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6 amazing treehouse beds that bring magic to bedtime

Posted By Julie Seguss On February 20, 2014 @ 12:01 am In eco decor,green design,green kids,kids furniture,treehouses | 1 Comment

Treehouse Bed

Bedtime has never been so much fun! This treehouse bed [5]from Life Time Furniture comes with a climbing rope as well as a ladder, and includes space below that’s perfect for housing sleepover guests. Sprinklings of multi-colored wood bring just the right amount of color to this bed. It’s made from Swedish pine sourced from sustainable forests.

+ Treehouse Bed £1,249.00 [5]

+ Lifetime Kids Rooms [6]

Magic Treehouse

More than just a bed, this Magic Treehouse [7], takes over the whole room. The designers from Kidtropolis [8] custom build furniture to create unique spaces and this one sure is wow-worthy! Yes, the treehouse is the central focus, but you’ll also find faux trees, a swing, a climbing rope, and lots of clever storage solutions. Here, the treehouse is used for play in this amazing rec room, but a mattress could easily be added for sleeping.

+ Magic Treehouse [7]

+ Kidtropolis [8]

DIY Treehouse Bed

If you’re up for the challenge, you can create this treehouse bed [2] yourself. Juli, the blogger mom behind The Slow Life [9], dreamed up this indoor treehouse, drafted plans, borrowed some power tools and built the bed. We love the results and so does her 2-year-old. She even let her little one pick the paint colors and help do the painting. According to Juil, everyone young and old wants to climb into the bed when they see it – can you blame them?

+ DIY Treehouse Bed [2]

+ The Slow Life [9]

Boomhut Treehouse Bed

Designed by Marjan Godrie for Danish retailer kidsfactory, these treehouse beds [10] are available in a variety of colors from grey and brown to pink and green. They truly take bedtime to new heights and they’re a dream-come-true space for kiddos whether it’s bedtime or playtime.

+ Boomhut Treehouse Bed [10]

+ KidFactory [11]

Maja Bed

While not as in-your-face treehouse as our other finds, this cleverly styled bunk bed [12] still has that fantasy quality and leaves space beneath the top bed for play. Dreamed up by Finish design house Aalto + Aalto, is still in prototype mode. But the designers say the modular design was inspired by treehouses. We also like how this bunk bed fits uniquely into a corner.

+ Maja Bed [12]

+ Aalto + Aalto [13]

Lofted Treehouse Bed

Here’s another DIY treehouse bed [14] option. This one was handcrafted by one lucky girl’s multi-talented grandfather. The detail of the trees branches is beautiful and the stairs leading up to the bed are wonderfully sturdy (and safe!) compared to most ladder styles. They even created a special reading nook beneath the bed.

+ Lofted Treehouse Bed [14]

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