10 easy, natural ways to increase your breast milk supply

breastfeeding, breast milk, baby, nursing, feeding

1. Nurse frequently

Nursing often, regardless of how much milk you’re producing, will help tell your body to make more. Switch sides during each feeding session as well. This will help keep your little one awake and encourage him to eat more. Feeding on both sides also helps even out your milk supply.

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breastfeeding, breast milk, baby, nursing, feeding

2. Get skin-to-skin contact with your baby

Spend a day (or two, or three, if you can) in bed with your little one and get as much skin-to-skin contact as possible. Putting your baby against your chest will cause your body to release hormones that kick off milk production. Sometimes, a little “nursing vacation” is necessary to jumpstart your milk making machine.

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breastfeeding, breast milk, baby, nursing, feeding

3. Drink plenty of water

Being dehydrated is one of the first mistakes new moms make, and it contributes to problems with your milk supply. Your body needs additional water to help produce milk, so make sure you’re drinking more than the recommended minimum. If it’s hot or you’re very active, consume a little extra water (and perhaps some electrolytes) to make sure you’re properly hydrated.

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breastfeeding, breast milk, baby, nursing, feeding

4. Eat your oats

Oats have long been said to improve breast milk production. They are also nutritious and easy to digest, so they’re essentially a perfect food for new mothers. Start your day with a dish of overnight oats, or snack on oatmeal cookies when hunger strikes throughout the day.

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breastfeeding, breast milk, baby, nursing, feeding

5. Avoid mint

Peppermint and wintergreen can decrease milk supply. If you’re addicted to peppermint patties or starlight mints, you might want to find another treat to indulge in while you’re trying to stabilize your milk supply.

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