you are out or in daycare that won’t take cloth.

  74. lindseyedler says:

    I love that I don’t have to change the whole diaper at each change, and I LOVE all the cute patterns and colors.

  75. Kik says:

    I was trying cloth diapers but some bad poops forced me to toss 2 away and think I was wasting money. Didn’t think much about environmental choices until I saw gdiapers on subscribE and save on Amazon. I decided when I run out of my current stock of pampers we are switching

  76. ehustvedt says:

    I am looking forward to trying gDiapers when my little one arrives next month. I have started with a small amount of a few brands of cloth diapers, but would love to expand my collection with this kit!. From the looks of the different brands, gDiapers look the easiest! Can’t wait to see how cute my little guy will look in his ‘g’s’!

  77. lenfant27 says:

    I love how my babies booty looks in fluff! Who could resist the colors and designs of GDipes on a sweet crawling baby??!!

  78. AprilJo says:

    I would love to try gDiapers! I am expecting my 5th child in November, and have spent a fortune on disposable for the other 4… I hate always being in a panic when I find out that we have gone through all of our several stashes of disposable, which means a run to the nearest (and most expensive) store to get a pack to tide us over… I love the idea that I can use cloth or disposable inserts, and that the disposable inserts are biodegradable! If this had been around and I had heard about it with my first, I would have been gDiapering for the past 10 years!!

  79. zemshoe says:

    I have one bum in medium gs, who just started walking, and one bum in large gs, who isn’t ready to potty train just yet.
    I love starting the day with all our gs clean and preloaded, ready to go in all their orange, green, pink, white and purple glory.
    Unfortunately, we don’t have enough to make it all the way through the day without doing laundry (especially those more prolific days, ahem), but we’d love to change that! A couple more pants in pretty new colors would go a long way!

  80. lovemy3 says:

    Gdiapers are the best! We have used them since birth. 🙂 Our “lil brotha” is ready to move up to medium gpants and we dont anything less for our favorite (and only) son! 🙂

  81. irishgirlforgod says:

    I would love to try gDiapers because my sister-in-law raves about them! <3!

  82. anglphsh26 says:

    I am a little late with cloth diapers my son is 17 months but I am going to try and cloth diaper until he is fully potty trained. We will also try for another one in February of 2012 so I will cloth diaper our new bundle of joy when the time comes. Gdiapers are absolutely adorable I am so excited.

  83. carebear1725 says:

    I cannot wait to try gDiapers on my little one when he arrives in September! They make me look forward to diapering, and I didn’t think there would be anything in the world that would make me excited for that part of motherhood…

  84. alliejean125 says:

    I would love to try G diapers because I want to set a standard for my son from day one that we choose the eco friendly path through the world.

  85. Jessica Hilton says:

    I am signed up for your news letter

  86. carebear1725 says:

    I cannot wait to use gDiapers on my little one when he arrives in September! They actually make me look forward to diapering, and I never thought there would be anything that would make me excited for that part of motherhood…

  87. anglphsh26 says:

    So excited about trying cloth diapers my son is 17 months so I a little behind the 8 ball with getting started but really looking forward to it. Hopefully we will trying for a 2nd child in February of 2012 and cloth diaper from the begging. Can’t wait to try g diapers.

  88. hfleiss6 says:

    I love the idea of the hybrid. Makes it easier to travel and still go green

  89. joyeager says:

    I use gdiapers on my baby girl. I addition to being adorable, they combine the eco-friendliness of a cloth diaper with the convenience of a disposable diaper. Love them! I like gdiapers and inhabitots on FB, and I am signed up for the newsletter.

  90. morganjeffery says:

    Baby 2.0 is coming this August! We had a rough start with another brand of cloth diapers (that will remain nameless) with our daughter when she was just a few weeks old. She did not do well in them, and they leaked a lot! At around 6 months old (last fall) we tried GDiapers and have never looked back. They work so great with her petite frame and the clean up is totally easy. 🙂

    Now with a new baby boy on the way we want to start him off with GDiapers from the beginning … and really looking forward to it!

  91. jroach09 says:

    I can’t wait to try gDiapers with my first little one that is due in November! I became more environmentally conscience when I lived in Japan, because recycling was required there. When I moved back to Texas, I immediately got my family on board! They all recycle now, too! I love the idea of gDiapers, because you can use them with cloth or the flushable inserts. Plus they are SO cute! Thanks for the great giveaway!

  92. paula cowling says:

    in this hectic busy world with prices rising and our planet just getting filled up to the brim we just add more to it with reg diapers, what I like aobut the gdiapers is not only there ease of use I like the choice to flush, throw or washing inserts, I have the confidence knowing each time I change my child im doing one more green step to insureing a great envioment for her and her children, and as I do this step gdiapers have made this transition better, I wish that I had more of these in my house so many colours to choose from it is hard not just finding the right dress but making sure I have the right colour diaper and with so many colours available the whole g systems is the best, I lack in the amaount to make cloth diapering a full day of clothing but each time one gdiaper is put on my child we can both go out and about in style and peace on our minds that this is more more diaper that wont make it to the landfill. 🙂

  93. morganjeffery says:

    Baby 2.0 is arriving in August!

    We had a rough start with our daughter in cloth diapers. We started her at a few weeks old and she did not do well in another brand (that shall remain nameless). 🙂 Many leaks and a lot of crying… But at around 6 moths old we tried G Diapers and have never looked back. I love the colours, the ease of wash, and the fact that the fit is perfect on my slim little girl.

    Now we want to start our new baby boy off right with G Diapers from the beginning … so we need to stock up on size small! Fingers crossed!

  94. gerdrickG says:

    Love gDiapers because they are adorable, keep my son’s bum clean and clear from any kind of a rash, save me a lot of money (we mostly use gcloth), as well as they are great for our planet.

  95. paula cowling says:

    in this hectic busy world with prices rising and our planet just getting filled up to the brim we just add more to it with reg diapers, what I like aobut the gdiapers is not only there ease of use I like the choice to flush, throw or washing inserts, I have the confidence knowing each time I change my child im doing one more green step to insureing a great envioment for her and her children, and as I do this step gdiapers have made this transition better, I wish that I had more of these in my house.
    The whole g systems is the best, I lack in the amount to make cloth diapering a full day of clothing but each time one gdiaper is put on my child we can both go out and about in style and peace on our minds that this is more more diaper that wont make it to the landfill. 🙂

  96. CariniBeani says:

    We love gDiapers at our house and my baby is just dying to try out some fun Spring colors! Money is too tight to allow that right now though. We’ve also been wanting to try out the wet bag, it came out after we already bought wet bags from FuzziBuns. I enter every single gDiaper giveaway I can find but we haven’t gotten lucky yet, hopefully that will change soon 😉

  97. remima2 says:

    Our babies skin <3 The planet <3 Our bank account <3 Cuteness <3

  98. mgagne says:

    We use gDaipers on our daughter as much as possible. With the economy the way it is and only being able to buy them on line (no stores in our area) has caused us to ues regular diapers every now and again. When we do use them my daughter’s diaper rrash comes back and changing diapers becomes difficult. I did not start out with gDiapers as the starter pak was a bit pricey for me and everyone at my baby showers got us regular diapers. As soon as Jorja’s cord came off we started using the g’s. Now my Cousin and his Wife are pregnant and due in Jan. SHe is very eco consious and was looking into gDiapers. I would love for her to be able to start off from day 1 using these diapers and not have to go thru the same thing I did.

  99. MissErin13 says:

    We have loved our gDiapers for all 18 of my son’s months so far. I can best describe why we first used them and why we still love them with this haiku:

    Daycare won’t use cloth;
    These g’s please mom, bub and school!
    Saving earth starts young.

  100. Alliesmomma says:

    I want to try gDiapers mainly because no one I know (that are my age) has ever used cloth diapers, its getting to the point where throw away diapers are getting expensive and my daughter keeps out growing them, she is only about to be 6 months old and looks like she should be anywhere between 8-10 months old!

  101. Rbrtuh says:

    We actually don’t have kids yet. I am still in school, so that’s kind of the priority right now. But, when we do I have already decided that cloth diapers is the way to go! As an interior design major, we are taught to select sustainable materials, reuse and recycle since carpet, etc are one of the main products that are wasted in landfills. I have learned that disposable diapers have been among the most of what is filling our landfills. That is disgusting and unnecessary! My cousin started doing cloth, and from talking to her, I have not found one negative about them! They are easy to use, save $, and are so much better for the environment. I’ve also heard that cloth diaper babies are easier to potty train. G pants are super cute too! I can’t wait to have kiddos and start them off with a smaller carbon footprint!

  102. emdriver says:

    I love gDiapers because they satisfy my indecisive, slightly ADD personality! I have to have options and gDiapers lets me switch between Cloth and Disposables in a “SNAP” (yes, pun was intended to reflect the genius snap-in liners!). But most importantly, they present a great ‘green’ option to diapering that I really appreciate. Thanks gDiapers!!!

  103. bwoods says:

    I would like to try gdiapers because of the options to choose from gcloths at home and inserts for on the go.

  104. schmitt6727 says:

    I love love love these diapers. I have been using them on my son since he was 3 months old( I wish i foudn them sooner). I love the trim fit and all the great colors. It is the one boy accessory I get to have for him. I would love to win some large ones as he is just about grown out of the meduims.

  105. tiffanyalix says:

    I love gDiapers because they’re cute AND green, and they hold in the nastiest messes better than disposables!

  106. eobehrens says:

    I love my gdiapers! The compostable/biodegradable inserts are doing wonders in my garden as we speak. And the cloth inserts are totally easy to use! Started my newborn in tinys 3 weeks ago and she has already grown into smalls. I would love to have more colors that she can look fabulous in!

  107. misserin13 says:

    We have only used gDiapers for our son since his birth, and have been able to convert other families looking for an earth-friendly cloth diaper alternative.

    Our main reason for trying gDiapers at the beginning can be summed up with this haiku:

    Daycare won’t use cloth;
    These g’s please mom, bub and school!
    Saving earth starts early.

  108. eobehrens says:

    Love my gdiapers! Just went from the tinys to smalls and are on our way into mediums! We have limited colors, so these would definitely brighten our day! Love the compostable inserts and what they are going to achieve in my garden (love that they have a life after use). Also love the ease of using the cloth inserts, so soft and amazing! Above all, gdiapers makes my baby girl look fabulous in something that would otherwise be dismal because disposable diapers=not stylish at all.

  109. Pinkshoe2 says:

    As a homeschool mom of a 12 yr old, I have watched my friends cloth diaper their young ones. I said if I ever had another child I would use cloth diapers. Lo and behold a million years later I had our second, now I really want and feel the need to use cloth. Now that our move is almost over I am ready to start, but don’t know how or where

  110. Alysson says:

    we love our g’s! not only does it give my baby girl the cutest little tush ever, but it’s been the only diaper that keeps her award winning poo-plosions from going all the way up her back. i’d much rather clean poo out of a dirty g a couple of times a day then out of my baby’s hair. eww. and thanks for the giveaway!

  111. VanessaT says:

    I love gdiapers so much! They fit my little peanut so much better than any other bulky cloth diapers on the market. I use the cloth inserts most of the time and the disposables when we travel.i also love that you don’t have to change the whole diaper each time, I’ll use the diaper as part of her outfit. With other cloth I can’t match because I have to change the whole diaper each time!

  112. busybeemom says:

    There is so many reasons I love gDiapers. I am a first time cloth users and I went with gDiapers because they are super easy with several diapering options with liners, gCloth, and gFlushables. Last year I had two children in gDiapers and one graduated out of diapers. My youngest is in gDiapers and when I get my grandson he goes gDiapers when he is at my house. I like they can go as clothes with the right shirts and you can get them in many colors. With it being really hot my baby wears nothing but his gDiapers. My children have a tendency to take off their diapers. When in disposables my son started taking his diapers off at 4-months. gDiapers fasten in the back, which keeps them from doing it making my like better.

  113. Russtanna says:

    I love gdiapers because they’re cool,
    I love gdiapers because they rule!

    I love tossing my inserts out,
    it makes my happy to help the Earth out!

    Baby’s butt stays nice and dry
    there are no leaks in sight,
    baby’s nice and comfy,
    even through the night!

    We love gdiapers more each day,
    With colors delightful, such an array!
    And that is why I’d like to say:
    Gdiapers are in our home to STAY!

  114. gmum says:

    i use g diapers with our daughter and i am looking forward to using them with our son that will make his appearence in late august .we travel alot so the insert come in handy 🙂

  115. Caminadora says:

    I gave up cloth diapering with baby #1 because my family and daycare provider weren’t on board with me. I regretted giving in and after baby #2 arrived (nickname ‘little g’ for ‘grant’!!) I stopped work to devote myself the the kids for the summer and took on g diapers full force! I do go back to work in September and having a few extra pants and supplies will help me stay dedicated to diapers in the fall…it has boosted my self esteem as a parent and my older son loves doing diaper laundry with me. It eventually did bring the family together!! Please pick us!

