LAST CHANCE TO ENTER: Win a Brinca Dada Emerson House and Furniture Set Worth $549!

Only 2 Days Left to Enter!

Some dollhouses are cute, some are drowning in the color pink, and some — like the extra-special Emerson House from Brinca Dada — are more like a work of art. With six rooms — a living room, kitchen, library/office, master bedroom, bathroom, and child’s bedroom — Brinca Dada calls it the perfect home for the modern family. One lucky Inhabitots reader will win the Emerson House fully furnished with a 32-piece contemporary furniture set — a prize worth $549! The dollhouse is made with non-toxic and lead-free wood stains and paints and it comes complete with eco features like solar panels and recessed LED lights. Find out how to enter to win after the jump.

Here’s how to enter to win a Brinca Dada Emerson House and Contemporary Furniture Set worth $549!

1) Sign up for our weekly newsletter (if you haven’t already!). We’ll be notifying the winner in our newsletter – so you need to sign up and receive our newsletter to find out if you have won.

2) Like Inhabitots on facebook.

3) Add a comment to this post with your answer to the following question: What green design feature would you dream dollhouse (or full-size house) have?

Contest ends Sunday, December 12th, 2010 at 12 midnight EST. Winner will be announced in the following week’s newsletter!

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208 Responses to “LAST CHANCE TO ENTER: Win a Brinca Dada Emerson House and Furniture Set Worth $549!”

  1. goingstarfishing says:

    My *real house would have solar panels for sure… this little one will serve as inspiration!
    Fingers Crossed!!

  2. sergeantswife says:

    My green design would be Bamboo flooring, in my house (Doll house) love it !!!

  3. nosila450 says:

    Most definitely solar panels. I have wanted those on my REAL house forever! Wishful thinking…

  4. NCBelle36 says:

    I receive your newsletter

  5. NCBelle36 says:

    My dream house would have TONS of solar windows on the sides and rooftop. By TONS I mean let’s do the entire roof in Solar Panels! Would that be insane or what?

  6. ReesieD says:

    I LOVE this house. My architect husband does as well, not to mention baby!

    I would make solar energy a must in my dream home.

  7. ishsurf says:

    An indoor composting system. Just push those veggie trimmings right into a hole in the counter, then pull out lovely soil for the windowsill garden. aahhhh.

  8. teahousedesign says:

    I have been mooning over this dollhouse like a little kid at Christmas. I adore it.

    I’d love to have a home that took advantage of upcycled and sustainable building materials, as well as floor and wall treatments that don’t off-gas (although I suppose the latter is more relevant to a real home; dolls don’t often have asthma).

  9. craftmodern says:

    I would love a dollhouse that had solor panels. Looking forward to incorporating them into our own home someday as well!

  10. Anonymous says:

    A rain catchment system.

  11. miche rutledge says:

    I’d like super-insulation in my real house to keep the family hearth warm and draft-free. Not so important in the doll house, but it couldn’t hurt!

  12. jessrhoda says:

    I wish my house and a doll house that had recessed LED lights. It would be very cool!!

  13. Anonymous says:

    solar panels to power the ipad “flat screen tv” that ill install on the living room wall

  14. alliejean says:

    Solar panels would be awsome. And rain barrels would be a nice touch too.

  15. renatenada says:

    solar panels to power the ipod “flat screen tv” i will install on the living room wall

  16. sandra.hagen says:

    Solar panels of course, and Windmill (s)….. if possible………….

  17. sandra.hagen says:

    solar panels of course and windmills, if possible…………

  18. jessika bailey says:

    I would have solar panels, and wind power. 🙂

  19. cheriemp says:

    My very modern designed dream dollhouse (or full-sized house) would be built with all sustainable green materials as well recycled materials wherever possible. To keep the house low-energy and reduce the impact of building new, the house would also have solar panels, a green roof, energy efficient glass/windows as well as overhangs to reduce the heat gain within.

  20. anotherkelli says:

    oh my word, there’s so MUCH I’d add to a green dollhouse, and to my own home! Rain barrels are a must (and maybe a rooftop garden? yes, definitely that). Solar panels, and incorporated recycled materials into the actual siding. Radiant floor heating. Motion sensors to reduce energy usage throughout. An urban farmer’s dream yard replete with a hot compost and chicken coop. And art! Art everywhere from upcycled materials. And a bike rack. Right out front.

