6 Ways Dads Can Help Promote Breastfeeding Success

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Educate Yourself

All those books your partner has been bugging you to read while she’s pregnant – they really can make a difference. If you’re well educated about breastfeeding, it will help the whole family. Read those books, take a baby care class, watch videos on YouTube – before the baby arrives! Learn about all the basics from latching on to colostrum to stuff you’d rather not know about (cracked nipples and sore breasts). If you’re not sure where to start, order a low cost breastfeeding facts for fathers (pdf) booklet.

+ Fathers and Breastfeeding FAQ

+ The New Father: A Dad’s Guide to the First Year $9.83

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Be the Best Advocate Ever

From nurses in the hospital offering bottles to family members, friends and the media criticizing her methods, breastfeeding mothers face all sorts of harassment.  Don’t stand for it. At the hospital, after the birth, your partner will be 100% exhausted. It’s your job to advocate breastfeeding – turn hospital staff with bottles away, ask for a lactation consultant and keep encouraging your partner. Later, if people make lame comments, like, “Oh, you’re breastfeeding wrong” or “You’re STILL breastfeeding!” Don’t leave your partner alone to deal with it. Make sure you tell everyone that breastfeeding is a family decision. It’s okay to tell people to mind their own business (nicely).

+ Get involved with breastfeeding advocacy

+ Find a breastfeeding-friendly hospital

Be Proud in Public

Breastfeeding in public is your partner’s, and your baby’s right. Be proud that your partner is brave enough to feed your baby in public, when he’s hungry, in a world that would rather see breastfeeding women covered up or locked up at home. Help shield her if she wants some extra coverage, but don’t make faces if she just whips them out either (sometimes it’s just easier). Trust me, if you act proud that your partner is breastfeeding in public, she’ll have more confidence to do so.

+ Breastfeeding Laws by State

+ Breastfeeding Shirt for Dads Organic Cotton $32.50

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