LAST CHANCE TO ENTER TO WIN: A Lotus Travel Crib & Portable Play Yard Worth $200!

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ENDING TONIGHT AT MIDNIGHT! Be sure to enter for a chance to win this fabulous crib!

Getting out and about with your baby can be a tall order — but what if you could easily tote a travel crib and portable play yard in a backpack, so your little one has a cozy haven to sleep and play in, wherever life takes you? The new Lotus Travel Crib from Guava Family is a dream come true for parents. Weighing a mere 11 pounds and boasting a set-up time of less than 15 seconds due to its innovative, intuitive design (it practically ‘blossoms’ open, like a lotus flower), this ‘everywhere’ crib is compact and light enough to carry-on an airplane, or to take to grandma’s house, a friend’s dinner party, or virtually anywhere you need a pop-up refuge for your child. Designed for children ages 0-3, The Lotus Crib also features an ingenious side door that zips open and shut to be used for a variety of purposes. Mom can nurse baby in the crib, or dad can rock him to sleep, and then make a stealth exit through the opening before zipping it shut. When used as a play yard, older tots won’t feel imprisoned — they’ll see the Lotus as more of a special playhouse they may enter and exit freely.

In addition to its sleek and modern, aesthetically pleasing design, the Lotus Crib is safe and non-toxic: free of phthalates and lead and it contains no PBE or PBDE flame retardants. It also features completely breathable ClearView Mesh all the way down to the mattress on each side to allow for full airflow and an unobstructed view of your child.

Enter to win your very own Lotus Travel Crib, complete with mattress and carrying bag, after the jump!

guava family, lotus everywhere crib, portable crib, portable playpen, nontoxic playpen, inhabitots giveaway, nontoxic portable crib, green toddler, green gear for parents

Here’s how to enter to win:

1) Sign up for Inhabitots’ weekly newsletters (if you haven’t already)! We’ll be notifying the winner in Inhabitots’ newsletter – so you need to sign up and receive our newsletter to find out if you have won.

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3) Add a comment to this post with your answer to the following question: What is your favorite place to take your baby?

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Contest ends TONIGHT Monday, February 4th, 2013 at 11:59 p.m. EST. Winner will be announced in our newsletter on Friday, February, 8th 2013. Good luck!

If you’d like to purchase the Lotus Everywhere Crib, take advantage of a $20 off discount using the coupon code: inhabitots. *Discount offer ends March 4th, 2013.

guava family, lotus everywhere crib, portable crib, portable playpen, nontoxic playpen, inhabitots giveaway, nontoxic portable crib, green toddler, green gear for parents

guava family, lotus everywhere crib, portable crib, portable playpen, nontoxic playpen, inhabitots giveaway, nontoxic portable crib, green toddler, green gear for parents

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121 Responses to “LAST CHANCE TO ENTER TO WIN: A Lotus Travel Crib & Portable Play Yard Worth $200!”

  1. Lori S says:


  2. stepher says:

    I love taking my baby to a local bookstore we have in our city!!

  3. greenjilly says:

    Love to visit family!

  4. seb says:

    Friend’s place

  5. selenke says:

    We love taking our baby to the park!

  6. gooch says:

    1 – Outdoors/Park
    2 – Anywhere there is live music
    3 – The bookstore

  7. taradaniel10 says:

    We like going to the grandparents house right now, especially since its winter. In the spring, we will really enjoy visiting the forest and other parks and eventually museums!

  8. rancidgrl says:

    My favorite place to take my babies is/will be (preggo again) is our cabin in the mountains. It’s not too far of a drive and it’s so nice to get away from all the technology. No cell phones or tv to distract us from nature.

  9. pinochle says:

    Really… I love taking my child home at the end of the day. Home… safe and sound.

    BTW… I don’t have facebook. Hope that’s not a problem.

  10. peacefuljoy19 says:

    We love traveling & road trips – favorite travel spot thus far? THE BEACH! And boy does Lincoln LOVE, LOVE LOVE it. This sure would come in handy especially for our 3 week trip out west this spring!!

  11. Tina Rogers says:

    We love taking our baby to the cabin on the lake. This would be perfect for our trip!!!

  12. shotsjr says:

    I love taking my baby to my parents’ house, and carting the heavy cosleeper is a pain! Also hoping to take our toddler and baby camping soon 🙂

  13. Anthonysean1 says:

    My son is 1 and a half. And I plan to take him a lot of places this summer, including the zoo the beach the museum and the park. Having a portable crib like this one would let us go for picnics more often and take naps in the afternoon. Please pick us
    Mommy and Anthony 🙂

  14. jtlgmama says:

    Love taking baby outdoors and to visit family 🙂

  15. wcazares says:

    My favorite place to take my daughter, and will also take my baby on the way, is to our back yard to view the stars.