  116. ksjohnston says:

    We have been using (and LOVING) gDiapers since our DD was 5 months old. We only have medium little gPants and M/L gCloth and would love to have a start up set of small little gPants and small gCloth for when we start trying for baby #2 this fall!

  117. lyssa24 says:

    We have an 8 month old in gDiapers and a baby on the way (in 6 months!). We expect to have two kids in mediums for a loooong time and would love to add to our supply! We love gDiapers for the reduced environmental impact, the complete lack of diaper rash, the ability to switch between cloth and biodegradeable (and we do!), and the colors!

  118. cjandlaurie says:

    I’m in the process of switching my four month old daughter to gDiapers as we speak, so this would help tremendously! I love how adorable they look yet are so functional and earth friendly at the same time. It’s a win-win situation!!

  119. kbru25 says:

    Why I love gdiapers…..

    My little girl is as perfect as can be
    But put on a gdiaper and you’ll see
    She’s a mini fashionista to the core
    She looks great and her bottom is never sore
    So hard to resist the various colors of the rainbow
    And friendly to the earth is a big score
    I love the gdiapers more & more each day
    And that is pretty much all I have to say!

  120. cjandlaurie says:

    I’m in the process of switching our 4 month old daughter over to gDiapers, so this would help out big time! I love how adorable they look and yet are so functional and eco-friendly in more than one way. One of the greatest baby inventions ever, in my ever so humble opinion. 😀

  121. rnsalg says:

    I LOVE gdiapers because mother nature LOVES gdiapers! the cuteness of the gpants, the savings, the awesome gdiaper staff, how easy the are to use and all the options they offer are just bonus reasons why I Iove them!!!!

  122. rachelheneghan333 says:

    I love gdiapers b/c I know I’ll never run out of diapers. and with money as tight as it is its great not to have to worry about buying diapers. PLUS I love saving the earth!

  123. kbru25 says:

    Why I love gdiapers….

    My dear little girl is as perfect as can be
    Add a gdiaper and you will see
    She’s a mini fashionista to the core
    When she wears gdiapers her bottom is never sore
    With various colors of the rainbow it’s hard to choose
    And friendly to the earth, you’ve got nothing to loose
    My little girl loves her gdiapers and so do I
    And that’s why I love gdiapers….goodbye!!

    (sorry if I entered twice, when I first tried to post it didn’t show up. Please delete if I commented twice, thanks!)

  124. holly rose says:

    I’d really love to try out Gdiapers because I have an incredibly happy, vibrant little one who already wears cloth but in drab pastel colors 🙁 He is learning to crawl, he does that little wiggle now and I just think it would be so cute to see his butt wiggle around in something BRIGHT and HAPPY that matches his style and preserves the world just a little bit for his future. Plus, daddy won’t change the cloth diapers so I’d really love Grefills for a bit of a break from diaper duty lol.

  125. lacelk says:

    I’d love to try gdiapers because they are adorable!

  126. cherinicole04 says:

    I tried to use gDiapers with my first, but was too overwhelmed with cloth in general. Now that I have the cloth diapering down, I want to opportunity to start with cloth from birth with baby #2. It’s important to start my little one off early with appreciation for the environment by reducing the waste of disposable diapers. Not to mention it is healthier. What better gift can you give?

  127. leishadi4 says:

    what’s not to love? I love that it looks more apart of their outfit then a plastic saggy diaper.

  128. rachelheneghan333 says:

    I love gdiapers b/c I know I’ll never have to worry about affording or running out of diapers!!!! I also love that I’m not adding to the landfill!

  129. elyseh says:

    Subscribed to newsletter and I like both on FB!

    I love EVERYTHING about gDiapers. We help save the planet by using the cloth inserts almost all the time, handwashing them, and hanging them to dry in the beautiful (HOT) sun! When we hit a nasty rash we just switch to the disposables. No guilt flushing and tossing and we still get the benefit of an absolutely adorable bum!
    Plus, they fit my skinny toddler and my chunky baby equally well 🙂 Which means my baby can use hand-me down diapers from my toddler 🙂 Try doing THAT with disposables!

  130. ViolinDuchess says:

    Um, hello, what is better than a baby looking cute in gPants while saving the earth from yucky sposies?! That’s why I want to win this contest. Ok, ok, plus my little guy is about to outgrow his size small gPants and we’re buying a house so I don’t know how we can afford to buy more gPants and diapers right now. I’m afraid that we will have to break open all the packages of sposies that we received as gifts, and I would rather not.

  131. luckyjinx7 says:

    Why do I love gDiapers? Let me count the ways…

    1. Affordable – Diapers are expensive, and with gDiapers, you’re making a good investment. You have to put something on your baby’s little butt – it may as well be something you can re-use!

    2. Adorable – The colors of gPants are irresistibly cute, and since they’re adjustable – you get a custom fit!

    3. Earth-friendly – gDiapers don’t contribute to growing landfills. They use less packaging, too! If you’re a big gardener like me, you can even compost them.

    4. Versatile – With the choice of cloth or biodegradable liners, you can’t lose. Amazing!

    5. Better for baby – Cloth diapers are gentle on baby’s sensitive skin and breathable = less or no rash. Chemicals in disposable diapers aren’t listed on packaging or well-researched – you have no idea what toxins you’re exposing your child to or what the long-term health effects of those chemicals are. Educate yourself!

    6. Infinite – You never have to worry about running out of diapers!

    7. Available – Babies-R-Us has them so we can avoid shipping costs associated with other cloth companies as well as the contributing factors of pollution by having items shipped to us.

    We lost our first son last year and we never got to try them with him since he passed away when he was so little. We were heartbroken. Cloth diapering is very important to my fiance and I because we’re really into natural parenting and environmental conservation, so needless to say – gDiapers is a win-win! We participate in environmental clean-ups, use sustainable products, and are committed to a green lifestyle. We’ve seen what damage “one-time use items” can do to our planet firsthand and it’s not pretty at all. Convenience costs us much more than we think, and who is going to have to pay for it in the future? Our children.

    We’re expecting our second son next month and we want more than anything to see our little boy grow up with a shared respect for the Earth. What better way to start him off on the green path than to use green diapers? We hope our son understands the importance of saving money and saving the planet – and if you can do both at once with a choice like gDiapers, why wouldn’t you?

  132. Danav says:

    We absolutely LOVE our gdiapers. They make me feel like I am truly pampering my baby girl. The gcloth liners are so soft and cushie on her little tushie. Not to mention the fact that they look adorable, save us tons of money, and make such a positive impact on the environment.

  133. livingerin says:

    LOVE gDiapers. Easy to use, stylish, and environmentally friendly… in a nutshell! I would love to win these for my second baby due next year! The first one will still be sporting his, so a set for the new babe would set us up for years!

  134. Ana Laura M. de Romero says:

    I suscribe to your weekly newsletter (sra_de_romero at and also like inhabitots and gDiapers on Facebook as Ana Laura de Romero

    It’s a problem to enter to the giveaway if I’m Living in Monterrey Mexico? I really really hope not, Its hard for me to buy gDiapers
    because I have to go to Tx, wich adds cost to the total price and results in a BIG cost!
    But still I’m bought some gPants and we have used them for the last 2 months with clothes and disposable inserts…Really love the hybrid style, it’s comfortable for my baby and easy for me to change and wash, and when we go out, the disposable inserts are a big help for me!
    We use exclusively cloth diapers but here In Mexico aren’t available gDiapers or any hybrid diaper systems, Would be awsome win this kit, will be a big help to our rutine of changing diapers and also our economy. Oh! almost forget, if its a problem my residence, I have an adress in Tx were I can receive packages, Don’t leave me out!

    Thanks a lot! kisses

  135. noodlz1974 says:

    Great for traveling. I cant live without them. And cute, environmentally, friendly, and I can use a tri-fold in them if I have to.

  136. sflint says:

    We LOVE gDiapers, love the color, the fact that they are the ONLY ones we’ve tried on our boys, and they arnt super uber bulky…..both of my boys (14month old twins) have really sensitive skin, and th gPants are the ones that we use 98% of the time (only reason why we dont use them 100% is b/c of quantity) that dont cause them to have nasty diaper rashes….We also love the fact that we are saving money, and the planet! I never pictured myself using cloth diapers, let alone with twins, but I’m very thankful I took the “leap” in the CD’ing and gDiaper world, i wouldn’t have it any other way!

  137. kaitlin says:

    When I found out that I was having twins, I was trying to come up with all kinds of ways to save money. Cloth diapers was one of them. I make my own baby food and my own baby wipes, but I don’t ever have enough money to start buying a starter set of diapers for two babies. I would love to win this, I spend enough money on regular diapers a month, I would like to start saving money 🙂

  138. raklaes says:

    I absolutely love gDiapers! I’m the oldest of ten kids and remember changing my younger siblings’ cloth diapers. I can’t tell you how many times I pricked my fingers on the pins. The velcro tabs obviously makes everything easier and safer! My sister made a diaper cake of disposable diapers for our baby shower. They gave my newborn son a nasty diaper rash that two different cremes could not get rid of! I could not switch to the gDiapers fast enough! The cloth inserts got rid of the rash with no assistance from any lotion! Obviously, the colorful gPants make the diaper changing more of a wardrobe change & more exciting! I can’t say enough good things about gDiapers. I tell everyone about them from my OB & and the baby’s Ped to family & friends to strangers in the stores & at the parks. WE LOVE gDiapers!

  139. JVILLEGYRL says:

    Grandbaby boy coming soon …
    Needs happy heiny
    On a bum that’s “teiny”…
    I think G-“didies” are fun
    And they sing a future tune.

  140. kswyatt15 says:

    I am a first time mom, also I will be a stay at home mom, and I LOVE that gdiapers are cost effective, cute, creative, colorful and chic! In addition to all those reasons, my family has a history of sensitive skin and I don’t want poor baby getting a bad rash from disposables! I am excited to try them 😉

  141. Emmy A says:

    We’re a cloth diapering family and we love our g’s! And I don’t just mean our little gpants…our son’s name is Graham. Everyone thinks we had his diapers monogrammed and it gives us a great chance to tell them all about gDiapers. Beyond how great they are, though, who doesn’t like monogrammed diapers?!

  142. kaci.welch says:

    We are due with our first baby in February and I have always loved the look of gDiapers – I hope we win!

  143. dmbharley says:

    I just started using gdiapers about 2 months ago on my now 8 month old. I absolutely love them I have to match her diaper to her outfit everyday. It is crazy how much I show them off and tell everyone about them. I am so happy I made the decision to switch.

  144. kmcphail says:

    My 9 month old little baby cakes has an immune deficiency that was diagnosed at 6mths and he has to take an antibiotic daily to prevent infections. The antibiotic is great at preventing infections however is has causes severe recurrent diaper rash/fungal infection. With 3 boys and 2 working parents I never thought we’d be a cloth diaper family but switiching from disposables to gDiapers was the best decision ever!! And with the new flushable liners, my husband finally is on board No more rashes!! More $$$ in the bank!! And the cutest little gbum cruising around the house with his 4 year old brother singing, gbaby gbaby, go gbaby go!!

  145. tinas says:

    I’d love to win the gDiapers kit so my little one will not only a green diaper but also the cutest bum in town.

  146. Randelle04 says:

    I just discovered gDiapers and I’m waiting to receive them in the mail so I can start using them! I’m a first time mom and a stay at home mom so I love that I won’t have to take trip to the store to buy diapers all the time! I also love their versatility!!! So excited to start using them and winning this would help build up my collection!!

  147. jennipugh says:

    My husband are going with gDiapers because they seem to be the best option for 1) Baby’s bum, 2) the environment, and 3) our wallets. Those seems like good enough reasons for us!!

  148. MegglJ says:

    To the tune of old McDonald:
    This ol’ momma had a farm e-i-e-i oh.
    And on that farm she had 2 babes e-i-e-I oh!
    Wishing for a green bum here and a brown bum there here a g there a g everywhere a g g 😉
    This ol’ momma had a farm (or home, really) e-i-e-i wo-oh!

  149. creativechretin says:

    I’m due in October with my 2nd child. I honestly have mommy guilt using pampers with my first, so i really want to do this child “right”. Thanks for the chance to win!

  150. mason_hat says:

    I love gdiapers because I don’t can just dump my gcloth into the diaper pail and don ‘t have to pull any dirty inserts out my dipes!! They come is such cute colors and patterns and they make cloth diapering SO easy!!

  151. ebmusic4life says:

    Why gdiapers? To be green, save money, less diaper rash, and to have the cutest darn bums on our babies! Bonus: To make my resident “Green Police” husband super impressed with my green abilities. Thanks for the chance to win!

