GIVEAWAY: Win a FuzziBunz Green Diaper Starter Kit Worth $137!

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If you want to reduce the number of diapers you buy, FuzziBunz can help. FuzziBunz One Size green diapers have 8+ button adjustments at the legs and 4+ at the waist to help them fit perfectly on babies from 7 to 35 pounds. Plus, the snaps are made to endure more than 3 years of use and elastic is replaceable, no sewing required. So if you stock up on FuzziBunz now, you should be set through potty training. Are you ready to give these cloth diapers a try? Right now FuzziBunz is giving away a green diaper starter kit worth $137 to one lucky Inhabitots reader! The kit includes 5 FuzziBunz One Size Diapers (each of which includes two inserts), a 10-pack of FuzziBunz organic cotton Wonder Wipes, and a zipper tote to keep your green diapers organized on the go. Read more to find out how you can win!

Here’s how to enter to win a FuzziBunz Green Diaper Starter Kit worth $137!

**Sorry, this giveaway is now closed for new entries. **

1) Sign up for Inhabitots� weekly newsletter (if you haven�t already!). We�ll be notifying the winner in our newsletter � so you need to sign up and receive our newsletter to find out if you have won.

2) Like Inhabitots on Facebook.

3) Add a comment to this post with your answer to the following question: What keeps your tot happy during a diaper change?

Contest, open to US residents only, ends Tuesday, April 5th, 2011 at 12 midnight EST. Winner will be announced in the following week�s newsletter!

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232 Responses to “GIVEAWAY: Win a FuzziBunz Green Diaper Starter Kit Worth $137!”

  1. capriljo says:

    ahhhh i so hope we win we really wantt o switch to cloth:)

  2. krmaki says:

    My tot keeps happy during a diaper change (lately) if I give him a phone to pretend to make a call with. That or songs– he’s 15 months and starting to “sing” along with my silly songs. lol =]

  3. bridgetthoward says:

    I sing to him. Usually the ABC song and that is long enough to keep his attention to at least get the diaper on. 🙂

  4. stringdm says:

    With #1, she liked playing a game where I would pull her to one end of the changing table, and then she’d push off my belly with her legs. She’s potty trained now, but #2 is due in 3 weeks! We’ll see what kinds of fun games he’ll like to play on the changing table.

  5. littlebabyfee says:

    Lola has a singing csterpillar toy above her changing table that MUST be on!!!!

  6. kwm says:

    Mr. Brown Can Moo keeps our little guy happy in almost any situation.

  7. nicole0828 says:

    Diaper changing time is our one on one talk time.

  8. tink09 says:

    I keep my kiddo happy by making silly faces at each other.

  9. chop says:

    We’re doing infant sign language, so when he sees me sign “change diaper”, he know what I’m up to and knows I’ll get him going again soon.

  10. cathstuff says:

    Our first bub is due in May. We’ll keep her happy during change time with songs and smiles.

  11. mingohills says:

    The itsy bitsy spider, its magic.

  12. thedalyn says:

    Honestly? There’s not much that keeps him happy during diaper changes–except getting it done and over with. So, speed? Efficiency? A streamlined process?

  13. pinkgirl7 says:

    Our first wee one is due in June, so I’ll be keeping an eye on this page to see what works!

  14. archimommy says:

    he loved watching his mobile when he was little… now i sing or give him something to chew on – that also keeps his hands busy 😉

  15. way2silent says:

    I do silly sing-song tunes about changing his diaper while I kiss his hands and blow raspberries on his tummy. Anything to get him to smile.

    I hope we win the drawing. We registered for fuzziBunz diapers but never received any.

  16. AllisonG says:

    Not sure yet what will keep him happy (due April 27th!) but the advice I’ve gotten is to have one toy that is ONLY for diaper changes, so it’s a special time with this special toy. That’s the current plan, at least – I’ll be rereading these if this doesn’t work!

  17. vewainwright says:

    Silly songs!

  18. pandamoly says:

    The easiest way to make diaper changes to smoothly in our house is to make sure Baby has something to hold on to that’s okay for him to stick in his mouth (which is kind of lacking on a changing table). He usually goes for his toy phone if I answer it for him and let him know he has a call holding or his tube of Palmer’s Baby Face Butter. Sometimes I let him rub one of his cloth nappy wipes (clean and dry, of course!) whereever he wants and always remember to give him a big raspberry before the change begins. When we’re done, he gets to look at the baby that lives in the mirror. Success!
    (Signed up for newsletter and already “liked” you on FaceBook!)

