Bubble Gum Flavored Apples Hit Grocery Store Shelves – Sign A Petition To Stop The Madness

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There’s a new petition on Change.org that you’re really going to want to sign. The petition was started by Leah Segedie, in order to make sure that bubble gum flavored apples are kept away from our kids. Let me repeat that – bubble gum flavored apples. The apples, made by Crazy Apples are, according to the company, “100% natural, whole apples, flavored on the inside.” So far the apples are available in the above mentioned bubble gum flavor, along with tropical blast and pomegranate grape. According to Sage Fruit Company, the apples are also available in “Limited-edition holiday and seasonal flavors.” Holiday flavors? Like what? Candy cane and Thanksgiving yams or what?

In any case, Segedie noticed that the School Nutrition Association simply adores the idea of these candy flavored apples, so her petition asks the USDA Food & Nutrition Service & the School Nutrition Association to avoid putting flavored Crazy Apples into school lunches. Are you curious about how Crazy Apples are flavored? We are too, but good luck finding out. The Crazy Apple company isn’t talking. In fact they literally say on their website, “We can’t tell you exactly how we do it,” although they do note that the only thing they add is, “100% natural, zero calorie flavoring and a wallop of fun. ” Whew! That’s good to know, since the term, “natural” means absolutely nothing and, “Wallop of fun” isn’t exactly backed by science either. Actually though, I don’t care if Crazy Apples are packed with normal, non-toxic flavors. The issue here is what we’re teaching our kids about food.

What do you think of Crazy Apples?

  • 60 Votes I think flavored apples are a great idea and a cool way to get kids to eat apples!
  • 233 Votes Well, at least they got the name right, because this is a horribly crazy idea - kids need real fruit.
  • 29 Votes I'm not sure what I think - I might try Crazy Apples.

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candy apples, bubble gum apples, candy flavored fruit, junk food, fizzy fruit, fake food, GMOs in food

Image Courtesy of Shutterstock

Crazy Apples says their morphed fruit has no added sugars or calories, which appears to be backed up by their nutrition label. The company also claims that the apples are non-GMO, something I seriously doubt, as these apples are not organic and I can’t find them in the Non-GMO Project database.  Still, there’s likely worse food you could feed your kid. However, my problem with these apples is that there is something inherently shady about tricking kids into eating fruit with claims of candy flavor. What happens when you raise a kid on a steady diet of bubble gum apples? I’d guess they’ll expect candy flavored produce for life. Guess what though? REAL fruit is not bubble gum or grape flavored – well, unless you’re talking about grapes. What will your kids think when they grow up and have to make food choices on their own? Will they only look for the sweet fake flavored fruits at the store and then not buy any produce when they can’t find them?

Kids deserve to know what real food tastes like. This is part of how kids learn to make healthy food choices. A kid raised on fake foods will want fake foods. This is akin to Fizzy Fruit in my mind. What’s Fizzy Fruit you say? Last year a school kid I know told me her school gave her Fizzy Fruit in her school lunch. This kid tells me, “Fizzy Fruit is fizzy like soda pop!” Honestly, I thought this kid was pulling my leg, so she challenged me to look it up online, and lo and behold – Fizzy Fruit not only exists, but many schools serve it to their students. According to the company, “Fizzy Fruit branded sparkling fruit is fresh fruit that has been carbonated to intensify that particular fruit’s flavor with fun and effervescence” – the idea, much like the idea behind Crazy Apples is to motivate kids to eat fruit. Lame. I know first hand that if you raise a child on fresh, not over-cooked, not over-seasoned produce, they’ll eat it. They may not eat all of it, but if you mix it up and try different produce, they will eat some of it.

I’m not against treats for kids, but treats should be treats and fresh produce should taste like fresh produce. Kids should know the difference. With childhood obesity rates higher than ever, the last thing we should be doing is giving kids produce that fizzes like soda or tastes like candy. You want your child to like the taste of real, healthy food, not healthy food flavored like junk food. What’s next? Bacon flavored apples? Chocolate carrots? Caramel broccoli? Seriously? Go sign the petition to keep candy flavored fruit out of school lunches.

+ Change.org Petition: Don’t Ever Put Flavored Crazy Apples in Our Children’s Lunches

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One Response to “Bubble Gum Flavored Apples Hit Grocery Store Shelves – Sign A Petition To Stop The Madness”

  1. Devilskin says:

    I usually dont write about things online but after reading this i have to say that it is completely one sided and frankly its bias u mention only the negative sides in your opinion cause thats all it is, your opinion and just cause u feel like it is a bad thing doesnt give u the right to bash a company if the schools decide to put these into their lunches its completely fine remember your kids as well as other’s kids have the choice not to eat it i personally feel like there really isnt any harm in them so what if they taste differently then what u think they should that kind of thinking is even worse for your kids remember thinking like that tells them that things in our world are the way they are and should not be change or questioned basically creating a generation of individuals who dont have a creative thought process bc they are being told that they need to think inside the box instead of being able to think nothing is impossible im sorry if this offends you buy realize that the reasons we have all the new technology and inventions is because people didnt want to take things at face value and thought outside the box this is ingenuity and so what how they taste perhaps when your children get older and want certain tastes in food they will look for things that are healthy but may not taste the way you may think that it should dont put up this fight just cause your against it and are closed minded to new ideas oh and on a side note im guessing your the type that only buys organic foods although there is this big hype and crazy about the organic foods its really stupid if you truely think about it we had all organic foods once before and people whete starving because only 1/3 of the crops would actually be useful then we started using specific pesticides and chemicals to preserve and maintain our crops so we could yield the most amount possible lowering the cost and increasing the volume of product for all and its not like its harmful because they have been clean and safely handled to produce a quality product so before you go and throw up on the internet about things that you have obviously did not think it through i hope you read this and reconsider you point of view on this matter and any other that you think that is appalling or goes against your beliefs (however narrow they may be ) and think of the positive sides as well basically stop being such a pessimist and try being an optimist cause we all know that our country needs them enough with the negative thinking and constant complaining about how we dont like this or that and start appreciating what we do have and even in this situation appreciate the time spent creating this and the countless hours spent on making something like this and then the moment they think they have done a great thing by making something healthy more appealing and hoping it might encourage the kids of our society a bit more healthy sometimes i really wonder what happened to this once great nation full of creativity respect honor and people who embraced change and sought after new ideas and concept to continue improving and making us better now all we have is ungrateful self centered arrogant inconsiderate and ignorant people who dont have any regaurd to us as a whole and only thinks of them self and their own situation and how it affects them and decide that because it affects you and how you feel that it is cause to do this and quite frankly i understand that it is a democracy and we all should have a voice on what happens but obviously you are just a disgruntle parent unhappy with a decision that hasnt even been made yet and did this solely out of anger and judgmental thoughts i sincerely apologize if i have offended anyone that was not my intent i only wised to express my own opinion and yes that is all it is my opinion we all are entitled to one even though i feel like alot of us feel this way but are either to scared to do anything about it or just feel like it isnt going to change so why bother and that is just not true remember there is strength in numbers and if more of us would stand up for what is right things would change but dont attack the creative minded but those who refuse change and consider it an outrage if things are change from the norm

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