  152. Amanda Alvarado says:

    I love that they can be used with diaposable inserts or cloth inserts making them versatile esp if you travel alot! Sorry I’m not very creative so I won’t be getting extra points for creativity! LOL 🙂

  153. thesparklemama says:

    #1 Signed up for email
    #2 liked you and already a liker of gDiapers Katie Anderson Zuko
    #3 As a long time gDiaper lover I can tell you that they are the smartest and most logical diapering system on the market. The backwards velcro closure keeping tots from taking taking the diaper off it’s genius! Getting to use a cover over and over while just changing out the insert is easy peasy lemon squeezy! I hope I WIN I can always use more covers I never have enough!

  154. greenvisions says:

    Well, I am hoping that when I win the gDiapers it will help the Universe see just how serious I am about having my first child. My husband and I lost our first baby in the fifth month a year and half ago. We have been trying ever since, but no luck. So, I am hoping that with the public win of your awesome eco aware diapers the Universe will have to help us out. We’re already eco aware people, but with almost 7 billion people on this beautiful planet any way to continue with a green aware philosophy is helpful. We thank you in advance for everything you’ve done and will do for our planet and mothers in general. 🙂

  155. NatalieRomanyshyn says:

    I am signed up for the newsletter, am a facebook follower of both inhabitots and gdiapers.

    I love gdiapers for so many reasons. As it says to “leave a comment” and not “write a book” I will only be listing a few of the reasons why we LOVE LOVE LOVE gdiapers! Lets start with the awesome company and the outstanding customer support! Who wouldn’t love being treated like friends and family by the people who sell you the products that are for your own little loved ones?? I love the environmental aspect of using cloth to diaper and the refills leave your conscience at rest that we are not putting MORE plastic into our landfills. I also love the style and color options of these diapers! they are so easy to pair with outfits-there are atleast 2 gpants that go with any given outfit in my little ones closet. Gdiapers are so versatile and easy to use, definitely opened my eyes to the world of cloth diapering.

  156. anavailati says:

    I think GDiapers are the BEST!!! Thanks for companies like this we can set a good example to this e to the next generations to come. There’s no more excuses for not being able to help protect our planet and imagine this – still being so stylish !!

  157. mattiejo says:

    I love gDiapers because they keep my kids from getting diaper rash. I used cloth & love it!!!

  158. aformo says:

    I absolutely love gDiapers because they are adorable. Oh, who am I kidding, I love them because my husband likes them so much he does all the diaper changes! It also helps that the pouch can hold up to all my little one’s epic poos without leaking.

  159. eischindler says:

    I get the weekly newsletter and like Inhabitots on Facebook.

    We love gDiapers! We’ve used them for almost two years with our oldest and now are getting ready to try out the tiny G’s for our baby due in January. We love how CUTE they are, how much better we feel about not putting thousands of pounds of plastic in the landfill, how much better my daughter’s room smells without stinky diapers in her diaper pail, and how much better her skin feels without having plastic and chemicals next to it all day. Perfect!

  160. feralmomma says:

    My partner and I would love to win the gDiapers starter kit for our “surprise” bundle of joy. I am a part-time art teacher and my partner is an urban farmer in an Americorps program for a refugee resettlement organization so money is something that we definitely do not have. Of course winning something like a cloth diaper kit would be a life saver! We plan to use cloth diapers exclusively because of the economic sensibility but the environmental impact is the most important reason for us to use cloth diapers. At our home we already compost anything and everything that we can, so we would love to compost the gDiaper inserts in our compostable toilet system, yay!

  161. angemil says:

    Our family is adopting a newborn in October:) We are so excited to invite this new bundle of joy into our family, and what better way to welcome him in with some amazing gdiapers! I have enjoyed reading everyones post about them and I have heard nothing but great things!

  162. lillysmommy7910 says:

    I love gDiapers because they look so cute on my little girl, a colorful gDiaper and a sun hat with her amber teething necklace is all she has been wearing this summer and everyone who sees her just ooohh and aaahhh. I love that we get asked all the time about her diapers and of course I am a proud momma when I tell them its so much better for her and the enviroment to cloth diaper. I love that gdiapers are soooo easy to use… even for my diaper challenged husband! LOL

  163. subarudaisy says:

    I want to try all of them! I’d love to use cloth diapers with my future babies! 🙂

  164. danielles says:

    It has taken my over 10 years to get pregnant and I’m just so excited. Now that I’m older and wiser I am doing everything I can to make my pregnancy as earth friendly and healthy as possible. So that translates into how I plan on raising my child…all wooden toys, used clothing/furniture and of course ‘green’ diapers, so gDiapers are my first choice. Hope my luck continues and I win a set of the gDiapers…just liked them on FB for good karma and of course I’ve been a ‘liker’ 😉 of inhabitots for a long time. Thanks so much for this offer!

  165. kendrav79 says:

    Already receive the newsletter!

  166. kendrav79 says:

    Already like on FB!

  167. kendrav79 says:

    I’m not new to cloth, but I have never tried gDiapers. They look like a great system and I love that you can use either washable inserts or disposable ones that are biodegradable! So neat!

  168. baufrau says:

    prima SiGeNa!
    Simply Gorgeous Nappies!

  169. syxiemomma says:

    already did both- tanaya hunyadi syx.
    I’d like to try them because I hear they are great! Is that what the g stands for? Great, Grand, Green, Gorgeous, Glorious, Gentle diapers that make babies Glad, Greatful, Gleeful, and Giggly.

  170. joannahafner says:

    They are trim, easy to wash, and you can get them in such beautiful colors. It’s just an added bonus that they are also great for the environment!

  171. megs1328 says:

    I want to try gDiapers because they look like a cute, streamlined design that are easy for sitters to change. We are always looking for ways to save money and the environment and this does both!

  172. kelseyal says:

    I wanted to cloth diaper since we found out that we were pregnant in September of 2010. My mom cloth diapered with the prefolds and pins and after finding out that cloth was so much more advanced in the 2000s than it was in the 80s, I was sold. l had two stumbling blocks: 1) I bought several all-in-one cloth diaper systems, only to find out that they were WAAAYY too bulky on my newborn and caused some major blowouts (we know those breastfed babies…). 2) My husband was not sold on the cloth despite my claims of how much money it would save. After grudingly acknowledging that the all-in-ones were not working for us during the newborn stage, we switched to disposables because I didn’t know that anything else exsisted yet. After 2 months of constant diaper rash and an unhappy baby, my husband, of all people, researched and found our solution: gDiapers. We started with a 2-pack from Babies R Us with the disposable liners – which sold my husband AND our daycare provider. Within a day, we scrambled back to buy 2 more packs because not only was I happy that we could use something that was green and biodegradable and not only was my husband and our daycare provider pleased with how easy it was to use, our baby’s diaper rash disappeared. We’ve never looked back since September 2011. We are a gFamily, through and through. We sell new parents on them when they ask what we use because we feel good about what we put on her little bum. Now that it’s summer and, as teachers, we’ve been home with her, we use the gCloth during the day and the disposable at night and sometimes on the go. So, gDiapers, not only are you saving the planet one diaper at a time in such a cute way, you are also increasing the ability of parents to help do that who otherwise would be afraid of or are split on cloth diapering.

  173. tiffanyalix says:

    I want them because they are super cute AND save money!

  174. bldbaker says:

    My husband and I would love to convert to cloth diapers because I can’t work do to health issues and were living on huubies soul income which is barely enough to get by and we spend $60 a month on diapers for our boys and if we got the chance to win the free diapering kit it would be a great start to converting and a lot of laundry at first to keep up but if we put away the 60 a month we save by using the free starter kit for just a few months to buy more gdiapers it would help out so much more in the long run and give use the money to keep making ends meet which we are barely doing now and would be a great blessing and we would have you to thank for the great blessing of being able to make sure bills don’t get shut off and that we can make rent and gas to and from my hubbys work which is all the money we can afford with our income and nothing more and nothing less but maybe if we win we can get the chance to have a little left over to take our boys to the zoo which we have really been hoping to do this somer but never have the money to do and that would be another blessing thanks to Inhabitots. So thank you for giving us the chance to try and win a blessing! Love the Ortega family:)

  175. active-user says:

    I love gDiapers very much. its marvelous.
    I will have my first baby next Oct. isA, so I’m looking to take care of him.
    The best thing i can do is to offer him green product. Inhabitots is not just a green product, but it has a beautiful design and colors. I’m sure my baby will like it.

  176. miglenka2000 says:

    Awesome! I would love to switch to cloth diapers!

  177. micahpe says:

    We are having our first child in October and are going the cloth diaper route and would love to have this for that! Thanks!

  178. TeamLockwood2001 says:

    I would love to make the switch!! I have heard and read so many great things about GDiapers! Thank you for the opportunity to win. 🙂

  179. claudia_m says:

    I receive the newsletter!

  180. claudia_m says:

    I am a fan on Facebook.

  181. claudia_m says:

    I like gdiapers because they seem to be the best of both worlds! You can compost the disposable liners or you can do strictly cloth.

  182. ruth says:

    I get the newsletter.
    rutheadler at

  183. ruth says:

    I like Inhabitots on FB. Ruth Jacob
    rutheadler at

  184. ruth says:

    I want to try gDiapers because I hear they fit great! We’re expecting our little one any day and a friend let us borrow her gDiaper. It looks like it’s going to be a great fit!
    rutheadler at

  185. Askananny says:

    I love g diapers because if I don’t have time to wash the cloth inserts I can use a compostable one! We used them for our first baby and now am so excited theybhave newborns for our next one thats on the way! I liked Inhabitts on FB!and signed up for the newsletter!

  186. Srslythou says:

    Besides the fact they are good for our environment, I want my newborn to have the cutest tush on the block then maybe my sister will think about switching over! He isn’t even born yet and it’s true what they, fluff is so addictive!

  187. SAT887 says:

    I love gDiapers because they are awesome! Frist – best customer service EVER!! 2nd my baby’s tushie looks super cute in them, 3rd reduced carbon foot print!! I want my children to leave a legacy behind but not in a landfill taking a millenium to decompose!! 4th they offer ease with the compostable refills – wether being a busy mom I forgot to wash diapers and need a quick fix or going out on a long outing and don’t want to carry around wet and poopy cloths.

  188. Supershelly says:

    I love gdiapers for a lot of reasons, the main one is that we started using them in a desperate attempt to end 2 years of constant rashes and we haven’t seen a red bum since, even on baby #2!

  189. kraftynat says:

    With my first daughter (who is almost 8) I was young and went with what was given to me by family and friends. That included disposable diapers. As I decided on how I would care for my second daughter, who is 10 days old today, I knew I wanted to try to do things a little differently. I had stumbled upon G Diapers not long before the pregnancy and was quite impressed by the idea. The convenience of disposable, the eco-friendliness of reusable, and the adorable look are all very appealing as I’m sure you know. Unfortunately, due to our monetary situation, I knew I’d be relying on baby-shower generosity for most of our needs. I registered for the G Diapers, but alas, my same friends and family did not seem to understand them and were quite hesitant to buy any. So hesitant in fact that I received none but instead a whole lot of disposables that I didn’t ask for. As I wait for my pregnancy benefits to kick in, and am currently broke, I can only dream of the time I will get to start trying out this great hybrid diaper system. I planned to buy the supplies little by little so not to hurt our wallets. However, if I were to win a magnificent prize such as this, I could start saving the earth and making my baby into a fashion queen even sooner than expected. This would give me a great head start and allow me to spend my own money on the larger sizes I would be needing to keep all this green goodness going! I can’t wait to show my family and friends what I had wanted from the start. I’m sure I could convert a few of them in the process 😉

  190. jackstuko says:

    love me some gdiapers….baby boy #3 is on the way

  191. mrsdiff422 says:

    I would love to win this for my 10 month old son! We have been using disposables but recently decided to switch to cloth and these would be awesome since they look so easy to use and the disposable liners would be so convenient when out and about. I already like on Facebook and get the newsletter.

  192. ceejean says:

    I hear nothing but GOOD comments about gDiapers. I’d love to try them but right now we just cant afford them. Winning an entire starter kit would be an awesome way to build an ecofriendly stash. I’m sure my little one would love to have his bum in a gDiaper!

  193. MommaKnows. says:

    We love us some Gdiapers, they are my favorite thing in little one’s wardrobe, they look great with anything and even better by themselves. There are so many things that i love about the entire products its hard to find a place to start: like the tabs that reach behind away from little hands, so naked babies running about isn’t any where near as bad as with those little disposables that never managed to stay together in the first place. The Gcloth saves not only baby’s bottom from all the rashes, but from swamp bottom too, so at least if she manages to get it off she’ll be running around with a nice fresh bottom. While we tend to stick with the cloth, though these disposables are something I can get behind, biodegradable and great for composting, looks like my garden is going to be getting a boost. And speaking of gardening, and the environment, i love the fact that the Gcloth uses hemp, “so they don’t wear out they wear in”. Hemp something that i feel can never be used enough, with all of the great products it can make in place of all those plastic environment hating ones, and hemp comes straight from a plant, not from a factory, so less pollution there too.
    We’d be glad to continue to do our part to help keep our planet clean and in the best condition we can for not only our little one but all of her future friends, kids and grand-kids and all babies world wide, now if only little steps covered a lot more ground.

