Chef Daniel Angerer Defends Cheese Made From Wife’s Breast Milk

Chef Daniel Angerer

You may remember that we wrote about chef Daniel Angerer’s breast milk cheese last week, and for anyone who’s up in arms over this Very Special Cheese, which he made using his wife’s breast milk, you can put those pitchforks and torches away now. Speaking to 1010WINS today, Angerer affirmed that “My Spouse’s Mommy Milk Cheese” is not being sold at his restaurant, Klee Brasserie. He believes the media firestorm was sparked by a blogger who misinterpreted his blog post and declared that the cheese was for sale to the public. Even the Health Department came nosing around, and Angerer had to assure them that the thought of selling the cheese didn’t even cross his mind. He says: “Do you want to have your wife’s milk eaten by somebody else, no not really!”

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Editor Jill says: I really don’t understand why so many have gotten so up-in-arms about the idea of serving or selling breast milk cheese — it is the ultimate in green, organic, local and natural food! This just shows the hypocrisy and idiocy of the food system in this country: somehow the general public thinks it gross and unsafe to eat cheese made from human breast milk (which is clean, humane, and you know the source is happy and healthy), than to suck milk from the festering udder (which has been dragged around in manure) of a factory-farmed, hormone-pumped, antibiotic-laden cow. Think about that for a few minutes. Breast milk is FOOD. It was designed over hundreds of thousands of years to be the safest, most nutritious food for human babies. Though I wouldn’t try this cheese myself (I don’t eat cheese period), I give my hats off to Daniel Angerer for having the courage to broach something which is apparently taboo (though totally normal), and, in doing so, getting people talking and thinking about the true nature of our food and where it comes from.

+ Daniel Angerer interview on 1010WINS

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11 Responses to “Chef Daniel Angerer Defends Cheese Made From Wife’s Breast Milk”

  1. JoanieLSpeak says:

    Yea, I don’t get it. I copied down his recipe and method immediately because I thought it was such a resourceful and clever way to make yogurt and cheese. What better way to introduce those types of food into a babies diet then to make them yourself and with breast milk. Not to mention being able to introduce your older children to a new food making process like cheese making. And when everyone is asleep why not relax with your hubby and a nice glass of wine with some cheese and crackers! 🙂

    Seriously, people need an information adjustment. Getting cows milk cheese to your table is far more disgusting than making and eating breast milk cheese.

  2. allie says:

    I have to agree. It absolutely astounds me how ridiculous people are when it comes to the human body. We’re mammals, and mammals make milk. Humans have consumed cow milk, goat milk, sheep milk, etc., for centuries, and probably the majority of us consume human milk when we’re infants. Why the squicking out and the wonky looks? Sure, there’s the possibility of human-transmissible diseases in human milk (which is why knowing the source is healthy or ensuring the milk is pasteurized is important), but beyond that … it’s just milk. What’s the big deal?

    Oh, and just to add, human milk is the ONLY milk that can be collected with the explicit consent of the person providing the milk.

  3. voiceofreason44 says:

    ok, just to speak for the rest of the world here, this is foul. breast milk is for babies. breast cheese, makes me want to vomit on my laptop and have it short-circuit so that i never have to hear about this post again. no matter how many pumpkin seeds you spread on your breast cheese, it’s disgusting and borderline perverted. i don’t care how gross regular cheese is, i don’t eat that either. if you want local food, grow a carrot in your backyard, but for pete’s sake, don’t make breast cheese. posts like these, and crazies like this guy make the environmental movement look bad. can you stop milking your wifey’s teet for cheese and make regular food? inhabitat, you’re letting me down with this post. did i mention how much i want to vomit right now?

  4. allie says:


    You don’t speak for the rest of the world. You speak for yourself. Just because you have a strong opinion about this, and it’s something you don’t want to do or experience, doesn’t make your opinion valid for anyone else. If you don’t want to partake in this product, don’t. There, wasn’t that easy?

    You do realize there’s nothing necessarily more sane about eating a carrot (the edible root of a living organism, grown in the dirt in someone’s back yard), don’t you? Carrot roots are for carrot plants! They store sugars and nutrients there so they can flower next spring!

  5. momof4 says:


    “borderline perverted” is offensive. You find breastmilk, a natural food source, perverted? That is not a voice of reaon. That is illogical and you need to think before you write. Breastmilk is a natural food source. I find your comment offensive since I exclusively breastfeed my babies. Am I now a pervert because I think giving them cheese made from my milk could benefit them?

