LAST CHANCE TO ENTER: Win a 40-Piece Tegu Magnetic Wooden Building Block Explorer Set Worth $125!

It’s no secret that we’re huge fans of eco-friendly Tegu blocks, so we’re super-excited to participate in  the Tegu Summer Building Contest in celebration of the new Endeavor and Explorer Sets. You can see our cool creation after the jump and vote for us at Tegu’s blog. What’s in it for you? The chance to win an awesome 40-piece Explorer Set worth $125 for you and your child! The magnetic wooden block set offers endless building possibilities thanks to their awesome hidden magnetic powers. The new 40- piece Explorer and 22-piece Endeavor sets include five new shapes and sizes, including cool angled pieces and mega-planks, to help you build bigger and better structures. Right now you can snag your own set for a steal even if you don’t win the giveaway. Inhabitots readers can get 20% off Tegu using the discount code TEGUINHABITOTS. Keep reading to find out how easy it is to win!

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Here’s how to enter to win a Tegu 40-piece Explorer Set worth $125! 

**We’re sorry but this giveaway is now closed to new entrants.**

It’s as easy as 1-2-3!

1) Vote for your favorite blogger creation by commenting on Tegu’s blog post of all the Summer Building Contest entries. Be sure to include your email address and “” in the corresponding fields when leaving your comment. You don’t have to vote for Inhabitots, but we sure would appreciate your vote!

2) Sign up for our weekly newsletter (if you haven’t already!).

3) Add a comment to this post with your answer to the following question: What would you build with Tegu magnetic wooden building blocks?  NOTE: Please be patient – comments don’t appear instantly because they must be approved.

Contest ends July 3, 2012 at 11:59 pm. Open to US residents only. Winner will be announced in our newsletter on Friday, July 6, 2012. Good luck!

+ Explorer Set $125.00

+ Endeavor Set $60.00

+ Tegu (get 20% off with code TEGUINHABITOTS)

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81 Responses to “LAST CHANCE TO ENTER: Win a 40-Piece Tegu Magnetic Wooden Building Block Explorer Set Worth $125!”

  1. brianfabella says:

    What would I build with Tegu magnetic wooden building blocks? My Answer: Together, my daughter and I would help to build a better world.

  2. nicci says:

    Oooooh soooo cool! I’d build toddler would love this!

  3. isela says:

    I would build fort for my boys to play with all their super heroes!! 🙂 They would be sooo happy!

  4. JacquiLipson says:

    A scene from the movie Jaws

  5. paulsonclan says:

    I’m pretty sure my kids would use these amazing blocks to build an endless variety of robots. Too cool.

  6. poisonivy says:

    With my sons help, I am sure we would be building some really cool trains.

  7. aahaft says:

    we would build a spaceship

  8. RachelDawn says:

    I’d help my 2 year old build a tunnel! It’s his favorite word and thing to drive through right now.

  9. mnyoung says:

    We’d probably make lots of cities for the trains and cars to go through 🙂

  10. lacelk says:

    we build robots with our tegus

  11. amy9777 says:

    I would build a town for my toddler’s train table!

  12. Linnea says:

    Love these! My boys and I would spend many hours creating castles, boats, vehicles, monsters … the possibilities are endless!

  13. Jrech says:

    I would at least try to build some gort of garden windmill.

  14. kelliegreene says:

    My sons and I would like to try and build a model of our own house! It would turn out to be something fun 🙂

  15. Romina says:

    My son and I would build a pirate ship, a garage for his toy trucks, or whatever he’s in the mood for.

  16. mommapie says:

    Oh my gosh we’ve been itching to buy these so getting them as a gift would be WONDERFUL. I’m envisioning lots of hide outs for all the kids little wooden horses and cows (starting small and all, 2 and 4 year old here!)

  17. mantousmom says:

    We’d build a city including cars and trains

  18. spaderader says:

    Voted, subscribed and I would probably build either a princess castle for my daughter or a truck garage for my son!

  19. Jodeit says:

    When I was a kid it was always ramps for cars, but now something for my 1 yr old to lmpck down

  20. jodeit says:

    I’ll build something that I’m sure my 1 yr old will take joy in destroying..

  21. KeyWester says:

    We would build flowers and towers and animals and robots and fun structures to knock down with my 8 month old! Such cool blocks! : )

  22. curtis206 says:

    I would build a model house.

  23. wigget says:

    i’d build a building

  24. artlibrarian says:

    I’d help my daughters build castles, girls, and animals!

  25. teawithtori says:

    I would build a laser-train-robot with my 3 year old. ; )

  26. dahlbys says:

    I would build a tower for my daughter to knock down!

  27. cacampora says:

    “What would you build with Tegu magnetic wooden building blocks?” Tegu-henge! Love, love, love to build and explore shapes and patterns!

  28. Chiro says:

    I’d build a toy house for my daughter’s “amimals”

  29. global_lizok says:

    I would give the Tegu set to my best friend’s 2,5 yr old son, Leo! He would probably make a musical instrument – he has been loving his dad’s piano, and drums, and even a little wooden flute. He also loves natural materials – he has a wooden toys, but none of them are cool enough to stick together! 🙂

  30. dianez says:

    I’d try building a race track because my little girl loves playing with cars.

  31. mcrose says:

    My girls would love love LOVE to win some Tegu blocks! They’d probably first want to build a robot… or a dog… or a robot dog, lol. Fingers crossed, thanks for the chance!!!!!

  32. Bunny says:

    We would probably build a few airplanes and helicopters.