  19. homentexas says:

    Lots of silly notes and smiles!

  20. kmadams says:

    my little guys love to be tickled during diaper changes! and they also love it when i sing songs to them 🙂

  21. cassiemary28 says:

    Distraction of any form is nice. Singing or a small toy work wonders. 🙂

  22. starlitfever says:

    funny faces always work!

  23. paulsonclan says:

    His big brothers are the best distraction for my little guy! It also helps when I cover his face with his blanket and play peek-a-boo.

  24. lafing says:

    with my second child it was a million times easier to potty train once i switched to cloth! if i had to do it over again i would’ve used clothe but when i had my kids they never had anything so cute or practical. i’d love to win for my little sister who is expecting her first in may!
    surprisingly, it was very easy to change my two boys so i wish i had a helpful hint but they certainly loved to whip off they’re diapers and run around naked! when we we’re potty training we used tiny little suckers (and unfortunately called them poopoo suckers) a favorite reward for doing the dirty in the potty rather than the diaper…

  25. riversends says:

    My girl loves getting her diaper changed. So just the fact that we are changing her diaper makes her happy.

  26. asdrexler says:

    singing “the wheels on the bus”!

  27. ashleypaints says:

    I move the fan blades on the fan. Im not sure why but he loves waving it and it keeps him from not twisting and moving around!

  28. yumishiuji says:

    We play peak a boo with him….

  29. Vexllp says:

    My baby is not due for another 5 weeks so I am not sure what will keep my baby happy! But I am prepared to cloth diaper so this contest will help get us going!

  30. Fencilar says:

    My baby isn’t due for another 6 weeks!

  31. jillerbeth says:

    My little one always likes to be sung to while getting her diaper changed. If that fails, a small toy keeps her interested long enough to finish.

  32. ktilgh says:

    It makes my little one happy when the wipes come out of our wipe warmer. Crazy, but we’ve come to find she’s not a fan of a chilly bum…

  33. ktilgh says:

    My little one prefers warm wipes during changing. If her buns stay warm, she’s a happy camper!

  34. Katie7399 says:

    playing peek a boo with her luvie!!j

  35. beemw says:

    I like to keep my little boy’s hands, eyes, and ears busy with a toy that rattles. I have found that the multi-sensory distraction makes my life a whole lot easier during those few minutes of diaper changing.

  36. Sejmacon says:

    Hmmm normally a clean dipe, a phone, the aquaphor container…whatever is near by that will keep her busy for 30 seconds while I do the duty!

  37. emsmommamal says:

    Giving her something that she’s normally not allowed to have like my cell phone or ipod.

  38. hjandzsmommy says:

    We mostly sing songs but sometimes we need the help of a toy!

  39. echomyst says:

    I wind up a music box to keep my tot happy during diaper changes 🙂

  40. bandwith says:

    Our four month old is already teething like crazy. He usually has some fingers in his mouth during the changes.

  41. zanthiablack says:

    His daddy stand by his head and talks to him that makes him happy.

  42. zippull says:

    I won’t know until I meet him, but I’m excited to find out!

  43. crustclio says:

    I sing and make silly faces and tickle his tummy if he gets too fussy, Usually if we’re home and have time I will just let him sit naked for a few minutes between diapers. He likes the freedom.

  44. MSG77 says:

    Singing usually works, although now she is quite fascinated with her toes during diaper changes

  45. baby.ables says:

    Ooo…I hope it’s me!!

  46. DorshaS says:

    My son, he is such a wiggle worm but durning changings, he is so calm. Sometimes I need to give him a wipie. I find it odd a boy who is go go go go, is soo relaxed during diaper changing time.

  47. boyzrule says:

    i give him something to play with and change him super fast!

  48. boyzrule says:

    i change him as fast as i can while distracting him with a toy

  49. Mamamahler says:

    Nothing helps my 2yo during diaper changes….just quickness 🙂 The 2 mo is a champ, just likes you to smile at him!

  50. Goofyreen says:

    My baby girl loves changing time cause she loves laying around without her diaper on.

  51. christabelle22 says:

    My little one is always happy during diaper changes! He loves them!

  52. jbjarboe says:

    Dolly always keeps the little one happy. If she is unavailable then brushing her hair does the trick!

