LAST CHANCE TO ENTER: Win A Pair of Wawabots Personalized Water Bottles – 4 Chances to Win!

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What better way to get your child excited about drinking from a reusable water bottle than by giving him one personalized with his own photo? Wawabots makes it easy to add a photo, graphics, and text like your child’s name to a 20-ounce BPA-free stainless steel water bottle. Simply choose a design, upload photos from your computer, Facebook, Flickr, SmugMug or Picasa, add text, order and present to your now ecstatic kid. With Wawabots water bottles, we also love that while at school, camp, or anywhere, your child will always know which bottle is his. Lucky for you, Wawabots is giving away two personalized BPA-free kids water bottles to four different winners. Comment to enter – find out more after the jump.

Wawabots, stainless steel water bottle, bpa free, Stainless Steel Drink Bottle, customizable drink bottle, customizable water bottle, photo drink bottle, photo water bottles, personalized water bottle, personalized stainless steel drink bottle, bpa-free water bottle, sustainable water bottle, kids water bottle, recyclable water bottle, reusable water bottle, stainless steel water bottle, kids waterbottle, wawabots bottle, wawabots water bottle, bpa-free bottles

Here’s how to enter to win 2 Wawabots Water Bottles worth $39.98! Four will win!

1) Sign up for our weekly newsletter (if you haven’t already!). We’ll be notifying the winner in our newsletter – so you need to sign up and receive our newsletter to find out if you have won.

2) Add a comment to this post with your answer to the following question: How would you personalize your Wawabots water bottle? (extra points for creative answers!) Please be patient – comments don’t appear instantly because they must be approved.

Contest ends Wednesday, December 14th, 2011 at 12 midnight EST. Open to US residents only. Winner will be announced in the following week’s newsletter! Good luck!

+ Personalized Stainless Steel Water Bottle $19.99 each

+ Wawabots

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95 Responses to “LAST CHANCE TO ENTER: Win A Pair of Wawabots Personalized Water Bottles – 4 Chances to Win!”

  1. Dr.X says:

    These are very cool!

  2. Yuka Yoneda says:

    I would like mine to say “Vodka.”

  3. ecodddad says:

    I want one to say 2Legit, and the other 2Quit. One for me one for my son

  4. jessicadailey says:

    What a great gift idea!

  5. mrsvelez says:

    I would love to get one for my son with his picture and “Happy 3rd Birthday!” and one for my husband saying “keep going!” for when he’s working out.

  6. iamthelab says:

    I would put ‘Get Your’ on one and ‘Hands Off’ on the other.

  7. Tafline Laylin says:

    I love it, but I know my photo won’t be as cute as Petey’s!

  8. midi1 says:

    I would put some of my art on it with my daughter’s pictures on them too.

  9. echomyst says:

    A picture of our toddler drinking from a water bottle, maybe 🙂

  10. MamawDebbie says:

    I would have my Littlest grandson’s picture on it with his name and “40 Hours” put on it. My son says watching him is doing 40 hours a day. He would love it.

  11. dorothyhyphen says:

    I’d have one of my digital scrapbook pages put on it complete with my daughter’s face and her name. We had a problem with water bottles vanishing at camp. If it’s got her name AND face on it, there would be absolutely no mistaking it for anyone else’s.

  12. jessicadailey says:

    I would put a picture of me and my sisters and give it to my mom for Christmas!

  13. Kestrel Jenkins says:

    this is so much fun!

  14. nicoleabene says:

    I”d put a cute photo of my niece on the bottle for her grandma & her grandpa. They’d bring it everywhere to show off the photo to all of their friends and would stop buying plastic bottles!

  15. lonehill says:

    pick me! pick me! mine would have my name on it, so no one would steal it.

  16. Jay Day says:

    I would put a picture of precious little kitten, Milo.

  17. isabella946 says:

    I would put cute pictures of my puppy to cheer me up everytime i took a sip!

  18. mrbarks says:

    we have a great family emblem that’s been around for generations – i’d definitely print it on the bottle to make it a keepsake!

  19. dolores123 says:

    Well, I don’t have a kid, but this would be great for toting water around for my dog on me on long walks. would love to put a pic of him on there!

