LAST CHANCE TO ENTER: Win a Business of Being Born DVD Prize Pack Worth $109!

If there’s one movie you should watch before you give birth, it’s The Business of Being Born. The landmark documentary from executive producer Ricki Lake and filmmaker Abby Epstein explores childbirth and the modern maternity care system, offering a different perspective on all of the interventions that often happen during labor and delivery. Now, they’ve released a brand new 4-part series, More Business of Being Born, which takes a closer look at doulas, midwives, birthing options and VBACs. Plus, you’ll hear celebrity birth stories from Gisele Bundchen, Alanis Morisette, Cindy Crawford, Melissa Joan Hart and more. Read our review of the new series here. In celebration of the DVD’s release, we’re giving away the Mother Lode prize package, which includes the The Business of Being Born, More Business of Being Born, an organic cotton onesie, Your Best Birth signed by Lake and Epstein, and the National Guide to a Healthy Birth. Keep reading to find out how easy it is to enter for your chance to win!

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Contest ends Tuesday, February 14th, 2011 at 11:59 p.m. EST. Open to US residents only. Winner will be announced in the following week’s newsletter!

+ More Business of Being Born (available online now and in stores February 7th)

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49 Responses to “LAST CHANCE TO ENTER: Win a Business of Being Born DVD Prize Pack Worth $109!”

  1. Birth Sweet Brooklyn says:

    I was hoping for a peaceful waterbirth. Instead, I got a rip-roaring natural footling breech labor! But it was incredibly empowering, when all was said and done!

  2. JessicaA says:

    With my first I really didn’t know what to expect and had no real concerns. With my second (because the first went so badly) I wanted a drug free birth (and I got it!).

  3. Tammi_D says:

    I suppose the only concern I had over my 2nd birth (1st homebirth) was that everything would go according to plan. My concerns were unfounded because I had a perfect waterbirth at home surrounded by family and friends. In the next few months, we will get to experience it all over again. 🙂

  4. sabine26 says:

    What is (or was) your biggest concern about or hope for your childbirth experience? My biggest hope was not to use an epidural or get a c-section. I was lucky; I did not end up doing either. We even had a water birth, which we did not plan on, so we were super lucky!

  5. KristinS says:

    My biggest hope was that I had a healthy baby naturally. After more than 24 hours of labor, I had a C-section birth with a healthy baby boy.

  6. big1small1 says:

    ok i commented 2 days ago so ill try again. My birth experiences with my last two werent totally what i wanted being as i wanted home births but insurance wouldnt cover home births and i didnt have the money to pay out of pocket so i had midwives in the hospital. But with my first son i was in so much pain that my body and brain went into auto pilot and i ended up getting an epi thats i didnt want and i dont remember aking for it signing for it or even getting it put in. all i remember is them telling me thats my son was half way out and i didnt know or feel it. they were shocked and told me to push and out came my son in one push and didnt know i had the epi til i couldnt stop shacking they said it was my body coming down of the epi i freaked. and was told i asked and signed for it. i was shocked. so with my secont i was sure to tell the midwives what happened and NOT to give me anything at all. and did so with my second but with my next one i really want to make it an unassisted home birth since i had great and uncomplicated pregnancies with my last to thats what i want. and these movies will be of great help and value to me in order to do that!!!!!

  7. handenkel says:

    Well…i’m a dad and my biggest hope was to be a comfort to my wife/mom-to-be. That included hailing a cab in record time, remembering to bring the right paperwork to the hospital, and knowing when to be quiet. I have succeeded twice and now have three good friends who are pregnant and want/hope the best for them.

  8. elizabite says:

    My biggest hope for my second birth was having an unmedicated VBAC at home. Since there were things beyond our control, my midwife, partner and I knew when to rely on the medical system and utilize the hospital. While everything didn’t go exactly as planned, I did wind up with a very healing and amazing VBAC experience.

  9. jules08 says:

    My biggest concern was that my son would not be getting enough oxygen and breathing when I had him since he needed to have open heart surgery shortly after being born. We are so thankful that he had the surgery and pulled through like a champ!