  33. Beth E says:

    I would build a castle with my son.

  34. Contempt says:

    My kids and I would build a large car, like the small ones they make with the tegu travel set I got them

  35. flbyu says:

    we would build a planter of some sort and plant something beautiful in it……… or a giant Butterfly

  36. andyinmco says:

    I’m function over form so I would build something usable; vase, bowl, picture frame, etc…..

  37. vegmamma says:

    Hi, Our two sons are builders deluxe…These Tegu Magnetic Blocks would be fun
    as a family building project, using imagination and team work…
    I voted for you and subscribe to your newsletter…
    Many thanks, Cindi

  38. beckyjsc says:

    Oh my gosh – I have voted and subscribed – now just have to wait and see what my Grand daughters would love to build! They would build Flowers and Princess Castles! and Gma would love it!

  39. Vickie Fry says:

    These are cool. We’d be building some action figures, Superman, Batman. Maybe even some dinosaurs.

  40. alealani says:

    I would build a bridge, because with Tegu it would be easy! I don’t need an engineering degree for that. I wish it could span the Pacific so it would be easier to visit friends and family!

  41. monstermommy says:

    Ha! I would build Magneto!!!

  42. nycmama says:

    Voted and signed up! We would build cars, bridges and castles– hours of fun!

  43. adellag1970 says:

    I would build a nice little fort or something so I can place my boyfriends lego men/ and/or action figures in it.He’s a collector so…I think it would be cute.

  44. sta27 says:

    My niece and I would build a picture frame for her artwork.

  45. katharina777 says:

    What would we build with Tegu magnetic blocks? My kids would take them and start building and while they are building ideas change … there would be space ships and fairy homes, stars and towers, doll house furniture and marble runways … endless opportunity 🙂

  46. alyssab1 says:

    My son and I would build entire cities with these blocks. He would also make solar-powered cars, he loves alternative energy.

  47. Daaron says:

    I’d love to use Tegu blocks to introduce my two small kids to architecture & design!

  48. AllisonG says:

    I think a flock of magnetic birds, if I could figure it out!

  49. tigger27_27 says:

    i would build the eiffel tower

  50. TheMorningLine says:

    The kids at my daycare center would build all sorts of forts, castles, and cars with these!

  51. TracyJacks says:

    I would build a tall tower for my little one to knock down!

  52. DeftonesGirly says:

    I can already picture my son building something to destroy with his angry birds!

  53. Andrea Schpok says:

    My son loves to get help building houses for all his toy animals. These would be perfect for the job!

  54. angmck says:

    I would definitely build a train for my daughter for her Gabba dolls to ride, she’s always looking for things for them to ride! 🙂

  55. genevieve says:

    If I know my son he would build a tow truck towing a car!

  56. Neens1978 says:

    My kids would build runs they are future engineers!! 🙂

  57. maruchi says:

    They are so great I would probably not be able to build just one thing!!!

  58. akcoombs says:

    I would totally build a doll house!!! I’d also love to have them in my classroom for my students to explore!!!

  59. megerber says:

    My son and I would build something at the end of each day expression the day or what we want from the next day.

  60. Cuttingn says:

    What ever my son thinks up. He has the coolest ideas, thankfully I’m an engineer.

  61. marika says:

    i’d build a future village!

  62. cposen says:

    I’d build so many things with my kids! mostly towers though

  63. KismetUnleashed says:

    I have done 1 and 2, here is 3 – my fellas love making hearts and peace signs, I am quite sure this is what our blocks would be transformed into!

  64. Janine says:

    My son & I would build a space castle for our plasticine alien creatures!!!

  65. Grethe Croft says:

    I would build a rocket ship with my son and see his face light up when the blocks don’t fall apart and he cant actually play with what he built!

  66. mom-2-3 says:

    I would let my 9 year old and 10 month old loose to see what their creative minds come up with. 🙂

  67. ReesieD says:

    My husband (an architect) would teach my toddler how to make buildings, I’m sure… 🙂

  68. annagh says:

    My four year old son would build a hospital for his spiderman with a broken leg!

  69. Sam Iam says:

    I would build faerie houses

  70. sboyd says:

    We will build a skyscraper with solar panels, windturbines and a green roof.

  71. klezmer41 says:

    It doesn’t matter what I build, my 8 month old will destroy it! This is why we can’t have anything nice!

  72. DantesSock says:

    What would I build? Whatever I wanted, lol!! The absolutely incredible advantage of Tegu is that one is only limited by one’s imagination! I suspect my daughter and I could therefore invent a million amazing creations (although, I have to admit that I am partial to animal abstracts)!

  73. chapangilinan says:

    I would build buildings and bridges…and many more!

  74. bsimpson says:

    We would build a large castle for mario to defeat bowser in.

  75. landfjacobson says:

    I would make buildings with Carter…a bowling alley that he could roll his little balls down a pretend little bowling lane! He is in LOVE with bowling! Too bad he is too little for those big bowling balls…but soon!!!

  76. ksontag says:

    I will use them to bond with and teach my future children 🙂

  77. Valarie says:

    I asked my 3 year old and he says “a giant potatoe that can transform into anything” so that’s what we would build first at least

  78. adwilmom says:

    I would build airplanes with my daughter

  79. mariotariq says:

    My two boys build all things castles. It would be so great to do it with these wooden blocks rather than legos!

  80. inhislight07 says:

    I would make a volcano out of it. Somehow someway!

  81. brolandsmom says:

    Baby boy and I would build a big water vessel of some sort: a pirate ship or a sailboat!

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