Fire Department To Host ‘Squirrel Slam’ Killing Spree As A “Fun” Family Event – Sign A Petition To Protest

squirrel killing, squirrel slam, wildlife slam, wildlife killing, kids and guns, gun violence, animal violence, teaching kids violence

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I don’t know about you, but when I was a kid, my idea of having fun with squirrels was to go to the park and feed them. However, times have changed, because now, a day of massive squirrel slaughtering is apparently what qualifies for good old family fun. A fire department in Holley, New York is sponsoring a mass killing of squirrels on February 16th, 2013. Worse, this event is in its 7th year. Double worse, Google “squirrel slam” and you’ll find that this sort of festivity is not so unique after all. Triple worse, this year, the Holley fire department has included a brand new 14 years and under prize category, because even young children deserve to have fun shooting small animals, right? Not only does a ‘squirrel slam’ send an incredibly poor message to kids about killing animals for no apparent reason — but considering the sort of gun violence we’ve seen in this country lately, is shooting really the best family activity? Keep reading to learn how you can protest this event.

squirrel killing, squirrel slam, wildlife slam, wildlife killing, kids and guns, gun violence, animal violence, teaching kids violence

Monetizing the murdering spree, the Holley fire department is offering big cash prizes for kids and adults as a reward for sacking the best, biggest and heaviest squirrels. In fact, there’s even a special cash prize for whomever kills the worst squirrel. We need to really think about what this sort of barbaric behavior teaches our kids:

  • Killing is great — and you can even win money for doing so.
  • Killing small animals for sport is not only acceptable, but fun.
  • Killing and suffering are acceptable behaviors to encourage.

In addition to the above, this event places firemen, who are revered as heroes in our society, in an incredibly unfavorable light. It’s unbelievable that any county officials would encourage kids and families to kill like this. Now, here’s what you can you do to stop events of this nature:

  • Obviously, don’t attend horrific events like this and don’t support companies, local stores and other businesses who do support killing events. Of course, if you’d like to attend in protest that’s a good idea, but considering that guns are part of the day, I would not take your young kids to a protest like this.
  • has a petition you can sign to stop this particular squirrel slam, but be aware, this is not the only event of its kind. There’s also a Facebook protest page for this specific event.
  • Get informed. The Humane Society has a “Stop Wildlife Killing Contests” page where they note, “Contest kills are a shameful activity disguised as wildlife management.” They offer resources and facts about events like this that can help you learn, protest and get involved.
  • Consider writing the editor of local papers and magazines in areas that sponsor wildlife killing events and tell them what you think. Better yet, contact the Mayor or boards and committees of towns sponsoring events. Here’s Holley, NY’s homepage.
  • According to the Humane Society, “Public outcry from the local citizens” and “Educating people about the suffering of animals, while encouraging them to stop patronizing any place that promotes contest killing” are two of the best ways to protest events like this.
  • Learn how to speak up for better gun control laws.

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18 Responses to “Fire Department To Host ‘Squirrel Slam’ Killing Spree As A “Fun” Family Event – Sign A Petition To Protest”

  1. drew powers says:


  2. Robin Boynton says:

    Please stop this event … this is going backward in human(e) thinking, not forward. Thank you.

  3. MH says:

    Life is ALL its forms is sacred. Values of VIOLENCE are taught through this type of actions: stop the needless violence.

  4. Dilek Atik says:

    What the Is this a joke? These people should be punished!!!!!!

  5. Julie Gallagher says:

    Thank you for this article Jennifer. If you are reading this post and would like to do something to help, please sign both of these petitions: and The first one is mine and the other one is by Hands4Paws. We are working together now to STOP the unnecessary killing. PLEASE BEWARE there are also 2 petitions by some kids in Holley that are trying to STOP our petitions by stating— “this is a legal event. it helps the local fire department and it is a tradition. furthermore it teaches kids participating good morals ethics and hunting tactics. the stop the squirrel slam petition was created by people that have no place in ruining a legal, fun ,and great event”

    We are grateful to all the animal advocates out there who are helping us and we also ask you to write to the governors of NY and Conn. You can find good info on our FB page: ITS TIME TO END the KILLING OF ANIMALS FOR SPORT…. IF COSTA RICA CAN DO IT SO CAN WE!

  6. Juliafurtado says:

    This is disgusting. Cruelty cannot be tolerated.

  7. tellurian says:

    UNBELIEVABLE I live in New Zealand, and even I have heard about this atrocity!, what are you teaching your children, that it is ok to kill an innocent creatures for FUN… what is wrong with you people. this is like selling cigarettes to help lung cancer research.. and you wonder why kids go to schools and kill other kids??? seriously you need to cancel this stuff.. If you think this will blow away, you are SERIOUSLY wrong… heard of facebook? well you will be plastered all over it ..

  8. DanH says:

    Thank you for helping to spread the word about this horrific event! I have also written about the squirrel slam on my blog at Please, everyone who reads this follow the links and sign the petitions, and write to the Holley Fire department at (click on the “contact us” link on the home page.

  9. papajack says:

    Thank you so much for bringing this to every ones attention.

  10. jd1994 says:

    This looks like a GREAT event. I have to say I would take my son and daughters to this…Squirrels make great stew and it would be a fun family outing. Just wish they had something like this around my home.

  11. robert hansard says:

    When will people realize cruelty is cruelty regardless of the victims species? Adults who encourage children to kill innocent little creatures are taking them in the wrong direction.

  12. Squirrelmedic says:

    JD if they were killing for actual food, that would be one thing BUT THEY ARE NOT! If you raised one, you would never want to eat them. Trust me…

  13. Eileen says:

    Stop this cruel event! It is a disgrace. And you call this fun!!! What a fine example to set our children!!

  14. Holly Gold says:

    This is cruel and disgusting. Makes me lose any lingering faith I had in the human race.

    To The Participants: I hope a squirrel bites you! 1st Annual “Squirrels Slam Back.”

  15. caroline gonot says:


  16. Annie Wilczak says:

    One of the door prizes, one of the firearms to be given away is a semi-automatic AR /22.. very similar to the AR/15 used in Sandy Hook. All it takes to make it fully automatic is to replace the stock in less than a minute…what’s more this adaption is available over the net. What sort of message are we sending to our kids?

  17. gretchen says:

    “The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated…I hold that, the more helpless a creature, the more entitled it is to protection by [people] from the cruelty of [human kind]”—Mahatma Gandhi

  18. Dina Anderson says:

    Excuse me but since when is a KILLING ritual a family and kid friendly event??? Have all the GOOD Morales gone down the drain? Why in hell would a decent intelligent loving parent want to EVER expose their child to such bloodshed? Your suppose to teach them right from wrong not promote wrong and kiling is a good way to live…I don’t know whats happened around this world anymore all I see and hear about is how many animals us Humans can off as fast as possible for money or cheap thrills or just simple lack of a animal minded control of ripping something apart. If the way of the world is to continue to kill and teach to kill and promote killing and abuse to every living creature without any remorse.. than I don’t want to live in a world like that. Might as well let the kids run loose on their own since the parents are of no help in raising them correctly but only corruptly.. 🙁

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