  10. lyden.jennifer says:

    My biggest hope was to deliver naturally at the birth center. It did not happen that way though. 🙁 After a week of prodromol labor, acupressure, acupuncture, chiropractic, folli balloon and still no progression I was transferred to a hospital and given pitocin and an epidural. It still took 6 hours of pitocin for me to fully dilate! I was 41 weeks at this point as well. I pray the next time will be a peaceful homebirth!

  11. shanacouponing says:

    I am concerned about how the entire process will go. Will it be horribly painful? Why should I pump my body full of chemicals? How do those chemicals effect the baby? I’m two years away from trying for kids, but I feel the need to be informed.

  12. emc says:

    A healthy, happy baby!! 🙂

  13. Myoder122 says:

    My biggest concern about childbirth is being able to have a successful VBAC. I want a healthy baby and I really want to have this second one naturally.

  14. hereyes says:

    Get the newsletter and already like on FB.

    At around 33 wks I found out my OB.Gyn was not okay with my birth plan…I attempted to switch to MW care for a natural HWB…but was dropped at around 38 weeks. Then I planned an UC/WB, which neither my husband nor family supports…so after 16 hours of home labor my husband told me to get out of the birthing tub and we were going to the hospital (intervention #1)…which led to intervention after intervention. I ended up having pit and an epidural, but was still able to deliver vaginally. The birthing experience was awful…mostly because I had NO support or anyone to advocate for me or the birth plan I wanted. I had watched BBB with my husband during my pregnancy and thought we were on the same page…but while I was in labor everything went out the window. Now I know better and to get a supportive birth care provider in early pregnancy, get a doula, or if I need to UC, to do it completely alone.

  15. Hyphen says:

    Our first pregnancy ended with preemie twins in the NICU. So after that, we desperately wanted a full-term VBAC. The second pregnancy did go full-term, but ended in another c-section. Our son was healthy, but I was not. For our final pregnancy, we had the same hope, a healthy full-term baby born vaginally. Thanks to fantastic midwifery care, that’s exactly what we got.

  16. sudsme says:

    Dr.s don’t listen to what a mother wants and do what is easier for them. I live in an area where there isn’t a midwife available. Hospitals that deliver babies are 30 minutes away. I was given pit and told they could turn it off or reverse it. The Dr. told me know even though I was contracting so hard it was lifting me off the bed with each contraction. I was told to be quiet and to relax, because my son was being born at 4 pm. They started pit at 3 pm and my son was born at 4:25. I worry that my fourth pregnancy just 4 years later will be handled the same way. I don’t have the same Dr. just going to same hospital.

  17. Yuka says:

    I don’t have any kids but I would like to try a natural birth when I do. I just fear I won’t be able to take the pain and that by the time I’m ready to give up, an epidural won’t be an option anymore!

  18. cassandrasue says:

    My biggest hope is for a fast and easy delivery haha! This is my first, so I’m trying to approach the experience with optimism and a positive attitude, remembering that we will have our baby girl reward at the end of the experience. I know labor and delivery is work, so I’m just hoping for the least traumatic experience for myself, my husband, and my baby. I’m hoping for no tearing or episiotomy and no surgical intervention or c-section. 10 hours or less would also be preferred. 😉 I want to look back on it as a fond memory rather than a scary experience.

  19. DSM says:

    My hope was for a natural childbirth at a birthing center. I was fortunate to have the experience I hoped for and had amazing midwife who supported my views.

  20. jjei18 says:

    My hopes are to be as intervention free as possible. Not PIT this time, No forcepts just my body doing what it is suppose to do

  21. gypsiski says:

    I am hoping for a peaceful and easy homebirth!

  22. newmama2010 says:

    My biggest hope is that my homebirth (2nd child, 1st boy) goes according to plan. My daughter was a 29-hour labor with posterior positioning in a hospital-not a situation I care to repeat!

  23. subarudaisy says:

    I’m hoping for a calm natural birth with my Husband and Midwife. I can’t wait to meet this little one! 🙂

  24. GreenBambino says:

    I have hopes that we will bring,
    a healthy baby to the world this spring.
    With tiny toes and fingernails
    that isn’t too heavy on the scales!

