LAST CHANCE TO ENTER: Win A Hushamok Organic Baby Bassinet Hammock, Worth $492!

by , 10/16/12

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Sleep is the Holy Grail of parenthood — yet most new moms and dads are shocked by how elusive slumber becomes once baby arrives. The designers at Hushamok know how important it is for moms, dads and newborns to catch some shut-eye, so they created a dreamy sleeping haven for baby in their Organic Baby Hammock and Stand. Designed to provide a cozy transition to life outside the womb, Hushamok’s organic hammock is an ingenious alternative to baby bassinets or cribs. The hammock‘s natural swinging and rocking motion helps induce sleep and enables baby to sleep longer. Babies suffering from infant colic and reflux will also be especially comforted and relieved by the constant swaying motion.  The hammock comes with two matching organic sheets, and a mattress that is entirely free of flame retardants. The stand is crafted from sustainably harvested European Beechwood, a wood chosen especially for its wear-resistance and strength, and is held together with aluminum castings, which receive top marks for durability, recyclability and sustainability. Hushamok’s hammock and stand’s sleek design also makes it a gorgeous, aesthetically pleasing addition to any space.

We’re thrilled to be giving away this beautiful Hushamok Organic Baby Hammock and Stand worth $492 to one lucky Inhabitots reader.

hushamok, okoa stand, organic baby hammock, organic hammock, hushamok giveaway, green baby, eco baby, green baby hammock, eco-friendly baby hammock, baby hammock and stand, sleep system for babies

Here’s how to enter to win:

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4) Add a comment to this post with your answer to the following question: What bedtime story do you most look forward to reading with your child, and why?

NOTE: Please be patient – comments don’t appear instantly because they must be approved.

Contest ends Tuesday, October 16th, 2012 at 11:59 p.m. EST. Winner will be announced in our newsletter on Friday, October 19th, 2012. Good luck!

And while you wait to find out whether you’ve won, enjoy a 10% off discount on any purchase you make at, using the coupon code: DESIGN10. *Discount offer ends on November 2nd, 2012.

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221 Responses to “LAST CHANCE TO ENTER: Win A Hushamok Organic Baby Bassinet Hammock, Worth $492!”

  1. Yuka says:

    I wouldn’t mind having one of those for myself!

  2. beardjb29 says:

    Mommy and Daddy love to read On The Night You Were Born by Nancy Tillman to our precious 19 month old little boy. We are trying for baby #2. We would be so lucky to win this!

  3. starlawill says:

    I really look forward to reading Goodnight Moon to my kiddos. It’s not too long and it’s such a great peaceful, wind down book to read right before bed.

  4. ybgreen says:

    “A” is for Anacostia because the book portrays the Anacostia neighborhood with a rich sense of community.

  5. Tasha says:

    We are now happy parents of a baby girl and we have a 4 year old son as well and he loves to “read” to the baby the story of “Snowflake”, the story relevant to the festival Michaelmas. It tells of being born into the world anew and having to face being alone, and darkness, then taming the dark to find the light, and finding your light and not being alone anylonger. I think he likes it mostly because of the dragon that’s in it. On a different note, we would and could use a wonderfully designed piece of hammock comfort for our little one to soothe her so that I can spend more time with my boy!

  6. Shu says:

    The little prince because it is rich with wisdoms and it is suggestive!.

  7. shu says:

    The little prince because it is wisdoms rich and it is suggestive!

  8. mariella says:

    I tell you what happened during the day. Sending positivity, happiness and imagination. Because it is important to give them peace and joy. And make them live in a peaceful and let them share in all that happens.

  9. lacelk says:

    I love reading Tiger Can’t Sleep with the kids. It’s so funny.

  10. carmankm says:

    My favorite bedtime story to read is Goodnight Goon. It’s a leap from the days when I read my daughter Goodnight Moon. It cultivates a sense of humor and is especially fun to read with Halloween approaching!

  11. celiaw says:

    I most look forward to reading my 20month son Xavier a book called ‘Good Night Owl’…as on the last page he always kisses the owl good night. This melts my heart ever time…the affection children have is so powerful.

  12. Jacko says:

    Love you forever – Robert Munch. A classic story I loved as a child and can still recite word for word.

  13. bjones says:

    Harold and the Purple Crayon is my fave. It is simple yet creative!

  14. Trisha says:

    Goodnight moon was always a fave.

  15. RealtorJamieKaiser says:

    The Lorax! Because its about using resources wisely and listening to others. Timeless messages.

  16. alisha91 says:

    The story book that I would read to my child would be the little engine that could.. I use to love that bookworm I was a kid. 🙂

  17. pondclubone says:

    Winnie The Pooh, because he loved it and Robin and the Pirates…his real first name is Robin

  18. gymbocollecta says:

    Time for Bed by Mem Fox is a lovely classic story that always puts a smile on our faces.

  19. tryingnewthings says:

    Clifford the Small Red Puppy was always my favorite and I am looking forward to reading it again.