  16. thecoxons says:

    love taking them on a nice talk to the park or enjoying some time at the beach

  17. aahaft says:

    when the weather permits we love scouting out playgrounds

  18. greenmomali says:

    favorite place would be the creek near our house. our babe will finally be big enough to dip her feet in and splash in it by spring!

  19. masooma says:

    I love taking my baby to his grandma’s house!!

  20. wellnessdoula says:

    love traveling anywhere with kiddos, they are full of adventure; mainly Chicago and Montana to see family!

  21. tryingnewthings says:

    my first baby will be here in in just a few weeks so I am not sure where all we will travel!

  22. tschoop says:

    I love taking my little one to families houses in Colorado and NY. We live in Vegas. We also love to spend time outdoors either hiking or at the park..

  23. lazmtl says:

    Visiting friends

  24. eshomber says:

    Even though my little one isn’t here yet, I know it will be to visit family who live out of state.

  25. Valarie says:

    One of our family’s favorite outings in warmer months is going to outdoor concerts and picnics in the parks. In winter months, our favorite vacation spots (for now) are generally visiting family. For both, this Lotus Travel Crib would be perfect for the new baby (due in March with baby #3)!

  26. Shirleydubon says:

    I love to take my daughter to the park, and will love to take my baby on the way as well!

  27. JeffandShaz says:

    Central Park and for sleepovers at her little cousin’s in Brooklyn 🙂 We walk or take the train to these places, so the Lotus cub would be perfect for us!

  28. Skypoop says:

    We love taking our son to the beach!! He loves the sights and different textures and colors. We can’t wait to take him to the beautiful Jersey Shore this summer and this travel crib would be perfect!

  29. Meryjay says:

    Love talking long walks on the boardwalk at the beach near our house.

  30. andyjcollins says:

    I love taking my nephew to swim in the tub. This wold be a great gift for him as his parents are looking at pack’n’plays at the moment, but would love to have this better alternative without all those pesky toxins.

  31. dayinthelifeofboaz says:

    Everywhere! My boys are very flexible. My 18mth old has type 1 diabetes and his doctor is an hour away so we are always traveling!

  32. gothmom13 says:

    I love to take my daughter to the canyon by our house – Vancouver is such an outdoor place that the adventures never stop – if I am feeling really energetic we will walk up to the lake and have a snack while we check out the wildlife 😀

  33. Denisemc says:

    We take our little bundle of joy everywhere we can…we want to travel to nana’s house, but it is just to hard to travel with all the items that you need…and now that we are expecting another child it will be even harder…this is such a brilliant idea for traveling far from home…thank you for the chance to win this amazing product!

  34. hillee says:

    My daughter has special needs, but she loves to go places and meet new people. Since she still can’t sit or stand (at two) I often have to keep her in my arms places to keep her safe from other children and animals the floor at other people’s houses. But she wants to be on her own!

  35. sassion says:

    liked, followed and shared!

  36. Mindy0716 says:

    We love to go camping!! This would be a great addition!!

  37. JennRCNielsen says:

    We are always on the go but our top two adventure spots are: 1) Grandma and grandpa’s house and 2) Any local park

  38. farwalker9000 says:

    to my relatives

  39. bumberbink says:

    Grandma’s House.

  40. tash133 says:

    My baby is expected april of this year,…I’m hoping she will love the water as I’d like to take her to the pool!

  41. krazykabbage says:

    To the park.

  42. auntiethesis says:

    1) I’m a newsletter subscriber
    2) I follow on Facebook (Michelle Hudak) and Twitter (auntiethesis)

    I love going to my city indoor pool with my daughter; we have a blast in the water and it always manages to tire her out so she naps when we get home.

  43. letsdothis says:

    We’re expecting our first in a couple of months. I’m looking forward to walking down to the neighborhood park with him and hanging out by the pond.

  44. svancejr says:

    We Love to take our baby to the local lake parks in the Orlando Area!

  45. kverplanck says:

    On long walks, pretty much anywhere. To the park and zoo are the favorites!

  46. suwanavi says:

    To Grandma’s house!

  47. says:

    My favorite place to take my beautiful baby girl is to the zoo to enjoy the animals and the scenery.

  48. kittyblack says:

    My favourite place to take my baby will be our weaving guild.

  49. jaimeann7 says:

    Our favorite place to take our daughter is a few hours away to her Grandma’s house. There’s no place like home, with a cozy fireplace and the love of family surrounding her.

