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by , 11/29/12

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2) Add a comment to this post with your answer to the following question: What is your family’s most treasured holiday tradition?

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120 Responses to “LAST DAY: ENTER TO WIN $150 For Personalized Cards & Gifts At Modern Greetings!”

  1. diane pham says:

    going to buy an x-mas tree the day after thanksgiving.

    love the card designs! hope to win 🙂

  2. Beth Shea says:

    I love opening one gift on Christmas Eve and then leaving out cookies for Santa and a carrot for his reindeer. We also say a sad goodbye to our Elf on a Shelf – such a FUN tradition that really builds the excitement all month long.

  3. jennielyon says:

    These cards are beautiful! Perfect for the holidays!

  4. Valarie says:

    Our family’s favorite tradition is traveling to grandma’s house to celebrate Christmas with family – once we are there, the holiday fun comes into full swing but the hours we spend together traveling there, complete with Christmas songs, silliness and full of anticipation is our favorite tradition.

  5. Yuka says:

    this might sound strange but my family dresses up as pilgrims and native americans for thanksgiving. not sure when it started, but it’s a lot of fun.

  6. aformo says:

    When I grew up, my family would buy a new ornament for me every year so I’d have a tree-ful when I left home, and my husband has continued the tradition. Now that we have a little one, she gets an ornament every year, too.

  7. jenkcrewell says:

    Christmas eve we gather with extended family and sing Chrsitmas songs and enjoy eachother… I love it

  8. Jennifer T says:

    Our favorite family traditions and making Christmas ornaments for the tree- we use a potted Norfolk Pine tree that we have sad for several years- the kids love it! Also, making food! After the fall harvest of pumpkins, squash and peppers there is always a lot to be done!

  9. We buy a Christmas tree the day after Thanksgiving and decorate the house 🙂

  10. sunnymay says:

    Leaving a bowl of Cream of Mushroom Soup and small plate of cookies for Santa is a family tradition. By morning, only crumbs and an empty bowl are leftover. I worked eventings and liked seeing the “goodies” to keep Santa warm. Wrapping gifts on Chrestmas Eve after work is also a tradition. Santa trailed footprints from the ashes in the fireplace, so we knew he’d been there to check on the stockings and gifts under the tree.

  11. neversremedy says:

    Since returning to Seattle, our family traditions have become a mixed bag: my mother’s traditions I grew up with now blended with my father’s family’s. I was having a hard time answering this, because Christmas/Solstice was my mother’s favorite time of the year. She said her favorite time was calling my mother in Germany on Christmas morning before opening presents. Sadly, my mother passed this year, so our traditions are in transition. What we most look forward to is being and sharing the season with our family. All the rest is just adornment.

  12. intensev5 says:

    What is your family’s most treasured holiday tradition?
    Celebrating on Christmas Eve and opening presents after dinner.

  13. wardsanc says:

    My husband and I have a tradition of making christmas themed pizzas (think in the shape of a tree with tomatoes for ornaments or onions for tinsel!) I’m due with our first child soon, so hopefully our kids will enjoy continuing the tradition for years to come 🙂

  14. sazzadoll says:

    Our favorite tradition is throwing a big thanksgiving dinner for all of our friends and cooking a 20 pound turkey. Yumm!

  15. greencycling88 says:

    As a family we always decorate our christmas tree into the late night with hot cocoa and christmas music.

  16. monkaroo says:

    Making Thanksgiving together and enjoying being with each other on this lovely day.

  17. Jaroen Thientanukij says:

    During water festival in Thailand. Since it is a long holiday, so we can enjoy the holiday togther.

  18. choti says:

    We all get together at one of the family member’s place and then decorate the whole house and offer prayers to almighty God. after this we distribute sweets among each other and enjoy the whole day.

  19. EmilyS says:

    On Christmas Eve we make the same appetizers every year along with homemade wine from the year before. We turn on the fire and pass gifts around while munching all night long. The best part? Our extended family lives all over the country so we have all the gifts and cards they’ve sent which we wait until now to open 🙂

  20. ladybird says:

    We make our own advent calendar and do something simple everyday. Things like a cup of hot cocoa by the fire, visit to Santa, craft activity, family events or festivals going on in our area, etc. It’s alot of fun for all of us!