  194. Soon2bemommy says:

    My husband and I recently found out we are expecting! I came across this product and I have been researching wanting to find out more. From what I have found so far I am in love! 🙂 My mother used cloth diapers for me when I found we are expecting I really wanted to use cloth, however, when I found out this company has disposable but are still eco friendly I was thrilled! I would love love love to win!!!

  195. twildermuth says:

    We LOVE gDiapers! We have been using them from the start with our wee little one who is now 6 and a half months old. The colors are fun, the cleaning is a snap and wee little one’s bum is always happy! We’re actually on a camping trip right now and are using the disposable inserts…so convenient!

  196. elbeyer says:

    Love cloth diapers because they are eco-friendly, easier on the wallet and my babies bum! Not to mention how cute they are. The g’s are the outfit!

  197. mamadoyle says:

    I am due on Aug. 21 with my second daughter. I was like a deer in headlights for the first one, so we went the disposable route. I felt guilty just thinking of the landfill we were quickly filling. This time around I feel better prepared to try an environmentally friendly option. G Diapers have a great reputation and I would love to use them. They are really cute as well as being environmentally friendly. I call that a win win!

  198. lovemy3 says:

    We <3, <3, <3 g-diapers!! We have been using them since we arrived home from the hospital. They are the most versitle and eco-friendly hybrid diaper around. We prefer the cloth insert but use the disposable when traveling. We are now ready to move up to the medium size and with our tight budget a new set would be such a blessing. :0) thanks for having this contest!

  199. dahlbys says:

    We will start cloth diapers once our little girl is out of the newborn size, but her grandparents aren’t so excited to do cloth diapers. My parents cloth diapered both me and my brother and they only remember the pain of folding and safety pinning them. We’re hoping that hybrid diapers like gDiapers will make them more open to using cloth when she visits.

  200. cassthurston says:

    I’ve been wanting to try g diapers since I first heard about them through sara snow’s blog a few years ago, and I just found out a week ago that we’re expecting our first child so I will now have a need! I love that g diapers makes it easy and convenient to use cloth diapers with the flushable inserts, so there’s really no excuse! After seeing videos demonstrating how long it takes for a standard disposable diaper to decompose (or, rather, not decompose) the choice was obvious. We have a responsibility to take care of our planet and I’m so thankful that g diapers offers an amazing solution! Plus they are just so adorable! Since so many of my friends are pregnant and have recently had babies, I’m planning to start a trend within my own community and continue to spread the good word about g diapers with my own testimony! Thank you, inhabitots!

  201. oliviabudo says:

    I’m due in September with my first child! i am very interested in Cloth Diapering. i have heard great things about cloth diapering and i can not wait to begin the process of cloth diapering! i am very excited to!

  202. KatieMB says:

    I love the G diaper for its versatility! I love that I can use a disposable, and still be “green” when I want to or use a cloth insert and save money!

  203. SuperPandaMom says:

    gDiapers were the best thing for us when my daughter was little. So easy to use and made travel easier as well as being ecofriendly!!! 😀 Cant wait to use them on our next little edition!

  204. kriya.santi says:

    We love gDiapers because:
    *they are environmentally friendly *they are easy to use *they work great *they are SUPER CUTE!

  205. goldencam says:

    Love love love gdiapers and would love to help out my girlfriend who is about to have her first. Gotta get more gmums on board!

  206. laineenorris says:

    Oh how I so desperately want to win this gdiaper giveaway. Our little one is due in December, and my husband and I have never been so excited to try diapers!! 🙂 We go and longingly look at all the little gpants everytime we are in Buy Buy Baby or Babies R Us. Can’t WAIT! 🙂

  207. allie886 says:

    Gdiapers are awesome! They are a great mix between cloth and disposable. Anyone can use them! Not to mention they are adorable!! We just found out we were expecting 4 weeks ago and my husband is already telling people that we are going to use gdiapers!

  208. Sonya Morris says:

    I love gdiapers! We only have two gdiapers and we need some more!

  209. gem429 says:

    I love that I can be a cloth Mama while at home, and use flushable inserts when on the run. My daughter also loves the colorful Gs. We love gDiapers!

  210. holliebeths says:

    I love gDiapers for many reasons…1 they are so gosh darn cute and slim fitting!2. They are very economical, great for our one income family. 3. they are good for the earth! 4. Even my germ-a-phob husband can use them, and THAT is an achievement. They are perfect for my sweet baby girls bottom…and no safety pins….still can’t get over that whole thing. Putting sharp pins on babies’ hips. Doesn’t seem so ‘safe’ to me. Pick me Pick me!

  211. ashleybrims says:

    I currently use sunbaby cloth with our daughter but I love how snug fitting the Gdiapers are. I would love to have some to add to our CD stash!

  212. genaruth says:

    #1 & #2 done! Already a fan of gDiapers on Facebook!

    #3 – My daughter is cute. Every part from the top of her head full of hair to the bottom of her tiny feet. Her butt is cute too, even though she poops. And she can poop! It has always been my hope to cloth diaper my kids. I am here typing with one hand while my 3 month old daughter, Josephine, sleeps on my other arm. She is my world. I want to do everything to make sure she has the best start! We have a small stash of cloth diapers, and I was always interested in gDiapers! And that was even before finding out that they were made in my hometown! I want to do cloth for every reason. It is especially important to us as parents to not contribute to waste collecting in dumps and to keep costs down while I stay home with our kid. I would love this package! Josie can use it now, and then we can use it on dear child #2 when the time is right!

    Roses are red,
    Violets are blue.
    gDiapers make her butt so cute,
    We hope we win a few!

  213. Monica trumbly says:

    I love gDiapers! We’ve been using them with the cloth inserts since our daughter was born 10 months ago. I love having the option of the disposable for camping trips!!! They’re wonderful!

  214. Nicoledevon says:

    I’ve heard great things about them and would love to try em out! 🙂

  215. rescueofme says:

    I love gDiapers. I have used them with my son since he was 2 months old. He is 32 months now, and day potty trained but still wears one at night. I love gDiapers more than any other system because they fit well, are super cute, and extremely reduce the laundry load compared to other cloth diapers. Having the option to rinse or swap the snap in liner is one of the features I love the most. I love the gCloth inserts, but also use regular old prefolds in them also…a little bulkier, but still works well. I love that they fasten in the back so aren’t pulled off as often, and have even converted some of my gPants to snap closures.

  216. kcaceresjohnson says:

    My whole interest in Gdiapers started shortly after I became a single mother at 19. With my furthering my education being one of my top priorities (as well as taking care of my daughter) I went back to college. While I was there I took an environmental science class which opened my eyes to the importance of being as eco-friendly as we possibly could. It is said that it is estimated at the rate of decomposition for a disposable diaper is 250-500years, over 100,000 tons of plastic and 250,000 trees are wasted in the process of making the annual amount of diapers each year. Which was something I wanted decrease and encourage other moms to decrease as well. Gdiapers is a product I found one day while searching on the internet that proved to be very much like the convenience and ease of disposable diapers, but also with the earth / money savings of cloth diapering. Its a perfect hybrid for on the go and easy to teach anyone, and fashionable too! 🙂

    Whoever the winner may be….I’m glad you’ve offered this opportunity for your members to win and try them out!

  217. rhonda01 says:

    i have a 10month old and another on the way. i have been using Gdiapers exclusively and am looking forward to using them on my newest addition. i love the convience of the cloth diapers. we recently went on a 4 day camping trip and let me tell you, the Gdisposables worked great!!!! i love G’s and will continue to do so!!! <3

  218. Bunnysanders says:

    We are expecting our little girl in December and after tons and tons of research on different types of diapering we came to the conclusion that Gdiapers was the best of both worlds! This is our first child and being a Military family we are far away from home! Anything we can win would be a great help to get us started!

  219. mom2tgs93 says:

    I have 9 month old twins. One of my girls has started getting really bad rashes on the inside of her legs and on her back right where the diapers rub. I have tried a few different brands and it still happens, So I really want to switch her to cloth diapers. I see your diapers on facebook all the time, I dont know the first thing about cloth diapers to be honest. all I know is I would love to try yours. they look very comfortable, stylish and easy to use. If I like them I would probably switch both girls to them.

  220. mommymarci says:

    We love our gDiapers, we have been using them for almost 2 months now! Whenever people ask about them my response is always “Saving the planet, one Poop at a time!”

  221. Capariel says:

    I love gdiapers because they a good for the earth and my child of course!

  222. mimi85noemi says:

    Look forward to using gDiaper when our little one is born, because they are compostable/biodegradable great for the environment. I am so looking forward to using the cloths, i am already use it as i work in a hospital with patients that need extra help. =)

  223. Brittany26 says:

    I am a new user of gdiapers and I love them they not only save money and the environment in the long run but they also are cute, stylish and comfy. They are unique and make my little one look adorable better looking then those plastic things they call diapers lol. They are just better all around that’s why I want/need more gdiapers!!!! 🙂

  224. Abbiesirrine says:

    I signed up for the newsletter.
    I like you on Facebook.

    I am so excited to try gdiapers on our first babe due in October. There is nothing better than a cloth diaper that you can also as a disposable for excursions! They sound like the best of both worlds!!

  225. jjlausten says:

    I love Gdiapers! They save me tons of money and they are green for the enviornment. What parent wouldn’t want to do both save money and be green for our kids future! I have two babies in Gdiapers now one is 17mons and the other is 5mons and then to top it off we have another on the way. That will make a total of 5 kids for us. We really could use more Gdiapes! Oh did I mention how cute they are! Gdiapers give us moms/dads something to go nuts over that we have to have for our babies.

  226. hatfieldkitty says:

    I’m due with my first baby. He will be here any day now! So excited. I have a small stash going of gdiapers. I was able to purchase some with gift cards. I would love to win so I can exclusively use gdiapers to help the environment.

  227. bschwitz says:

    I love that G-Diapers are so fun to color coordinate with my baby’s outfits! Not only are they the most earth-friendly diapering system I could find, they’re easy to change and clean and they’re economical! Especially if I get to win them!

  228. Amber S. says:

    I would love to try gDiapers! I am due August 14th, or according to my doctor anytime now! I want to cloth diaper with this baby and only have a stash of 3 diapers! I heard gDiapers are incredibly easy to use and would be perfect for a newbie like me and Bob. He said he would give it a try and anything that makes it easier so he will continue to do it would be fantastic! Winning this would be to good to be true!

  229. ShannonB says:

    I have 3 kids, all of whom I used disposables. I breastfed them, feed them healthy, organic food, and have been trying to switch our house to be more eco-friendly(reusable shopping bags, paper-less towls, reusable feminine products, etc). My husband and I plan on having another baby, and I really want to use gdiapers this time around. I have even considered buying some now before I get pregnant, to use on my niece who spends 5 days a week with me since my kids are out of diapers. It would be great to win this package so I don’t have to spend the money on my niece’s diapers, and to have the supply when we do have baby #4!

  230. hfell3 says:

    I love gdiapers because of the options. We use mostly cloth inserts, but we have the biodegradable inserts on hand for convenience! The design is smart and super cute to boot, and I love the the company’s dedication to the environment and to the customer!

  231. Mummatutu says:

    I liked everything on FB and I signed up for the newsletter…. On to the question!

    Why do I LOVE gDiapers?? Well, I love them because they are the product that started me out on my journey to becoming a GREEN Being! Before I found gDiapers (by accident might I add) I was the least green person you could ever met. I would always comment to others stating, “what is all this Green “crap” about?” in fact, I was glad to say I refused to recycle. That was before I had my second child. After I had her, I was determined to Bfeed and did. Throuhg many searches and forums searching for help. I discovered gDiapers and fell in love. When I read on there page about how long trash (diapers) take to decompose, I immediately changed my thought process about recycling. I thought to myself, “God, what is wrong with me? Why did I ever believe the lies I told myself!?” Then reading more into how earth friendly and easy to use these were I decided I NEEDED to try them and bought my first few kits. Well, it was love at first use. I also love the fact that no one in my husband’s family would use them which meant “I” could be the Mom “I” wanted to be to my child this time around. I did what I wanted to do. I was PROUD to be the only one able or willing to use an earth friendly and adorable product. Gdiapers were my gateway into cloth diapering. I began thinking why not add cloth inside these little cute things and started using prefolds in them instead. LOVE that even more! Made my own inserts before they became available and used cloth whenever it was convenient. I used the disposable inserts when was out and about with kids and LOVE the fact that I was throwing the inserts in the trash WITHOUT creating that everlasting poopy time capsule! I even got a few friends thinking about changing. When 3 of my cousins had babies within a few months from each other. I told them about the gDiapers and 2 converted to them completely and the 3rd tried using them but couldn’t afford the inserts so changed over to cloth in them then to cloth diapers. So, to end, I LOVE gDiapers and I would love to win these so my next child can have some cute and adorable new colors!!! Thanks for reading!