  53. babykmomma says:

    I don’t know what will be the winning distraction for our little dinosaur, but I think I’m going to try a musical approach. Baby already is a music lover. We’ll see in about 4-5 weeks. So excited to meet our little one!!

  54. stefyellow says:

    Singing keeps baby calm and HAPPY!

  55. marla penner says:

    so far she loves the open air on her bottom.

  56. ishsurf says:

    The diaper cream or the liner for her cloth diaper. Basically whatever I need at that moment.

  57. JessicaA says:

    Recently the only way my son will stay still long enough for a diaper change is if I sing “Be My Baby” by The Ronettes.

  58. vee76 says:

    My first one is still baking but I guess I will be trying to sing for him if he’s cranky during diaper change. 🙂

  59. mrsu says:

    I am still expecting my first one but I’m hoping he/she will love changing time as much as my nephew does. He just laughs and giggles when my sister changes him!

  60. whitestrunningshoes says:

    Every diaper change Mama has to sing “5 Little Ducks.”

  61. craftnclutter says:

    I’m still incubating my first, but as I cared for my newborn nephew years ago, I used to make different exaggerated faces and tell him what the emotion was. I think I stunned him into being good by the weird faces.

  62. tracyonh says:

    Singing… the siller, the better : )

  63. Imanut says:

    My daughter will squirm and try to roll over and crawl away if we don’t give her a toy to play with. In a pinch, her bottle of lotion or diaper cream (or anything she can’t open) will work just as well!

  64. honkytonkprincess says:

    Looking forward to figuring that out….my tot isn’t here yet! Great site!

  65. honkytonkprincess says:

    Can’t wait to find out how changing goes… first tot isn’t here yet! Great site!

  66. cdiedrich says:

    My tot is to-come this July and really needs some cloth diapers! What a great starter kit! I imagine that I will often be acting totally ridiculous to entertain my tot during his diaper changes.

  67. Christie M says:

    My baby love when I sing to him….out of key 😛

  68. the geoengineer says:

    I get my basset hound to sing for baby… sometimes baby sings along too!

  69. mom2rian says:

    My daughter always has to have 1 wipe in her hand and she is golden:)

  70. ksterritt says:

    Our first child is due in 5 weeks! I imagine we will do whatever it takes to keep him still during mission change diaper without a mess and will be using many of these other comments as tactics in each mission!

  71. ksterritt says:

    Our first child is due in 5 weeks! I imagine we will use whatever tactics we can think of to keep him still during diaper changes. Thanks to all of the other comments, we will have lots of options to choose from!

  72. dahlbys says:

    Our first little one is still on the way, but we will try something hanging over the changing area or a favorite toy once our baby can grasp things to keep him or her entertained during a diaper change.

  73. nccallie says:

    I don’t have my own tot (yet) but my godson loves to be talked to or sung to to keep him occupied during a change. (he’s 6 months old)

  74. txstraubs says:

    We have a couple small board books on hand or the paper towel tube when we run out of “wipes” is a favorite.

  75. jewelsntreasures says:

    Lots of tickling, talking, or singing with toys! It’s hard as she is VERY distracted!!

  76. robin wilkins says:

    My first two children loved for me to sing to them while I changed their diaper. I’m not sure what this third baby-on-the-way will like, but I’ll try the singing first.

  77. SChalanchuk says:

    I sing to him and talk to him about what we are going to be doing next

  78. angie says:

    Lately his favorite things are little trucks and cars…so he gets to choose what truck/car to bring to the diaper changing table before we go. Zooming it up and down his arms and belly seem to occupy him for just enough time. Thanks for the great giveaway!

  79. amylynn h says:

    I receive the newsletter!

  80. amylynn h says:

    I am a facebook fan of inhabitots
    Amy Skinner Hint

  81. amylynn h says:

    I keep my son happy during diaper changes by singing little songs to him. He also likes to hold something like the little tub of Grandma El’s or CJ’s BUTTer.
    beadsidemyself at gmail dot com

  82. Leisha says:

    My son loves the song “changing diapers” to the tune of “are you sleeping/frère jacques”. He knows when he’s going for a change, he begins to smile! The song is done when the change is over.

  83. libbyhunt says:

    I sing silly songs to my little guy too!

  84. cmendez25 says:

    I’ll sing songs and just change the diaper as quickly as possible. He’s just 7 wks old, so diaper changes are still met with his disapproval. 🙂

  85. amanda alvarado says:

    Already subscribed to your newsletter

  86. amanda alvarado says:

    Like Inhabitots on FB

  87. speakaboo_80 says:

    Funny faces. =)

  88. amanda alvarado says:

    Giving her toys to play with or sometimes just talking to her will keep her attention!