    You do not speak for the masses. You can have your opinions, but please word them more carefully

  6. voiceofreason444 says:


    no need to get touchy. i know i don’t speak for the rest of the world. it was an exaggeration. clearly there are avid breast cheese fanatics such as yourself out there. what’s for dinner tonight? pasta with a boobie blue cheese sauce? appetizing… enticing… really. but i think i’m going to take your advice and not partake in this “product.”

    you know what… you’re right. i must be off my rocker to think that a carrot is more conventional and sane then breast cheese. i should be more considerate when robbing a carrot plant of its ability to flower in the spring. finding a wet nurse to whip up some homemade gouda, gorgonzola, or brie is a better idea. after all, she would be able to consent to me milking her! perfect!

    let me know if you come up with any recipes for breast cheese that i can share with friends. this would be a total hit at my next neighborhood potluck. “mommy’s mozzarella bruschetta” anyone?


  7. voiceofreason44 says:


    you feeding your children your breast milk is natural. encouraged as well! however, a chef who tells people on his website that “whoever wants to try it is welcome to try it as long as supply lasts” is… well… in my OPINION… foul. and yes… perverted. i don’t think i’ll be stopping by to eat the curdled fluids of his wife.

    and why is everyone so touchy! lighten up! we’re talking about BREAST CHEESE after all hahahaha! i never thought i would post so much about something so ridiculous. this is fun!

    smile everyone… it’s just the internet

    and i’ve even heard of male lactation… do you think that male breast cheese would be more of a savory flavor? btw… i’m now inspired and will be selling my own breast milk online. i will also be changing my diet radically every month to give each cheese its own “twist.” who’s down to try???

  8. allie says:


    Since you asked, I think dinner tonight is probably a salad.

    I didn’t say whether or not I would partake in food items made from breastmilk, though aside from the possibility of disease transmission, I don’t see any particular reason why one should avoid them, as they’re certainly no more strange than anything else humans consume for nutrition. My point about the carrot is that, by its very nature, consuming other living things is a very strange and often disgusting act when one truly thinks about it. There is nothing in nature that says that one particular food source is any more “right” or “appropriate” than another. Food is there in many forms, and people will eat what they want to eat.

    Some people feel eating animals, regardless of how they’re raised, slaughtered, etc., is absolutely disgusting and absurd. Should their opinion get to dictate what everyone else can eat? There are some who feel that eating anything that kills an organism is wrong, and therefore eat only fruits, nuts, and edible parts of plants that can be harvested without killing the plant. Should their dietary choices be thrust upon everyone else, such that you can’t even eat your much beloved carrot?

    Eat or don’t eat whatever you like. But when you start calling people perverted and crazy, or you resort to other insults, simply because something they’ve considered trying squicks you out, you’re just being ridiculous. Nobody is forcing you to do anything you don’t want to do, so why all the fuss?

    That said, it sounds like you don’t really understand how much breastmilk a nursing mother sometimes has to discard because they produce more than their infant can consume. Many mothers donate their milk to milk banks for other infants, but this isn’t always possible or preferable. So, rather than be wasteful and just throw it away, why not look into other uses for it if possible?

  9. laura says:

    I guess voiceofreason444 is not what his name states. Sheesh. So much hostility!!!

    Personally, I wouldn’t want any, but to each his/her own. And I can’t imagine pumping for this either. But, I’ve been pumping for almost a year for DD’s daycare bottles. I’m over the pumping, but keep on doing it. If someone else wants to pump for cheese and can make enough milk for it, more power to her.

  10. thingswelike says:

    I thought that the Editor post by Jill was right on the money. It’s amazing how detached the world has become from reality. I never cease to be amazed at the ignorance displayed about such topics. It’s incredible that people think that taking a cow’s breast milk all the way through adulthood is more ‘normal’ than this and that some people think that seeing a mother breastfeed in public is offensive.
    Anyway – I’m glad to see sense prevailing on inhabitat/inhabitots. I hope the chef doesn’t get too hard a time, and that he’s got a thick skin.

  11. tvcoach911 says:

    Finally! I thought of this years ago! My son wasn’t sick a day of the 2 yrs he was breastfed, (which many found to be outrageously long!) While millions of toddlers were getting tubes put in their ears due to chronic infections, he never even had sniffles until he stopped. It’s only the most natural hypoallergenic food in the world! I’m sure if it was called anything else, it would be a miracle food. It’s incredible how breast obsessed/repulsed Americans are. The sight of a nipple at the Super Bowl was considered obscene, while a popular chain of restaurants+for a short time, an AIRLINE, are named Hooters! Sadly,that kinda sums it up.

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