  21. nightowl says:

    Ours is getting our whole famiiy together to go to Church on Christmas Eve.

  22. ajaquier says:

    Every year I buy my kids an ornament for the tree. The trick is that I always try to find an ornament that represents what they dressed up as for Halloween. 🙂

  23. misaacmom says:

    We celebrate DD’s bday

  24. kittyblack says:

    My favourite holiday tradition is putting together a new Holiday puzzle with my family.

  25. vegmamma says:

    Since I was a young girl and now am in my 50’s and have my own lovely
    family, our family tradition is the Christmas Eve Candlelight Service at our
    church…At one point, near the end of the service, all of the lights are turned
    off. All that remains is the soft glow of each person’s lit candle! There is something
    magical about the aura in the church during that time. It reminds me of the very
    first Christmas!
    Many thanks, Cindi

  26. Teri N says:

    Our family tradition is to bake and then decorate sugar cookies. We then share them Christmas Eve with family.

  27. PuddleMountainFarm says:

    Going out in the woods on our farm ad letting the kids pick their own free form natural solstice tree. Sometimes they are totally lopsided or crooked but the provide lovely uniqueness to our decorated home.

  28. Jahje says:

    We love to listen to Johnny Mathis’ Christmas Album while baking up batches of cookies for friends and family. It’s the perfect way to kick off the holiday season.

  29. puddlemountainfarm says:

    I love going out in the woods on our farm and letting the kids pick their own free form natural solstice tree. They are always lopsided, crooked, and sparse but provide lovely uniqueness in our decorated home.

  30. wybork says:

    Just gathering all together as a family and spending time together is our most treasured holiday tradition.

  31. sallify says:

    Our most treasured tradition is lighting real candles on our Christmas tree on Christmas Eve, and singing carols with our family as we light them. We follow this with a meal of homemade soup and freshly baked bread.

    We live in Maine and cut down our tree soon before Christmas Eve so it is fresh!

  32. jaimie k says:

    I love beginning the season on Thanksgiving evening by putting up the tree together and listening to our first Christmas music.

  33. dianez says:

    Picking out a fresh Christmas tree is one tradition. We enjoy spending time with each other on the holidays.

  34. teamom says:

    Decorating the tree with Xmas music and the fire going.

  35. justicecw says:

    I am a subscriber and FB fan. Our favorite tradition is the Elf on the Shelf who comes every year! Thanks for the chance.

  36. jane0430 says:

    Our families most treasured Holiday is Christmas because is not only a time be grateful but a time to give, even if they aren’t family. It’s also a time to spend it with those you love.

  37. Hyphen says:

    Our treasured tradition is lighting the same menorah my husband and I bought the first year we were married. Over the past 14 Chanukahs, I’ve occasionally had to be the only one to light it with small children surrounding me when my husband was deployed. Other times, we’ve been able to light it together. In recent years, our children have been able to light it with us.

  38. janal says:

    We are a “new family” and this year we have invited our extended family to our house for thanksgiving, hoping to make it a tradition in our new house for our baby <3 to cherish the memories…

  39. superdumb says:

    We celebrate Hanukkah and Christmas.

  40. greenmomali says:

    Our favorite holiday tradition is reading a new book (usually Christmas-themed) on Christmas eve after dinner. We curl up by the fire and snuggle under blankets together. Can’t wait! 🙂

  41. sacredspacemama says:

    I am still trying to create meaningful traditions in our new family. Getting and decorating our tree for Christmas is very special, and this year I plan to incorporate other simple, yet meaningful traditions … like sitting in candlelight and telling stories during the holidays. Last year I made a meager attempt at celebrating the 12 days of Christmas but I don’t plan on doing that this year. I expect the most meaningful tradition this year will be the preparation (Advent) — tree, crafts, and food — and involving our 2 boys in all of it.

  42. kierbadu says:

    Making a ton of cookies and then bringing them to neighbors.

  43. Amber23336 says:

    Our favorite fmily tradition is opening our “Magic Pajamas” on Christmas Eve after church. Then we put them on, make hot cocoa, load up in the car, and drive around looking at Christmas lights. Even though my children are growing up they still look forward to it every year!!