  232. tjarmas622 says:

    New to cloth and would love to win!!!

  233. diabeticmomma says:

    I would be very interested and thankful if chosen to win this contest (as well as any contest I will admit it). I was looking into gDiapers since Janurary and planning on purchasing some in May before my daughter was due at the end of June. But by surprise my little girl needed to come early due to preeclampsia. She arrived two months early and spent her first month of life in the NICU. I have been able to purchase some gDiapers with the help of another gMum! I want my little girl to have a fluffy, green, gBooty to show off and help the enviroment. I hope by her wearing cloth diapers I will be able to raise awareness about the enviroment and how harsh disposables are in the landfills. Giveaways bring hope and excitement of being able to use cloth diapers full time. Thanks.

  234. keeshamurray says:

    I would love to try gdiapers on my daughter. I want to try to be more green and convert to cloth diapers but have not had the luck of working them into our budget. I know I would save lots of money!

  235. lindsey h says:

    i’m interested in trying them b/c we are starting home school in the fall and will be on the go a lot. i can use the cloth at home and the sposies when out. and still be kind to our environment and my baby’s bum! my husband has also been unemployed for 14 months, and cloth diapering is just a more economical option for us to save money we really don’t even have right now!

  236. hatfieldkitty says:

    My first baby is due any day now! His due date is July 30th. I’m anxiously waiting. I have a small stash of gdiapers & would love to win so I can exclusively use gdiapers to benefit the environment & my wallet.

  237. DebbieMM says:

    I love gDiapers because of their ease of use, versatility, and affordability! Plus I hate the idea of throwing away money everyday by using disposables all the time. Baby #2 was a gBaby, and now Baby #3 (due in early October) will be, too!

  238. WendyU says:

    We currently use gDiapers with cloth inserts and absolutely love them. They are so easy to use and are great for traveling and being on the go. My daughter loves them as well

  239. BrekkenHoltrop says:

    I’ve been a long-time fan of gPants, their ease of use made it easy for not only myself and husband to use, but also any guests that would need to change our son’s cloth diapers. With lack of funds to make the initial investment in the next step up, we were forced to switch to paper (yuck!). I miss seeing my boy run around in his g’s! He found an (outgrown) gDiaper just last week, and eagerly tried to put it on… He misses cloth diapering!

    What a great opportunity you’re offering, not only to win gSets, but for parents to share their appreciation of a revolutionary and truly quality product.

  240. hlivengo says:

    I’ve signed up for your newsletter and liked you on facebook. Already like gDiapers.

    I’ve sewn and tried lots of different types of diapers over the years. Started diapering with my number 5 baby, and continued through with baby number 10. Originally started cloth diapering because we are poorer than church mice. Number 9, my 7 year old, is wheelchair bound with spina bifida, and will forever wear diapers. She’s the size of a 3 year old, and has a latex allergy, Would absolutely LOVE to try out these gDiapers on her, as I’ve heard so many good things about them! Would absolutely love to dress them up and show them off! My daughter has to wear a TLSO full body jacket, as well as KAFO leg braces, which go from the thighs to the bottom of her feet. She really gets hot during the summer wearing all her gear, and loves to go around in a diaper and shirt.

  241. vtbaeach805 says:

    i would love to try g diapers!!! i never quite commited to cloth diapering adn would love to try .

  242. LizLovesVan says:

    I subbed via email, and like you on Facebook (liz mccarthy). I have 2 little gPants and we love them. I love that I just need to change out the insert and not the whole diaper sometimes. It’s easy!

  243. ngray says:

    We have been using gdiapers sense the beginning. We have a 6 and 2 year old and a 4 month old – all were gbabies! They make diapering fit your lifestyle you can choose cloth, toss or flush. They are so cute it actually makes changing your babies fun! Thank you gdiapers!

  244. noelia4lnst says:

    we love gdiapers because 1~ they are so cute and colorfull
    2~ they are good for my baby and the planet
    3~ with gcloth my hubby’s wallet is jumping on happines
    4~ one cute t-shirt + gdiaper = a very cute baby ready to go
    why I give 4 reasons? because I have 4 boys 🙂

  245. tamaralynn says:

    I would love to win a gDiaper package. Our second little one is due in October and we have registered for some for her. Our little boy is napping in his gDiaper right now. We didn’t start our son on cloth until he was older, so having some smaller sizes on our teacher/student budget would be wonderful!!

  246. Jaws158 says:

    We started gdiapering our youngest boy at 10 months and are on track for potty training soon, so we’ll be sad having to retire the little gpants– they are our money, stress and environment saver during the diapering years. Soooo, our solution to our gDiapering dilemma is to try for baby #3 next month. 🙂
    Since we started gdiapering so late in the game, we need to start stocking up now on the Small little gpant’s. I’m excited to put my baby in gDiapers from the very start! Great company and customer service, great products!

  247. mgoicoechea says:

    We are expecting twins at the end of the year and I can not wait to try out the gdiapers. Not only are they budget friendly with twins but they are great for the environment!

  248. Derrick29 says:

    We’re about to have baby number two in 3 months and this time it’s a girl! I love gDiapers because they are an eco-friendly solution to the diapering problem. We plan on using our gDiapers on our new baby, but we don’t have many because of our small check book and need more! Winning this would help us preserve our planet because, without having enough, my wife will be cleaning diapers all day!

  249. kaykaysue328 says:

    I have been using GDiapers for several months now and I absolutely love them. My daughter no longer gets diaper rashes and I know how much better it is for the environment. At first I was indecisive on trying them because of the fact that most cloth diapers are hectic to use, but with gdiapers i instantly fell in love. They are super easy to use plus they last such a long time and look absolutely adorable!!!

  250. emiw63 says:

    We are expecting in January and have been trying to find a cloth diapering system that we love. The G-diapers seem like a easy and convient system to use. We are using cloth to avoid chemicals near the babies bottom, avoid all the waste and save money. And cloth is just to cute to use disposables.

  251. NRHMommy says:

    We would love to try Gdiapers because they are like disposables without harming the environment! I have friends who swear by rhem but I haven’t gotten the courage to jump into the cloth diapering world yet .this would be a great shove in the right direction!!

  252. selenke says:

    I like the versatility, and how cute they are. If I don’t feel like washing inserts I can use disposable ones instead of cloth. Plus they fit my baby really well and don’t leak!

  253. NYC Mommy says:

    I would love to win – anything to grow my stash!

  254. Gabygo says:

    I love gdiapers because they are the easiest way in clothdiapering for all the people around to help and understand. Almost all my friends look at me like crazy for that choice but my husband supports me and these are his favorites! He is always asking “when you will get more gdiapers?” So this could be his big surprise present!! Hope to win!! 🙂

  255. Kstotler says:

    Very absorbant and no rashes to worry about is the best ever!!!

  256. nyc mommy says:

    Also signed up for the newsletter and liked on FB

  257. ucon4483 says:

    I LOVE my gDiapers so much. They are so easy! Plus I don’t have to pack the WHOLE diaper when I head out. Just a small wet bag and a clean extra cloth. Even better is the biodegradable insert that’s just as easy! LOVE it!

  258. Kelsch15 says:

    Not only are the diapers very user-friendly, Earth-friendly, and baby-friendly, but the thing I love most about gDiapers is their incredible customer service. gDiapers works hard to keep their customers happy. We had 4 pair that we had to return and they sent us 4 new ones at no cost to us! They are quick to send you replacement parts. Each time you receive something in the mail, you also get a hand-written thank you note for being a customer. (I also have to admit that my son looks so handsome in his gPants)!!!

  259. MissNykea says:

    I want to try gdiapers because I love that they have both a cloth and disposable option!

  260. ksbrown213 says:

    I would LOVE to win this starter kit of gDiapers. My husband and I decided to go exclusively cloth diapers with our first child and we’re deciding which brand to use. I’ve always heard good things about gDiapers and I’d love to find out for myself! Plus, they’re so dang cute 🙂

  261. pennington9608 says:

    I love that gDiapers allows the use of both disposable and reusable. This makes it really easy for the long trips home and just being home.

  262. NursePJ says:

    I have an 18mth old that has been in gdiapers since the day he was born. They were very popular in the NICU the nurses and other Moms loved them. I lvoe them they are the greatest diaper on the market in my opinion. I love their versatility and how enviromentally friendly they are. I also love the companies customer service they are amazing to deal with. I am expecting another bundle in Jan 2012 and I am so excited to be adding another gbaby to our clan. I am a pround gMum and I a would love to win this package to add to our stash.

  263. alisvolatpropiis says:

    We tried gDiapers with our first child, and I loved them. When our son grew out of the size small, my husband told me that we “couldn’t afford” to buy more. So sadly we went back to saving pennies to buy sposies every month. Here we are with our second child, and are still saving pennies to buy diapers every month. It is hard having two in diapers, and wish we had cloth diapers!!! We have no income right now, and are trying to get disability since my husband is legally blind. If it weren’t for food stamps we would probably starve, and if it weren’t for his grandpa, we would probably be homeless. I used the size smalls we had from our son on our little girl until she grew out of them. I wish we had some mediums now. My two year old son is so skinny and short that he would probably fit in the mediums too. If we won, it would be such a blessing!!!

  264. i3elleza says:

    I want to try gDiapers because they are good for the environment, they help potty train faster, help prevent diaper rashes and ‘blow-outs’. This is our first child (a boy due Aug. 4th) and we’re naming him Gabriel, so it will be extra cute with a little G on his butt <3

  265. lisette says:

    My 4month old would loooove to win this amazing giveaway!!!
    We both love gdiapers! And my husband just said he loves them too =)

  266. lmkreid says:

    I am due with first baby (a boy) in 9 weeks! I wanted to learn more about cloth diapes so I attended a local ‘Cloth Diapers 101’ class. Another mom in attendance mentioned Gdiapers. I went home and googled them and fell in love with the concept. We’ve added the starter kit and various other Gproducts to our registry. I love that you have the option to use cloth or flushies. It’s the best of both worlds. The best part is that I won’t feel guilty everytime I change Ian’s diaper. I can’t believe how long it takes one cloth diaper to break down in a landfill. When I think of all the disposable diapers I would go through it makes me cringe. I can’t wait for Ian to get here and see him in his Gdiapers!

  267. kmsomarriba says:

    We love gDiapers because they are the best diapering option for our family. With the choice between cloth and biodegradable inserts that are plastic, chlorine, and latex free we are able to feel 100% comfortable knowing there are no harmful chemicals against our baby’s bum. They’re also stinkin’ adorable! I love the fact that someday, we will be able to tell our little bug that she was environmentally responsible, even as a baby!

  268. jkphdc says:

    I love our gDiapers. Since our first was born, we have never had to deal with an explosive poo issue. The best part is being able to switch from cloth to flushies whenever we travel. Baby #2 will be outfitted in G’s as well.

  269. pepperdove says:

    I love gDiapers because we already cloth diaper, but they are perfect for thise times when you don’t want to be toting dirty diapers about with you (long weekend at gma’s, etc) but you don;t want nasty sposies stinking up the place. Thety are gel free, odor free, and super awesome. And the cute colors! Yay!

  270. anabell1226 says:

    I would love to be able to try gdiapers. I have two kids in diapers and haven’t been able to afford to try them

  271. elonta2 says:

    My Hubby and I are expecting our first baby in november (a boy!!) and we want to be as green and healthy as possible. I’ve worked at whole foods for a few years now and they’ve totally corrupted us!! I really want to try gdiapers cuz they look like the most user-friendly, and we will so need all the help we can get… including free potty britches! 🙂

  272. Melanie says:

    I am due in about a month and would love to use gdiapers on my baby girl! Changing diapers is not something I ever imagined getting excited about, but here I am 🙂 Gdiapers are the best of both worlds and super cute to boot!!

  273. lisette says:

    Almost 3 years of being a gmum and using gdiapers exclusively with our 2 children!! Our little man wants more gpants! Mommy wants wet bag and laundry bag, daddy wants to stop spending money =).. Would love to win this giveaway! We love you gdiapers and inhabitots!!

    \__\_____/__/. ……….. ……….
    (. g. ). (. \ / )
    (. ). \ /
    (. ). \. /
    ~~~~~. \. /

  274. desicin says:

    We would want to do cloth diapering because its environmental, its economical costs far less than disposables, even accounting for time buying disposables vs washing etc, & can use for several children :). Disposables are a waste of money, time, & resources. These are super cute, soft, breathable, & better for babies.

    We avoid toxic chemicals, & petroleum which my husband is allergic to which can be found in disposable diapers. I don’t even want to start with disposables for my own even though when I used to baby sit or my gf’s kids they all had disposables.