  89. verdemama says:

    I sing to my kidlet to keep him entertained. It works… sometimes.

  90. abraeschnur says:

    I don’t know! Little Ruby isn’t born yet, but I hope she’ll like the Joan Miro prints I am putting next to the changing table =)

  91. alisamarie says:

    My first is due this June, so I can’t answer! 🙁 I have just started my cloth diaper stash with one FuzziBunz diaper, though, and I would absolutely love more!!

  92. momoflucky7 says:

    I talk and play with mt munchkin!

  93. mmdieter says:

    I have 2 metal bowls he loves to hit together…and we sing the diaper song, but he is pretty squirmy!

  94. lacelk says:

    I make sure the kids are holding something in their hands and sing or talk to them.

  95. andrea g. says:

    I receive the Inhabitots newsletter!

  96. andrea g. says:

    I like Inhabitots on Facebook (as Andrea Grupe).

  97. andrea g. says:

    I’m not sure what will keep our little one happy during a diaper change (we are gearing up for our first currently). However, I know that my nephew would always need to be distracted with some sort of action figure during the process.

  98. helenlam says:

    I sing songs and give the baby books to ‘read’. Anything to keep the baby distracted and laying still!

  99. floxa says:

    What keeps your tot happy during a diaper change?
    Nothing! I have tried everything nothing works anymore, I have tried to sing, to play, to give him toy or book, to talk to him, to ignore him… he really hates the changing diaper time.
    Of course diaper rash doesn’t help at all, I’m desperate!
    I have been thinking of switching to clothes diaper for a while now, I would love to win these colorful clothe diapers. I’m so ready to change something!

  100. courtneyfisk says:

    i signed up for you newsletter! and i like you on facebook. 🙂 lets see, we do a lot of “zurburts” to keep him still and happy!

  101. livingerin says:

    I keep a rotation of special toys handy, but if that doesn’t work an animated rendition of old macdonalds farm usually does the trick.

  102. j_email says:

    Making silly faces

  103. organicmommyluv says:

    trying once more! he loves singing!

  104. ravenous says:

    We sing songs as I change the diaper.

  105. halls3909 says:

    Kissing her feet is the best way to change her diaper!

  106. owen says:

    Sing sing sing! I agree with everyone else on the singing.

  107. owen says:

    I agree, singing is the best way to go!

  108. frecklpwr says:

    I signed up for your newsletter! Fingers crossed!

  109. vanessat says:

    We are expecting our first baby in June, so without any experience I guess I will just try my best to keep my baby happy during diaper changes with lots of talking and distractions! The tips on here will help!

  110. LaWanda says:

    My little Jet, doesn’t mind his diaper changed. Tho sometimes it helps if you smell his feet and say “Sticky Feet”. For some reason that has made him left since he was born. Now we are having a second one and would like to do cloth diapers.

  111. rsmit46 says:

    I signed up for the newsletter and “liked” on Facebook!

    We aren’t sure what will make her happy during diaper changes because she isn’t here yet! =) We have registered for FuzziBunz for our upcoming showers and have heard fabulous things about them! Can’t wait!

  112. sproutsmama says:

    Our little sprout loves it when we talk in silly voices and make faces. He also seems grateful to have a clean, dry bum so smiles usually follow most diaper changes.

  113. sab244 says:

    I don’t remember from my older ones, but i’ll be working on it again soon enough!

  114. cailindeas says:

    Anything he’s not supposed to play with!

  115. tboles23 says:

    I like to talk to my babies while changing their diapers. We have some deep conversations! 🙂
    We are trying cloth diapers, this third time around. I would love love love to try FuzziBunz!

    I liked your page on facebook and signed up for the newsletter!
    I LOVE Your Blog!

  116. chits1810 says:

    Making silly faces and singing songs helped me to change my little one’s diaper and she loved seeing my face up and close to her 🙂

  117. falling4hanakapiai says:

    first baby is due next month. will keep him happy with tickling and songs.

  118. goingsweet says:

    My little one stays happy during a diaper change if she can hold and play with a wipe. She loves rubbing it all over her face. =)

  119. sharonjm says:

    Reciting the ABCs.

  120. uschicana says:

    I usually give my son his diaper stick (like diaper rash cream but in stick form) to keep him distracted and happy while I change him.