  21. auddy says:

    My dream green home would of course have solar panels. I would also like a system to recycle water from rain barrels and showers.
    This dollhouse is just lovely 🙂

  22. Anonymous says:

    this would be a sweet doll house!

  23. Anonymous says:

    I’d like to see a variety of options for the doll house, with a manual explaining the effects of their choices on the environment; then, let the children order them separately. What a great way for children to learn about making green choices. (ie. tankless water heater vs. solar water heaters, flooring, accessories like cloth shopping bags and recycle bins, compost bins, STAR rated appliances, etc..) If I had to narrow it down to one feature, I would choose solar panels.

  24. kierbadu says:

    I would put in Bamboo flooring!

  25. contempt says:

    Solar panels (as everyone else mentions). Plus, heated flooring.

  26. danglus says:

    My house would have solar panels and LED lights…it also wouldnt be packaged with any extra boxes or plastic. I’m tired of opening children’s toys and having to recycle or trash all of the obnoxious packing material that comes with them.

  27. echomyst says:

    Aside from the mandatory solar power, it’d be neat to have a working greywater system 🙂

  28. agreenaffair says:

    There are sooo many things that I want! Definitely no carpet – bamboo or old wood floors; no VOC paint; FSC certified materials; recycled glass/cement countertops; green roof; solar panels; radiant heated floors from geothermal… the list goes on!

  29. wade says:

    a cold cellar for storing all the yummy vegetables we grew in our organic garden

  30. esther says:

    I’ve been dreaming of solar panels for a while now. Living in Florida, it just doesn’t make sense NOT to build houses with them!

  31. says:

    A wind farm and composting toilets for sure!

  32. tsievert says:

    The entire house would be made from reclaimed pieces of condemned dollhouses.

  33. margareit says:

    a water recycling system

  34. Anonymous says:

    my dream home would make best use of electricity self generation given its site- wind, solar, geo thermal- in combination so I wouldn’t be using any power company services.

  35. ravenous says:

    Solar panels, and lots of ways to capture rainwater for a garden.

  36. drmacalpine says:

    I would love to see a GREENHouse attached

  37. uarainbow says:

    Hello everybody! I simply adore this Brinca Dada Emerson DollHouse!
    It’s really a very cozy beautiful house with perfect contemporary green design!
    Especially I love that this house has big windows which bring plenty of sunlight. I imagine what a delight to live into such dream house built in natural size. My amazing Brinka Dada Emerson House will also have a green living roof. Green living roof will complement this fabulous eco-house adding lots of benefits including aesthetic. I am very excited to win this cute Brinca Dada Emerson DollHouse as a Birthday gift for my adorable Arina.

  38. nef says:

    A synergistic organic garden where I could grow my own fresh vegetables for my family and friends (full-size house) or have the kids grow sprouts (dollhouse).

  39. richaks says:

    My own garden and a rain collection system!

  40. brandyk says:

    mine would have a rooftop garden!

  41. alysha carlson says:

    How about a tiny herb garden to teach kids about growing their own food 🙂 This dollhouse is amazing! What a great way to teach kids about living sustainably.

  42. thefam says:

    My dream *real* house would have solar panels, reclaimed everything from counter tops to flooring, hemp & organic cotton furniture and curtains, lots of windows, and a HUGE garden out back!!

  43. Stephanie says:

    A dollhouse made entirely out of bamboo would be nice.

  44. allisong says:

    I want a green roof on which I can grow vegetables. I don’t even know if that exists, but that’s what I want.

  45. meeyeehere says:

    Solar panels and a windmill making electricity

  46. barbmia says:

    Would love a green roof on our house. Not only are they energy efficient, I could also grow a garden up there and have a place to retreat from city life!

  47. mclanek says:

    I’d love to have wind mill power too!

  48. barbmia says:

    Would love a green roof. Not only is it energy efficient, but I’d have a garden up there and a place to retreat to from city life!

  49. terrapinmoon says:

    I am now signed up for your newsletter!!


  50. terrapinmoon says:

    I am now a fan on FB!!
    Kimberly Clester Wiselogle


  51. terrapinmoon says:

    I would love for my dream house to have solar panels and also a wind turbine!!!
    Some bamboo floors and some hand crafted furniture.
    Oh, to dream.


