5 excellent reasons to make your kids walk to school

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To Grow Healthy Kids

Childhood obesity rates are out of control and have more than tripled in the past 30 years. Though some believe 30% is far too low an estimate and it doesn’t include simply overweight kids. All in all, there are plenty of overweight kids around. Surveys show that parents know about childhood obesity but most don’t believe it affects their own family. In fact, research shows that 80%+ of parents of overweight kids think their kids are “perfectly healthy.” First, know that weight denial doesn’t equal truth or health. Excess weight, especially excess belly fat is a serious health issue for kids. Experts agree that the childhood obesity epidemic is caused by multiple factors, but a key factor is that kids today lack physical activity. In many cases, some kids have a total lack of physical activity in their world. Not cool. A lack of physical activity and excess childhood weight are linked to poor motor coordination, physical brain changes and poor cognitive skills, and an increased risk for coronary artery disease, stroke and type 2 diabetes, among other things.

Making your kid walk to school is the perfect way to work more exercise into your child’s day and get your kid used to being more active. It’s a small step yes, but all those small healthy steps you take add up and your kid will benefit. Seriously, don’t let your kid’s only view of the outdoors be from behind glass. That’s not healthy.

+ Health risks of kids being overweight are not imaginary

+ Kids need a lot of physical activity to stay healthy

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One Response to “5 excellent reasons to make your kids walk to school”

  1. Beth Shea says:

    Jennifer, I love this post and all of the resources you listed here. I walk my daughter to kindergarten every day- and it’s a mile up a looooong, steeeep hill. Our heart rates go up, and our blood gets pumping – it’s the perfect way to start the day invigorated and I’ve been told that exercise increase a child’s ability to concentrate, and once she sits in the classroom, she won’t feel as fidgety – having just made the challenging walk to school. She isn’t a huge fan of the walk but I try to make it fun, telling silly stories along the way and making her laugh so it goes by fast. :)

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