  121. kia says:

    So far I put a wooden block or spoon in his hands and he is happy enough during changes.

  122. thecoups says:

    They love it when i blow on their legs or smother them with kisses!

  123. greengrandma says:

    My 2-yr-old toddler is no longer in diapers, but when she was, I’d entertain her by singing the Lovely Little Lady Laura song I wrote for her or by teaching her right and left (which she now knows without hesitation). If I won the diapers, I would give them to a new mom who is struggling with the decision of whether to use cloth or disposables.

  124. NissaTupper says:

    I have no idea…yet. We’re expecting our first in August, so thank these tips!

  125. aroese1 says:

    Well, my baby isn’t here yet (due in June) so I’m not sure what will keep him happy during a change but having some FuzziBunz would certainly make me happy!

  126. ecofrugal says:

    Baby girl likes to hold (and kiss) the Episencial diaper cream, which has The Hungry Caterpillar on it. 🙂

    Laura Cowan

  127. nicole_edith says:

    This is really weird, but what keeps my LO happy is a tiny trial size of baby powder. We don’t use it because we CD, but he LOVES it and it’s just his size. He hugs it, bangs it on the wipe warmer, and throws it across the room. My little weirdo! He also likes it when I let my hair fall over his face – he giggles like crazy, so I think it tickles him! 🙂

  128. Cook22 says:

    The ceiling fan and me singing to him! Usually I make up some silly song with my son’s name in it.

  129. TrishaGrimes says:

    My little one isn’t here yet (I’m due April 13) but I have worked with young children for over 10 years and changed many diapers. What keeps most happy is when I’m singing different songs or if the baby/tot has a small toy to play with. Sometimes I’d have the children “help” by holding the diaper and they’ve always seemed to enjoy that =)

  130. irishmarmalade says:

    We put our changing table next to the window, and both my twins love looking outside and watching the birds or just the light and shadows during their diaper changes! 🙂

  131. Holl_iebear_ie says:

    My 3 kiddos like silly songs like “If all the raindrops” or in a pinch the baby signs app on my phone during diaper changes.

  132. cherrycouch says:

    I talk softly and give her kisses.

  133. cindianne320 says:

    What keeps your tot happy during a diaper change?- Singing 🙂

    I subscribed and Liked 🙂

  134. jaxsonsmomma says:

    I sing to my son during diaper changes or I talk to him about the day or what he is wearing :)My son is severly Autistic and i talk talk hoping one day will too:)He is almost 3 and no were near pottied trained this would help so much!!!and he loves fuzzi bunz there are favorite diaper!!!!

  135. mom2boyz says:

    Blowing rassberries always make my little man laugh 🙂

  136. effulgent7 says:

    Right now, what keeps my daughter happy is a toy that makes noise, or sometimes a book. She is starting to hate diaper changes!

  137. Mileerom says:

    I’m expecting in July. I think I would try singing and talking in a high-pitched voice.

  138. Kershy says:

    As of right now, Sophie :o) She seems to be all he thinks about~

  139. ANT says:

    My 3 month old is usually quite happy with diaper changes he likes being naked!

  140. wspeary says:

    We have this old-school blue monkey toy that makes moneky noises and plays music when you rattle his arms and my son LOVES it for some reason. It always keeps him happy, I also just found out today that blowing raspberries on his tummy makes him laugh during diaper changing time! What a lifesaver!

  141. sumrluvr4 says:

    We do well at diaper changes most of the time – but mostly singing & a toy to hold help the most.

  142. Stephah says:

    Luckily, my daughter likes her diaper changed! Guess she’s just a nekkie kind of baby!! 🙂

  143. saraherb says:

    To keep my baby happy, I let her hold something small on the changing table, like the tube of lanolin or the saline nose drops. It’s not something that she normally plays with, so it keeps her occupied for a few seconds so I can quickly change her.

  144. swiftymkr says:

    I already receive the newsletter. I liked Inhabitots on facebook and as far as diaper changes go, a car does the trick most of the time 🙂

  145. brookierachelle says:

    To keep my little one happy during diaper (and dressing changes), we sing “Where is… [enter body part here]. It is our own version of “Where is Thumpkin”. I also like to blow on her belly to get her giggling. She loves it!

  146. chany10 says:

    I get your newsletter.

  147. chany10 says:

    I like you on FB.

  148. chany10 says:

    My little guy stays happy during diaper changes if I give him a toy to play with.

