LAST CHANCE TO ENTER: Win a Backpack Filled With Green School Supplies (Worth $135!)

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If your kids are anything like ours, they can’t wait for the first day of school to come! To help one lucky kiddo get off to the right start this school year, we’ve teamed up with The Ultimate Green Store, Skip Hop, Night Owl Paper Goods and Green Apple Supply to give away a sustainable back-to-school bundle jam-packed with all sorts of eco-friendly goodies. Worth $135, our exciting prize package includes an adorable Zoo Pack little kid backpack (for boys and girls!), a Laptop Bento Lunch Box Kit 2.0, a kid-size Klean Kanteen water bottle, a Colorful Curls notebook, pencil holder and ruler set, and a $30 gift certificate to Green Apple Supply so you can stock up on eco-friendly markers, glue sticksrecycled construction paper and other essentials! Learn how easy it is to enter to win this A+ prize package after the jump!

Here’s how to enter to win: 

1) Sign up for both Inhabitots and The Ultimate Green Store’s weekly newsletters (if you haven’t already!). We’ll be notifying the winner in Inhabitots’ newsletter – so you need to sign up and receive our newsletter to find out if you have won.

2) Like Inhabitots on Facebook.

3) Add a comment to this post with your answer to the following question: How will you and your little ones green your back-to-school routine this year?  NOTE: Please be patient – comments don’t appear instantly because they must be approved.

Contest ends Wednesday, August 29th, 2012 at 11:59 p.m. EST. Winner will be announced in our newsletter on Friday, August 31st, 2012. Good luck!

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The Ultimate Green Store

The Ultimate Green Store carries an incredible selection of eco-friendly products for the home, him, her, baby and kids. You can shop for organic bedding and towels, recycled glassware, green kitchen products and much more at their site. The store has departments chock-full of products for babies, kids and even the college bound. For back-to-school you can find everything from eco-friendly bento-style lunch boxes to backpacks made from recycled water bottles to tree-free pencils and banana paper notebooks! If you’re pregnant, check out their wonderful Green Baby Registry and register for beautiful organic baby bedding, clothes, toys and cloth diapers! “Like” The Ultimate Green Store on Facebook to get all the latest on new products and special deals!

+ Laptop Bento Lunch Box Kit 2.0 $42.99

+ Kid-size Klean Kanteen Water Bottle $16.95

skip hop, skip hop shop, zoo backpacks, animal backpacks, kids backpacks, eco backpacks, animal themed backpacks

Skip Hop

Skip Hop loves products and parenting. By putting their passion into these two pursuits, they’ve created unique, innovative and highly functional products from diaper bags to baby bedding to back-to-school gear that make parenting easier, better and more fun! Based in New York City, Skip Hop is available world-wide for parents who appreciate better products that help improve their busy lives.

+ Zoo Packs $20.00

night owl paper goods, night owl store, night owl stationary, eco stationary, green stationary, eco friendly paper goods

Night Owl Paper Goods

With a passion for fine craftsmanship, detail and the environment, Night Owl Paper Goods is devoted to creating beautiful handmade letterpress cards and eco-chic wooden goodies. Their wonderful products can be found in over 700 stores across the globe!

+ Colorful Curls Pencil Cup $9.50

+ Colorful Curls Ruler $5.00

+ Colorful Curls Journal $18.50

green apple supply

Green Apple Supply

As parents themselves, the owners of Green Apple Supply want the best for your kids. And as global citizens, they know we are all faced with the responsibility to care for our planet, and each other. What began as an endeavor to feed their family natural, organic foods, has grown into a much larger enterprise. They were lucky to be able to provide only the best for their family, but they believe that every family should have access to the finest. When Green Apple Supply inquired as to why individuals were choosing traditional products rather than opting for eco-friendly versions, they were typically given one of two answers: green products are too expensive, or there are too many choices, and some are not effective. So by utilizing economies of scale, wholesale purchasing power, and personal product experience, Green Apple Supply is making it easier for anyone to purchase Earth-friendly products. Green Apple Supply is a non-profit effort and products are sold as close to cost as possible. Why? Because they think it’s the right thing to do.