    They all look great nothing like the white make your own prefolds, & hot plastic pants my mom had to use for my brother, or the new disposable plastic diapers she used with me: pampers white. My mom is amazed at the colours.

    We really want kids just unsure how they will come to us at this point. We are unable to have kids at this time as I have pcos, so while we have been waiting these many yrs ttc, (need surgery or more to possibly have our own). I have been slowly gathering up kids, & baby items. I have some new ones from a starter kit, & some used (some other brands AIO) g diapers & compostable liners (a few nice moms gave me a bunch 🙂 ) in hopes to use them if we are able to have kids or adopt some. I still plan on buying some more colours. To be extremely prepared I wash all the items I get new or used, then pack them away so they are ready. Buying a bit at a time as I am unemployed.

    Since I am able to sew I have made some inserts for them I find that would be easier than buying more compostable inserts. I can see making more inserts, & baby wipes but not diapers. I’ve also used the g diaper liner to test the amount of water my liners could hold which would be more than in a reg AIO diaper. I like that I could green bin the inserts without worrying about them going to a landfill to sit for hundreds of yrs. I also heard of others reusing the wet liners a few times by washing them, saving a bit more money with the inserts.

  275. CarisaLynn says:

    I want to try and already love gDiapers because it’s the first hybrid system I’ve seen that has it all together–smart design, cleanliness, and a little (ok, big) ‘nod’ to our Mother Earth. Gonna try and be earth friendly on a less than shoestring budget–can it be done?

  276. boadicea74 says:

    Steps 1 and 2 complete!

    Step 3….

    I decided to try cloth diapers with my sixth child and he had his gDiaper on before I signed the discharge papers (received lots of comments from the nurses). I bought various types of diapers but honestly the gDiaper gets the most usage of them all. I am impressed at how well the refills absorb and hold the wetness. They are comfortable and are not bulky…the small size is perfect for a big preemie 🙂

  277. amandagale says:

    Love how cute the gdiapers are! Subscribed to your newsletter and liked you on fb, already a fan of gdiapers! I’ve been very interested in making a change from disposable to cloth, but as an apartment dweller with no washer/dryer of her own, I just haven’t been able to make that time commitment! But gdiapers would be a great way to do both!

  278. Stage37 says:

    Would love to try them, heard great things!

  279. Bgordon33 says:

    I’m due in October and plan on using cloth diapers; we chose gDiapers! After reading about how long disposables take to break down (500 years) and over 1 million are added to a landfill daily, we knew we didn’t want to add to that number. We found gDiapers and really got turned on by the choice of using cloth but also biodegradable inserts. I love the patterns and colors of the covers too! I never used cloth diapers with my son 7 years ago, so I know we are in for a journey; but a fun and exciting journey! October can’t get here fast enough!! I want to meet my little girl, and start using gDiapers!!

  280. Sara Myrick says:

    We are a military family expecting our 2nd bundle of love and this will be our first time trying cloth. We live across the country from most of our family so to visit we drive over 12 hours just one way to get there. I think gDiapers would be great for my family because it would give us the option of using disposable inserts while we are on the road or in a hotel while visiting.

  281. Jcepping16 says:

    My daughter, Naomi Caroline, was born in May and we’ve been cloth diapering since day one. I have to say, it’s been incredibly rewarding and makes me feel really good! I now really dislike using or seeing disposables on babies! My husband is currently deployed in Afghanistan and every bit of positivity, confidence, excitement and consciousness that I can have with how I raise our daughter has made the experience much more manageable! My husband loves getting pictures of his baby girl in her g-diapers!! They really couldnt be any cuter or easier to use. She will be moving into the mediums very soon and I am so eager to get and use the new colors! Thanks for the opportunity to post! 🙂

  282. numb_elmo says:

    they seem easy. can’t go wrong with easy…. 🙂

  283. NikkiHemenway says:

    I like and follow you guys (and gDiapers)!
    Oh, gDiapers, how do I love thee? Let me count the ways.
    less fluffy-ness

    I use my g’s at night
    till dawn’s first light

    I use my g’s all day
    what can I say?

    I use my g’s whle I’m home
    I wilsh I had one with a gnome.

    I use my g’s while I’m out
    there shouldn’t be any doubt.

    I use my g’s all the time
    and this is where I end this rhyme!

    We <3 gDiapers!! 😀

  284. Daniellemhv says:

    My son and I are BANANAS about gDiapers!!! We just switched back to cloth diapers and the only brand we want is gDiapers. Unfortunately we can only afford 4 gpants and 12 gerber prefolds to go with it. I do laundry all the time!! Lol. I would love more gDiapers. They are just too cute!

  285. jenjen980 says:

    Have been wanting to switch to cloth diapers and found gDiapers and decided these are the ones for me. I love all the different options that are available. Can’t wait to switch my 17 month old and start my soon to be born second child in them.

  286. armywifecgw says:

    I LOVE gDiapers because they are so easy to use and are super cute. Every where I go I get comments on how cute they are. So glad I picked some up to try out with this new baby!

  287. kristi says:

    I would love to try G diapers I have seen them advertised all over the place and I am ready to be free of disposables and try the green way may be finally my little ones rash will go away g’s look like they would fit great but I can’t tell because all the others cloth i have tried did not fit my los tiny hiney and leaked bad so back to the disposables I would love to try these and if they fit I could get more and share the word about how great they are : )

  288. mgoicoechea says:

    We are having twins this winter and I can not wait to try gdiapers. Not only are they budget friendly they are good for the environment!

  289. Brandi NotMarsha says:

    I love gDiapers because my baby loves gDiapers. I have a very active little explorer who cannot be bothered to slow down for a diaper change. GDiapers have made our changing routine so much more peaceful. My baby can chose to stand, sit, or lay for a changing. More choices means less tantrums which means a mom who wants more gDiapers.

  290. christaw22 says:

    I love gdiaps for their trim fit, small amount of stuff needed, the way the waste comes into as little contact with the baby as possible. how adorably colorful and personable they are/can be, and how much less it costs than other cloth diapering systems….what’s NOT to love!!!

  291. thanksMngmnt says:

    I am going cloth ALL TH E WAY with this new baby due in the winter! My second child this would be a heck of a new ears resolution, to go even further with my already green money saving mantra!. I have loved everything I’ve read about Gdiapers, and Have tons of recommendations to give them a try! I would love to win this and start a trend around here to go cloth!!

  292. mollymadonna says:

    He’s a little guy, with a little bum.
    Everyday he poops–you can ask his mom!
    New to cloth, he sports them,
    Rocks them night and day.
    Yep, he’d love some gDiapers in a major way! 🙂

  293. coltoncaleb says:

    I love gdiapers cause they save us tons of money and help the environment too. I have gotten friends to start using them too.. thanks gdiapers for great products..

  294. supermom10 says:

    I am currently cloth diapering using Gdiapers and i absolutely love them.I am part time cloth diapering and am hoping to be full time as soon as i get the hang of it and build my stash.Gdiapers are the best because it gives me the option of using cloth and a flushie which can be usefull if you are out and about.I love that i am doing something healthy for my baby and helping the environment.Also my little guy suffers from allergies and eczema and with the use of Gdiapers he has no more rash and is a much more happier baby!It’s so convenient that my husband is helping me CD and he has no complaints about changing diapers.He thinks they are cute and loves the colors.His fav is the Guppy green gpant.Gdiapers are sooo COOL!I would recommend Gdiapers to any mommy thinking of cloth diapering.I already have two friends starting cloth diapering and my sister in law who’s expecting this December is considering cloth diapering her new baby.We love Gdiapers/hybrids,i couldn’t do it without them!!!

  295. BlueSweets says:

    I want to use gDuapers because they’re so much more Eco-friendly and cost effective than regular diapers. Plus, I can contribute to my parents’ compost pile while having the most fashionable baby on the block! And a way to embarrass my child when he’s older: “oh my goodness! Your first diaper! I remember your first poop in this, son!”

  296. Panda013 says:

    g’s are just unbeleivable, as well as the company behind them! Just after I had our 3 child I met some of the g family at the CHFA in Toronto. I was already excited about their product but they were wonderful as well. Knowing that what you buy comes from people that really care about their products and about your child, gives any parent peace of mind. The g’s themselves are sooo much nicer than the bulky cloth diapers I had used over the last 10 years with my other children, it was often dificult to stay faithful when going places. Now we are overdue with baby #4 and I know that I can use either g or cloth inserts and my baby’s bottom won’t look enormous on outings. Thanks-you g-diapers!!

  297. txstraubs says:

    I would love to win this package because after trying gDiapers I have fallen in love with them and really don’t want to use anything but them. My husband even prefers them over disposables. We’d love to even try using the cloth inserts too. A child always looks cuter with a gBum instead of noisy plastic disposable too! And don’t get me started on how easy it is to dress them in just a shirt with a cute gPant on. 🙂

  298. craftwerks says:

    I would love to try gDiapers, I’ve tried many other brands but I haven’t tried a hybrid diaper yet. We’ve been using disposable diapers when wet take the baby out places. I think gDiapers may be what I’m looking for to replace the use of disposables.

  299. Mrsalvarez08 says:

    G diapers were introduced by my cousin. They are yhe best babyshower gift i had ever gotten..i just love how they dont look like a disposible but a regular underpant.i love them and my daughter does too,she looks so cute in them..she will soon be moving into large so i hope this can help her add more gpants into her stack..g diapers are the best i wish i knew of them with my first i would’ve saved ALOT of money..crossing my fingers..

  300. jkphdc says:

    I love gDiapers. They kept my son from having issues with explosive poo. I also like the fact that we can use both cloth and flushies.

  301. m_and_ms06 says:

    I love gDiapers. They’re cute, AND they’re better for the environment, what more could you ask for? The cloth option is a great affordable option for us while daddy is in Afghanistan and I am on maternity leave.

  302. Cbeggs says:

    We’re just getting started with cloth. With 4 kids 5 and under we could definitely use some help building our CD stash! gDiapers are the best out there. They’re so cute and they make diaper changes quick and easy.

  303. mirnavela says:

    We LOOOOOOOOOOVE gDiapers!! We use a few different kinds of cloth, but my husband’s favorite to use is the gDiapers. They are super easy to use, and the disposable inserts make traveling and vacations soooo much easier. We use the gCloth at home, and they are really absorbent.
    The best thing about using gDiapers? Saving the planet! Even when I use the disposable inserts, I know they are biodegradable and it makes me feel good knowing that my baby’s carbon footprint is still so small.
    I would love to win this giveaway and add a few more g’s to my stash! Thanks!!

  304. onlyonewilson says:

    Being lesbian, we have the option of choosing when to start our pregnancy…. So I’m not currently pregnant. But when we made the decision to even think about having a baby, I immediately began looking at all of our eco-friendly options for everything. Of course I stumbled upon gdiapers and fell madly in love. But I’ve just been keeping track of them for future reference. Recently, a friend of mine found out she is pregnant, I talked about using cloth or hybrids, and sadly she thinks they are too expensive for her family’s tight budget. So, I’m entering the contest for her as a surprise, and to show her being kinder to the earth really isn’t expensive but a necessity.

  305. jennifer.gar says:

    My youngest Daughter is now one year old! I cant believe it, This time I got the pleasure of using Cloth Diapers and it has been such a joy! I love picking out Gpants that match the outfit that she is wearing or taking pictures of her in her Guppy Greens in the grass. It is my goal to use G’s up until she is potty trained. It is also important to the entire family that her little bum is safe in the G’s rather then in the disposable chemical pants, as well as to help reduce waste, our children are our future lets solve pollution one butt at a time 🙂

  306. kwhite says:

    I love how cute my little boy’s bum looks in his little gpants 🙂 gDiapers were what got me interested in cding in the first place and the idea of using a hybrid system appealed to my husband enough to let me try them. I love how well they contain messes and how I only have to change the liner if he makes a mess 🙂

  307. kcanichols says:

    gDiapers are just so much better than icky plastic ones with beads of absorbant goo!

  308. jenniebarry13 says:

    Firstly, I think they are SUPER cute! Secondly, and more importantly, last weekend my husband accidentally threw a disposable diaper in the washing machine. Shudder Shudder Shudder. Nothing could be worse than trying to pick the pieces of whatever-it-is off my daughter’s clothes. It would be great if that never happened again… Thirdly, Our baby #2 is on the way, and baby #1 is still in diapers with a super sensitive bum. I know gDiapers would be a huge help to our growing family!

  309. bmeyers620 says:

    I love gDiapers because they are very easy to use and good for the environment. They are comfortable and allow my daughter to have freedom without constraint or bulk. Plus, as a super stylish gMum, I love being able to accessorize her G’s with every outfit! Perfect fit for baby and mom!

  310. mora.brittany says:

    I love gDiapers because gDiapers stick on me 🙂 Really though, they are just about the only diapers that my daughter can’t rip off immediately. I love that they close in the back. They are also so cute and they can be worn with just a t -shirt. I also love how versatile they are. I can go from gCloth to the biodegradable liners. My husband let me go to cloth diapering because of gDiapers and I have never regretted this decision. I love gDiapers!