  149. kikirussell says:

    I whistle, sing, talk…whatever is necessary, but none of it really works. The only thing that does work is to hurry up!

  150. Mama2boys11 says:

    I signed up for the newsletter, liked you on Facebook, and to keep my kids happy during diaper changes, I usually “go crazy” as my three year old would say. Basically – I sing, make noises, and act silly. = )

  151. barrieharman says:

    I already get your newsletter- I liked on Facebook- my twins stay occupied eating(!) the mini-books i give them during the changing!

  152. barrieharman says:

    I liked your on facebook; Receive your newsletter already; My twins love to eat (!) the mini-books that i give them to occupy their hands while I change them!

  153. jmkp says:

    I registered for your newsletter.
    I “liked” inhabitots on facebook.
    I shared this giveaway with friends! 🙂
    I keep my little guy occupied during diaper changes by giving him a toy.

  154. lptexas says:

    Expecting baby #2 now but with our now 36 month old potty trained daughter what would always work to keep her happy during a diaper change was interaction & play. She liked looking at her mobile but she really liked it when I would talk to her or sing or play a game while changing her.

  155. hketg says:

    he watches youtube videos on the ipod!

  156. rachelblinsmon says:

    I receive your newsletter, like you on Facebook and LOVE fuzzibunz diapers!!! Especially their new and improved one size!!! My little lady loves to have her diaper changed, so no need to keep her occupied!!! thanks for the amazing giveaway!

  157. rachelblinsmon says:

    I receive your newsletter, am a fan on facebook, and LOVE Fuzzibunz diapers! Especially their new and improved one size!!! My little lady loves to have her diaper changed, so no need to keep her occupied! Hope baby #2 is the same way!!! thanks for the giveaway!

  158. meltodwngirl says:

    Raspberries!!!! Lots and lots of raspberries!!!

  159. bonnysteele says:

    Songs and stories keep him happy during a diaper change. Otherwise, it’s a total wrestling match!

  160. sewcanamanda says:

    I tickle my little one’s belly and he’s usually chearful for the rest of the diaper change …. and I try to move fast! 🙂

  161. Jaimie K says:

    My little 7 month old girlie is so sweet, she’s just happy to smile up at me during changes. 🙂 I’ve been doing cloth diapers for 1 week. So far so good. I have to wash every other day, which is not too bad, but I’d love to have more dipes. Thanks!

  162. jaimie k says:

    My little girlie is sweet and just smiles up at me during changes. 🙂 Thanks!!

  163. tiffanyalix says:

    The thing that makes my 8 month old happiest during a diaper change is trying to roll over onto his tummy so it’s nearly impossible to change him! 🙂

  164. tiffanyalix says:

    The thing that makes my 8 month-old happiest during a diaper change is trying to roll over while I change him so it’s nearly impossible to get the diaper back on! His butt is quite cute sticking up in the air though 🙂

  165. syxiemomma says:

    I change my baby on my dresser in front of the mirror to keep her happy during diaper changes.

  166. taufiero says:

    SIgned up for your email newsletter

  167. kat.c.stevens says:

    I sing Old MacDonald to my little guy when he is not wanting to cooperate during a diaper change!

  168. chaoticeye says:

    My little girl has the worst diaper rash. We’ve spent literally thousands of dollars on doctor copays, specialists, sensitive disposables, sensitive wipes, prescriptions, ointments, etc. I am desperate. I was told that Fuzzibunz was great for treating diaper rash so I bought one (1) diaper to test it out. After FIRST night my little sweetie woke up with a tushy that was not only less red, but dry as a bone! So cloth diapers are not just for saving the planet, they are also for saving little bottoms from discomfort.

  169. niatatum says:

    I’m not sure what the kid will do during a diaper change, we’ll see…due date is May 22.

  170. AshleighEwing says:

    I just found this website and am super excited about it. I signed up for the news letter and also liked you on Facebook. Now the question: What keeps your tot happy during a diaper change? My daughter is happy just to have her diaper taken off. I let her sit and air dry for about 10 or so minute, while I make funny faces and talk to her. She loves it.

  171. AllisonR says:

    My 9mo is at the age where he wiggles so much. I give him anything nearby to hold his attention, like tub of diaper rash cream, a new diaper, can of shake it up, etc.

  172. jne2853 says:

    I usually sing a song to distract during diaper changes.