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115 Responses to “LAST CHANCE TO ENTER: Win a Backpack Filled With Green School Supplies (Worth $135!)”

  1. csierazy says:

    We have purchased stainless steel water bottles for our two sons who are in a nature based preschool situated in the national lakeshore. We switched our daughter over to the Dunes Discover Charter elementary school this year, which is nature based as well. Would love to with the back to school giveaway to help green up even more!

  2. emilyjones says:

    We will be eating organic lunches every day!

  3. the.nest.of.dali says:

    ‘How will you and your little ones green your back-to-school routine this year?’

    The same way we do each year 🙂
    – talk the scenic route/walk to school
    – pack litter-free lunches

    aaand… hopefully add this kit to our arsenal! 😉

  4. katiebot5000 says:

    We’re going to shop our local produce & cut back on processed foods. We’ll also be using a lunchbox instead of paper bags!

  5. kimberbeth says:

    Reusing what we can and recycling what we use! Love the owl backpack!

  6. daryia says:

    encourage local administrators to reduce, reuse and recycle at school, Gently used binders and book bags , reusable bottle,walking, insulated lunch sacks made from recycled materials,Clothing Swap

  7. jesskotanen says:

    We will be walking a whole lot more, not only greener but excellent exercise for both of us!

  8. Cutlows says:

    This year we’re going to use reusable containers for snack time instead of plastic bags.

  9. Hpolcin says:

    We will only be buying school supplies used from recycled materials and reusind anything we can 🙂

  10. emmadwilliams says:

    we are going to stop using plastic bags!

  11. Lori Sweeney says:

    i always pack no-trash lucnhes and snacks for the kids using Kleen Kanteens, reusable containers and cloth napkins.

  12. msandlin says:

    We are going to be using less textbooks and paperwork withvour homeschooling this year. We will be doing more on our computer and kindle.

  13. moran528 says:

    We moved to a house 3 doors down from elementary and a block away from middle school. Rain or shine, we are WALKING to/from school!

  14. daviscat says:

    I am going to make reusable bags for snack items and we are going to plan ahead to prepackage snacks (apple sauce, crackers, carrots, etc) ourselves instead of being tempted to buy them already prepacked.

  15. We’ve done really well using reuable containers in our lunches, but i still occasionally use ziplocks. This year i’m really trying to not use them at all.

  16. emmavictoria says:

    It’ll be our first school year as our eldest daughter starts kindergarten this fall. We’re very excited. And more so because we can practice being green… one way we plan to be green is to make sure that we use only reusable lunch containers.

  17. Bunny says:

    We are using reusable everything for lunches. His school is too far to walk to, but he will be taking the bus instead of me driving him which will cut down on pollution.

  18. faraprincess says:

    My kiddos and I have reusable snack bags and containers, metal water bottles, and make our own snacks instead of purchasing prepackaged. 🙂

  19. aahaft says:

    we’re getting reusable snack bags so we can reuse snack and lunch bags and we plan on walking to nursery

  20. Cheeka says:

    We will be sending a lunch that consists of no trash and using all reusable containers. This giveaway would help us in getting to that goal!

  21. lunagirl09 says:

    This is our daughter first year at school and we already got some lunchkins to avoid ziplocs to start our green first school year.

  22. woobie18 says:

    Stainless steel water bottles, lunch boxes instead of paper bags, recycled construction paper and reusable sandwich and snack containers<3

  23. Dorottya says:

    Hi, Re-using & recycling as much as possible. 🙂 Love this cute backpack!