  52. kathypiano says:

    I would love a rainwater harvesting system!

  53. megs1328 says:

    I would love to live in a house that doesn’t have any HVAC system. It would have a passive heating and cooling systems which utilizes cross-winds, ventilation, and allows me to connect to the fresh air.

  54. cktam888 says:

    Solar panels definitely!

  55. cktam888 says:

    Solar Panels is a must!

  56. Maureen69 says:

    How about a nice ceiling fan 🙂 Thanks, Maureen (jnomaxx at hotmail dot com)

  57. wimseyfan says:

    I would love it if my *real* house had solar panels!

  58. greenyourdecor says:

    Oh, how I love this dollhouse! A house in real life would have to have solar panels and an organic garden, or perhaps a windmill in the backyard (if the neighbors didn’t complain!). FSC-certified wood floors, zero-VOC paint, locally made wood furniture and some vintage pieces — I could go on and on!

  59. greenyourdecor says:

    Oh, how I love this dollhouse! A house in real life would have to have solar panels and an organic garden, or perhaps a windmill in the backyard (if the neighbors didn’t complain!). FSC-certified wood floors, zero-VOC paint, locally made wood furniture and some vintage pieces — I could go on and on!

  60. kat says:

    Rain barrels, of course!

  61. cinda says:

    I have long coveted this dollhouse and can only dream about a lifesize version which would include, as everyone mentioned, solar panels and a green roof. Just “liked” inhabitots on FB, too.

  62. abbykins says:

    I would LOVE to have a solar panel system – on the dollhouse AND on my real house! This is a fabulous giveaway!!!

    I have signed up here, “liked” on facebook and commented!! GOOD LUCK TO ME!!

  63. Brenna says:

    I love this dollhouse so much! I think adding some kind of organic growing space to a dollhouse would be lovely. Rooftop garden or side garden, something! 🙂

  64. frank318 says:

    My dream house would be a green ready…Michelle Kaufmann Breezehouse –
    – Gorgeous Design
    – Solar Ready
    – Modular Construction
    – Eco friendly Insulation
    – Radiant Heat
    – Water saving plumbing
    – The house meets Energy Star standards
    – and more etc…

  65. jemappelleisabel says:

    green roof or grey water recycling sytem

  66. breadandbutter says:

    Definitely a chicken coop and a rain catcher!

  67. alex ribeiro says:

    Hey, I will love to win!!!

  68. alex ribeiro says:

    Hey, I’m in!!!
    Love the house.

  69. simonefranssen says:

    Definitely sky lights. I love the light pipes for bottom floors too. And if any money left in the budget those vacuum hoses that lead to one central massiva vacuum tank 🙂

  70. laura says:

    Seems I am not alone in saying solar, solar, solar!! Plus, extra insulation (which we will hopefully have done before the end of this year :)).

  71. Anonymous says:

    My dream dollhouse and real house would have to have solar panels

  72. mrsmogul says:

    My dream dollhouse and real house would have to have solar panels

  73. mrsmogul says:

    Would love a dollhouse and real house with solar panels. That would save some money!

  74. dawn114 says:

    my oh my, there are so many things to wish for in a dream house or dream dollhouse. But to limit it to a few for the dream dollhouse, I would want in to be fully biodegradable or compostable. I cannot ever imagine throwing away something this lovely but if one were ever to do it, it should go back to the earth in a positive way.
    2nd priority- green roof! 🙂

  75. crbernardino says:

    Made of recycled material – both doll house and real home.

  76. mollylee says:

    I always thought I loved old houses — the history and character. Now, having owned an old house with SO many inefficiencies and no hidden charm, my overarching wish is to knock down this house (and reuse whatever pieces we can) and start completely over, on the same small plot of land, building a simple, super-eco-efficient house, and being at peace!

  77. klzmrgrl says:

    Solar panels and passive solar. Awesome house!

  78. henkelri says:

    Windpower and off the grid, definitely….

  79. Jenny says:

    Constructed of recycled building materials, solar panels, energy efficient appliances and windows, composting system (including the worm composting systems), rainwater collection system, a large organic garden, and an organized recycling center in the garage for our recyclables waiting to be recycled.