  20. cjuarez says:

    My little baby girl would love this; the book I look forward to reading to her is “love you forever”

  21. Lauralee says:

    Winnie the Pooh! It is my all time favorite that my parents and grandparents read to me and I want to be able to share that.

  22. christiandanielle says:

    We love to read “that’s not my monkey” because it’s a touch and feel book!

  23. MirandaS30 says:

    Goodnight moon is for sure our favorite. Its a classic in my eyes and its nice because its repeative and short (LOL) but still effective.

  24. lrbh26 says:

    Go Dog, Go! The text and illustrations are fun, simple, and memorable — brings back memories reading with my own parents.

  25. nk says:

    Hush Little Baby by Sylvia Long because instead of buying things like a mocking bird or a ring, this version reassures the child with the beauty of the natural world or with comforting items like a teddy bear or a book.

  26. Kati says:

    “Guess How Much I Love You” by Sam McBratney

  27. Kati says:

    because it’s a fun book and never know what creative answer you will get back!

  28. greenmomali says:

    My favorite book to read to kiddos is “The Three Questions” by Jon J. Muth. I just love the message of this book. It’s about a boy named Nikolai, who is trying to find the answers to three important questions in life so he will always know how to be a good person. He ends up finding the answers (and inner peace) by helping others along the way. My toddler loves this book, but my new babe is still a bit young for this. I can’t wait to share the story with her too.

  29. KungfuCandy says:

    We love reading Chicka Chicka Boom Boom, My daughter will always sing/read along, but towards the end she will slow down until she eventually falls asleep. Too cute for words!

  30. csierazy says:

    love you forever…i cry every time. my baby would love this hammock!!

  31. jenniefae says:

    i like to read “i love every part of you.” it’s so sweet… and so true 🙂

  32. ErikaMarr says:

    I Love You All the Time. Our all time favorite book to read. 🙂 My son prefers Pete the Cat, but he’s in the minority. 🙂

  33. stephyt724 says:

    We love to read Where the Wild Things Are. I’m all about expanding my children’s imaginations… the bigger the better! This book is perfect for letting the mind wonder. After ready this book it’s easy to paint one of the scenes, act our favorite parts out, or just have a funny conversation about the book.

  34. Ableonard says:

    Gobble gobble crash or ready set skip. Both are really fun to read.

  35. ableonard says:

    Gobble Gobble Crash or Ready Set Skip. Both are really fun to read!

  36. spacegirl91377 says:

    When my nieces and nephews were little I loved to read them the book “Love you forever” by Robert Munsch. Now that they are growing up having families of their own I enjoy reading it to their children.

  37. Raquel and stella says:

    I read tge little prince to my little princess! It was read to me as a child and my month and a half year old loves it!!! This hammock looks so amazing! Would be so excited to win and rock my angel to sleep in it!

  38. dainesh says:

    My son loves when I read him Winnie the pooh at night

  39. Jessica.a.white says:

    We love to read Llama Llama Red Pajama at bedtime!

  40. s_wilding says:

    The Story of the Easter Bunny by Sheila Black, it is a great story that teaches children three main lessons, to just be themselves, to accept others for who they are and to help those in need without worry about what is in it for them. I absolutely loved this story as a child and the illustrations are wonderful.

  41. gracielabecerra2009 says:

    the dictionary. I want him to expand his vocabulary and exerciser memorization.

  42. jenjo34 says:

    I can’t wait to read “The Very Hungry Catepillar”, it was my favorite book growing up!!

  43. LeeDeeDee says:

    I look most forward to reading Canada 123, as I enjoy doing all the sound effects, and he really likes it!

  44. Kara Z says:

    For younger babes I am excited for The Very Hungry Catepillar. For older ones, Anne of Green Gables – it was my favorite book growing up!

  45. Biankaj says:

    I like to read the ones I always liked in my childhood. One is about a girl which walks in the snow seeing fishes under the ice and birds and all the other animals that live near us.

  46. Ashflutter says:

    Our favorite thing to read is a book our older daughter made for her little sister’s birthday. It has nursery rhymes and pictures and includes our little one in some of the rhymes. It’s amazing.

  47. Peanutbutter-n-jelly says:

    Pajama Time by Sandra Boynton. My little baby giggles and dances he loves it 😉

  48. selenke says:

    My guy loves reading “snuggle puppy” every night. We also read a First Words book, and at 15 months he says or signs most of the words now!

  49. kittyblack says:

    I will be reading “Green Eggs and Ham” by Dr. Seuss in May to my new baby!

  50. memmem says:

    The Snowy Day by Ezra Jack Keats because it is a slow gentle read and makes them look forward to a day in the snow.

  51. sohilh says:

    Jesus Loves Me…….I love ready it to Landen and he seems to understand the LOVE Jesus has for us as well as the LOVE I have for him!!

  52. @4spearsgirls says:

    “Goodnight Moon” is our favorite bedtime story!

  53. danypsari says:

    Frankly, I love classic fairy tales story “Sleeping beauty”..This story inviting the child to use words to make beauty picture images of their own and teach to child that love and goodness conquer all..