  24. eminesli says:

    Last year my daughter was attending a charter school that would take a 30-minute-drive to get to! So that was a two hour drive a day, 5 days a week. Then if you add all the other driving I was doing, it was just exhausting! I was spending my life behind the wheel 🙁 And it was not a very green lifestyle.
    This year I decided to enroll my daughter in a school that is only 6 blocks from our home.
    Therefore, this year my little one and I will green our back-to-school routing by walking to and from school!
    Not only will we pollute less and save invaluable time, we will also exercise and get healthier with each step!
    We are excited!

  25. laurieanne88 says:

    We love our stainless steel Ecolunchboxes and Klean Kanteens with non toxic washable lunch bags!!

  26. carrieann0413 says:

    reusable containers for packing lunches/snacks instead of plastic baggies. Less paper waste in our homeschooling. I am trying to switch myself to making lesson plans on the computer instead of on paper. reuse as much as we can instead of throwing it away and if not then recycle it.

  27. angiefaith says:

    We try our best… we will continue to use bento boxes, travel mugs, less waste. We meal plan our lumches to not waste or pack heavily modifiedfoods. We cut back on clothes for all 4 kids . We are trying to repurpose what we have , and thrift store repurpose. I have started to sew , but not quite ready for clothes . We have lined up carpooling for all kids , and have a bike to school day as well!

  28. jezie_bell8 says:

    We try each year to be green for school. We use re-usable lunch containers, silverware and cloth napkins. I don’t buy pre-packaged lunch items and make most of the snacks from scratch. We use re-fillable bottles instead of purchasing juice boxes and bottled water.

  29. chely says:

    We will green up our back to school routine by using all recycled paper and sustainable products for school

  30. MelanieL says:

    I signed up for both newsletter

  31. hikinglisa says:

    We will be using stainless bottles and all reusable containers! plus we already use reuseable snack bags.

  32. Stephanie O says:

    I will be packing lunches and we will be using reusable products to cut down on trash.

  33. Miranda Welle says:

    I signed up for the newsletters.

    Our kids each have a reusable water bottle (with the exception of our youngest….still need to get him one). And we also have a couple reusable snack bags to use!

  34. melmomof4 says:

    The kids have reusable contains for the their luches and take water bottles to use at school.

  35. miliantamama says:

    My son has Autism so we pack his lunch almost every day and I have devised a way to keep the lunches healthy and green by making reusable baggies for the snacks, plastic bowls with lids for fruit or messier snacks and a fabric sandwich wrap for when he wants a sandwich. He also takes a reusable drink container to keep him from having chocolate milk from the lunchroom. We wash and reuse the fun juice jugs with character tops. I also have made a lunch sack for him to carry it all nicely in his bag! 🙂

  36. Jennifer says:

    Reusable containers! 🙂

  37. The Moore Family says:

    This is my daughters first time going to school. She starts preschool in a few short weeks. We have all kinds of reusable containers, cloth bags, stainless steel water bottle and so much more! I love all the fun eco friendly lunch options on the market right now and I totally have a problem and buy all that cute stuff at the stores!

  38. hush139 says:

    pIcK mE!!!! i have two little boys here at home and i could really use all the help i can get!!

  39. orange31 says:

    we will be using reusable baggies for snacks and a stainless steel water bottle for drinks.

  40. Felicia R says:

    We’ll use reusable containers and snack bags, no plastic baggies or brown bags here!

  41. jennipooh1214 says:

    We will be using washable water bottles and sandwich holders instead of throw away:)

  42. Liferevived says:

    How are we going to green up our school routine?

    Walks every day, homemade, homebaked food in containers instead of processed foods in wrappers, and a stainless container for refreshments! Should be a good year!

  43. moorhouseashley says:

    We use re-usable lunch containers and stainless steel water bottles. Looking to add cloth napkins next!

  44. killeenmcg says:

    Gonna start packing silverware and cloth napkins in the lunch box… reusable containers and lunchboxes are the tip of the iceberg… I feel like silverware makes a statement! 🙂

  45. Babycubed says:

    We use reusable baggies, cloth napkins, and stainless mini silverware. We also try to only buy in bulk so we can minimize our overall output.