  50. spauli says:

    Our favorite place to take our baby is to NYC. She loves to look at everything.

  51. BethanyR says:

    We love to go on hikes and to the park. We love just being outside in our garden as well

  52. nicci says:

    I can’t wait for the spring/summer. My two year old son and my 4 month old daughter are going to go out on A LOT of picnics and hang by the lake!!!! I wish I had the luxury of a play yard..considering now I have TWO kids.

  53. Julia M. says:

    I love taking our baby to my parents house, we always have fun!

  54. vastated says:

    I love to take Jaco to Victoria park. Its a few blocks away, has some beautiful trees to offer shade and is always full of friends from the neighbourhood.

  55. Denise Steinke says:

    Our favourite place to take our baby is to Granny and Papa’s and to Baba and Gigi’s!

  56. daryia says:

    Anything outdoors,and charity work ,family

  57. lovenbaseball60 says:

    Our favorite places to take our kids are to the Major League Baseball Stadiums. We plan different stadiums every year! 🙂

  58. daryia says:

    Outdoors,charity work,family,parks

  59. susansmoaks says:

    email subscriber
    fb fan tony l smoaks
    twitter follower @fdp4life

    we love to go to the dog park with our fur babies and our babies!!

  60. mollydo2 says:

    Little Isaiah and I love to travel to granny’s house and the park, and the Lotus Travel Crib would be just perfect to take with us! Thank you for the chance to win! Molly

  61. khyland00 says:

    anywhere! especially outside when the weather’s nice!

  62. alealani says:

    We love taking our son Ke’ohi to beach 69 and Hapuna. He loves the water, being the water dragon baby he is. We also like flying to O’ahu to visit tutu and grandpa and check out the beaches there! A travel playpen would be perfect to bring on the plane!

  63. catLoversInc says:

    Living in San Diego, the outdoors is like one big open park. Although I am only 8 weeks pregnant ( and have come to the realization that almost everything baby related is expensive), I am sure that I will have the opportunity to use this crib almost everyday once the baby(or babies don’t know yet) comes.

  64. wigget says:

    to grandma’s house

  65. curtis206 says:

    for walks outside

  66. drutes says:

    Visiting family, especially my mum. They are abroad, 22 hours away! Something light and handy would be wonderful.

  67. teamom says:

    I like you on FB and follow you on twitter.
    My favourite place to take my baby is to the beach.

  68. Gangel06 says:

    My favorite place is taking my baby to Germany to see her grandparents, second would be the park. We love the outdoors!

  69. AShadeOfYou says:

    What a great idea and a wonderful gift.
    I’d have to say all of the above ^ this sure would get us out more as a family… It’s no easy task keeping your eyes on everything all the time. This would put any parent at ease knowing he/she is safe while your cooking or at the park or lake. Love the idea!

  70. goatmama says:

    We love taking our little one everywhere, and come spring are looking forward to introducing her to the Allegheny mountains! She’s only 12 weeks old and it’s been cold out, so our woods excursions have been limited so far, but the lotus would be awesome for all the family camping and travel we have planned for next spring and summer!

  71. petuniajoan says:

    We’re on a family quest to visit every U.S. National Park. This would really come in handy when we’re setting up camp!… and give mama’s back a little break from all the baby wearing hikes. Our little guy is only 2 months old right now so it will get a lot of use. We can’t wait to hit the road when it gets warmer.

  72. barefootlove says:

    I love taking my baby everywhere! A papoose is a daily part of my wardrobe!

  73. graemeb3 says:

    I find a slow paced hike is the best place. Nothing is better than fresh mountain air.

  74. misstokyo says:

    I love taking my baby everywhere, but we’re visiting family in Hungary next summer and the Lotus would make life so much easier!

  75. erin p says:

    I love taking him pretty much everywhere except stores! One of my favorite places for us to go is a bakery that sells a ton of vegan goodies. We won’t need the playpen there, but it will definitely come in handy if we make it to Ireland to visit family later this year!

  76. purplepearly says:

    my son loves to go see and sleepover at his greatgrandpa’s place. I love seeing how my 12month old son can light up at smile on greatgrandpa’s face. Hope to go see his greatgrandma in vietnam this summer for her 100th birthday!.

  77. AlisonK says:

    1) Just signed up for Inhabitots’ weekly newsletters (new user)
    2) Liked Inhabitots on Facebook, and Followed Inhabitots on Twitter.
    3) My favorite place to take a baby would be to my friend’s home who have similar aged children so they can interact & the parents can have some adult time

  78. Cindy Young says:

    I love to take my baby to the botanical gardens. She loves to look at all of the different colors.