  311. myarose says:

    I signed up for your newsletter!

  312. jrice says:

    signed up for newsletter, liked on FB. We are new to CD’ing and trying to figure out what we like and works best for our family. Would love to try out some g’s on my little c !

  313. toastee41 says:

    With my first son we used disposable diapers, and this time I am wanting to try something new and more earth friendly. Recently we have decided to go more green in all ways of life. We bought all new cleaners, recently bought the microfiber cloths that you don’t need any chemicals for, we drive an hour once a week to take in recycling in, since we don’t have a recycling service in our town. I figured that if I use disposable diapers this time around I would be undoing all the good things I am trying to do to be more green!

  314. tam says:

    We LOVE our g-Diapers. With our first, we used disposables, had blow outs every day it seems. Poop blow outs multiple times a day some days. Those things just don’t contain what you want them to. Wish we would have known about this wonderful combination of cloth and disposable diapers back then. Only once have we had a poop blow out since starting (over a year ago) and that was blatant user error lol. G-Diapers do what they are meant to =D

    Plus they are cute cute cute 😀

  315. myarose says:

    I liked inhabitots on FB!

  316. myarose says:

    I love G’s for many reasons, some are…. They’re good for the environment, easy to use, cute & much trimmer then some other cloth diapers! I’d love to win this because lets face it… free is SO cost effective!

  317. Militarymommy says:

    Military life can be rough
    Deployments, underways always tough
    but we try to smile
    Make our hugs last a while
    Navy families are made of strong stuff.

    Our new little girl is now here.
    She brings us much joy and cheer
    But to change her, we dread
    For her bum is all red.
    Oh she needs something green we both said.

    So now she’s in gs night and day
    No red bum, we are happy to say.
    But it’s hard for this family to pay
    with what the gov sends our way,
    so please pick us and we’ll shout “Hooray!!”

  318. militarymommy says:

    Military life can be rough
    Deployments, underways always tough.
    But we try to smile
    Make our hugs last a while.
    Navy families are made of strong stuff.

    Our new little girl is now here
    Her smiles and laughs bring us cheer
    But the one thing we dread
    is her bum’s always red.
    Oh she needs relief for her rear!

    So gpants on her now night and day
    Though it’s hard for this family to pay
    for the gs are not cheap
    But means no diapers in a heap.
    Please pick this little Navy Baby!!

  319. jenniferism says:

    I love gDiapers because they are so cute and convenient. We are due in October, but I gave away all of the gDiapers I used for my older son! Since I am a stay at home Mom, we could certainly use the help of winning. My sister and her husband are also trying to get pregnant, I would love to pass along gDiapers to her since I have been talking them up now for a couple years. I bet she would love them as much as I do!

  320. Kristie D says:

    I love my gDiapers because I can use the amazing cloth inserts at home and use the flushies when we’re away. Plus they are the cutest diaper EVER!

  321. saylorkity says:

    I have recently fallen in LOVE with the gDiapers. I mainly use cloth, but even the g’s disposable refills are amazing. One cloth insert and a sushi rolled disposable has kept my son’s sheets dry thru even the most wettest of nights. I also love traveling with them. Their disposable inserts kept the laundry down to a minimum on my last vacation….so it could BE a VACATION!

  322. mindless says:

    Hi I am a military mommy… I have 2 kids a 3 year old she is potty trained YAY) and an 18 month old lil guy who will be in diapers for a while. I am a late cloth diaper momma I started this week due to an up coming life change. Sadly the military is down sizing and so I am trying to prepare to make the transition from military to civilian, My son was born with a defect that wont allow him to potty train like other kids and so We have bunch more time in diapers. Hence the decision to switch to cloth. I am determend to make our transition to civilian life as happy as I can and so the stress of where and when…. we can we buy diapers won’t be on my mind or bringing down my family.

    I chose gdiapers not because of how cute they were (which they are cute :)= LOL) but how practical they are for our life style and the sizing. My son is just in the large right now but the fact that they have an XL is a life saver for me, And sadly I thought they had rashes but turned out to be chemical burns from the diapers. Ugg,,, this is a GOOD switch.
    I wish I could buy enough b4 we get out but sadly the cost to start this right now is hard to do… so if you chose my family the G love be hung HIGH 🙂 Thank you!!!

  323. shellac22 says:

    I have scoured all the mommy listwervs in DC and by far gDiapers seem to be the cloth diaper of choice and the best option in terms of preventing leaks. Good quality and good eco-citizenship! I am looking forward to trying them out with our first child who will arrive this fall!

  324. greenfamilyfarms says:

    We would love to try some gDiapers since our very last name is “Green!” I was diapered with old fashioned cloth diapers as a baby (the type that required pins) so I would like to continue this effort to be even more “green” by using gDiapers on our baby due in November.

  325. jkphdc says:

    I love gDiapers because with our first born we never had any issue with explosive poop on clothes. It kept everything in the diaper. I also love the fact that the diaper can be used with both a cloth and flushable insert. PS I’ve tried to enter three times during this contest, but none of my comments appear to post.

  326. detrott says:

    Our daughter is 3 weeks old and we really want to use cloth diapers, except I’m not sure where to start as far as purchasing and who(s) are the best. I have several friends that use and love gDiapers. This would give me a chance to try out gDiapers before committing to a large purchase.

  327. IvyHigbee says:

    As a sustainable design student, veteran Environmental Center employee and inactive (though still passionate) green energy activist, my love for gDiapers and its commitment to cradle to cradle ethics is a matter of course, but to really illustrate where it stands now, a haiku: Two week gbaby/ Quickly grows into small pants/ No washer dryer.

  328. kaizee says:

    I just love gdiaper.. flexible at home and on the road using the disposable inserts

  329. sp244707 says:

    I love gdiapers because they save my wallet, the landfills, and my little one’s bum from the yucky chemicals of disposables. I love that they are so cute and convenient and that I am able to use a grefill or the gcloth. Not to mention the great customer service!

  330. haliecasey says:

    These great stylish and ECO friendly diapers are just what I want my little one in! I will be able to use these again for my next one. Yaaaa for reusable!!!

  331. bkhw says:

    I first heard about gDiapers a few years ago, when having babies was barely on my radar, but I put them on my list of products to try when the time came. Now my husband and I are expecting our first child in November and I want to put my cloth diapering plans into action! Unfortunately my work to bring my husband over to the eco-friendly side of life has hit a snag when it comes to diapering, espcially after hearing horror stories of cloth diapering 30 years ago from his mom. Winning this starter kit would give me the perfect tool to show him how far cloth has come and prove that flushable inserts are better and more convenient than disposables (who wants a bunch of dirty diapers hanging around all week waiting for trash day anyway, gross!).
    Thanks Inhabitots for making it to easy to find green products for babies!

  332. saramcg says:

    We love our g’s because they are just TOO cute!

  333. tryingnewthings says:

    We just decided to start trying, so this would be great! My sister-in-law used g-diapers and just loved them so I am looking forward to doing the same.

  334. bryttni says:

    i discovered gdiapers just a few months before i found out i was expecting our first child, and was soo excited to know i had such a cute, convenient, earth-friendly option for when baby was in the works! my partner and i are very into living responsibly in every way and are really excited to share that with our little girl, who will be arriving in november. (: i love that the customer service is incredibly helpful, the options are plentiful – both in colours and gcloth/grefills, and that the gcloths are made with hemp! not to mention how quickly they break down, composting in one of his areas of expertise, so showing him the actual breakdown was really fun. gdiapers are just one more thing (to add to the huge list!) to be super excited about come fall (:

  335. softsk8 says:

    I used them some with my last child, I thought that they were so cute and LOVED the G on the bum… as that is what we call our son. I have all boy colors and I am currently pregnant with a little girl. I only have a few g pants and used the disposable inserts. I would love to use this style diaper more…as it breaks my heart to think of how many diapers on any given day are thrown away in the US. So a fresh stock to add to the rotation would really be nice! 🙂

  336. damarisvega says:

    I love gDiapers because they give the option to use cloth (inserts are of great quality) or disposables (which u can flush)…the gpouches contain poo mess much better that posies…and the velcro closes in the back so baby cant take it off…yet it is very easy for mommy to take off when running to the potty..has helped us a lot when practicing EC…the little gpants come in such beautiful and bright colors…would love to add this package to my small stash of g’s 🙂
    oh and BTW, I am already signed up to your newsletter and like you on FB 🙂

  337. Newmommy289 says:

    I have been using disposables but have recently taken a liking to the look and idea of cloth and Hybrid diapers. I would love to try them , winning them to try would be incredible. Thanks for the opportunity, it would be a great pleasure to be gifted something so awesome for my baby and the Earth, and my wallet will definitely be pleased!!

  338. funscrapn says:

    I received a gdiaper from a friend. I was using disposable and thought that cloth would be to difficult and messy to use. Then one day it happened. I ran out of disposable diapers and didn’t have the money to buy more! Oh no! I now had to use the gdiapers and was so nervous. I LOVED THEM! The next diaper was a dirty diaper and I love how the liner caught everything and it didn’t get onto the cloth. I love how easy it was to clean up. I love how easy they are to wash and reuse, never having to worry about when I run out of diapers. Thank you for everything about your diaper.

  339. wsucoug0284 says:

    My dad got me hooked on recycling at a very young age. I guess it all started with cans. Now that I am a mom to be saving our environment seems all the more important to me. GDiapers gives me a sense of being able to help save the environment even if its with diapers. I never knew how long it took for a diaper to degrade, and now that I do if I am lucky enough to win this sweepstakes I know I am doing my part in getting a few less diapers out of the landfills.

  340. michalu says:

    gDiapers are are like a Rolls Royce for my babys bum, what kind of future father would I be if I didn’t wrap my babys bum in that kind of sustainable luxury. sustainability rocks. gDiapers rock. + they are so stylish I would wear them 🙂

  341. MaritzaReilly says:

    Why do we love gDiapers?! That’s easy… It was a:

    g – Great
    D – Decision that
    i – Involves
    a – Awesome
    p – Products that
    e – Easily
    r – Redefine
    s – Society

  342. albierbrauer says:

    We are expecting our first this winter and I have been eyeing the gDiapers since we first started talking about cloth vs. disposable. Really not much of a discussion as we both agree we aren’t interested in disposable; but, we were delighted to learn of gDiapers and they fabulous eco-friendly option. As a subscriber to your newsletter, I am happy to see you are supporting them as well!

    I would “Like This” on Facebook, but for personal reasons I am not a member. I understand FB is used as a marketing tool, but after looking at a few of your giveaways and not entering because of my non-FB status, I think it is time to stand up to the FB mania. Please give those of us an opportunity to show our support for products you like and respect without having to compromise our personal beliefs about social media.

    Thank you! Keep the great info coming!

  343. khbordelon says:

    would love tot try gdiapers.Disposable inserts would be very practivcal when on vacation with no washing facilities. We already use cloth diapers and gdiapers would be a nice addition to our stash.

  344. mgagne says:

    Hoping to win these for my Cousin and his Wife! They aould love these diapers as much as I do! It would be a GREAT gift for their little one due in January!

  345. Hannah D. says:

    We are new to gDiapers and just love them! They are so easy to use and super trim. I don’t think I could ask for more in a cloth diapers!

  346. dicentra says:

    I want to try diapers because we use both cloth and disposables and I’m sick if sending diapers to the landfill.

  347. elizabite says:

    I used cloth diapers with my first child who is now six. I am expecting a new baby in January and can’t wait to try gDiapers. I want the benefits of cloth with some of the ease of disposables. I also think the gDiapers covers are soft and seem so comfortable.

  348. elizabite says:

    I used cloth diapers with my first child who is now six. I am expecting a new baby in January and can’t wait to try gDiapers. I want the benefits of cloth with some of the ease of disposables. I also think the gDiapers covers are soft and comfortable.

  349. hautenana says:

    G, that bum looks terrific! ; ) Can’t wait to try this stylin, slimmer clothie on baby boy #2 on the way!

  350. wendy says:

    We love Gs! And would love new ones for baby #2, due in 4 weeks…

  351. shellthebell says:

    Everybody poops. Unfortunately, babies poop and then leave to their parents to clean it up. Unfortunately + the parents then throw a diaper into waste and let the clean it up. But it’s not really cleaning at all. I just got a new niece this week and I’d love to educate her parents on the ease and greatness that is now cloth diapers. And be the hip aunt. Mostly I want to be a hip aunt.

  352. iammotherhood says:

    I am already subscribed to your newsletter, and I am a fan of Inhabitots and gDiapers on Facebook!

    I would like to try the gDiaper package because it was one of the first cloth diapers I ever learned about, but never got the chance to buy them. Also, I hear gDiapers put the “g” in gorgeous!