  173. mayeskey says:

    my son loves diaper changes! sometimes if he’s really fuzzy we’ll just take off his diaper and let him squirm around in his birthday suit, and he’s all smiles!

  174. sondramama says:

    signed up for Inhabitots newsletter; babyshotty1769 at hotmail dot com
    i like Inhabitots on facebook; Cassondra Law

    What keeps my 5 month old busy during diaper changes is, my oldest son! He is 4yrs. old and he loves to be next to the baby and make him laugh while i change his diaper. If the oldest one isnt around, diaper changes are hectic. he isnt too thrilled with me changing him. oops!

  175. nikki-cap says:

    I am an email receiver of your weekly newsletter 🙂

  176. nikki-cap says:

    I am a fan of Inhabitots on FB: Nicolette May Capuano

  177. KyMom05 says:

    When I make a funny face, or say “ewwww” and shake my head around, he will mimic that. It’s cute

  178. nikki-cap says:

    We are expecting our 1st and building our cloth diaper stash. We have not yet had to do a diaper chance on our own baby, but I anticipate my hubby making funny faces to entertain our 1st while he does a diaper change, and I will probably make funny noises 🙂

  179. crystalinewings says:

    Thanks for the opportunity to participate in your give away. I hope everyone has a great day and best of luck.

  180. crystalinewings says:

    I forgot to add i haven’t had my baby yet to be able to answer the contest question. She is due at te very beginning of july.

  181. daynawolfe says:

    my little man keeps himself pretty well occupied during diaper changes. usually with his feet in his mouth or his socks 🙂

  182. butterflybk29 says:

    Talking and face time keeps my baby girl happy during diaper changes! She loves having my full attention and the funny faces I make.

  183. kaylaherman says:

    A sticker on her nose!

  184. Opachan says:

    A clean and green diaper

  185. Kaizee says:

    A better chance to munch on my toes

  186. cjnelson says:

    Watching my sister changing her little girls definitely shows that when in the process, she is the one who keeps them happy by either smiling or making funny noises. I only hope to be like her when I have a child because she makes it look so easy.

  187. t.l.lamarre says:

    I sing the “name song” Chase, Chase, bow base banna fana foe face be by bow base Chase! I really want to go green in the diaper department so here is hoping!

  188. sneronha says:

    My tot keeps happy playing with a doggie stuffed animal while being changed!

  189. kendrav79 says:

    Already receive your newsletter and I’m already a FB fan!

    To keep my daughter happy during diaper changes I will either tickle her or give her something small to hold like a cloth wipe or small toy. She’s pretty easy during diaper changes so it is not difficult to keep her happy!

  190. J_blackrose says:

    LoL Honestly Daddy Keeps Baby happy while I change her. He keeps her happy and I change., =). If not him then big sister. She loves her daddy and sissy.

  191. Nichole77 says:

    Sitting on the changing table we have a stuffed giraffe that winds up and sings the Lullaby song. My son like to look at it and play with it while we change him. Also, just talking to him keeps him occupied long enough to change him. : )

  192. chaoticeye says:

    I generally use a rattle or sing or sometimes if I’m feeling slightly defeated, the TV. But usually she ends up flipping over no matter what, so I’ve mastered changing her while she’s on her belly! Hey I figure just go with what works!
    I liked you on FB under the name Jennifer Chen-St.Leger

  193. mmeoiseau says:

    Kissing feet! (subscribed already and liked on FB).

  194. donan1212 says:

    These days, not much keeps her happy during changes – she’s so squirmy! Sometimes a book for her to hold helps but even that only buys me a few seconds 🙂

    dmariejenkins1212 at gmail dot com

  195. markmichaelson says:

    any object to distract her… a toy, a pair of socks, a stuffed animal

  196. s0t2419 says:

    The lotion bottle on the changing table usually keeps him happy these days during a diaper change. 🙂

  197. kandis says:

    Sophie the Giraffe! My little man loves her. I always make sure she’s close by when diaper duty calls. I squeak her a couple times, hand her over to him, and his focus goes to chewing on her nose rather than wiggling out of the diaper.

  198. danika says:

    Anything absurd – cow stuffed animal hootling like an owl, sitting on my head or sniffing behind her ears. And of course, my accompanying silly faces.

  199. ruth says:

    Our little one comes in July, but I’ve been told that baby needs something to keep his/her hands busy. And songs seem to work for some babies.