  44. LorenaV says:

    We’re regifting instead of buying new gifts

  45. jonahsparkes says:

    we always bake a few pumpkin pies together!

  46. carolclod says:

    i always take the family bowling over the holidays. it’s a fun way to be together and prove that i’ve still got plenty in me!

  47. FrankPaulsen says:

    The Christmas pickle! Every year someone hangs a tiny green ornament shaped like a pickle on the christmas tree, and the person that finds it wins a prize.

  48. lilycameron says:

    egg nog nights!

  49. Lisettefarmsanctuary says:

    We’re going to adopt a turkey that might otherwise end up as someone’s dinner and send him/her to a farm sanctuary instead. Gobble gobble!

  50. francish says:

    Going to a live performance of The Nutcracker

  51. Alyssa Alimurung says:

    My family and I always go see a movie on Christmas!

  52. tinyhouse says:

    Baking—and eating—pie!

  53. wigget says:

    a great big dinner with extended family

  54. laurenwinskill says:

    Our families most treasured tradition is simply spending time with each other. We all live scattered across the globe and so on the years when we do get to see each other, it’s all about spending as much family time as we can all together. I don’t know if that counts as a tradition but it’s very important to me 🙂

  55. brandisse says:

    Going to my parents house on Christmas eve. We have some type of soup, go to church, drive around and look at all the Christmas lights. My son sleeps in his room at Nana and Papa’s. The adults stay up playing board games or watching a movie. Waking up to the smell of bacon and cinnamon roll in the morning. The time spent with the family…. nothing like it!

  56. Pamela H says:

    Get the newsletter!
    Going to MY grandparents house on Christmas eve is very special. I
    Love that my son gets to know his great grandparents.

  57. JoAnneGaiazzi says:

    We celebrate with our little family up in the PNW.

  58. Vint 55 says:

    Creating asausage meat baased turkey stuffing with apple, cranberries, celery, mushrooms, onions, chestnuts as additives. It offers a great balance with the turkey

  59. makingadreamhome says:

    Goodnight Moon, because it is charming.

  60. makingadreamhome says:

    Eating a big meal together as a family

  61. Robert Sandlin says:

    Spending time with my father and his friends at the Illinois Veterans Home. It always means so much to them especially around the holidays!

  62. mcrose says:

    I receive Inhabitots newsletter

  63. veronica says:

    I am a subscriber!

  64. veronica says:

    I am an Inhabiots subscriber!

  65. mcrose says:

    Our most treasured holiday tradition is baking cookies for Santa. My daughters (ages 8 and 5) and I bake together, using primarily old family recipes (pizelles made with great-grandmother’s pizelle iron are their favorite). They lovingly set the table and leave letters for Santa, too. I will be terribly sad when they outgrow this tradition… but luckily, I do have a new son (born Sept 17th) to share it with in the coming years, too. 🙂

  66. mleinart44 says:

    We always watch Christmas movies like “It’s A Wonderful Life” and “Elf” on Christmas Eve.

  67. mcrose says:

    I subscribe to Inhabitots newsletter

  68. jroach09 says:

    We love going to the candlelight service at our church.

  69. veronica says:

    one of our holiday traditions is to go for a chtistmas tree hunting together wearing our red hats 🙂

  70. jmayer says:

    We loved traveling about 20 minutes out of town to a Christmas Tree farm. We all had to agree on the same tree and sometimes that would take awhile. We then cut it down ourselves and hauled it to the truck. At the front of the farm was a small little shop where we could pick out our annual ornament. Unfortunately, the farm closed down after Christmas, last year. So sad.

  71. MsTameeky says:


  72. says:

    We like to head to Junior’s restaurant on Christmas Eve for some good home cooking without the hassle.

  73. judychrz says:

    We camp out in the living room on christmas eve- the lights on the tree are my favorite part.

  74. gretchenoconnell says:

    Every year we make Christmas baked treats for our friends and family and hand deliver them. Everyone always looks forward to receiving them and having them Christmas morning. There is a recipe from both sides of my parents mothers and I look forward to doing this with my munchkins.