  20. Yuka Yoneda says:

    Aww 2legit 2quit is kind of awesome

  21. NoemiV says:

    I would write “Save the Planet, don’t buy plastic Bottles” and “I’m ecologic and keep water fresh”

  22. kdj617 says:

    Shaken Not Stirred

  23. CatS says:

    When I win the bottles – I plan to put the portraits of the 2012 winners of our local Soroptimist club’s grant programs on the bottles and give them as gifts to the ladies. The professional one-to-one portrait sessions are donated annually by a local woman photographer as part of the gift package donations from local merchants. We celebrate young women for their volunteer efforts, women in need who are improving their lives, successful women helping other women, and women of the past who greatly impacted our community. Now that’s something wonderful to put in your bottle and drink up!

  24. arachnoid says:

    Id have them labelled “Caution Radioactive substance” with appropriate signage that way no one else would drink it but me 😀

  25. C123 says:

    A photo of my dachshund would fit nicely along the length of the bottle!

  26. cryonyx says:

    A picture of my daughter would be cute but then she’d insist the water battle belonged to her. Might need to work up a tesselated recycle symbol or something.

  27. bluecshells says:

    My choice is:

  28. CatS says:

    When i win the bottles i would print the portraits of our local Soroptimist club’s beautiful women grant winners on them. then I would give them to the ladies as part of their special gift package which includes a private one-to-one professional portrait sitting with a local professional woman photographer. Now that’s worth puttin’ on your bottle and drinkin’ from it!

  29. bluecshells says:

    I’d like mine to say “END FRACKING EVERYWHERE NOW”

  30. slsoleo says:

    I’d print facts about the escalating global water crisis on the bottles, to remind us what a gift it is to drink delicious, free, healthy water. Such as: Nearly one billion people lack access to safe water.
    Or, the Ancient Romans had better water quality than half the people alive today.

  31. jetgraphics says:

    I want a photograph of a train, with “Get Back on Track!”

  32. stezbot says:

    As they are kids bottles, I would personalise them with a photo of my nephews on each. I want to teach them about sustainability but not in a pushy way, so something as simple as their own water bottle (or I guess juice too) would be something special for them. I can imagine the photos as well – pen on the face, and a santa costume.

  33. amandacoen says:

    wow! wish i could win one of these!

  34. Erica Romeo says:

    My neice is trying on green living (as well as vegetarianism) as one of her many pre-adult choices of who she will be one day. She joined the Green Team at school, gave up meat, and would just LOVE to see her face on a bottle she could attach to her backpack! I would REALLY love to win these!

  35. kbpepper says:

    i would have one with a sun bursting through a rain cloud and the other with a picture this wonderful artwork my friend Sam Romero made entitled Bucket Knight but was unfortunately stolen from an independent Art House gallery showing.

  36. amandacoen says:

    wow! wish i could win one of these.

  37. vegmamma says:

    These bottles are fabulous! I adore the “Ladybug” Water Bottle and would gift
    it to my best friend. She is under going treatment for breast cancer and collect
    all things ladybugs…I would have it say “Survivor!”
    I am a subscriber to your site.
    Many thanks, Cindi

  38. ASSessions says:

    I would put my blog logo on it and advertise!

  39. torimichel says:

    I’d probably make a “grandma” one for my mother with a picture of my son and an “I heart Grandma” on it. The other one I would put something like “your wife loves you” in Binary code for my husband… it’d be a lot of 0’s and 1’s, but only he would know what it said 🙂

  40. theemilytree says:

    I would photoshop an image of my daughter and her cat, Chairman Meow, holding hands. Hopefully I could repeat the image around the bottle. She would crack up.

  41. heatherspeaks493 says:

    I would use a work of art created by my daughter. I would scan the drawing and save it as a jpeg. I’d use that for the personalized design.

  42. jmichellethrasher says:

    I would personalize one for each of my girls for school. I’d have their names (Heaven and Cadance) and a photo of their choice.

