‘Agon by Naef’ Swiss Made Sustainable Blocks

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‘Going green’ often constitutes getting back to basics and surrounding one’s family with non-toxic goodness as well as visually engaging design. Eco-friendly furnishings and toys are a significant household investment, particularly when the product is as timeless as this Agon by Naef block set. Naef Toys of Switzerland stand for quality craftsmanship through and through. It is great to know that interactive design like this still comes in the form of beautiful Swiss Made objects, for both budding green minds and a lifetime of play.

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With the Agon by Naef eight piece set, an infinite number of variations of constructions can be produced with the disassembled cube. The colorful parts fit on top of and into each other, so that a multitude of compositions are possible. This early green doodad was designed by Fred Voss in 1968 for Naef Toys of Switzerland, and Naef still upholds their policy of extreme precision and safety in their craft. Impeccably made out of wood harvested from sustainable forests in Europe, each piece is colored with a non-toxic varnish and clear coat.

All Naef Toys are inspected by hand, insuring the finest product for their loyal followers. We love that Fawn and Forest features Naef as part of their impressive collection of eco friendly designs for families. This is spatial play at its best by a team of folks who search out products that really make the grade.

Dimensions: 10 x 10 x 10 cm; comes in the ‘classic’ or ‘grey’ color scheme.

+ Agon by Naef block set $175

+ Naef Toys of Switzerland on Fawn & Forest

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2 Responses to “‘Agon by Naef’ Swiss Made Sustainable Blocks”

  1. Hugo says:

    The Swiss certainly have a way with cool, sleek sustainable design in wood. And by sustainable I don’t just mean environmentally friendly: They are designs that will be as timely in 40 years as they are now (or were 40 years ago)–toys that will stay out well after the kids have grown. I love the swiss-made Cuboro marble runs as well (like http://thewoodenwagon.com/woodentoy/CCU111.html ), which are similarly precise in their design and made as much for adults as for children. (I’ll confess that I like the natural wood better than the sometimes jarring colors of the Naef palette.)

  2. Tamaresque says:

    I wonder what age group they are designed for. I would be extremely worried by the sharp points on the disassembled cube because they could (as my mother would have said) ‘take out an eye’. If they were made of firm foam rather than wood, I’d be a lot happier to have them around children (or clumsy adults!).

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