  75. inezhutauruk says:

    It’s difficult to get my parents off on the holidays. But every year they try their best to do so. My brother lives in Ohio and most of my family lives here in CA. What we always look forward to every year is Thanksgiving. The smell of pumpkin spice, the cooking of the turkey, and even the rose parade! I love when my family gets together because the holidays are the only times where we spend time together effectivily. During the thanksgiving dinner each one of my family members including I, would say a little speech of the many blessings we have and who we are thannkful for. After thanksgiving my cousins and I participitate in the Black Friday sales. Its something about shopping with cousins and waiting in long lines with them that makes me actually enjoy Black Friday. On some thanksgiving days before dinner, my cousins and I help at the shelter, giving food to the needy. Its such a warm feeling you can get when you help others. The gathering of my family members, the smell of delicious, tradition cooking , helping the needy, and echanging conversations in the dinner table makes my whole year. I hope everyone can have an enjoyable thanksgiving, christmas, New Years and every other holiday!

  76. carolmotley says:

    Filling the shoebox flll of little gifts that go overseas – my kids LOVE finding all the different things that are good for sending to those in other countries and tracking the shoebox as it heads to the child getting it!

  77. mayacoleman says:

    We walk through a public garden (Brookside Gardens in MD) that is completely decorated in lights made into the shape of different plants and animals.

  78. workingglassgal says:

    The advent “calendar” for the kids–a row of 24 mini stockings, each with a note inside suggesting a holiday activity we can do together.

  79. lucij says:

    Favorite tradition is on Christmas Eve leaving porridge for Tomten the Swedish Santa and carrots for his goat!

  80. Lorien says:

    Our family gets to open one package on Christmas Eve (pyjamas!) and then we put out milk and cookies for Santa as well as carrots for the reindeer 🙂

  81. Najma says:

    Everyone in the family is a workaholic. When the holidays begin, the first thing we do is to set aside all work-related material and go to a cineplex (whci we otherwise never have time for) followed by a barbecue meal at the club or favourite outdoor restaurant.

  82. Alicia C says:

    Visiting Santa 5 times to finally get a good photo!!

  83. Roxy says:

    going to the movies on xmas afternoon.

  84. rebeccao says:

    I have signed up for the newsletter. We really treasure getting a yearly ornament for each of our two kids. They get to put all the ornaments that they have collected over the years on the tree every year when we decorate.

  85. Luloli says:

    My favorite traditions are spending time with my three little girls doing lots of baking and making all of our gifts for family and friends. We spend holidays with grandparents, and then spend school break doing art projects and playing games. Great fun, and great memories.

  86. texinthecity says:

    we alwasy leave cookies for santa

  87. christina c says:

    We always open stockings first, then dive into the presents under the tree!

  88. Lanie says:

    One of our most treasured holiday moments is the elf on the shelf. It’s just a fun little tradition since my son is only 5. He loves looking for the elf every morning & talking to him. 🙂 happy holidays to all. Thanks for the opportunity. ~Lanie

  89. nosila450 says:

    Every year we spend a night and do “random acts of kindness, lights version!” We leave notes in mailboxes of houses that we love the decorations/ights as anonymous “thank yous” for making our family smile when we drive by.

  90. nosila450 says:

    We do a night of “random acts of kindness” a lights version: my 2 and 4 year old help me write an anonymous note that says “thanks for your beautiful decorations. It brings joy and light to our hearts.” and we leave them in mailboxes of houses that have our favorite decorations/light displays.

  91. mytmich says:

    Everyone meeting up at my mother’s house for the holidays with our prescribed dishes to bring for the celebration.

  92. robynv says:

    my brother and i have had our picture taken with santa every year since were born for our mother. we’re now 25 and 27 (and i have 2 kids of my own!) but we continue the tradition because it’s all our mother asks for for christmas. Of course, i take my girls each year and would love for them to continue the tradition for me 🙂

  93. Micaela @MindfulMomma says:

    We always leave out cookies for Santa and some green topped carrots for the reindeer. The next morning the little carrot tops are found on laying around as though the reindeer couldn’t quite finish them. 🙂

  94. lmattke says:

    Our favorite holiday tradition is making handmade gifts.

  95. candidakins says:

    Every Christmas Eve my family has snacks and reads the story of Christmas. It’s a great, relaxing evening and a tradition that I plan on continuing with my children.