  79. clejeau says:

    I would love to take my son to Paris to visit his mami, but at the moment I bring him on long nature walks so he can breathe the fresh air.

  80. emanymton says:

    I love to take my son everywhere! At 16 months he’s been all over the U.S. and last summer he even got to meet my family in Spain!

  81. zojumonster says:

    Love to take my babies everywhere! Especially to visit family!!

  82. RachelDawn says:

    To Grandma’s house!!!

  83. parychehrsa says:

    We like to go to a play ground right next to a dog park.

  84. parychehrsa says:

    We like to go to a playground right next to a dog park.

  85. teawithtori says:

    Anywhere and everywhere!

  86. joykathryn says:

    LOVE taking my kiddos out for walks and to the playground.

  87. emartini68 says:

    I haven’t had my baby yet (due in April) but I am excited to take her everywhere! Especially on some beach trips we have planned this summer!

  88. says:

    We love to go to grandma’s house!

  89. moongirl648 says:

    Outdoors like parks to enjoy nature!

  90. gandssmum says:

    We take our little ones everywhere:o)

  91. ck says:

    We take our daughter everywhere but my favorite thing is to take her on trips to Europe and South America to see our family! A great travel crib like this was invented for us! 🙂

  92. stefaniex143 says:

    i love to take her to the park! she loves it there!!
    fb ann lyfe
    twitter stephcoupnsxx

  93. jhelgeson says:

    I love to take her to her Grandmas! We don’ have a travel crib and really want one. This travel crib is our dream version to have. We have heard wonderful things!

  94. ner says:

    Right now, everywhere! Due in September.

  95. NessaM says:

    The Beach! Little one loves the beach.

  96. meganpowell says:

    The park and the beach – two of the best places for little ones to explore)

  97. mrsh0y says:

    I haven’t had our little one yet; I’m due in September. I look forward to bringing our baby everywhere we go. When my husband isn’t deployed and has to travel for work I follow along if I get the opportunity. We’ll be doing to same with our little one so we can be together as a family.

  98. Bonandre says:

    We live in a village so I like to take her with me while in town, so she can socialize, get used to new sounds, smells etc and stimulate her senses cuz she’s just some months old

  99. Krazycoupon says:

    To the beach!

  100. LittleFootsteps says:

    The swimming pool. He has been swimming since 4 months old. He just loves the water

  101. Elisa B says:

    The pool! Splasy splashy!

  102. lolli s says:

    I subscribe to your newsletter!

  103. lolli s says:

    I follow on twitter as declove10 &facebook as Lauren S*****

  104. lolli s says:

    We love to take our daughter to the beach!!

  105. ldlintao says:

    We love to take our baby everywhere with us. This crib will be especially handy when we visit family and friends as we often do. Thanks so much for the opportunity to win such a valuable product!

  106. magz88 says:

    I like to take my baby to visit our friends and relatives around the province.

  107. stacinix says:

    Overnights at the family lake house

  108. Katebogdan says:

    I like to take my baby to new places to see her reaction 🙂

  109. trhorsley says:

    I’m entering this contest not for myself (I don’t have a kid), but for my cousin that I take care of! He likes to go anywhere, especially the park. Hope we win! Such a great product.

  110. babstacy27 says:

    travel, we love the beach. everyday, baby loves the violin shop 🙂

  111. kaharris83 says:

    We love to take baby everywhere!! Especially on vacation and this crib would be awesome to have!!

  112. jlbnewton says:

    I love taking the baby to Grandma’s house !!!

  113. amanda alvarado says:

    I love taking our dd to the beach!

  114. supermom10 says:

    We love taking our baby boy to the park and will be going to the zoo this spring!

  115. supermom10 says:

    We love taking our baby boy to the park and will be going to the zoo and this Spring and the Yosemite this Summer for our family camp out!

  116. buyersmarket says:

    Our favorite place to take our baby is to visit family, hoping this crib will come in handy for that!

  117. mttct says:

    Not sure if my comment will show up, but I cant miss this opportunity to enter and win! 🙂
    Can’t wait to take our little baby to visit family spread out across the country, including some first time Great Grand Parents!

  118. nicoleam123 says:

    Like to take my baby girl to the mall!

  119. eaaustin says:

    Can’t wait to take the baby on all sorts of adventures

  120. says:

    We take our baby everywhere but Michael loves the park and when we visit family & friends!

  121. trolin123 says:

    We are a military family. We love to go to the beach. We are going to be moving AGAIN to another tropical place. I have been looking for a new travel playpen for our little one on our adventures.

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