  54. Elza van Swieten says:

    The Sleep Book by Dr. Seuss, it rhymes so lovely!

  55. reviteva says:

    Our girl loves any story with fairies, knights, faraway kingdoms and…eco morals. So each night we invent a new story! Good her mother is a Green Queen

  56. tonyayoga says:

    We have quite a few but “Goodnight Gorilla” is so fun for us because we have stuffed gorilla friend to read along with us. It is such a picture simple book that inspires a curiousity in our one year old. She loves to pause at the all black page with just the eyes

  57. michellebhenry says:

    I love reading the Paper Bag Princess to my daughter who is 5 months and my 4 year old son loves all seek and find books.

  58. Valarie says:

    For our 4 year old, any of the Bumblebee Boy books because they are well written with good illustrations and the fill the need for SUPER-HEROS! For our 2 year old, anything he’ll sit still for which usually means no book and rather a story that mommy tells while we walk around the room getting ready for sleep. We are also expecting so this hushamok would be a wonderful win and we could all read to the baby while he/she drifts off to sleep 🙂

  59. sgs says:

    Where the Wild Things are ….because it encourages imagination and was my favorite book as s child.

  60. nicolerinaldo says:

    My favorite book to read to my daughter is called Tenzin’s Deer. It’s about love, caring, healing, nature and not holding on to something. Its beautiful!

  61. TaylorHengenNewman says:

    Our most recent picture book discovery is “Wink, The Ninja Who Wanted to Be Noticed.” My two-year-old LOVES it, and requests it many times in a row. Its story is witty, its images are cool and cute (paper cutout creativity to the max) and its message is one I wholeheartedly approve of: that each person’s personality can shine when we find a way/place/path to express ourselves fully, just as we are.

    By the way, I never enter giveaways but WOW do I hope to win this one. Here’s hoping! Thanks for the opportunity. 🙂

  62. amandajiggles says:

    That’s not My Bear, and That’s not My Monkey. They are still favourites for our 3 year old.

  63. Brunocerous says:

    We reading her love “Corduroy” because it’s a favorite of ours. And such sweet illustrations!

  64. Manuel says:

    “eddie, the lazy bear”. My mom used to tell me that story, and it’s just perfect to sleep!

  65. david francescutti says:

    Our baby is due November 1, 2012. We don’t know what it is yet but we do know it will be loved. the story i look forward to sharing with our child is called a new blanket. It is about an old woman who lives in a drafty old cabin. Her grown children each bring her a new blanket to stay warm but she hands these off to her cow, goat and dog, recognizing them each for the help they afford her. It is a beautiful story that extoles the virtues of gratitude, selflessness and love.

  66. castlekella says:

    Anything, I would be happy to read a shopping list to my future baby. The joy of having a baby and just being about to sit and read before bedtime would be amazing.

  67. nlinsday says:

    Where the Wild Things Are, It’s a favorite from my childhood.

  68. NThien says:

    A Color of His Own by Leo Lionni-a classic story about wanting to belong and friendship with beautiful watercolor illustrations.

  69. blugrn says:

    I can’t wait to read classics like Little Red Riding Hood and and Hansel and Gretel. They are a bit on the dark side but for some reason i knew that it was just a fairy tale when I was little. A kids imagination runs wild with these stories and is able to keep going long after the story has ended.

  70. aahaft says:

    I can’t wait until my children appreciate the book I Love You Forever by Robert Munsch. For now we read the usual- Mama Llama Red Pajama, Moo Baa LaLaLa, Goodnight Mood, Something From Nothing and their Life Books a book sort of album I have put together for each of them with pictures showcasing their different stages and events in their life and written in storybook form

  71. jaimeann7 says:

    My favorite book to read to my 1 year old daughter is I’ll See You In the Morning. It’s such a cute little message about everyone and all the creatures going to sleep and to not be afraid of the dark. I actually saw this amazing organic hushamok after my daughter grew out of it and it would have been great for her reflux since I could never lie her flat. We are trying for baby number 2 so I would love to have this!

  72. novellie26 says:

    We love to read THE TALE OF PETER RABBIT at night time to flourish their imagination. I love the series because it was passed down by two generations and always reminds me of our summers at grandma’s house. My children love that I read the books in two more languages, as they get to know their parents native languages. With a new baby on the way, our daughter now picks books from the same series, explaining that she can’t wait to read them to her new baby sister.

  73. Lindazenk says:

    Winnie the Pooh because that is what my mom read to me. It is timeless

  74. tagood7 says:


  75. sommeranne says:

    Whatever childrens book my son decides, but we mostly own Dr. Seuss books and we both love them.

  76. Tink19724 says:

    Are you my mommie? I always enjoyed that book as a child 🙂

  77. acall79 says:

    How to chose just a single book? I like to read a variety of books to instill a love of reading and the written word at a young age.

  78. LorraineMorford says:

    We read so many! But Goodnight Moon is an all time favourite, especially because my oldest can help read it to my youngest.