    My husband weighed in at over ten
    and I’m a tiny mother hen.
    So baby come meet your family
    we’ll love you even if you’re bigger than me!

    We have high hopes for our little one
    to fill our world with lots of sun.
    And we are having fun outfitting our home
    with green baby toys and organic clothes!

    Pick us, big baby and all!

  25. aperry says:

    I am hoping for a natural and peaceful birthing experience. I am grateful to have had the hospital respect my very percise birth plan. A water birth would be ideal.

  26. AlexWhatton says:

    My biggest fear is actually tearing or the Doctor trying to do an episiotomy when I’ve asked her not too. Otherwise, I’ve done my research, stretches, and Bradley method practices and I am as prepared as I feel I can be! This is my first birth/child, due at the end of April, and The Business of Being Born (thank you Netflix) is the reason I decided to go natural! (I saw Babies first).

    Good luck everyone! This is an awesome package!

    <3 Alex

  27. BethKelley82 says:

    What a great package, and perfect for someone I know who is hoping for a natural home birth.

  28. MrsPine09 says:

    I am hoping to give birth without any major complications. At this point, I am not pregnant. I am 25 and am going through IVF treatments…my retrieval will be any day now and then implantation will be 3-5 days later. I am beyond excited to get pregnant, but since I don’t want to jinx myself I’ve yet to do too much research. Regardless if I win or not I will definitely watch The Business of Being Born. A woman at my work was just telling me about it and I love Ricki Lake!

    Thank you for such a wonderful giveaway and good luck to all who enter!!

  29. jwhedon says:

    We’re excited and hoping for a great home birth this time!!

  30. NewGrandmaYeah says:

    I just wanted a health baby. It’s so amazing how babies grow from a clump of cells into a person it seemed like it would be a miracle to have a perfectly healthy baby. Fortunately, I had three.

  31. ceddy says:

    My biggest concern is that everything has a good outcome. I just am glad that we have choice in where we can give birth. I choose a hospital setting with experienced doctors and staff to take care of me and my baby on the big day. Good luck to all you other moms out there, where ever you choose to give birth.

  32. mobaki says:

    I am due in May and my biggest concern at this point is because they discovered during ultrasound that my baby has a club foot so I’m just a bit concerned about everything going well and the treatment being a relatively uncomplicated process. Anytime everything isn’t “perfect” it can be a bit unnerving. I know in the grand scheme of things this is not a huge concern and believe me I know things could certainly be worse, but it’s still something out of the ordinary to worry over and plan for.

  33. mrskrach says:

    Hoping for a natural childbirth with this pregnancy. I ended up with an epidural with my first pregnancy and am concerned that the same will happen again 🙁

  34. Bluebird says:

    After having a cesarean with my first son, my biggest concern about childbirth is being able to have a successful VBAC. I would love to have my second child naturally since my first had pneumothorax
    possibly caused from the cesarean.

  35. lindahawes says:

    i’m signed up for the newsletter

  36. lindahawes says:

    like you on fb

  37. lindahawes says:

    My hope is that I will be able to have a natural birth with no drugs and a healthy baby! 🙂

  38. neversremedy says:

    When I had my daughter, my doctor, those very understanding, still kept assuming since I had high blood pressure he needed to have my monitored the whole time. I wanted very much to have a natural birth, even if it had to be in a hospital. For the most part, I got my wish. He did induce labor, using a pitocin insert, despite my telling him that all of the women on my mother’s side of the family gave birth two weeks after the supposed due date. I was a week late, and he insisted on inducing. However, every time the nurses came in to put me back into bed and strap me to a monitor, I’d wait until they left, get back up and start dancing. I did big hip rotations, and danced around the room naked (because wearing even a simple, long tank top was uncomfortable). Sometimes I could barely stand, but my partner, our roommate, and my mother helped take turns holding me up, so I could dance my daughter into the world.

    I surprised everyone, not only did my cervix expand far faster than the nurses expect, but my blood pressure went *down* . . . at one point almost too far down, but I managed to keep from passing out. Despite everything they tried to do to intervene in my birth experience, I managed to give birth to my daughter without medication, without an episiotomy. She was laid on my belly until the umbilical cord stopped pulsing, I breastfed her, we made eye contact, and I wouldn’t let them weigh or test her (in the room, she didn’t leave my sight or the sight of my partner at any time) until she was full.