  353. ddejc says:

    I already like you both on Facebook and I will never stop telling everyone that I’m very happy using gDiapers because they are the really green option for Diapering not as others diapers that state being green or environmental friendly and they’re using just “lousy labels” and just add more chemical or make products tha “look like” green but is all a lie, and after almost 4 years of using gDiapers I’m more convinced that this is the true, the reality, also they’re very cute and they helped me potty train my oldest son too, that’s how I founf gDiapers, looking for something green to potty trainning… well now I would like to win this package because I’m starting again with my baby who is 4 months old and I need to restock again… Thank you for the opportunity! 😉

  354. CassiePlatt says:

    I want to try gDiapers because I believe it’s the healthiest option for my husband and I’s first baby AND for the environment. Plus, How cute are they?!?! We are a Marine Corps family so our budget is limited. Winning this package would be very helpful to us! Goodluck to everyone!

  355. says:

    I would love to use gDiapers for our new little girl. Besides being so adorable, they are healthy for both my daughter and for our environment. I try to teach my sons to reduce, reuse and recycle and even they are concerned with the Earth and want to “Save the Polar Bears!” 🙂

  356. greenmomali says:

    I love gDiapers for their versatility. With our regular cloth diapers I’m more tempted to use disposables when we go on long trips because of the convenience, but with gDiapers that’s not necessary! Another eco-friendly factor for me is the fact that they are so cute and come in so many styles you can match them with any outfit extending your babe’s wardrobe…at least in the summer months. 🙂

  357. kimschexnayder says:

    gDiapers, what can I say?
    I love them all in every possible way!
    From cute colors for boy or girl.
    Who wouldn’t want to give them a whirl?!
    Cradle to Cradle, dust to dust.
    Using gDiaper’s is always a must!
    Great customer service waiting for you.
    They even tell you how to handle the poo!
    Can’t forget about gMums and Dad’s.
    Spreading the word like we’ve all gone mad!

  358. cjuarez says:

    I am going to try to show my friends and family that having a baby and being eco-friendly do fit, and i think gdiapers can help. I would definitely love to win this!

  359. intralude says:

    My husband and I would love to try gDiapers because we want to be environmentally conscious but at the same time are intimidated by the idea of cloth diapering. Especially with my husband who is horrified at the idea of cloth diapering, I think gDiapers would be the perfect way for us to get our feet wet (not literally please) and introduce us to a choice we can feel proud about!

  360. keltom2 says:

    I would love to try gDiapers, I’ve heard great things about them and I’m new too CD’ing.

  361. zippull says:

    my baby just arrived and we are working hard to raise him with a diy ethic. it is easier to take the disposable route but gdiapers provide a great alternative. i can’t wait to start using them!

  362. kenyaas says:

    There are few things as important as a baby’s swaddled bottom,
    So when it comes to health protectors… believe me, YEAH, I’ve got ‘em!
    12 diaper flats, some tea tree oil, lavender and calendula too,
    I make solutions, cut cloth wipes, there’s nothing that I won’t do.
    But I just graduated from nursing school, and am searching for a job,
    And as much as I like “nakey booty time,” with babysitters – there’s a prob!
    They need something convenient with minimal “poop interaction”…
    It took a while to find something that guarantees unanimous satisfaction…
    Something with different options but each must be “eco-kind”…
    Safe for earth, safe for air, safe for my daughters behind!
    G-diapers to the rescue! So easy and so cute!
    Different inserts that can be flushed away (& you can get washables, to boot!)
    Great for those who “live high” in mansions or “rough it” in a yurt
    Great for the fashion savvy too… did you know they have a shirt?!
    So now I have the answer, but sadly don’t have the cash. 
    What, oh what can I do right now to build my diaper stash?
    This contest is my chance! (my “golden ticket,” if you will)
    It fits my expectations, and definitely fits the bill!
    And rest assured, this is a gift that will definitely keep on giving,
    When my baby is out of diapers, their usefulness will continue living!
    I plan to teach eco-parenting classes, her cloth bum will be right next to me,
    Pregnant mamas will see them in use, and hopefully will put them on their registries!
    Then I will pass them on to family or friends and then they will do the same…
    And it all starts with winning this contest…. I do hope you will choose my name! 

    – Kenya A. Samad (and by the way, that shirt I mentioned is found at the “we add up” site! )

  363. Sara Rodriguez says:

    I would love to win this! I love gdiapers because everyone asks about them when they see how cute my babies bum is 🙂

  364. Jackie W. says:

    Signed up for the newsletter.

  365. bryker says:

    Love these diapers!

  366. BSimpson says:

    Signed up for the newsletter and added Inhabitots 🙂 Ive been a fan of gdiapers for a long time.

    We would love to win this because gDiapers are super easy to use and since we travel a lot due to the army, the easier some things are, the better. gDipes are great because I can fit several into our diaper bag and they dont take up much space, and the flushable liners are nice because they wont sit in a landfill decomposing for years

  367. bunnysanders says:

    Expecting our first little one in December and as an Eco friendly fam we are going to give Gdiapers a try so this would be a huge help in getting us started!

  368. photokrazy says:

    We love gDiapers! My little guy is 9 months and has been wearing them his whole life. Every month I do a photo shoot with him in his g’s (because they are so irresistibly cute) and we’ve been watching him grow, chubs and all. I would love to add another color to his collection as well as laundry bag and wet bag to round it out. And as much as we love that they are adorable, the real reason we decided to use g’s is because it’s great to know every time we change his diaper (cloth or refills) we know we’re not hurting the Earth 🙂

  369. M_and_ms06 says:

    I tried to enter sooner, but something went wrong I guess. I love gDiapers. My baby girl has sensitive skin, and the flushable inserts are the only disposable option for us while we travel, but at home we use the cloths, and they fit her skinny little bum perfectly.

  370. ktilgh says:

    We already get the newsletter and are fans of both gDiapers and Inhabitots on facebook!

    I love gDiapers because they are a great compromise for myself and my husband. I am pro-cloth and he isn’t quite sold. This would allow us to have the best of both world: gentle on the planet and trash bound for my hubby!

  371. ktdin says:

    I signed up & like on FB. I want to try gDiapers because I like the ease they offer when taking baby out of the house.

  372. cbeggs says:

    We just started using cloth diapers and I would love to win some gcloth!!

  373. cbeggs says:

    I really hope I win! We only have a few g’s and definitely need more!

  374. coleycoupons says:

    I love cloth diapers. We have gotten a bunch of our friends started using thme because that are such a money saver and so much better for our sweet ones bottom. We love how quick and easy they are to change and so convenient when we are one the go as well. We would love to winsome new ones to try out!

  375. krmaki says:

    I love how my little one looks in them and words that start with “g” always pop in my head when I see the letter on his bottom. I only had size mediums so he has outgrown those but my friend who just had a baby loves them, too.

    gDiapers are generously great! lol =D

  376. jtrexel says:

    I love gdiapers bc they are daddy friendly!
    ps signed up for newsletter and fb page last week- LOVE it

  377. lmsalim says:

    I’d like to try them because I’ve never even heard of hybrid diapers, much less eco-friendly ones! I’m stoked!

  378. aswelch says:

    i hope i win, i am just starting out cloth diapering my 2.5 month old and i love it so far. i have a small stash so anything i win will improve and make it easier on us!

  379. eawebb says:

    We cloth diaper full time, but cloth on vacation (with someone else’s washing machine…or after several days in the car) is NO FUN! They’re our on-the-go diaper and hold up to anything. Unfortunately, we discovered that a gPant makes a fantastic swim diaper and slowly my husband has been ‘borrowing’ from our daily diapering pile to use them for the pool. We’re left w/ some interesting polka-dotted diapers. Conveniently my little one is ready to move up a size and THIS will be make that transition SMOOTH!

  380. jennigardiner says:

    today is the first day i’ve ever heard of gdaiper and i can’t believe my luck! there are a slew of babies in my life and i greatly love pushing eco-aware goods on their parents. but if i am oh-so-lucky enough to snag this starter kit i’ll slap’em on my own little munchkin and set the example for the herd.
    thanks for yet another thing i can’t live without!

  381. emcginnis75 says:

    i love gDiapers because they are environmentally friendly, easy to use and CUTE! we have just started this cloth-diapering journey and the gs are some of my favorites!

  382. c0wg1rl says:

    I would love to win these diapers!! Both my 1 year old boy and my baby girl (due in August) wear gDiapers. I have the bare minimum right now for what I need, so extras would be AWESOME! Please please please choose us!!

  383. newmamasarah says:

    This is our first baby and we are so excited to try gDiapers! I knew I wanted to try cloth diapering to make our little Max’s stay on our planet healthier and happier and when we found gDiapers, we knew that was the fit for us! I love the different options to make cloth diapering extremely doable and easy for modern parents. We love that when we’re at home we can use the cloth inserts and just throw them in the wash and be done! Also the freedom to try the disposable inserts when we’re out on the go makes this a win-win situation for us! We can’t wait to meet our son and use our gDiapers on him!

  384. pbrill05 says:

    i am new to cloth diapers and have researched the past couple nights to figure out which brand would work best and gdiapers seem to work best for our lifestyle. I just bought my son’s first few pairs today and am excited to use them for the first time tomorrow. if all goes well i plan to switch to cloth g’s completely.

  385. Whitbell80 says:

    I plan to cloth diaper my daughter and keep looking at Gdiapers. I even bought a package of inserts on sale recently. I keep looking at the diapers but haven’t broken down to buy some yet. Winning would be a dream!!

  386. Shanaxitron says:

    Amazing! I did my research and these sound amazing!!! My partner and I are always looking for ways to be kind to our planet. And with a baby on the way, we are putting more and more research into “green” practices. We were stumped on how to incorporate this lifestyle in our diaper use. We figured cloth diapers were the way to go but were concerned about the water usage since we live in California. We knew that plastic disposables was not the way to go. But when we stumbled upon gDiapers cotton disposables, we knew that this was the right product for our little one!!!

  387. rebeckam says:

    g, o g-diapers, how I love thee.
    You gently cover my son’s behind with cuteness beyond divine.
    A moment of disposables left a rash, those went right in the trash.
    I admit I like my cloth too, but for poo there is no other than you!

    A sister is on the way and in g-diapers she too will play.
    We have worn the small little g’s thin and that is not a good way to begin.

    Oh how a new supply will keep her dry!

  388. muse0119 says:

    We’re expecting our first child this month and would love to try gDiapers. I have looked into the different options and keep reading/hearing great reviews about gDiapers. We feel that cloth is the safer choice for our baby and the environment and the fact that g’s are super cute is gravy!

  389. jw17695 says:

    We just started our cloth diapering adventure. Several friends had suggested g’s to me. We started with 2 gPants and a package of cloth liners. They are fantastic!!! I knew I wanted to do cloth while pregnant but everyone told me I was crazy. Well, I found other “crazies” out there who had been encouraging me to make the switch. Once I did, I was in shock how easy it was! I can’t ever imagine going back now. Thank you so much “g” for making such great products and thank you Inhabitots for helping me to be more green. =)

  390. Disneysworld says:

    I just had my second child, my first is 15! There have been some amazing changes in the cd world and Gdiapers is one of them! We decided to go with Gdiapers because of their ease and different ways to stuff them. We love them and they are adorable on our little princess.

  391. rDogg87 says:

    After the birth of my daughter I managed to ignore the naysayers, and I breastfed her (and still do). Now that she is eating solids, again I ignore the naysayers and have committed myself to cooking whole and preferably organic foods. In fact the only thing I didn’t put up a fight for my insistence on using cloth diapers. Told repeated what an extra hassle it would be, how tired I would be I gave in. And I am exhausted. And yet I still find myself wanting to cloth diaper my baby. I told myself it would be cheaper to go disposable… until I found I wanted eco-friendly disposables that cost $$$$. I told myself cloth diaper systems would cost money I no longer have as the mother of 2.

    g-Diapers is a wonderful solution and one I would love to experience. I hope I win. I want to prove my (well-meaning) friends and family, and MYSELF wrong.

  392. Disneysworld says:

    Gdiapers are so amazing that my husband actually likes them too! He was skeptical at first, now he’s glad we have them.

  393. t.l.lamarre says:

    I have been researching all clothe diaper options out there and these sound awesome!!! I love that you can use the g clothe as well as the biodegradable liners! The clothe will work great for use for everyday use but the liners are great for a trip to the aquarium or a them park were carting soiled diapers all day is not so appealing! Plus because the outer cover is cotton it gives me the option to get creative and decorate them! I love personalizing outfits and the diaper are so cute they are absolutely part of the outfit!!! I can not wait to start my stash of little g’s <3

  394. AFWiFEY23 says:

    I am just starting to get into Cloth diapering with my little one and want to try as many as I can. Also, the gDiapers are SOOOOOO adorable. I love the bold colors!!!

  395. hayliesmom11 says:

    I would love to try gDiapers because I am due in January and want to ease into the cloth diapering world. I love the fact that the gDiaper has disposable inserts!