  79. denny says:

    Joel the Troll by William Friis. It’s a wonderul book written for his grand children.

  80. AllanManley says:

    I read Mable Murple to my 4 year old daughter Kait. She is looking forward to reading it to ‘Chocolate Sugar’ that is what she thinks we should call the baby….

  81. cassynnya says:

    Our 4 year old LOVES to read Pete the Cat. It’s fun for parents too. And I love to here her say “goodness no.” <3

  82. kaerfemina says:

    I most look forward to reading Corduroy to my almost 3 month old twin girls because it was my favorite as a kid and its just such a heartwarming story.

  83. remima2 says:

    Can’t wait to read “Ten in the bed” with my newest little one and other 2 😀 It was my favorite as a child and I still have my original copy! We love to read and act it out haha

  84. arh78 says:

    I love “Guess how much I love you” it is so cute and the drawings are beautiful

  85. nelle brien says:

    My favorite bed time book to read is Goodnight Moon right now to read to our 6 month old. It’s a simple story with lots of opportunities to point out easy to say words.

  86. neversremedy says:

    I’ve been replenishing my stock of early childhood readers, especially Sendak and Seuss. One I know I can’t wait to read to this one is, “In the Night Kitchen.”

  87. sakisura says:

    We change our favorite books to read our son seasonally… right now our favorite is little goblins ten for Halloween. The story rhymes and the illustrations are outstanding

  88. asemel says:

    right now it is Once Upon an Ordinary School Day
    (Colin McNaughton (Author), Satoshi Kitamura (Illustrator))
    My son loves it and the pictures are beautiful. He says, the words by himself all the time, so the book makes him happy.

  89. organicmommyluv says:

    Ernie’s Big Mess, it was my favorite growing up. My dad had it memorized and so did us kids =) It’s fun to share that with my own children now.

  90. stepanie2 says:

    one fish, two fish, red fish, blue fish by dr. suess. a classic that always gets the job done

  91. aformo says:

    We used to read Goodnight Moon, but lately, Little Critter books have been the chosen pre-sleep read!

  92. Dstymnnnn says:

    Goodnight Moon, my grandmother use to read it to all her grandchildren before she past away. I plan to continue with my children

  93. Sarah B. says:

    Go Dog, Go! It was one of my favorite books when I was a child.

  94. Rainemarie says:

    I love reading Goodnight Moon & I love you Forever. Both books are just beautiful, I even get teary eyed with I Love you Forever…..I love being a mom 😉

  95. rainemarie says:

    I love Goodnight Moon and I Love You Forever. Both are beautiful books. I even get teary eyed with I Love you Forver. I love being a mother. 😉

  96. sarahwomer says:

    Jamberry! One berry two berry pick me a blueberry… 🙂 because it’s such a fun book, stimulates the imagination and awakens the nature explorer in us all. Plus whatever my first born wants to read to the baby as it’s pretty much the cutest thing ever to have him sit and read books to my tummy and now to his baby brother (even though he’s only a week old and is asleep– we know he feels the love). 🙂

  97. amanda alvarado says:

    I look forward to reading Goodnight Moon and Where the Wild THings Are because they were my favorites growing up!

  98. vimal_koshy says:

    I usually narrate lullabies to my kid as it makes her sleep faster and I can get my sleep too 🙂

  99. jenkcrewell says:

    The story I look forward to reading the most is the hungry caterpillar, it was one of my favorites, just had my baby boy yesterday!!!

  100. osusdontcry says:

    I don’t have a particular book that I like to read to my children, but I do love our ritual of mom, dad, and 2 girls snuggling down together in our family bed to read together every night. This hammock would be perfect for our newest addition-until s/he is ready to join us in the bed at night.

  101. goatmama says:

    Where the Wild Things are! One of my all time favorite books. I can’t wait to read it to my little one!


  102. greenspan says:

    the story of King David! Shmuel it starts and continues to Kings. It is a great inspirational story how to be humble and still dedicated to being right. It is a great story how to be a leader of a nation and still be a servant of God. It has its ups and downs and really makes you think about being successful in life. King David is the true hero of the common day. We don’t know what it’s like to have a king chase us, and then have our own son dethrone us.
    Me and my wife just got married a month ago and can’t wait to have our first kid!
    She is already an aunt to over 20 kids.

    Shalom from Israel!

  103. mgilbert06 says:

    Very Hungry Caterpiller is always a favorite here. The boys also love when daddy “reads” Good Dog Carl, he always comes up with a good story!

  104. tellagraham says:

    I’m looking forward to reading The Warm Fuzzy Story by Claude Steiner with my son. It was my favorite story when I was a child. It taught me that love was meant to be given freely, rather than hoarded.

  105. 2percentOwl says:

    Goodnight moon because it is so sweet and soothing to honor everything we are a part of.

  106. mfergie says:

    My personal favorite is where the wild things are. Neither of my daughters has enjoyed it yet but I find that I enjoy their favorites just as much even if I don’t really like the book. The enjoyment they get from their favorites is more enjoyable to me than the book we are reading. Since the baby we are expecting is a boy I’m looking forward to seeing how his favorites differ from the girls.

