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Editors’ Favorite Inhabitots Stories of 2012 – Vote For Your Top Pick!

Posted By Beth Shea On December 31, 2012 @ 4:30 pm In announcements,poll | No Comments

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As the editors of Inhabitots, we’re fans of every story we publish. But a few select standouts really inspired us over the past year, and we wanted to shine a spotlight on them a second time. This year we saw the ingenious invention of a pee powered generator [5] developed by four African teens, and their innovation blew us away. Our editor-in-chief Jill Fehrenbacher also asked the burning question: Should I get an epidural during my labor [6]? before the birth of her second son, providing immense insight into the popular procedure. Jill also gave us all a highly informative and invaluable in-depth look at Waldorf education [7]. Senior editor Jennifer Chait wrote a poignant, heartfelt essay that so many of our readers related to in her piece, 6 Parenting Lies I Totally Believed Before Becoming a Mom [8], a moving and deeply personal article entitled How To Prevent Violence by Helping At-Risk Kids [9] as a response to the devastating Sandy Hook Elementary School tragedy, and she opened our eyes to 5 ways the U.S. government is failing our families and the planet [10]. Now we’re putting the ball in your court as our trusty readers! Tell us which story YOU liked the best.

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