  43. joshuart says:

    I’d have a couple of my Blue Ridge Mountainscapes printed on the bottles

  44. angrylittleowl says:

    Well, it’s totally unoriginal, but I would put a picture of my son on both bottles with the phrase “Odin loves you” and gift one to each set of his grandparents for Christmas. Then I’ll probably have to buy some for his aunt & uncles and one each for myself & his father so we can fondly look back on these days of adoration once he becomes an angsty teenager who wants nothing to do with us…sigh…

  45. Ms.YK says:

    If I won these bottles, I would put a line drawing I made of Aesop with the text “Anything is Possible”

  46. eseberg says:

    Well, I’d have to check with my wife to see which of the nieces or nephews pics we would put on them.

  47. eseberg says:

    I would have to check with my wife to see which nieces/nephews she would want to send one to.

  48. sandyzum says:

    I would use some photos I took of palm trees last weekend.

  49. sovereign.neo says:

    I would scan mine and my daughter’s hands and use GIMP to isolate the fingerprints and grooves in each, then convert it to black & white. That way whenever we held the bottles it’d be like holding hands with each other no matter where we were.

  50. amanda alvarado says:

    I would put some of my daughter’s “art” on it along with a pic of her as a baby and her now as a 4 yo! Oh and I’m already subscribed to your newsletter.

  51. amanda alvarado says:

    Ok I’m not sure if my last post posted becasue I accidently hit a link and was taken away from this page. I would put pictures of my daughter’s “art” and a picture of her as a baby and one of her now at 4 yo on the bottle. I also am subscribed to your newsletter.

  52. plwoods says:

    I would love to win one of these for my family!

  53. odessa10 says:

    I would put my pic on 1 and my dog’s pic on the other. We both need water on our long walks to stay healthy!

  54. jennipugh says:

    I think I would want one with a pink and purple owl on it with my name, and then a picture of my daughter on the other with her name in some really girly font.

  55. rainemarie says:

    I think I would let them color something about what being “green” means to them & using that picture for the design 🙂

  56. aperry says:

    Modern hippy

    Owen the great

    pictures on both

  57. szuklich says:

    i would def put the kiddos on one for my in-laws… and the dogs on the other for my hubby! thanks for the chance to win!!!

  58. notwist says:

    I would like it soaked in wrinkled, black leather, with bunch of studs here and there (so they leave space exactly for the hand-shape), and with the oldschool cork plug.

  59. bison61 says:

    I would put a pic of a bison-local college mascot

  60. TaraR says:

    I know exactly what I would put! Either my kids screaming or my favorite funny saying…

    “I play with my prey”

  61. myboysmom says:

    I would love to put “Yes, I do bite”

  62. celestialbeing says:

    It would say “Thirst for Life, quest for fun, love for earth” on each bottle, each one would have a picture of my kid ( one girl, one boy) doing one of their favorite outdoor activity.

  63. Celestinabeana says:

    It would say “Thirst for Life, quest for fun, love for earth” on each bottle, each one would have a picture of my kid ( one girl, one boy) doing one of their favorite outdoor activity.

  64. NZBigAl says:

    A background of water droplets with the word rehydrate would be one way to decorate my bottles.

  65. NZBigAl says:

    A background of water droplets with the word rehydrate on one and a pic of my dog on a background of the waves on the other

  66. mantousmom says:

    My son laughs at his picture of him in his Halloween costume so I would put that picture on one of them. Maybe add some text about “Lost Dino, Return if found”

  67. ecolect says:

    photo of water with my 3 year old grandson swimming in it…. and ice cubes floating in it too.

  68. greenmomali says:

    my son is lego-crazy now so i would photoshop a picture of his face onto a lego man. i think he would love it! on the other one i’d probably do the same thing with my hubby’s face! he would love it just as much as my son. 🙂

  69. aahaft says:

    I would have to add the first initial of my twins first names since thats the only letter they recognize and my son would want a train and my daughter would want a crown

  70. IMIS says:

    I would place my pet bird’s picture on it. That way she would know which bottle is hers, and then she wouldn’t drink out of mine by mistake any longer!

  71. mikivanmom says:

    I asked the kids what they would put on their water bottles. They said that they would put their name and picture and the text “do not mess with my water bottle!”. They said they thought that would help others not to mess with THEIR water bottle. 😉

  72. Radiosthesia says:

    I would simply use 2 of my current favorite photos. Simple, but a great conversation piece!