  46. mtooles says:

    I would say we are a pretty darn green family from organic food to having a non-toxic home from the ground up but one thing we are still doing is using zip lock bags for snacks. I know it makes no sense so our commitment this year is to let go of our ziplock bags…….

  47. djbird says:

    Our Green back to school routine is only Organic, Gluten Free lunch in our Planet Box with Klean Kanteen water bottle in tow. We also have a BPA Free ice pack. Everything my son wears is Organic including his new backpack. We never waste or throw away food because my husband and my dog eat whatever DS doesn’t 🙂 We purchased recycled paper note books and he used the same recycled pencil box and scissors from last year. We also do not use plastic bags or paper napkins. My son has an Organic snack bag that always finds its way home after he forgets it in the classroom at least once a week. 😀

  48. ableonard says:

    Pack healthy lunches in reuseable lunch boxes and water bottles!

  49. amyknightfrancoeur says:

    “How will you and your little ones green your back-to-school routine this year?”
    No transit, schooling from home! Eating local, organic, healthy snacks and meals, taking them with us when we go out and explore the world!

  50. Bridget Forney says:

    We plan to use reusable snack sacks instead of zip-lock bags for all of our lunches and reusable water bottles and sippy cups.
    Love this giveaway idea! Thank you!

  51. jmercedescampbell says:

    by using reusable lunch containers instead of throw away ones.

  52. Karri says:

    Great giveaway! My daughter is starting K, and we will be packing her lunches in all resusable bentos, lunch sacks, etc.

  53. mommato3 says:

    Stainless steel water bottle and reusable snack baggies. 🙂

  54. mcrose says:

    We carpool or use the bus when we can, I try to use all re-usable materials in their lunchboxes (bento boxes, cloth napkins, silverware, etc), and we recycle the crazy amount of paperwork that comes home with them.

  55. mcrose says:

    I am signed up for both newsletters and I like Inhabitot on Facebook. 🙂 We try to keep green during the school year by using re-usables in lunchboxes, carpooling/bus when possible, and we recycle the crazy amount of paperwork that comes home in backpacks.

  56. GreenEcoHolic says:

    my daughter is attending our citys first ever eco prek, where she will enjoy organic food everyday and a toxic free learning environment.

  57. ngabriel says:

    We’ll be doing Charlotte Mason’s approach this year, which means way fewer text books and LOTS more outdoor nature study time! We’re so excited!

  58. jessicafairy says:

    We will continue to pack waste free lunches, walk to school (at least some of the time), and re-use/recycle the many pieces of paper that come home from school! We will also keep compsting and gardening at school!

    We are trying to minimize our school shopping by re-using what we’ve got and buying what we need used or recycled!

  59. fishlady says:

    We have 2 sets of reusable lunch containers, but we would love a bento box and the other goodies!

  60. mariotariq says:

    We have just traded in the car for a cargo bike. We will be bike commuting every day with me and 2 kids on the back 🙂

  61. gomeggo says:

    We are getting rid of the waste at lunchtime. No more throw away baggies and bottles for us. Thanks!!

  62. jaclynfett says:

    We are reusing lots of supplies we already own and using washable lunch containers to reduce waste!

  63. lunagirl09 says:

    This is my daughter’s first year at school so learning on the way how to be green. We started by getting lunchskins for the lunch snacks.

  64. ferocynide says:

    we are going to use reusable sandwich and snack bags to cut down on waste, as well as a steel water bottle instead of individually packaged drinks.

  65. romi says:

    So wonderful to see how you all encourage others to make better choices in helping the environment. I strongly believe this starts when we are young. We explain to our girls why we reduce what buy and reuse what we have and so this year our little one that begins kinder will be using all reusable items in her lunchbox that she picked to use.

  66. rkosully says:

    We are greening our back-to-school routine by avoiding waste–instead of paper/plastic bags we have re-usable lunch sacks; instead of plastic/throwaway juice boxes we have re-fillable bottles; and we try to buy most products made from sustainable materials (like organic cotton).
    Thank you for the giveaway!