    Good luck to everyone! This is a beautiful ‘dream home’ dollhouse. I will enjoy it as much as my daughter I’m sure!!! J

  80. amywarren says:

    i would love to have solar panels and wind power.

  81. sabine26 says:

    it needs a sustainable garden, complete with compost pile!

  82. intensev5 says:

    I would like to win this — thanks for the chance. I am an email subscriber.

  83. deseis says:

    Our house is ICF (insulated concrete forms) which is very energy efficient. I’d also add geo-thermal heating & cooling and used recycled cabinets and materials.

  84. intensev5 says:

    I would love to have the house to have solar power, made of eco-friendly materials and energy efficient appliances.

  85. turtle mom says:

    I would love to have solar panels, a windmill, and rain garden!

  86. Markus says:

    Newslettered and facebooked.

    I would like to see a dollhouse with a green roof and passive solar design.

    Count me in!

  87. whippeteer says:

    Geothermal heating and cooling

  88. Anonymous says:

    Liked Inhabitots on facebook Wendy Ritchey

    artstitched (at) aol (dot) com

  89. hlbauer says:

    Solar panels are a must, eco-friendly paint, wallpaper and furniture, and of course, bamboo floors!!

  90. Anonymous says:

    Signed up for your newsletter
    velocitywray48 (at) aol (dot) com

  91. shona says:

    I see I am not alone in my solar panels idea. It would be very cool to have lights come on that are completely green.

  92. jademom says:

    I would like a tankless water heater in either home!

  93. writergrl says:

    I would love a greywater / rainwater capture system to help me keep our urban earthbox roof garden growing!

  94. Anonymous says:

    composting toilets!

  95. Leisha says:

    wind turbines!

  96. Sam says:

    I totally want to build a net-zero house. With the technology and automation systems that rival almost any multi-million dollar monstrosity… just in a mid sized family home.

    I don’t agree with being completely off the grid, but with some of the newest developments, all the extra generated utils can be sold back. I’d love to get a check every month from the power company… We’ve paid them all too long.

  97. cd4halcyon says:

    I’d like to see a doll house come with as many green options as possible and a manual that explaining what effect the options would have on the environment. That would make the house more interactive for the child, and they would learn something about making green decisions. Some of the options could include solar water heaters vs. tankless gas water heaters, solar panels from windmills, the materials the doll house is made of, including the flooring, accessories such as compost bins, recycle bins, cloth shopping bags, STAR rated appliances, etc. If I had only one choice for my house and the doll house, I would choose solar panels.

  98. echotides says:

    I would have solar panels and a windmill

  99. jewelsntreasures says:

    My dream doll house would also have a Windmill!

  100. kimmerie says:

    my green dollhouse would have an outdoor shower, a waste water re-use system, and a solar water heater.

    What a lovely idea…

  101. angelverse says:

    Solar panels, recycled materials, and a HUGE organic garden and LOTS of mature fruit trees : )

  102. Anonymous says:

    I would like cork or sustainable wood flooring, ceiling fans, solar panels and roof and 2 button flush system for toilets so as to conserve on water when flushing.

  103. sactosweetie says:

    What an amazing giveaway! I am already signed up for the newsletter and “like” Inhabitots on Facebook 🙂

    I would love to have my whole house built with non-toxic finishes and supplies! It always freaks me out how many toxins are released from things like carpet and furniture.

  104. csosalanz says:

    My dream house would artificially degrade based on my conservation habits. For example, if I am wasting too much water, the heater would lower a few degrees making it slightly uncomfortable. But if it rained and my water catchment system recovered a lot of water, the heat would balance back up to a comfortable and efficient level.
    Water, electricity, gas, recycling and trash would all be measured and represented in some form.
    And when I made a significant improvement, my house would congratulate me on Facebook.

    It’s not that far fetched and could be built by a hobbyist with cheap hardware like Arduino. I just need more hours in my day!

  105. Anonymous says:

    I think I’ll have to say a living roof… and it would be awesome on either a doll house or my real home!

  106. amyspencer7 says:

    i think i’ll have to say a living roof (it would be awesome on either a dollhouse or my dream home!)

  107. Anonymous says:

    I would want bamboo flooring in my house.

  108. knand33 says:

    I would want bamboo flooring…and a green roof.

  109. christina m says:

    My dream house would be built around a green house and have a garden on the roof!