  107. ivoryempress says:

    My three year old loves reading Angel in the Waters. I am pregnant with my second and we like to talk about the baby’s home and the angel that lives there too.

  108. vegmamma says:

    “Goodnight Little Bear!” I loved reading this bedtime story to my nieces…
    Now, my husband and I read this lovable story about a Dad Bear looking all
    over for his Baby Bear, to put him to bed! It entertains the child and the parent
    who enjoys reading to their child/children.
    I follow you on Facebook and am an email subscriber.
    Also, I “LIke” Hushamok on Facebook.
    Many thanks, Cindi

  109. monique klaver studiokip says:

    I’d love to read fairy tales from HC Andersen to my fav nice and nephew for the stories are nice and wise . . i still learn from them, so can’t start early enough 😉

  110. Emdriver426 says:

    Goodnight moon 🙂

  111. emdriver says:

    My son likes to find the little bunny in the Goodnight Moon and Runaway Bunny books. Goodnight moon is a classic!

  112. Cindy Young says:

    I love The Giving Tree.

  113. MeadCrenshaw says:

    I love to read The Little Golden Books which I’ve saved all my life from my childhood. My mom used to read and collect them for me!

  114. jennipugh says:

    Love you Forever! I loved that book as a child and share it with all of my children.

  115. melodyalbrecht says:

    I can’t wait to read How Much I love You, it has been one of my favorite books for a long time. We just had a baby boy on Friday, this would be beyond amazing

  116. kahoyle says:

    I love to read the Nightlights books. They have really beautiful messages hidden in their lovely short stories. Through imagination and mediatation, the stories help our little boys find calm and the sleep they need!

  117. HB says:

    Books come and go – but our bedtime song never changes – Little Raindrop by Justin Roberts. Beautiful song for a beautiful guy.

  118. luvmyruby says:

    Our favorite is “I Love you through and through” because my 3yr old can read it with me 🙂

  119. mikerochesky says:

    “Oh The Places You Will Go” Who wouldn’t want to learn as much as your child?

  120. daniellarbz says:

    Ferdinand the Bull. Beautiful book, with wonderful illustrations. Shows children that it’s alright to not be part of the crowd and to follow your inner voice. No need to be someone who you are not.

  121. Landryl says:

    We’ve been reading the Beatrix Potter books. I love the old-fashioned language and explaining what things are. They always lead to interesting discussions because they don’t spell the moral out as much as modern books.

  122. sugarpaws says:

    Ryland gets not one but sometimes 3 bedtime stories read to him every single night without fail. He looks forward to either Mommy, Daddy, Ti-Ti..or a comination, to read to him! My favorite is whatever one that he picks out that evening..though a favorite lately has been “Good-Night Construction Site”. There are so many! I believe that this is aVERY IMPORTANT part of his routine!

  123. jodytx says:

    we are reading this week…’s the great pumpkin, charlie brown! Piper has discovered Halloween! she loves spooky reads! funny 2 yr old! hoping for a sibling!

  124. benizhere says:

    It would have to be the very hungry caterpiller to read to my 3 year old daughter. The hushamok is just like a cocoon so we can pretend to be caterpillars!

  125. kevinmcc says:

    The Very Hungry Caterpillar is a great book to read to your kids.

  126. Jason.Thomas-WH says:

    Good Night Moon. It was my daughter’s first favorite book. She wanted it read to her every night. Haven’t read it to her in year since she is 14 now, but the story is permanent in my memory!

  127. znufkin1 says:

    The Cat in the Hat-dr seuss

  128. sssayesss says:

    I love reading to my children, but I cannot wait until they are old enough for me to read Roald Dahl books to them. My grandmother read Charlie and the Chocolate Factory to my dad and his brothers and my father read it to my sibliings and myself. I would love to pass on this tradition with nightly chapter reading!

  129. angie2326 says:

    Follow inhabitot on fb

  130. angie2326 says:

    Follow hushamok on fb

  131. angie2326 says:

    3 little pigs

  132. angie2326 says:

    I am a new inhabitots follower! Thanks for the giveaway

  133. Janey2108 says:

    I look forward to reading “I Love You Stinky Face” to my daughter at night because she loves when I say “mama what if I was an alligator with big sharp teeth!” and growl and tickle her.

  134. careeza13 says:

    My son loves How Do Dinosaurs Say Goodnight and I Dreamt I Was A Dinosaur. A friend got him some dinosaur magnets for his 2nd birthday, so he has been learning the names of all the dinosaurs. I think its hilarious that he can say Diplodocus. But his favorite is T-Rex!

  135. RandiS says:

    Love You Forever. It was my favorite as a child and I still love it to this day…such a beautiful story!!

