4 ways to recycle your Christmas tree

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Each year more than 25 million coniferous trees are cut and sold as holiday decorations and all of those firs need to be disposed of once the holiday is over. As you could guess, throwing the tree out for your local garbage collection is not the best answer. Instead, there are many methods to choose from that are a much more eco-friendly. So once you’ve removed the ornaments and packed away the LED lights, read on to find the best way for you to dispose of your Christmas tree.

eco kids, green kids, eco baby, green baby, sustainable design for kids, green design for kids, green design, jennie lyon, how to, recycle christmas tree

Image © The Lilac Breasted Roller

1. Give it a Permanent Home

If you live on a large piece of property, you could use the tree as a bird feeder and small animal refuge. If your property has a pond, you can sink the tree – which will then be used by aquatic creatures and fish as a feeder and hatchery. (If you choose this option, make sure that the tree was grown organically, free from any pesticides.) You can also cut up the tree and put it in your outdoor composter or chip it up to use as mulch in your own backyard.

2. Give it a Second Life


The National Christmas Tree Association notes that many Christmas trees are being recycled and reused in communities across the globe. Campaigns have been started to use old Christmas trees for sand dune, beach, and erosion restoration projects for example. You can see which projects are available in your area by visiting Christmastree.org.

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4 Responses to “4 ways to recycle your Christmas tree”

  1. admin says:

    oh Christmas Tree!

  2. admin says:

    great news

  3. one4earth says:

    very good suggestions! i know here in our city they have 1 day where they pick up trees and they take them and shred them for mulch for the city to use…I love that. LOVED that owl pic!

  4. Walter R Hunziker says:

    best recycling of christmas trees is to use trees with roots in a pot: 1. it stands well 2. if you give it water like any other plant, it will remain green, will not burn easily, and 3. After the holiday, you plant the tree in your garden or give it to someone who has space.
    We actually have bought new trees every year and finally had a small forest on the North side of our house.

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