  67. JeanLaura says:

    My boys never go anywhere without their Kanteens and that won’t change this year! This year we will be adding fabric snack bags and napkins to our arsenal. 🙂

  68. taracasas says:

    Using more reusable containers especially for sandwiches and snacks!

  69. rkosully says:

    I signed up for both Inhabitots and The Ultimate Green Store’s weekly newsletters!
    Thank you for the fantastic giveaway!!

  70. rkosully says:

    I receive both newsletters! Thank you!

  71. rkosully says:

    I like Inhabitots on Facebook!
    Robin O”Sullivan
    THANK YOU so much!!!!!!!!!!

  72. Jennipher says:

    We are using a canteen instead of water bottles and packing home made meals for lunch instead of lunchables to reduce waste.

  73. wendyfoulke says:

    we’re planning on using more recycled products.

  74. LMW says:

    We’ll green our school routine by: eating food in our lunches that we grew right here on our homestead and the foods we do purchase from the market will be locally grown.
    We also use reusable glass lock containers rather than plastic bags.
    Also pack water bottles that are reusable rather than juice boxes or other disposable drink options.

  75. alissasari says:

    we are trying to use less plasic baggies and more eco friendly resuable containers. Thanks for the chance to win!

  76. lauriekruczek says:

    We try to reuse as many lunch containers as possible and with as little packaging as possible. I always use a tiffin for my own lunch, and a refillable bottle for iced tea. Our kids also use reusable bottles rather than juice boxes and eco friendly lunch carriers. It is our youngest first year in kindergarten. She could use her own sets of reusable lunch items as well. This would really help send her off to school in style AND helping the environment stay greener in the process. Thanks for the cool give-away possibility!

  77. saraivy says:

    Its my son’s first year of school at an Ecological Montesori school. His education and environment are a priority for me, even though its not close by, and not cheap, I’m making huge sacrifices to get him there. The school itself is one of the largest recyclers on the island. They are part of a national forrest system. They practice organic gardening and compost, which he already practices at home. My child is a vegetarian and i will be making and packing his food in reusable containers of course. His entire life has been as very green. This packet would be supper usefull !Thank you

  78. urcnstarz says:

    We will be recycling and reusing everything and anything possible…. 🙂 Its my new obsession!

  79. kbrown2384 says:

    we will recycle more

  80. mishka77 says:

    We will be using stainless steel water bottles and reusable containers for lunches.

  81. junehouse says:

    Everyday, we walk to school, make our lunches with unrefined and organic foods (reusable containers and water bottles + I sew our reusable baggies), use recycled supplies whenever we can (ie paper and pencils), and mend and patch our clothes for longevity. But most of all, my kids are taught WHY we do these things. If I just did it without them knowing, it’s value would stop at the use.

  82. lizticona says:

    My girls and I are buying everything we can that it’s recyclable and also refurbishing things from last year that can be used again this school year, like notebooks that weren’t used at all or very minimally. They love to recycle and learn about being green and I love teaching them 🙂

  83. dahliemama says:

    We are always looking for cost effective ways to model green living to our two daughters. Our oldest is going to preschool for the first time and I think these items would not only be great for her as a model but also for the other families and staff as well. Not sure how many of these familes know about these green options for their families. Let’s keep the green movement in motion!!

  84. lizticona says:

    I’m already signed up for both Inhabitots and The Ultimate Green Store’s weekly newsletters

  85. lizticona says:

    Girls and I are going to be buying most of the school supplies that are able to be recycled. We will also be reusing things they didn’t use last year, like crayons, notebooks so that we won’t have to buy new ones. They love learning about living green and i love teaching them too! 🙂

  86. lizticona says:

    Already Liking Inhabitots on Facebook.