  136. jadejohnson84 says:

    I cant wait to read The Faraway Tree Stories by Enid Blyton to my kids as I have only Enid Blyton to thank for introducing to me the wonderful and fascinating world of books. I love the idea of fantastical friends living in a tree and visiting weird and wonderful lands. There will always be adventures waiting for them, whatever happens; funny, magical adventures that will delight children again and again. I loved the sheer use of imagination throughout this book…it’s exciting ways leaves you wanting to read more and more. Enid Blyton and The Faraway tree will always have a special place in my heart.

  137. lyn says:

    Lirtle Tiger

  138. bevly says:

    i would play
    this song.
    maybe the kermit the frog version .
    and speak of the love and light we all essentially are n to never forget that.
    such an important lesson that even us as grownups wander from.


  139. itsmeashley says:

    I love to read I Love You Forever and Stellaluna. Both of them show how strong a mothers love is. And Stellaluna has some funny pictures that make the kids laugh 🙂

  140. arvinito says:

    If You Give a Moose a Muffin Big Book by Laura Joffe Numeroff and Felicia Bond.

  141. doogy2223 says:

    My son will not go to sleep without me reading him “My Dad Loves Me!” by Marianne Richmond
    It’s a simple book we read together. It shows a different father and child animal on each page doing something special. He shows me the “baby” and the Daddy” in each picture… and we act out the gesture. It’s a great bonding book. It was actually given to me for my newborn by someone at work but he’s not ready for it yet… but my 2 year old loves it.

  142. shazzylynne says:

    I love to read I See Me…. She loves the pictures and I love the message that everything is a mirror for who she really is.

  143. Delana@inhabitots says:

    Thank you inhabitots for this wonderful give away! My favorite book to read my daughter right now is called When the Earth Wakes, by Ani Rucki, the illustrations are simply beautiful! The story is about the earths seasons, and the illustrations tell that story with a Parent bear and a baby bear playing during spring, summer, fall and finally winter! My husband loves to read to her from the brothers Grimm Fairy Tales, because he likes the life lessons you find in each story and he gets really into the characters and does different voices for each one, our daughter doesn’t take her eyes off him! We are trying for our second child and the hushamok would be great to have in our home!

  144. heygeorgiegal says:

    I love to read Jazz Baby by Lisa Wheeler to my 22 month old daughter. She claps along with the story and kisses the baby “night night” at the end. 🙂

  145. GrandmaAlana says:

    GOODNIGHT MOON was my favorite to read to my son, now it’s my favorite to read to my grandchildren. Such a classic for sweet dreams.

  146. lizwiz says:

    Definitely ‘Where The Wild Things Are” and everything else by Maurice Sendak. Shel Silverstien a close second! I was a wild child and my husband has a boundless imagination, so I want to read books that make my kids realize anything is possible, but also that family and closeness are important.

  147. Kumachan says:

    The Great Valentines Day Balloon Race by Adrienne Adams. This book was my wifes favorite book as a little girl, and she just found a copy of the book after months of searching. I would be a monster not to wear out the pages of this book for our little one.

  148. CoutureKids says:

    I love love love “Sometimes I like to Curl up in a Ball.” I’ve read it every night for 2 years!!!!

  149. Bebo says:

    I like “The Very Hungry Caterpillar” by Eric Carle. Kids are very curious and this book brings a lot of curiosity. They want to know what will happen to the cute little caterpillar if he continues to eat. Not only is this book colorful and fun to read, it starts to teach the kids the days of the week and how to count. After reading it about 10-20 times, the kids will then tell YOU what the catepillar will do next! It’s very exciting and puts a smile on your face when the kids feel like you don’t know the answer and they need to tell you. =)

  150. ferociousangelbug says:

    Where the Wild Things Are <3

  151. sruxin says:

    The bedtime stories I most look forward to reading to my three year-old son are, naturally, those that elicit the greatest, most animated reaction from him. He likes a great story, but for him the visuals are just as important as the narrative itself. So we gravitate towards highly detailed, graphically-rich books like Richard Scary’s “What Do People Do All Day” or Maurice Sendak’s “Some Swell Pup.” Through these, his imagination takes the furthest flight, as we depart from the story and he takes over the narrative, asking “what’s this?” and “why that.”

  152. delina says:

    Robert Munch’s ‘Love you Forever:” was my favorite book to read to my children. It made me cry every single time so the reasons for reading it have more to do with my own childhood and lack of relationship with my own parents….and it is a wonderfully loving story

  153. becsav79 says:

    I am an Australian Early Childhood Educator and I read many stories to my special little people at Kindy! Two of our favourites are “Where the Wild Things Are” and “Guess How Much I Love You”. xoxo We could really do with one of these in our Nursery, it is so beautiful! xoxo

  154. verosl says:

    I hope to read her my own illlustrated story someday. I hope to write a multi-cultural children’s story which can be translated to many languages and is read in two at a time to encourage bilinguism in young children. I have illustrated a children’s book previously but now that I am going to have a child of my own, I know she will be an inspiration and I look forward to reading it to her at night after she has given it her approval and it is in it’s first edition.

  155. NY2Vegas says:

    Goodnight Moon was always a favorite of my twins. It wasn’t too long winded, it had a rhyming scheme, and my daughters were able to remember the words. My cousin just gave birth to a boy and I plan to read him that book too.