  96. bpants says:

    We do an advent calender out of 24 envelopes that my daugther decorates and we fill with holiday activities. It really helps us get motivated to do family fun things and my daughter gets such a kick out opening the envelope and seeing what the day will bring!

  97. bedmonster says:

    We make Christmas cookies using the same cutters my grandmother used and always decorate using colored sugars. We also get a tree ornament each year commemorating something about that year – a trip, a baby, remodeling, etc.

  98. lynaecook says:

    We always get together & build a ginger bread house. Since there’s 4 of us, each of us decorates a side…. a few days later we invite friends over & eat the whole thing together!

  99. devonts says:

    Eating and hanging out… bonds start in the kitchen!

  100. nicole1124 says:

    Opening one gift on Christmas eve. (always Christmas pajamas)

  101. RachelDawn says:

    We always make cinnamon rolls, put on the Christmas music, coffee, and read the Christmas Story in the morning before we open presents!

  102. hillaryRM says:

    Our tradition is to choose a tree from a farm and chop it down ourselves. Then we go out for hot cocoa and lunch!

  103. marystamm says:

    Choosing a card that will truly touch the people I send it to

  104. subsomatic says:

    For Canadian Thanksgiving, my immediate family meets on the shore of Lake Huron to celebrate at a cottage. It’s an amazing weekend!

  105. lbd says:

    My family consists of my partner and our Beagle named Otis. Every holiday we make a meal that we all can eat (Otis loves turkey and mashed potatoes). This is later followed by a long walk in beautiful British Columbia.

  106. ekesqueaky says:

    We love driving around with a thermos of hot chocolate to look at Christmas lights!

  107. ReesieD says:

    Christmas Eve dinner

  108. ekesqueaky says:

    We love driving around with Christmas music playing and a thermos of hot chocolate to look at Christmas lights!

  109. kaylaherman says:

    Decorating the tree with our daughter. Next year our littler daughter will be old enough to help too!

  110. shatt09 says:

    Ahh the Tutt Family Tradition…. Cheese Potatoes and Coco Puff Balls!!!!!!!! Both of these have been in our family for 4 generations now. There is nothing better than the red potatoes in a velveeta cheese sauce and caramely coco puff ceral balls for dessert. I live for these two dishes and so excited as I am now the one that makes both for the family.

  111. GooseandFig says:

    We go to the tree farm to have a hemlock tree dug instead of shopping on Black Friday. After Christmas, we plant it in the yard.

  112. Monkaroo says:

    Honoring both of our traditions by decorating the Christmas tree and lighting Chanukkah candles with our children.

  113. akozdron says:

    Christmas Eve mass followed by opening one gift at home.

  114. p.kopec says:

    christmas eve and opening the stockings after christmas eve dinner

  115. jennloveschristmas says:

    A favorite tradition was on Christmas Eve, we would go to a relative’s house for a get together. We would open one gift from a family member we wouldn’t be seeing for Christmas.

  116. brie31 says:

    Our family’s most treasured holiday tradition for the past several years has been enjoying Christmas Town at Busch Gardens Williamsburg. Busch Gardens does not disappoint when it comes to all of those magical details! We go and see Santa & have our picture done, they have the most realistic Santa and Santa’s workshop w/ the most realistic Mrs. Claus and Elves……they have real snow sprinkling down in some areas and the most beautiful lights….I can go on and on about the details! It all brings my family the best holiday feeling! LOVE IT!

    and little do they know we are starting a new Christmas tradition tomorrow with Elf on the Shelf 🙂

  117. Chiro says:

    Cinnamon rolls on Christmas morning

  118. aliappo says:

    Every year on Christmas Eve we get to open one present, and it’s always new snuggle pajamas. My mother has given me new pajamas every year since I was little and this year I get to buy a pair for my daughter.

  119. Llkm says:

    Our most cherished tradition is going over to Grandma and Grandpa’s house right after opening presents on Christmas morning. The entire family is there and we hang out playing games and catching up during the day. When evening rolls around, all the kids take turns opening presents from Grandma and Grandpa. Of course, there is tons of delicious food too!

  120. strawberyteq says:

    My family meets up at 5ish the weekend before and we stay up wrapping presents, and have one of my uncle’s dress up and wear a Santa Claus costume.

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