  87. supermom10 says:

    I would love to win this back to school package because it has all reusable items for my little girls lunch makes me think twice about using plastic and paper bags that are thrown away daily.Our family has been going green slowly but we are on the right road! 🙂

  88. faithintouch says:

    I know I am too old for back to school, but as an EFL teacher in the closed country of Saudi Arabia…I can’t help being excited about this give away. Americans are so generous and I have grand kids that would be delighted to use the wise owl backpack for school. Sharing a blessing is never out of style! Gran z

  89. emilyplays says:

    We’ll be packing her lunch everyday using all non-disposable containers. We do Bento style lunches!

  90. blaqqstarr says:

    Me and my son live a block away from our school to save the world we will be walking to school for now on . Just so he could be ready for school i purchased a little bit of Eco friendly supplies. We also started a new thing on our block where people give us all of their recyclables and we take them. We gather clothes.contaners.cans,etc.

  91. anaoliva says:

    Signed up for Inhabitots and The Ultimate Green Store’s weekly newsletters with email:

  92. anaoliva says:

    Liked Inhabitots on Facebook

  93. anaoliva says:

    This year we’ll be careful not to open things that they won’t use so that we can use them next school year and not waste them, also we’ll be recycling

  94. anaoliva says:

    Liking Inhitots on Facebook

  95. sojeles says:

    Our kids use a lot of reusable containers. We going to get them some water bottles for this year. We’re hoping to cut right back on plastic sandwich baggies. Also buying less pre packaged food and sending more made at home treats…much healthier anyways.

  96. loriamm says:

    We will be walking, cutting back on processed foods even more and making no-waste lunches.

  97. micheal dale grim says:

    one way sending them lunches with no waste,and reuse as much school supplies from last year as we can!!!!

  98. qpd mom says:

    We try to go green by avoiding plastic and using stainless food containers in the kids’ lunch boxes.

  99. Prizm99 says:

    My son will be using a water bottle this year instead of juice boxes. We already use a lunch box rather than brown bagging it. We also have bpa free sandwich containers.

  100. Jennann27 says:

    We are going to use reusable lunch bags, sandwich and snack and packing juice in water bottle so we don’t have waste from juice boxes. Also we are going to pack more lunches from meals we have made. We also were able to reuse a few school supplies from last year. Thanks for the giveaway what a fun grouping!

  101. Rhmessinger says:

    I like to use snack traps since they don’t crush crunchy snacks and have a lid that covers the initial lid with slips.

  102. veronica says:

    Signed up for newletters

  103. veronica says:

    Liked Inhabitots on Fb

  104. ferretmaggie says:

    Re-using & recycling and Freecycle. All of our back to school clothes were second hand

  105. ditriff says:

    Packing our own healthy lunches in reusable containers every day.

  106. alyssaa says:


  107. ulrika says:

    We go to school by bike with trailabike for littleone
    She have 80% reused clothes given by older friends instead of buying new!! (clothes are a big environmental load)
    A bottle for tapwater filling and ecological fruits in backpack
    Most imortant of all i try to teach her every day how to be a good habitant of this eart by teaching her how to recycle or treat animals or nature good & not throwing garbage etc out or not consuming stuff we dont need…. this is stuff she can tell her friends at school too & she have more respect for this place where we live

  108. tschulte0296 says:

    Using public transportation instead of driving everyday.

  109. jenjessa says:

    We plan to cut down on the number of plastic baggies, plastic bags, and water bottles we use every day 🙂

  110. Elisabeth says:

    I like the FB page and signed up for both newsletters. Instead of buying new clothes for the school year we went to the consignment shop instead.

  111. shanlon says:

    Signed up for Inhabitots and The Ultimate Green Store’s weekly newsletters

  112. shanlon says:

    Liking Inhabitots on Facebook.

  113. shanlon says:

    This year we are going to be more vigilent on recycling paper and plastic products from school projects they bring home.

  114. shanlon says:

    Like inhabitots on facebook

  115. katball says:

    we decided to use cloth napkins in Connor’s lunch box instead of paper

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