  110. ohanalog says:

    Solar panels for sure! That and a rain-barrel and composter that looked modern…

  111. Anonymous says:

    I’d love geothermal radiant floor heating in my real house, but I’d happily take a green roof on the dollhouse – especially if I could really use it to grow plants.

  112. Ani says:

    Our top wish for our future dream house would for it to be a “Passive House” with a high R value in the walls and have a geothermal heat recovery system. Also, the use of active solar, grey water, rainwater recovery, and the use of sustainable products is a must.

  113. cybergeek2020 says:

    I prefer full-size house.

  114. aahaft says:

    newsletter subscriber, facebook fan and My dream houe would have- rooftop garden, bamboo flooring, no VOC paints, energy star appliances, solar panels, enviroglas countertops…

  115. chicane says:

    my real house would have be off the grid and I’d be getting checks from the electricity company cause we’d be providing them with our excess energy. We’d have a compostable toilet system, a very well established veggie garden, and a goat

  116. Anonymous says:

    I would biy a eco washer and dryer.

  117. kelliw says:

    A garden- I would love to grow my own fresh produce but the military housing we’re currently living in doesn’t allow us to plant any!

  118. shaythatcher says:

    I would like an eco washer and dryer.

  119. lar1975 says:

    Hello. I receive the Inhabitots email newsletter, luckyleigh(AT)frontier(DoT)com and am a FB liker, (Leigh Luck Smith).
    If I had to choose only 1 “green” aspect to add to a house, I guess it would have to be solar panels. Though it would be great to add lots of green things and be completely off the grid–the timer showerheads you mention on the FB page today, geothermal energy, energy-star appliances, maybe graywater recycling, nontoxic paints, sustainably developed wood, the whole shebang.

  120. monkaroo says:

    Radiant heat flooring!

  121. Kathleen W. says:

    Wow, what a cool house! I love that it’s teaching kids about being eco-friendly too.

    My dream house, doll or otherwise, would have solar panels, a roof garden, a composting system in the kitchen as well as gray water recycling. And of course eco-friendly paint, fabrics and flooring. And maybe a windmill!

  122. Anonymous says:

    radiant heating in the floors

  123. tiff says:

    We’re probably using the exact DOLLHOUSE design to make our DREAM HOUSE – perfect layout, space, rooms, tons of light. We’ve been looking at endless plans online to build a new house and my kids looked over my shoulder, saw this awesome doll house and said ‘can we have a house like that?” and we thought “why not”?.. Dream feature would be geothermal heating (including underfloor heating) so we use the energy the earth gives us, instead of consuming fuels to generate more. Kids think so much more clearly than us sometimes don’t they!

  124. tiff says:

    We’re probably using the exact DOLLHOUSE design to make our real DREAM HOUSE – perfect layout, space, rooms, tons of light. We’ve been looking at endless plans online to build a new house and my kids looked over my shoulder, saw this awesome doll house and said ‘can we have a house like that?” (meaning a real house..) and we thought “why not”?.. Dream feature would be geothermal heating (including underfloor heating) so we use the energy the earth gives us, instead of consuming fuels to generate more. Kids think so much more clearly than us sometimes don’t they! I’m a facebook fan and all signed up. LOVE your site

  125. eloisetucci says:

    My green design feature would be a vertical garden. Imagine a team like Tim Boyle and Patrick Blanc working together to design the first ever ‘Outdoor Dollhouse’ with a vertical garden… brilliant!

  126. lisa l says:

    My 5-year old wanted a Barbie dolhouse from Santa this year, but this Brinca Dada dollhouse is a true dream dollhouse.

    Answer to #3: My dream dollhouse would have a sustainable organic garden and solar panels for the roof.

    Liked this site on FB and signed up for the newsletter.

  127. dianejr says:

    Both my own dream home and the Dollhouse would include an interior “Solarium” to both utilize solar energy for household systems and of course, growing trees, plants, flowers and edibles inside.

  128. paulsonclan says:

    Ooh. . . solar panels — and maybe a living roof as well — would be fantastic on my dream home. . .