  156. Jaywar says:

    Knuffle Bunny, We have your bunny!

  157. BrennaE says:

    Our baby boy is only a few weeks old but we look forward to reading many books to him. We’ve started with The Childrens Bible.

  158. kemanuel says:

    I receive the weekly newsletter

  159. kemanuel says:

    I like Inhabitots on facebook

  160. kemanuel says:

    I like hushamok on facebook

  161. kemanuel says:

    Right now the favourite stories in our house are Baby Colours, Mr Brown Can Moo and Goodnight Moon.

  162. makingadreamhome says:

    Goodnight Moon, because it is charming.

  163. mxxunior says:

    Good Night Moon will always be a classic and special to me.

  164. mariamacmoreira says:

    The story how mom and dad met. 🙂

  165. Mammathwaite says:

    I love Goodnight Gorilla! I get to make up the story as we go and the illustrations are so sweet and colorful. Such a cute goodnight book.

  166. kiwikev says:

    I like to write and have some children’s books of my own so I look forward to being able to read those. I am also a huge fan of Dr Seuss so will read all of his great works at some stage also.

  167. becabeeby says:

    ‘The snail and the whale’ by julia donaldson, wonderful rythymn to fall to sleep to, and wonderful pictures to stay awake to!

  168. asj0655 says:

    Definitely The Giving Tree. I love the story and the message, and little ones find it boring enough that they fall asleep!

  169. PeggyO says:

    Last book is the wonderful, simple, Good Night Moon, preceded by several beforehand.

  170. hcearle says:

    Goodnight Gorilla is a great one!

  171. MotoMama says:

    Oh The Places You’ll Go, by Dr. Suess. My son adores that book!

  172. haynes_beetlebug says:

    “Papa, Please get the Moon for me” by Eric Carle. I love reading it to my toddler son, who loves opening up the fold out pages and saying “wow” everytime. Super cute to see someone so little get into reading!

  173. katball says:

    The Three Little Pigs, Connor loves the “blow your house down” when I use my Wolf voicce.

  174. ksweitz says:

    Our favorite bedtime book is ‘The Going to bed Book’ by Sandra Boynton. Little man always begs for one more no matter how many books we read.

  175. Katebarazz says:

    Goodnight moon! Because we love the moon!!

  176. dianestokes says:

    Little Golden Books because I remember how much I enjoyed them as a child, especially the Christmas stories.

  177. JBM says:

    “Princess Peet and her drawings”, about a little princess with Down-Syndrome who making everyone happy. Our beautiful baby boy has DS as well and we hope he will make everyone happy too with his cute smile…

  178. pandora2012 says:

    Love you favorite all time book for children. read it to my kids and my grandkids.

  179. esti says:

    I can’t wait to read “Daddy is Home”, “Grown-up Day”, and “Donkey-Donkey” to my little one!

    I also liked both pages on facebook, and subscribed to the newsletter.

  180. flourfairy says:

    My girls and I read a variety every night, but we always seem to include “Papa Get the Moon for Me” by Eric Carle and “Runaway Bunny” by Margret Wise Brown….two of my favorite childrens book authors.

  181. ABonilla says:

    We usually read “Brown Bear” and then “Good Night Moon”. I hope to win! I liked both pages on facebook and subscribed to the newsletter.

  182. eapeck says:

    My 3 year old LOVES Chicka Chicka Boom Boom. And hte baby enjoys listening to Daddy read it to big sister!

  183. CarlaC says:

    Goodnight Moon because it gets them calmed down and ready for bed and is such a classic.

  184. MJWATSON says:

    My little ladybug because she is a beautiful little lady just like mine 🙂

  185. perfectpixies says:

    My favorite book to read my babies is a short story out of treasury of literature for children. I would love to use this with my 12 week old 🙂

  186. Sarah.zahnd says:

    We love to read pajama time!

  187. allnaturalkatie says:

    Signed up for newsletter with allnaturalkatie at gmail dot com

  188. allnaturalkatie says:

    Like Inhabitots on Facebook (katie all natural katie)

  189. allnaturalkatie says:

    Like Hushamok on Facebook (katie all natural katie)

  190. allnaturalkatie says:

    Winnie the Pooh, which is what I was read when I was a child

  191. amay23 says:

    I look forward to reading Where the Wild Things Are with my little one. 🙂

  192. Mabuhaykids says:

    We love to read Where The Wild hings Are. We enjoy how much my son likes to hear the story over and over. It is the perfect story to read to my wild little boy!

  193. Lintang says:

    I read my kids indonesian folk story “malin kundang” it’s about a young man who disobedients to his mother. then he cursed into a sculpture. I intend to makekids realized about their mistakes to parent or other people

  194. cbsunflower2012 says:

    we read goodnight moon and B by sarah kay every night after bathtime. My daughter is 18 months, and really does love her night time rituals.

  195. crupton says:

    Love reading Good Night Moon

  196. kia says:

    I am looking forward to my husband reading us all the Harry Potter books after our next child is born in a few months. He did that when our son was born.

