Sustainable Toddler Bed Made From Shipping Pallets

toddler bed, kids eco furniture, recycled materials, DIY, pallet bed, shipping pallets, lori danelle

There are some seriously crafty parents out there, like Lori Danelle who took shipping pallets and transformed them into the cutest toddler bed. So cute, in fact, you might even consider figuring out how to make this into your own adult size bed. Lori took two shipping pallets, cut them and pieced them together to make this eco- and kid-friendly toddler bed and even shares her hints and tips for the DIY project on her blog.

toddler bed, kids eco furniture, recycled materials, DIY, pallet bed, shipping pallets, lori danelle

We first saw this amazing DIY project over at Design*Sponge as a before and after project and fell in love with Lori’s great sense of style as well as her great use of recycled materials. The toddler bed would make for a super-fun weekend project that would end with your kiddo being super excited about their new “big kid” bed and even a great way to share the DIY and reuse mentality.

All you need are a two or three shipping pallets, some bolts and screws, 4 caster wheels, and various tools to cut and sand the pallets down to the right size. Lori gives a pretty good step by step with great photos to explain the process, which could easily be modified to create a larger bed for a regular twin or maybe even your own adult bed. Lori also gives a few good tips about pallets – make sure to look for pallets marked with a “HT” on the side, which stands for Heat Treated, instead of marked with “MB,” which means the wood was treated with chemicals to protect it from insects.

+ Lori Danelle

Via Design*Sponge

Photos: Lori Danelle

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12 Responses to “Sustainable Toddler Bed Made From Shipping Pallets”

  1. Deborah says:

    Seriously?? I am all for reusing materials but this looks horrible. It would be more at place in a tent city than a child’s bedroom. This is taking “shabby chic” a bit too far over the “shabby” edge.

  2. hblaporte says:

    I think it’s adorable and want to know where I can order one! 🙂

  3. andres3cv says:

    Cuidado, los pallets generalemente se fumigan para poder ser exportados.
    Beweare of toxic bug killers aplied to wood pallets for export

  4. Chong Hor Ooi says:

    Old wood makes new concept of design,great…

  5. Carlina says:

    That bed scares me because of the potential for staples and nails to work their way through the wood years or months later, and for the MASSIVE amount of bug spray applied to pallets to get them ready for export to the U.S. I’d never want my child sleeping next to that many chemicals.

  6. PumpkinGirl says:

    I have to agree that this looks really cool, but does worry me a bit with the bug killers. I’m sure if you sand it and pull out the staples and seal it you could probably get rid of most of the danger, but I’m not sure…we bought our toddler a bed from the antique store for $45 and it works great and is also “reused”!

  7. kingsburywoodworking says:

    I think it is a great idea and as a woodworker I can tell you that if it is prepared properly you won’t have any stapes or nail to worry about. As far as the chemicals I would have to do some research. Yes some pallets come from overseas when things are shipped hear but a lot of the pallets that are around are made in the US. If you are worryed about the chemicals you could always use old barn wood or other types of recycled wood. Great idea thanks Lori.

  8. taterbug_hunter says:

    OMG I want to do this really bad. I would do no wheels and put a nice finish and still use old wood but not pallets though. This would be cute for a western bedroom, My son has one and i want to do something like this. Now i know how to build this and i am going to do it but better!! I love this idea very cute if it looked safer and did not have wheels or look so bad. Finished out and put together better would be cute 😉

  9. DIYmom says:

    Just found a place to get free pallets!! sooo gonna do this without the wheels and instead more of a loft bed / playhouse underneath and going to build stairs my daughter is going too loove this

  10. Ramming says:

    It’s a great idea, however I wouldn’t recommend using used pallets since many of them has been used to transport hazardous chemicals. Pallets often circulate so no one knows where they have been and what has been on them. Many pallets are treated with a fungicide that breaks down to 2,4,6-tribromoanisole, which produce vapors. The side effects are nausea, stomach pain, vomiting and diarrhea. But many chemicals has hidden long term sideeffects like cancer, infertility, severe astma etc. That’s why pallets are are recommended for incineration and not for burning i fireplaces. But all in all it’s a great idea to recycle pallets this way. 🙂

  11. virginia66 says:

    This is just the bed I want to build for my great grand son Andrew.
    My I ask you where may I obtain the instructions. My name is Alice

  12. virginia66 says:

    How do you obtain pallets that are good.

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