  129. jamesdaleclark says:

    My house would have all the systems designed so efficiently that it could be disconnected from the grids, electricity, gas, water, sewage, garbage collection etc. and some systems could maybe feed the grids or be restorative. Pvs and veggie garden on the roof, compost containers built into the kitchen, permeable paving etc In a dollhouse, anything else is too destructive an influence for our children

  130. audreyvp says:

    LED lighting and solar panels for sure

  131. morgansgolden says:

    My house would have solar panels, and a eco friendly water system inside and outside for the gardening.

  132. riley says:

    radiant heat and a living roof

  133. fivesensesbliss says:

    A green roof! For sure! 🙂

  134. tarac says:

    Solar panels, for both dream house and doll house! I’d also like a smart rain water and gray water collection system.

  135. ibbotson says:

    solar panels would be awesome!

  136. mmurray82 says:

    as much recycled and green building materials as possible!

  137. queenofcake says:

    Green roofing, plenty of reflective ceiling light tubes to let in the sunlight, and bamboo flooring or recycled carpeting depending on the room.

  138. monkeymama says:

    I’d love to have no electric bill in my real house. I’ve always loved windmills so wind and solar power would be awesome.

  139. ayoaby says:

    My dream green design house starts with the house itself. I hope to one day own a shipping container house, with an aquaponic garden, rainwater/greywater barrel and solar panels.

  140. Aubade says:

    This dollhouse is amazing! There are so many green features I’d like. It would be cool if the dollhouse had a living green roof so the kids could grow sprouts on it.

  141. rainlily says:

    rammed earth walls, concrete floors, reclaimed wood on the ceilings, metal roof, rainwater collection, solar panels, efficient storefront windows with high ceiling porches/overhangs on the south/west sides of the house…

  142. akozdron says:

    My dream house and doll house would have a blackwater system.

  143. hairica says:

    My dream house would have a swimming pool in my living room.

  144. akpyron says:

    My dream house and doll house would have an electric charging station so that I could drive around (if I had to..) in one of those cute new electric cars!

  145. zlypy says:

    My real house would have a glass roof so I can have lots of natural light and warmth in the winter (including shades in the summer), a greenhouse, tons of birdhouses, defiantly solar panels, and a nice big aquarium because they’re gorgeous.

  146. rruthers says:

    A beautiful green garden, a water tank and solar panels 😉 What a beautiful dolls house!

  147. awelllivedlife says:

    I would love to have solar panels for my own house & my child’s dollhouse. I think it’s great that this dollhouse is so modern & shows kids how to be environmentally conscious at the same time.

  148. tuggie says:

    Solar panels to power the LED electric lights!

  149. tuggie says:

    Solar panels to power electric LED lights

  150. kasandra says:

    I Must Say this is by far the most amazing Doll House I have seen in all my researching! Beautiful Art~~~Spectacular design.
    Like everyone else, how cool would solar panels to run the LED lighting system be!??!!!!
    What about running water, and grey water recycling? maybe messy for a doll house…. A green house with little garden boxes…U could grow wheat grass or Chia seeds or other small seeds! A solar powered or electric car would be a nice addition! recycling station of course! Children learn by what they play!
    Love it!

  151. ccateris says:

    A dream real house and dream doll house would for sure have solar panels, a rain barrel, LEDs galore, huge double-paned windows, and a succulent garden.

  152. mariotariq says:

    I would love to see a version of the window garden that some users are starting to support in apartment buildings. What a lovely way to reinforce the idea of growing your own food or at least supporting local. What a beautiful concept!

  153. wng says:

    How about a green wall or a green roof? Not that the house isn’t already easy on the eyes :o)

  154. kmdchuckles says:

    I dream of adding solar panels to my house even though I live in rainy Seattle.

  155. kmdchuckles says:

    I like inhabitots and get the weekly letter.

  156. wng says:

    A green wall or a green roof would look really cool. Not that the house isn’t already easy on the eyes :o)

  157. Anonymous says:

    The Emerson Dollhouse is awesome! We’d love to have solar panels & a windmill for all including home, tree, doll & dog house. Would it be ok to say this Mom would like Brad Pitt to be included in designing our perfect green dream house?

  158. peterpiper says:

    The Emerson Dollhouse is awesome! We’d love to have solar panels & a windmill for all including home, tree, doll & dog house. Would it be ok to say this Mom would like Brad Pitt to be included in designing our perfect green dream house?