  73. thickasapost says:

    I would use the design from a Minoan jar of approximately 1500 B.C. witha handsome sprawling octopus with waving tentacles. My children are now grown up so I would use the bottle myself for packed lunches and I would always have a story to tell when people admired the design.

  74. thickasapost says:

    I would use the design from a Minoar jar of approx 1500 B.C. showing a most handsome octopus with waving tentacles. My children are too old to need a waterbottle so I shall use it myself and when others admire the design I shall always have a story to tell them.

  75. i’m a newsletter subscriber. i’d love to have one with my kids picture on it! Thanks for the chance! enchantedtree(at)

  76. jennifer57 says:

    i would let my kids decide

  77. amhsmc says:

    I would use the print area to make the bottle look like a building of my design. It’ll most likely be a postmodern design, given the shape of the bottle. The other bottle I would let either my little sister or girlfriend decide, though knowing them they might decide on the same thing.

  78. arummel says:

    On one I would put a stylized image of the golden spiral ( and on the other in nice script I would put s “from so simple a beginning, endless forms most beautiful.”

  79. TheLion says:

    The heading: “Protecting those who cannot protect themselves”
    The picture: the Hindu lion god, Lord Nrasimha

    read the story, it is one of my favs!

  80. elizabethlameman says:

    My three and a half year old is attached to two things–his hand-me-down computer and his stainless steel water bottle (because it’s the only drink container I’ll let him have at the desk, lest he spill anything all over the keyboard in his excitement playing games). His absolutely favorite game is Minecraft, which is pretty much like LEGOs, but you can fly. I would make him a themed set of Wawabots personalized water bottles based on Minecraft–a creeper and a grass land cube, since those are his favorites.

  81. qtpiejenn says:

    I would put a photo of me running my marathon on one and a picture of my adorable niece Scarlett on the other. 🙂

  82. urbanegypsy says:

    Everyone would know which was my bottle and which belonged to Mio (my beloved significant other). His: “This is Not Your Wawabottle.” Mine: “Holy Water — Redeems Parched Sinners.” Both complete with kitch artwork & graphics.

  83. lauramint says:

    I would put the logo and name of the new eco-friendly event planning business that my girlfriend and I just started, Mint Events Hawaii. We could both bring our bottles to every meeting/event and show clients
    how they can get personalized bottles for favors/prizes with their logo/company name right on it!

  84. loriczimmer says:

    I’d put a picture of a plastic cup with a straw on it- the one i saved from the recycle bin/landfill

  85. toyacoyah says:

    Our last name is Brown, so I’d probably write “Brown goes Green”! 🙂

  86. diedrak says:


  87. socalmommy says:

    I’d have my cuties’ handprints on them in different colors, with the caption, “Hands off, please” 🙂

  88. KarenFor Solar-Breeze says:

    I would add the saying: “I used to think Someone should do something about that. Then I remembered that I am Someone.”

  89. jennybgood says:

    These are great! I would put names and pictures of the kids to label their water bottles.

  90. JL says:

    We’ve been looking for BPA free reusable bottles to replace our plastic and BPA-lined metal bottles. We love the idea of personalizing it with the artwork our son did to celebrate Earth Day.

  91. Melelina says:

    I would add a citation by the Dalai Lama!

  92. AllisonG says:

    I’d add my kid’s picture or some of his “artwork”. (He’s only 7 months – we’re still working on how to do art.)

  93. kikaibear says:

    I would personalize one with GO GREEN and the other RECYCLE the one that says GO GREEN would have my youngest wearing his favorite color GREEN the recycle would have a picture of my twins they’re symbolic for recycling! LOL! Good luck I hope I get these would be cute! 🙂

  94. ethoma1 says:

    I’d print ‘stolen from Eric’ on one and ‘stolen from Dawn’ on the other.

  95. blaqqstarr says:

    I Would have one bottle for me that was coverd in a whole bunch of words that said things like recycle, healp the world, etc. For my son i would have his bottle say ” I care about the world to”.

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