  200. magicandmayhem says:

    My first four were all pretty happy during diaper changes. This little surprise baby isn’t here yet so we’ll have to see how it goes. 🙂

  201. om83 says:

    Don’t know yet – am pregnant with my first!

  202. rebeccabarbato says:

    I let her clean her hands with a wipe. 🙂 (I’m Becca Vit on facebook!)

  203. ashleighewing says:

    I make funny faces at my daughter to keep her happy while she is air drying.

  204. jsodato says:

    Baby O hasn’t arrived yet but hopefully the mobile will keep him happy!

  205. 17sirens says:

    My baby is still on the way, so hopefully singing to him will keep him happy during changes 🙂

  206. 17sirens says:

    My first baby is due in a few weeks, so we’ll find out what keeps him happy during changes soon! Hopefully singing to him will calm him 🙂

  207. vanina says:

    singing. making lots of funny faces. lots of little kisses all over her neck, chest and tummy.

  208. rebeccadixon13 says:

    We sing during changing time!

  209. miglenka2000 says:

    Just taking off his diaper is enough to make him very happy!

  210. aman says:

    Singing silly songs!

  211. melkirk81 says:

    A shark mask and saying RAWR keeps him happy. Otherwise I have to hold him down with my leg.

  212. stefrc226 says:

    I signed up for newsletter & liked you on facebook. I LOVE FUZZIBUNZ & GOING GREEN!!! My tot is happy during diaper change when I sing! <3

  213. boyzrule says:

    i like you on facebook as debbie sauter moretti

  214. boyzrule says:

    i subscribe to your emails

  215. wyatte59 says:

    my tot loves to play with a clean wipe well i change her she likes to wipe her face and hands off so when she’s done she’s all clean.

  216. krystahughes says:

    I don’t have any tots at home ATM. My children are 9 & 10 yo’s. I am currently 26 weeks pregnant with my 3rd child though and I can’t wait to cloth diaper our baby. This will be my first time cloth diapering. I’m not sure if I’m more excited to use all the wonderful, beautiful cloth diapers or about creating a better environment for my children and grandchildren!

  217. averysmomma says:

    My son is pretty happy about diaper change time…he is ready to get that poo off the bum 🙂

  218. Having toys for busy hands helps.

  219. averysmomma says:

    I saw your link of Facebook 🙂 My son is pretty happy to get his diaper changed! He is ready to get the poo off the bum 🙂

  220. nghafouri says:

    We sing and tickle!

  221. 17sirens says:

    I liked you on Facebook 🙂

  222. 17sirens says:

    I subscribed to your newsletter! 🙂

  223. eurekm says:

    Our latest struggles with diapers changes is that she loves to kick Momma! This has been very challenging because, first of all, I’m a first time Mom and I’m not sure how do deal with it in a positive, productive way, but secondly…she thinks it’s funny and it’s makes me laugh (secretly), too. But sometimes it can be frustrating, for example, if we are in a hurry. I try to keep eye contact and talk to her with love…and if she’s in a focused mood, we can usually get through the change somewhat hassle-free. But when she’s feeling rambunctious…I say “Would you like to see Miss Georgia?” (a little porcelain doll that has a tiny bed and pillow) and her eyes light up! She puts the tiny pillow under her own head, then she delicately studies Miss Georgia and while I’m quickly trying to get the diaper off and clean one on, she is busy looking up the dress for the doll’s bloomers! It’s silly, but it works! 😉

  224. paigers says:

    Zerberts! We blow raspberries (a.k.a zerberts) on my little guys tummy, hands, and feet and it gets him laughing and having fun and then we are able to do a great diaper change with ease. 🙂

  225. CYANASHESKI says:

    I like you on FB!

  226. cyanasheski says:

    Our little guy loves changes but if he’s squirmy I make funny noises or faces!

  227. cyanasheski says:

    I receive your news letter!

  228. kaseyson says:

    when i’m changing my son’s diaper i make up silly songs to sing to him and i make lots of eye contact to keep his attention. he’s usually all smiles! we love Fuzzi Bunz because they are quick and easy to use on a squirmy 5 month old!

  229. iAMmotherhood says:

    I signed up for the Inhabitots newsletter!

  230. iAMmotherhood says:

    I liked Inhabitots FB page!

  231. iammotherhood says:

    I get her eyes to focus on me, talk to her, and she easily smiles!

  232. mynaturalpregnancy says:

    I’m not sure yet but will find out for sure in Sept when I’ll be using cloth dipers on my newborn baby!!