  159. regina says:

    I am a mother to be… kids fashion designer (also to be… I hope), love your blog that I find an inspiration. Started my own blog a couple of weeks ago (small homie production
    My husband is an architect that has specialized in eco-sustainable building and architecture. I am aware that is not only solar panels that make the difference, but also the quality and the hole process in every detail, and this does not mean to give up design and beauty, I am sure (because I know him) that we will have everything for a self sustaible home.
    You asked about a green design feature that I would love to have in my doll-house… the answer is…. i found this website the other day browsing Foldschool that is a progect of a Swiss-based architect Nicola Enrico Staübli, who made some furniture for kids “do it yourself” be shure that I will not only make this furniture for my own house and I do dream about it but if I get this beautifull doll-house I will make a model of this furniture to decorate my kids doll-house.

  160. michaeljanzen says:

    My dream doll/real/any house would be off the grid!

  161. Anonymous says:

    wind and solar power

  162. stearney says:

    Rainwater system, solar panels, all material are sustainable – In other words completely pimped out!

  163. alexleff says:

    a garden!

  164. cleo says:

    My dream dollhouse would include a living green roof.

  165. megerber says:

    solar panels and lights with motion detectors to turn off when the room is not in use.

  166. rebeccadesign says:

    i would add a Louis Ghost Chair!

  167. paligirlnyc says:

    IceStone kitchen counter made from 100% recycled glass and concrete. A garden off the master bedroom balcony. A solar hot water collector on the roof. Dual flush toilet. Tankless water heater. Somebody stop me…

  168. kris10henry says:

    There are lots of neat, green things you could do with this dollhouse! It would be cool to use it as a teaching tool for children on the importance of being green and how to do so.
    Some ideas..
    You could have a program so that the child could start their own simple seeds on the roof of the garden and learn how to take care of them.
    I think solar power would be really great to incorporate, too! I remember having a book that lit up when I would leave it under the light when I was a kid. Something like that, so they could see the direct correlation between sunlight hitting the house and a few appliances or lights turning on in the house.
    Along with the seed starting idea..any water run off that the child uses to water the rooftop garden, could be stored to use the next time!

    I would REALLY love to see these features incorporated into my life size house someday! But for now, I could settle with a doll house sized house 😛

  169. jadcock says:

    Geothermal, rain barrels, solar panels, low-e windows!

  170. MamaKs says:

    our green house would have solar heated radiant under-flooring, and floors made of salvaged fir from our cities many old industrial buildings. someday….

  171. lchesnutt says:

    Upcycled discontinued finishes from interior designers’ sample libraries.

  172. casey ankers says:

    my dream (doll) house would have a cellar for food storage, and a greywater recyling system.

  173. Anonymous says:

    I’d like to see a rainwater gardening system with fruit and nut trees, root vegetables, spices, etc.

  174. walterharold says:

    I’d like to see a rainwater gardening system with fruit and nut trees, root vegetables, spices, etc.

  175. lalaklass says:

    a green roof for sure

  176. walterharold says:

    a raingarden

  177. samperforms says:

    tankless water heater (like my mom’s real house) and solar panels

  178. Arturo says:

    I would include an smart system to optimize the systems including temperature, water consumption, lights use, etc. I want the house to help me to do it best so I can enjoy it and not have to be concern for the operational details such as going around turning on/off lights, ac/heat, putting blinds up/down, etc

  179. ksd says:

    Living in Florida and in an urban neighborhood, we want to add rainwater harvesting features to our property. We have a cistern planned; will go in when we can finally be able to renovate and add to our little house.

  180. sfinzi says:

    I would like to have a water recycling system and solar energy panels in my dream home, for me and my little baby boy.

  181. jennyh says:

    I would agree with the majority and say solar panels.

  182. strivingforsunshine says:

    My dream house would have a deliberate connections from the kitchen to the garden, (i.e. composting system), and chickens.

  183. Anonymous says:

    I earned a scholarship to attend a course in sustainability at a sustainable school in the Bahamas that was self-sustaining, from solar and wind power, to composting, gardening, making their own fuel, cisterns built below to collect rain water for all water needs, being conscious about waste, consumption, and use. This was a great experience. This would be my ideal way of living. This event pushed me farther into thinking about sustainable living, and I would love to own a doll house to share this kind of living with my daughter. The green design features that my dream dollhouse (or full-size house) would include are solar energy, other self-sustaining features as above, as well as sustainable and healthy materials. We are looking into these for our home, and we continue to work on achieving the rest slowly, as we change habits as well.

