ENTER TO WIN: Our Disneynature’s Earth Themed Giveaway!

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To help you celebrate in eco-friendly style with the whole family this Earth Day, we’re giving away an amazing prize package inspired by a great new earth themed movie! Read on for more details and for how to enter!

Disneynature’s “Earth” is an upcoming Disney film premiering on Earth Day, April 22, 2009. This family film is narrated by James Earl Jones and follows three families of animals: whales, polar bears, and elephants, through their daily lives. Going to see this movie is one of the many fun ways you and your family can celebrate Earth Day together this year.


One lucky Inhabitots reader will win an amazing prize package courtesy of Disneynature. This Earth-branded prize pack is valued at $60, and it includes a canvas tote, a reusable grocery bag, a biodegradable tumbler, a tree seedling, and more!


1) Sign up for our newsletter.

2) Leave a comment on this post telling us how you and your family will be celebrating Earth Day 2009!


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56 Responses to “ENTER TO WIN: Our Disneynature’s Earth Themed Giveaway!”

  1. cgcyr says:

    It’s is great to see a big influence like Disney is celebrating the earth. I can’t wait to see the movie with my two girls!

  2. mverdera says:

    Earth Day Rocks! I plan on recycling like crazy and posting all my unwanted spring cleaning items on craigslist! hooray!

  3. Peggy1116 says:

    Planting trees is the way we celebrate Earth Day.

  4. tinydecor says:

    We just became members of the Minnesota Zoo and are planning to spend Earth Day there with all the animals!!!

  5. dinahsaurus says:

    I’m going to recycle our outgrown baby clothes into puppets the baby can play with.

  6. raq234 says:

    We hope to see the “Earth” film!

  7. twoundertwo says:

    I signed up for your newsletter!
    Our family will be celebrating Earth Day by turning off all the lights and tv on the 22nd…a perfect way to celebrate!

  8. megari says:

    We will celebrate by teaching my grandchildren about recycling and Earth Day, and taking them to a Goodwill store to donate the clothes we no longer use.

  9. dawns41 says:

    I subscribed and we will be spending earth day planting grapes and working in our veggie garden.

  10. fangirl says:

    We will work in our garden and do our recycling.

  11. Bonnie S says:

    We plant a tree every year on Earth Day.

  12. ydsddd says:

    we are going on a 10 mile earth day walk

  13. MONGOOSE says:

    My daughter can’t wait to see this movie! I will be working (of course) that night but we’ll be seeing the movie that weekend. She’s a big time Environmentalist at the age of 11

  14. sandy says:

    we recently had bad storms so we will be cleaning up

  15. Victoria says:

    We’re going to see this movie! Then, we’ll be planting a garden in our backyard.

  16. showbizkp says:

    We are spending Earth Day tending to our new garden!

  17. dewer421 says:

    We’ll be planting a tree and celebrating my birthday!

  18. jenndiggy says:

    We’ll make an extra trip to the recycling center!

  19. jelly15301 says:

    I subscribed thru Yahoo reader. We will be cleaning up our yard after this hard winter.

  20. ekphilli says:

    We will be planting a garden and starting a compost at our new apartment.

  21. amir_g says:

    We’re going to take the kids to our local beach and clean up what we can for Earth Day.

  22. scarlette10 says:

    Starting garden

  23. phxbne says:

    We will be going to ‘planting day’ at our 4 year old’s pre-school

  24. Brenna says:

    I am signed up for the newsletter. I hope to do some Earth Day crafts with my kiddos. They are very into “reduce, reuse, recycle” and I want to keep encouraging that.

  25. tesashel says:

    We’ll be tending our garden and hopefully planting that seedling! 🙂

  26. tatertot374 says:

    I signed up. We are planting a garden. Thank you

  27. cathirushing says:

    I think we will spend it w/ the grandkids at the zoo

  28. zmama says:

    I signed up for the newsletter! We will celebrate it with our neighbors at the Central Park Earth day celebration!!

  29. stigay says:

    This year for Earth Day we will be planting a tree. Since my daughter learns about Earth Day in school, she insists on celebrating, so we think that planting a tree and watching it grow will be a nice thing to do this year.

  30. anastasia948 says:

    We usually plant a tree where one is needed.

  31. Pat says:

    At our house we’ll celebrate Earth Day by planting a tree.

  32. bison61 says:

    I suscribed and our youth group will be picking up the trash along the highway

  33. teechbiz says:

    I’m now a subscriber. You also wanted to know what I will be doing for earth day. we will be taking part in our River Cleanup program.

  34. mogrill says:

    We will be working in community garden!
    Thanks for the chance.

  35. obailey says:

    Earth Day will be Celebrated by working out in our neighborhood to clean up trash and plant some flowers. However as a family we use everyday as Earth Day.

  36. obailey says:

    We will be helping to clean up trash along the roadside.

  37. GabrielJ says:

    We are going to clean up the municipal park!

  38. skybluefusion says:

    My family will be going to the recycling center.

  39. vandroid says:

    I’m happy I signed up for this newsletter! My husband and I will be spending our Earth Day doing mostly outdoor activities using our own body energy for entertainment instead of fossil fuel energy!

  40. lpxerosh1n0da says:

    We will be planting trees for earth day! Every little bit helps/

  41. washinbrig says:

    Our Church does a lot for earth day, they have a “green fair” lots of good products and info.

  42. Jaleigh78 says:

    We are planting a cherry tree the tree for earth day and the cherries for me HEHE

  43. bena7 says:

    We’re subscribers. We’ll be spending it starting our first veggie garden!

  44. idahomom says:

    We will be cleaning up the park. Having snow for six months really stresses the park.

  45. bscanio2 says:

    I love the totes

  46. krstrpp says:

    My family intends to spend Earth Day honoring the planet by NOT buying any unnecessary stuff. Thanks for the chance to win such a neat prize.

  47. diesel51 says:

    Cleaning up the pond behind our house.

  48. diesel51 says:

    Cleaning up the pond behind our house and recycling what we can.

  49. nesta67 says:

    We don’t have any plans yet, but seeing Disney Earth would be great!

  50. holyvataha says:

    We plan on stopping by home depot b/c i heard they are giving away free eco lightbulbs! 🙂 ahha

    we plan on jogging in the park across from our gym instead of using a treadmill!

  51. emvark says:

    Signed up for newsletter…

    For Earth Day, I’ll be out on a birdwalk helping others learn about our feathered friends and their habitats!

  52. rfrakes331k says:

    We will be planting trees in our yard. Thank you for the sweeps!

  53. LittleEagle says:

    We will be planting our vegetable garden.

  54. rlgrady says:

    My family and I are celebrating Earth Day by doing a charity walk. Thanks!

  55. lilyk says:

    We will go for a picnic in the park.

  56. mgrafx says:

    My husband and I just planted a victory garden so we can make our own baby food. These items would compliment our current theme.

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