  197. 04Children says:

    When You Give A Pig A Party – all 4 kids love, despite their age difference!

  198. ShannieAnnie says:

    When little Amelia makes her debut, I look forward to having my son read to her from “A Child’s Garden of Verses” that has a variety of little stories to choose from… But I’m sure he’ll prefer to read “Perry Poops” because it makes him laugh!

  199. Tess7104 says:

    Good Night Moon was always my all time favorite book to read to my children.

  200. Tess7104 says:

    Good Night Moon was always my children’s favorite book to read.

  201. Neil K says:

    The Adventures of Pinocchio because we don’t hear enough truth.

  202. alicia c says:

    Right now we are reading Goodnight Moon about 10 times a day 🙂
    Also really love anything from Sandra Boynton

  203. nkrumah_frazier says:

    I look forward to reading Where the Wild Things Are because it encourages children to use their imagination, to let go of their comfort zone and embrace the unknown and because it is an awesome story!

  204. mattyoli0923 says:

    What a great invention for babies and toddlers, looks so relaxing, I wanna thank the inventor for this wonderful Idea, well to all good luck !

  205. aimee.tarwater says:

    We look forward to any Little Bear books at bedtime! The pictures are so lovely and warm.

  206. flourfairy says:

    I love reading “On the Night you were Born” to my kids because it lets them know how special they are right from the begining <3

  207. MTutko says:

    We love On the Night You Were Born. My first is 16 months and some abnormal ultrasounds gave us a good scare during pregnancy. It still makes me tear up when I read it to my perfectly healthy little man!

  208. teawithtori says:

    I love reading Duck and Goose Find a Pumpkin by Tad Hills. The illustration and text is adorable, it’s easy for my daughter to follow along, and it’s getting her ready for Halloween. We usually read it a few times before we move on to the next book.

  209. Femme says:

    I love reading The Very Hungry Caterpillar by Eric Carle to my Mr 2.5 years. He loves to join in, since he knows the words by heart now. I can’t wait to read it to #2, whenever he or she may come to be! This is such an awesome prize!

  210. ElizabethRodriguez says:

    Our favorite bedtime story (we read our 22 month old 2 books, goodnight moon and buenas noches a todos) is buenas noches a todos by Sandra Boynton. I love that the story follows his bedtime routine (except for the exercise on deck). He feels connected to the characters and the routine has made bedtime anything but a battle! I can’t wait to start reading this book to my second son, due next week, 10/23!

  211. jen.momoftwo says:

    We love goodnight moon and look forward to reading to my newborn with my two year old

  212. LRoach says:

    The Very Hungry Caterpillar

  213. ravenous says:

    We love Bear snores on, because it’s cute.

  214. Elisa B says:

    My favorite: Curious George.

  215. alealani says:

    I look Forward to reading our 4 month old son Ke’ohi Professor Noah’s spaceship, a book I had as a kid. It tells about how the earth was getting polluted and the animals didn’t know what to do. Owl says he saw a great invention and the man who built it must know how to help. They go find professor Noah, who has built a spaceship to take the animals and himself to a new world in the future which is not polluted. They accidentally go to the past though, but it is still not polluted. It’s such a colorful book & even though he doesn’t understand it yet, it has a powerful message I am glad he will grow up learning.

  216. DLeahman says:

    The Giving Tree because it is one of the best memories for me growing up as a child. That little green book with the little red apple, the tall tree and the little boy forever stick in my mind when I think of a child’s book. It didn’t matter how old anyone was in the family – it was read to all and a lot. This little book has been passed on to my nieces and nephew as well. A wonderful book at any age!!

  217. Heathertmeeks says:

    Although our tiny little flower child is still in mommy’s tummy, her little ears can still hear. That’s why mommy and daddy like to read ” where the wild things are” before bed. This book teaches children to be themselves and to express individuality. It also teaches children to have a creative imagination. We want our baby to grow up and be who they are meant to be, not who the world expects them to be.

  218. MelisaCianci says:

    I love you as big as the world ” David Van Buren”. I love this book and cannot wait to read it to my precious litttle princess because I love her because she is mine, and because she is a beautiful gift to both my husband and I. As the book says ” I love you because you are you”, and I will love her because she is who she is.
    Such a wonderful message to share with your child, that you love them. Without love there is nothing!

  219. shartrey says:

    There are soo many great books I could choose but I definitely have to go with Goodnight Moon. I love this book!! I used to read it to my baby brother almost every night when he went to bed. I’m really looking forward to reading it to my lil one when he is born.

  220. Donnalynn038 says:

    I loved reading “Goodnight Moon”. When they got old enough to talk, they would say the sentences when I would pause.

  221. DP18045 says:

    This hammock looks and sounds so neat….just perfect for a newborn and I was so excited when it popped up that I could enter a chance to win it! I was extremely disappointed to learn that this was from 2012 and had expired as well as the discount. You might want to consider updating your site and maybe even consider running another new contest.

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