  184. kazahn says:

    I would add a functional rain collection and recovery system. kids love to play with water!

  185. alessandra says:

    solar panels, rain garden, water recycling system, sustainable materials, upcycled furniture, second hand, handmade, organic.
    What a dream house this is….
    thank you!

  186. christinasng says:

    Solar panels for my dream dollhouse.

    Solar panels, rainwater recycling, a large airwell to keep the home cool in the centre, and a roof garden where I can grow vegetables and herbs for my real house.

  187. midmodmom63 says:

    This dollhouse is so cool! What a great way to teach your kids about the aesthetics of modern design and benefits of green living — something that is a challenge living here in traditional, behind-the-times Baton Rouge, LA! I would love to see solar panels, a rooftop garden, compost and recycling bins, greywater recycling, a place to plug in an electric car, radiant floor heat, recycled and salvaged materials to add a little wabi-sabi-ness to the modern/new feel, like antique cypress beams or old barn wood and recycled glass and cement countertops. My green modern house would include lots of art by local artists and huge glass Nana walls for indoor/outdoor living.

  188. intralude says:

    My dream dollhouse would have an indoor pool heated with solar panels, and a huge tree growing inside their room that kids could climb, or swing from. I also love the look of eco-friendly furniture. Bamboo and green leaves. Maybe even a pond with fish inside. Okay, so these are crazy ideas, but if we’re dreaming, dream big!

  189. aimeeluna says:

    Greywater system, solar panels, composting system,hmmm…. what else can one dream up?

  190. awineberg says:

    So many of the comments above echo my own, but while I’m dreaming about my ideal house it would be entirely self-sufficient (energy generation and water recycling system) with an indoor garden able to provide year-long produce; green-landscaping (almost there already but there is need for improvement); open floor design meant to maximize energy efficiency and provide plenty of room for my daughter to play with her new dollhouse (hopefully); and my sweet family around me playing and enjoying one another. If I can’t make all of that happen at my real home, I would love to have a dollhouse with all of the same features!

  191. mytmich says:

    I wish they made doll houses like this when I was a child. It truly is a dream house and the fact that it is eco sustainable is even better. This is a house that I could actually play with my children about and educate them about some of the things we talk about and people can do in their homes. I would love to have the newer eco toilets that have solar energy throughout and 2 buttons for flushing urine and bm, so that we are not wasting so many gallons of water. Recycled materials for counter tops and bamboo floors, etc.

  192. DEBIJOT says:

    newsletter subscriber

  193. DEBIJOT says:

    my house would have solar panels.

  194. DEBIJOT says:

    like you on fb – deborah t

  195. baconluv says:

    Solar powered lighting and a tree house made from reclaimed materials 🙂

  196. actpeace says:

    green roof garden with rainwater harvest system

  197. tiffanyalix says:

    a mini compost tumbler and rainwater collector!

  198. asdrexler says:

    a geothermal pump! that is asking for a lot, but it would be so cool!

  199. mmeoiseau says:

    geothermal heating!

  200. s0t2419 says:

    my dream dollhouse (and real house) would be completely constructed from reclaimed and recycled materials as much as possible. i love the idea and the look!

  201. eveneoyy says:

    please come to take a look at this amazing good web-site

  202. hunkydory says:

    My dream house would have solar panels, a composting toilet, and one of those walls that stores heat and releases it at night.

  203. Holly S. says:

    1. I subscribe to your newsletter
    2. I like you on FB as Holly Storm-Burge
    3. My dream house would be completely powered by solar energy. Thanks!

  204. pamplemousse says:

    My dream house would have solar panels and be built of eco-friendly materials.

  205. sadie says:

    my doll house letter box would have a no junkmail sticker 🙂 to cut back on paper manufacture and save some doll house world trees!!

  206. minihouse1028 says:

    I woud love a house with solar panels or one built just like the Emerson! It’s just beautiful.

  207. NikkiDee says:

    This is the most amazing dollhouse I’ve ever seen. I’d love to play with this…uh, with my kids, of course. 😉

  208. Teresa Beechie says:

    My dollhouse would have a greenhouse garden

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