    As far as hospital births go, by sticking to my guns, I was able to have the best, natural experience I could hope for given the circumstances.

  39. jojoma says:

    My biggest hope for my son’s birth was that I would be able to give him the best start by not having any interventions or drugs during the natural, unmedicated hospital birth. It all worked out as we had hoped for! Our doula was amazing and the midwives and nurses who assisted were all wonderful and pro-natural childbirth which is not always the case in a hospital. Our son was a healthy (and huge!) 9lb 2oz and I have a feeling that this baby, due in May, will be a bit larger. I’m nervous about that but I know my body was made for this and I can do it!
    Good luck to all the other expecting mommas!

  40. AR16 says:

    My biggest hope for childbirth is to be fully present to experience the miracle of seeing a new life enter this world.

  41. pninardor says:

    I hope to have a natural birth in April. This is my first (a girl!) and I want to remember the experience and have it be an empowering experience. I have a supportive OBGYN and am going to the more progressive hospital in the area, that encourages the use of birth balls, jacuzzi, etc. Best of luck to you all!

  42. debatingme says:

    What is (or was) your biggest concern about or hope for your childbirth experience? I’m not having kids, but if I was, I would be concerned about the pain, being that I wouldn’t want to use meds. (I have a low pain threshold, so pain concerns me a lot, lol.)

  43. natmike97 says:

    My biggest hope for my first delivery was to be drug free and have the nurse support to get me through labor. None of that happened at the hospital. I was pushed into drugs, got pit after 7 hours, then the contractions after another 25 hours of labor got so strong I was weak and tired and felt I had no energy to push let alone handle anymore contractions. If I had a midwife, doula, or labor coach I think all would have been better off. This pregnancy I am hiring a doula for the support and to be my voice to the nurse/doctors to keep away from any interventions. After reading Hypnobirthing, The Mongan Method and watching ‘The Business of Being Born’ my eyes opened up to complete knowledge of truth on labor. Is is apauling at how backwards the system in America for delivery is, compared to the rest of the world. Sad one of the strongest, intellectual nation’s thinks it has it right with childbirth. I wish I had the option for a home birth but my financial situation doesn’t allow me to. I fear my doctor will try to fight me with my ideas of birthing, or look at me crazy. It’s terrible we have to fight for our preferences on how we would like to bring OUR babies into the world! Thank you Ricki Lake for making a documentary that tells the truth and in a medical way to back the information up!

  44. Fab003 says:

    I have not yet had my first child, yet. We are due July 4th of 2012. My biggest concern is losing track of what I have been mentally prepping for (by psyching myself out), which is natural birth. Unfortunately the center we are insured through does not allow for waterbirths, however; they do have a jacuzzi bathtub. Which I have been informed I can remain in until the delivery. I have been reading natural birthing books in preparation. My biggest hope is to achieve giving birth naturally to a healthy baby!

  45. ajcook says:

    We’re still early along in the process/experience so my biggest concern at this point is finding a birthing center/midwife or doctor who is supportive of our desire to have it be as natural of a process as posible.

  46. sciabby says:

    I am worried that they won’t respect the way I want to give birth, naturally and the way I am preparing for it…..i am worried that they will force me into something just to make it fast. This often happens in Italy 🙁

  47. miatia says:

    To Welcome our lil wolf to the pack in the most gentle and easy way! 😀

  48. ReneeChristine says:

    i was concerned about getting through the labor without pain medication, it was what i wanted but i was afraid i wouldnt be able to do it. I did have my natural labor just like i wanted and it was such an impowering experience i cant wait to one day do it again

  49. mumbot says:

    After experiencing one difficult labor with some interventions, I knew I would do a natural water birth/ hypno-birth for my second baby… it was such a peaceful and beautiful experience… what a difference! I felt proud of myself after both births – the first because I was able to get through something so difficult and traumatic for my amazing baby, but my second, natural birth was just how I had planned it: Calm, Gentle and Wonderful. It was the kind of birth you only feel warm and get butterflies thinking about.

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